The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 12, 1934
Page 8
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BLYTHEVIM.E, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS, Happiness Possible in Middle 1 Life THURSDAY, APRIL, 12, 1934 Il's Risky Business to Monkey With the Kingfish of Louisiana , liV KOI)M-:v rouiiir N'pus Washington rmie- sjiomU'ni V.'ASHINGTON. — Don't never Icuc-h n porcupine unless you cx- p^ct tti get H>n;e feathers in you!" That homely vMirnln>> Iroin IMcy tang lo his fellow srn:ilo.\s rci'h.-. v.llli us tnucli truih a.s Senator Pal liuriLion's :i5,smanco Hint Hin-y is llio ivspir'.rd man Jn ih" Dcte.steil a.s he Is. Huey ha;, (uills. Fiom that imvle, respect fur him is mounting. Yuu rnn \ials iff .scorn (j:i linn, lm! it's u barman il ;,ou m-t jour .••kin llill ul tliorr_s In tvlUrll. The leust JLU cat] expect Ls that Uiity will vet the t':ill.--iic.s hm.'h- iiii; at you. whether or no;. !iU WirUs m:ikc ^eiup. Senators in st.iu.s conil|:i:ou.s lo Louisiana worry lest Jluey eijtn- ilK-ir territory and camiiaiBn a?u!nst their re-election. Many of llicir constituents are Uio iy)ie ol )(>!ks who elect Jluey. He invaded Ait.unsa.-i to put over 'v!:s. Itattle Caraway as:iin<,t (lie v.Lslics (if Majority Leader Joo HoDinson, the other Arkun^ns senator. Connally of Texas has had nightmares mid Huey Is expected to IK in Mississippi this year campaigning for a friend who .sveks the scat of Senator Slenheiis. Uut here's what happens In the Senate when you toneh "the PJI- niplne": When Hobinron tried to squelch Huey last, yuir, Nous, exposed extensive "ixjwe.- trust' 1 ciinnei'lkms ol Joe's law linn and etk'ttnciy branded him ns a reactionary. When Hnm Lewis of Illinois recently assailed him, Lous swltch.i'd Ihe topic to an unpaid subscription lo his weekly pnpor mid an unpaid dinner clirck so quickly Ills', Hani found 'himself dc ing tlwi the chortling tnllui quieted or cleared. NoUiliiB Hnm more limn iiallery laughter ai his expense. When Put ]larri5uii defended Kobimon against Long's altncks the other dny he found himself fo:ced to explain a 515,000 not ample. A fev btoefcj away Is a seulement home where worker} woti!d welcome the help se«ral afternoons a wetfc O f a womnn ol rich and mature human experience. There Is a free public library mi another nearby corner. Lectures Hint would cost less than her masseuse and do more for her facial expression arc easily available. Happy Example* The Idea thai accomplishment c-nds or even tapers off at forty- live Is a fiction t.ial no modern man or woman should accept, for n'moment. You've only to consult Wlio's \?r,o to find out how silly .such an Idea Is. Not only do people (jo on doing good work until they nre .seventy nnd eighty, but ku:nc never even begin Ihe pursuit ! that wins them fame unin nicy are forty or past. Just otl-linnd, I think Gertrude Jekyll who was o I painter ami began lo wr i(c at 53. . She piofitcd financially uy her irl- | venlure, bill you can have fun <l'i- i Ins iiL-w IWiiK.s without a money J return. ' i For a woman wf.o '.voi; her bi'i- ijfst .success after fifty, you iwi'd Icok no furUicr than tlie ldol!/ed Marie Dressier, for several years one of Ihe imiiorlant flsures In the niDlion iilelure world. A few years ago, Marie wa? broke, and traipsing about from studlu to studio in Holljwooil trying lo dim work. Anybody ic-sn courageous might have accepted def;:U, bill not Nfarie. She kept on and such fame us descended up- un j:er in her determined fifllcs jlis !:ad never known before. Then, 11 I to have Mother-in-law coinn lor a | J'°ii want more examples, there is | visit! When she Isn't naming shej the ' 0vcly IrL '" i! nlcl1 ' al forl »'- t '*' 0 -_, i is sulking-bcciiusc her'son and \ m ^'\K "we money as a vaudeville hul Develop New Intorosls|Sn^re^ n rr^^i- ^^rr.