The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 21, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 21, 1938
Page 5
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THURSDAY, AP1U1, 21, 1038 ULYT11BV11,1,K (ARK> COUIUKK NUWS PAGE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per lino for consecutive insertions: One time per line lOc Two limes per line per day ...03c 1'hree times per line per clay ..Olio Eix times per lino per day 05c Month rale per ]lne OOc Cards of Thanks 50c & 75c Minimum charge COc Arts ordered for tliree or six Hines and slopped before expiration will be charged for the number of times tlie add appeared and iidjnslment of bill made. ' All Classified Advertising copy <«l»iilll«l by persons residing outside of Hi cclly must be uccom- panierl by cash. Rales may lie easily computed fi'om above lablc. Advertising; ordered for irregular insertions takes (}je one time rale. No responsibility will be taken for more than one incorrect insertion of any classified ad. Business Directory Harry Hailcy's CURVE IN CAFE C'oinI Food at Good FRESH liKK Crappie KXl'KKT AUTO Garage operated by Floyd i.'.irgctt Cigarettes 2 for 25c HARRY BAILEY'S HollniKl, Mo. 1'boucs 5-F-4 & SIS Hatchery \ Room and Board PUBLIC Hatchery, Blytlicvillc, Ark., H.W.!-.1____: 01 North, Plionc 742. J Room nnd boar;l. jIUUsONAIil.i: |( AT US. Mrs. W. 0-10. 1115 20-pk-27 Ash Laundry Wanted No, Quills A: liliinkefs Laundered li for $1 liiK'hiinan's Groi'i'rv Highway Gl Call 700 Shoe Kcpairing Quality Shoe Shop M-:\V SAMI'I.l: SIIOKS Everything For Your Shoos' • Sail Free Dolivury phone 151. Nicely furnished rooms. Hoard if desired. Plionu 602. 112 u. Cherry Noli FITOMJIHI ])rollicr.s. Pointers mid i'itpcrlmiiijcrs. rhonc 'J'M. MINNEAPOLIS. Minn, u,,M-U doesn't require nny energy to •t ^m 112 li ciicr- Ull " k! Dr - u ' ro >' s - P«»iior,' Unl- 2D-CI-.-1-28 vml(y ° r M'l'Hcsolii biochemist, ___ s "'rt ililukliijj requires no calorics. The nvcr.igc ntlult needs 2,400 to '2.500 calories, urowinu luijs in Ihdr 'tmit may reciuirn ni much «s 5,100 daily, and lumberjacks consuim- the most, over 8,000 daily. Personal Kirby's Active Liver Pills Arouse Sluggish Livers Aulo Paris USED AUTO PARTS I'Ol Fonl-CliL'vnilcl-l'l.vniDiilli Cily Auto Parts Co. -N' lo HHS Slation Call SI) Real Estate UCUNSUJ) RICA I, KSTATK We list farm an<] t .jty Property. It yen would lie u buyer or a seller. T K K R Y ACT & UEALTY CO. 213 W. Walnut Phone 017 *>' Tin Work SNYDER'S TIN SHOP Metal Work for 20 Years V.ilves, Blowpipes, Eeecl Bins ALL WORK GUARANTEED Money Hack Guaranteed STOP-A-LEAK Roof Coating Also Plastic Cement 322 No. Bth Phono «G-J Batteries BATTER!' SERVICE J. Ben Cluue riione 8 tt Tom Jaekson's Co I Ion Seed StveniL Uunilri'il KiLshcts LAREDO SOYBEANS 100 Bushels DELSTA BEANS also n. lot of D. P. L.NO. 11 COTTON SEED These collon seed were fiinncil on our own private gin. Not ;t talc of any other cotton ginned on tiiis ciu but thia gnc variety C. P. TUCKER For Sale CJHEVItpl.'ET truck. tiailLM- and "cdi r in yood contiilion, or will Lradc for. real cstute. Mr.