Decatur Daily Republican from Decatur, Illinois on July 14, 1888 · Page 3
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Decatur Daily Republican from Decatur, Illinois · Page 3

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 14, 1888
Page 3
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vV^H ). lent ,+ are I® * fards. SALE gi Every them Our Garnet Sale for 1888 will open June 5, and last Ten Days. Largest Line of Goods ever shown, and at the usual prices, but the sale will POSITIVELY close June 15. Don't come too late and feel disappointed. OTTOE. Leading and Reliable Jewelers. 3VEA.I3NT ST, he "QUICK MEAL Stove EST. J DAILY REPUBLICAN. There siro no Thumb Screws to turn to confuse people. PTlio Patent Lever Valve is si "desid open and shut. When pushed over to the word "Open, ' it is open; when it IH iiuHlied to the word "Closed," it is closed, and no That is all there is to it. No one can use it EXAMINE THIS STOVE BEFOKE YOU BUY. LYTLE ECKELS. ICE TEA! Something New, Bioh and Fine Flavored, at exceedingly Low Prices. DIMES · CLOYD. SATURDAY EVE., JULY 14,1888. / 1855 LOCAL NEWS. PIONIO TABIIS--something new--at E. D. BABTHOLOMW Oo.'s. ATTEND church to-morrow. THE Republican boys of Deoatur will send a, delegation of 1,000 to Indianapolis. Otnzss what "See the Peoatnr" means. RAIN began falling this morning. The predictions promise local storms. Dit. E. W. MOOBB will occupy the pulpit at the First M. E. church on Sunday. THERE are no shows booked for the opera house next week. STEP in and see Knode Osborne. They will sell you groceries, vegetables and fruits at bottom figures. ZOA PnoBA female tonic at Irwin's. TUESDAY night the Young Men's Re* publican Club will meet at the armory. MAKE your purchases for the table at J. Lytle Oo.'s complete grocery store. Orders delivered promptly to any part of the city. NEW hay is in the market. Wheat will average about 10 bushels to the acre in Macon county. E. T. JEPFBES, the real estate and insurance agent, now has his office with D. 0. Corley over Ehrman's store, having moved from postoffloe block. THE celebrated Kaiser Beer, at 14-d6 BERT MBBIWEATHBB'B. TsmEPnoNE 444 for lOo package delivery, or Western Union. Trunk to any purt of the city, 15o. july6-dtf No trouble to show those Hainea and Everett pianos at C. B. Prescott's music store. Learn low prices. THE Moore Bros, in Opera block will sell you family groceries and fruits at the lowest ruling prices. MARSHAL MASON had three plain drunks before Justice Stevens this forenoon. THE oil stove you want is on sale at Lytle Eckels' hardware store. THE Decatur players now in the city challenge the Champaign Clippers for a game in that city, to be played within the next ten days. Smith, Conley and Devore will form part of the Deciitur teum. Will Champaign noccept? PKESH celery, berries and roasting ears at Hanks Patterson's grocery store. THE fifteenth annual meeting of the Horticultural Society of Central Illinois will be held at Champaign on August 1 and 2. GUESS what "See the Decatur" means- A GENTLEMAN from Litchfleld will occupy the room vacated by Mrs. M. L. McDonald, milliner. Ho will put in a stock of gentlemen's furnishing goods an 1 notions. LIQUID BBEAD at Irwin's Drug Store. 'JL'rre latest thing is the Harrison and Morton campaign bugle, a noisy wooden whistle on sale at The Pair store at 6 cents each. You will wnnt one in the procession. INSTANTANEOUS VIEWS ; all sizes. Henderson; Tel. 7. June 26-d2m THE Linn Scruggs played n picked nine at the park last evening, and got waxed 7 to C. Engone Pratt was the umpire. Foil RENT--a first-class office, front room, second floor, new building on North Mam street; consultation room attached. Apply to F. W. Haines. DUBTNCI Mrs. Einsten's absence from the city Miss Clara McCoy will have full charge of the store and will till all orders correctly and promptly. jnly5-dtf CAM, for the famous White Loaf and Daily Bread Hour. SELECT fruits, vegetables and golden butter tit Niedermeyor's store on the mound, THEBMOMETEBS at Irwin's Drug Store. TBY our celebrated Boston Combination Coffee, nnd you will have no other, it is fine. Johnson Spenoe, successors to Lehman Bolen. 