The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 8, 1944 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 8, 1944
Page 4
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* PAGE FOUR BLYTJIEViLLE COURIER NEWS Published' Ever/'Friday In the t of Farm Ffcmilie* of TU* AfriculturaJ Section. -FEA 7 FRIDAY; DECEMBER 8, 1044 For Better Finning Featured For This Section'* Pro |]greaBjye Farmers. Distributes 1 Booklets Handbook Intended To .Help Conserve Time Of Rural Doctors . Easii}s;,tf!e,,Sufden of 'overworked rural.doctors is the theme of a new Djpartment' of Asrlculturo publication called "A Handbook on Health for .FVirm .Families.", The booklets v, 1 ill to dhtributed to all FSA bor- rov.-er fai.".lli:s in Mississippi county by Robert W; Downs, FSA supervl- et,ri- ' , ' ' " .. The putllcation Is part of the i;«.ilth servfces being provided for i",:r£il farr.ilhs Ih'the.Faiin Security Ad!i:i!:i;tra(ion projram. It em- l-'ir.-i^c'i ncccsrlty for preventing fitness. ''i:d ininlmlzliig; i\\i effects of ll'ueji. . • . •vPrsctfciil' ways are suggested to 'corjervj the doctor's tirjic—sucn as vrititi^jiij office instead of cailinff .him to The house,'mid following his ndvlce in fijtail. . i"The severe shortage of doctors, dentists,.. aiy], hospital facilities in rural areas, arid, the 'lii'jh rate of p.-eventeble sickness arid dsalli from cli;o'ase among rural people is spur- ing the Department of Agriciil'ture ti> lay 'paftfc'uia^slrsss' on rural Kinlth services," said Dr. P. D. Molt, chisf midlcal ofUccr-of the FSA. Dr. Molt supervised preparation : of the bboUct, which h apuro ed by the U S Pi|W!c Heaiil] Service Mr. ,• Downs .said the booklet Is planned tq help farm families to leain whcrT f'ey should call tlie doctor, wh^t to do in an cnicrBCiicy before the doctor cones, 1 and how to care for IhVilck in their family Use of tl jlxpl public health service, visit'ng .nurses; .••immunization. first aid nr.d liome-nursing courses are urged. 'Sixteen goad hcalih arc listed (1) Eat enough of the right kind of food, (2) Get plenty of sleep and recreation, (3) Keep e\cijthing clean, ^(n. Wear c!nrns"tnat -ire suitable for the \\cnthci, (5) Keep ynur pnvv in a san'tary condition, (6> JDriuk \\ater that you \a\o\\ {5 safe, (it Kesp doors and wndons Make Your Own Holiday, Wreath For Front Door "One of (lie most delightful activities for entire Mississippi comir ly iemllles (p I nice i>iirl in nt Hie holiday season Is • ihc decoration .-{if llie Jiowe," Corn Lee Colrman, county home demonstration nucnl, i stated this .week, 'There arc ln- i inimerahle, decorations that ciui be made, but' a wreath on'c front door lias n way of offering cheer r lj visitors," slit- sold.. ! ,1 : vv r "at)is ore easy In. make, and can be fashioned to stilt the fancy, tlic home demonstration- agent cx- ,i..nau. Trie' Delia Kobtlii, which "he teetered one of the most b_-mt- t'ful Ij'lics of wreaths. Is luiuiilly made fioui 5] rli;s 'jcarhia waxy tanTS, Mich .a-s a l-ox ini't Lhii:;- Iri'm p:i<'c-d produce, riid ntlofju'd vi'.h frdls. Sometimes nuts are ,ipiti'-|nerf with (;-,e fruits. Small ' transcs, ripples, llmw, i3n:.;e;lnc.'.-i. 3'i'per, rill l;i:i!H|iials used (in a Dc'l';i Eobbla wreutli produce nn r.rllPlk' crratnemi'iil. she said. Miss Cclcmin's directions for •—'In- a Cli'iis!n;,is wreitii (ire us fellows: Begin iilth n good foundation on "hi.-"' 'o hnllrl, such as !l liml) 'i Inch ID dlameler nn-J approxinntc- l:i"|vs In Icnulh from which all the twigs are stripped. Form » ..iiun: uy lip;ln; the la perl ng end over the Ijrse end ,-.;v) lia in jj|<"-r> vlth wire. Wrap this frame with nrwsjnper or impiine paper u make n veil nlioiit 'L Ir.clirs In cih- -cHr-r. Fasten blndlm '"Ire io foun- dalioii. Near the point where the screened; (81 Remove caurcs of accidents mid bo careful; <!)) Get.rid of breeding places for fj-mns ami rodanU: 00; Lep.rn .lioiy to take i caie o( minor s|.?kniFs: mid hurls; (11) Vkil Ilio doctor'arid dentist for n check-up oncc'a yiar; (12) Dnn't bother Ihc.'tioctir/ with unnecessary calls, but see.jiim nt the r'nit'Siirn of a .serious jllne.'