The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 22, 1938
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS XXXV—NO. 30. BlythoviHe Courier Blythcvllle Herald ILS THBEIT OFFE-FEBW Mississippi Volley Lender Blythevllle Dnlly News c E. P. Toney, 57, Dies Of Heart Attack THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHED AHKANSA3 AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI AUKAXSAS, FRIDAY, APRIL 22, 10:18 Fn Good Condition Says He'll Use National Guard If Bondholders Won't Sell Bridges I.1TTLU ROCK. Apr. 22 <UP» — Judge !•;. P. Toncy, 57. of I.ukn Village, cli«l today In his room m it local hod']. Coroner Howard A, Dlshonch said death was caused by a hi-arl atlnck. Tunt-.y's body was found in u ho- ti'l ro:;m ;,Hi-r a friend had bwn , tumble in must! ihc Jnd(;« l)v I knorkint; on Iho ilnor, fS | '1 tie room WLI.S entered by use of j u pass key nii;| Hie body was found i (in tin- bed. Twnev iipriuivnlly haili • j dlid in hl.s sleep. I UT'IIK lto:;K. Apr. 22. ruiv~] T™ bwly will be removed lo l.:ikoj <;ov. Curl K. Biillty declureil today VllltiKf this ali.-inon. r Ihat. he woiitri cull out tlie nalional auai'il and (•.-.tablibh free ferries over Uift V/hlte Uiver at, Des Are and the Ulack Hlw-r at Powlialflii If bond holders 01 the Iwo slrucuires if- I'usKl io sell them to ihc stale. '•CHluiii k-'itil inieresUs In Mult- ttm-.'f are attempting ui obtain more liinds liom thp slate than the two .slni:.tnr(-.s urn worili," liailey said. "I mn noi going u> allow this lo l:e doiie. "11 necessary 1 shall call onl, the national guard, establish military '/.onc-s ut each end of (he two SINGLK COPIES FIVE CENTS bridges, plow up the roads louding lo ihem and then cslabllsh a free On v across Ihe streams. -I he slate has $120,000 set aside for the purchase of these lv. p o bridge* and ive are trilling to pay :i reasonable price for them as they stand. -Now attorneys- representing (he bondholders come out and say the $125.000 Is not enough for bridges wlien only livo years the ' both were .sold in u receivership - Hearing for $50,000. "I am going to see that, folks (irosn the two rivers free and If necessary will furnish free fern service." A spokesman for the bondholders refused to comment .on the sover- Graiilo(! To Give Receiver! More Time To Complete I IJ.s Jnvonlory HOLLYWOOD, Calif.. A()r. 22. 'UJ'l -Judge lOinniptt Wilson today ronliniic-d until May 2 Hie re- t'llvfrshiji over Uic {-l.OOO.COD for- lui.i 1 ol .inekle (.'oojuo. former child him .slur, whose molher claims Ooo^ttn, now 2!t. i.s 1101 en- IIIled "lo a ri-nl." S r The conllntiiincf was uranted ai. L eoiiM.uf, of counsel for CiiOgun and L| Ills molhi-r, Mrs. l.)l!I,,ii Cougzii i nor's stand to free the structures, (ports, Wants Clean City To Greet A. A. A. Tourists The Blyllievllle Garden club has issued a special plea for Blytheville to be cleaned Tor Sunday when Die 60 directors of the Ani- erican Automobile Association will l:o here. The club U asking the cooperation of everyone in an effort lo have llin down town and residential streets and alleys cleaned and/ lo have all rubbish removed from -yards. ,' -Members of this parly are from nil purls of the United States and it is tliese who suggest routes to be taken by tourists. If they are favorably Impressed with a city. Ihr-y suggest a stop-over there, it has been poinled out. 1'our or Five Day Trip Is Slill Tenlalive However WASHINGTON. Apr. 22. (Ul'i President Hoo.sevell suid loduy he plans to sail /ram Charleston. S. C., a week from loday on n four or live day cruise inlo lhe Atlantic. He imidc clear, however. Unit. «r- raiiHemcnts lor the cruise arc highly tentative and depended a (jreat deal oil Washington condition. 