The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 23, 1949 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 23, 1949
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILIJE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, JULY 23, 1!M9 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally r*t« j>«r llnr for connective Inwrtloni: Minimum chars* ^Oc I um« p*r line JSc j time* p*r Jine p*r day 3 tim*» p»r im* p*r dn» .... i times p«r line per day ...... II ttm« p*r line per day Month per tine . .... Count liTe a*HA*e words to l 1 Ad ordeifd for Uirff or six tin: stopped before fxplrailon will be charged for lite number of time* iHe «d sppeared and adjustment of bill made All classified AdvmlMnR cor>v snb- mltted by persons re si din K ouislde nt lli« city nsust bt accompanied b.y rash R*!P5 may easily be computed from ilu- Advertising order for Inp^ul^i Insertion* takes liie our- time tfibie No responsibility will be la Veen ror more than one Incorrect Insert ion of All nds are restricted to their proper rlassirtcatlon slvJe and type. The DovirLer News reserve ft tlic right to edit or reject *nv ad. and Apartment for Rent Modern 2 room furnished apartment Couple or • Ingle meii only Phone I*S5 or 259A TS-clr-tf AUTO AND 3-UKNITUKE LOANS Prompt Persona) Suvlc* General Contract Purchase Corp. 105 South 5th J'lion 4 14-ck-U your home preftv lor tprliiK. K\is Clvamiig Svvvlcc Is your* PKKRI-KSS CLKANKKS 2 4 '13 * Child Portrait. Prione 2460 Kodak Mulshing O'STKKN'S STUDIO At service. Sir TJnnny O'Buff. Re«ls- ifTfti blomjf Corker Sue World ren- o-wnerl Kloi kTiale blomllincs Twenty Mint 1 Ciiampion.s KOUJ Lr«-nf rations. Ph for Sal*, Real fstat* WALKOUT! 300 acres Of loam toll, I* acre* lu woodi, balance open. Hog wir* i«nc« .around fHrni. Located 7 mil** Southwest of Mariana, Ark. 24 head Hereford cattle. 60 acres cmiuu, \\t ion mi lXHlg« truck, new V.A.O. Case tractor and equipment Two-bale trailer never been n*ed. Telephone **nd electricity, School bus and nutII rout*. Uravel toad under construction, Possession at one* I'rlcr S*0,000. W. TAFT JOHNSON Telephone 610-W1 HI. 3, Boi 110 MariAnn. Ark. Til pit tflt for So/«, Cars and Truck* PrWn« tuculshed apartment, two rooms ana bath, pleriric kliclien. automatic not water furnished Nrwty decorated, new MIRK Couple only or r n caper rent ror nnr worfclrit: laily Ph 2671. alter S, 34K5 1US P* 26 PLASTi-RING BOB MALONE Call 20L?8 Hlytlipvillc or -107 Osi-cola 5-2 ]ik 8-2 Typewriter "TYPEWRITERS" Roy* I. Smith Corona and HPrnlnnton DON EDWARDS Real Estate Farms — City Projierly LOANS If iniere.iud In paying or selling see Noble Gill Agency REALTORS Cecil Earls K. B. Jnyne) Glcneoe Bid*. Ph. 819 U-C1 -U 2 room furnished apartment, pv.rat* Jjalh. private eniranre. !»ntit housc- kfepme. couple only. 514 We.u Wnlnui 3 room apa rt men t . m unfurnished Pflvatf batlJ Ash Street. Phon* 25G6 Lshfd or T19 West 7 ao-pk-2' Apartment for rent and Lilly, Wan i our or snara 4-room * 26B6 after 5 two wnrklnR gli'ls to pt Itelerenres Phnnr 7 22 pk 7 29 Modenr 3-rooin furtilslieJ aparuiK^u, Ptionrs 36fi.S or 4267. 1 23 pk 7.27 Large lo^ir rooms, svrefneil -porch, nnlurnlshed. S25 00. Or reul .se(>aj-«t«. furnlstied or nufuntlshfri cheaper. 