The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 14, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 14, 1931
Page 1
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Served by the United Press COURIER NEWS TIIE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST AH1CANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION lilylheville Courier, liiyihevlllc Daily Nc-vs. Ulyihcvillo Herald, _ Mississippi Valley iJiule .•.•.•>•... M , .. ,,,,.,^.,,.,, ,,. ... I I'I'A M.l.i'.. ARKANSAS. \\ l-.HM-.Sn A V, -IANUAUY M, I!I:5I SINGLE COPIES FIVE (JENTS WILL en r mm Dticr Visits Farm Yard on Iliglnvav South of Town Volcanic Eruptions Cause Argentine Deaths Indiana Digs Up Mastodon | Kqulre John Foster had an ! BUENOS AIRES, Brazil. .run. U ! (UP)— Volcanic cruuilons hi Ihe ' Audi's region of northern Argentina ] were reported today io have caus- | cd numerous daubs und extensive •usual visitor at his home on H[»l;- j Iobs rf Proixrty and livestock, way 61, only six miles south of tnis! Dispatches from San Antonio de city, yesterday afternoon. Volns Indefinite A bll <* Ucei wandered into the'''•oilhwest portion of N uiu= 111UU1I1IIC ,.„,.., „, .,,„ „,„„,. .„, -said that torrents r o-'tponement Pcndir yard of the Clear Lake Justice's i I los Con-es, Argentine city in the I'.oilhwest portion of Los Andes ; said that torrents of mud, .stone Miner I"""" annul 2 o'clock yestcrdav -Jiir- i'""' llm showered upon the ihs- r ,, p. , . b Ing ihe snowstorm w-l-iich this' trlcl "™ r l!le cllilcan Irjllllt ' 1 '' niilliei- Developments. ..section. The deer became alarmed | ' !cf "8 tM from ">= stricken men. ' .when he espied a negro In the yard \ ™ M """"i ''S* m>rc bm ' wl ">' Consideration of a gas franchise ! and raced out onto Highway 61. the : e volcanic acon.x for Blytheville was postponed i:i- j principal highway fpr Memphis to definitely by the city council last | St. Louis Iraffic. The young buck; night upon motion of Alderman I., j sped away down a ditch bank af- O. Thompson. 1 ler a cautious glance up and down! The motion wns really an amend- j the highway. ed Term of a motion first offered Several rabbit hunters In nearby ! fcy Alderman Thompson that ":ic-! fields noticed the deer and Hr«! i lion be deferred until natural gar. ! chance shots as the unexpected vis- : becomes available" and expressed "or si»d away unharmed. ' " the general impatience of ta? coun- ! Residents in the community are ! -^ , \v/'ll P C cil with the gas fruiichlw Uou; i a t i loss to explain the yrcst-nce ofi -'(•'niOCl'atS Will t'OVCC ope- which has dragged along b?for? th: j the deer in that section. It was tl'.s tedious of the council for many i first one seen In that section i:i inontlis. " • many years and is believe;! to hav» O. P. Moss, general manager of: wandered into that vicinity from I !he Arkansas-Missouri Power com-!'he western part, of the comity. ', pany, appeared before Ihs ahiei- ! men and informed t'r.em that hi.i company wns not prepared to ine- fent a specific proposal for nature! gas at this time. The Arkansas- Missouri company application [a; a butane gas franchise was still in order, Mr. Moss explained, and declared that the power company \vcnld, if granted a butane fran- c'.iise. operate such a plant until iiiitural gas became available, fn such a case the company would j turn natmr.l gas into the mains o.' ' tlie proposed system here, he said, i A. I", ami l,. \vilhdra RELIEnCTI cial Session If President | Blocks Requests. • WASHINGTON, Jan. 14 IU1 1 ) — j Senate Democrats today declared I \var ou Prcsidrnl Hcovcr's drouth iiclief pi-cgram. i Without mentioning either the Ipiei'ident or a sp-cial session of P j congress, Minority Leader Robinson r I said. "Somebody who has the poiv- L' cr lo get action had better get Good I'd low* lo Kcsumr Salt' ol' Wood to Publir , Sale of wood In (lie general imb- \Uf. llnouijh [lie Cioodfellows wood! ynrd iii! West Main street will l» I rrsiinvd nl imi'C, It win annniuu:- .