^. Fannie Baker. Phone 727. 19-ek-22 ONE KXTitA (;OOD JI;KSI;V COW nnd calf. Delta Implement! Inc., Phone P,(M. 20-ck-tl TWO TON'S Stoncvillc 4-A Cotton feed. S37.50 |ier ton. J. C. Buchanan, phone 303 or U33. 18-]ik-2l n&te you •oar Kj-eloi Active l.i che*, Actico l cause 01 jo ennftl[iftt'-on )'))Jj , ot Aurplua DOIBOEH vUh r I'Hls. IHtu.lrn*. ge title, Klrbj- t)ruK Hloroi Pou Hi' WE BUY POULTRY Mitrkrl Prices Vjilll. J. \V. AIOOKK 32-1 K. Main SI. Wanted To Buy S25UO U'orll USKI) laUtN All i1I.-il.-cs j!;ulins WADK K !12 \V. Main li ot CO. Vhona 1S5 Wanted To Rent furnlslicd liouse. Call I 1 '. W. Stt-cclniati, 535. l'J-pk-2li 'n (tcsit'ahlc ncighliorhoocl, four or five room unlurnished aparl- nciit. Mr. Clark, Sterling's Store. Land For Kent 10 ACHKS. Will give liberal rent contract, for 3 years to right :nrly. Delta Iiniileniciits. Inc., 3 lionc U03. 20-ck-tt Kirestono "Air ('uolriP SUAT COVKHS WITH INNIMSl'lUNfiS Arian Auto Parts 1:» K Main t'limir I7(i YAIM) Sand & Gravel I'hoiic 70(1 SCREEN WORK AT A SAVING Uriiairliig * New Screens MADH FOR AU, PUIU'OSKS Barksdale Mfg. Co. FXECTR1C WELDING AT BE51' PRICES PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg, Co, COTTON SEED 11 P. & L. - HA C'lin-fiilly Sclcdt'd liiiH'.iliil (iciininalloii Tosls M lo Idtl'.i. 1 proiliircil uver .Mali. :ttt A(•1 L (^ on iiotit' laud. I KiinnmU'i! Oils SCIM! ns i;i">'l ;K <lii' licsl obtainable. A. I<\ DIETRICH I'lione 1W w m SEED We Imve on Jmnil for snlo or Undo. Jor oilier produds, Ueans --Laredo, 1) e I s t n, Mnmmutli liiwn, Wilson mid Virginia lliowu. Pens-Whips mid New Ern. Uwpcilezu ~ Korean. Cot- Ion Secil-D, i>. ),. n-A nnd StoHtivllle 4-A. Will wit for cash or (nute wltli you 1'or other klnd;i ol ben us or cotton ural, L. R. Matthew* Gin Co. Tel. ll-l'-a, Yurbro, Arkulisas t'ollun, C'ottuu Sctd &. Coal Map of a Republic CRESCENT NIGHT CLUB UOhlZONTAL ) Pictured Is: Ihe map of 5 This country' hit's been ongdgcd In 11 Wnr. ' 1Q Screw thread, lU'arl of n jiedcslnl bast 1 . ) 2 Lasso. H To lay » . ceiling. ] 5 Church bciich 1C f'lucr knots.. ill Holo in scale. 47 TO lORlEhi. MCimlei 2i To icnl ngiiiii 52Trumpet, 24 Curd Uiime. r^ Ages. ZTCnndle, • r,3 Meadow. SOl'ednl (Ill-its. pB-j'o rogisler 31 To iliflUVeal, 07 Sun. .13 Wniili. ,18 J,,;irEe orty in 34 Concord. u,ls counlry. 