The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 16, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, August 16, 1939
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP Nnf?Ti!PAST» ;>»,.-. >,„,„ "^^^ f **-^ VOLUME XXXVI—NO. 120. Blyllievllle Courier Blylhevllle Dally News P NORTHEAST AK1CAN3A8 AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI _BLYTr[BVI_LLK ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 10, 1939 SINGLR COPIES FIVE CENTS ^^^^ i . . _ . _ _ - - - —-»— ----rjiiiiu M^il 1 tj SLRjPSJJiRGENCY CLAUSE FROM ACT New Border Incident Flares; Hitler Still Is Adamant On Danzig fly United Frcss A new bonier incident increased tension between Poland and Danzig today over the hitter's demand lor relurn to Germany. A Polish soldier ,. - - ----- was shot nml /Killed by a Danzig border guard at Kohling on the frontier. Danzig sources said (he soldier crossed (lie frontier and after having been, warned three times aimed a rifle at the guards who (.hen Fired. No progress appeared to have been made in 'efforts to sc(tl e the dispute over (he status of Danzig. London still was hopeful (hat some sort of conference could be arranged and a compromise readied Imt the powerful London Times, which often reflects the government's views, warned that any attempt to settle the affair by force would promptly send Orea't Britain and her allies to war. The Times denounced what it called a- monstrous betrayal of Germany's word as given at (lie Munich conference. It was reported in Berlin' that Joslin Hearing Slill Underway This Afternoon Mi HUSH How FDR Juggles t | le Calendar Sacrifice Tax Revenues To Make Refiners Increase Prices Adolf Hitler would tike to see settlement of the Danzig problem before the annual Nazi purty con- ference at Nuremberg on Sept 2 Nazi quarters were convinced that Great Britain would aid in a solu- — -- „ „ lion of tiie problem, perhaps as ' 11BVC participated early Sunday pan of some general European set- j morning on Highway 01 a mile tiemonl, north of Blytlievllle. Germany's position remained unaltered—that she will not be satisfied with anything less than the return of Danzig to the Reich. It became apparent (hat the visit to Hitler of Prqlessor Karl J Burckhardt, high commissioner ol the League ol Nations, was a tail- lire. In fact a diplomatic source said Hitler "lectured" him sharply about Incidents. In Danzig and asked why as high commissioner he allowed them,,to happen.' { RiifkhanU Gloomy LONDON, Aug. e. <(JP)_ A dip-. lomatic informant said (oday that' Dr. Karl J. Burckhardt. Lcaijtic' ot Nations high commissioner for OKLAHOMA CIY. Aug. 10 (UP) -1'our oil producing sUilcs sacri- ncecl SI, 500,000 in luxes today in n strike against the refining Imlm- :ry presaging a nationwide rise .11 easollne prices. Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and New Mexico clamped a 15-day shutdown on oil fields from which flow 2.000,000 barrels daily, or 5S per cent of the total production. Iliey demanded a restoration of the general 20-cenls a barrel cut in crude oil prices put Into effect by refiners last week in most of the 18 oil states. They ]i a(i At 2:45 o'clock this afternoon a preliminary hearing for Percy Joslin, 20, Gosncl youth, charged with the murder of R, j. Pillow, 30, of Blytlievllle, was st-ill underway in the circuit courtroom of the county courthouse here. The hearing opened early this morning beiorc Municipal Judge Doyle Henderson who ordered the hearing transferred from the municipal courtroom in Ihe city hall to the larger courtroom in order lo accommodate (he large crowd , - • ,- =. which filled the circuit courtroom 11,,?" 