-s; '(13) Taka care of yoitir tcetii; (14) tine drily the medicines approve;! or pre- <srilb"'d by the doctor; (15) Tn|- c advantage of the clinics a-id lr>i- immizations ofT6red by your health de-pciilmcnt; (16) Join n proim health -plan. ' tinder Is attached, place Ihree or four sprigs mi Die Ion iind bind ihem firmly In place with the wire. Pull ih c binding wire lout each lime sprigs are added. Place the spijgs so thnt DM; full, shapely ends will cover (he bnse ends of the sprigs previously placed on the foundation. AS this wreath forms examine It to see lhat Is uniform in appearance. Continue binding •"l>i'l(, r s In place until the entire founclallan Is covered with ereen- "''%' decorate [ho wreath, select tnlhinlngs and decorations from me -many resources llie woods of~".'Uso wild berries, burs, cones, 'd reds, inisdctoe, ami mils to 'idd indU'ldiinllty. Acid the brilliant lr«'ifes"pi-artii:e-t |, y (he I'yracantha •I'sh, (Jonloneiistf-r, nnd llie red ••fcruilna with a few fprigs from a 'Jcrirrs Dcoclnra to bnd an en- Tn.':c"t ccnes, imrj and seed pads i>y faster jnv K Kite nround (lj ( . |j"ise. 1 tn-< wire cv.lcnd 5 or 0 Inslies r.'im Inc b;ive. then insert It Inlo itse rreen fcuvlntlan. Whr-n l",scrt- " ; Hi: 1 (Icccrrilioi's, Jifi Hie ond-s ol 1 S'lhs so ll-nl they will not be j^ffPCd t'ov.-n. To Insert clii.<ilcr.« of •i-'.iU's nn stems, r.laco a small i-naj-pencd all;!: parallel wllh Ihc M'm. jsn-l wlru tin! two together. Insert I he fharpenecl stick inlo Ihc Farm Woman's Column CHKISTMAS CANDV CJugnr. supplies will continue shorl tr.iv winter, but point-free molasses, I'.tney :ci'n sirup nnd some dried (suits are In fairly good supply. So, if the family wants Io make a little Ghilstnws candy, home economists of (lie U. S. UepMmcnl of Aijrl- c-ulture suggest usln<4 sweet com- r.inatlons lhat yield good returns In ctuantily as well as variety of flavor. These for example: PEANUT CLUSTERS: Mix to- ::clhcr v_- cup dark corn sirup, ',•'. a-p moli'.sccs, •!, teasr.oon salt, and l utilespoou vinegar. Cook to ZWFi <ci- iniill mull cjuanlity In water iciiiis a soft bull). Add 2 tablc: peons (able fat. Pour over 2!i -"!'i i' 11 '' 0 '' 1 '' 1 '' ollstei1 Peanuts. Mix ';!!l:_-ly. fj:-ip by tablespoons on ii':."-sc:\ surface. Makes 20. TURKISH PASTE:' Soften 5 .'.".'J?<.-'j; 113 cchtiii in >(, cup cold I astir-for 5 ir.lnutos. Bring i'. cup' jit; wnlcr, l cup stignr ana l cup i cncy to the boiling point. Add \\ t.:;.i|.Jon and (he softened gelatin. Stir until ih» gelatin has rtis- i JlveJ, nnd dminer for 20 minutes. Kurnovc from the fire anj when •roci, ;::,rl '..; cup orange juice, 3 Gives Pointers On Curing Pork Good Hams and Bacons Depend On Careful Handling Of Meat North Mississippi County farmers who cure their own pork arc advised to closely follow four points In. order Io have sound, palatable hams and bacons, says County Agent Keith J., Bilbrcy. These nre (1) chill fresh carcasses promptly, (2) weigh meat and curing Ingredients carefully, (3) keep meal cold while in cure, nnd (i) figure curlnr time carefully. The agent outlined the four points i successful meat curing as follows: 1. The temperature of a hog Is approximately 105 degrees Pnlircn- telt when It Is removed from the raiding viit, and genus multiply rapidly at temperatures above 40 •Isgrccs. Therefore, the animal should be dressed quickly and cooled rapidly. To do this, saw down Ihc •uilmal's back, remove the leaf fat, .hen chill at temperatures below 40 but, alx>ve 32 degrees Fahrenheit. 