The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 9, 1946 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 9, 1946
Page 11
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(AWLT COUKIEJl CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION ?AGfc ELEVBH FOt SALE »*r Una lor ar Uu ------------- I0« 1 U «** «•• •»««*• wor*. to |k« lUa. lid. ertuW lor Ur*4 or aU ||BM »d Urore e«plr»tl<xn will b< ekaj-g.4 . mol *«» •* "«"• *• »* »PB«4r»d *dJo.lm«Bt of bill m»d« >!1 CUMltled Xdrertlilof wpr ••> •HIM t>jr p*r>oni reiidinj outaU. o( Ua city unit ba »ccomLjanl«d by eaub Kaui WT b« aajtljr eoinoutcd from lit >•«>• afcla. Ad»ariUltt« crdtr (or Irraraltr taior- «*u UaM CL» on. timi rau No raapcaalbililr will be tik«o (or mcra »• lacorrm laiertloi of MIT «]»•• For Sal* Kdmly Ollll' lop laljlf ose*. AKu. l.-r 4\, 5iS-|ili .Snail slo.l: i.t j;rii lou irtttff. Citll 6 Postal Cards and one 8xll) enlargement §2.85. O'Steen's Studio 5-7-ck-tl' II1041C ho n 0 re .1 doors in . , ... ly ilct-o rn ti'il HIK! in linu coniCit-tji'i. One a|;arlriLi'ilt Luililin^, has rjnc- 'J- rootn apt. atul nm; ^ ruoio u|>t. \villi I'iUti hut and cold Wttlo], Tjollj on IKES 100 l,y 150. llico >,lioi>l. ivdl lo.-nleil 'or *7.000. \V. .M. Mum, 7-pk-lO water <vml*r*. TjjnJ Kit, snw. Vs li.|>. in iflmfl for buffhiK. I'h riie 1941 Kuiicr Bi-luxo Hurley l>uv:4 ] ' In Kl>o.r condition. Will finaru-P. t.';ni r _>'* >«-Ji It Kilis liiiiiloinitnt Co. 7 ck-ll j '"''"'" ' lot, plastered walls, in good condition. Has nice five- room house on rear of lot renting for $25 per month. Priced—$7500.000. Five room house with bath located on North Fifth Street, has three-nwm house on rear of lot. Priced $4,000.00. i For a Rood investment we offer three apartment houses with two three- room apartments and hath . inn each house. Monthly rents $175.00. Priced — , $13,500.00. I [''ive-room house with bath ' i on Main SI reef.Wonderful 1 location. In good condition. 1 i 1'riced—$6300.00. | i Duplex apartment on South I j First St.. newly decorated j inside and out. Has three rooms and bath in each apartment. Can he used as home or duplex. Priced — $,4,000.00. Several nice lots ranging in price, five hundred and up. We have a business on Main Street for sale, good location, doing; a good business, one that is easily operated and will pay for itself in a year. Chvner leaving town. We also offer for sale, a nice grocery store located on lights, corner kit of a good business section. Can give long time lease on building at very cheap rent per month. Walk-out proposition. with -I FRVYS. and flcsiljln VJU. 7-lik-ll Six Room Residence. water, no bath. A bargain' $1900 Cash. H. C. Campbell. Phone 446 or 2930. 6-pk-10 I Several lots on Highway 61 North of town, city water. ' Two-acre tract of land on i Highway 61. Good for PHOTOSTATS of your sefv-] business building or home, ice discharge. O'Steen's Three-bedroom home, close Studio. 