Dawson's Fort Wayne Weekly Times from Fort Wayne, Indiana on October 15, 1859 · Page 2
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Dawson's Fort Wayne Weekly Times from Fort Wayne, Indiana · Page 2

Fort Wayne, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 15, 1859
Page 2
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DA.WSOISPS FORT WA.YISTE W E E K L Y TIMES DAWSONSFORTiMITIlSS. J. \V. 1)A\VS)N, I«IIUSTI:V: ,V m:i : ..r: JO1JN - ran LOTB. The "Century" has been enriched with a Kric v( u-mini-ein»iof the men and times th«' «,;.-, whii-li invest facts of hi.-tory with the in- t-.-ie-t of romance. In those pcriainir.^toan o.d i-oiintry seat in Virginia, called "The Cottage," we have the story of lien. Washington's pnipo- - ' ~ v .. r . ( . % ! t snl for a lady's liund, and his rejection by her ·"·'' ' "'' i : \ . 'I".'. VM ','..,;'i-(i:TV. huushtv father. Wilson Cary, Ks.]'., of '· Celey's," '-·'··"'"·" ' ,, j,, Oiecomuv of Kliiuheth city, ile-i-ended Inim . . . . . . . . · ·'. . the noble (.Hi'iiilv of liun.«loii,'in KiiRland. The 1 L' "W -f±- Y 1ST U, ' K \ K M N i i , OCT. 1«. 1-' S;.l:iril.:y, l',C.-liiont N'.'lSOll i-'l '.he »nil approved. The Pre.--i.!c;it:irip..i:-.ii.-l m«i! to serve a» th-v «' i " ; ' suing year: F. P. Ilar/Wi, H. M'' r- " K IS DEN, limit. Sin-. Jt"o'isi , M . I-;l!l. I -·'!''.( ,i c h a i r ; minutes read the f,.il,»vi?i;r penile- :uuitti.-e f r the eu- ·h, Win. Iiamiiton, i worthy ok! gentleman seems, from all we know ' nf hi:,i, to have been as proiiil as Coucys or the Soim-rsi'iK, ami have llwu^'it his family the no- l'ikst in the Isnd. He lived in RTeat state, with ', cii:ir:ot and hurses.pLtc ai;'l v.-h-el and embrcid- 'i-rv --a »Ti!iy of the old selmol, fully satisficxl »i"i!i ihe "uiifer of thing-!,'' and enjoying serene- 1 11- t!v f,i,i,i gilts of I'roviik-nee. His bvaulifu! lianjjl.ter wa- a jri-eat hiire.-., and had many suit- ers. The on,- here alluded to was a ynun-; man of very iiijih chaiaeler, a relati.-e of tuxirge William Fairfax, K-q., who lived in Uelvoir, on tlie i'. toii.a'-; and heiehe. met w i t h Miss Cary, who i-asnv. to u.-ii Mrs. Fail fax, herelde't sister. i!e at iiiice proceeded to fall in love, which he did «-iih an sirde.r charieteristi'-of his na'.ure. When Miss Cary went back home to 'Celt-ys,' Win. Koekhiil, M. W. ili.xii.id. The following persons then jirc-eMc.! their n,n«? ibr mciiiln-^hili, and were duly elected: I) U Colerick, C. 1). Uond, S. li. Holsd, S S.! on .lames river, he followe.1 her like a couraj,« u« Wav Mclntosh, Wm- Koekhiil, Charles Hanna. I ^ '^!| saiy thwl t i, e consent of the°young esiiiBinos. j | a jy i aIK l so the youth duly asked a private in,. .\,i,,!cs-/.;mVr Tif'i'j iervimv with ;heoHlord of tl*manor, who lis-1 .'. ',,....',,,, n r.,,ie». fi*e! teuol to him iifcntir throu«l». W hen the lover had fmisheil, Mr. Cary rose, made a low bow and s-aidthat if'this w:is" Mr. Wellington's errand | at "Ciley's," hi* vi-i; ha 1 !utk-r tcnn'matc--his j "dauahlVr had been accustomed to ride iu her j own chariot." And with this allu.-ion to the | poor coi.d'.tii.n of th'.- younir-r son, tliu interview J tei minat-j.l. Yc.u:v: " Washington bowed and I turned r.-.vay, and iii due time married tho young I widoa', Miirtiia Dandridgc (,'u.sls, wiio "ivsemb-1 led Miss Cai'V," savs an authority, 'as much :is one sister evi-r did another." i Hut there is a serial to the story for in tlif Ian- of the naration, "many years (led away in number, from M. MeC'orinick's plaec. These last very much rcst-mbled pears in iipjieiranee, wul were described by Mr. C. as a winter fruit of great excellence, combining the richmss and ' flavor of thc pear, with the nialitie of a C'.ir ar ple. Name unknown. A branch of Berberry, highly ornamc-.ital-- the berries said to be exeellent lor pnyevvf'. Ground Chenies; a cultivated variety of tlie common ground cherry, growing wild in this vicinity These nlAfit is AH seeds. Thc cherries keep until spring, and arc | t ] R . g real _.. t i, e formiost ;imn, not iniured bv ftcerin;. Considers tli^m excel- mer i eai but of ail the world. He passeu uirougn i iiousum. u va." . nwinju,^. B I the mctroDolis W illiamsburg, at tlie head of his Brownstown, A W hhivcly; T^'Sr- o*,: .^ -£^S- *"^- ^ ---^^ mmes--r«//« HodxH (Falltnxaldtr.) A large ^ t)reTcntB j ^ green apple covered with russety spots. N.-.me '. unknown. ISOIAlfJIA COHFEBECE ATFOUfTKEHTS. 7«,r;,ii.»Ww li,trift-W C Smith. P K |iu!ian:ipilis, Wesley Chapel, K T Fletcher; West Iin'iaiupolis, J Kijrer; Ji:nit!i Slit-el, one toll" supplied; H..|!evil!e, W'.W Kiin-le!!; Jlonrovia, J S Woods; Moonsvilfc, St, W F fFarned; iliwresville, ft., J N Wright; ilartinsvillc, J F MeCaiin ; Waverly, I) Swartz; Morjantow n, T A Whitted; W illiamsburg, (i W Duriueut; Jonesvi'lc, J F Fish; one to be supplied; Nashville, M Woods. J C Smith. Agent of tiie Western Seamen s Friend Society. UreiMf!' fl'trif(-S Hill, P E ; iiwiioa tii\ 11 (iilmore; JofMi t, .M..IS liawson ; Kllett.--vi!ie, W MXaring; lil.iominpton Ct., J E Allison; Spencer, 11 0 Chapman ; ft. Commerce and Worthington, E E Kosc; Scaffold Prairie, (i IV Bowers; Howlinsdreen, C I*c; Putnainville, W S Carter, A Beck, oup; Brazil, J U Williams; Prairbton and Dockpcrt, E IlamiltoH; (turner. .lessee S Green. rinftnttft Mstrltt-ll Hays, P E ; Vincenne.*, W M Hester; Washington, II B Hibbcn; Washington, Ct., S W McNaughten ; lUslesville, 1 liroshesrs; New Lebanon, S Bowers; (iniyville, J W Asburj'; Ncwbeiry, A Knox; I.inton, A I'. Korsyth ; Sullivan, J B Aamilton, J M O'Fltnj ; Carlisle, T W Jones; Bvnceville, J Wall.; SpauMingvillc, W B Camphell; Kdward^port, X J 1M1. 'livtuinijton ltutrirt--\t Meginnis, P E; Bloomi'.iKton, C I) Battelle; Bedford," W V Daniel; Stanford, J S Collins ; Sallisbnry. 