The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 8, 1944 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 8, 1944
Page 2
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, PAGE TWO BIA'TIIBVJM,!') COUKIKK NflWS FRIDAY, DKCKiMBEn 8, JO-M Mrs. Cherry Entertains * ' » Mrs. J. 'Louts Cherry was hostess to: Mfd-fyeek C!tib -members nnd one guest, MM, Robert Porter of Dearborn, Mich , when she entertained jeslerday afternoon at-hef home ,,, ,. ', '.•••. Luncheon was served at the dining table, centered with n low- bowl of yellow chrysanthemums. During .the '••afternoon bridge • games,.. hi&h''£cbro prize . -it*™? flub •members. wept to Mrs. »;/;' ,!!'f;nc, "ffnd-.Mrs. porter "lUcf waiX; •:.<! vv~ -1 .k, : . ; ._,; t .4.^; ^ ( 'Mrs:'BiHhev Entertains Mrs. Charles Blttner was hostess to members of the Thursday Night Bridge .club, and one guest, Miss Jane Branson, when she entcrlaln- cd'last'night ;at her home: High score prize went to Miss Nancj TCIishiier and second high to Mi's.. Blttner. .and .the hostess served a dessert 'course. « ;« Bridge Club Entertained Mrs Man In Robinsun played bridge' with members of the Wed- ne'sdaj Bridge Club when Mrs. James II Dell entertained 'he group Vc3nesd>i afternoon at i)er home foi luncheon jind bridge A. hvp- course, luncheon was served at small tables arringcd In the uiing room High' score "prize m the Bits of News Mostly, Personal games went and second Wilson. bridge to Mrs F E Black high'to Mrs. Dakcr Woman's Club Meets Members, of, the .Blytheville Woman s Club met jesterdaj afternoon with .Mrs. George M. Lee, when the • president, Mrs. Charles Ray .Nowcomb, .^presided over the business-' session. > A ?2a tubcrculoslr bond ^111 be purchased b\ Ihe club nnd n $100 War Bond In accordance with a vole taken among the members present yesterday's .meeting, Packages were packed and wrapped, during the afternoon for dls- tribullph. to paiienU',at -Blylheville Army .Air Reid Hospital. During /the- social -hour which ;fo)lcwed, Mrs/Lee served .a-'riessert '.course. , • i~« • ' . Club, Guests Entertained H'hcn Mrs C C Langston 'entertained Octette Club,, members jeslerday afternoon at her country home at Number Nine she also included in her guest i^ fj, rce 0 | ncr friends "«rs Loj welch Arrs. James B Clark and Mrs Cornelius Modmgei L Luncheon \\as screed at the din- in" table attractively arranged *ilh late Pill flowers and bridge "is plajed during the afternoon. High score prire was won b\ Mrs >Ed»m Robinson and second high by Mrs J c Ellis • • * Luncheon Club En tei tamed - Lieut, and Mis. M, J. Angell Jr left this afternoon for Statcsvjll and Harmony, N. : c., where.'Up* will visit, relatives "(or two weekS -Mr, 'and .Mrs. ,'C.J'G. Schcrer 'have had ;as their guest Tor theV'p^st three weeks, -Mi-s.'tpoh Se)iel-er'6f Patevson, N. J., who Is enronte 'to Augusta, Ga., to Join her husband, Corporal schercr, who has been transferred there. Mr. and Mrs. Willis Allen 'of Sleek- are visiting her sister, Mrs. J. C. Hnrnlsh for several days, Hugh Thurmond Atkins return- ed.yesterday to his home in Marion after a visit of several days with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J C. Harmsli and family. Mr. 'Atkins will report, Monday to Nashville Tcnn., after having recently enlisted in the Navy. . •, , Mrs. D. c. Freeman and ' Mrs Stllwcll spent yesterday in ' Memphis. George Wesley Moore, seaman 2-c In the Navy, has returned to Farragut, Idaho, after spending- a five-day leave here with his mother, Mrs. o. W. Moore. Mr. Moore, who has completed his boot train- Ing at Furragut, will be sent lo Angel island. Calif., for six to eight weeks training In nil armed guard school before shipping with Ihe merchant marines. . ' : Miss Jane Caslllo has rcliirne' 1 to Bntbn Rouge, La., where she, Is a student at Louisiana State University, after spending a week here with, her pure-ills, Mr. and Mrs. GnMli Cnstlio. Mrs.