5-4-ck-1£ in, good location, hardwood Floors, There's no place like HOME hr Ford Service ^curFtni felzrkBBitfs niiurrai j Jiist' ocery Store and fixtures.' See P. M. Davis. 1101 St. 5-6-p Get your car ready for . Spring and Summer driving PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD dnd MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—RlytheviUe, Ark. Tel. 453—454 Political Announcements Tb« Courtn Mm bM uthoilwd to uffiauno* Ux toUav- ntt rcndliUitra, cubjoct to UM l>?mocr»tto primary: lltKirr AND COfXWTOK JACK nNLatT ROBINSON \VILLtAM BRKRYUAN COUNTY JVDOI OENE E, BRAJDUTT ROLAND OREXN VOX TAX ABSEgaOB DOYLE KENDER0ON W. W. "WINK" WATSON CIRCUIT CUHtE HARVEY MORRIS COUNTY COURT CUEKK KI.IKABETII nLYTHM COUNTY TMRASCIKU DEIaLA PTJRTU STATE KKPRrSKNTATlVB ALKNK WORD E. C. FLEEMAN IiESUE "DUKIE" 8PBCK L. H. AtTTRY W. J. WUNDEnUOH (For rf-flection) STATK SENAfO* J LRB BEARDKN JEP'PEllSON W. SPKCK Toinala flmits .*! per Imnilreil. Fur r. ,«in 11. O. Ileinl, a-pk-'Oi Picture frames made to order clii-dlly ici- lioi. Call :ilitr>. O'Steen Studio. 4-24-ck-tf -'Uk sodrifir, aukj, wili witter E)'«t^ni coinpEete clicniica] t:nil;fi. slorayd sell cbeai*. Call 20'Ji! Used radios, electric and battery. Guaranteed 30 days. 1'erry's Radio Service & Appliance Co., phone 3414. :-:--- 4-19-ck-tf Grocery alor« with living .iHirt«Ts, to- KetLur with 4 reni:tl Louses. Approximately 2 KM ot limil Fronts il Hwy.. fil, Uocders un C(*ttfti\ B«U R.H., ideal location for industry. See tiuelt«n«B's Gorcerj, N. Hwy. 61. Ffcw Zealand wlilte raljhits. 3 does ami a 4 compartment hutch In your T.nrt: j-nril. Will io wondera to relieve l!je J|i r &t shortage at your house. 3 (jed- JKree"! hred [Toes willi Imich $GO. 3 rVjcfstered bred liotfs willi hulcli ^75. South Sitle Riljbitry. 3 miles So. Hury. «1. Hlylheville. Ark.. I'lione 3390. 8»I« Radio Sales & Service Felix A. Carney 138 East Malt Phone 3616 Burrle* - PeUr C»rnt> Butane equipped, servants house and garage. Shown by appointment oriiy. , Two moderately priced homes, one $1750, one §2,000. Have a two-story colonial: home located on Mnin Street on 100 foot lot—! 1'riced $10,500. ! DAVID REAI, ESTATE &: INVESTMENT CO. Phone 3633- Call E. 15. Bavin or F. B. Joyner, Salesman 5-G-3t For Rent , ,,rivi- 1'H *c with Unlli npl,. only. • 7-j.k-l.) T-ppL-lt . Front 2-j i,!iii t .. s-pk-10 Fillin htt> Klati ».-Vs. all r,S r .. 7-jpV-lO A fi-w r E'tie I Don't worry about hard water in your farm home. Let Planters Hardware install and guarantee a water softener. 2-21-ek-tf | Piano. Fo*lston Rcliool at Music. Can )>t> seen at 809 (Jhickasavrba or I'all ^019. 21-cktf | Ona Allen Motor Tune-up m^chiua factory reconditioner. Lea Motor Bnles. Kait Mail. Phon« 509. 4',20-ck-ll 3 Bedroom home. Well located on 75x150 lot. Immed- ' iate po!