11-dlw USE While Foam flour. You will like it and praise it. OUTDOOB Photo work; guaranteed. HENDERSON. Tel. 7. [June 26-d2m QuEsa what "See the Deoatur" means. Your 1 Vl Meats Of BODEN BROS. OF ITS GOODNESS, Duality Tells.-*- "FliSHMGHT" Photos; GEO. A. HENDERSON. Tel. 7. ro youtried our Ladies'Dor W hft ^ W 1TMtnt cWfert and jmbinetl with durability and good apply yo« r needs, tor we keep the tbe'second best go. our customers money everyday. eto very fine. [26-d2m You will always find in stock at Johnson Spence's the very best of everything usually kept in a first-class grocery store. 11-dlw FINEST baled hay, 2 oar loads, just received by V. H. Parke. Telephone 55. july7-d6 TRUNKS delivered to any place in the city--15 cents. 10-Cent Package Delivery. Telephone 814. Office 229 North Water St. jnne27-dlmo IOE! IOE!--Ice delivered to any part of the city. Telephone 176 for ice. maylO-dtf T. L. AMTBIM. WE make a specialty in Teas, Coffees, Conned Goods, o. Give us a call and be convinced. Very respectfully yours, JOHNSON SFBKOB, No. 150 Merchant Street. Telephone 20. 11-dlw ·* Gloves. An elaborate assortment o" Silk, Lisle and Thread Gloves and Mite, from the low price of 10 cents to the flneet Milanese with welts and embroidered books. dwtf LINN ft SCBTJOOB. Novwnxs in Ladies' Felt Hate, at dtf B. Brim's. DID you see the little Gems at Cheap Charley's? We'll do the same (or yon ; Bob Hffl la Supervisor. This was the Say set by Judge Nelson Ior the settlement ol the election contest between E. Moffett and R a HOI, who were nval candidates for supervisor in Blue Mound township in April last. The recent investigation and bearing in the county court resulted in a tie, Judge Nelson deciding that each candidate received 223 votes. He then ordered that both Hill and MoSett should appear in the county court to-day and decide the matter by casting lots. Mr. Hill was in attendance, but Mr. Moffett was not. His attorney, W. O. Outten, represented him. In the absence of Mr. Moffett, Judge Nelson selected J. W. Brown, of Friends Greek, to decide the contest by drawing from a closed book four slips of paper, on oneof which was written "Supervisor," the others being blanks. The slips were, placed in the book at random, no one knowing in what order the supervisor slip was placed. The Judge had made a note that the first slip should be for Hill, the second for Moffett, the third for Hill and the fourth for Moffett. The first two elipe drawn were blanks, but the third had the word "Supervisor" written on it, and accordingly Mfc Hill was declared the supervisor for Blue Mound township until the next April election. The arrangement was perfectly satisfactory to both attorneys, and the drawing was witnessed by about ten persons. Mr. Hill was not present when the lots were oast, and did not know how the drawing was conducted until informed by Deputy Clerk Skelly. The costs of the contest have been assessed against Mr. Moffett. They will foot up about 8150. The Circuit Court. This is the last day of the June term of the Macon county circuit court. CHANCERY DOCKET. Joseph O. Kretzer vs. MoraB. Krotzer, aivoree. Evidence heard by couit, and decree granted. COMMON LAW DOCKET. A. W. Conklln, ad'mi, etalvs. Geoipo Priest et al, mechanic's lien. Evidence heard by couit. The case will be decided this evening. Political Chat. The adjourned meeting of the Young Men's Republican Olub will be held on Tuesday night at Guards' Armory, when the committees on uniform and headquarters will be ready to report. The members will also consider the proposed Deoatur excursion to Indianapolis to visit the next president. The permanent headquarters for all the Republican olubsjwill be in the north room of the Gallagher Block, first floor. It is as good a location aa can be had at this time. Possession can be secured before August 1st. There is not the least danger that California will be lost to the Republicans this year. Voters in the golden state are fully alive to their interests. To that state the success of Mr. Cleveland and his policy would mean a loss of $2,000,000 or more yearly in the value of wool alone, besides wine, nuts and other products. For example, showing the sentiment, a Riverside fruit farm