1 ;. Mr. Roosevelt, it lie goes, will use Ihe light cruiser Philadelphia, a new vessel recently commissioned and armed with six inch gims. He said (hat the cruise would have a two-fold purpose, (o Inspect the new type of cruiser and to catch up on the reading of ve- debris ^ Gold Rush Anticipated In North Saskatchewan C'RKINA. Sask. (UP)-Unprecedented influx of prospectors froir other provinces into northern Kas- fcntflictvan is anticipated here when spring weather condition.' permit sum of mining operations. KshbtLfliect minting- companies, newly organized syndicates and individual prospectors will be .11110115 "IP vanguard expected to! Coleman snid. trek across the wastes of the prov-' iiice niul the Inner fringe of the Norilisvesl Territories. Impetus was provided by word ol (lip rich showings ot gold in some of tlie northern 1 Saskatchewan properties now belli? explored, to- .Kellier tvilli vising prices for base tnelals. UernsU'ln, in order lo ri't-civer more lime to his inventory cf the earnings and holdings. At tiu> .sumo time yh'e lhe complelB Cuogan.s' Wilson granted Mrs. Herusleln permission to amend a deposition ( 0 the el- feel that .fackle hud been "a bad, bad boy." None ol ranrt. Hie principals were in coogan meanwhile prepared to leave tomorrow for New York to appear In the radio broadcast "We. the People." Hetty Grable. Coogim's actress «if(?, ivlio has been .siipubrtlmj him from her film earnings, revealed today thai Mrs. Bernstein had tiled to hall their marriage liy telling her that Coogan was a paupcv. Negroes Parade Before Program At Fairgrounds Collapse of Rickety Building In Alabama Town , Takes Heavy Toll .. OfTY,' : -'iWWfps.:.:^. (UP)— Adjutant' Genei ; al ' 'John C. Coletnon of the Alabama national iuard announced officially today that 24 negroes were crushed lo death In the collapse of a rickety .wo-story building here yesterday. Headed by a high-stepping baud of 30 boys and girls, the negro parade for the formal dedication of the negro exhibit building, at the Mississippi county fair ground this afternoon, marcbeil through business sect' ''" Science took one lo raise. and Johnny Wood ssiill enjoy i each their .parents ioofc lite other—but, Jimmy "ther's rompnny, npimrenlly, The photo atovo .shows the twins; wlio ijulned nationwide fume, when they were made lhe subjects ofj a living experiment in child psychology, as they looked on reaching Ihelr double sixth bhilulny, recently. Jimmy, left, was given aii ordinary rearing by his father' and Mrs. Dennis Woods-while johnny—not abashed by his Inrk of leeth-ira.s "conditioned" Oy Columbia University scientists. mother, Mr. and Prosecutor Admits Threatening; Mrs. Hebner; Says It Was Treated As Joke ; POCAHONTAS, Ark., Apr. 22.— Authorities here today discounted statement made by Mrs. Cora T. Hebner. 55, held on a charge of murder in the suspected death ot her husband, Will Hebner. in n note she left when she committed, suicide in her Jail cell here yesterday. " A coroner's Jury, found that Mr J. Hebner met death through poison', ^"•' ' was self-administered." Tiio -at ie •,„,! f-^7-f / ' • . • -.•. Bluff played gay airs as they strut- led through the street in Ihelr while trousers and red coat uniforms. .,-... They were followed./ by hundreds Coleman said between CO "and 15 of mll '' clll "S school., studenls, who other persons, mostly negroes, were' rcpresonlcrt ninny hundreds more, • • • and by cars which' .bore officials, Injured. Last of the bodies was taken out j at 5 a. in. by national guard recue crews, who had combed the twisted j ••'•• throughout the night Inj ° h ?'i ' , Vl '" tt * ' ' " 1 re, o dead d to be torn down before many the victims could be reached. t» then north on street until Kentucky ave. _ , , wa s reached and then to the park Colcman said guardsmen worked ; was witnessed by thousands of ne- uncler the greatest danger and that, groes and Ihelr white friends who "" ,??"'