The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on February 17, 1903 · Page 3
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 3

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 17, 1903
Page 3
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**-. TUESDAY JEVENING, FEBRUART *JF, 1903. THE REVIEW A STRENGTHENED L ?u DEBILITY OFTEN PRECEDES COMPLETE COLLAPSE. '·N We Want Every One to Know \HowtoGetStrong. Would Hot Let the Pitcher Go to Bat. THINKS II TIME WASTED Novel Chang, in Baseball Rules Proposed. AURlVINOL IS A STRENGTH ^^ CREATOR. "" Thesaddestsightonearthisatoroken.- down mait or woman. We «ee emch people every here in our city. It ia pitiful to see a man that should fee in his prime dragging himselt through life dejected, discouraged and broken down, due to some premature weakneis. It does not make any difference whether this weakneM i» the result of dissipation, indiscreet living or disease; it can be overcome. We have known of many very serious eases of debility quickly overcome by Vinot Vinol is a scientific rebuilder and strength creator. It contains the active curative principles of Cod-Liver Oil in a highly concentrated form. The benefit that can be derived from the iige of these properties is so well known that there is no need for us to enter into that subject. We Muld quote many instances where Vinol has done good; as an example, fcere is one coming from Jane S. Fen* f ren, a prominent member of the W. C. T. U., and a resident of Suncook, N.H. She writes: * "I was run down, was in bed fron May to March. Was so nervous and aickly that everyone thought I was ii · mostpreeariouscondition. My weight Was reduced to 120 pounds. I was ad Vised to take Vinol, which I did, ant am now very much better, and am able to be about again. As a rebuilder an* ·.strength giver nothing can equal it Vinol is a God-blessing to anybody." 1 Because Vinol is delicious, and because it does contain these much-sought-after medicina properties we endorse It, and we 1 unhesitatingly proclaim that it is better than any preparation of cod-liver oil or tonic rebuilderwe have ever had in our store. KING'S DRUG STORE. Manager James T. Hayes of the Davenport club of the Three-I league, who has fceeh in baseball for a. score of years, advocates a radical change 1n the rules which he thinks would improve the game much better than would the foul strike rule. Discussing the changes of rules that might be made by the Joint rules committee at its coming meAIng, Manager Hayes has this to say: "I don't believe the joint rules committee could do better than to provide that eight man do all the batting. Substituting a batter or a runner for a pitcher is often resorted to in order to make tho game easier for him. Why not quU depending upon thei twirler for batting altogether? He is hardly ever expected to do any hitting. His batting record cuts little figure nvihcn he is signed. It is his spued and curves that count. He isn't expected to bat and fans out a majority of the times that he comes up to the plate. On the bases he is usually a 'dead one.' Nothing makes a game so much as plenty of hitting anfl g!ns*y base-running. The pitcher contributes neither, as a rule. In a close game, if he gets on the bases, the fans are glad to sei him pu out to give him a rest. Stealing second or third are feats not expected of him Let him do -nothing but pitch and you will have introduced a novelty and' a feature that will take with the crowd right along. uaKieys snonpiupr delegation to Deca- ur Saturday was quite as large as usual. Carl Wheeler is eiectta* a new barn on he old Spenceir farm northeast 01 oaK- e lehool will be resumed at 'Walnut Grove Monday after having been closed for five weeks on account of smallpox. As usual quite a number of spring sales are being held in this vicinity a-nd jonn jauasoiv and family will leave for heir new home in .Iowa soon, accompanied by one or two other