2. The following Ingredients :hfluld be mixed for eaclr 100 pounds jf meat: 8 pounds.of salt, 2 pounds of white or brown sugar,. and a 3UHCCS of saltpetre; Mix well theij divide into'two equal portions. Rub one portion carefully over'all.sur- faces and around the bones, arid <cep the remaining portion to place: on the meal; 6 to 8 clays later, Puf ibout ',4-Inch layer of cure bri tht- can face of the hams and shoulders; -nly "frost" the thin bacon strip'/ 'lace the curing meat on a table'; ihelf. or in ,1 box away from dirt ind flics. .3.-: The Ideal/ meat curing tem- icrature is .38. decrees Fahrenheit 1 - owcr temperatures retard salt penetration. Farmers may cure' meat on their farms nt temperature's tibove •io degrees; however, this Is a risk because such n large amount of salt may be vised which results in dry and salty cured"products. 4. Too few days In cure may cause spoilage, while a long cure in heavy salt results in hard, dry, unpalatable meat. Consequently, curing lime.'must b'a carefully figured, i Best -results are obtained If curing time Is governed as follows: Allow 1U- days curing time for.each pound of bacon, and 2 days per pound of mum lime ot 25 days even though the ham weighs only 10 pounds, This "allows time for the cure to pene- Irate the bone cells and the mni-- row of the bone Pick Playthings That Will Help Children Learn With Clnlslmns just around the corner, Ibis bii.'-lnc.s.s' of buying toys lor young children Is one of paramount Important to MlEslsslppt county parents, because the- play ol ' an educational , equipment he us'tv. is n means (hrough wlilcli he leasns, advlicd Cora Lee Colcman, ccunl.v home' deniomtraUoii agent,' "A chim^mny (ciln kna'.vleclge i Ills play experiences which llvo-al-lionic iii-ograin for next .'.ear. Last week Mr. Wadkliis Mowed up the ground near (he which is to be their 'garden J'exl year. Mr. and Mrs, Tiwmas J. Pranks lioute 1, Manila, have provided plenty of meat -and lard for their oiwi use. One day !n.>( week they killed two hosjs weighing 276 pounds ench, and have two more to butcher later on, , . ,, Koulc 1, Dyess, also have sufficient inc.-ii and lard for their family for another year. They have just butchered three hogs. ' ••••;"-. Tile County FSA Committee lias 1 two meetings recently at Nine B/yt/ieri/Je Men Are Inducted Yesterday rose; cuttings. ... „,„ ,,,„„„. 3Ile .plans to put out hedge and other plants. ' • .Most of llie families at Dycss re- Tlicy were: Tahnage H. Turnagc James C. Wheeler, Jesse W, Kartell, David J. Alton, Joe G. Johnson, Erscbel N. Steward, Honicr A. Odpm, Max price aiid Cletus W. ,! lilve H 1 "'.! 0 !™ meat, than to market itvjind-then riot' l>c' able' to buy-in .j'/jWPi'., V°!" : ' •'•''•' ^. u... v . ..'^h'ewack'Rpbortspn' family,'Route Mi', ami ATrs. Lmmlc Prentice,! ,frdWfeKMe,.are. ])'rbylding 'thcin- """'•» ...... > i"".' <:.««:j IUIIUL-S wmcn i. w meengs receny at help him to- develop skills, develop Dye; s. The purpose of these moel- l:Ls- Inrge and small mujitlcs, and|ini;s was , to meet and interview Incren: :• hl:V vcciibiilnry. Const m- 1 famllins who have made replication iiiinry. ons m- amns live «wk habits and altitudes re- (a l:uy a suit from piny activities. Play m:iy mittce i sdmirlafp fimiElnstlon and develop crs in ounv ran puipwelul llilnklns. 1 ' she averted, 1 13. Dean of, William J,' The a'jcnl ,«alrl pltylny alrae and ''^"'"lit of lilvtheville. .and James In jjrou.iis may teacli » child to farm nt' Dycss. This coin- couipdscd of three farm- crs in Mittlsqnoi Countv Frank . teacli live wllh others, and to re- jpwt propurly and olhcr material tilings. Onlv pleasure nnd satlsf.ic- lion mav. be gained from these ex- perirnccs, but these facl.irs alone arc worlh-whlle, she pointed out. "With these idea:; in mind, the •clci'ticn of play equipment ami loys should be given careful IhmiRht and consideration." she said. "Think cf these when you select toys for tlie young child, and your Kelcclf.ins will, contribute 'Ills development. Factor, ^..isldcrcd are: el) what can a child do wllh llie loy, (2) what will 11? hrli> him learn, <3) how many different things can lie do with one toy, (-1) is it safe;, simple, and iirllriic. (5) is the cost in relation :o what yon have !.