«*s«ion. A REAL Buy. Jimmie Stevenson, .'Noble Gill Agency. " 5-3-ck-5-10 855. N'. lOlh. 25-plc-5J25 Hu. Whippoorwill Pea^ Blytheville Curb Market 130 E. Main 5-7-ck-t 140 acres of fine cypress land oh graded road near Kennett, Mo., has plenty of houses and barns. This is surely one of the choico farms of this entire section, has made two and half bales to acre, 40 bushels beans, will 7je planted this year. 60 acres cotton, balance beans, and should pay as high as S40.00 rent, which is included in the price. 1175.00 per acre, the large part on terms. If you want good land, don't miss !his! W. M. Burns, Realtor. Phone 3361. 5-T-pk-5-10 leilroom. 31 I . (!:ill 20S7. ( 9tb. rboiiB neilrnmn, 31-1 X. Ninlh. Phone 2S Wt Specialize in Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Seed and Plants Wholesale or Retail Blytheville Curb Market 130 E. Main Phone 973 FRIENDLY SERVICE Traffic urcltleiils killed a tolal of ,1(>0 persons illu-in B the first, six .onilis of 1U-15. nmirclliifr Io roc-1 ]'<(.•;. BABY CHICKS :''incsl ([iiarity «t nil times. 'Jomiilcfc line of poultry iced. Tlic handiest ptuce in .own. < "We Huj PonKry * K[fs~ Chcs'ccr Lewis Poultry 413 Hast Alain St. CALL TULLOS for Refrigeration CITY ELECTRIC CO. -AT YOUH SKRVK:K- Phon« 2241 Wanted to Trade Will trade 41-42 model ears for 38 or 39 models. Good deals. Phillips Motor Co., 5th and Walnut. 3-27-ck-tf Wonted to Rent Help Wanted CDXSTBUCTIOX WODKRllSI Mc'n Women. Iliiiiiln-cls ..f hi.' Ji.ljs ,1 ili!lli-r «•»>• in 111,' ItniU'J Stylos a Knrciirn ("oitnt rifs. Kxr^lli-rn .v l onr- <l»ITar Tor , .-porl n>ntr rtr> . nllior SMTJC.M 3 Rooms furniture. Pre-war. 1'honc 3989, 110] So. Lake St. 5-7-pk-5-10 CHAMBLIN Appliance Co. "The Appliance Center of Blytheville" Phonographs — Records and Aceessori*s. Battery and Electric Radios 219' W Main .Phone 3-14S Bring Your Poultry To W. T. DAVIS Poultry Co. WE PAY HENS -Today- COX 24c 15c Prkes subject to Market <;ti»nr,M Note Our New Address Highway 61 North Phone 528 House-moving, leveling, repair of foundations, i'.'. yrs experience. Necessary equipment. Virgil Foley, phone 3917 or 3292. 5-7-pk-G-7 riiRs cli'Kiml liy the V,,n K-lho.l New Mndrru—You na«i'.l ln>»- inilfli dirt II.IK •s nil,I 'nffio's —nlirr"linurR WTeiiinr. full 2i:t7. 7-pk-M Waitresses wnnted. rfood t'nlarv. 114. Ostroln. or Hljlhevrilo The Gront Wliite Sands near Alaniagorclo, N. M., site of the first atomic bomb test/ explosion, aro almost pure white gypsum. BABY CHICKS 3 Io 5 days oM— Jl to $12 per II* Sereral breeds — Feeds, Founts •— Fetdtrs. ELEVATOR FEED STORF Broadway at K. K. Tfacu Refrigerator Service OF ALL KINDS—CALL W. O. BLUE Phone 2918 or 2642 Radios Repaired Auto - Electric We Pick Up and Delivel Just Received! Several NEW Six Tube Electric Radios We Buy and Sell Used Radios. CITY RADIO REPAIR 324 East Main Thane 2401 Farmers Furniture Store Now Located al 405 East Main St. >>Vi? £iul Used I'urnUnrc BETTER