-.George Shanks and Mrs "W H. r Sloval] were In Memphis yesterday where Mrs. Shrinks was admitted to the Methodist, Hospital for treatment and a possible operations Mr. .Shanks plans lo .go to • Memphis tomorrow morning to be with her. Condition of Mrs. k t. Hale of Armorcl, who was admitted yesterday, to BIythevlllc Hospital /or treatment for a severe cold, was Improved today. I: _ B ^^ nB]ra The i.pmmg holiday season was emphasized in the tallies used bv Mr, o W Mcdttchen sesterday Afternoon when she enterlalned at ncr home for mcmbo i of the Thursda-y Contract Club and one other guest Mrs Marvin Robinson Following luncheon served at (he dmmg table budge ws .-'tli high score prize nwan !! y Wjlic and second hlg i •>' li Banister • • • Dinner Party Is Gnen Dr w A anmmelt and his bride the formqr Mrs Ollle Mitchell o Mcmphb enteftained 12 friends at in informal dinner partj Wednes<la> night at their home at 113 So. .J-tRKC. of jellow chrysanthemums ^ere arranged throughout the entertaining rooms of the house following the buffet dinner card games «cre plajed for several hours ^rf' — ___ __ Coming Events SATURDAY A AUW meeting with Mrs O. E Quellmali, 3pm Pineapples are not a single fruit, ,,, a co . ns °" datlon of man l a™" , '"t one pulp 5 str ucture sim- r to QIC mulberry Succeeds Swan As Red Cross hector Here Albert J. Jaggnrd, who for the Past year has served as asslslont leld director ror Die American fjed r/ross at Laredo, Texas, lias arrlv- pl to become-Red Cross field dir.!-at Blyihevillc Army 'Air , succeeding', Fred Swan, who been transferred to Smokey Hill Air Base, Salina, Knns. ' Mr, Jnggnrd entered Red Cross work hi September, 1043, after many years of experience In kindred fields, lie has been Interested In water safety and 'irsl :ild work r: several years, and served ns ivrCA secretary nnd director of oily recreation In BeloH, Wls : Mrs. Jaggard ]in<l ii ie ii- (, wo daughters-expect lo join diui here later. , Air--Swan had been very active at BIythevlllc Army Air Field where ! 'e was a member of the post baseball team. A single Douglas fir furnished a 293-roat, 7-Inch, -flag pole for. the Oregon building at the Panama Pacific International Exposition In Accuses Chief Seal Chairman Urges Mailing Packages Early A reminder, that packages should mailed soon to reach their destination by Christmas wns Issued yesterday by Mrs. Roland Green, t..,-.,. man of the Christmas Seal committee of the North Mississippi County Tuberculosis Association. "Everyone should cooperate with the poslnl Etilhprllles by mailing mckages early,', said Mrs. Green 'We hope, tco, that everyone wlli join In supporting the health program of the tuberculosis BESocln- lion by using Christmas Seals on their packages,. The Seal is the emblem for the crusade f.->r health waged In the community.. It was first.used -10 years ago In Denmark when a postal clerk thought of this way or raising money to help sick children. In-till;, country, the first .Seals .went, on, sale December 9,.'1007. Tomorrow,, therefore, Is the 'birthday' of llio American Seal. .. . ' v "It will be a very happy 'biiiii- l.ay' celebration if tomorrow's mail • brings In a'large number of letters! from persons who are using the Seals hut who,, up to now, have forgotten to send lii their contribution." LOOKING AHEM .»»«0«Olt« N |ON TEAM WORK Whom docs your representative represent? Thli is a fair and timely Question, moreover, ;iol as silly r.s it sounds. He Is supposed-to icprcscnt you nml n few thousand other people In your county nnd nearby counties, but docs he do it? if so, how c'.ies he go about it? How does he know what the people who elect him think-, about questions he must help decide? Of course congressmen all have plenty or people to tell them what to c!o, Whenever a congressman Is appointed to an important committee-, he can be sure of one thing: a line will fmin to Ihe left outside his door; people waiting lo tell him which side of his braid Is buttered, show him very .. statistics, trout „„„,„words In his ears and shcdl tears on his desk. Welcome Cullers Such lines are made up of miscellaneous people, very much like llne.s Hint form In cafeterias or at ticket-office windows; .usually nobody is there you know or really want lo see. But when the unusual .occurs; when somebody A from back home falls in Hue