The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 14, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 14, 1931
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILL13. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, JANUARY H Stacy Spann Dies at Luxora, | I.UXORA, Ark —Mrs. Slacy j ; Spann Kisiee died at her residence! j Merc Monday afternoon and the' funeral was conducted Tuesday a/- J Expert Play Earns Game at Diamonds in Radio Bridge Vi^cSs: ^, O with South playit •4, 3. North—Spades, 7, 5; Hsirii .J | K. 7 0, 4; Diamonds. t\. 5, 3 2' ' r Clubs, 8, 1. 'I. East-Spades, K, 10,. •' DbmcaJs. Q,. • In the eighth of this season's Ra- ,.,. -,. , r ,, . . JlOllvWOOd Lui'<'S SlKllIl S J>u »; "I \.\n- »«•! 1 I Q . • - • :!\ilt>S Mlldied SCOtt and Thursday . ! Tjie Pilgrim ' Lutheran church I guild will meet at the home of Mrs. j L. Atchison, 1306 West Afh street. I .. Friday.. ... j Mrs. .J. Neal Geselj. (s. Jiosless lo I lh,j; YOU'PJ; ^Matrons.r'B/idge club ineintjer.vind 'heir husbands for u Klg'nt'psirty.. ,' .- [ ..,',., . 'I . .,'" Saturday .. . T^uj., Business .. and, f^/ofeosional Women's .club will tanquc!. I meetlpg^a.Mhe Wonian's'club. gi>e:i to/ajl business. women of,. Uic citv. at | o'.clpcj:'.,' "...-.. The'r'p".will he a'.frr,c story hour at .the library. ; ,., . The Music department 1= meeting with Mrs. C. E. Atkinson ir. the 'Shane'apartment!--.' Has 'Club. Mrs. May L. Aldrtdiie was lust- ess'to the Tuesday Contract ebb thfs week .at the home of Mrs. S. S.'Sternberg. In'the games iilaycti Mrs. Floyd White won the iKiZf. a pewter ,bo\vl. The hostess served an nppjtizli'.j salad course with cDfie?, •Club Entertained. Mrs. Charles Wiley and Mr?. Jo;' Trlcschmfin were tea i;i-r=*5 .of. lire. Crawford Greene Tiles; af- the Young .-Matrons Bridge cl'.tb. • A vase was awarded Mrs. AV."!JP.. Veazey jr., for high scor; j' prlrf... ''.' Sandwiches; angelfood cake ID;)-! ped, with whipped cream, plckto, I olives .and coffee refreshed the ten j , . ., K.—lucsuay evening terucon al 2:30 In the home of her jdio Bridge games broidcES', Tues- ion-ln-luw, H. A. WUe. The service, day from slatioh WMO, Milton O. hvas conducte... by Rev. Hall, pas-'Work presented as the. exhibition tcr of First M. E. Church, and'players Mrs. Georgene D. Sickels, Rev.- Kin-Sohi?n paster of the Bap-j of Beechwood Park, Pa.; Miss Mar* 'list 'church- -gucrlte Cohn, of Fort Smith, Ark.; .i Mrs. Klssce v.-as eighty three j Mrs. George S. Fitzgibbon, of Mo, „ .. , - ~: years of age and had lived In Lux-i line. 111.; and Mrs. Dwigtit, E. Ault- Miss Mildred Scott and Mr. Foster frn (ba BrCBler art o[ hcr ]llc . ,„„„, Ol Norman, Okla. Yatcs were very quietly married.' ' the CEi.'mcny being performed by llcv Kln-Solven the pasl=r of \ Luxora allll Jolui Spann O f- M :ddle.' A . 9, 2; Diamonds, K, Q, J, 10, 7, 3; the Uttiilist church, In the presence . Tcm ,cs;Ee. Interment was in the c a few close friends of the ecu- j Cillllolln ceract cry here. p.;. 