displays in its show the motto, "We have good raisins for supporting Harrison and Morton." Governor Porter, of Indiana, is the man who presented General Harrison's name at Chicago. Porter is a power in Indiana. In 1880 he was elected governor of the state by a majority of over seven thousand, which is an unusual majority for any candidate to receive in Indiana. It is believed that with Porter's name on the state ticket for governor, and General Lew Wallace for lieutenant governor, Republican success in Indiana would be assured. GBOCND was broken this afternoon for the new opera house. Came to Blows. This morning before 8 o'clock the office ot the St. Charles Hotel was the scene ot a lively episode, in which the landlord, A. Wait, and the tenant, James Glazebrook, participated. The cause of the altercation is unknown, but the talk ended in blows and the ejection of Mr. Wait by Glazebrook from the office. Good for Btaley. Harry Stoley, the Docatur pitcher, now playing a brilliant engagement with the Pittsburg club, shut out the Bostons yesterday, the score being 4 to 0 in favor of the smoky city boys. Boston got but three hits off Staley, all singles. Pittsburg got nine hits off Madden, one being credited to Staley. He made one run and no error. In the afternoon Golvin shut out the Bostons 6 to 0, the bean eaters getting but one.hit. All of Harry's Deoatur friends are watohing his career with interest, and rejoice over his success. He will be n "§10,000 bnte" by and by. In this connection it is proper to direct the attention of the Indianapolis team to Staley and Krock, both star pitchers. Had Indianapolis hearkened to Manager Al. Morgan of this city, both Krock and Staley, with Jimmy Burns, left fielder for the Omohos, might have been signed by Indianapolis and put that team up near the top of the race. Mr. Morgan is an old ball manager who is quick to size up the good and bad points of a player. THE CHUBCHES TO-MOBBOW. C. B. OENTENABY OHAPBIj. 458 North Broadway St. Preaching at 10:30 a. m. and 7:45 p. m. by Rev. J. W. Moats. Sabbath school at 2 p. m. Class meeting at 930 a. m. J. W. Boggess, pastor. UNTVBBSAIiIST OHTOCH. Rev. Sophie Gibb, pastor. Services at 10:30 a.m. Sunday school at 9:30 a.m. Morning subject, "Evidences of a Future Life." No evening service. JANES' CHAPEL. Sunday school nt 2 p. m. Preaching Wednesday evening, July 18th, by Elder Wilder. A full attendance of the Sunday school board desired Wednesday evening. T. Peniwell, supt. By order of W. H. Wilder. FIRST PBESBYTEBIAN OUUJMJH. Service at 10:30 a. m. by the pastor. Sunday school at 2 p. m. Mission Sunday school, at 2 p. m., corner of N. College and Packard Sts. All cordially invited to attend. STAFF'S CHAPEL M. E CHIIBUH. Class at 9 a. m. Preaching at 1050 a. m. by Rev. J. G. McCoy, and at 7:46 p. m. by the pastor. Reception of probationers at the evening service. Sunday school 2 p. m. Mission Sunday school, corner N. Broadway and Herkuner sts., at 9 a. m. All are welcome. CHRISTIAN OHUBOB. Services as follows: Preaching by the pastor, T. W. Finkerton, at 1030 a. m. No evening service. Morning subject: "The Seventh National Convention ot the Society of Christian Endeavor." Sunday school at 2 p. m. All are cordially invited. That Lynching Bee. The Charleston lynching affair is to be probed to the bottom. It is alleged that Miss Bumgartner, whom William Moore assaulted, ia a lewd character and that Moore was simply murdered by the mob that took bun from the Charleston jail and strong him up to the tank. A Mattoon citizen says that many of the men who engaged in the banging are known, and that when the special grand jury meets on August Bth, a score or more of indictments will be found. Judge Hughes will hold the jury in session until every guilty man is indicted. It is not denied that Moore and the woman were together on the night of June 23d, when she arrived at Mattoon at midnight from Effingham on her way to Shelbyville to visit her uncle. It is now known that the woman is a female ot bad character and nearly 20 years of age. The feeling againsljMoore, who was a colored Republican, was intensified by the trouble he hod had a few days before with a negro named Hoffman, who is