The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 14, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 14, 1947
Page 5
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MONDAY, APRIL 14, BLVTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVB British Intercept Blockade Runner ; Troops in Palestine : Alerted to Guard ! Against Sabotage I i'.y I:I,IAV SIMON- t'nileil 1'vess SlillY CarrfSpoilillMl JJEHUSALEM, April 14. <UP) '^liiVloi'tos were rushed i : , s,tv U^-BVflinls in Haifa to Buni'i'l installations auaiiiM passible "ilive :fmiiry" .sidjuuigo today as llic.- ill :;lil Jewish blnckacle runner Tnebd I l''ra willi lippro.xlmali'ly '2,500 1'ef I'lt's al)i>aril w:.s lowed towai [The official coi.-.mnniqiie an- ntninei'd that Uritish blue ,vu V.JKJ boarded the Thcodor liny'. Ins.. tij[;hl met "some opposition" bef'ire 'Vy gained control of the \essel. JH w;is br-heverl tlu' vessel's ar.- 'ijmpl to mil tiie British bl seKin!-; irjprc.sented the opening of Ih? .Irv.- i'Ji underground's "Sprint; olt'eti- -fte" lo blins refliL-ees to Pales':)»•. It came in (lie absence of (he. Irtish Ik-ci which is meeting the '. IsitiiiR Aniericau naval fore?. •'I'he Theodor Heiv.1 was spotted "|f Ihe Palestine coast several ilnysj • •<(» by raeonnaissance plums and' v-jis kr:pl under day and nUh'. u):- •irvalioir until it reached lerri- l-jiial waters when destroyer; in- !AII Injured vefuaec reporl«i in Ittifa that when the three hour ii|fleo sl.'irtcd "we hid children and ' tpectant mothers in the hold. \Yhen.they used tear K"s Ih.v MVIV ".tl forced out from the hold:;, siijn? 1 MftrerhiK from temporary !)lind- Ill'SS." J1I6 said thev were sighted miles otr the Palestine coast. "Three njen of war approached us." he added. "When one destroyer or- c.*-.>d us to heave to we started For His Hero Dad The refugee- sidled that when rl-. siroycr closed in again n:mr!-tc,- md tinhtiM!> broke out with Uuc<- migrants jumping to the r.eck ol lije destroyer. After three hours feni- gas bombs uric thrown nbonrd the Theorior Iteiv.l and the destroyer opened up «|th small arms lire, nijurin-; six Three-year-old Carmen Anthony Ghulice is pictured receiving 'from Col. John II. Fye the. Air Medal posthumously'awarded to his father, Sgt. Anthony Giudice, of Philadelphia. P;t.' Carmen holds ribbons and n sharpshooter badge won by his fjilher, who died, while serving with the Air Forces in the southwest Pacific. Poor Man's Death Reveals Weal Arid f)ual> Role for Ex-Watchm Plane Crashes Claim Toll Of Eight Lives (Ily Untied ,1'rcss) Elglit pmons were <lea<l lodnj 1 us u result ol wetk-end utr orusli- es. inclvulins two stunt dyers who tried to ^ive :iii' sliow crowds oue finai thrill, 'I'wo iceji-sw boys—Henry Bur-1 Hes.s, 13, ;itul l);>si JenkUus, W —•• were killed when a iirlvalc l>liuie[ owned by Jenkins' father crashed, near • Aydon, N. C., Sunday. | At Ada. OMa., two brothers and their wive^ were kille<t yesterday, when (heir Hi>\\( aii'iilane exploded four miles fUjulh o! town. 'Die vio 'tims were Tom N'onis. :i:i. presi-l de'nl cl n Paris. Tex., oil com- i-any; his wile. Viri'iula, '\'.\; l^ranK N'orrls. 38. president of Hie First National Bank :U Ada, and his wife, Wihna. 3D. Pilot Ed wynn horrified 7,000 sjrectators ut a Miami, FJa., . alt' Engineer on freight Acts To Avoid Second Accident MIULT.NGTON', Teinv. April 11. 'UP)—Full service was expeclert be restored today over Ihe Illinois Centra! railroad tracks near here where '2'.'. cou! cur.•; and nine etn|i- ties were ( ie:ai!ed yestcrda'y. 'I'he ttaii; ciew rsmpi'd iu Damape was istiniated a'. $2U.W):). 1C (.-llK-ials :aid ];ii|>infrr A. W. Hairing! 011 probably averted disaster by ll:ij;i;in!; down the Ci'at:t: slremnliue Hycr,, Pair.mui limited which was due lo speed past thi wreck sL;ene a. Tew minues afler the cars lett the rails and blocked both the soutl.bound unit northbound tracks. The Northbound tracks was cleared nine hours after the accident. The Southbound track, was cleared this morning. Lop-sided meteors wobble through Ihe air like a poorly rilled hiEJli- CHfCAGO. April 14. (UP)—The I death of an ayed recluse in a j jutik-littcred, rat-infested flat, whei'e he and his blind sister lived refugees. They were transferred to a destroyer and taken tu H;iif;i Hospital. .# - * '^' . \ ^ /&.- ^ ^«?£%$&\^ V \ ^- : itr- ( i^->--^ ^ l^'*: .