? Sid ,° ° f V 16 , bulUiln ? had ,i"»«l both Ash mid Main "treet" " ..... '"'"" ......... "'• Officers cleared tlie streets for ,„. .. , j the parade, which presented a It was Ihe mast completely dc- picture of school students ivl.o arc mollslied thing I have even seen" mos t outstanding In manual .train- Economy in Steps Leads To $1,000 .Damage Suii BJNOllAMPTONTcf. V. i UPi Trying to save a few steps may prove costly lo Harola Unell of BJnghamlon. UiuOl purchased a ran of coffee : ; pm n neighborhood xlove but Insleiul of carrylny II up j o |,j s tipailmcnt he lUiemutPd to throiv it up. Mrs. Anna Znzullnk. passcrbi-. was under the can when it came down. She brought suit for Si.000. Sleeping Beauty Rouses Slightly U T€LI YOUi BY BOB BURNS T never. co\ild see lhat the younger generation today is so different from that of yesterday. Some lady wrller says that their outlook on life is different. I don't think It's ncnr as different as the world they look out on. If some of pur ancestors could come back 16 life they would find that Ihe world lias changed a lot more than lhe children. Grandpa Snazzy s&ys that tho main difference In Hie children Is on account of this new type of ar- chlteclure we have today. When I asked him why, lie says "Well, fhhigles are scarce and you can't ••.panic a boy with a tin root." Ing, home economics nnd 4-H activities. Practically all of them were dressed In white and many wore garlands of purple nnd yellow about their heads and necks. To ndd color lo the parade, lhe bicycle girls and boys of Biythevllle, who rode on each side, had their wheels decorated In lhe same colors. Poslers Identified the students, who walked six abreast, with their Itachcrs al lliplr sides. The Harrison school of Biythevllle was first, after the band, and these sln- denU were followed by Ihese schools: Armorel. Osceola, Wilson, Grlder. Burdetto. Number Nine, Friendship, Wardcll, Frenchman's Bayou, Shonyo. Clear Lake, whleti students carried cane grown In that vicinity, Pecan Point. St. Paul, Huffman, Mount Olive, Coleman j farm, iirdr-oiig, -Coleman, Butler. j Kelser. Joiner, Victoria, Dell. Promised Land, Sons Souci. Round Lake. Calumet and Hickman. Hollywood friends of lovely Shirley Lloyd, above, IB-year- old movie aclress and singer, hoped tot her complele recovery when she awakened briefly from the mysterious coma In which she has lain for more lhan iwo weeks. Stricken shortly after making a successful radio audition, the young aim playet u •uflering from an unusual aliment. fork Cotton NEW YORK, Apr. 22. (UP) — Cotton closed steady, open high May .... Jul! .... 0(-t Dec Jnn Itfar. 387 896 903 905 908 9H 897 904 914 916 911 923 low 887 8M 903 905 908 914 close 890 898 907 911 9t3n 918 Spols closed steady at 896, up 2. Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Apr. 22. (OP)— Colton futures held gains of tin to /Ive points on active months of! the close today after rising as much as nine points In some months. open high low close — further questioning, she wrote Ijffil Prosecuting Attorney George II Steimel had threalcnecl her with the "third degree." "ft, Isn't fair, tunnan or civtllwd" Mrs. Hebner wrote. • : ' . • Slcimel told n jury." empaneled by Coroner H. a. McNabb that he spoke "jokingly" of having her subjected to "the third degree In Littie Rock" "satisfied adding that that she