a loud talking Democrat at Mattoon. The Charleston and Mattoon people assert that the lynching was prompted largely by political feeling and that the bum element of both towns engaged in the assault on the jail. The people now agree as to the bad character of the woman, and the lynchers themselves acknowledge they did wrong. Several of the ringleaders will probably confess, in the hope of escaping severe punishment. The Mattoon and Charleston officials are all on the watch for men who may skip out. They will not be lost sight ot and will be quickly nabbed when indicted. One ot the lynchers is said to be an ex-convict who ·was sent to prison for an outrage committed Borne years ago. He was in the front of the mob. This investigation will be an innovation in criminal prosecution in Illinois. As far as known no one has ever been indicted or prosecuted for lynching a man. Hon. Horace 8. Clark is counsel for the widow of the murdered man and will bring civil action against the responsible participants in the mob for damages to the amount of 85,000. All of the lynohers had handkerchiefs over their faces, but their identity will be discovered by the systematic investigation that has been adopted. A Vacation. Rev. W. H. Prestley has been voted a vacation by the Session of the Presbyterian Church until September 1st. This acceptable rest during the hot months was unsolicited by the pastor, and it is therefore more highly appreciated. -However, while he is in the city, Rev. Prestley will preach every Sunday morning when it is not too torrid. PERSONAL MENTION. Dr. N. H. Henderson, of .Chicago, is at the St. Nicholas. Charles H, Tyler, of Chicago, is in the city. Hon. Wm. Grason, of Oakley, had busi- WOOD Fora, Chain Force Pompe, tot sate at ' Fnmpe, JMB ,, HAH, yoa would think those new shoes at Barber* Baker's would B«4 for $7.00or $00, i bnt they sell themfor $4,00 and $6-00. They stoo luneajpte Kneo ~ ' *»* JLLUU. TV Hi. VJ1UOU11, UL ness in Decatur to-day. E. P. Helligoss and J. T. Nicholson, of Dalton City, were in Decotur to-day on business. Rev. W. H. Wilder will preach at Janes' Chapel on Wednesday evening next. L. B. Oasner says there is considerably more wheat than straw in the crop this year. Mrs. Robert Walton, of Warsaw, Mo., is visiting friends and relatives in this city and county. Miss Columbia Hughes, of Mattoon, daughter of the Judge, is a guest of Miss Josephine Laux at the St. Nicholas. Dr. Ruby, who has decided to resume the practice of medicine at Bement, is in the city on a visit. Will Denton is a now clerk at Dr. Stoner's drug store, having succeeded Harry Bnmstead, who retired to fitudy medicine in his father's office. Mrs. W. R. Abbott, who has been in Chicago for a period of six weeks, the guest of her sister, Mrs. F. B. Ooldwell, arrived home this morning. Mr. and Mrs. Wash. Nebecker, of Indianapolis, arrived in the city this morning from Champaign. They are guests of J. M. Bower and family. S. J. Hanks and brido, of Maron, and 0. S. Jones, of Cisco, and Miss Birdie Greenfield, of Argonta, have been stopping at the Hotel Brunswick several days. Mrs. Helen M. Gongar, of Lafayette, Ind., and Rolla Kirk Bryan, the chalk talk artist, of Michigan, are guests at the Hotel Brunswick. Both ore lending speakers at the prohibition camp meeting. Jos. Fry, who lived at Macon for many years, and who moved to Ottumwa, Iowa, about a year ago, is in town to-day, greeting his many friends. Mr. Fry is here to dispose of bis farm near Macon, and other property owned by him. He says he is much pleased with his new home in Iowa, where the REPUBLICAN will continue its daily visits to him for another year. A Famous Artist. Mr. Fred. Tuttle, the well-known artist, is a guest of Gov. and Mrs. Oglesby at the executive mansion. Mr. Tuttle, who is considered one of the leading members of his profession, is completing in oil fine life size pictures of Mr. and Mrs. John D. Gillett. It is expected that he will paint a picture of Mr. and Mrs. Governor Oglesby before long. Mr Tuttle has with him several fine specimen's of his artistic work, including pictures of Thomas 0. Aston, the well- known New Yorker, Dr. Henry Barnard of Hartford, Conn., a fine study in life o a handsome English girl.and a handsome picture (life study) of Albert Victor Prince Edward of Wales. These tores, as well as those of Mr. and Gillett, were to be seen in the parlors o the executive mansion last night anc were greatly admired by the many friends present. Mr. Tuttle is a charming gen tleman to meet and has made many friends among the leading people at the capital city.