1 he bride is .tlie daughler ol I Mr. and Mrs Chas. Scott of Lux* ( rv ." • - nra. The grcom Is the son of Mr. brought LUIS Danger IB (i 5 2 if K D' playing No TruniV (three No Trumps in Contrast". Jlayed the Deuce; East the 4; and!West, to trick oi;c, would trm t:-.:- Declarer, South, the 9. Mrs. Sick-!Queen of Clubs. The question; ar?: ils, South, then faced her hand, j Question No. 13: How nnny en- showing Use winning Spade and I tries does Hie North hand <.c:r.?.ln. J 'our trumps, for which adversaries! Question No. 14: How many tr!:k; conceded her the balance of the |.should Ihe Declarer nuke aja:«!,; ricks. North and South therefore | the best defence? scored 35 for tricks, and 90 to; hon- j ors. At Duplicate or Progressive; £„,, I anil Mrs, F. Vales of Cairo, III. He j Is at present employed by Woods Ccnslrnction and he and his bride will be al home to their frlonds in l.uxora lor a tov months. Bits of News Mostly Personal SI:.; Is survived by three brclhcrs, 1 The hands were: Mrs. Slckels, H. W. Spann and J. W. Spann of JDealer, South: Spades, K, 9; Hearts ' A, 9, 2; Diamonds, K, Q, J, 10, 7, 3; i Clubs, J, 5. Miss Cohn, West: Spades, A, Q, 7; Hearts, Q, 10, 5; i Diamonds. 4; Clubs, K, Q, 10, 9, 8, 0. Mrs. Fitzgibbon, North: Spades, /\r f • • ~ r>i i '8. H, 5. 2; Hearts, K; Diamonds, A, Of Springtime Floods'9, «. s,2; ciubs, A, 7. 2. Mrs. AUH- jmtui, East: Spades, J, 10, 4. 3; WASHINGTON. (UP) — Lust Hearts, J, 8, 7, 6, 4, 3; Diamonds, 8; lummer's drought, which proved so,Clubs, 4, 3. disastrous to fanners, wjll provide i Mrs. Sickels. the Dealer, h]d a iome compensation In the form of choice between bidding Diamond? fewer fl-ods in the larger rivers | nnd No Trump; but with a six- riurlng 1931, according lo M. W. 'card Diamond suit including four tlayis, Chief of Ihe Hlver and j honors without the Ace, and wiu Flcod Dlvlsl-n of the U. S. Wea-|unly an Ace and n King on the side jther Ilitrcati. , for a No Trump, the Diamond was IVI jiunnu. I AiuilHJ, tin; U*J*ILUI*U w«3 The oullook for flcoels this spring I clearly the wiser bid; so she open- ;hey would also have scored 125 for! game In one deal. I In tils remarks about the exlii- >' bltlon hand, Mr. Work .elected « ; , f s lo James. R. Davis, of i!^ city, v.'l-.o Hisicil in the Uml ?d States aiiny '- the I = ca) """"' 1 ' the feature of the game the way in i which Mrs. Sickels forced a lead up' to her Ktng-9 in Spades.. As Mr.' Work expressed 11: "With that: holding, (he average p'aj;er would' only have seen trial it was necessary to win with the King 'of Spade; lii order to make gome, and after j a vain lead with a trump, or twa I would have led Spades from Hie | dummy hand willi ihe hope Ihut | the Ace was In Mrs. Aultmar East's hand, and therefore King could be made a winner. There was hardly an even chance of that as Miss Cohn. in the West.! b «» se » l ",rt x-ie.d ar- Tluirsdiiv had bid, and Mrs. Aultman, in the i Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Veazey jr. years. and son, W. P. Ill, will ' " J ! week-end in Coldwater, , ... T. G. Seal Is attending to husl- | vnst am-iml of is less than il has been for mnny ed the auction with on; Diamond, i East, had not; bui leaving out ihnl'• Subsoil niolsturs has been , cohn. West, bid two Clubs. Indication of the location of the . . . . , ill sp;nd the I depleted by the drought and this .preferring to bid the minor on her Ace, Mrs. Slckels found a play far r, Miss. : supply mutt be replenished by a