1 M Smith ; IHB pcEtBT orytrnt. What is it that imparts to nature its poetry ? Is it not in nature itself: it resides not cither in t dead or organized iiiiitter, in rock,or bird, or flow- BY TELEGRAPH. __ New York, Oct. 14. The steamship Africa from Liverpool, October 1st, arrived to-day at 4 p. in.. The steamer li»- !S^M! b u 4 .X3^ and breathes external nature is but its store house ] on the SOth ult. The Arago lience for Haver of si arc lubjecls and models, and it is not until these \ tout .i lc a »t Southampton at n alM up s images, and invested with "the j ^ ^ ^^ I light that never was on land or sea." that they j at noon the same day. l is important.. The __... io"bc~of thee,rth earthy ,and from the ctli I Zurich Conference continued is sittings al hit cral stufl'ol which the vision ol the poets are made account*. Prince Napoleon had left without Nay, it is not mainly through that associative fac h av i,, g an interview with thc Plenipotentiaries, ultv to which thc sights and sounds of present | nature become fiitrjre. live of the itiiagss of a iw-1 t The London builders' strike remains in a very ' state. Negotiations extending over j the'laiuUrapc' ptecs,"o't·that we find beaii'ty in j two days between the master builders Rod depu- woods or beside i'-s streams, or the iinpressive i tations from thc operative masons, had been clos- and tlw suliliiiio among its uiountains and j ^ Kit i, out any favorable resnk, and the breach rocks ? Nature is a vnst tablet, inscntied with signs, each of which has its own insigniticacy. and becomes poetry in the mind when read; and geolo- The London Times says that the agents of the French, Austrian and Sardinian governments are soliciting tenders noiu English iron founders, for large quantities of rifled canon. France--The French uruiy of observation wiU winter in Italy. The latest rumor says that the preparations for the French expedition to China have been suspended, und the indications of backing down by France are apparent Marslial Neil's order of the day on joining the troops at Toulouse lias been construed into an admission L-t not likely to last long. The London Herald's Paris correspondent says tliat nothing U hesrd on every side but preparations for war, and gives a similar picture of aflairs iu Austria. between the employees and employers was be- Italy.--The Sardinian Government lias sent a coming wider and deeper than before. circsiUr note to the Representative of the Euro_..^ . The Great Eastern remains at Portland and if I |,can Courts urging the formation of the kingdom y i's'sfmpiy the key by which myriads of these j she is ^^.^ f rora Oat port before going to of v r , toly Uis asserted that the Pope has !±r° ^n^ce^d ^the i ««* H«d, the directors bave determined that 0 , dere(1 the delivery rfhis ^^ to the Slr . a new provice added to the We are told by travelers that j she shall go to Smithanipton. irsued, ail' i poetical domain. ^ , - . . . i the rocks of thc wilderness of Sin»i are lettered | Fn.vxrE.--The Emperor is not expected to re- over with strange eliaracter.s,in.scribed during the ; tun) from K i arQ \u, unt il the 8th of October. Thc " ' ' :/'^L T S. '±n i M M* ^ "' numbCT ° f VC k » nd forty years' wanderin ', in their very existence, of remote past, tent of the desert; and who shall daresay whcth- China, has not yet been decided upon, ip to j u, 0 , of artillery at Old Point and the eorp« of n the Washington barracks to proceed to the scene of disturbance without delay. The mruMt linety in number, left on the 8:10 train with tw» 12 pound howitzers and a full supply of al ion. It is reported that they are under to force a passage over the bridge to-right ex, fit lazzards. Col. Faulkner accompanies them. It U reported on good Minority Iks* teat* . weeks ago Secretary Floyd received an mons letter, stating that about the ISth of ber, the abolitionists, negroes and other dtMtfKt- ed pertoi-s would make an attempt to oeba tbr arsenal and hold the place, but the statement W so indcfini.eand improbable as the cause, no CUM were entertained. 10 p. in.--In view of the possibility of the dN- turbances at Harper's Ferry extending to tttf n- cinity, thc Mayors of Washington and "111 nnsi» have take precautionary measure* fa* mediate suppression. Thc President, through the Mayor at ington, ordered a strong detachment of militia to be -posted at national and company i mories. which was promptly 4w*. Two hundred standaof ousk«U ittdl tion have also been placed in the City Halt for emergency. has been suggcsteiby well infoMked | the insurrection is I nee the contrator lor the con- crnment dam, atlUrpet'* ·gely indebted to several hon who taken-this step iVfe ·s by thr seizar* ef (hrgcwm- was supposed had bean Saturday. who has arrived from Harper'* Em-crcr Napoleon before and since i of Central Italy in Iresh battles and fonever free Ferry thinks the blacks are only participant* dinian Minister. It i5 also reported that this has given rise to a collision between thc Swiss troops and the neutrals stationed at Cattolica. It is said tliat an wMA are to forn, the French expedition to insurrectionar} . ^^^t las ,,, at P-er- ^ ^ hut luptrior io it in size and flavor.- I Mary Cary was Mrs. Aa.U«. and her discard-1 Salli.vbnry I) M Smith ; -- highly spoken ofby ,,, C The ^--^'at^t^- t ^ItsW-"' is an annual, and must be propagated by , -^^ dvni/c ,, , viirlll , lililc ,i ,, , ho greatest among ! Lcesville, W K Richards; Thc cherries keep until spring, and arc i , mal ._.. t i ie fonniost man." not onlv in A- I lleltonsvillc, E P F Wells that Hew-of fiery plagues that devastated on j the d r y l a n d , and" of haste mure numerous than j ··- * - i Italy fi ^^ eorre.poud,ntof the London Her-! (Li. Garibaldi has issued a procl^ation sum- the occult meanings of these hieroglyphics, «"« I , M ,,,,,(;,,,,,, in the most positive manner, Ihe i mouin s the Italians of the legations, to »nu3 and 1 which they arc '.-havgod und the "id "imagery '; Emperor Napoleon was wholly on account of thc j j which they conjure ny.