--Springfield Journal. NOTICE ! Until August 15th all Merchan Tailor work will be reduced as follows AIL Suite Reduced 85.00 from forme low prices. All Pantaloonings Reduced $3.00 from former prices. Take advantage of this cut, and have suit made such as EHHMAW alone can turnout [July IMts PDJOHKE SHTTH'S make of Misses Spring-heel Newperts, reduced bom $1.50 to 91.00; Children's same make, worth $L86, reduced to 90o; Children' $1.26, sizes 5 to 7, worth $1.25, now 75o The above are the beet shoes in the mat ket--t large lot, and we make the price to cloee out. FOWBBB ft HAWOBTH. Was Ho Shot? When W. E. Davis, a tenant on the Chew tana in Wheatland Tp., came to the ·sty to-day, he was told that his brother, George Davis, had been shot and killed n a gambling room in Indianapolis a few days ago. There are no particulars of the alleged shooting, but Mr. Davis will telegraph to the authorities at Indianapolis to learn whether the story is true or false. William knows that Geo. ros in Cincinnati less than a month ago and that he must have had at least one thousand dollars in his possession. If ie was shot it was for the purpose ot robbery. Davis has been traveling for an Omaha wholesale house. The Camp Meeting. The crowd at Oakland Fork lost night numbered several hundred, Rev. Davis offering prayer and Goodman's Band ping out to play a selection beneath the »nt near the platform. Rolla Kirk Iryan, ot Michigan, whose personal appearance is rather odd, delivered a talk in prohibition using crayon on paper to [rostrate his points. Mr. Bryan is an artist with the crayon. Mrs. Helen Jougar will speak to-night, and on Sunday Hon. Walter T. Mills will be orator. Parties from a distance will come in on xcuMion trains to attend the meeting. At the camp meeting this morning speeches were made by O. S. Pruitt, of Cenney, E. B. Walker, of Lincoln, Young Hark, of Long Creek, and Dr. Gray, ot Bloomington. To-night Walter T. Mills will speak. To-morrow Rev. 0. H. St. ohn will preach. In the afternoon Wal- »r T. Mills will speak and at night Helen Gongar. THE Indiana Christian Advocate, one f the leading religions papers of the west says: "The nomination of General larrison at Chicago ought to be gratify- ng to all good men, whether they agree with him politically or not. Few men in j lublic or private life are more exemplary n their moral character and daily walk. With his political views we have nothing io do in these columns, but we Commend his life as worthy the imitation of all oung men." Sales of Real Estate. John K. Warren to Orlando Powers, 20 feet in width off north end ot block ,in Warren Co.'s South addition-11,000. ·Simeon B. Moll to S. S. Richardson ot 12, block 1, H. A. Wood's addition-8150. Minnie Robbies to Frederick Nientker, uit claim to a tract of land in 11,15-- il.OO, Lord Scully's Lands A telegram from Springfield states that landlord Scully is about to sell his Illinois holdings. He owns 4,000 acres in Jangamon, 15,000 acres in Logan and 0,000 acres in McLean and other coun- ies, in which he has for several years 'list carried on the Irish rock-renting ystetn. Lost year two bills were intro* .need in the legislature looking to the xtirpation of Allin Scully and his sys- em. The measures passed after a hard 'ght, and were at once approved by the governor. Under the provisions of these icts alien land owners were bound to iispose of their realty within sis years, under penalty of forfeiture, unless, in he meantime, they became citizens of he United. States. Scully's American epresentative is now preparing to sell all the land owned by him m Illinois. t comprises some of the richest farming and in the state. Scully also has enormous tracts of land in Nebraska and Lansas where the same system of rack- renting is pursued. A telegram from Lincoln is authority or the