1 "'" 1 ;, I ", dl . n »n. Kentucky and almost (o overflowing. The fatal stabbing of pillow was the climax to a free-for-all fight In which seven men are alleged to "", I Z 3456789 10II1213141516 The President announces plan to advance 1930 to Nov instead of Nov. 30. Sketch shows how Mr. Roosevelt's .wild, evens up spacing between holidays during lust quniicv of year men are happy, lor change lengthens booming Clirlstmns period. But lootbali schedule makers aren't; their plans lo Turkey Day crowds Into huge sl<ulla may lie upset. . support of Louisiana, Mich!°nn Colorado and Arkansas, some of which sharply curtailed production and indicated a willingness (o halt It entirely, if necessary. Crude oil markets were unaffected in California, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Illinois, the latter slate being one of the fciv having no regulatory oil agency. Conduct 'Mopping Up' Op- citations -Along Bordei "Of British Zone HONG KONG, Aug. 1C. (UP)— Japanese troops moved up (o the border of British Hcng Kong tctlay Danzig, had returned to his yost from his week-end talk with Adolf i wlml lhcy c s lllecl Hitler deeply depressed. l llp " operation. The informant snicl that In British authorities dispatched two report lo the British Bovcrnnvn* ; ccm nanies of infantry, drawn from Burckhardt gave the impression " le Mi(icilcs ex regiment of British that Hitler had spoken heatedly re = ll!ars and the Rajputana regi- to him on the Danzig situation— • mellt of lllc In ciian army, to the " the word "lecture" was used by (he informant— and, retailing inci- city territory, \ , fro "f ier lo take posts opposite the , dents in Die free Ja " a »esc army men asserted that , asked him why, as high commis- tll{> >' '"tended to extend their "mop- sioner, lie allowed such things to P'"S U P" operation along tiie entire happen. i frontier of British territory. This ish government's attitude nnd that f sc , move dl<1 not lnean tnat the he hoped thai, by presenting it he J. 0 " 1 " wculd ^ clcs «'- They said might facilitate a ueace solution ] !„ , thc Ja l mncs « liad given Uiem However, the informant saUli 1 48 h °l trs> notlce ot tlielr Intended Burckhardt pot no chance lo explain the British altitude because Hitler did the talking operation. Japanese troops in four groups landed on the Pearl River bank ready to negotiate with Great. Bi'i- i 1 ' 1C Hon ff Kon f border, after a se- lain. v But other diplomatic said Hitler told Burcfchardt that his "minimum requirement" was that Danzijf should be ceded (o Germany. In relurn, it was said. Hitler offered to concede Poland a free port in the Danzig area. Burckhardt's mission was considered- here to have been a failure. vcrc nlrplune bombardment' of the : town, source ! TUey occl ,pj Ki shumchun nt 1V30 StfocA; Prices NEW YORK, Aug. 10. (UP)— The oil slates were confident they would force the refiners to pay more lor crude. They estimated that oil now In refinery storage tanks for distillation into gasoline was sufficient for not more than 15 days, nnd that by then a billlop dpliar Industry would be forced ln(o idleness. A gasoline and motor oi! shortage would be Mt by Ihe motoring consumer almost immediately after that. Tlie refiners were silent. Not one had commented on the shutdown. Producers and market experts predicted an immediate increase in ; gasoline prices. It (he strike shutdown. Ls .maintained, there would not be chough crude oil from (he field unaffected, to meet more than 25 per cent of the usiinl daily gasoline consumption, The Texas shutdown was made WPA Reveals Boost '.In Arkansas Sept. 1 Effective LITTLE ROCK, Aug. 10. (UP)-A general wage increase for- WPA workers in Arkansas will become effective Sept, 1 in accordance with provisions of the new federal work relief act, Administrator Floyd Sharp said today. The old and nc\\' Males follow: Unskilled labor, olil range S2(j lo $30; new range, S3I.JO ir> $48.10. . Sklled labor, old range, $44 to SCO; new range, S54.CO to $14.10. •' Profgesslonal and t>or, old range, range, $55.30 lo $15,40. technical