-~]lt^h_Mi(ler. | debt due by Belgium to Fiance--amounting to i W hatever newspaper speculations may be in- j n the ' did the outbreak by compulsion. ·«· FALL PLOWIHO. d admit-ation. The vast multi- horse iw.n proceeding; th-- ·rlltcnt :\ny. ;;.;.;«, !"·.·«- u n k n o w n By Charles Hanna. for n::inc: Sinith'i Ci'hr, FMl'lppia. »''i J'*; After KJ,, in. A'. / ''*'"''·:'· a:i ' ! hvo ·varieties, referred to fruit coi;mii;t-;-c. ByC. Wells, an apple fora mine: i"-. cultivated as the $*l' "· r'-ri! t -r. known--not the Sat no further. By the President: Pears - 0#r«f gomewhat tart: a good Ixsarer and a excellent keener for a fall pear. Good, but not of the best quality. a varietv grown here c.ih;i statue ('il horseback passed i-n sere;x-iy.-All at once he p-.-.-ck-vcJ at :i window or i:i a crowd, h's i'M I-ive, Mury Cary He rai-t-il hi.- 1 ! From' the- last of October to the middle rr later 1 of November, is a good lime lor plowing land pre' paralory to sowing or planting in the following i snrine;. Tin to 1 £-.i(i,i .Oil--a pressing claim for immediate pay S nient having been put forward. Richmond, Get 17. Great excitement exists here in consequenceef thc insurrection at Harper's Ferry. The Grays are under leave for Harper's Fery, to start early morning. Company F, with full rankc ·d concerning the San Juan dispute, it is j have just left tiieir armory expecting to uke ft Washington, Oct. 1C. utumnal weather is cool and brae-, Ca: Corps I)e Armee, under thc command of Marshal L-tilelanc. in the Lyons distiict, had received .- It uiarv " .iiat""!.e ra:ik.r Isis i:in'.i: ·0-M.hovrevt.r, t!i:U tiie conq'u-rin^ ' iiaillv after ail, tbr ive are t"Ul ; 't uii'.voithy ol'his n.'i.'le l.idy in .·r. iie \uis iltsel 'k-u tlni'i^h : from the ctvrit Huguenot House ut Ijec-n Name un; La llojhe Ja.j'.ieliMe, hi Vendee, and iniierit.-d the ileirrrt. '· honest instincts of hi '-ice. At twelve years of i.?- he hail bi'-n sent fir his education to r.ng land. lie graduated at Cambridge, and tht-n ' ii:aJe the gram! tour ol' Europe, when he was · twtntv-one. lie was ni-irrieJ tv' Miss Cary sf-ou · afterward: became C.'Ik-ewr of York, and was i so much rc"=]icf.ed tLat when Lord 1'ttct'-'rt . - r - -, - . , came to Virginia T.S (^vern-.ir, he !iro:ir!it a Ict- early winter apple, very much resembling t.ic ^ rf . Jtro j^..i lin , 0 the co!k-cuir. He uivd a t . Sett Fbnter, and like it, the tee has i drooping ; j - . sn| i .ij e Kcvoimiw.nry Vi'ar breaking out t*hit. and the limbs are of a light yellowish cast-'soon afterwards, his beautiful widow, moved i Bigh.T»cy flavor, breaking, Under and juicy, away from the scene of Ler grief, and took refuge - . , , n" and the oxen and h«-scs are strong and ' orders to lu-M themselves ready to march. Let- i ^^ ]attgt f ,, rti?n a d v i ce s, as well as what has hearty for the work; while the temperature of - · " " " ' the s'prini SIMSOII is more relaxing, and the ani mals of draught are then apt to berime laggard and taint, particul.irlv at tlie business of overturned green swan), 'To be seasonable, spring ' p r i ce on the const for thc purpose of erecting for- ,,, ) .. .. ........ lers from tlw provinces in France confirm thc re- ; tras . |ir( ,.j ;,, Washington, strengthen the as- port? of grand annar.ients of the various ports.-- i i( . rlk11 coliccrn i ; , g the present state of thc ques- Thc government had purchased land at a high j t ; 0|1 a- the Terr desirable. Wise Sap--an excellent apple on sandy soil-- ' a mcm0 T}- ana a nr.m-\ ia the "Cottage" far up in Hanover. And all that remains of that love ind glory is · a great hearer, good keeper; tn-e a fair crower- qireading and not handsome habit. i By F. P. Rar.u»!l--Ess Plant of an enormous ' to .weight, nine pound,; ein-u:»ferer.cc-, thirty three inches. On motion, the Fruit Committee were requested to prepare a list of apple*, li-st aaapird for -this climate tr.d v-cir.iiy. and to report the same at the next rucctirg. Adopted. . Meetin-'adjounu-O n]itil Saturday ricsL 2 P. M. H K N J l V C. il;£V, See'y. '· »_T^= \Vo ?avv r\ti ediu.rial pulf of J. E'Jtr^r . Thoupsrci. Pro ;;Jetit of the peimivlrania Cen- . trJR. P.., of the P. F. T A elected Frogmen" of I':---1 «saw a p'jff of M: 1 . T. i hi;, (Tsjin. i on the r. tiiai rold, and wt iti 1 .·'-/· Erowniow would gel tls'.- of his mouth vvlier. t'ie ti To-day there is T. on the connection v.-jui -,^it ros--i a:u'.. this calls n.1 l«el- u- to insert what a cor- THE iK£ OF CEiCKET. LMO much ?-,i.«:e to give the same in Utlail: 1 ire will tuiiovur io outline the poi:iu of it. n! the £ C. K. R.. and lately ·: /;.,-·-''··.'.'·'-» K,oiriUc ·ii-.-:. -.n ;' Mr. T. with i.-.'.K tliai Mr. ; Ui-j olher nle iir.j con;- -- a;ut -j iie vrill. ;u cur Ji-;.:iiU?. of Mr. up the subject, respondeiit of the -\VIT )V tin- miie of i-ri.'ktt. It but it, so .d^r can ui.^cr.-'.inu at Ica.-it a litUc of ted in the crour.il. a»out three inclies apart, eon- j n-x-tei iuiTv-ther at th-- t'.ip hy two pieces of wo»d · csce.'i ba-.is, w'nich !::· loosely on the top. ready i to fail from iha \us*i touch of the ball Ail thc d'.a;:i.-e oi t\rt::ty-;»-o yards, throe ; '.her ?tin:'u'S are :ra:;ar ] .3" jiiaced, and ia frotit , ·f the ftuni;^. or wickets, a? they are tenned--a : me distant fjur fee: from the wicket, is drawn, : marking the boundary ol tit luu'sman's ground, · outside of which he "is liable at ail ti:iieb to be put out. The ohjcrt of the bowler is to knock j down thc utuiups or hit the trails off with thc · hall--the aim of the batsman being to prevent i - him, und at the same timt to hit the ball a suffi j : cietit diftance to admit of his running from wick-1 ; et to wk-ket before thc stumjis are knocked down , i with the ball. For every such run Uc scores one. i '· Twenty-two players are engaged in regular con-'. ! test--eleven on "a s'tle. Eleven go into the field. | · taking various pnsiuons-- such as those of "bow- Mt Pk:i«mt and Dover Hill, C fr-li lJ«tri,-i-J W Julian, 1' E; Pa.ili.S l.a}tc:i; Orkans, U S Moore; Or:.i-, ; :evi!k-,.! X Thompson; l.iK.nia. 1- D Jay; Har.;h-!'iirj.'