^^is^riv^^irs: (liiired for happiness after forty, but poor dreadful woman is, of ii | 3 an excellent beginning. Take care of your health nnd looks but don't, think so much iiljoiil them that you' are blind and deaf to everything else. Have a rl'-ysical check-up ever so often, pltal, Memphis, rccoverlii 1 ; fmn a; and do what the doctor orders, then attack of anpenrtWt's. He will re forget about It. In short, think about interestin? main another week for lreit!ii'>n and will undergo an operation aftc- Ihings outside yourself ) u st as much three months as you possibly can and you'll find | Mrs. Oscar Birksdale Is conflnec: zest In life at lorly or any other Uo her home with mumps. «ge. MI*. C. O. Williamson or Memphis is the guest of Mr. and Mrs . TOMORROW: B* Happy Kvcn i W. p. Wilson this week. _ Tiiimgh Nnt Klrh. Wilson Society -- Persona] Mnrli> llrrMlfr Mi-ftl -.\iiil Irvnr Klch (tl^ht) . . . ninfounil Hit ailvanud years tniisl lukr her seat iKfurr the flrr|ilacc, tiiilltlnj • » • • * • Dou'l Mourn Reeling Youlli iild- fashiorwd idia «ial Ihe wnm.m i>( In band, In seml-rellremcnt from Jifr. ~ or oecruu: Life somflinii's holds its urfatfsl mid sullen mouth Is speaking. Her her. juv.s fcr iwrsuiis in nilddli' life. For I own story, she thinks, proves lierj -]i| )( , „ ntlicrs. InorrasiiiK -.ifir all to oftfn .pessimistic jwlut. Ten inunlln ouM coursc ^ Horrible Fxnmple of what lirines i)lsraur.iBcim-nl. It. Is lo the of the ycur she lives In a stuffy not to d(> lf Ol| Mnt to . „ h ' lallrr that Mary Hiir B :in-l M.-- holel room, nursing her r.lenmn- as yni] Br ,, w olrtl}r Hcr in| ^ . , J llrliln tntfml .nithur :uwl tii»uiin:Ln<'r I !sm Hurl rt'r ^rlevnTire?; I i _^. , . . , . . tuitrtl uuthur uiul nr-uspaper u'ouuin, iidilrrurs the fourth iirllcle [hrldwl In her jerlrs of six on the "Arl of Happiness." llv 51.1KV MAIIGAKKT. MrliKIRK -\I-;A Serv'eL- Sl'tfT *(!nrrcsp<jnrlen< i NEW YORK.—"Ufc bejlns ID There is no happl- afler lifty." womnn wilh the ovcr-mis- w , tll nn n]x .or\,\n B interest outside U»'UL ( and"-„ be |KNO Bl forty ' linrti bc-arinj his name whirh Long said wns 'pan of Ihe bankrupt assets of clsoed banks in Misslutppl." ol Missouri. oill. Cheap arnfl^lnij And _.. when he defended Harrison, soon found himself promising to pay Lorn; S6M for 'n iwrlnble sound truck used in his own campaign —after Huey had Hashed a receipt I Now Understands j Why Gly-Cas Gets So Much Praise Mr. Wnoldridnc Relieved of 12 Years SufTormsr Aftor All Oilier Mctlirincs Had Failed lo Ilelp Him. "1 was so discouraged bciiv^ 50 thin, rim down, and worn-out nil the time, and could find noihituj: to help me until I was flnMlyl persuaded to give Gly-Cns n trial—' it was wonderful," said Mr. w. T. Wooldridse, Route 3, Blylhcville. bis hide K so fnte, discontent?:! eyes he himself had paid the stuff, perhaps —• hul an lance U nl' -T t' ^l 1 " 11 ^ 0 l )l ' to Ilu'e-y. 