i5 i x - ra ril 5u [ t ralner [i lan ta p i ay al | superior to leading to-.vnrd n King. . present. I ness In Chicago for several days. Mrs. May L. Aldrldge has returned from a brief stay In Memphis. • , , Mr. and Mrs. A. conway are expected tt> return Thursday nigh 1 from St. Louis nnd Ultli; HccV. where they visited for several weeks. . .. i C. A. Cunningham hus returned j from a short visii in Little Rock. Cllftcn H. Hcott of ,Little liock. i receiver of drainage district 17, bi attending to business here today. I Mrs. Eddie Stnnfill, of Memphis, citizens of Madi-lt 1 . to vot= hcr the prettiest girl in all Spain ill a recent |j s the houseguest of her sister, Mrs. soaking into; the vveak ma j or tlm !K , r plTt ncr the erouiul before there will to m!ght nnmi! lt Miss c- rn I The piquant beauty of Scnorita Eiena Melogosa, above, caused Icllow course, in hands in which a l?art .... Q ... .. H .,.^ .1 .. A . dJ „* « MV „,. ,-,. ta a guarded King cannot b? '.later In the large ''"'"sjinformalory double. ' '. forced, it is advisable to'lead to- to cause floods. - , I - Mrs. Fitzgibtion, North, with a j ward il; but If the forced lead can The Mississippi nver has n w««, han(1 wh|ch mtwj ^ a( , miraljly wit -j,, i, e vor ^ ei out as in this hand .the "i 1 "'"' ?"£ P yT "°io-iR "H™. ,h, ","i lier - Partner's Diamond t!d,:'decid- lead toward Ihe King need not b: ' " eti lo shut ouL further adverce bid-1 risked. ding by calling. four Diamonds.] "The crucial play wns the rtis- whlch held the bid. "hj i \There is onliy one "KELTS ANGELS" —There was never anything like it! —There never ,wi/l bean/thing like it! HOWARD HUGHES' Thrilling Air Spectacle situon ol 1925 there were no floods of consequence along the Mississippi- newspaper contest. Ucsult: She la coming to Hollywood to appear in American films soon. And doesn't she look' like Gloria Swanson! Pcatant Women Stacllcd, Peasant women were studied by niemtors of the Lit^r.-iry department of the Woman's club Tutsljy | Afternoon in an interesting lire-j of publicity; Mrs. Louis Forbls su-1 / " ri lll>t\i gram with Mrs. Howard Prcctor nc jpmntendcnl of social service; Mrs.! v.jUUIll^ leader. J George Siinnks, superintendeni o!' In taking up the peasant woman : supplies; Mrs. W. B. Mayo, supsr- of Tennessee as shown in Ihe book I intencient of local work. '• Al the meeting yesterday nflsr- ' noon al tlie liome of Mrs. Chariej there were '23 present, brief business session this '•The Time ol Man," by Kl!7ib?ih Madox Roberts, Mrs. Pro;tor discussed' the significance of c'na ::'" the slyle'of writing and tits c,:a:, it told. uer a program was given with Mis. Hen- of P. T. A. Will . Meet Tomorrow •Mothers, interested in Parent- Teacher associations throughout r .-, „.. - Mississippi county, will attend the Mrs. E. F. Btemeyer reviewed. derson C. Hall ns lender: Biblo! county .council meeting here "Angel" by Du Bcse Hey.vard for j reading. MM. Jverson Morris nn:i I Thursday for an all day session a study of the pjasant, woman of l^jrs. Louis Forbis; papers on Stew-' it the First Presbyterian church the North Carolina mountains. I ardslup, Mrs. C. L. Orrcll, Mrs. Current topics, taken up in a 1 Bert Mayo nr.d Mrs. J. W. Moul- round table