. l.'K Carson ; L-'nvciiw-Tth. F A llntchersoii; Bom., K Khodes; \V:,-k!i!i", !i W Patterson; Fu-ieh l.ick, \V S Hooker; Memphis. ,1 lliliarl; Havvi'ie, J l.estcr; Itoine, -J F St Clair. .Var AH"ii,y littriet--C B Davidson. P h; New Albany, Wesley Chapel, S B Button; Centenary.'D Melntyrc; K.ihcrts Chapel..I L Walker; J.ilms street, J Wlurton; Mc-Keniire--- and Lower Blbany, E Gaskins; Ni-iv Ail-any Circuit, J Tanzy ; Saiem. J J ta;i.-ml; Salem Circuit, T Alexander; New Philadelphia, W W Puett, J P Dew; (ireenville, E L Kemp; Cory don. W H Jackson, W P Armstrong; Frederickshnrg, Levi (jifford; Lane?villc. W E Kavenscroa; · (ras . n the gprin ^ tbc ^^ of lhe Utc over turn- ^^1^^ of Indiana Asbury F,'- «Z«^^*^£Sfc \ that the Duchess of Parma will have Modena, and mile College. .. _ ,, : the "surface. The jilowcd land, after Wng subjected to the f;-ost of winter, will readily crumble 1 mo3t sanguine partirans have now given up all down in fine particles when harrowed in the h s of ^j^ t . m , ncipat ^ f rom p apa l rule, spring, yielding a mellow seed-bed and facilitafing; ', ° p . con . espond e,,t says, the the business of planting and lirst hoeing, and tue j lno "cram M au» ^ i manure applied can be readily and nicely min- i Duke of Modena is at tr.c U is announced that several regiments of the i aul|je( . t jn a gpirit of ca i lnncsS] an d t) K re is noth- w .j,. ltcver to j,,duce the belief that the entire m . lt!cr nill not ^ am jcably adjusted. work must at best he despa'chcd in a great hurry t i|j,. a (^ ns . At Bido^na a iio:;tin;_* battery is to be and it is a relief and advance to have the plow-; . , witmmt ^ navigated by steam in" done in the fall. It land m corn stubbl - is tirst, coiiM.rue,c ; well harrowed, so as to pull open and level down j and anned with rifled guns. i the hiils and scatter the stubbs about, then plow- The Paris Bourse closed quietly on the arnh, : ed in the fall, the stubble lying beneath the fur- a t59f. y K . for t'.se 3 per cents, bcm; a slight mi- rows thronsh the winter, will no'- be apt to come j _,,,,.,,,,£,,{ 011 the previous day. to the surface by harrowing in the spring; t h e i r ^^^5,",^ _ The Austrian correspondent of thc , grain ami grass seeds can L au i »%._i .u«* \.,c.fwn «-«c twintr IA I day in the sprinz, thc surface will be smooth, the i seeds equally distributed in harrowing, the crop , of grain will be earlier and more luxuriant, and i the young grass, having the benefit of the rains, ! will get good root and be more likely to survive · the heat and drought oi summer. Sod land ; plowed in November will be free from grow.ng was trying lo contract a loan in London, ITALY --The Tunis correspondent says thc last and most accredited report respecting Italy, is that thc Grand Duke of Tuscany will regain his throne, not by force of arms, but by an ap peal to universal suffrage, accompanied by thc .nt of a Constitution and a general amnesty, known that both governments are treating the ! special train to-night. T'le Governor left thia uvening for Washington. Biitli houses have agreed to hold next convention at New York. In the lower house to day the report of the committee on typographical errors in the stand' nrd Bible was adopted, and Mr. Mason of Maryand, appointed typographical corrector. The report of thc committee on domestic and foreign missions gave rise toalenthy debate. The report chiefly relates io the extension of the missionary operations in Japan, CtriM, etc. All the resolutions reported by the committee were adopted, except the last, which is to memorialize thc President to address thc Court of Spain, respecting religious toleration in Cuba, pending. the debate on tire merits of this proposition the: house adjourned. Th? Democratic Xational Comi-iittee, of which Judge Smally of Vt., is Chairmnn, and lion. Clement L. Val'at-.dingham, of Ohio, and others, are Secretaries, will early this week issue an official notice for a meeting of the Committee on the 7th of December, in this'city to fix the time for the meeting of thc Charleston Convention. Baltimore, Oct 19. The following dispatch has just been received from Frederick. It sccins very improble and should he received with caution till confirmed. Frederick, Md., Oct 18: An insurrection is reported to have taken place at Harper's Ferry. An armed band of abolitionist have full possession of the U. S. Arsenal »t "Western men who toe pme to -New Vork t. maEe d here and tlien ' jiurcitfises. htrve rk 10 Chicago is I'-s-s tliau from b-.rr You see l;er. l l i i u thin:: vjierato against us and fur you ami ail oasi of you. J.ew Bflglaad manufacturer* wiib ajenc.es in New York, eaa deliver g..xls in tlie TreM cheaper thnn ·,P.E; ^ , . r ^ -- J M Green; _ j-kj.or; Circuit, F A Ileuring, W Coffin ; Yw.ketown, J 1 Admire; JVx!.v3'.e. A Fc'.'.ows; Taylorsvillc, S K Boring; Lyuvil'c, 15 F Now'.and; Francisco, J Micier; Winilc-w. 0 ABar-iett; Petersburg P. L Cushman ; ElizJ*th and Centrcville, U B Spencer; Grandview, P St Clair; Trov, L Jones; CarTnelton, J II Ketcham. 'citurVk Vutriii--l U N'oblf, P E; Evan-mile, Ixx-ist s'reet.S T Giilett; Insle Street, M M C UobbS; City Miss.. E 11 Sabin; Mt'Verno-j, \V II Cornelius; Ml Virnc-ri Circuit, J S.-.brader; "\Ve,st Vrani.'.in, J E McReynold*', Sew II?.: uK'-iy. J Lavcrty; Puseyvi.if. W E Davis; Owertvi: ·:. A To-jrt.er, Princeli'T-..,! J llight; IVtv-ka. ri L Binkeley ; Blue (ira?, L Johnson ; Kewbarg. W U «ritn, L M Hancock, Sup.; Center, X M Patterson. The plowed land,'ate b^ng sub-1 Parma will remain annexed to Piedmont. The "^f^^'^;,, ^ cast w flred ,,,,, twlc^-.and one of R. K. hands, a negro, was killed while trying to get the train through the town. i The mob arrested two men who came in with a load of wheat, and took a wagon, loaded it with rifles and sent it into Maryland. Thc are led by about 2UO whites witha gan,; of negroes fight- A later dispatch received at the It. K. xiiicesays the aliair is greatly exaggerated. Il In, foiindition in a difficulty at the Armor y. The Negroes have nothwg to do with it. Third D!xjiat:h,--lt is apprehended that the afl'air ;t Harper's Ferry is more serious than thc people i.erc are willing to believe. . g'ed with the soil. Corn planted on sod furrows | backed by 5000 mm under the Grand Ditke of " turned the fail previous, will not be so liib'.e to -j^^ny, Ivalbcraialtcn has collected 1(1,0(10 :n J Ur L^ ro TM.!!