nen- lie that, we was were joking because she joked buck at us about H." The statement was made. It was explained, while \frs, Hebner was being questioned by the prosecuting attorney, Sheriff Thompson and Slate Patrolman Bert Frazler last Monday. Hfrs. Hebner protested In the note that she did not kill her husband. She said also lhal It wns Hebner who gave lier the poison with which she ended her life. He visllcd her twice while she was In Jail she wrote. Officers, however still were of the opinion that her husband Is dead and that II- was Ills skeleton which was found In i storm cellar on flic Hebner farm. Stock Prices NEW YORK. Apr. 22. (UP) — Reports lhat congress conferees had reached nn agreement on the (ax bill brought increased activity and rising prices Into the slock markets today. AT&T 120 Anaconda Copper 29 7-8 Associated D O ' s 1-8 Belli steel 50 Boeing Air 231-2 Chrysler .. Cities Service Coca Cola House Committee Favorably Reports Measure, Urges Ils Enactmcnl WASHINGTON, Apr. 22 (UP) — The house Inbor committee to:lny favorably reported a bill to establish H 40 cents an hour wage for n 40-hour maximum work week and urged ll.s eiinctinenl to preclude Ke cuts and deflallon. The bill would establish lhe "celling" on hours nnd "floor" for wages by gradual readjustment of standards over Ihree years. Initially the measure would e.s- labllsh n minimum : wageA of 25 (cents arid a 44-hour •;wc'eXJ. gradually revising lliose standards lo reach the ultimatum goal of "40- II BIG1_C I TIES 'Bugs" iVlonin, FVankio Parker Among 'Piioso Anvslcc! By Police. (,'iut;Af;o. Apr. yj. niPi-rii'WKfl (lius'M Murnn, prohibition i'1'n gang fliloli'.iln. unii |.YaukU>, I'urker, one I line mHlliitiulrc' nhplnne boolli'gKCi 1 , wi'rrr held by police Unlay hi roti- iii'cllon with mi Investigation ol mi underworld plol. lo llooil pitnri- |)ul culi's HI tin; comilry wllli n (limner ol ii million dollars worth til fraudulent travelers checks. Nino olhor persons, accused ol liHiii; members of (lit! glgnntlc chci'k HiH!. also wi-re hold, vow men and two women were seized with Monti) nnil Pinker. Tliiw men \vcrn seized In I'illsburBli. Police said nl least 3f, other members WCIT bring .sonijhl In Chicago Now York. I'hlludHphlii. ]>lllsburnh Hetroll nml oilier lartjc cllleH, Ueulenmil Thomas Ki'lly .snlil lie had rccorai'd iiboul $5,000 In forged checks from three of (ha men held In Chicago. PlU.shnwh poll™ confiscated $'.!l,800 of Ilie coimloiTell chocks found In ihc possession of the sus|H>c(.s held there. Since the gnng Moran headed during the prohibition heyday WHS wiped out he reputedly has been tntcn'stcd In u brewery. Seven member* of the gniig were machine gunned In the si. Valentine's Day massacre of 1U20 while Moran WHS Involved In n fight, with oilier g«ti}j- slerx for control of Illicit Umtor Interests. Father, Son Stricken Within Few Weeks Having operation* for appendicitis Is almost becoming a habit In the Oimid fnnilly. Several weeks ngo, James Guiml underwent nn operation In Chicago after having been stricken while attending college llierc nml lust night his father, J. i,. a Hard, underwent an emergency operation nl the Blytheville hospitnl, The elder Nfr. aunnl is resting ycr.y well todny. Monument to Dollfuss May Be Transformed VIENNA (UP) — The Dollfus monument., which i.s under construction In front of (lie Chancellery here, probably will be converted, according to n. government, spokesman. Into n memorial for those convicted of his death. It will then be a memorial for the 13 Nnzi "victims" who were four different plums, Tlllon hanged connection the July. 1934. rctjclllon In which Chancellor Engelberl Doll f us was assassinated. Claims Jackie Was'Bad Boy' •IS 11-8 121 General Electric 355-8 General Motors 331-41 rut Harvest 611-4 Montgomery Ward 335-8 N Y Central 12 3-4 Packard 4 Phillips Pet '.', 35 5 . 