talk, concluded the j trie; violin solo, Amy Ruth Morris; program. l scn j_ Mes d anles j. w . simiiks. O. The hcstesses. Mrs. E. M. Terry j^ Rodgeri, A. L,! Ke.igan. \V. J.I Rnd .Mrs. R. El Blaylock. served ' i.oBcy'and Iverson Morris;' du:!, and tea. ; Mrs. w. J. LeRoy and Mrs. O. J. TO RESUME AIR SCHEUULE BUTTE. Mint., (UP)—The -Ma mrr Air Trnnsjxirt will resume a oiie-lrlp-a.week scl:3dule over the northern airway from Spokane to S'. Paul, as ;ocn as (he new han- (jar at Miles CitJ Is completed.-'A O. M. Morgan, and Mr. Morgan. • !r [. W cckly or daily schedule will .be Miss Maude Culllson had as he:-| mn!:gurc.;.:d a f ler lnc winter sea- guests Monday night Mrs. Emmet!. ] ; cn ncc'rdlng to Newlon Wake- Davis, Misses Gilbert and Mozelle | fic'd vice president of the corn- Petty, of Kennett, Mo. i vall y. Lullicr Chambers is a business | visitor in St. Louis today. j Mrs. James Van Ausdale, of Ca- : JLM.AMCTE LIKES CQLLAR SEATTLE. (UP)—William War- nilhcrsvllle. sho])i>:rt here yester-i ner. vciiiran miner and ' prospsctor •Miss Cohn, West, opened the play .by leading the King, of Clubs; Mrs. Slekels. Declarer, played the Ace from.North, the dummy hand'; Mrs; Aultman, East, played the Trey; and Declarer the "5' from her own hand. ' ; Mrs. Sickels, 'counting her tricks, was sure of all of her trumps, and also of winning with her Hearts because one of the closed hand's small Hearts could be ruffed in Dummy; but she saw she must lose one Club and game would be lost unless sh'a could win with the King of Spades As the hand stood, she would have card of the Deuce of Chits from Dummy on the Ace of Hearts fro:n closed hand, it was necessary reduce Dummy's Club, to hvj— the same number as held by t'r.c closed hand. If the Dummy had j been left with three Ciubs" when' Miss Cohn-, in the West, was placed I in the lead, she would have led another Club and the game would ; have gone aglimmcrlng." At Contract, the bidding of tills hand under the Common S?me System would have been: South, two • Diamonds, thus showing ,1 minimum of six.tricks with Diamonds the trump, at least three of- The first multi-million dollar-talking picture -• with JEAN HA'RLOW BEN IYON—JAMES HAL1 day. i of the Howard. Alaska, peninsula, Is Delicious refreshments were serv- led by Mrs. Hardy. Shamblln and Mrs. Attend Missionary • Inrfitutc at Jonusborp. The First Methodist church c'. this city was represented at th? p missionary institute in Jonestoro j Senior P. T. A. .Members Tuesday, by 12 members. Mesdamea i Vftn Work of StinU-nls J, E. Crilz, C. N. Nea!. W. I. Don- | P.ironts of senior high school ton, M. G. Goodv.-in, E. D. I-'cr- i students were giv..'n an opportunity gusou, O. C. Ganske. Emma S. j cf vcalizlncr tin: creative wmk ol Buniey, Saliie Hubier, Mr. and Mrs. i high school pupils by exhibits ot Paul E. Ccoley. the Rev. and Mrs. i N'- F. Moore's cla:;s in M:clc/n Bus- P. Q. Rorie attended. : iness Methods, C. T. Kramer's var- • • • I lens aijiicuKnral projects and fln- Plan missionary ] Ishcd products of Miss Frances Party Fricliy Ni ^f9r•3 thnn 100 nre expected lo be present. Tlie morning session will at !!:15 o'clock . with Mrs. T. Tnte cf Armorcl, president.,. in charae,of th? incelim; cf the executive committee. The meeting ot begin E. tiie Board of Managers v.