statement that thero is not the slightest foundation for the above story, and that the Scully lands will not bo sold. We shall hoist the BED FLAG- to-day, and ;his means that we shall sell goods, at LESS THAN ^AUCTION PRICES until it is taken down. We have no other reason for this than determination to cut below any real or pretended quotations that may be made. Those who want Bargains in Dress Goods, Parasols, Hosiery, Gloves, Silk Mitts, Corsets, Underwear, Shawls, White Goods, Etc,, Btc. Should not fail to examine Goods and Prices at LINN SCRUGGS' Lincoln's Mad Stone. Dr. Honser at Lincoln has a historical mad-stone in his possession, a stone that s said to cure the bite of a mad-dog. The Lincoln Monitor thus describes it: Our reporter has always heard of the madstpne, and bus always had a great curiosity to see one, and this morning his eyes stuok out like warts on a dog when ie was shown the precious and priceless stone. It is about two und one-half metes long, and is lound nnd about the size of a cob. It is filled with little pores or cells like unto a honouoinb and is very light. The stone whon applied, if ihere is really any poison iu the wound, will adhere closely until the cells are illed with the poison and then it drops off. It is then put in sorno warm water and the poison allowed to soak out, when it is again applied. These proceedings are kept up till the stone falls to stick and the poison is all out. It is good for ill mad-dog bites, snake bites and all bites from poisonous animals. The stone was considerably larger than it is now, trat during its long stay with the family (eighty years) it has been broken and several small but precious pieces lost. Mr. Houser says the stone has been in use over eighty years, but he has not had it all that time. It ia the only madstpne within a radius of thousands of miles and we are informed there are only o few in the United States. MARRIAGE licenses were issued today to William 8. Koons, of Baltimore, ML, and Miss Rosette Shook, ot Oentralis, and to Madison B. Newman and Miss Birdy Hume, both of Maroa, 111. Pumps--Pumps--Pumps--Pumps. Notice. James Garrow, known as Big Jim, is no longer in our employ, and any person in need of a pump of any kind will do well by calling at our place before purchasing, and examine our pumps and gel prices on the best made for well or cistern use. Crown Iron Force Pumps, Grown Iron Lift Pumps, Pitcher Spout Pumps, Wood Pumps, Chain Pumps, Wood and Iron Pump Tubing. We use only the Iron Guam eled Cylinder, which furnishes you pure water. Pumps put in any depth of wel and guaranteed to work perfectly. Orden for repairing pumps promptly attendee to. Give us a call. H. MUBLLBB M'p'a Co., No. 222 East Main St, julylS-dtwlmo Decatur, 10, Cbioago Grain market. The following were the closing quotations in Chicago at 1 p. m. to-day, received by G. a Oaldwell, Secretary Deoa- tnr Grain Co.: Vfmtx-90% July; 79M Ang; 79% Sep July; 47% Aug; 47% Sep July; 25% Ang; 25« Sep 25 Oct. POMC--$13.15 Ang; $W.20 Sep; °Luu-$a20 Ang; $827 Sep; $O32 SV^. Aug; $7.60 Sep; $7.67 Lite Stock--Ertinated rooeipta--Hop THE RED FLAG! -BEAR IN MIND THAT- LINN SCRUGGS DEAL ONLY IN FIRST CLASS GOODS. "HOME COMFORT "FURNACES, NO GAS, Wrought Steel, No Dust, Malleable Iron, Veil Little Fuel, No Leaky Joints. No ONE can say that the time was not ripe for' a new furnace. The days of brittle, porous, cast iron furnaces are numbered. In even branch of manufacture cast iron is being driven out by wrought iron and steel. Every bridge that goes down in a wreck of lives and property is found to have cast iron members, fcyery bursting cannon which slays its friends rather than its enemies is made of cast iron. **enr leaky furnace which poisons a household with its noisome gases is found to be made of the same cheap, unreliable material. Improved methods of manufacture have made steel and iron plate, of first quality, less expensive than cast iron formerly was, and it is plainly 11 accord with progress in other directions that there should be progress both in design and the material of furnaces for wanning our homes, churches and schools. 'MOREHOUSE, WELLS

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