la- lo $73; new Tells Commit Ice lie Ordered Sucli Ac!ion Anticipating Investigation WASHINGTON, Aug. 1C, (UP) — rltK Kiiliti, lender cf (lie Gcrnum- AnierJcnn ihmd, loM the OI L . S committee today tlmt he destroyed membership lists n yem- n80 JCCiiuse of rumors of 1111 Inipond- ng Investigation. Kuhn wns tho first witness called >y the committee at resumption of Is hearings Inlo ncllvlllcs ol Nazi mil Fascist groups in tho united Slates. Implying to questions by Rhen iVlmlcy. commlltci: counsel, Kuhn declared ho personally ordered all membership llsls destroyed bccnuso "there were rumors in tho papers tlmt there was going to be an Investigation." He estimated bund membership at 20,000. Representative J. Pnrnell Thomns IRC]),, N. J.> estimated bund revenues at $900.000 a year but Kuhn said nil receipts did not KO to 0.—Predjnatlonnl headquarter.?. ~ '"SSrSSr.^ K loK;, ±£ r ^£2 District Governor Talks At Meeting Held On Wednesday UK; IL-.\US snuiuoivn was mane D i u r> Kir r-> effective Tuesday. Gov. Leon Phil- 1 Daseball bame, IVlule KacC, ™""" ........ "' ..... "" ' Foot Race, Used Cut- Race .Staged Afternoon events of the Mlssls- .. . ______ .,. sI PI>l County Farm Bureau picnic The strike s(opped the Incomes yesterday resulted In the All-Sta lips of Oklahoma proclaimed production stoppage effective jil 7 a.m. (otlay. Tlie New Mexico shutdown went Into effect at the same time. Gov. Payne Rutner suld the Kansas fields would be closed "sometime today." of tens of thousands of private, 'earn of the. county dc, . or stripper, producers and endnng- featlng the farm bureau team, crod tlie livelihood of approxi- R - w - Selirocder winning .the mule malely a million ivorkers. The race, Charles Lutes being, vlctori general reduction In crude '" the foot race nnd the Phillips oil prices was precipitated by Sin- M:tcr Company capturing first clair-Prairle a week ago. It announced a 20 cents a barrel cut. savins it could no longer profitably market gnsolinc at. the higher price. Tlie other buyers followed. The 15-day loss of tax revenues to Ihe four sinking .slates—revenue sused in most cases lor pensions, relief and schools—wns listed as follows: Stoppage Lass Texas 1,354.200 Barrels $980,1)00 Oklahoma Kansas N. Mexico •133,350 178,315 110,208 375,000 IGO.OflO 100,01)0 -•~., * v^.\ik, <in&. lu. \\jiri — DivHi Berecr act Selling forced stock prices down's,.,,', comul it Til- fractions to more than three points I W ritt en c °" " " L^ m a moderately active session U,-1 " H ° L,T"f!!";", IG5 1-2 25 1-2 7 3-4 (lav. A. T. & T Anaconda Copper Associated D. G. .... Beth. Steel ....'...'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 58 T-8| Boeing Air 201-4 Chrysler '.'."[ 803-4 Coca Cola 127 ; General Electric '.'..'.'.'. 30 1-8 General'Motors ', 453.4 Int. Harvester 511-2 Moil I. Ward 501-2 Packard 3 • Phillips 33 1-2 Radio 51-2 Schrnley 12 1-4. Socony Vacuum H 1-21 Standard of N. J 40 I Texas Corp 343-8 U. S. Smelt 53 U. S. Steel 47 3-1 said they expected to complete tlie "mapping up" O f the entire border region later today. Chinese civilians fled from Shuni- clnm and oilier (owns in(o British territory, already crowded with refugees. A dispatch from Hankow said Jhnt the Japanese there had halted he soiled pouch mail.;service of the United States British, Frcnc, 2 7, 28 and 29 was authorized to German, and Italian consulates | begin building the noat at a meet" • acling UhlW SL^ll'VSS.'Sit 11 ** " Tientsin, made | Members cf the committee are: us today to j cssc Taylor, J. Mell Brooks, Ncill Authorizes Float For National Convention Tlie committee appointed recently >y Don Edwards, commander of he Dud Cas:n post ol the American Legion, lo make plans lo send float lo Ihe national American ;lon convention In Chicago Sept. honors in the used car rac,. Score of the baseball game Mas C-4. The Number