-ill follow. The general session is to begin at 10 a. m. with'reports from £" Reginaul! Morton Kleban. formerly of here : pioml of his. big. malamute pup and now of Tupelo, Miss., is a vir I which he brought to Seattle from itor in the city today. Nome. And Tip Is proud of the Mrs. Frank Uauin. of Memphis I l:e\lar lie wears. It Is made of arrived yesterday to be with lit: silver, and b?ars the inscription: sister, Mrs. R. N. Farrar. who 1* : "My name Is Tip from the Pirate critically 111 at her home on Doii- . Ship. Who In hell tire you?" gan avenue. "• ) --- said. lad a show-down -for game "at No j which are high-card iricks. West Trump; but the die was cast and] would have bid three Clubs, and she had to play Diamonds. North five Diamonds. North \\-onid To trick 2 she led Dummy's Deuce | count her hand as having assist- of Diamonds; East .played the 8;j in S tricks, or raisers, fcr South's. Declarer the King and West t^.e' 4.- Diamond bid as follows: 1 for the j Declarer Uwn led the Deuce cf Ac e of Diamonds; 1'= for five] Hearts from closed hand; West cards of partner's suit with a sin- ] played the 5; Dummy the King; Rletcn hi the hand; and 1 fcr the U,e week-end gnests of Mr. Weld-) mnns parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chns Leonard w. Holt and Mr,. Havmont Holt spent Sunday in \Vil- j son as guests of Mr. and Mrs. s. cr.mmittccs and local units. Mrs. M- L. Snluncrs of Osccela will spsak on "Tlie Pence Pact" at the morning program. Luncheon Is lo be serv.:d by n circle of the Woman's auxiliary. In the nflernoon session M:s. Fiank D^dgu of Little Rock, prominent- leader of women's actlvil',?s, will be the principal speaker. Her subject will be: "Parents,' The itr\l sex determination .is u snry. says R. H. Cook, of E piece of thread,". Cook ''Hold the ring dangling from the ',. v . i i'r „ , „ ' (bread over the expectant mother. A.I. and Mrs. E. J. Spencer were >,, .,,„ .,„,„. ,. „ ,'.„,. .,,.,„„ ,,m visitcrs in Lnxorn Sunday. Great Sculptors." "Art Misslss- and Miss Jean Harrison, chairman of the missionary committee, are in charge of the progressive enter-; tainmcnt. ;id pen and ink sketches by Miss Edith Crocker. "The :W>:rth of A Boy In The Hoir.c and School" \vas (lie theme CAKKIED CIIIU> 200 MII.ES OSAKA. (UP)—Mlzuc Hinsa, a laborer, found cmploymen'. here uf- MAfiPIES MATCH WITS .' OCiDEN, Utah, (UP)—A game of wits Ir. in progress in Siimu'ill Coiinly.;i camri in which the smartest of birds, magpies, are opposing man These magpies, the game authorities have decided, are a pert. Hence they should be al least partially chert'od. if'hot- exterminated. Accordingly the habitats of the lit the baby is a boy,-the string will swing in LL straight line. It it is a girl, it will swing'in a circle." feathered marauders strewn with iwisoned pork. are being pieces TO srrnv MARINE LIFE GLOUCESTER, Mnso., (UP) — Tills seaport, long famed as a flsl- ?;-ii::in's haven, is to become a federal headquarters for research in maiiii? IHc. Arrangements have been made 1 wiie:.?by n detachment of experts from the .United Slates | Fishery Commission wil be assign- and East the Trey. To trick four. Ace cf Clubs