8 Radio G 3 . 8 Schenley Dlst 193-4 Simmons 18 3-4 Socony Vac 133-4 Slandard Oil (if J ','.'. 48 7-8 Texas Corp U S Smelt U S Steel 39 7-8 57 1-2 « 5-8 Livestock May Jill. Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. 904 908 ff!7 919 920 920 MM 915 S25 927 923 929 90i 908 917 919 920 926 905 911 920 921 923 929 Spols closed steady at 915, U p 2. Chicago Corn open high low close May 59 5-8 53 3-4 69 1-S 58 1-2 Jill. 61 1-8 61 1-4 60 7-8 61 1-4 EAST ST. LOUIS. 111.. Apr. 22 (UP)-Hogs: 5.000 Top, 8.50 170-230 Ibs., 8.40-8.50 140-160 Ibs.. 7.85-8.10 Bulk sows, 7.25-7.50 Cattle: 1.000 Steers, 8.35 down Slaughter steers, 6.75-10.00 Mixed yearlings, helfersi 700-800 Slaughter heifers, 6.00-9.00 Beef cows. 5.50-6.25 Cutters and low cutters, 4,25-5,25 Chicago Wheat Varieties Mount to 21 In Fruit Tree Grafting BERRY CREEK, Cal. <UP)_WI1- llam Jfmvk. expert In grafting fruit trees, hits produced one, tree that looks like u Christmas Iree In full decoration. Tho tree contains the following fruil-producIiiK gratis: almond, kinds of cherry ap'rluol, flowering peach, Japanese plum, three sweet plums, early peach, freeslonuncacli Bing cherry, black Tartarian cherry. Royal Ann cherry, Bin-bank plum, Sania Rosa plum, green gage plum, early cot and French prmia. Leipzig Fair Session Biggest in 700 Years LEIPZIG (UP)-The 1,980th session of lhe Leipzig i^lr proved the ! largest and best attended In its , long history of 700 years. It was announced. Exhibitors and buyers totalled 300.000 from 74 countries. Tlie Pair Included O.C50 exhibits, an Increase of G50 over- last year. Tivo of Ihc largest exhibitions hulls In the world were added to (he 45 al- rrad,- In use. More than 5,000 machines. Including the largcsl lypes of equipment, iverc .shown In active operation. Cotton Sale Income Is Off $41,000,000 WAHIIlNCiTON, Apr. I'l I.IJP) — Fiirm Income from Ihe sale of cotton deriva.'ird J-11,000,000 lust ycnr despite lhe Ini'Kcst crop on record —18,718,000 imlcs—llui de|>arlmPiu of ngrk'Hlliii'i! reported today. The .department estimated Income from Kiile ol rollon and col- lonsred nl $8(>:i,970,000, •comparc'l with $!)01.870.nOO In IMG tram n ii "( l2,-iiiO,000 bales, Heavy Reenfoixenicmts In- lci)si[y Drive Toward ImporlanL Chinese City SHANGHAI, Apr. 23. (UP)—The npaiM 1 ,',^ oifon.sivi' In soiilhern KhuiUinii; province WHS ItUenshled lodii; with tudlctitlons llml un 1m- be umU'rlnkeii. Tile Jiipniu!.';e, ukled by heavy rconfcircomenl.s, ilrovi! southward from Unyl lo relieve un cslimaled 10.000 of tlielr comrades neitr Lilt- slen. Another force, operating along Ihc TienLsln-Piikoiv railroad, recaptured Ifanclwang. In adilltlon there were Indications Dial tlie Japanese would attempt lo push north along the Tlcnlsln- Pukow road, from lhe arcn above Nanking, and morse north Chlim with contiuercd Icrr'llory to thr. south Hits Roosevelt Lending- Spending Policy In Message At Topeka TOPEKA. Kans,, Apr, 22. (UP)— Former Governor Alf M. Uintloi) ol Ktinsan lotlny denounced President Roosevelt's lending and spend Ing program ns u definite "inflationary course" lhtvt~can;_)jo',haltfcV after n .ycnr only by''''mlr'n'ciiloiif couraae." 1-niKlon wns scheduled lo rend the Address liefora tha Oiidnilsl' club but when his father, John M Undon. 