Nine team did not arrive as scheduled so members of the ( picnic fors:ck (heir watermelon when a call was made for players, In (he mule race with the agriculture agents as the only entrants, Mr. Schrocdcr nosed out n. S. Lnntrlp by cue fcot wliilc E. IT. Burns, the only entrant with a saddle, came In ias(. They went a mile stretch. There were eight entrants in Hie official foot race of 100 yards In addition to this contest, sens mid daughters of the bureau members staged several informal races. Tlie used car race of .six miles had tour entrants. No car was valued at more tlinn $50. There were more than 2500 farmers, their Jnnillies and friends who attended the annual all clay affair. IntcrimUonnl, was ,the principal speaker at (he weekly meeting of tlie Osceola Rotary Club nt (he community house yesterday, Mr. Bradford, who was Introduced by H. J. Hale, president of the iocnl club, stressed the value of the principles of Rotary, particularly .fellowship niitl friendship, when applied in dally living. Ho cited .examples of .these principles nl work in various clubs .he has visited throughout the nation. Mr. Bradford,' reminded his hearers that the famous 'statue, "Christ of (lie Andes," erected on the' boundary line between,.'Chile nijd Par.i- 'guay to signify a lasting pence bo-' tin-en the two. countries, was (he result niul Influence of notary; clubs In those two countries. Following (lie luncheon, Mr. 1023 and entered Hie United Slnles In 1027. He lived In Dclrclt until 1030. Ills occupatloil, he said, Li chemical cnylncer in which capacity he was employed in the Henry Ford hospital for eight years. He snld ho was ah American citizen. He said (ho bund has 47 districts, Louisiana being the only stale where It hn.<; no mouthers, There are a total of about 100 local milts, ha snld, one of which Is located at Memphis, Term. Albright, Atkinson Confer With Wilson Orny Albright, .superintendent of the Arkansas Slate Police, and Captain Ollff Atkinson, of the Bradford met with the hoard of slxmc hon «l. conform! with Olar- cnce 11. Wilson here yesterday. Mr. Wilson Is n commlssoncr of the stale board. directors and chairmen of standing committees for a period of Instruction. Welby Young was received as a new member of the local club. Guests were A. R. Shcnron, Marii- ed Tree; W. A. Kane nnd Waynrd Ashley, Payettevlllc. Marvin Nunn' c j££ 0 ^,% {"*• and Matt Scruggs, Blylhevlllo; I ° L!, S New York Cotton NEW YORK, Aug, 18. (UP)- John Blnlord White, Osceola; L. Berry nnd Mr. Taylor of Mem- nX'.' phis. i V i Jan. ---- . .. -S7-I open high low close Riles Held At Tyler For Mrs. Maggie Wilson TYLER, Mo., Aug. 1C.—Funeral .services were held nt the local Baptist church for Mrs. Maggie Wilson, nged wife of J. IS. Wilson who died at her home here Saturday after a lengthy Illness. The services were In charge of the Rev. Mr. Patterson, pnslor of Ihe church. Interment was made in the Mt. Zion cemetery. Besides her husband she Is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Hnlllc Baty of No. 9, and three grandchildren. Mar ........ Mtiy ....... July 823 804 HIS 000 847 839 824 804 851 815 8.1.1 817 BOO 8(iO 854 81 In 8,13 8)7 801 Spots closed nominal at 024,ciT5. New Orlemis Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Aug. 1C. (UP) —Cotton futures closed lower today, due to unscuilng influences on the market. . open . 884 ,. 871 . 857 .. 850 . 833 July 813 Oct. Dec. Jan, Mar. May high 8B5 811 857 8fiO 833 813 losv close 830 804 851 8-14 828 813 870 8S4, 851 844 828 809 Spots closed f[iilet at 885, olf 5. Japanese consulate regarding rj ce d, E. A.'Rice, Jim F. Harwell, « 11 of "« apcltiglcs today and threatening to riot. nMrlfvnt in n-liir«li o Tii\r,.i«.-n-™ . . ... .-..».!>.«•, ,.^_. -.__„ .. J " *• o " ""• (he the incident in which army sentry slapppd Mrs. prances Mary Richard. 