Dummy led the'.Dlamond 5; East discarded the 4 ol Hearts; Declarer overtook with the Queen of Diamonds; find West discarded the 0 of Clubs. Declarer then led the Ace of Hearts; West played the !0: Dummy discarded the Dstice of Clubs; and East followed suit with the 6 ol Hearts. Declarer continued Hearts with the 9; West played (he Queen; Dummy, North, rnfled with the C of Diamonds; and East played the 7 of Hearts. Declarer then had her hanrte in sucli shape Hint she was ready to put Miss Cohn, West, in the-lead with a Club. So to trick seven Declarer led the 7 of Clubs from Dummy; Easl played the 4; Declarer the Jack; and Miss Cohn, West, von with the Queen. Miss Cohn could not lead anoth- toul of er Club because Dummy could run ru ? ni.\- thus end raiser's. As il takes one less raiser than the number of tricks to which the bid is advanced to jurr.p partner's -suit-bid ot two to three or four of any suit or to live of a minor, It will be seen that Morlh had ample strength to bid monds immediately and the contracting. The play in the two games waiil.-i be identical. Mr. Work pointed out that, it happens In this hand that North or South playing at -No Trumps could liave made an easy game; but with .such a preponderance of cards of one suit it war- wiser to try the longer minor rcnita lo game; and of course the minoi was worth more on account of th: -Matinee—2 ;md 3:30 0 clock honors, which In Contract would 10 and 30c. count 100 points. Night—6:45 and 8:40— In closing, Mr. Work announce! j -i ; 9ni i .[n,, these hands for problems 13 anci i Gray i number. In th; business so:,-:;y. Mr= Tr.r- Lc;jn, presidi-m, urged tlie A job. "Africa", Miss Margaret _....,, "Brazil", Miss Jennie Wren Dillahunty; vMcxico". Miss Lois Hoopr er. Tr.ese countries are thcie whcrs j mcn-.t.jvs 'o a'.lor.rt the nteeltiiR of. missionary-.wort: 1= dor.e by the the (-01:1115 cou-.-.cil :il th- Virst! Jouthern^Presbyterian church. At i Fresbyt-jt'-m rr-urcl' Thur:c!av, be-' each home an interesting mission- j pmnin-» -ii" 10 o'clock? ' ary story will be.tolti, games play- I Have Teachers Mmiiig cd and refreshments served. ; Officers and teachers of tlie * * * i First Presbyterian Sunday school ' Club Metis. ' v.ere guests rf Mr. nna Mrs. Kay 1 ? Mis. Harry" W. Kaincs and "Mr;. | Wortliington Tuesday evening lor a G. E...Keck were guests oi Mrs.; meeting. Henry "Humphreys when she enter- [ H^porls of the contest, slartcd talnei>imtinttr5 .-of! the v ;Tues-lny Sunday, showed that a number of! Luncheon, ciub m ihe hcme of h— nEW members had already been i Ft Mo\-fr=, Fla.—"Lyrtin K. Pin!;- Elstcr/'-i'fcV Etcpnen' H'^Br'ooks l-'^nrollcrf and m«ch interest mam- . ,,, s \ ai i ft i,'o Comp'nnn 1 is thn Iwrt. After the appetizinj iv.o cou-s- i fcsicd m th - ="""'">'• Several |. 1 nnlicmo I over menu, contract b.-idg- ws r'---'.j j minor chanjes were inailc In rules "Take l.ydia E. Pink- J 3 \ ham's Vegetable Compound 'Mrs. George Mult wan l-.csl- : .-y'for-i ot tlic_ contest. the club prltc and th6'guest award, j -'•" -sf, went to Mrs. O. E.! DofJICOOU Kldf/B NdOS Keck. Son Born. Mr. an4 0* LiUXCrBj jam.i/uutc/LtR son Saturady'hfjht'^h 1 ^ weighed eight and aVjj* has been ncmcd^ClinrlS lore her marriage Mrs*. u-as Miss Edtth ICoUv'.' of M«es Mary Evans -,1110 Hcrtonse Cczart were guests cf Miss Lcut>? Oii:u?r. S'.md.iy. ^i«s Virgie Perkins spent th: i v.