'loo. But b ° 1 " S llfc '' Hint It could tlsm and grievances ! perhaps" most fatal mistake W'as In She looks forward eagerly to the-1 fnmil , 0 rovidc h sc , f annum month slie siKiuls with each ••• - ' of her children, but realization Is not unalloyed bliss. The daughter is married In a jolly man whom everybody except his n:other-in- huv adores.' SHE laments that he will be. a failure all h!s life because he lets every body do him! son's wile Is a pretty, very Independent little creature wlio. being an only child, always had her own way nl home; und so her mo- Iher-ln-law complains to anybody w!io will listen that "Anita is a Sevcntv-flv2 members attended the meeting of tre Parent-Teacher association at th school auditorium Tuesday nhcht. "Agricultural E'lu- cntion In the New Dr-nl" wa 1 ! the subject cf Hi 1 ! program, which was arrniiiicd by H. II. Wreun an-J ulv- i-ii by t!-e. P. f). A. bovs. The following ofllC'T-5 w nr e elecled: Mrs Rotort Itonch. rc^leclcd nresicl-nn Mrs. E. Harmnn. vice-oresident: Mrs W. P. Wilson, secretary and treasurer; Mrs H. M. Lewis, historian, c. L. Blnl \vas jian\e:l c'PHir- man of the comm'itee fir the summer ronnd-ui). Other members are NJniFS. V. O Mann, J. A. Apple and G. II. Fra/ler. Mfsdames Robert Roach. J. A Apolc. H. M. L'.-wls ami William Lulu'ig arc at'entilng the county federation meeting In Osccola lo- clay. Silas Schller ras re.turnc:! from New York cily where he visited relatives for the past three, months. Misses Helen Jackson. Edna Marie Jackson, Champ cannon and Parrcll McDonald of Monettc. Ark., were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Lawhorn Tuesday. J. C. Perkins jr. Is at Baptist fcos- . Bdward Warrlnqton of .New Or- I leans. La.. Is trr BUC-;! fit Mr. an:! M'S. Jack Kirkp'Urlilt th'.s v^etc. Mr. find Mrs. Kirl Cr-"'i and sin Jo? Karl, of flnlbfit. Aik.. arrivi'(J Kxlay for :i visit wilh Mrs. Cross mother, Mrs. Era Kc-rlin. Mr. nnd Mrs. Hudsrm Wrrnn Misses Leva-Ja liDvcr, Ai!e?n KT.V- cll. MarHif'jrPtc Keniiirnorf 1 . Joy:— Mann and Anna Hiith Speck i ul the Male mePL nl P.iy: 1 - 1 . vllls Prl:lay and S^turdny. Fhursday & Friday f Nile GMIi. ! ,love! laughs! Tears! Songs! herself. It's late, but not too late, even I now. for her to take on an in-' tea-si. Around Hie corner from j tr.e hotel, for Instance, Is nn ex-1 change that markets the handiwork of do/ens of women a good deal older thnn our Horrible. Kx- Good News for Kidney Sufferers! ihi I.I..MW »ithin»few|.cnrt. J-luibM m bunting iciiV, briofk oft. N o u Lcre «cbi QI b»rt, ijr.Ji:! JQ:U(J from l&rk of One d 'L-n i ? of latiUKlc v^ric-s in (cniHh I'rnin C8.7 to WA inih-s. ae- cordin't to the dihtmiL'e frujn Iliv rfiuator.>s Liiilv 'IVIls Mnw Hhu-k-DniusrHl I.;u;dive Fields All Her Kiimilv Herc'.s how Hlack-I)iau"ht fills Iho needs o[ a family lax-uive in 'he home of Mis. J. S. Stoker, Fort Worth, Texas: "The grown-ups in my family," shr- wrHt">. "bav? ahvavs taken jxnvdercd Theclfnrd's Black-Drniii'lit for bil:oi:sn'.'ss. hcudnehcs and other ailiu^nls (due to constipation) and found it a reliable remedy. I was very ple.iseci when I saw Syrup of Blaeh- Uraught advertised. I bought il and gave il to my little daughters, ases C and 4. They needed tome- tliing to cleanse their system and Syrup of Black-Draught ael"d well.".... Ask your druggist—ho f-Clls this reliable laxative in both forms. "Children like the Syrup." —Adv. 3BI'G AFTER 8,000 MILES be r^ctl for urmoitr ]i)nic. A Sclnsh Mother You can Imagine wluil fun it fc GUARANTEED New and Complete line of House Painta. New and Complete Line ol Fishing Tackle. Genuine Madden l.ninp Pnrts 30c BURKE HARDWARE CO. ?ECTR OLUX See 10 moving parts ELECTROLUX .costs least to run MK. \V. T. WOOMHtlllC.E well known farmer. "I could • i:evcr enjoy my meals ki'.owinj Ihe tmftfc nltacfcs of Indigestion I would have afterwards. My ftods soured, would become short of breath and so nervous I wa* tio.Tfiiied lo ted r.l