at a congressman's door, he eels admitted to Ihe representative's own private office. Why? The congressman wants to sec him. .; - • JD50H IN WASHINGTON Steel Ruling Favors CIO BV PKTER IJDSON' Courier News \s'ashln|jlon Corrcsjiondciil EffeH of the National War Labor lionrd's recent decision in (he so- wllcd nig Steel wage adjustment cfiEe Is to leave the C. I. O. unions in 11 decidedly advantageous position over the A. P. of L. While the C. I. o. Steclworkcrs did not get their demand for a 17 tents an hour wage Increase, Ihcy at least, had some of their demands granted and they got an equivalent of perhaps B cents an hour In awards of Increased pay for second anil third shifts, elimination of certain Inetiualties in pay rates, .liberalized vacation and holiday schedules and severaiicc pay. All these awards rame iw n result of specific demands made by the Hlcel workers. 'ei'lmps half a million workers - directly affected by these Slants, but' the Important thing to ihe C. I. O. is Hint the nig steel case, precedent was set for makin" similar grants to other C. I. O. unions which have spccllic demands in cases before the WLB. The A. F. of L., however, which had merely made a hlanket demand for breaking the U tile Steel Formula ns n means of gelling higher wage rates, got nothing out of the Big Slcel decision except iwrhaps, a vague sort of assuranra that if the A. P. of L. unions should ranks specific demands in line with Kiij Steel awards, the cases would lie considered and . in due granted. time . , The result of this apparent but certainly unintended favoritism .to the C. I. O. Is that pressure to :irc;ik the Litllc Steel Formula is l)oun ( i to be increased py the A F. of L. leadership. DETEKMINKD TO BREAK urm; STEEI nepresenliitlvcs are elccled n(id one I ever knew wanted sincerely lo do that very Ihlng. They, were smart men but there was not.. a mind reader In the bunch. They couldn't sit in Washington . and have a very good idea wlml the elector.', expected of them. The night Approach was strongly against trying to force a decision on breaking ihe Little Sled Forinufn nnd damned If lie didn't, .the. p. I. b. leadership laid off. Now, however, ft Is .prepared to lay on. There Is no Implied strike threat If favorable .action is .'not forthcoming,- but pressure for Increasing wage rates Is building up on two principal grounds: first-that the report pf the President's Cost of Living Investigating committee, admitting that living costs have risen beyond wage Increases; second, that upward adjustment 'of basic wage rales . is necessary " to stabilise income at present levels and so provide purchasing power to maintain full employment -when the war Is over. COLD TO V-E DAY RAISES To suggestions that no immediate, basic wage rate Increases be granted now, but that provision be made lor Increasing wage rates-on the day the war ends In Europe the C. 1. O. leadership is decidedly cold These suggestions have been credit ,,,, to tllc Offl<ic of Economic fatabllteillon braintrusters, but labor leaders point out that any Idea of Iryinff to increase .wages on the day. that the bottom starls to fall out of the labor market is silly. Cited as evidence of the need for increasing basic wage rates now Is a confidential study made by OPA economists, indicating that when the war ends, the drop In national income from wages will be n bil- iion dollars a year—half of IL representing -the complete disappearance of war jobs, (he other half representing the lowering of income irom wages due to the relurn of now high-paid war workers to lover-paid Jobs. In laundries, stores, domestic service or other former employment. A? an offset to this loss of national Income due to disappearance ° . ™ r ,. nr °* Jctli °n jobs, it Is calcu- '".ted that If the H-cents-an-hour increase demanded by Ihe - t , ... . -.„_*., b> . , t . >v , ¥ .-j UHjJlIt.ll til press on for breaking the Little Steel Formula. First slop takes the form of a demand on Ihe War Labor Board s\ic for submission to Ihe President A preliminary draft of the report has been made by She public mem At The Hospitals IHylhcville Ilosiiitnl Admitted;, , ' .