The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 24, 1952 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 24, 1952
Page 11
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f - 1951 BLYTHfiViLLE (ARK.) COUSiER NEWS igration Law . /* . • . ' . • . • • Gits First T^st Today KE* TORE IjMfhe arrival id-. day of the French' jlnef Llbefte, with S fdllflfi yi Her c'fSw. facifig possible ih'ofe" leSye refusals; pfo- videti th* flfsl direct application of the new McCaffan=Wailef iiiurii: gfatlofi Act only fioufs aflfer it wefil Into effect. \ Trie'Ljb'efteV the World's foUflh largest, ilrler, fs the first major transatlantic Vessel to "affive liefe since; Ihe fig* Inifnlgralioii slaltlte becafne law at a mifillle afief mid- JUjd Reporter f nNqbbed as Spy THE HAGUE; The Netherlands. (Jfj—The Du'lcri last night arrested the Netherlands correspondent of the Soviet nets agency Tass as a suspected spy.. A iiForeign Olfice communique said the foviel journalist, 37-yeaf= old i,ev Constantinovltch Pissarev, had secret documents lii his'posses- sibn «heri m was lafeeii into elisto- dy by police of this capital city. flight fodsy. Tlie affiVai iriVdives a provision of the iaw v alrh'ed at CqrriffiUfilSig, espicRaie agents arid crirnlliaisv 1 crew diirlrig the; three days Ihe vessel Will Be Kef* .iiFiless they can ffigel sefiUrity .Some 269 of the uiieft'e' 61 974 hliist remain aboard IU2 ti.£>^ JR:;^ lL-r ::-;;-•-: vessel Metis, iliS jiistit'e Bejiari- inent Said yesterday in Wasfting- U.N. i ^Continued from Page i) rriinillfatipri to solve. ' ' Today, however, Wiley said that •'after friy talk with Mf, Hams- peck ; J 'arh ericotifaged to believe that President Tftiman meant business; when he ordered the State aftd Justice Departments and civil service to Jointly tackle the nrob lent," . . The senator said he now expects trie 'three -agencies, with Rams- p*ck, a* co'Ofdlrialor, will file with V. N. Secretary General Trygve Lie ".detailed statements giving the :J^ckground of empipsjes of ques- Qninable loyalty^ to this country," a. step they have not taken Until Wii*y said 1,1s 1 has been handicapped because the U. S. governrhent: insisted on giving "only a ohe'Word summary Such as 'ad- V«B*'." in asking Lie 1-6 fire someone as a security risk* that, he said, left the secretafi gi>ne(jal Utiahle to defend a dls- • missal in any case, where the em- ploye appealed, it' Is partly responsible for protests from other nations against the firings, Wiley added, "Not one other nation has slip ported our-vlew," Wiley said, bu he added he Mpcct-S the'de- tailed statements "can avert a very tad fight over the issue -in thejGeneral Assembly" and per mit, Ihis country to demonstrate that H is Wlthing its rights "in in Sisting on the weeding out of per sons of questionable loyalty." Most foreign rlatiohs, he said have been unable to Understam why the TJ, S.-lrisistetl'On-the dis missal Of American Communists since many other countries eve Allow Communists some voice i their coalition governments. rerjlilreinenlS 6f the law afief tKe vessel flocks, (rig • • - fiiefit Jala yestei^., „„„.„„_ ion; Ofiiy ihree other cfeWmeh were reported aiileHiatlgaliy inadmissible und«f (lie Uw ; An American iniiTii|falion In pector was aboard Ihe Lio'erfe uring her last found trip to screeh He vessel's crew in advance of ier arrival. The Justice Bepart- nenVs statement yesterday wal lased on a radio-telephdhe talk .'ith the Inspector, i The Llberte development pointed p the shaijp tightening of rules or immigration'nnii naturalizalldh ncler (he McCafran-Walter law. Washington observers belieyec he Llberte case also would fuf- ish ammunition for b'olh sides If n expected cpngrfSslSnal battle aver (he new law. However, the provision of the ct Involved in the Liberte case— a reqiiirefrient for close screen ng of crewmen as to their polit- cal affiliations, any criminal reo rds and other matters—is not the only point at Issue. Section Criticised Considerable cfUicisrn has been aimed at a seeiiefl felaifliflg the iresent, system of national quotas or immigrants. The Justice. Department yestef day quoted tKe inspector about the jiberle as reporting the 2C9 creft tierhbers gaVe only their names jut refused to ^answer questions He said among them were two will Communist connections §nd one with'a theft conviction in FraiicS making these three automatically iharifnissib'Ie. Forty-three others were report ed to haVe had (deiiUflcatioh decU ments which apparently had bee tampered with. 