59, of San Francisco, in tlie face. Error On Calendar . Correct After All NEW YORK, Aug. IG!—The Denance Sales Corpcrntton wilhdn High Court Holds Bailey Must Wait At Least 90 Days Plunge From Train Costs Youth Foot "udolph Hiynnl, U, wns seriously injured Jumped or fell from of Stcelc when he' a moving' train about three o'clock this morning at Ilayll. An operation was performed at tho niylhcvlllc liospllal for amputation of a part of the right fool which was crushed by a wheel of tho train. His condition this 'afternoon was fair. Hcturnlng home from a trip north, young Bryant Is believed to liave Jumped from the train and In doing to hi., loot fell under the wheel, flu received' no other injuries except for bruises and minor abrasions. After having been given first alii at Hnyll shortly after the accident, he was removed to tho Illytlicvllle nospUnl. He is the son of Roy Bryant,! farmer who lives ncar.Stccle. • Hard Surfacing Treatment Extended One And One Fifth Miles miles Tho one nnd one-fifth stretch of the Sai-fleld road wny No. IB) being hard surfaced will be finished by Thursday noon unless rain prevents working, It was announced lodny. • The road, originally planned for one mile, wns continued for one- fifth of n mile more so ns to kkc It linst Ihe 0. M. Abbott residence niter enough malerlal was on hand. When finished, Hie road will have Ihe appearance of Highway 01 before Ihe new resurfacing was done. The entire rond of gravel nnd asphalt will be from six lo eight Inches thick with the new surface three Inches thick after It s «|ircRd over tlie old gravel. Worn condition of tlie gravel rond makes t impossible to accurately measure , Brca . lcr d -lie old road bed but nowhere'will '' lcsscr - u ls '« One Reason Why Brave Policemen. Try To 'Dodge Dog Killing Duties the t be less than three inches thick after It hns been cteined nnd built ip for Ihe new surface, It Is said. While this will be what Is called a secondary road, it will last for a number of years with an average amount of trafllc, it Is said. Hard surfacing of the gravel -ond for this distance gives a number of suburban residences a dust free roaO for the first time. The governor, present In- the courtroom when the decision wns rend by chief Justice Griffin Smith, turned red nnd mopped hi* face with a handkerchief. The chief executive has said frequently that Invalidation of the emergency clause, which the court held ^invalid on two counts, would block his pinna to refund $140,000000 In highway bonds. Tlio court held tlie emergency clause was Invalid because the refunding act "creates a vested right" and the' emergency clause would therefore be out of order nnd b'e- cnuse 11 receive the necessary two-third.? elected -vote fii ine sennle duo lo the questioned vote of Slnlc Senator Paul Gutensohn, who was appointed by the governor. * The court dM not rule on validity of the governor's executive order of Aug, 5. authorizing IsbUtmce '6f Hie bonds holding that such a ruling was not necessary. Neither did It pnss on delegation ot legislative authority to tho executive branch. With the.Arkansas Taxpayers Association, headed by bitler administration foe Senator Jce Kimzey claiming; 10,000 nunllflcd signatures on petitions to refer tho refunding act to liio people for a vote most observers believe:! tho referendum was incvllnblo nt Ihe nevt general election. ' There was some doubt as to whether tho governor ts empowered to cnll n.'special referendum election lor the vote, .even If he should so' desire. ' /Dissenting Justices In today's do-- clslon were PraiikV Smith, V. "-'a' Hcllanrt nnd E.' L. McH.nney. Tlie court majority was composed of Ohlef Justice Smith and Associate Justices Humphrey, Holt and Bnker. Associate: Justice Holland, a Bly- tlievllle attorney, was named by Gov. Bailey ns it special justice to hcnr the case upon the