-> spend, (O) is It fiiilnl/ie us Io .-lice nnd weight to tlie child who is in me it. (1) it cunUrugintr. for (lie age of the child who will use It, and (8) ir, it suitable Io the child at his age of development.'' C. Bright of Blythcville. Mrs. T. S. Stunsberry of Dyess sources believes iti having several ---- income, oilier than marketing just poultry, she found a nice profit in a few turkeys. She sold 25 last week. She raised these nnd said she did not buy any extra feed for them. You might say they made (heir own living. She said; "The expense for raising them wns all profil." Mr. and Mrs. W. G.'Young are uu putting out more orchard. This fall to be tllcy llavc n( l rt e(i more pear, peach, plum, apple Vind apricot trees and grapes. Mrs. Vernon Humphrey of Dyess has already started landscaping; she has put out some shrubbery and .IffllWf'P-S'lHc; ai-9 : $3Vfi? Mptetr 'jT%Mtyttchefei, Wfif^W^ia^ 'of nieat and lard, 'three' hogs last .more to kill. , .aiitrogs jiare been pol- ?, C ," C 1 b ?' slr i' chl ' i »e 1 ' recently in uiylneville, making at least six dogs known to have been killed recently in this way. . . Two dogs poisoned In tile section of the COO block or West Walnut street were more than a mile from that section of South Lake street where several other dogs met their death nearly two weeks ago. Veterinarian reports showed thai strychnine caused the deaths. It is understood there is a law against use of poison in'this man- Save 50 <& On T R U S S E 5 Steel and. Elastic STEWART'S Drug Store Main & Lake Phone 2822 F. S. A.- Mews Mr. and Mrs. Arthur V/adkins, e \, Blytlievllle, are alrcndy S stspi toward a successful QQB of America's vital production lines is right oar barn. YOUR milk fights for Victory. 'We ° an i{em io Ae/p you produce MORE. iilv again before pouring Into n ivct yti:>; have Hie layer of paste about MI Inch thlcl;. Let stand overnight in n cool place. Dip a sharp knife '" ti Vrilras water, cut the candy into cubes, EI«| roll in powdered su- FCUIT BMAJS: wash and dry -1 cup prunes and 1'i cups raisins, l If primes arc extra dry, soften sl:snlly in water.) Grind, through meat chopper, iislivj medium knife. AM 'i cup chopped nut meals If ••-tslred. Mix well with i tablespoon l:mtn jui ce and a fe«- grains salt. Make into balls, 1 rounded table- •wcon mixture (o a ball, and roll In sugar. Store In a tin box or light »ij II available, other dried fruits —JUS, r.priccts or dales—may' bo "iT'sWiiled for part or all of the piuncs or rolsliw. This Is a popular confection for children. PEANUT CRUNCH COOKIES: . ,' f c , ed ,° C '°- M ^o"X fowl built Io 4\j{5?=r'-ly,'->)•- II V Mp V-p co , vs ,„ c<ndl ,- 10jl ,„ Aft-x^^u ,1, ^"-ocily pionuchon ond long SlflffVwSA/fY 1 ^ V lag !,[= Ask [or ,! ^C™w H i "«*0 W Tcct/ Purina Co- Special /*/ Bjy (lows Helps keep (Jov;n calving trouble?, steps up milk production ohead, helps produce a strong, vigorous calf. High in vitamins. and Freshening Cl;a\v OM bcj ot^Calt Stariena replaces < <r:= ! lor.s m'.li;—grov/s big/vigoroU c:.:;;. Cavss lime, labor and mane- ' A mul-* {eed mode cspocially for :: nules! Three kags v.-ill (eod an avetago mule one month. Built to . keep mubs ia condition. D9.oor.rJ en Pvrlr.a QmoloKe l Ms Io the first mixture and l.v, fch! in His i.; cl ,p peanuts. easvoon vanilla mid 1 lable- of pork curing bul^lo,follow this plan, sci far • as possible, prbdiicesf'a very-flne prpdvict^ He ••su??osl,s t.