***>**'V*** «^ ltt I 'v i k'-'feg3£^ '' ^ Artie's Beauty Shop ./S] 3 73 h?. 2nd St. Phone 3302 s&t.%sM GET OUR SIGNAL! We're to bo relied on in every way \vhon you pniiRiilt. us alionl I lie fitness of your car. When \vo 1,'ivo you the "KO" signal, you know your motor will (jive you safer, smoother mileage, wilh special seasonal preparation for the lint ffeweaUier ahead. Make tliis hojftltiuarlcrs for gas, nil and every service need. SHELTOH MOTOR COMPANY on a Klaryntion cliot. left pnlicc^ ^nrl poifSibors bnfried torlnv by a riiltUo Llini mny novrr bo solved. Ail or questioning .scorns of per! oiis wilt) knc\v nirliirr, 7f). police n din i: t rd t hey hn d no nns\vcr (o ttu 1 n^fstion: "Whcrp dkt Ulchlcr nnd his sis- ler, Ainnlin. fl9. got (he treasure rovn they linnrclrd — $151.000 in :o"li r>nd E>ilt-ndi;rtl socui 1 iiir?s?" Police questioned R if liter's blind lister, but lenrncd noUiitio; to .slicd light on Uu» mvstE'i'v. AUnches ^ South Chicago hosnitnl. \vhero she was Inken nfter Richtcf'-s (tenth. saitl plie w;is too ''Feeble and senile" to talk coherently. While alive, nichter had played ji dual vole. To his neighbors he wns n ragged, impoverished, unkempt m»n for whom tliey folt pity, lie and Amelia lived without electricity, slept on "mattresses" of rags, and ] i en t ed (he f i v c -room f !:i t with n batlpred stovp fueled by chunks of coal Richtcr picked up along the railroad tracks. To brink vault employe^ of the La Salic Nniional Bank in the hnurt of the loop fmnndid (Jistnrt, Richter was a well-dressod rloan- shaven, prosperous appearing man who came about twice a year to open his sate deposit vault. Papers found in Richter's miserable flat and in the safe deposit vnult Rave rise to n theory that he might have been a shrewd slocl: Sfe&rket operator. Tlic papers indi- ! cated he had been investing in' storks since 1020. but snve no indication of how a retired railroad •atchmnn could nmnss capital for s:tensive market venturrs. The stock market theory failed i answer why Richlcr kept more inn half of the hor^d—576,501—in risp. ncvr bills. Tlie \vns in uHt-wIgerf securities. Jack Rubens, chief investigator or tho public administrator's of- co asked police to lake finger rints of the dead man in an at empt lo learn whrthci he had a rimina] record. He v;ns found dying of a heart llncfc in his flat last Tliursdi\ Ms sister had crawled upstairs to a .oiphbnr's flat to ask assistance. Veakencd by mnltiulrition, Richter lied in a hospital. The case wn s as strange ns that f the hermit house on New York City's 5Ui Avenue, where bangley nd IFonier CoHycr died, Icavin n, ortunc of S100.000. Th o wen 11 h was (15-s c\ n sod by Richtcr's sister wiio reluctantly ;ave iiolice two keys and showed hem n battered trunk. In the nink they found $21.250 in cash. unhiding, 13 $1,000 bills and ^ f )0f> in storks ;i nd bonds. The fe-st )f the hoard—was found in bank ;afefy deposit boxes. Richter, a native of Germany lad uol been employed for years. Tie paid his $15 rent to a collector once a month with crisp tfiiny new SI bills. Mrs. Fra nk Zia nko, d pi tea t osscn owner, said ho paid for his frugal purchases with nickels and dimes. Sales 121 W. AshSt Service Phone 438 < '* Arkansan Convicted By Military Tribunal YOKOHAMA, April 14. (UP> — Churr.'Cd witli Inicnlionnl misap- ]ii'Oii]-iation of government property, Privates Milton Scott. Headland. Chicot Cotinty, Ark., aiul L. C. Mooi'e. Route n. Greenville, S, c., 3iavr bcon sentenced |o four years lini'd labor, total forfeiture of all Pay and allowances, and a dlsTion- oralile discharRe by the Eighth Army court martial held in Yokohama March 31. Eighth Army Hciirtquartci's has announced. The two men. attached to the 3528th Transport Corps Truck Co., APO 181, were convicted on charges of selling 0!) OD sweaters lo Kazue Kakuta, a Japanese national living in the Tokyo area. muiu'iivor of his net ut u Judged Ills disUmcc. Tlio Jilano .. „ Into lhe Held nt top speed, I Rosa, Cal., nlr circus, lie scattering wreekago for .several hun I i:i[;i>" W " l ' U 1)IUIL ' li iloiu ino rolled his light )uonoplnne over | ilred yards. Uobc-l was survived tiy „.,-., _ "]' Its IJiU-k lo attempt « .splll-S his widow and a two-yeai'-old ^ett Uobol. 27-yoin--old form- at low altitude. 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