901 N. Sixth. 23 pk 30 Insurance Call 3545 Voi- CninpU-lc Insni'HiK'e I'rolcction W. J. Pollard Agency Planner! Prntprtinn 12^ W Avli St (5LF:NCOK IIOIEI- HU1IJ)ING FOR STRAIGHT, SAFE DRIVING GET OUR WHEEL ALIGN/WENT AND STEERING CHECK-UP HOMES I6» UP LOTS H50 Ul' SOME C! I AND F.H A. SI'KClAl^i. 1. V T H F. V I I. L K REALTY TKONt KIK1.U 2391. 13 pt 86 HKHE'S THE BEST TRADE-IN OK.£11 IN TOWN i'ou can net $150 more or sour cur »l Cilln HarrUou Motor :o. a* R liade-m on America's "4- Mott Car." Hie 1519 Hudson ir you're ooMnic lor the ImeM car. save money m ttiln fipcrlnl HvuLson offer GI.IN ilAIIRISON MOIOIl CO. 517 West Asfl USED CARS Save Money on These ow price. | KxccpUcmally ] > lntp«ct and adjutt comber of wh«ell nd adjutt lo«-m and F U'hflclt Inlpvcl king p<ni, drag ]inl(« > ln«p*ct loa-eul sl*r and and ri* lod mnJt to —tighten wh«r* i • Inip4cl and adjutl »t««rinfl g*or • Inspect brokvt for dr«g • ln*p*ct trvnt wK*«lt f»r »«4«n<« For Sale, Misc. cl li>nd "IVte hiith the . Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services Jeep parts now available at FOOI.E MOTOR CO. ni/Lt Good con- Lunihpr 11 . Phnnft 7 6-ck-lf ROOFING .AND SIDING Get Ward's low prices ! I'op quality «t a ion price \Vrird> and coiorlui riiK Itnnrinit colors and amacn Wr c*n fill alt you GPL Kpnulne parts our cotji- MON'rGOMETJY-WARD rrt ^ervlct* *>layr UiVr'tilem ninnth wltJf varlr>ly 01 welKhtn Ohonpt* nous* «t low ck tr i FOBO -TRUCKS-LAST UONG6R empany 5th at Walnut Phone 4453 It's nive, it's coxy, it's well- buill and now. A -4 1 , i> rooir house well located on Lake Street. (Nose to cluicch am school on bus line. If you will see. me i|iiic/k, I'll sell ii to you for $65UO on UK)'. C. I. Loan. on SOxl'IO' lot Street, $600. 50x1-10' lot on Holly Street, SIGOO. lOOx-iUO' lorner lot on Hiway 61 North. $32 100x20"' lot on Hiway fil North. Country Club Drive I Addition, J3UOO. 70x165' corner lot on Pecan Avenue. §1150. See or call JOHNNY MARR ! Phone 4111 or 2596 ! 11> South Second St. i n-is—: 13-I2—Koi'il. good buy. ia.|l—Ford. A Bargain. 10.10—Chevrolet. LI a di o,; healer, a truly clean car. | 1941—Chevrolet. A bargain i in-11— Ponthic. Radio, heat-; er. | 10-17—Kaiser. Radio, heat-i er. A real buy. i 19-10— Plymouth. Hadio.i healer. liUO—Buk-k. Radio & heater. ISUli—Chevroot. 1' '•> ton truck. Steel bed. Good 825 x '20 tires all around. AJso several others to choose from. 61 MOTOR CO. Novtli Iliway Gl Phone 2142 G-16 ck tf rtcT i? pm 1-I raller Heavy -^'J'i urc-s Uk«? ['-PW New Will (manor ABC Cab For Sale, Misc. ELIS POOI.E. OWNER Soiuh Highway 61 at Kiepte. Mo. Phone Steele 49 11 rA-cV-lf CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION M«ln H Division Phone 2363 Don'L endanger your ramllv \v\Ln ftulty tires— BUY 1.EE TIRES. 12 ]3-cX-lt Loans Money to Loon o you nefft a loan to repoar or r lei? No down j)ayment on tno t. no red tape, FHA APPROVED RATEIS 5<'f ASK FOR DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor National Window Guards I'lii-nisl] silent, slui'dy barriers ajfainsl burglars. Ask for an eslimale al riUILDKRS SUPPLY, INC., ph. 2.13-1. G-28 ck tl' On* Roort used U\vnmower nn<l nil Nrw 'M t-.