>--,Mw, tn : l lDing Oil"-! using wood mv Invited lo support Jil ion "Favorable" Only ^I'V 01 '" 1 ," 1 "" i' 1 '" 8 ™" 1 u - v i )laH "'- ( ,., /-.•!' l '-'' OK l l ''' s «''h U"' yard, We- iVIessaHes rvom Lamtol. ji>i«"n' number uw _____ H 'de of wood thnjush the Orcct- A. t:. Little. Joe Isaacs. T. J. Ma- \ Ielloivs J '" r <! ttns 5lu l'l"- 1 <l mef ;l Also Asks New Banking and Insurance 1 Laws:Ga's' lax Boost Introduced.- . han. nnd John Siiydcr, the four of- i ; fkeis of the Hrst NiUloml bunk' j who went' lo Washington lust week week ago when inflicting Ll'lTLE ROCK, .Tan. 14 (UP)— men >< apprawd to bo Cuiiliou.-; tax leBlslutlcn, rcorganlz- • with Itin ,>rriirlH oijndon of the state goveilimontnl' : " fanners tr> support their families by, selling wood. Due presumably lo (he condition of many of Ihe •r. the sup- ins has dlnitn- a (lehmm , llcvclo I to confer with banking department ,oillclals concerning the reopening of j ^unt'ry Voids'" I'IOW.TO . Ihe local Inslltullon, were on llirlr ., |y r ^ ,: r I way buck lo Blytheville today. '' y Messages which Ihcy have sent lo frle::ds anil relatives here con- lain nothing definite concerning the result of Ihelr negotiations, but every telegram has described tiie slt- to| . . the wootlyard to .sell Its surplus. Thi« woodyard will continue 10 goveilimontnl : structure, revision of banking and hicnrnniY! laws and audit of the highway depailmcnt and development of counly roads were tho highlights of Governor Parncll's message to n Joint ECSSICH of the legislature, delivered today, ' ' ".''. Nearly one-third p. the messago';' iinllon as "favorable," rmcl this Is wns established, nnd nny nroHln taken lo mean that reopening of I from tin- sale of surplus wou:l will the bank Ls assured though the dale I go to Ihe Ooodfcllaws fund, may pi'rhaps remain uncertain.] Sale ot wood will enable Ihe Possibly It will have to await lhc| woodyard to give cmployinenl to meeting of stockholders of Ihe bank i more men and to handle a larger supply free wo'il lo needy famll- W ns devoted to the proposed re IPS. on orders from the n«l Cross, nmaiilmllon of the state govern- Ihe primary purpose foi- which U Uncut, in which [Iw governor outlined a program based on three vital acts, namely, Ihe short bah . lot, the four year term und thp executive bnclri''!. \Vouhl Eliminate Ifoards 'The laigi/ numbers of Indc- a proixBal for reduction of tho cap If yen had lived teveuil million years ago in whal is now Iiuliana, prolj-j Hal stock from $160.000 to $100,000, ably you would have ::id monsters like the one shown above, for near • I' 31 " 1 of "'« l»'0ijrnin for rce.-itab- called for Febnmry 2 lo pass upon ; qnantlly of wocd. Farmers (lc)iv-; pendent and scml-lndcpcndcnt bn- ; busy." (Jrc:.iwcll. fnd.. scientists are now digging up Ihe boms of a recently:. j lc]n . ( | )ls discovered mastodon. Dr. Ira 'Edwards, of the Milwaukee public inn- w m'i whom erlny wood be paid $2 per ro . u|S| innk for 4 -font \vaod, dcllveteil at the yurd. The wood will l« cut to order [<n ' P'irchnsers In nny size to fit .._..._ ........... _____ _ „...„».. liom omccrs'oF'iiic liistitu- 1 lllclr requlremcnti, nnd will be de- Hvercd to theli- homes or business Mr. Moss was preceded by C. A i Los AN GELES. Jan. 14. (UPI — Cunningham-, local attorney who i Da ' ss ' Dcrav former secretary I:- _ , , who . !ind appeared before the sessions of i clara Bow . movie star, hurled third the council several times in the Ui- ! <ie g ree charges today when she was terest-of the Memphis Natural Gas company and its associate, the Arkansas Power and Light company Mr. Cunningham explained that • tl!y w ^ cn her atto ">ey. Nathan O. callK > 'he first witness at. her Ulcft trinl - M!SS wns Permitted to tes- attach a SI5.000.000 food amend ni:nt to tlie agricultural depart-1 ment bill or to the deficiency ap- | great mammoths looked like. ajn I'.ropriations bill and to have showdown on the question. Failure to enact either measure \ probably would compel Mr. Hoover i to summon a special session. nra! gas in this territory in favo- : alr ot the Arkansos-MiJSonri Por.