disqualification of Associate Justice Me- ImfToy. About 76 persons were In the courtroom when the chief justice announced that the court had reversed the ; lower /court ruling In the case of Roy .Matthews vs. Carl E, Bailey and members of the board of finance. The majority opinion sn'ld, In regard (o the "vested Interests": "To sny that an act.of tlie legls- 'ature does net create a vested nterest but that such status occurs only tinder terms of an act which delegates to an official plenary power [o contract en behalf of Die state to pledge Its full faith and rescurces is to argue that the greater does not Include the " '. ' that the intent may be warped nt the cnll of interests nnd it Is to admit that RALEIGH, N, C., Aug. IB. (UP) — Citizens circulated a petition today demanding criminal action agnlnst a policeman who clubbed a dog to denlh In view of a crowd which nnd fled. The crowd grew ' and pressed about the dead dcg Mrs Purccll Barnes, beauty shop operator who had a Japanese j F i OV(1 A wh|tc patted itself on its corporate back Mr. White, Mr. Rice and Mr. !OT "1° year-eld error of calling Taylor were also named a commit-.' November 23 Thanksgiving Day oil tee to confer with the Chamber cf lts 1939 calendars. in the killing, . .- - jnrl attack Other in the street fcr an hour, 1 women rnn to a drug store ta get j^jp for , ]cr feut i))c storc ' NV ' ns wns understood to have commerce Aug. 3 in regard to the Between 75.000 and 100,000 of the consulate to give nssur- j establishment of a community desk calendars were sent to clients People in towns 30 miles away wore telephoning police headquarters, newspapers and radio stnUons lo demand that the policeman be discharged. Dog lovers discussed abandoned, Its clerks having Joined (be crowd In the street. Pierce Irby, husky North Cnrcllna State College student, shoved through the crowd and said he ,,, ""' ' last December. In May the legnl department cf sentcd lo the, city council. De-! .The pcltccmnn Involved ... - , w --.-.„ «.IUI.<L»O^U , Kni'M&ii m\, vivi'iu 111 in sain lip \Vfl<i ac c'lf \ ma ^, mcetl "e t» *m««l ' ready lo whip some poll" men! s^i n'ri £ ,^ U ," 1" te P«- 5?« « « «"l e :"- Two motorcycle policemen arrived, another afoot ances that Japanese soldiers would • chcst in U) , 3 cil net slap any more American wo-1 Tho 43 racmb< , rs prcscnt werc sentry who slap- i la ] & that at the meeting next Tues- would be pun- daj- night, n ."peep sho< It R'I^ r?Hm^in/i fii-if *;nnrt fi-,1 , ' ""m l ^ance vo ... v «..«.. _ -- . — - -, .*...,... a wlv WU6 , iltv j.^^^ tuLiimica OUICKIV and ^/noz cai. iicse hid liio, r.f,, 1 i, w H t wlU be ™ 6 Beverage bottle. The fi!v " ce Sales said It was the 30th hacl been frothing at the mouth ' women In Wilscn, Chapel Hill and (UP)-Hcgs- icsc had taken refuge Inside Brit- mimlltancc price was set as a and apologized. There were more and that the police had received'-"•-- •- _ wapei will, nnd, ^ «cgs. ish Hong Kong .territory by mid- mcans 0 , nnin t t ; queries. icxtTues- ^s Angeles county queried the De-1 The pcltccman Involved was a They warned Irby to "ect eoina" w" would n 1 " 1 ^ Sales. Wns Thauksglvinj Plahiclothesman and his superiors j TOc croud cat-called and cursed the show Day on the 23rd cr the 30th? DC- Withheld his name, saying the dog 1 The news circulated o IcWvTnd ittin TU(* iifince Sales said u. wo* ihp inth had oenn frntliimr at tvi rt .« n .,ti. i n . A .