farmers. The moving season is near at hand and utte a number of changes will take place. esse Fulk will move into Charley Liken's property in Oakley Alex Jloore w 11 move to Cerro Gordo; Mr. Kratz will move from Oakley to the country on Leonard Wagoner's farm. He will work or 'Mr Wagoner this summer. Jim Hood will work lor Mr. M'erris. John Harrouff will move into the Funk property. Quite a number of our young folks were emembered by St. Valentine. Miss Ethel McCoy held a pingpong party Wednesday evening. Those present were Misses Daisy Easter, Edna Calver, Amy Smith Jessie Mcody, Nellie Hendrlcks and Ethel McCoy and James Soran, Ward Calver J. H Hefner. Lewis and Henry Saster and Charles IMedford. A pleasant evening was enjoyed by all. Miss Ethe! McCoy and Miss Edna Calver spent Sunday in Cefro Go?do with elatives and friends. i Ed 'McDonald was in our vil- uso lay and returned to Decatur on he evening; train. Owlne to the inclement weather Iheire was a, small attendance at Sunday school and Dunkard meeting Sunday morning. Cash Holcomb and son, Heed,' went to Milmlne Sunday and spent the day with his parents. CATARRH CURED BY DRY AIR. Hyomei Medicates the Air You Breathe. Kills the Germs and Cures the Disease. Hyomei cures catarrh thoroughly and permanently, because it reaches the smallest air cells in the head throat and lungs,-kills the germs causing the disease and drives it from the system. Hyomei goes to the root of the disease, destroys the cause, and makes permanent cures which can be effected in no other way. Breathe it for a few minutes four times a day and benefit will be seen at once. Continue this treatment for a few weeks and Hyomei will have cured yon. The Hyomei in the inhaler furnished with the outfit dries and sterilizes the air you breathe. It is a local and direct treatment for eradicating all catarrh germs in the mucous membrane and tissues and in this way cures catarrh in any part of the system. Used in connection with Hyomei Balm it has been successful in curing the worst and most deep seated cases of catarrhal deafness. A. W. Clark of Everett, Mass., writes: "I have spent a fortune on different treatments for catarrh and could not hear across the table. After using Hy- omei and Hyomei Balm for eight days I can hear as well as ever." Stronger than any claims that can be made in an advertisement, is the fact that H. W. Bell will give his personal guarantee with every Hyomei outfit he sells (a month's treatment for $1.00) to refund the money if the purchaser can say that Hyomei has not given satisfaction. WOULD KEEP FOUL STRIKE. "Then keep the foul hit rule. It has shortened the game, not too much, but by taking out the tddious delays thot re suited from so much fouling of the bal as was chargeable to some batters un der the old rule. While the players fel down in their batting averages after i was adopted, it was notic-Jable the pas season that they picked up quite a little That meant a gain in scientific batting They know now that they have got ti hit the ball where it will count end -it i that kind of bating that brings the crow* Sto its feet. "I see that it is bfing suggested tha the error column might be flone aiwaj with. Those who favor it argue that som players will go after balls if errors ar not counted that they leave alone now for fear of making errors. The publi won't stand for it, however. The firs question about a game is the score an the next is the hits and errors. The; fan can figure out how a game was lost o won from those three columns and the: won't want to s* the error colum wiped out. "The Three-I league is getting bou tiuets from all over the country for lead ng the way with its declaration agains ne high .pitcher's box. The high box wa great scheme for giving tho. horn tcher an advantage over the vlsitin wirier, but it should not be allowed an ·ill not be in this league. Some uniform ule making it impossible should b dopted." SUNDAY BASEBALL BILL KILLED Indianapolis, Ind., Feb. 17.