-cr! was mndc to Democrats in the senate have de-.| elded to abandon their efforts to, add a • 815,000,000 fco.d^_loan pro-.; '_•_ " i vision ' to the administration's' statement Miss Devoc asserted drouth relief bill, Scnptor C'". FALLS. EBOilffiTD bank would rtopcn before very Ions;. The officers who made the trp expect to arrive here Friday. Cotton Consumption for December Announced WASHINGTON, Jan. H tUI Matthews, - .r , company. 3itr. Cunningham's •nap- ; chlcf ' nvesti S a tor for District At- ment waj confirmed" in letters i torne J' Buron P'tls. whieh Mayor Reed read from t'ne! Miss Devoc -claimed ATknnsas Power and Light pany. Matthews n _ j sent his stenographer from t b ti jroom soon after the statement was Both Mr. Moss and Judge w D : taken and Ulal lvncn he an d Min ravette representing E. A". Horna- Devoe were nl °ne told her she had aay, San Antonio, Texas, state:'!? 0 or . 50 CQUnts of grand theft that they were ready to pres'ru '• "' lan g in g over your head an:! you their butane gas propositions if'(}>-> i hcttcr te " us everything. Then Mr. ccimcll was ready to consider such • * Iattnc »'« to 'd me each of these proposals. .carried one to ten years in prison. Alderman Thompson's motion ' Atter tnat he ask ed me many cu-s- Ppstponhig indefinitely further con- tlons about tn e love life of 'MISS of the C ' ara fiideration problem Knar.imously. B A ne^ thTcoun^i *»o ^ . Wli ^« Named to Board •S200 ;o the heirs of M. o. Grant »j the Bank of OsCCOla negro, for fs'o' lots that were U"i ' _ by the city in opening up Rco'sc'- j OSCEOLA, Ark.. Jan. 14—J L vcit sacet to Franklin street a "'' n ''" 11 ' was re-elected president m'mber cf years ago. of the Bank of Osceola at the in• •Tr. Reid explained that his c!i- ;™ sl stockholders' meeting way of Arkansas told the United Press today. i They will later try lo ndd the ! disputed 515,000,000 to the clcucien- ! cy appropriation bill, Caraway said. : Caraway originally offered the $15,- ! The lowest temperature of the 000,000 food loan amendment which '• winter was experienced here last, wan rejected, yesterday by the night when the mercury in the of- house. ficinl thermometer at the Chicago "Wrr will let them have their Mi " fel1 lo w de 8 recs above "">• 545.000,080 drouth relief appropria- six degrees below the previous low tion without the food provision. 11 !llai ' k of 20 Caraway said, "and we. will move; °" e lncl1 Dl srow fc " Iole y 3 to arernd the b::: bv tcrday ani ths cold weather rede adding the 515,000,000 tlit-re. Tha; ! "'- on tilc wings of a stiff wind which added to the dkcomfjr;. Warmer weather Is promised fnv and ' commissions which the legislatures of other years have set up to carry on the expanded l.'iislness of the state's government cannot possibly tune: lion as efficiently as i\ compact, responsible Rivcrnment in which both authority und responsibility aro definitely fixed." (he governor fcaid In .advocating coordination of all tl:.; functions of state government Into twelve departments, ten of whluli would be administered and under the governor's 1 control, oia of which the law de-. partmcnl, would be under the elected attorney general, nm\ the other, the department of nudlls, Drainage District and City j ^ .jouu^oh^i^ wholly .,,_ to Use Men Fed by Red i wouia Boost r,a s TM .ast Night Was Blylheville's' Steel Company Stockhold- Ccldesl of Winter With Temperature of 14. «as franchii.