-.^^ of whom about 1000 are Croats, and the ·se ; remainder Swiss, and he has gone to Vienna, it worms on young corn when planted on the sandy i i^ sa id to organize a plan of attack against Xante's : inter-lies which were broken up from grass in ' arm y now concentrated around Rimini spring, that now the meadow land which is to be j ' fe ,j , frwi , t i le ,, ! made ready for a corn crop is invariably plowed xnc -^ rc " "TM f ° ' : in thc fall. Uy means of this precaution the iC, \vhilc the north. PIEDMONT is also eagerly preparing for the ages of tie w'orins have been pretty much pre- fray. It is said that thc reports of disturbances ; vented. -«.,», -» in Xaples are unfounded, but that some agitation ' THE SIEUt EKGIHE THE BITAI. OF THE | prevailed, and government had taken prccaution- tng. HESE HUXA3 HACH1SE. When it took six men to nuke a pin, thc me L 93VS) FXDK TfiE SOOTH. iri-At! oil' ?.i;d o;i"--that is, t r i the rijht or lelt of the bats!nr.n who tirst receives tiie U-ill--"long leq," "short-Ire." ic.; these positions being chief- iy'ihose in the"field vi here thc bail is most fre ijueiilly bit by the busman. Behind the .-tutiip t'ie '*M ickct-keeper stands, his ciuty bein_' to stop the balls when they pass " behind him again is the '·Umg ; --jj ^^ ^ mcet ^ m ^ fepablicins on » : ent'to sor^e master thought, and be its delegate. pASS iiiC vnCKiJl- t t:..:__ "..,,,,,, ,,*,^.^, K^im *r,A *.i-H~tL*1 »wt*tn'l *nH i* ";_ _ _ :r ±i._ _.,,*,_ * ^.,,.ll« ,,l, n ..l.l »».... ,in..-H ! the Abnezzo was in open revolt. Orders had i chanic had little need to think. ' been given to put Capua and other fortified places : That it was not the wo: k to which an intellect- on a war footing. A movement of troops was : ual cr'iature should devote the labor of his life, | ^kin" place st Naples, and important commands ! was clearly proved, when a very simple machine, ; ; t ^ R thal ^ p opo contem . i with not a breath of soul in it anywhere, was ·* ... found capable of performing the labor sooner | plates abandoning Home, aud again taki ary measures. Late letters assert that Aquilla in j The telegraph wires have been cut from Harper's ... , king re.- and better than all the six. j uge at (iata. Letters of the 27th state that Nothing has done so much, to set thc mechan- ' iSjOOp soldiers liad been sent to the frontiers of d that 10,000 more would follow. | The Mobile Segitter of the ftth contains a ; speech of lion. John Forsyte, from which we ex- 1 tract as follows: ic's "wits to work," and make him t. man of: y ap j es an( j t thought, as the tiling his own hands have fash- j ' J; '' ^ ioncd--the Steam Engine! It has demonstrated | t-tns'A. -N Xo later new*, but thc Paris Patrie any of our manufacturer:- call, ihmigh lOtJ miles ; the batsman, liehind him again is ·earer. It is the stupid competition to stcure! stop," who stops all bails that pass t throngk freights wlricb B d/mg u« iWs injury, i keeper." The. -real artivity and nerve requisite | ".^ ~ d j f ^ d tilo ^. strat( H c points which from ^"ncde^tar and" s'tand beside the "culptori* doubt tliat the American finvoy Lsai rcmn.- ^.£^"^rs"±± k z^^^ i living issue, upon living and practical ground, and -- - thlt iron sinl:ws w |,ich never tire, and nerves of j publishes the following in regard to the mO vc- '. steel which uever feel a twinge, c»n grow obedi- i ln e n ts of Mr. Ward, the American Minister : T , ^ f gi^nghai establish beyond . doubt tl,t the America/Envoy is at Pekin.- pressing HiTthe reason wliv Pennsylvania railroad ,,ock I £ "^Vfcw are fc-und to till, even 'creditably, stin f ''"l«g:«ib!ebctwecn then, and the Govern- an ,i ffly , -here am I what is thy will .- ku g. n e down from CO to 4U, where it h« settled ,,,,;.* i^^ith rmrx.-d ahi'.itv. When . ran 1; i "-ent of the L luted States winch they are rally ,ng | j^ , t Ol;lt engmc moulding iron. ] wilh a heavy load upon it. obtained without the bMl being hit, it is termed - *,,,,,". ,, ,, It is not the liarJ limcs th,t_!,ns depressed iLis ; , h t , f .h/,,,^,, u r t h t . bats . | the Charleston ton Itock, bat the knowledge thai it is carrying on » ! » '11? , , ,, rc , bc °,,^ «5.i!cral'v obtiiii-d ' a " d P utlihln " n "" - - . u -| j "- ° - l«ingga-ne in cumpe.ing for ira-Ie « «.« .1... ^ ' «J'^ ^^ ·· JL^-'* Th e ball t-'ogn^rio.-! Intervent.on and the slave code,. It is a dairy maid or a laundress to-day, and and drilling their forces to assail and seize. I f . roses, swayins scythes and swinging Haii, wav vention nonjinates a candidate , j n ,r wings, printing songs, the field upon the platform of piercing hills. . . - . _ . _ 1 .L.. ..t . -- _ 1.. ! * . . ° . . weaving silks, and don'f pay: for never" lias a r.a'l hr.'I tuch favor thown to it by our people, nnil our f.res?. as this. mutt be bowled ''TMt thro-vn" g or 'i'-rked and the ; our ' Jl:0 I !t: mil - V to wt!1 put tlleir '' UUSCS in ^ i l i f e a l*TMTM ' ik = a t-'ytiops to morrow; it pol- nnt w n tl e U'-' n , e - In bat '· for il U!ack K«P»W^n Administration. It is ishqs tbe gem . it crus l les the rock ; it drives the out w nen tne i.a.i p.i^ea 111= oat ,,.,. ..,,,,,·,,·.,, ,i... p.,,,-,,.,,:,,.,;,. «,· i ..,.