\w!t you clip-ond'saye^hls.articleVif you nre not already-fallowing ihls : plan.- WARNING ORDE'R jy'S Mary Pcrgusbri ! ls wame'd'tQ-*ap-- pear in Hit Chancery CQiiii'for^he Chlckasawba District'of Mississippi County, Arkansas, within 30 days after the date hereof Io answer a complaint filed .against her'by Russell C. Ferguson. '•';.. : ' Dated this ath'dayfof December, 10-14. •, •".'..••;... ' • , HARVEY. MORRIS . Chancery Court Clerk Reid & Evfard. .••:'- . - * '. Attorneys for Plaintiff.' : ' '•'' . : ' ' 12.-8-15-22-29: fpoon water. (One cup of cnmcli- stj'le peanut butter may be used instead of plain peanut butter, if desired hi this case omit the 'i cup -"hopped nenimts). Shape the dough Into small teaspoonful portions and io)l in the hands to shape to a ball. Place oh greased cookie sheet and tress at right angles with a fork that has been dipper! in cold water. Bake about 15 minutes at 350F. Yield: about 50 cookies %i 9[(lcc Opens 7:15—Show Start; ; ;' Cm Offirr Optus 1 'ih" 1 * Ktart* f;|5 ;.;-Lfis( Time Today PRINCESS" ! \vltli Durolhy Lamoilr Paramoiml News nnd Comedy Saturday ."CARGO KID" j With Tim Holt Qlh Chapter of "Iron Claw" —Comedy. Wow, more than ever To keep all your Don'ITcsIco Ciianca; . .. Wi'ifi nvncra! rich p.-olon fcedtoscorco, your HOGS, CATflf, SHEEP and FOUtlSY r.ood r.tara inmeralj ^ i;!i v.,irti:ncfcei!h;:ra(icmsslmrl i'i> prtihin, n/"'" if"»i lli.".l more iniui-raLi nre rccilal for proper I .ilanre. lialaiu-c yours vviib ::, f jjf s ,\;,-,,. A "MUST" Ijvesfoclr healthy err;! Suti/iltmciit. U contains nil If) f.«rjjl/ol minernls your livc- itock need ami use. Besides, it makes your precious feed go farther, too. Sirift's MiiitmtSul>l>tcmt>itis all mineral. i\ r u fillers, no wasic. it's ccnnoinicnlly priccil, loo. Onlcr in n Rood supply now, and be sure to order i( by name— Swift's Miatral DOG CHOW (ceding tests by Purina .. r ....,,,, preferred Dog Chew ;cyer..otft6r dry fcxxls tested. Try U! ' " , ^ i , • "--"^-J'lii ^™uu,^*i-.%. 1. K. Ashaaft Co, !4 Blk. U. of Frisco Kcpol Phone Featured by SWIFT & CO., OIL MILL , 1 ,->,.,.,j.. BIytheville, Ark. j, Siidirdny ! n\V]. SHOW "NIGHT IN NEW ORLEANS" With i'rc.sUm foster, I'ntricia Jlor- rison, Albert Drkkcr, Charles liut- (crwnrih, Cecil Kcllaway ' • t'c.luctly 'THE GREAT MOMENT" SInrriiig: .loel Slcfrcn, Kcfty field ' UKO NI.V.'S AND COMEMV , Hudson. Five' more men will go Dec. 12 for examination prior to induction, The word "tabloid" \™ s coined more than 50 years ago as a name for compressed chemical products and is n copyivriglited trademark. ELECTRICITY ^ IN THE FARM HOME let us explain how easily you may enjoy electricity in your farm home. Estimates on wiring B'ithout cost! Charlie Stalcup 116 N. 1st. Phone 2993 "We Repair Everything Electrical" It's Miss Mildred Jackson speaking, chief stewardess of Chicago and Southern Air Lines And all Chicago;, and Southern planes rely on Sinclair' Pennsylvania .Motor Oil exclusively because this 01! saves wear, helps costly airplane motors last longer. Now that the motor of your car must last longer, too, give it the same protection against wear Get Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil from your Sinclair Dealer. It stands up longer and lubricates better because it's, both de-waxed and-de-jellied: .ALLEN I Pbooe 2095 -, Brytkefillc, Ark. Whirl-Pool Electric Churn er To fit on your 3, 4, 5, or 6 Gallon Churn Not Necessary IcrBiiy A New Churn . , * '" 7 POUNDS £ 5 Rustless Dasher and Rod 55 -f-. 4: || Chums ki to 5 Gallonls Whole Milk | : f? . >< In 6 to 18 Minutes Will produce more butter than by hand churning • Sanitary, Esstly Cleaned. Will Cfive Many Years of Service A Wiittcn Guarantee Furnished With Each Cburncr Price $17.50 Sold By Planters Hardware Co. "The Coni|»lc(c Hardware Store"

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