-; ara ™ " nd told "re all I sav I bill has some political sgicacc It was passed' »°IIM be held iu confidence.' | and if we liuve the votes to siMfl'n ' amendment the Slfl.COO.OOO ap- tomorrow, but low temperatures ar; - , 1-11 -n i pioprla'ion bill will stay thero ar-,-1 of. ; $34,493,668. bales! census bureau reiiorted (oday. | ; compares with 414,887 bales and 452,095 In D.?ce:n- . • *-• \ r, 11 - • -S ) yi'l 0 "i"tlc 1 , , Qmss Here, j - - ..-.v^., r.t«.VM-' 1 e* |^"-^. • ... ^^r^^^i^^. Threc bills the-.houre Introduced into •before .th UEfV&S'i.rft Arraneemeins are being complc;- Joint session shortly before neon to ed which v of the able wm resuU hl a ml j orll y pass on officials, acw and amend- ..e bodied men now receiv- I menls adopted In the November NE\VARK, N. J., Jan. 14 IUP)— A demand that officers and directors of the Bethlehem Steel Cor- prrntion i-elurn $34.403,068 in bonuses paid them by the nrm since 1011 hns been made by a group of bei- 1920. Total consumed for the first five P"' , , ninths of Ihe cotton season ' end- \ cnnttls «'«> clly streets. '" i Ing help from the Hcd Cross beln? i elections. ,.Jput lo work on drainage district! A " tl! f" Ing December 31, wns put at 2,-j Thc drainage district program 012.244 bales against 2,738,185 in! »}"_ st . nr i tomorrow, _ when groups December of the same period ••-•«-1029. Spindles active in the month Rowland store. Rose.nnu, and Phil- amounted to 23,525,620 against 25,-Mips' barn, Blythevlllc, to start 951,010 In November, nnd 29,047,-, cleaning out drainage ditches In were Introduced, cy Representative P. Arnold, Miller county, and were referred to committees after they were i«id. They '^!,_ were to place nil additional tax on [rin I erich gallon of gasoline and ti re' duce tho automobile license tax 35 steel commcn stock holders' The demand Is contained suil filed In the court of chancery 030 in December 1329. Exports and , those neighbor here against the Bethlehem com- 1 Imports compared In running bales! The work will be done under the cxtemi U|e Um( , of |)3Vmeilt , „, the supervision of John W. Myers, ;n- 1 1930 ln:(( .. b fn ,-,„,,,;. ;o ocioVer neighborhoods. re again psny's officers, directors and form- ; -xcluslvc of lintflrs. percent, exempting transfer companies, a bill requiring election of county school superintendents, and another the governor to er directcis by Canunnus Bercndt i --special s.ssio.i of cciiirens if n in prospect again tonijht. LITTLE ROCK. Jan. 11. CUP>- the administration can bring on a refuses to accep; it. Personally 11 Arkansas shivered today as temp:r- ^ ^ c i, an .. cUor Jo) , n _,_ Bnckcs Nev-'^"'BeVamhi ^lickfield W '• ^"k °' Alison Votes David Tait, of! Ten Per Cent Dividendi 0 ^ which, it sutBcient ! v;_ ^t,i_i---_T _i« ^t n**. i Bincer for ULilricl n. | Cllflon Scott, receiver for the Ula! trlet, has approved a program tin- York, nnd isnck, N. Y. The complaint also asked Asslsl- j be obtained", all of tho ditches In urn in favor of a special session. 11 atures tumbled to new levels lor ._. — the winter last night, accoin;nn::u HELMET STUCK '" 5Oms seclions by snow and bit(UP)—Ed- •"'= winds. \VHLSON, Ark., Jan. 14.— The! 1 13. -, _ . lor an order requiring the defend- ams to shov; ca.ise why, pending ' of the suit, the pay- m Hhe district will bs cleaned of trees .a'nlc ofwiison" declared "its ens- j ™'t underbrush In the next two jnrnry ten per cent dividend at months. The workers will be paid j Strikers Fighting for Humanity Novelist Says vfiiiT T T-l -IT . < • 0 , DANV1LL f' , y a., Jan. M <UP>Sherwood Antors-n, novelist anfl the money becomes avail- ney, assistant cashiers tlblc - ''he institution a short time ngo A-t-./-.-! ,1-1-11- Hn \r'! 