limes. Rlieii- iaall«iu settled in my liip a nllil'led me until I cou'.d hardly walk, at times. But Gly-Cas watted no time in hclpinj mr oncp I gave It a chance and lotlaj it K easy lor me !o underslanil i.hy so many people nrc prsislng this new remedy—It deserves it Why my stomach and bowels were i emulated almost at once nnd ever, that, dreadful rheumatism hns beo.i relieved. It is wonderful that suf- . loring people can get B medicine like thu Gly-Cas. It has given mo my old JKP. I am able to •••'Wk, stronger nnd feel better in 'very way." Gly-Cai Is sold by Kirbv Bros Drug Co.. Blythcville. and" by nl leading drug stores in surrounding towns. —Adv .ELECTROLUX is permanently silent tLECTROLUX frees-you from costlyrepairs Those are four l>ijr reasons why the New Air- Cooled Electrolux- is far in advance! Then- are plcpty of other reasons, too—and we "'ill he very glad to tell you the whole story anytime you care to ronu 1 in. RING Farmer's For Avthiaf IB Fnd u« 127 Operates for only a few pennies a dai/ New ELECTROLUX Kerosene Operated Refrif/eralor Special Display Saturday, April 14 COSTS ONLY A FK\V PBNNIES A DAY TO .OPKKATE - - CAN UK INSTAI.LK1) IN ANY 1IOMK. Hot Weather Is Coming Prepare A'oi/' ft// installing the New ELECTROLUX Kerosene Operated Itefriacrator A simple, wkklcss. n);tl oil humor t:ikes the plsicc of all miii'hiiuT.v. No moving parts. Pnividcs conslanl n>lr), day and nij,'h(. AS NEW .Mittios plenty of i«> ctilics and freezes delightful desserts. Costs only a few pennies a day to operate. Low First Cost A'o Upkeep Cost Percent of tcnsilesiren^th remaining in cords use in tires: 8,000 93% S2% 16,000 81% 36% Supcrtwlst Coril—tx Goodyear patent — stretches, absorbs shocks, und conies back strong! Thorouglily rubberized to resist heat, ftivea lusting blowout protection in every ply. Ask us to Jcmonstnitcl SPENCER TRACY "PAT" PATERS ON JOHN BOLES erl Mundin ' 5-d Silve/i HatryGri-en . Ihclrr.o fodd Pioduced by B. G. DeSylvo .MiiKic;il Comedy ".hiilhirttri in I'urailise" Ciirlaon "Muddy and Tniiscr* —Coming To Tlic Ril/— April li) - 20 A! .Inlxnn in "The Wonder I{;n" wilh liii'iirdn Curie/, T»c!(ircs J)c! Kio, Uii-k I'owell :uid K:iv Francis ROXY Last Time Today ! Mai. 2: SO, 10-25c Nile S;.l:>. 10-25c Fox News Comedy—"\orlh of Zero" Friday & Saturday MAT. &• NITE—IQc - 25c The super-soft tires (he new 1934 cars are wearing can be easily applied on most 19J3 or 1932 cars. Ask for our special offer on the GOODYEAR AIRWHEEL. • Any feood new tire is pretty" safe from blowouts—but how safe is it after thousands of miles? Think over those percentages above! Remember, the public finds that Goodyears stand-up longest—that's why more people buy Goodyears than any other tires. Since Goodyears cost nothing extra, put them on your cat! GOOD; YEAR |P*Kifnd«r . V "o I—DIoitout - protrclird I by 4 FIXL FLIPS of • Suptrtwlit CorJ ln«u- |ln« ruVtxr. Alfto, the C M 4 A 5pv€>wcry * " »ou[ - protcctnl »iilmni notice on,! to • ii) Sraic *alr* (31, thrill ond stiuc dcr as you try to solv this most unusual ro jnonlic adventure I EVERETT B. GEE SALES CO, Frigidaire-Delco Lights-Elcdroiux Distribut or Service Station Open AH Night Wrecker Service and Road Service Calls Made Promptly Phone We Guarantee Hou a better Lubrication Job. Try Us. Texaco and Quaker Stale Motor OU SHOUSE-LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. wilh NIGEL BRUCE HEATHER ANGE VICTOR JOR From Ifio novel by John W. Vcndmook A Fox Picture Dlythevillc, Ark. Novelty Heel (ins Shy Comedy

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