36 Het-ulni fi!) One of llic ' cuslomer. fighting HBKxIsilcd, leaders. 40 Pronoun. L.t-i.*,. 4IGhiss nimble. VERTICAL 45 Blue Brass. 1 Sbulhwesl. AnsWcr to Previous Punic 17 Mountains In Uiis cdim- 2 Miinilp jJiin opcliini;. ;i in 11 line. •I Mllle devil. II Kish. 1 Conceit wl. B Unoccupied. 0 Bdliold. 13 To cjccl. \4 Concise. 15 A niMiililjor- ih/; ccunlrv of tills republic. 20 Sour. 22 Eternity. 23 Rumnninn colni. 21 Pound. 20 Opposed lo in 26 Bulie. 2!) Nominal value 2!) Self. 31 Dab. 32 !ioi>f (Joint. ' covering. 35 To bo indL'bt. 37 Onager, 39 Kcvolvod. •ID Nimbus. 42 Indian casic. •13 imitated. •H To bccnilp. ' 4(i U(ily. monster •IB Plateau. •ID To press. 50 Powder ingrrdieni. r.2 Col. '53 A sprite. Dance hall nnd beer parlor Highway 61. Doing good business. E. B. Millwood. 12-pk-5-12 G room white stucco house. 512 No. 1st. Call Quality Clioc Shop, 120, If. 13. Campbell. 5-eic-il EASY TERMS on used Frigid- nircs, Maying Washers, Delcc JiBht plants & radios. E. E. Gee Sales Co. \< House uptown, (i rooms and bath. 4 room servants house on rear of lot. Easy terms. Write Box "A" Courier News. 2l-ck-S-21 I [a y—Soybea ns—Oats Seed Corn—Milch Coivs And Tractor Work. See W. L. Tale, Armorcl, Ark. Used Furniture WK HUV & 8J-J[,L USED FUKN1TUKE liUY NOW - - - I'AY NEXT 'FALL HUBBARD 2nd Hand Furniture Next lo Ooff Hotel Tailors "3.1*1 us inolli-proof \oni- clothes \<-loscls ,^i living room sni'es. Qiiaranlcccl protection 1 year. jMo- nilc process. Rind Bo^ Cleaners T»- 30-ck-l-3« SKKO COK.V, W. 0. REEVES So. U, U. at. Hlytlirvillir,' Art. I'lio.r.-s SW <v: 5C9 Pi a j 10 Tuning Beans . . . Seed . LAREDO HKANS DELSTA IJEA'NB rienly In «npp]y Your Needs! Delia Iinjilomi'iili, Inc. Call 803 For Rent Ninoly fnviHsliccl bcdronm. Inncr- sprini; mat tress. Mi:« Hall, pholie xa _ . 18-ck-lf Apartment Ingram Building. Inquire P«rJ;]nirsl Co. 4-cfc-tf 2 or ;i furnished rooms. 2 .ttfjslnlrK. It 1-1 Hcarn. 2-pk-5-2 Modern 3 room apartment. Newly decorated. Unfurnished. Corner Main & and. F. Simon, phone 7G1 2-ck-5-2 and rpsidcncc combined. Mo.-lfrn coiKTiiiciKTs. Near fac- tray. L. Fowler, Blyllicvillc Motor Co. Call 838. :iO-ck-lf Bedroom at <!22 For Rent: Main. room furnished iipnrlmcnt, no>r- ly dccnrnlcd. riionc 7S5-.I alter I'.M. Mrs. Rctle Wood, nii-ck-tf 1'ianos tuned ^nd rrpalrcd. Call Gcorse Ford at Wade FnrnlLuic Co. P hoi ic 155. I .lard \va.r , . I'scil Oil stnvrs S'i.r.n UP Uvcil Oil Conk Slovcs ....$2.5(1 up Used Ilicyclrs SI.5!) «p All in Fair Condition SHOUSE-HENRY IIAKDH'AKK CO. Coal i\Iy Coal Is (Hark Hill ! Trr.-\t Ynu Wti ICE l()f:,Vl. IIAVMNC! John Buchanan I!l>llicvillr, Ai*. I'lin Re^ LAWFMOWERS Sharpened & Repaired Bly. Machine Shop So. 2nd. Phone 808 120 anT.s laiitl. four nouses and Imn. in Half Moon community. II iicrcs of alfnlfn. See Eiirl Mugcrs, ll. Arkiinsns. 