11 n i '•! > li rirli-ol The ccunci! voted to connrm an increased its capita! st'ck to S50,-1 r\-l I' J' ML JLAll V tl 11 tl \_Jtl 1.1.1 L/V.I Ltl 1 agrc;n:ciH with the Baldwin Piano CCS.CO with a suiplus of S25.000. eosr.pany in the form of a resolu- of the city was em'cicd""by" biir-- Cullom and C. O. Willianiion. di- records of such assignments will b:-, iars last nlghl and a miscellaneous! rectors, and T W. Hut-son. cash!.:r. kcpt alld lnon who ,„„ lo re . );rt l p. „ ., , „ assortment of gooas stolen. ! ' for work will be refused further j r IdLe ^. J " r " dU ° 1 ' C=l The robbers' loot Included n:i:.-.. Laj-lpbcll Wil! ITV for . foo<l requisitions. | r ire UamagO at roliccted for the use •! tl-,? piano r.nd auditorium. The resolution fimply conrir.-ned. a previous agree- - ment with O. c. Barnes, repair-native of tne Baldwin company ihc council by resolution also voted to nl:e,v the B. H. s stiirt?tiu Placed in Comptroller's Hands ^ ^^^ i j.«n, ,u-j'!<-•., .^,^. ...^... u _ u ..j.,.,, *jrj.t,HJ»J\,H 1)111 *J • V* t • i *-m \\/ >\ ^ { (vliiiv>l\it-i ' 1 /^ c * i i \ nicat, lob^cco and ladies' nose. vr t * o in T' WCe VV i^ UO l 111 H I.) 1.1 S 1 0 II11.) No clues to the rcbbery have been NfiW Auto Speed Record. $500 The cathedral at Havana. MEP.ID1AN, Miss., Van. 14 (up)'«"hich encloses .. Tn 0 pi-vt Kiiir;nal Bank which one of the tombs closed after business hours yes- o r Christopher today, will be in the hands of the 1 „„,„.„,„„ ' ir „,„ Fediral Comptroller inr llqulda- Columbus, is the it wos announced today. Tho most , note- nnnual me- clos ! n S of '!}« ^ nk followed many worthy of the :>ic use of t!-,? piano for two nlshts fcr flv.? dollars in c'nnection with Bins'of their nnnnal me- i):;>v. The usual fee is fivo :ie EOliciirMon 'eu~ P 'Virgil' locn1 ' oanks in an eff ert to fore- 1 " 1 local attorney. tlv> c:un- Bln11 ce " ation of . operations The city. the staging'of their r!T;al plav. Tlie usual fee is fiv (icllr.r; 3acU nlglit for ll:e piano. " : Flr5t Nali ™ nl antl hra(Js of other conferences by the directirs of the 1 man y old churches . , „ . m the Cu ° 3n At the Orecnc, ~... t ril voted to allow t'hT'lc<a"l chap- : three Ctl1er M" 1 *' 011 banks are re-' The present •cr cf Vr-rerr.vr. of Fo-cipi Wars to 11Drl 9 d in Bood condition and pre use the roo'n In the city hr-ll' re- cau '-«'' 'nave been iaken by 1 building. origi- fontlv rccupicd as Boy Scout lo ra£cl « lls - ^« '^«' ™^ " a " y thC ° hUrCh headquarter;:. Mr Greene explain- Ban H operated with a capital of. of Richard's Well the Jesuits, . was erected In ; 1656-1724, al! though the Inte- [ i j i r. j ; rlor decorations Located by LJeeCS' date only from 1790-1820. i SHEEPY MAGMA (Leicester- In the wall of rhirc). En-'., (UP)—The well from the chancel, a e .{ich.ird I.II had his medallion and engineer and lire chief were •--.• rt r ni ; bofcre he was slain at inscription long • ed that the chapter would 'like lo J60i00 ° ancl a £« r P lu s of $240,000. use the room nr. a meeting place an^ alsp as iieadquarlers for assisting foreizn war veterans In gaining their government compen- .-a'.ion. This ;erviC5 he explained wns bringing much needed cash. Into this community. Rcp-rts of the police department, which King Hich.ird T.II had ills medallion city heard by the council. A. G. Hall, nr.r-v.' h. ha; Veen l:cr t tcd behind - distinguished the auditor. al«o r,ub:nitlcd his report, a cottage lier? tomb of Colum- ~ Title deeds of the two r t,i cot- bus, whose re- BILUN'GS. Mont.. (UP)— Leaf :n «.; contained this Inscription: ; mai^? vpre rc- ffow ar.d curly top", two of the • wit', wi ,t or drawn from this moved to Havana m-s: : Ti::u- plant d;s:ases occur- well Richard (he Third. Kin-- of from Santo Do- rlng a:no:ir sugar bcete, cause- England, a:suaged his thirst when mingo in 1193. r. gr-wers little apprehen- lighting In ihs most desperate and When Spain lost r.