'Another 28 wer .id to. iinVe .ddfecljVe docUMentS which Tnlght be corrected in Ne\ York. ;, /: , 'Immigration officials in Wash ington said anyone .violating th shore leave regulation would b picked up and returned to the ship PAGE ELEVEN Lest We Forget Obituaries McCormick Rites To Be Conducted Here on Friday Services for Boatswain's Mate Pii-st class jaiiiea E. \fcC6rmlck Uf5N, soil, of, Mr. arid fats. J, R Mc'&qfi'iilck of Biythcl-llle, w)io was killed iii a oaf accident last week will be eoiidiieied Friday at 2 p in in liie full dDsjiei Taliehincie. Accomphnylili tiie body from dccanslde, dailf ' near Jvhere the accident occliietl, ulli be Boalswaln'c Mate John Shepherd. A complpinHil of 17 men from Mllllngton Ns\y Bnse will comliic full mllilnr) honor services. The Mllllnijlon chaplolh'wIJi official*. Sllrvhnrs Ihcliide lils parents, i brother, Neal McCormick; and foil. Mstois Mis Pije Austin, Mrs. Mel \InWlckci- Mrs Bill HraVjovsky nn? Miss Bonnie Nell McCormick, all o Blytheville. Holt .Funeral Homi in ciiai'ge, : POPE Rfou' t buglet of war, the matches of peace} East, «4est| north and south let the long quarrel cease; Sing the tomg of gredt joy the angels began, Sing the glory of Qod and of good-will to manl "John Gteenleaf Whittier Capital Pours Into Singapore SINGAPORE (AP)^The Conlmu riist conquest of China has cause capital which formerly found It way to that country" to pour' into Singapore from all parts of the world, sa.VS the British cotohy's financial secretary,'W> C. Taylor.' . The low rate of interest and th« solid babklng'ot-iterling-are factors in. the movement of capital here. Although there.Is a slump in the textile trade at present, all'other trades are thriving, Taylflt rports. EISENHOWER (Continued frorn page i) land Falls, N. Y., near West-Point! Shopped Early • Also on hand for the holiday.will be Mrs. Elsenhower's mother,• Mrs, John;8. Doud ol Denver, Colo. The Chrislmas dinner menu ar' ranged by MrSi Eisenhower calls for turkey wilh oyster dressing, mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes, creamed onions, turnips and plum pudding. The general did most of. his ft*! Christmas shopping in Hawaii two weeks ago on the Way home from Korea . . . ' . • Elsenhower met- for about .an hour, and a half -yesterday with Hoover. They.had luncheon at the town house of .'Johrt 'Foster. Dulles, secretary.of state-designate. It was there that Eisenhower conferred A week ago with Gen. Douglas MacArthur on the Korean War end world peace. t> After the session with Hoover, the President-elect told newsmen: "It Was just a social gathering at which we had the opportunity to talk over a number of affairs of government, past, present and future.' 1 Asked , whether things discussed Included reorganization of the executive branch of the government. Eisenhower said they did/ and added: . "And many other rnatters." JlooVer headed a commission which studied reorganisation of the executive branch under the Truman administration. Present along with Eisenhower and Hoover were Dulles aiid Arthur S.. Ptemmtng, president, of 'phW AVesleyan University and member of a special committee which .Elsen- hower recently named-,:' to study streamlining of the government. Lightest metal is lithium, not magnesium. A cubic foor of lithium weighs a trifle over 30 poijilds. Porcelain Coins Prized VIKING, Canada (AP) — Kurt Losclilier estimates' the Uliiiiue collis lie smuggled oiit