•..••. . Mrs. E. L. Hale, Armorcl. Wesley Wrolen, Osceoln Dismissed:, A. p. Priest, city. Walls Hospital Admitted: ' Charles Mocily, city. Ann Glass, Rt. 1, city COS.SDH Price, Ilayll, Ma. Willie Mae Solomon. Slcclc, Mo Mcir.rmis Hospiln) Admitted: ,. Mrs.'George Slinnks, city. — .,.*- *.. .,,.,,_*.,, OUHILIIUIL-A KiLiiiij *.u.,j ui .juyn u]i men \vno clon t facetious, preferences to Arkansas" even know their representative's nilf. «-,. arr. ,Tnin™ rn>nn lhl.,» „!,„,,. ,, Assistant Attorney General Norm,™ ,M. Littetl. above, whose resignalicn MS been demanded by Attorney General Francis Biddlo, in Cauitol Hill's newest feud, lias accused Riddle of intervening in a Justice Deparl- ment case on behalf "of Thomas K. (Tommy ihc Cork) Corcoran in a manner "contrary to basic principles of good government." FOR FOIKS WITH SNIFFIY. ; j Quick relief from distress of head coHs Is what you want. So vise Va-tro-nol.Afcwdrops up each nostril soothe irritation, relieve congestion. Also helps prevent many colds from developing if used In ImeJuittryltlFollow directions In folder gifts of all », , _^»niuie gilts that J,«p on m.; | -ing-Victor Records] Come ,„ to . ejectio $t*tce Selections 1 HARDAWAY £ 'MMMM |PM wv, ',« Ujt -a-ifW? SPECUt DcL'b!e-Djl/ Nose does Works Fait Trcuile (si VSSKSIfATROMOi MARGARET'S BEAUTY SHOP 101 s. FIRST Phone 2532 Bring Us Your Beauty Problems MODERX EQUIPMENT EXVERT BEAUTICIANS Visit Us In Our NEW BUILDING • Ixicalcd'nl . 121.E. Main St.' I, SEAY MOTOR CO. CAItn OF THANKS We wish to tlmnk our many Wends, for their kindness during the illness and death of onr Dcnr Mother, Mrs. Ella Cunningham, who Wassed nwny November isth, and es- liccinlly do we thank Dr. D. L, Boyd. May Ood, bless each of you. Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Cunningham Mr. and Mrs. Roy Cunningham Mr. and Mrs. Allie Wade Mr. and Mrs. Mae Watson. . « - -- . -; —j v.-v, Jfliu*l|_ JIICUI- Iii a few words, the average ^ors for submission to labor and in- congrcssman gets plenty or advice diistry members, but this draft is offered to him and very little.of understood' lo have many gaps it comes .from the right plnco.'.-In lvllic h must be filled in before it is rare instances when somebody reiul i' for llle White House, writes or wires him from back Sentiment among-c. i. o. leaders home the mes-sage represents one' " : man's hasty, perhaps- cmpassioned, Judgment; or sometimes when they come in big bunches they plainly reflect a frame-up — .written by one man, signed by many. People who know how to walk in crowded streets and build' their homes in layers, sometimes make, something, about here. Just before "out we are congress down Thanksgiving a,, group of' sixty important men of Batesville and thereabout held a meeting to consider some national legislation soon to be considered by their icprescntative. At tile end of the' meeting they mailed him their advice accompanied by a list of those present. ;Not An Accident The gathering was no kind of a coincidence. Somebody called the meeting and made sure that it was conducted In an orderly fashion Arrangements were made lo hitve some impartial, expert opinion on Crcomulsion relieves promptly be' 1 ?° es , ri , ght , to the **& "f the i rf° h P'P' Io osen and expel . TT— . — , — «i,...,uu un laden phlegm, and aid natm-p hand (o answer questions, explain 1° ^P 1 ? and heal raw, lend?? in- tcclmical terms if necessary nnd h ra " led bronchial mucous inem- M«ed up delibeniUon, The mat- ' <* « «» «, Trjr This Hew Amazing An iputstanding Success- In Canada-Made in U.S.A Croat for Bronchial Cough, or "rout Irritations Due fo CoWt Thursday — Friday — And Saturday Night* 9:30 to I O'clock In the Beautiful Blue Room of the HOTEL NOBLE Admission 60c Incl. Tax. tcr under discussion was something soon to come up before the committee af which their con- ere.ssinan . is n member. 