·..,· .......,:,.. _ .x._ _ i ' .,,. _..j one of the brandies of the Pchio, accompanies by all the rriCiiibcrs of his legation, and arrivcc at Sing Ho Few. The American Corvette that brought Mr. Ward was retained in port. Thc members of thc legation, under the guidance o! a Mandarin, were placed in a liu^e box about fivi ictres long by three broad, which was closed cv ;ry where but above, so as to prevent those in il k ; from seeing the country. This box or tavelinj .rnber, was provided with al! things necessary t j the comfort of the travelers, was placed on a ft and taken first up the river and then up the ipcrial Canal as far as thc gate of the Capitol. Here it was placed on a large true!;, drawn 'by u-ilitici:\ns will have to back their clock, and thc multitudes shall swin A li"balls rolk-il out of reach of the the very cnmuoinily it is now injuring, piibrcnlied I |,y the "striker" arc ad-K-d on !ii s(-.,re. millians of ilolLirs. It is Ihe opinina nf many uf · 'T',,e KVil ian.-t weigh not le-i linn liv these that Mr. Thompson lia? cutirily too iinicli j »nd-a-!ialf, nor move li.a,ii livu ounces on his hancla. anil that, when lie thinks of giving up any of his roa.l-i, the first tliat he should quit, ought to be the I'cnusylvaniii.'' nOSA TEMPLE AT CIHCDIBATl. ·juarlcr. The bat mu.st not exceed IJ- inches in tiie widest part; it must not be more tlian thirty eight inches in length. The stumps (or wickets) must be three in number, twenty-seven inches out of the ground. ind'ti "·"·"· ' ff; " 1 ' 1C 1 "'" ri "' 11 !5 :l1 "' V1U1 ' principle of the Wil- · c ' ' Proviso. Am I to be told that t!ie people o f ' row grounds of the mere slave or pannitu of parly, I Alabama, tiud a virtue in that doctrine now which have fought anil put down in other limes' .South cannot abandon the non Intervention for deeming thc o'.-casi m one in whi.:h ihe intrg rity aiul existence of his country are in a measure at stake, he addresses himself to the whole body BHOWHLOW OS THE EABLt DEMOCRATS. Ibe Cincinnati papers have gone into ccsfcicies orer the time made tlicre by Flora Temple on Fri- j d»y la,«t Ike Cook trotted against her and did remarkably well. The tirst mile was made in i g:264; the second mile in 2:27; but it was on the j Thc Cortlandt (S. V.) Republican has the fol · third m8e that thclittle marc let herself out-" Ike" j low ing: being but a few jumps behind her. We let the i Parson lirownlow boasts of distinguished men Commercial describe thc third heat: j being Wh;|;s. \)xs he mean to say there were "On the start for the third and last heat, Ike: no distinguised men Ucmocaus, among thc early- bad the lead over · length, but thc judges, not-j Christanis? withstanding, sent them off, and as if-a ware that i Thc Parson having given much attention to principles. It is the principle of safety and o f , of the people, and not a mere fragment or section light to which it is bouml by its plighted faith, i of them. To him, Win-, llemocrat, Know-Xoth- and by every strong link and tie of interest and honor. OSIOIH OF TKsToLLAB XASK ing ami Frecsoilcr, stand upon a common platform when thc question at issue is the unity of those States; and it is in this novel feature of bis present and exalted position, that is thc perpetuation of Rcpublicin Government, the omntry has Thc half mile! whom Jesus kt'.-pt so siilent. and JJi'j'i Print to draw ;/'jVrt'/'twi.o passed s-ntenci: n^ainst ChrUt were both DcniocT.tls.anil they were men of distinction anil ta!'-nts 't Jm/nt was n l)en,ocratic Preacher and the Sub-Treasurer of lhe Church, lie took "p "«t ol the same d'.sh with the .Savior--haun- teilbi-.in!-,! i;i t'ie night to kiss him. Me T...S a!V c'.innate, as well ns a ni^ht wnlkin; 10 1- n ': )G l-ni bi^ early morn, and ol course was no Ijettcr after the imbi'.ation of tlie untold nuinhi-r of glasses that a Diitchunn can stow away. Thus with lager dc- a bac! dimme'l cycs,an tin»tcndy hand.and a short piece \ tn t |,' of tallow catuHe for a luminary, my ancient progenitor commenced his task. In carrying out the amount of one of his patron's account for lag- she liad sonietbinB great to do, tne little mare I scriptural subjects replies as Ml. ws: . . . . , , , , - r ,,i - i-i struck a fearful gait, and ere reaching the quarter! Parson Brownlow intends to say no such thing! majesty Ocorge 111,.became a littl^ mo r e__lii.ar- pole(35) she had collared tbc horse, and from ! He hns studied the Bible and the. History of the thence to the spot iW^nnkil as thc centre of the ', Church, with too much care ti make such a blun- track, slowly but siirciy gave him to under.sb.nd j dcr. Ihrod Antipiu, Tctrarch of dalilec, before that company was not her style. was trotted in I;n9i. lU-re'lki: on thc marc, and steadily ks-eiie.l the. distance ; until tlie marc swung into the slveli-h, when; it i ·VJis cV-.-aily proven that he h.-ut no sh-iw. Tne little huiv. as slit snuffed lire l.imnltu:ins p-i-tt jngs of the fan IV nmliitude--f»r the crowd was for then fiiii-c «a-. nn'l to ex'i'ei!i"iit--was ::;;iin Ml herself, ntu! .-:n! !.-n!y i.ui-s'.ir.p; into n inos! tv:-- »ific gait, the pas.-;(! the -ia\«i, amid the rocilcr- ous greetings of f'n-o th'.utj'i'il xj.vi.i'ors, in tin vnparalkll lime :·;.·!'·-· ·/·';/ a-K imt a hilt, actunlly b-. i alingher*:lfbv 'i:ii! i«-.-o:.d. "When the time H'.-H (,-iv-n r.,it. Hi..- :r; iTi.v.-il manifested the greatest cn'hiniafm. Horn and licr driver were surrounded, .-.;i'l .*' :i'- oi IK r :nl- roircr'. unable lo ic^lrain thsii ti'ii-'i-'iiin. be- ;»'i«.' gancuressing her, and uii-j ii.'iiviilisal, fairly t-icr- I n s word, there were, in thc days of Christ come, threw Hsariiit around !;· i i.i.-fk, »v! :·:·· lii'.-'- ".ho w-re Whigs, and those who were Dem- brncedhcrasrevcri'titially and Jmingly as though or t a K and they re]rertfiully carried out their tlie little marc had been the ^oildess v. hose n:ime ' principles. We have studied their lives, those of she bears. Mr. McMahon divirtul the applauding them wlio were Apostles, and those who were looks and pratulalions 'if the itii'.iuuicn, and we only Laymen, and we confess that we were never ·louU if the hand-shaking !:e r" ivtd ·-. ill n o t ' e 211 sdiiurer of the Dcinocriiic portion of them !