81, became 111 In Knn.w City, Mo., lie U'etlt there niul tlir address was read for him by Jus lice Hugo wedoll of Ihc slate su prcme court, "The lime may be long or It may be very short before the day o' reckoning comes to us," he snld "The malerhil reserves of a country like America nre so enormoir It Is Impossible lo predict with nn< accuracy when Hie final smash wli' come." llie people, he said, arc confuse-' because they arc nimble, to forecast (he course the "federal government may embark on next." • Traffic Judge Takes Bit of Own Medicinr AUBURN, N. Y. (UP)—Homer V Walsh, justice of tho Court o' Special Sessions In Syracuse wherr trnnic cases nre heard, can (tike 1' as well as hand it out. Patrolman Frank J. McMahon hunj n' parking violation ticket or a car bearing Syracuse license plates, and a few days later tlu locnl traffic bureau received n letter and enclosed was a check foi St to pay Ihc fine, it was from Jusllce Walsh. Make Final Arrangements For Next Week's Cooking School plans complelcd for two day all-electric open high low May 84 1-4 84 3-8 83 Jill. 82 1-8 83 3-8 81 1.4 close 83 7-8 82 With nil staging ti cooking school' sponsors of the event were making final arrangements today tor the opening session at Ihc city hall auditorium Monday. The school will be presented under lhe sponsorship of lhe Arkansas-Missouri Power Conwratton and the Courier Nc«s in cooperallon with a dozen oilier local firms and will fe.ittirc Interesting exhibits of new electrical equipment for the kllchen and home ns well as a number of specially selected items of merchandise. Of particular Interest to lhe hundreds of women who will attend the two afternoon sessions Monday and Tuesday will be comprehensive lectures and dcmonstraltons by Miss Bonnie Duke, a recognized authority on foods and home econ- P omy, who will give two programs In aursHng into sobs at a deposl- which she will teach new methods ' of cooking with electricity and utilizing this medium for almost every conceivable household Insk. through the help of the various modern appliances and equipment. Included in lhe exhibits at the school will be nctv model eteclrlo ranges, refrigerators, water heaters, air conditioning units and dozens of other electrical appliances designed to take the drudgery out of housework. And tlio electrical tion hearing, Mrs. Lillian gan Bernslein, above, cried that her son, Jackie Coogan, had been a 20-year-old "bad boy." Jackie, who is suing his mother and stepfather for an accounting of the millions he made as a child movie star, said laler that ni3 molher referred lo a drinking escapade three years ugo and thai he has not laken a displays will not be all. There will ba attractive exhibits by various local merchants of Interest to women. Following Ihelr established poll™ the sponsors of the school will make no admission charge. Eitn session will be free lo the public and an Invitation has been issued for every woman in this section who Is interested In learning easier and bctler mclliocls of home management .and food preparation to attend both sessions. Each after- neon the school will begin promptly at 2 o'clock. Attractive attendance prizes are to be awarded at the school Including a valuable grand prize of a new Westinghouse electric roaster. This will be given to some woman Tuesday afternoon at the conclusion of the final session. In addition to the Arkansas-Missouri Power Corporation and the Courier News, the following local firms are cooperating in presenting the school: Craig's Dairy, city Electric Shop, E. B. Oee Sales Co., Hnbbard Furniture Co., The Coca- Cola Bottling Co., Miss Whltstlt's Shop. Floyd A. White, Hubbard Hardware Co,, Central Coffee Co., the Rite Price Grocery and Mar- Aclmihislralive Agen c i e s Work On Program While Congress Marks Time WASIffNOTON, Apr. 22. (UP)-, Government administrative agencies today