SE Loy Eich Chevrolet Company Texaco Gas and Oil- 301 West Walnut Phone Bee owners ulonu the Nile place tliclf hkvB.i on boal.s uiul flual IhL'tii lo region.'; wherR lIowcrH arc nbxmilnnl. l*crfert TcpnirUlp for ioday's rxtpilsiti: fontwcur [issurcil when rebuilt in our irnxJeru shop. Loral Jk Lonjf Distance Moving Competent Help and efinl|)nient. Ada-' quately In^iyred. Contract Hnullnf and Misc. Services. Home Service A Storage Co. FEjon« 2S01 Max Ix>gan, Realtor. Office Lynch Bldg. Phone . .2034. Residence 1134 W. Ash, Phone 502. Licensed broker, Arkansas & Missouri. Prompt attention to all in- Quiries. List your properly for quick cash sale. - 4-27-ck-5-ll .nwn muwera tharpeneil anil r«pa* r *All tyjica ai.J kinjs. We >|iec1ntl>e i" (tuvver mow«r ahari>«nin^ anil tuntirr overhaiilin?. tta. we pick \i[> n»«l deliver. Ul;t«e>ille Mscl.ino Htn>|>. 4-12-ck-lf Tractor repairs and service. Eteetric a n 4 acetylene welding. Hlacksmith work. Delta Implement Co. Thone 864. ^3-15-ck-tf WorrtW To Buy OH V O'filc lor liarli <Ve i>i for CI»J furnllure. on« houia lull. Call 2A02 Al- Fnrnltiir* C«. 4|10'Ck-lf FOR SALE 35 TONS of D& PL Planting Seed From 1944 Certified Seed LESLIE E. SPECK, Sr. Frenchman's Bayou, Ark. Oftte* MOM 234S RnUtnci 2309 PRESCRIPTIONS Fr«0h««t Stock Guaranteed Brat Prt<iM> Kirby Drug Stores PLANTS— Tomnl<>«, Io each—Flat natch Cubbafc —Certified Potato PlanU. ELEVATOR FEED STORE Broadway at K. K. Trucks Kills Rats- Roachcs Biddle Exterminators Member Nat'L Pat Cantral Aiaf 115 8. Third St. Phone Z751 DON EDWARDS BOTAL. 11» H. lnj ciwA. A no TTPTWBITKBS . ORTAJUJI FOR 8AI.R CONCRETE STORM SEAVER ALL S1ZEU Cheaper Thin Urltl(e Lumber OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. rbone 191 «»ceola, Ark. Dr. J. L. Guar< Optometrist GUARD'S JEWELRY 209 W. Main SERVICE ,Scc IIH iibout your mechanical Irfmlilc. Our expurl mechanics working with modern Idols ami cnaipnit'tvt can put your car in lop condition. Wu r.lso have a paint and liody siiop rt'iinlr service. We yill fix your car or buy your <;nr KOU CASH. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Complete Stocks, nf I'arl.'i For Chrysler Troducte 500TS AND HER Worried & ^ s>,. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY EDGAR MVSStO I'M TAKING- A POLL,GALS/ DO YOU TMWK I'M TOO FAT ? AMD MOW DO VOU FEEL- ABOUT VAUGHN JACKSOfJ ? j LlSTHN TD MIDOLF-Afie SPREAD COrAPAR.INf3- HIMSEtF TO •- i. HEART- THROB ; ; — Wisdom From Will <3onn'r ^". ALLEY OOP THAT PROBABLY MEANS WE'LL HAV6 TO SPEMP THE V1ISHT WER MEAMWM1LE, THE START OP HOSTILITIES AWMTS OUTCOME Of A CON FERE kICE B6TWEEAJTW ATHENIAN IUVADERS -—I AND THE ATUNTEAN PACTOJ vmZA BY MERRILL BLOSSE HAVE GO.ME . / ITS AClN'CH , NO LOMGEB. A ORAPf SHAPE! vou COLORS IN \ WELL TD £P£NP THE FACE OF ) THIS NIGHT NOUR PUMV J SHARPENING Invaders Are Defianf

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