~~.. i.. T T ,H — . . ' words nnd phrases may be mutilated nnd deprived of their symmetry nt the Instance ot convenience and distorted, If need be, .to crcalc a breach In reason," Regarding the Gu'tens:lm vote, which the court held illegal: The record docs not disclose a'- finding by the senate that Guten- • solm was a member cf that body I a .i n;, ii] i n although he served actively. It will Last Kites nSJd Tor \^ ccncedcrt that he (the governor) Mr* SalUn WfiVKf 8fi docs not hftvc l >olvcr to appoint mrs. aailte Wright, 8D members of the legislature »nd ; never has had. As the expressed STEELE, Mo., Aug. 1C. — Mrs. condenmntton of such nppslnlive Salllc Wright, age 86 years, died powers Amendment No 29 to the nt the home of her friend. Mrs. constitution was adopted In the lielle Dyrd, with whom she had instant case there was no apparent made her home, Sunday after n. authority, to ' ' two weeks' Illness. Funeral services were held at the Church of Christ In Caruth- ersvillc Monday by the pastor, the Rev. Mr. DroK-ley. Interment was made in the Little Prnlrlc cemetery. afternoon at the Japanese continued their march along the border. Hut. Chicaffo Wheat open high low close Sept. GS GG 1-8 G4 3-4 GO 5-8 United Press Bureau At Rome- Is Reopened ROME, Packard v ngcr of the United Press today higher "rniik politan Farmers Block Roads In Milk Price Dispute several requests lo remove it. Yesterday President Roosevelt Thossc who witnessed the killing advanced the holiday to November sn ld the policeman alighted from a 23 t: help business generally. "' and whistled to the dog, a tan . , "I've been here 25 years," said ' mongrel pup. The dcg approached, other nearby towns began tole- phoning here, threatening to stop' known the company to make. I hope the others are as easily cor- Ihe metro- tli re w m, which wns closed sis days up barricades aloW" "hleYuvBvs nre- De, G4 7, « 7-B G< ,., CS 4 SK-^T MUTS-T »"• "" ^ * & "° WEATHER Arkansas—Generally fair tonight and Thursday. I t i c!l( |, Memphis and vicinity — Mostly cloudy tonight nnd Thursday. .t . ed at the pcllceraan to leave the shopping in Raleigh unless the policeman was punished. Police Chlel A. H. Bailey started a campaign M-. to rid the city ken hi prc- • • —j —- ~~-.. .»>uv, Bailey snlcl y ...* scrurt cf the neck, beat the he would Investigate and announce h«° U » wllh a b!ack J ack ancl Ms Indlngs later. Police hcadquar- threv the carcass into a gutter, | ters reported that an unidentified The dogs yelps attracted a crowd man had o:mo in contact with of shoppers. Some of them scream- some of the mongrel's "froth" and Cd Rt tho nrllrMnon In !«„,•« ll,n i.« ~,l-i,i l, . , , , might have to lake tho Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, III,, Aug. 16. iP)—Kegs: 5,000 Top, 6.10 170-230 IDS., 5.95-600 140-160 Ibs., 4.60-5.10 Bulk sows, 3.75-5.00 Cattle: 3,200 Steers, 6.10-G.50 Slaughter steers, G.25-9.75 Mixed yearlings, heifers, 750-900 Slaughter heifers P.50-9.50 2eef cows, 4.75-5.75 cutters, 3.25-4,50 Chicago Corn . crowd was advancing on bcdy Had been sent to the health ' authority, to appoint Gutensohn and although tho latler served energetically nnd with a. high degree cf Intelligence the service was not that of a senator ntr could he hnve been a de fncto officer in view of the want of apparent authority by the appointive agency." "To Higher Court?" LITTLE ROCK, Aug. 16. (UP)— Gov. Bailey said nt his noon press conference today that "we will take this thing to a higher court,'-' referring to the supreme court decision holding the emergency clause illegal. Tlie governor appeared angry over the court's action. He refused lo mnke any other comment although he read the court's majority opinion In the presence of newsmen. Bailey did say, Jusvever .that Justice Seaborn Holt, who voted with the majority, should have disqualified himself. Justice Holt is a cousin of Attorney General Jack Holt. the policeman, cur hV and to«a^ ' dcwr ^nt tab^t rJ° r» »« , «, , xT' h ' gh low closc » b awtoiUJWted'states «n- e«ngh1m.Hc S p«ng^ntoKrlS^t^ tW b'TnM5 l «S P '"^ It' si g ?1 J? ft f a ft "'a rules to mentlcn a letlow sen- ucc - ** ." 8 **• "~° 41 3-8 42 3-8 ator or any congressman bv name. or any congressman by name.

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