24-p)c-l-24 Coniforl.-ible brdrooin, nut, Cnll 102. 1017 Wal- ID-ck-tf Salcsnu'ii Wauled MAN 'WANTED to supply Ra kigh's Houscholcl Products lo ccnsumrrs. We (rain ;\iul help you. Gocd profitji for husller.~. No cx- r ifr.r? JJcce.s.^ni-y. I 5 lc,Tsanl, pro- fitab'.e. di-Miifind work. Write H-IVV- Irigir.s, L'cpt. AKI3-27-53C. Mum- phis. Tcnn.. or :,cc A. Cate, Join-j or. Ark. l-'"r S)isliilnilion of DAD'S COOKIES in HIvHicviile ;ind .slHToiindinj; territory. Cincd iTfrrcnrc.'- rrt|iiirr:il Call Mrs. \faymip AsIHon, At Holel Nnl-lo, Tiidny night. April 'XL M'ELL established growing financial business seeks men pos-ess- ing sales and executive ability, ago SO to 55. Opportunity to biiild a permanent busincfs of semi-pro-1 regional nature. Some earning up-1 ward of S50t) monthly. Address Box "S N r< Courier News, 20ckJ3 Floor Show Every Night SliulliiR Tiii'Nilay. Ailrll ID Dim NiiiuLiy, Ajiiil Zt. Hoi I'll Itailirair. Kkclriu ('nuked 1'iicil Clih'ki'ii (Tinnptcle lUeetrU'iil Sltirc" 110 HD. 15 Acts—2 Shows Nightly—15 Acts Now Located at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITES SERVICE BUREAU Music !>.v (Jcbl-fc' Vanl's "All Itvhhr'sC' Itunil DON EUWAliDS, Cnlcnlators— licpulrliiff— 1'nrts— Ul'nbonj Ali makes ol Ucbiiill Typewriters, Adding Maclilnei .n( Calculators— Koinilrliif—l'iirts— Kit: wnin 'or HcscrViitiinls Cull llnl- 17—lll(luvay lil, llbl- HUDDLE TOGETHER, THEIR DIFFERENCES THE, •fEE-e.lFIC STOKM BAGiMG OUTSIDE...,, LOOK, ALLEY, C'MERE QUICK! AL READ/ 1H' STREET'5 A CRICK.' WE'D BEST MOVE, JU§ ME GIT HIGH JN7HI5P1ACE' /RIGHT WELL, IF V'OOM'TVVAWTA [LE AM EDS HERE HOOTS AND HER RUDDIES Here Comc'.s (In BY -EDGAR'MARTIN WASH .TUWJS BY ROY CKANE x CAROL! WHVC EARTH ARE > PLEASE. DADDX STA.MD MISlTlKVi AUWT GHASTLyT j BUT I. TliOUGHT THE ROAD WAS BLOCKED. \THIRE! ITOLDVOUSO!\ VOU'VE HEr\RD TI'AT VOI.ifl R, WA=>H TUBBS AND OPENED THE TURVV CLUB -THAT'S VOU'RE HERE. /6R P \cious OF A TRAIKJ. HE HAULS reoPLf THERE \ J LEFT yOU-AH,WELL. YOU'D BETTER UMPACK.CAROL. THE \^H'T 18 BY KE* SERUICJ. INC. T. M. BEG FKKCKIJCS AND HIS FUIENDS BY MERRILL BLQSSER WeVC DECIDED TO HAVE Q'-lLY COMMITTED MEMBERS WEAR TAIL'S, WITH DINNER cows OR TA1L5 OPTIONAL Fore OTHER BOYS I So AM I! Gosr, IF WE WERE GIRLS FORMAL WEAR. WOULD 6E EASY ' JUST SEW A COUPLE OF SHOULDER STRAPS ON A SILK HANKY AND PRESTO' I • THINK IT'LL BE JUST Too.ico DIVIWE, SEEING YOU 1M TAILS, FRECKLES.' NOW THAT THAT'S ALL SETTLED, HOW ABOUT AM ORCHESTRA GOT, TD HAVE HOT MUSIC ! HOW ABOUT •THE JA77MANIACS, FROM HILTON? DOES ANYONE KMOW WHAT THEY PLAY YEAH- WOMT tTI FOLLOW LEADER

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