-cck end v.iih Mr. 2nd I.Irs. LOJ;U] ?o:kiiis cf yv.v K1 : ani1 Mn '- '*•'•>' 1! dren-v.-crc tht- .-.ics;~ oi nd c'.:;! Mr. am. ic »nl of. Hrforn 113- b.nby was born .\vigalways weak mil nstitliiwiK I ia<l nr-rvoussitflts .inlill roiiMn*tdo my lio:iso\vork. A ! the Vrgrtalilc ] Compoimd nml it 1 itrvngthi'iin) mo. I Ilui 1 tny own i lion-trwork I nth •ta i i il aud I fec^l Officers Begin Year's Activities. • These -w-omcn will be .in charge of Ihc affairs of the Woman's Ml;- Eicnary society of the l*lce-Str;:t Methodist church for this year: Mrs. C. A. Elfrank, president; Mn. A. L. Iteagan, vice president; M~ now working in a i i Mr».-D. Garret!-. Snnriav. • letter tliaullnvcinninvyciiy. I Imp,- : Mtv's Louise Gu:i'Ar v.- a s t!io • >">' l '' ttor wil1 llc llic J n ' Mllrt (>I ' !vai3il 'S ! i v;eckend giic^: cf Mi : .i V. C. soincothor woman to belief health."— ; j 'ciydc Oncal. Bud nr.-l Hnny i H. Alcycrs. Florid^ I Lute* aiiti WiUnm Spriiricr call- j " . . Miss Loimc Gun;cr. Sun' I day night. i Mi« Clara Whcallcy •• is Hie j v.-e?k end gtiesus cf Mis:* CJ-:ncva i Harry Weld.nan, corrc -pending s ... \ '' M""W d ' D Drummans of Stcclc.: retary; Mrs." L. E. Gay. recording , Mo ls visu , 11|5 tll , OarKU falllil . secretary; .Mrs. H. E. LaShot. | tlrls wcek . ; treasurer; Mrs. C. L. Orrail, as- • Distant treasurer; Mrs. W. J. I/> Koy, superintendent cf young people; Mrs. Iverson McrrL-. r.ur.orin-1 tcndent of children: Mrs 1 . 6. J : Rodgcrs, superintendent ot £lu:'.y: Mrs. \V. J.-LeRoy, supsriiuendent Mr.- Lifi 1 ^ crowd ftUsr.UfHl (!' ? ;! Brcml^ys Saturday ni^lii.- Fred Slcvcnsoti < fillert (.a _ ": C- Siiradbcirv Satuutav' Head Courier News Want Ads. tee the, classified •ads' his handicap scries: South— j Co< E i cd to Gloucester to carry on prac- ' iica] [hhery r^iearch, v.'itli emphasis on better methods of salting. and closed hand obtain HJvi<r _ "WHOOPEE" Spades, A, Q, J; Hearts. Diamonds, K; J, 7. -1; Clubs, A. K. Diamond to lead, therefor forced to the Spade suit, of which. West— Spades, 0, 6, 3. ?.; Hearts, 10, Ace. Dummy, North. 3; Diamonds, 9. C; Ciubs, Q. J, 9. Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday " P: '"' BELIEVE IT01- NOT- PROVES IT Famous Steel City gives O.Gs. Smashing Vote in latest Ripley Taste-Test IMicvc it or not, taste is /(Mfi ( , ivhcthcr Us owner s,puns a dinner cn:\i or a dinner pull- I cnvorcd Pittsbtirfth from Ilic Mayor's office lo flic snoticst, holiest steel mills. (Jvive every mother's sun 1 met the four UMilinft cisiiircttvs with brand ni-.iues concealed, ami said "Try 'cnil T> Al the stcrl mills, Ol.n COI.D won ... by 34%. At i lu- \Villi.ini IVnn lintil . . . O. G. won ... by At Police lU.iilini.irters, O. G. hy lilnc Komls . . . ri-J MciiuK . .-•: brain anil brawn . . . tlii-y :>1! like oi.l> c;pl.l)'Si throat-ease t.'sie ilulll. '••"' Can't oi.u l BOX-SCOR5 MKN O ! STEtL J in Pittsburgh mills snapped making test, A COUGH C A R L O A D _ -—2:30—10 Mil to • '•«• ; NiglU—n:-ln :uul 8:•!;">— 7 10 and 2oc. ] Cnniincj—"KING OF ,!A7/.

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