1 would like to commend this method to public spirited and patriotic citizens everywhere. It is or men who don't namc -, (or !i Uunp-post) and revile Con- Brcts. On the other hand, helping out a congress in nil whom yon know wants lo do the right thing is loyalty, teamwork and citizenship of the first order. ow To Relieve Bronchitis' AETNA LIFE & ACCIDENT INSURANCE CO. E. H. FORD, Representative : 206 I.yrich Bldg. Believe me, vjJten this is over, we're going to have a D1SHWASHW6 MACHINE/ O A steadily-growing Thrift Account'at this bank, will pave the way to many household comforts, Start yours NOW, The First National Bank The Only National Bank in Mississippi County Slcelworkers were given straight "cross the board, to the 13 million •people now employee! In manufac- lurlng induslrles, the increase in national wages -would amount to only five billion, dollars. Commuting CI FORT WARREN, Wyo. (U.P.) — Sergt. C. J. Munn, assigned to .the Elgnr.l corps- at Port Warren, believes he has established some sort of a commuter's record. Sergt. Munn lives nt Fort Collins, ..Col;, which 1;, ubout 50 miles from the post, and estimates that he 'lias (raveled about 50,000 miles the past year In commuting between his and the post. Hold Everything 'You- forgot your rubbers, dear!' TERMINIX TERMINATES 'TERMJTES Don't rely on makeshift methods of termite control. Let the world's largest termite control organization protect .you against costly damagt. Fre* inspections" on re- ijucst. • BRUCE TERMINIX CO ; Licensee of E.iL. Bruce Co • MEMPHIS SINCE .1927 MORflLINE- 1 "" TONIC Strikes Bird at fi.oflO Feet NEW YORK (U.P.)-capt, Fruc- luoso Perez Suarca of Coinpanllc Mexlcana dc Avlaclon, a Pan American Airways affiliate, had a 1-uzzlng experience one night re ccntly while flying a PAA dinner at 0,000-feet between Punla Pcn- DSCO and Herniosillo, Mexico. While the 21 passengers dozed and the crew kept watch, ^ie cabin windshield v.'as shattered and the re- ittalns of a bird splattered over the Crew. Capt. Suarez would like to know what kind of a bird flies S,000 feet above sea level in the <lead of night. Oak trees grow to their greatest sl?.e in the Ohio valley, according to wiperls'.' ^ The African horlcbecst will risk • Its-own-life warning- other animals of approaching flangcr. I 2 drops in cadi noslril ( uork swiftly to help ymi j breathe frcrr n^tiin. Cnu- GIFTS of DISTINCTION —If's Smart (o Shop At— The Gift Shop Modern * Antique Gift* MOSS BRYAN Continuous Sbowi Efery Day Box Office Opens 1:44 Show Starts 2:08 LISTEN TO KLCN SCO oltai MOMRCK Fl>«*. til fust as CcodI beoufiM flowered to*, wj'lh id !0 1 peilvmt>d oWuit; powt/er and JoiljVif; tomei fn Ihiee Itogrances — "SWtfr MEMORY" '^€Sh ^ !V -Cr C^ieci off 3] otfevtt 01 a "A1UST" ' o/i jour 'Gill 11)1.1 Miss Whit silt'sShop "Sec What's New At WhilsiU's" CHRIST Make Your Selections USE QUR 1 LAYAWAY 25 Years' Continuous Service" SENTIMENTS EXPRESSED WITH FLOWERS, P «, Fft. «1 8crTtc « We Deliver Anywhert, MM. J. M. (MM) WfWanm, owner GJencoe BW f . Platers Hdw. Co., Inc home of SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINT DE LAVAL MILKERS and SEPARATORS GOULD'S ELECTRIC WATER PUMPS 0. S. BELTING and PACKING CANJDLEWICK CRYSTALWARE COMPLETE LINES OF HARDWARE Phone 515, Blythcville, Ark. Last Time Today "" Since You WenfAwqy with Claucle'tle Colbert, Joseph Cof- .Icn, Shirley Temple Selected Shori Subjects Saturday "^^n^^mM^ ; nu;i[ • WE HJOSIES noisrais SUM iUMMEimiE • KISS tW TRfl) iisijf viMiir tut HIS efei •' am imi. KMnmil-ltBHVUIIWI Serial: "IJLick Arrow" 6 and Short COD. Showing Sai'Oy 1:00 to 11:31 Sunday and Monday Fighting Sieqbees , nilh .lobn Wayne and Susan Hayward Paramount'News and Selected Sliort Subject . Contlnnoaa Showlnt Bnn. 1:15 to li 8»i. 4 fimv Onlj Op«m e»cb night 6:45; «t»rU Opcni Bond»j 1:00; 6i»rt» l:l» C«nllnno[u Shom 8«t. «n* 8an- Uf|«l« Nijht ETerj Nltbt Kl«»l '.•.•', • .;8»t«rd»j. , ... '. V? fume* honored on iutav f Last Time Today Bomber's Moon nilli George Montgomery a>id •; , • Annabclla Selected Shorl Subjects Saturday Hoppy Serves q Writ Writ. Boyd &• Andy Clyde i Serial: "Ghost City" 9 a , >d short Con. Showing Sat'day 1:00 to 11:3* Sunday and Monday Kansas Cjty with Davis & Bob Crosby Fox kews & Selected Sliort Subject Contlnnoam Showing 5un. 1:15 t» li

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