-likely to wp;ti:«n lii» li-jld :·'.. ilia reins, for sou:c Is il fr..:n ibi mvroorablcrircnlstancc that they timt to eoUKt." | use thc notttr as nn fmblmi t A correspondent of the -Printer presents the ,.,.,.,, so mu ,. h to a( , mir( . ) to ,,,,,,,,,. an(J ,,, t , xlfll , f.,r..,wing solutation of the vexed question as t ) ougl ., s valuoi , he presidential office at its true to the origin of thc dollar (*) mark. He says: ; wortll . he csU , CTns ; te OC cupane,y as thc free gift My great great grandfather, who was a genuine · o f a n CT ij g htened and powerful nation, as the no- old Knickciliockc- "»-·-·--··---i i--·j - --~~~. i - - TM - - - - - - -- and lager beer sal Lane and Pear! street, during the reign of his ickcr Dutchraan,«id kept a grocery I West reward of patl . io , ism upon c;irU ;. but if it ·saloon on the corner of Maiden jg ,,, ^ won ,,_ ^y O thor appliance or mode of ippli; pursuit save through thc intelligence, convictions and spontaneous desires of the people, he will not , lous than was his wont, on a certain evening af- b( . foun ,i amo asp i ran;s . n e w j]| IltTcr swcrve ter a day of brisk business, and while in this hap- from f . litl)ful and devotc scrvice to hu c ,, ulltry . py mood undertook to figure up thc amount of| h c w ;n never falter in sound political faith; he his recipts. His eye sight was not «ovcr-clcar at i win nc?cr 1)C sjknt when the const , (;Uion is j n nor UIlc( , nctrne .i nr .,l i mm r,-eah!e when : nn :,, :,, ,.,. r ;| . ion is in peril They had not been allowed to have any communication with thc other world, but they were permitted to send a dispatch to Mr. Fish, the American consul, at .Shanghnh, in f orming him of their safely. After thc interview, the American Minister was to be re-conducted to the frontier in the same way in which he came. Farther Point, Oct 16. The steamship North Britain passed this point with Liverpool dates to the 5lh. Mr. Mason, United Slates Minister to France, died suddenly of Apoplexy. All thc plenipotentiaries were present at thc conference held the 3rd inst, at which time thc articles of the treaty of peace were read over. The Paris Patrie says that the treaty will be signed in a few days and thlt it will confirm the ess- sion of Lombardy and contain a settlement of the Lombard debt. The affairs of Central ttaly will bo settled by the European Congress. ?errv, and there is no communication beyond itmlcarv. It is raportcd that there has has Occn stampede of negroes from Maryland. Tiie train due here early this moining has not yet arrived. Many wild rumors are afloat, but no intelligence of authentic has yet been received. Western trains on the hi) road just arrived Officers confirm the statement first made, sayinj, bridge keeper discovered light had been cxtin guished; went to ascertain the cause and was pursued and fired upon by gang of whites and blacks. Colored assistant baggage master was shot and mortally wounded. Conductor Phelp threatened, train should not proceed, uncertain i to condition of bridge, Uc wailed till after dayligh was dctnined six hours, and says insurrectionist number two hundred and taVe full possession 0 the armory, and are commanded by a man name Anderson, who lately arrived. Harper* Ferry rioters seized a wagon of wheat to-day loaded it with muskets sent by Virginia. The military at Frederick were ordered out. President Buclian- an has ordered out troops. Another account by train says the bridge across the Potomac is filled with aimed insurgents. Every light in town is extinguished, hotels closed and the streets in possession of thc mob; every street leading to the city barricaded, men seen wilh muskels and bayonets, arresting citizens and furoing thi-m into service. This done the United States arsenal and government pay house in which is s:iid to b« large amount of money, including all other public works seized by the mob. Some are of opinion lhe object is tu rob the government of funds deposited on Saturday at pay house. Insurgents have threatened to burn the town. Following just received from this side Harper's Ferry. Mai! agent on western bound train reports train unable to get through Got as far as j Sandy Hook, baggage master and another party started on fott to bridge, went through, were taken and imprisoned. Went before captain of insurrectionists who refused to let anything pass. All of eastern bound trains lying west of ferry have been seized. Mail trains west returned to Goods for the Million! Just opened at Old Lucky Mo. For the Fall and Winter Trade, T^HE Largest and best assorted Stock ever ex- JL Mbited. Being determined to have the le»t nd cheapest goods in Northern Indiana, I invite n inspection of my Stock, which consists of cv- ry thing the coiihlry needs. DRY GOODS, Groceries, Wood Willow Ware, Carpets and Oil Cloths, Hats, Caps Bonnet*. cans from 25 cts to 50 cts. Satinett from 25 cts to $1,00. (jaesinicrcs from 70 eta to $2 60. Broail ClntliB te. Stripe Ticking. Muslin Jtiydj»td»f»r$l. Calicos, Ginghanx, Flain, Vlaid and figured Merinof, beLaiiics, Cliaiubrys, Kaglan Cloths, Cloaks, [troche, ATocl, Cai-hmcre und Stella Shawls i*. A general Stm-k of Jt'amilj Groceries, the beat Young Hyson Tea for 75 cents per pound. Quccuawure from the best Iron Stone China te the common Cup and Saucer at 29 cts per »ett. Also Churns. Tubs, Pails, Sugar Boxes, Cant Baskets c.. C. All of nhtuh I will sell at a moderate per een« turn over cost and transportation. Every thing I sell I will irarranl to be just what it is represented, aud by adhering stricilv to the "One Price System," my customers till always find my Goods tlie s*me in price aud quality--thc belt ana cheapest the market affords. All kinds of country produce will be taken in exchange for gowb, aad very highest market price paid. C.OXIT. mine i or I cun put away $20 a year for 200 years.