accolcraled machinery to irnnslale President noosevolt's $4,512,000,000 rccovciy program Into action, spurred by a department of Inbor report that 50,000 workers lost their Jobs tost month. Whllo congress took n. holiday, delaying work on legislative aspects of Iho drlvo until next week, Secretary of Labor Prances Perkins es- Uinnted Dint 50,000 additional workers were hid off during March. Mnrch, she sold, wns the sixth inonlh of Iho unemployment spiral which President Roosevelt hopes (o turn upward by his new lendlng- spciKlhig program. The treasury made plans to spill $MOO,COO,000 in gold Into credit channels al the rate of 150,000,000 a week, • • ••' Works Progress Administrator llnrry Hopkins, awaiting notion'dt n house sub-committee on Mr, Roosevelt's request for $1,250,000,000 lo finance relief rolls until next February 1, drafted new plans to bo elfcctunted the moment congress acts. ;• Public Works Administrator Harold L,. Ickcs sent Ills nldes into action lo prepare a new prosram ot building projects contingent on con- •jrcsslonnl approval of the $1,000,000 rcriucsled by Hie president for hia Agency. E. M. Holt's Auto Is Stolen And Recovered E. M. 1 Holt's car was stolen from Ms yard last, night but was-later •ecovercd at Cnpo Qlrardeau, Mo. The automobile was missed at nlno >'clock and it was several hours 'ater that Capa Qtrardeau oSJcera notified locnl authorities the. car 'ad been found there. Two men, who were, changing Hie Arkansas license tag for a Missouri one, fled when, a passerby, .vliosa nania wns riot Iearn«i here, happened upon them as he was crossing an alley. He notmed of- ncers who had already been called .0 look out for the car. V Mr. Holt had loft his keyHn'tho :nr when he went into the house Tor supper. Mexican Mining Towns ; ,Have Silvery Streets WASIHNOTON (UP)-3treets of •e\ r cral Mexican mining towns llt- :rally are paved with silver, tha Vntlonal Oeojraphfc eoclety re>orts. ''Early Spanish processes of sep- irnUn^ silver from the ore were rude and left much silver In tho fallings," Ihe society said. "The tailings often were used for ' •oad surfacing. When the silver ontcnt is particularly high, tha -lllnvs are being dus up and re- vorked." Tractor Driver Knows Ail About Real Squeeze REOINA, Sask. (.UP)—Verne Pe- jrson, Iractor driver for a Sturgls, "ssk., lumber company, now knows vhat a renl squeeze 13. Hauling a lonj train of lumber- 'oaded slelshs, the tractor upset MI a steep hill. The lumber was ;plllcd all over, some of it squeez- 'tig Peterson Into the cab of the tractor so tightly that some of his :lothing had to be. ripped off be- ore he could be extricated. Peterson suffered no Injuries. Back Yards Canvassed To Kill Black Currant SAGINAW, Mich. (UP)-Housewives here have learned that the man who rings the doorbell and asks, "Have you any black currants in your yardJ" Is not a new salesman but merely a man doln? his job. As an Investigator for the state department of agriculture, he knows the black currant bush breeds the white pine blister which has been destroying Michigan pine trees. The state Is tnjlnj to wipe out the black currant bush. WEATHER Arkansas—Pair, cooler in east portion with light frost In exposed places tonight; Saturday fair and .•armer. Memphis and vicinity—Fair and somewhat cooler tonight nlth light ' frost in exposed places; lowest temperature tonight, « to 46; Saturday fair arid slightly warmer. The maximum 'temperature here yesterday was 71, minimum 57, cloudy with .72 of an Inch rainfall, kel, and the Hardaway Appliance j according (o Samuel P. Morris, offl- ,Co. i ctal weather observer.

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