--The secon ill providing for the: legalization of base all playing on Sunday in Indiana wa, illed yesterday in the senate. The juci ial committee having the measure undo onsideration reported favoring the pas age of the bill, but imnv:«lately upo le reading or the report it was 'move mt concurrence be indefinitely pos oned. An aye and no vote was demande nd the motion carried by a vote, of 23 t " Many of the senators made an effor ^ evade voting, but all the absentee rere brought in and forced to cast their allot on the motion. PITCHER RECCIUS DEAD. Chicago, Feb. 17.--Phil Reccius, a mttll nown baseball pitcher, is dead at the tate insane asylum, where he had been or several months, says a dispatch to he Tribune from Louisville, Ky. In July, 94, while pitching a gama for Spokane gainst Seattle, he was struck on the ead by a batted ball. The injury affect- d his mind. Reccius pitched for Cleveland 1 in 1890 nd 1891, and previous to this was a mem- er of the team taktta by James A. Hart 5 the Pacific coast. He was on the clipse club of. Louisville in the eighties. OPERA HOUSE One week commencing Monday. February 16. The Latgest and Best!! ·THE MITI-RAT COMEDY COMPANY .......... Direction Ohas.. Lamb. J. Rus. Smith, Mgrr. New Ptays! New Costumes! (New Music! New Everything! Specialties new and novel introduced be.................... Me. 20c, 30C Saturday Matinee, lOc and.' 25c. Speclai feature! _-__,_»-! ,,,,, MONS. DUBBC'S TBOUPEOF TB-VINED MONKEYS, DOG6, . . Ladles accompanied by a person holding paid Mo -ticket admitted tree on opening lgsit only, it purchased before 6 o clock A GREAT MISTAKE b auk If jmi * sot take » *»w I. thl «Mek tf«w mtmtmt -nut - - - - - - - . - - - - - - Mttm.pnd-M.T~.chua* in Mr. llMrkfclltUt. ·EOtMM, MIT«H«l,l. A 00. ' OAZSET. iioiripir Til's. Feb 16.--Wdlllam Man- ckl oF' Fcstorial O.. WSs- been visiting is brother, T. fc. Manecke-and other .rel- MviTMh-TO aiirtok the past two weeks Jim Huff -one of our formei- citizens, ut now W iSinmona, did business in our llllil-iimilHI.I.III-H SULHVAK. I M i l l Sullivan. Ills., Feb. 16,-The , bankrupt sale of Victor Wilty was held by %VII- iam Preston, the trustee in bankruptcy Saturday. There were eighty head of :horoughbred hogs sold for a total sum of S3. 030. D P. McCracken of Paxton was the auctioneer. Attorney F. J. Thompsrn attended the sale as the counsel far the trustee. .County Superintendent .of Schools J. C Hoke Held central examinations at the Whltfield school house and at Gays th latter part of this week. There were nin, pupils who wrote on the central questions at the Whltfield examination. Miss Bes sie Waggoner ranked first in the seventl year work and Miss Ollle Baugher ranked first in'the ninth year work. There were eleven pupils who wr it Gays. Miss Gertrude Davis took first rank in the seventh year work and Ethe! Kinkade ranked first in the ninth year work. Mr. Hoke is highly gratified at the efficient work of the teachers all over the county. A S. Bowers of Cushman was here Saturday on business. W. T. Harmon of Lovington was here Saturday William Wright of Bruce was here transacting business Saturday. R. P. Farmer of Bruce transacted business here Saturday. Frank Glover of Allcnville was here Saturday. Mrs. Tim McLIn visited friends In Allenville Sunday. Charles Harven and wife, W. B. Win- hester and wife. Miss Ora Moore and Miss Iva Nichols, all of Allenville, were here Saturday. C. D. Gasaway, the broomcorn buyer, was in Mattoon Sunday. G. P. Martin of Allenville transacted business here Saturday. A PLEASANT THE N OTSS fs R ' BG M D NEW i for UBO as flimily ILH ** or rANE-sVAMiLY MEDICINE All drusKi.* orb _t»«l SJfo'S* « °£ o *% ^ Anna Palmer went to Decatur Saturday afternoon to see "The Prince of Pilscn. Mrs J. C. TIppdtt, Miss Clora, Woollng- ton Dr C O. Clinc. O. Salyors, O. A. Clin'e attended the masque bail at White Heath Friday night. Mr and Mrs Dale Kellcy, Mr. and Mrs. \ C. 