-- shtore, ash I am dired and shlcepy mil eyes. We have ··· son's Daily :. · mostbcauiifu'i of the paper, ;:· which tho H ripttonof th |i-n. 1'irter C«. llrmncrat ffml.) . but he w'1! cheerfully MKc I j . ' , d t p ris ttnt Austria has agre=d lo 3k seat among tho-o who mavf.iirly lay claim u ls Ma "- u . . , ,, , i ic favor of tlPeir countrvmcM i, his elevation ' reduce, the Piedmontesc portion of th. Lombard : be dependent upon any other i-ourse than a bold, j debt from 400,000,000 francs to little more than , frank, conscientious and patriotic one, such o-" j |,.,if that sum. has long pur-tticd and _is_no_w pursuing in | Enn | aml _Thc London T;...^ h.isanother article o» the San Jusn d.fticiilty, while rejoicing at the mission of Lieut-«ei. Scott and trusting to a pacific solution, the article asserts tliat thc island belongs to F,ngland, and pitches into ten. Harney s a ftllibuster. . Liverpool Markets- Richardson A. Spmcc quote flour at a decline Odals per sack and barrel. Wheat declined 2d per cental. Corn riuiet. The builder's strike in London continues. Thc efforts to settto the difficulties having failed. Thc transport ship Clara with 400 soldiers and their wives and children, struck a rock in tfce English channel, but she succeeded in reaching Portland harbor looking bad. this station. There are from five to siven hundred whites and blacks. 4 p. m.--A train filled with the military canis- try left here for Harper's Ferry. Several of thc representatives of thc press accompany the train. Evening -A dispatch from Martinsbnrg, which is situated west of Harper's Ferry has been received. It confirms Ihe report that the insurrectionists have taken possession of tbc arsenal, and adds that thc mob has planted cannon at t'..e bridge. A body of armed men were getting ready to proceed thither to clear the track. The American of this city has sent reporter by tbc military expedition, who telegraphs that the spodition was joined there by ninety marines Oct. 19, 1859-wtf VALUABLE LAND FOE SALfi, T HE undersigned, as Executor of George Hafr- sel, dcc'd. will offer for sale, on tiitfttmatf iu Eel Uiver Township, Allen Connty, Ind. «»h»' 19lh day of November, 1859, the following TraOl Lund, belonging to ihe estate of George Hnturf, dee'd. to wit: Ten Acres out of the South Weet corner of I lie South East quarter of the North quarter of Section Twenty-one, (21) in Township Thiny-two (#2) North of range eleven, (11) Baa*. with a new FKA3IE HOUSE thereon, appraised at three hundred dollars. One-third of the par- chase money to be paid down, the balance on secured by mortgage on thc Land. TLe above if finely located for a country mechanic^ and is in the immediate vicinity of a church,. a school house, and a stenm miU. AKDBEW FARMER, ExV- Oct. 1ft, 1859-wlt ___^, FALLTFAsmoira AT THIEME'S NEW EMPORIUM, Times Iluilding. corner of Clinton Columbia-St*. J T1I1EME . 15KOTIIER have just received . their new Store, Timri Building, comer ef Clinton and Columcia-Sts., a large and fine Stoek of New Fall and Winter Goods. The fine Goods will be found of extra quality, calculated to meet the views of the most faalidioos md fashionable The whole assortment is larger md better tlian they ever before brought here, icluclcs French, English and German Broadcloth** _nglisli and French Cassimeres »d»pWHWf-ftil| 5iiiis. fine velvet, plush and silk V.MUW *P*^ stock of fine Overcoating, e»«, ·«., all of »hi«lli they make up to measure in the most fuliionaW* style, warranted to fit, and at tl* lowest pi-fee. large stoet of good i Now which way "wilM do it f -- ·· ·· ] THE OLD LINE Wiiiii MOVEMENTS.--A corrcs- 15 MOD TiSTB. | pendent of thc New York Times says: -ived from the Office of Daw- i The Hon. Washington Hunt and otliers mter- i A'eekly, Fort Wayne Times, a ! ested in securing the nomination of Mr. lulward ;... : rlenvelope,conUining the card | Bates, of Missouri, to the Presidency, arc in t photograph of the editor, over! Washington, prosecuting their purpose, the ' ' "the letter can be writ National Intelligencer has consented to support REiDI'MlDE Of their own manufacture, warranted well mai» and farr superior to the Eastern slop-work nsoau brought here. A good supply of Overcoats na4» by ourselves, in tlie best style, of Cloth from disill's Factory, warranted free from fly wool, peciall; adapted for Farmer's wear. Silk, Wool and Fur Hats; alargeenortBCBt Cloth and Hush C»ps of all the newest ttyles. Linen, Cotton and Fancy Maraailles Shirt*; Cel- Inrs, Cravnts, Handkerchiefe, OlcveS, Honer; *o- Walking Canes in great Tarietj, from 36 cent to $4 00. Umbrellas, Carpet Bags, Hand Trunk*, and everything in the Hil'S MMK W TRUCKS, of all kinds, -very substantial and ^ with two 12 pound howil/.crs. I are thereby enihlcd to reduce our price* 6 per ee«t. Latest-- The American's reporter telegraphs ! jtis is ilic only Clothing Store that strictly ad' from Plane No. 4, thirty-one miles from Harper's Ferry, as follows: "8 o'clock. The train consists of seventeen cars and four hundred troops under command of Maj Reynolds, with the road master and laborers to repair the track, and telegraphers to mend the lines. Three companies from Frederick are in advance of the train. Col. Harris, United States marines follows in a special train. Will not reach Harper's Ferry before 10 o'clock. the t'n-ket. Washington, Oct 17,-3. On thc receipt of intelligence from Harper's Ferry, order* w*re issued for the three companies licrt-a to the One Price Syttan--uo deviation ia prices. Fort Wayne, Oct. 18th '69. d*tf. Farm for Sale! I WILLeell my Farm of BigMy A«e» «f tan*, thirty-five Acres cleared, Two Houses, Bam, Stable, Chicken-House, Well, Orchard. *e. *hl» turn is situated in Wayne Township, about fite mile* South West of Fort Wajne, near the County Asylum. My terms are 1 , 6 0 0 C A S H , A Refers to J. Olnting, Fyrt Wayne. Oct 19,1859. AtfAM KREMEtBAEl. iNEWSPA'FERr iNEWSPA'FERr

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