-ihe tit-vetase box. Us<r<J 20 c ,i u Cure lypc reli'iBciiitoJ tf It Couif.i;u[ it-IriHtriitor, 4'j en U ' " r ^ e I'riccrt in s,-ll AHHEY'S REmiOfcRA- •riON 12; aoutn LSI St «9. or i IDS 7 ia-pk-25 rte a [id a,sk loi Lphnl.-sHTV cleaner 623 ck 7.2S OUP OUTBOARD Si'* Kini?, oi»f MACH1NK motor For Sate, Real Estate Wonted to Rent Personal TRADE NOW FOR A LATE MODERN CAR Including Latest Features, Stylish Colors, Economy, 0. K. Quality, Fully Reconditioned. Se« Us Today. f 2—19 IS Chevrolet Kleelline 2-door Sedans 19 IS Chevrolet f'leetmasler -1-door Sedan 1!II7 Chevrolet Fleel master 5-passenger Coup* 1917 I'onlica "S" 4-door Sedan HI 12 Chevrolet Town Scrt-.m JiMl Chevrolet Town Sedan 19J1 Plymouth 2-door Sedan ]<Kifl 1'lmoulh 2-door Sedan JMfl Plymouth 2-door Sedan I!K!S HeSoto 4-door Sedan Most of these cars are equipped with radios, heaters, seat covers, and many other extras. Many Others to Choose From EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember. You Can Always .tlakf a Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company 301 Wtsl SValnut I'hune 578 hou [O Hie iiini Siorp \'l II t-'ederal in em oispmy cafi^fl anURry scales Went nlochs. one (j OFFC mrat chnpppr onp frl^cri -nii-5l Air niiui tin tied dl.spfny cfisn. one walk-In onjrr tix8 All thPM- nre [ir^nilrally new tKt ftt. a iticrince Pti 3900 /|6 c)e ll U^S KORD ONK 2171. TRACTOR, complrtely rt pnimetl, new lire.s . 721-ck-2-l I,jnch BiiltiHng I . Ark. & W-ck-ir FARM LOANS See us for one of the besl long time, easy payment ("arm loans to be had. Low rate oJ interest. Money to refinance your farm or help in buying one. RIALES LAND CO. Office across from City Hall 7-8 ck tl' CAFE EQUIPMENT: CusiIe 4-(t, ClK~ nr Case. 4-si Ire ToiistimsH-r Rlcrtrlr iofl.ster. snvtrwarc. al) ktiuis of di.sli- e.s. i-Spot Cory E!<-cir)r Coffee Makrr. W Hunter niur Van ttoraml wtw>. Ifi" Attic Kan. -si:. In loss sti'H Hull Ticf-s, 'I'abJps and CnaLrs, Deep f'ni Fryers. I'ltchfrs. Dish Trnys. IB CH ft Deep I-Vr-exe. 1 menu hlackbnarri. menu folders. Liable A- Nelsoti Piano. I Biihy'R Hi^U Cli.ilr, French Fry Po\aia SUcct •J wo rnoujrs lor .s^l( MOTOH. l'J. l t tiorr-r MAVTAl-r WASHING Car it* is G/oi fiy N -lawyer Kiihv EJi ttuion 1712 \Vc?l condition Hc USF. nA Nor. W c»nt j,on»hlB. Photic BW6 ^_ j " ....... nt lurn I (XII V Cnrnt-r lot ! sou'^ n real Inrrnlntf st Missouri A«cd retlrr b-rfore l>if » ii ti pressing jniinunliy 11 pie dps- nil ru.-,h LOTS FOR SALE j We have approximalcly 100' lots for sale in one of Uic| most desirable subdivisions oi i Blytheville. Size 100 x 150', I they are located on Highway Gl South, ad.loining city lim-: its, have cily water, and' streets are now being grav- ; eled. These lots have all been KilA appvovetl. Your choice at SliOO, 1/3 down, year on balance. This is a special of- •roncl for 10 days only. RIALESLANDCo. Russell K. Riales \V. T. Barnett Karcv Williams Phone 3322 7-13 ck 27 ;e in ^oort scctU y-orth the uioac lone \n6. 23 pk Female Help Wanted Apply Beautv HEAUTY OPERATOR. Bar BOOST YOUR I^"CO^iE Sell new Plastic; Criri?tmfts C'Airis and c n p famous Southern Beautv Christn\*s *.fc*Qrtni*i\v Vo\i up to 5>)c on esch box Al-o EMBOSbEU I'er.ioasl lircetines 50 for il 25 Get S H r» pi f = Oil approval SOU TI i KK N (.tREETlNO CARDS. 