'Edle Mrs. H. N. Knight, Dr. C. O. Clinc, Roy Williams, Ona Clinc, George Fisher and Fred Lodge, attended "The Prince of pyscn" Saturday night. H. R. Calef. inspector of rural mail routes, spent Sunday in the city, en route to Toledo, Ills. TAKEN TO JACKSONVILLE. Isaac Nichols of South Willow Branch was taken to the insane hospital at Jacksonville Sunday afternoon. He was violent and had to be tak-.m in a strait jacket. Mr. Nichols is about -10 years of age, and has a wife and eight children, the eldest being only IS. He was addicted to strong drink and had been to the hospital once before, having been sent from Moultrie county about nine years ago. .Deputy Sheriff C. A. Shively accompanied him to Jacksonville. COLD STORAGE CASE. The jury in the cold storage case re- urned a. v-^rrdict Saturday morning find- B the defendant, the Findlay Brewing ornpany, guilty ninl fixing the damages JS.Oflfl. Messrs. Hicks, Thompson liompson immediately made a motion Dr a new trial on behalf of the defend- nt. Argun-...tnts will be heard on this moon March C. If the judge overrules this otion the case will be taken to a high- r court. This amount of damages seems :cessive to the amount of business done ere by th,. defendant company. Court adjourned Saturday afternoon un- March 6 at 4 p. m., at which time udge Cochran will hear some motions for ew trials and 'make some decisions in ases taken under advisement. n a i i i m m n i i i i n ' BLUE MOUND. "l i i 83 i H i Blue Mound. Ills.. Feb. It!.-- William Arnrstronpr went to Oecatiir Saturday. Mrs. K. M. H u r l b u l i of SLonington visited Mrs. II. A. Flock Saturday. Professor Roy E. Carlwrlght of Taylor. vilk 1 was .here Saturday. Mrs. C. IT. Moomcy and Mrs. Henry Botner returned from Decatur Monday. Miss Agines Browrt and Mrs. J. A. Brown attended the opera in Deratur Saturday night. Mrs. Winter is preparing: to open the Elliott lioiel. Revival meetings are still in progress at the M. E. church. There are several families afflicted' with w.'easles in this neighborhood. An enthusiastic coal meeting was held at the opera house Saturday afternoon. . It is reported that a brigade of the Salvation Army, will begin a series of meet ings here this week. The latest report from Miss Tirzal. Bradley, who was operated on for appendicitis at Champaign a few clays ago, is that she is improving. Her many friends there 'hope that she will soon be restored to health. crommr. Cushman. Ills., Feb. 16.--Hugh Duvall of ear Williamsburg was at Cushman Wed- esday, John Frantz and wife of near here were uliivan visitors Thursday. Jacob Peters of near Decatur was the uest of his daughter. Mrs. John hodes, Wednesday. L. B. Smith of Sullivan was here VPJecl- esday looking after business affairs. Born, to 'Mr. and Mrs. Nick Foster, hursday. Feb. 12, a daughter. ·Tohn Rhodes was at Sullivan Monday n biMltaeas.:.. : a J Fidelity and Deposit y 5 Company of Maryland u I · : M 5 Assets Orw 85,000,000.00 JB Guarantees the honesty of individuals and the faithful' completion of con: tracts. Stoner Haines 8 Rooms 1 and a Over P. O. Decatur, Ills. iiuopons. Illiopolls. Ills.. Feb. J. W. D. vlayes entertained a 'number of young oiks at her home in honor of her daughter, Erma. on Satiirday evening. The ouse was beautifully decorated, the col- r scheme being .red' and white. Differ- nt amusement.y for a valentine party yere indulged in. among them bolnir the heart hunt" in which Miss Violet Rule von the prize. Refreshments consisting f sandwiches, pickles, coffee, ice cream nd cake were served. Ail departed at a ate hour, having spent a delightful oven- ng. Those present were Misses Edith nd Amanda Loose. Violet Rule. Ttoma loel, Ethel Shrewsbury. Dora Nottle- nan of Niantic, Maud Fait, Prances Laut- rbaugh and Erma Maycs and R. C. Turer, John Robertson. Adrian I^ucas. 