^ diseases, of such extent hostile manner with Henry, Duke Cuba in 1898, the that agricultural of Riohmond. and atout to lose be- remains were ex;--r::. a 1 ' alarmed, do not flour- f- r e nlglit his life, together with taken to the ca- Ish in Montana. , his sceptro, August 22, A. D. 148S." , thcdral at Snvllle. nose. ve been ; otained ns yet, t>:ihec report. i Jury Acquits Merchant Crowd Didn't See All of Game WILLMAR. Minn.. (UP) -- Two large deer and a black bear were DAVTONA BEACH, Plr... Jan. 14 IUV)- Cnplaln Malcolm Camnbcll, BrltLih spaed driver, will make «• 'ry f-r a rtv speed record February 2 and itics said today. , c - Abrahams brick store build- r r> i t r>i '"S 0:1 ftaiiroad street, oetweon, 01 O'/erdralt Lharge Main and Ash streets, wns dam- Aged by fire, Gaid to have orlglnat- fed over the fenders and bumper ' BC-X V/lH Fly to RlO , Inal code. of an automobile parked bcfrre j _ , .-, , , .. L A. S 13 .11:11 liaise here. , Deiore r,nd ol Month: ;. C!]5C fi!e Co.ites LISBON. Portugal, -Jan. 14 (UP) pany is the complainant in a slml- ; i" ncr ^.."'J, 0 ™rM,'. u rat. DO-X lar charge upon which Coates will : SM> ' * Eocn a brge crowd gathered to ort'nlrr the size of tl'.? animals and sec the triumphant huntsmen. _ T he Dornier flying b Presently the owner of the car w in pro ceed to Rio de Jawiio be- ( nc e trial soon. "«»r.-.-d. One cf the bystanders lween j am , ar y 26th and 31st. Cap- _ spoke to him: lain Christiansen said today, i .Hi had pretty good luck, I 1 Looking at the speaker, the man . shook his head and replied, "No 1 wo-.iltln't say I did: the body ^f ! my broth.?!- lies In the back seat of tne car." Barboro. wholesale pr;c'ii-- ed the infonnalion The Arkansas Grocer co:n- A defective flue resulted in a fire which c?.used slight damage at ! the hoi™ cf. Mrs. Maude Halstead, 3C1 S-uth Division s'.rtat, late 'al[ Lake City Opciis i Criminal Tena Ca»Jed Oif War On Heavy Smoko Tho second adjourned session of .. j ... . the fall firm of criminal court, ruzzli'.ip Inscription, SALT LAKE CITY uta'-i <UP> 5cncciulec! '•« °'& n t!lis morning, -Salt Lake City Is finally bocor.i- '. *'.'» _»°.-._ b; hl ; lc L5. r ':'. l!! !*l court " D . t 1D { ,, . Painted Roofs Used On Providence Busses DIOHTON. Mass. tUP)—Mi(i«2l • | n! , "= m oke consdouV Cortc Real. Portuguese explorer, '^,5 clty < s onc ot t i lc s:,,;;^;.^! landed here in 1502 ar.d lived in _ci urm g winter—In the Un'.toi In session at Pirtrtt officers explained and two couit of the same division can not bi in session at , Thc Cathedral at Havana. c! all motor busses and trolley The Import of the Inscription had authorities nre trying to ;;.;.,' „,,„... „.„„ ,...,,„ i, ld ;,, m( , n t cars of the United E!:ctric Kail- been a mystry for more tha:i four'teach citizens and industrial ccn-i [ V1 i n ,,"!°i ,„„"/„"'(},.: ™ c • jvs Cminnny c: Pravirtoce are'centuries. cerns how R soft coal n« should . "".? h.J' th-?r orl'on £rU now coated with aluminum inin:. i To commemorate the landin;. Br. bo built so as to cut do™ thai _______! Alonzo P.. Williams. *'n:rV :nv- :Gilbert Marques of Ne\y York took'smoke situation to a minimum. j «rr ATLICil ager of the toad, curious to know:two {mall cedar chests full of dirt 1 Airplanes fly over the city and! WtrilrlSilv why gasoline'and oil stoi-age tanks from near Dtshton Re-'' to- •-••--,"spot" locations where the heaviest! -—— were usually painted sliver, found entatlon to the Geographic Society jmoko seems to originate. They fe- : ARKANSAS — Fair and not so that the aluminum coat, kept thj- of Lisbon, Portugal, and the Cone port and the householder or man- ' cold In the extreme northiost par- i contents cool in the summer and Real Museum at Tcrccria In tho ufacturer Is given a few helpful ticn. Hard frc^tv tonight. Thurs- warm In the winter. Azores. hints the next day. day fair with rlslnj temperature.

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