216 S Pauline. Uepi- C-l, Memphis 4, Ttjin 7 23 pk 24 r WOMEN to £fw msr rpArti-ctU "Rap*-Hound." Spar* time—Easy pio'itahlc Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chkitasawba SWIFT'S PREMIUM 1 BRANDED BEEF RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. NIES & NIES 4 AN t'ypes t seep I Cancer t Clinic SM Main Hlvihwlhc Ark Phone Help Wanted, Male We Specialize in Fancy Meats and Groceries We Deliver Phone 2043 Plenty of I'arking Space j USE1> REFK1WRRATOH8: all 'IV.slnt. 1 Approved. a EH) UiiiiraiHoei). Hhoos* '[torn KrlRtrtBlrr. (JE, KrlvLiifltnr, Nor>;e. lcoin snoi LronnniR. i»niico WSAO t;r hilsv ^""^ An/ ^> 1s APITIASCE co . i INC , 06 Wcn w . lln i JjirjIle . Jl)7 , 7 23 pt T 24 ANY KI.S'D OF BUSINESS WANTKL) X»R. -SALE. C/nOCKriY STOKKH. ETC. I 1'HON'F FIELD. 2:i!)-i. 23 pk B 6 For Rent acres 01 hill land Nice tiome. t»rg* . tenant nouj^p, R.i'jO wo j iu acre. 1 ; WC.M or Dlytfieville. I ATTENTION; Man with car ir you : i aren l ma Jem; S70.0U a wceir. see nr ' wni- <; C F.idnrtBt. j-uUcr Brush C"o ' lojjf West Cherry. Blytehville Terrli- | r>nes open include Korresi Ciiy And | i*ara3onld EARN WHILE LEARNING : 1O SELL Phone 4-J96. 1 19 ck 26 ! SAL K.S.MAN for Frleldalre AppllanceK far riecf.t*arr AliAMS APl'LIAXCE CO, i.%'C . 206 Mam. S21U acre Tnrre ^l> arrpx tnllp 'A'<>si ni fil nign- way in t'e/niscoi County. Mo Sl7i acre :ni acre* ^ sets buildings- Good crop Stxi acre. I'Hree :t room JIOUACS I *,vo -1-rooni liousr* In Wesi Blythe* ,« oltlce Special Offer — This Week Only! THIS COUPON WORTH ON THE PURCHASE OF ANY USED B CAR OR TRUCK UNTIL JULY 23 • arr ~^2j JUST A FEW OF THE CARS • Check The Low, Low Prico.s • 19lil Mercury l-door Srilan, has only 15,000 actual miles, city-driven, ci|iii\i\H'<l with radio, healer, and seal covers. . .now only. . . .SIXL'i. 1916 DeSolo .f-iloor Sedan, excellent condition, radio and heater. . SI 125. 1917 Sludehaker Commander l-door Sedan, has overdrive, radio, and healer, an excellent buy a I SI Iit5. 1911 Tiuick l-i!oor Sedan, specially priced al Sitio. 1911 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, newly painted, engine has jnsl heen overhauled. . .SS|.>. 1912 I)ori>;e 1'j-Tnn Truck, you'll see it's well \vnrth (his special price. . .SMS. 19SO Inlernalional Pickup Truck. . .$325. Langston-McWaters BUICK CO. \Valnnt al Broadway Dial 555 foi Service BKCK or 2333. residence 7 19 pi 26 i rmiins ,-intl bath crt I'honc ^yJ3. .. „ Business _lnl on North H u-ay_ fil. Near ( ..orncir. P i YOUNG MAX BKTWKEN ! ii3-35. GOOD OPPORTUNITY |TO 1.F.ARN ANT) ADVANCE : IN" F [ N A N C K BUSINESS \VITH LOCAL BRANCH OK N A T I 0 N A I. ORGANIZATION. GIVE AGI-:, EDUCATION, EXPERIENCE, IN WRITING BOX STL, ',; COURIER MOWS. 7/22ck2U Road Courier Rear! Courier N : c\vs Want Ads. I WALtaMAN to handle co >! rnuLaau'R Commernal rt ee ADAMS APPLTANCK CO . INC 7?l-Ck-Z!i T. I. SEAY offers you these truly exceptional buys in good used cars. • STOP IN TODAY • 1!)U 1'ord 2-door Sedan, lias new motor, new radiator, and a new paint joh: a real liny al Sfiil.i. 1911 Chrysler l-dooi -Sedan, completely reconitilioned, new I ires, new paint joh. radio, healer, and seal covers S'.IG5. I9.'