'harles Correll, Frank Noel, Harry and Vill Knotts and George Plckrell of Lanes- ille. Miss Amanda Loose was home acksonville over Sunday. from i t C K - H U l I v l l l t ? U V B l OUIlUeiy, Miss 1 Edith Johnston entertained a few rfends at birthday dinner Monday. A number of candidates were baptized t the M. E. church last Sunday. Those 'ho wish to be baptized by immersion wil! e baptized later at the river. Waiter Lauterbaugh Is at home on va- atlon this week on account of slcknes?. A Ron was born to John Fait and wife ast Thursday. A valentine social was given Friday vening by the Epworth league at the ome of Miss 'Minnie Hurt. A la.rge rowd was present and all spent a very elightful evening. Miss Emma Mulr was in Decatur Sat- rday. DALTON CITY. Daltcm City. Ills.. Feb. 16.--Rev. H. W. Prueblood was in Decatur I^onday. Ruth Greenfield Is On the sick Ust. ·M1ss Florence Steigers is visiting he irother in Decatur this week. Mrs Scott of Mt. Zion was the guest of ler daughter, Mrs. Grace Grounds ?huisday. Dr. Stevens of Bloomington arrived here 'rid'ay * The members of the Christian church jurchased a now bell. Miss Lula Wilson, who has been visit' ng in Illlopolis, returned home Sator The ladles of the Christian church wll erve oysters and ice cream next Sat urday night. Quarterly conference was held at the U. B. church last Sunday. Mr. Smith look charge of the 'morning service anc Mr. Trueblood the night. Death at Wapella. Mrs. James M'cKlnsey died at her home three and one-half miles southwest o Wapella early Monday morning- of ne-u ralgla of the heart. Funeral service will be held at Rock Creek at 10 o'cloc Wednesday morning. » Farmers' Elevators The "farmers' elevator companies wi organize a state! association in Bpringfle Feb. 19. This association will be taae pendent of t'hp grain dealers' association Rtul the farm elevator organizers clal H is opposed! to it In many of Its inte Jeste, . . . . . · · ' · . . . PIEESOW. Picrson. ills., Feb. Ifi.--Jnhn Shroll of e e a t u r was un our .streets Saturday. A, C. Roberts made a busini'Ss trip to iiscnli- Saturday. ·J. T, A. Edmonson a t t e n d e d a Masonic -'·-inl of Instruction in Atwooil last t'eK. The i n f a n t child of Tom Laughlln i s . on le sick list t h i s week. Measles and mumps are visiting our Jwn lately. Eddie Hook is ill Casner this week. Will Christ and Ira Boles .returned from rcola Saturday. Dick Murphy of Arcola passed through ere Saturday en route to Hammond,Ho isit his brother. James. Charles Meece was called to. Summerset. '.v., Thursday to attend the funeral of is father. Mildred Fisher and Ollie Bullock are on le sick list this week. Moving day will be observed by several f our citizens. Mrs. Moore and daughter. Delia, of At- roort spent Saturday with Mrs J G 'ierson of this place. There will be work in the third de- ree at the A. F. and A* M. lodee in At- vood Tuesday evening at 7:30, Feb. 17. US, ELACE. La Place, Ills.. Feb. 16.-G. V. Loring of Decatur was here Tuesday testing' the sinners' scales. Mrs. J. R. Howell of Burrowsvillc was he guest of relatives here Thursday. Mrs. Henry Hayncs is quite ill at her tome w i t h rheumatism. William' Seitz of near Burrowsvlll ransactcd -business here Friday. ·Walter A-dams has been employed as assistant at the bank here. 'Walter Binkley of Iowa is visiting with his sister and family, Mrs. C. A. Redman. 'H. M. llobson has moved into the Wilon property in the cast end of town. Mrs. F. B. Urban of near Decatur is isiting w i t h relatives here. They will move to Oklahoma, soon. J. S. Ater of Cerro Gordo was here Thursday on. business connected w i t h the lank. W F Verner and Wilson Miller of near Lintner were business visitors here Wed- tiesday. Simon -Cripc made iDecatur Fritfay. buslnes t"P A nuirJber frwn town attended E. Scholl's public sale northeast of town Friday. Mr. Schroll will move to Colo- ado la 'about two weeks. Miss Minerva Goodrich, primary teach- r of the school here, spent Saturday and