of East Germany when'he canie here a year ago arc worth perhaps $6,003. They are porcelain coins made In Germany In 1921 bill Idiihd then to be too Iraglle for general use. Read Courier News Classified. Ads. (Continued from Page 1} al development of man that tyrnn nizcs the human spirit. Hits "Deformation" "Tho technicians of protluctio and organization cannot by theln eeives create a- WoHd wltliou misery," he asseried. He sjiake mil also against fw present-day "detofmalteris." Th first — appni-elilly communism- was "cold, Ilieoretici)! articles nn rigid forhiutas.'; 1 V "Salvation," said the Pontlf "cannot be born from chaos." Bu "I},. Is superstitious to thlhk cmplyoing rigid formulas" to bull n world. ' The Pope directed the world ( look towards "the sun of hope of the chrlfctuXn Cliflstnlas. But h clearly Indicated his sorrow nt tl: oppression, rife In the world. Describing his heart as "heav With soi-roWi" the Poiitifl Bald thfl In the seven years since Wor] War II ended, suffering has li creased, riot lessened,- Tlie worl one of "anxiety and tears, The Popo touched also on 11 problems, of the world's increase population and immigration, H attacked attempts to control birtl I»M '45 '4» '47 ,'4« '49 '50 'SI '52 SAVINGS STATUS-Liquid savings by IhclivKlirnU in the U. S. aeeressed steadily from 1944 to 1D50, and then increased In lD5l to $3.4 billion, as shown on above NewscnarL The previous high was $10,4 billion in 1944. Savings for 1952 will reach an estlrnaled $2.1 billion. Data compiled by Securities and Commission. Stolen* Safe Gets Taxi Rid* BUTTE, Mont. (AP)^AH appir- ntly lazy bootblack who elole a I'arbcr shop safe and called a. lax! p haul It away has been tilth hfee yeai-s ill prisbfi. Shciilf Bill hailing said the cuj- >rit spent a night drinking arid hen wont to a barber shop wli?fe nj hiid been employed for two iveeks. le pushed the barber's safe U> the -.Idewalk imc! there ealled the taxi. After depositing his doubly, "loaded 1 fnrb on the pUtslelrtB of tovh, the driver pi'omptljn rode back and liifdrriled the |mllce. BANDITS (ConUnued tforn. Page n urea, but the barriers were with drawn at 4 p.m. yesterday afte no truce of the bandits had been found. t Stale Police Operator Chafle A. Dukes at Newport salt! officer were hunting an ex-colivict am another man for questioning Ir the robbery, but emphasised thn neither 1 6f thorn Was llslda fts "suspeott" Sheriff Harper said Ihe bandit, apparently had studied (he ban! carefully. He Said that when the: entered, they approached Brow; mid. Miss Btlller nnd' askec "Wliere is Ihe other girl." Mrs Ahrent was out of sight In In office Rl the time. Mrs. Ahrent sntd she believe n.s a false measure of interfcrenc with personal rights Ha also crlllolzed labor organ zations that are primarily con corned with their own member and give no attention to the noed of the Jobless. The Pope spoke !or *5 minutes concluding with his apostolic bles* ing to the world. .he two men came into H>t'hink ust week and obtained silver for ome bills. To my many 'friends ailil patruiis ... a »"irhi niul friendly wish for your Merry UhrlstihiiSI PaulBurks City CniTioi- No. 1 i r / v\ L he Holiday Season affords us the opportunity to express our appreciation to our many friends for their good will and thoughtfulness during the past year. ' And with this appreciation goes our wish for a memorable Christmas— t one that will be abundant with good cheer and good health followed by a New Year of contentment and good fortune. GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE Carol . W« cannot brlnj: to The* Frankincense.. ..treasure.., Angel tongt' filling Mrth .With heavehlj measure... Out of our yearning hearts We proffer only! Wonder in chi Idren'g- «yet... Lore for th» lonely... Laughter to lift lad heart*... ' Warmth for the stranger... Bless these, our gifts to Thee, Child of the Manger! MAtflttWf MCTWOCH Ark-Mo Power Co.

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