!7 Ford l-door Sedan, now offered al a bargain price ot* only $225. 19^57 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, newly painted, a car well-worth the money. 1917 Chrysler Coupe in line running condition, equipped with radio, healer, and a new set ol lires. |!117 I'lymmiUi Special Di-l.uxe 2-door Sedan, has all the things you want... .brand new tires, seat covers, radio, and healer. Ifllfi Mack Truck. 2-Ton .Model with Ifil inch wheel base, excellent comlilion, vcrv good lires—see it yourself. Tl SEAY MOTOR CO. "Your Chrysler Dealer" 121 East Main Phone 2122 Wonted to Buy piice palil tor Lost The SKCHK'J of Rothrock's EXPfRT CARS USED TRUCKS pool. Prescription Service ROTHROCKDR1JGCO. PHONt H51 PRICES -£= PRICES Blytheville Motor Company '.'ifi Ford '/z-Tnn Pickup, goutl condition. '3.i Ford 11/,-Ton Truck. '17 Dodge 1-Ton Express. '12 Dodge 2-door Sedan, clean and ready to go. ^ '42 Hudson 2-door Sedan, original pearlescent green paint. Like new. Radio and heater. Mfi Chevrolet '/ z -Ton Pickup, new engine, heater, fog lights. '•IS Chevrolet Vz-Ton Panel, Ihis one is in new condition. '47 Dodge '/,-Ton Pickup, A-l condition. Practically all of our used cars and (rucks arc iMiuiuned with heaters and the import ant accessories. "South'* Fines;- Service" Blytheville Motor Co. Rrniidway & Phone 4122 Notice Notic ICC i.alneu tunei M ntl butldcx of i'lann tor ove/ twcziiy yearn (.SKIIALO W fOGLE IU3 Wr.-t Kcuturty St Pnon« 3109 ATTENTION FARMERS LIVE STOCK MEN Dead, fnHen and crippled animals picked up free ol charge in .sterilised L rucks. Call collect, 6M2, Rlytlie- villo. Ark. ARKANSAS DKAD ANIMAI. DISPOSAL CO. fi-28 ck 7-28 THE CAR OF YOUR CHOICE IS HERE AT STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. Private Rooms Ntrr rool front hcrirootii 603 W ^tltn I'r.onc 4*:w. mm nnli' i:LR-<:k-il tia Plionr 1 l(5-pk-8:lfi Hfdroom -prUtiif baih A com tort Rbl» brdroom Ph 2675 Heel room Tr>r settled, rmploypd taiTy n modern, private Tin me H reals fniM 1 arpr. foo] n Art room, clo^' 1 In Mm only. ^10 W, Walntlt. ",2l pte 8 21 iJi tpr. cool hrdronm* In riccUislvc nrltinijornoort 1007 X\'o.«t Main Mrs Annr HAinlHoti ~ ?.?> pV; 1 2fi only. 61J WftliVMl. pti. H06 pk 7,30 NOW! Beautiful Floors In Your Home Whether you'd like jmir prcsciv loors licautifurty rpnnishcd. or t you wish new hantwood. as- ilinll 01 rnhlxi MIc. 01 Inlnld H- nulciim Hoars Charles Wood can do the \\ork exporlly and a a reasonable COM. Call 2272. FRKE KSTIMATES Charles Wood Arkansas l';iinl Co. Phone 2272 Oldsmohilc "7fi" >!-door Scdiin, has radio, heater, and while siriewnll tires. 19lfi Chevrolet -l-door Sedan, criui|ipeil \vilh radio, healer, and while sidcwall tires. 19 10 Jlercuiy 2-door Sedan, has new molor, and new paint. 19 1!) I'onl Sedan Coupe, less than 3,000 miles, fully equipped. I!) 1 7 CMC Pickup Truck. 1917 Lincoln Sedan Coupe, H fine car with a KUarantee.^| 1912 Plymouth 2-door Sedan. 1911 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, has new paint. laia Lincoln Cosmopolitan. This car used as a demonstrator. . .you can gel it at a big discount. STILL & YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY First at Walnut Phone 4333

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