Sunday with home folks in Bement. D B. Espy has sold Ms residence prop- rty to Mr. McNevee of near Dalton City. Mr Espy will occupy the J. E. Miller iroperty on the south side. The revival meeting at the M-. E. ·huroh still continues. There 'have been wo additions to the church. Rev. George W. Draper of Danville filled [is regular appointment here at the Christian church Sunday. Wade H. Ownby has been appointed rustee to close out the stock of general merchandise of 'Espy McAllister. B. Duncan of Lintner 'has charge of the tore. The stock is being invoiced this week. _ WeaR Are due to indigestion. Ninety-nine of every one hundred psople who nave he,art troublo can remember when it was simple Indige.- ion. t It is a scientific fact that all cases of lear't disease, not organic, are 7 not only xaceable to, but are the direct result of indl- rsstlon. All food taken into the stomach which fails of perfect digestion ferments and swells ths stomach, puffing It up against the _eart. This interferes with the action of the heart, and in the course of time that delicate but vital organ becomes diseased, r D K_-bte.rf'Ns«-la. O.,My3: Ih-dstom«eh htr^MS n » bad state as.I had heart tro-bla rithft? I t-cfc Kodol Di-pepsia Cur. for -bout iota taonths and it cured me. t Kw-ol Digests What Yon Eat and relieves the stomach of all nervous Strain and ths heart of all pressure ' packs\tly ? Acis ;Bej\ejfiG.a. ficts trxily ^s a Laxative^. of Figs appeals to the cultured and the well-informed and to the healthy, because its component parts are simple and wholesome and because it acta without disturbing 'the natural functions, as it is wholly free from every objectionable quality or substance. In the process of manufacturing figs are used, as they are pleasant to the taste, but the medicinal virtues of Syrup of Figs are obtained from an excellent combination of plants known to be medicinally laxative and to act most beneficially. To get its beneficial effects-- buy the genuine-- manufactured by the )YR¥P For sals ty all Ie»4ing Druggists, in oritinal packages only, bearing the lull came o! the Company. WJMSJWSSM^^ No Bands NO Prizes- tv/ No Scheme Lous 6 .DescHLER li\di£riap_olis., lr\d. WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR. SPECIAL WATCH SALE WE HAVE PLACED ON SALE One hundred 21-Jewel extra fine Railroad Watches. The movements are 21 Jewels in raised! gold settings, adjusted to all positions as well ag temperature, with double sunk dial, stem wind, lever set, in a. twenty-year gold filled open-face case, Screw back, and 1 screw bevel, guaranteed a $30 value; our special price-- Absolutely guaranteed to give entire satisfaction. Remember, wo claim to be 4he closest price jewelers' to eentrar-U- linois on. SHne'WecfoheB of : .;;i-br: make. Investigate this assertion and you ·will find it correct. Re- soectfully, FRANK GO; ...JEWELERS.... And Dealers in Fine China and Art Gftodp. 156 PAST MAIN ST. - - DBCATUR, ILL. PUBLIC SALE I will sell at public sale at my residence, on: the Brennemart farm, seven miles southwest of Maroa, six miles northeast of Warrensburg and three miles west Emery, on BUY, MR 19,1903, beginning: at 10 o'clock,EIGHTEEN HEAD OF HORSES AND , . . . MULES. This Includes five standard bred pacing horses and mares and several young trot, ting horses, a pair of full bred dyde»- dale miares, and some extra good mules. There are also seven head of good cows aruj a large Idt of good farm machinery, vehicles and Implements. Terms of sale are ten months' time, per cent discount for cash. F. M. Moore. George L. Veech, Auctioneer. W. L«hn, Clerk. DR. A. n, DRgW Speci-l -attentioji given to rectal and urinary dls«u^c. Pll-s cund without Itnifs'or detention from lnartn«-«. OfOo* hours 9 to IS A. m.; C to - T. m. 8und»?«. 8 to 11 a-.; TO. N«ir phowv-Offlce, fS; deiice, 45S, . . Boom* .Hi, «»«« B*»*«i »«* .: MEWSPAPERI

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