The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 15, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 15, 1939
Page 5
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TUKSDAV, AUGUST 15, J930 HUTHIMUE, (AUK,) COUUIKH N1WS PAGE FIVE ANT AFFORD TO MIK THEM CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION i Daily rate per' line lot consccu- <lve insertions: One time per line lac Tsvo limes per line per day... .03c Vhroe limes per line per cliiy. ..Otic,, Hx ti>:ies por line per day 05j ! Monti, lute per Hue eOc i Cards of Thanks 5l)a & 15c i It's Not a Tornado; It's The HCLC Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six flint's iind stopiwcl before oxpirtt- 1 i on will be charted lor the num- 1 of limes llie udcl nppeiircd anil &<ljiislnn.'iii. of bill mnile. AH classified Advertising copy HJbuiitlcd by persons residing out- ilde of Ihc city n.'isl be accora- Itanied by cosh. Rates muy be eus- Uy computed fioiii above table. Advertising ordered for irregular Insertions takes UK one lime rate. No responsibility will be taken lor more than one Incorrect Insertion of liny classified -id. Business Op'lunilies WANTIil>—Men to train for Turin Land Appraisers. Only men il to 55 considered. Competent, ttain- i'<l .'ippraisei-s earn $175 U 5803 monthly. Fnrin or buildijiy expeii- cnce valuable. Write for interview, giving phone. Box F. u A., c/o Courier News, 15-ck-iV For Kent One cool bedroom. Nicely fnrnisU- cd. One unfurnished room. 1129 VV. Ash. 14-ek-lS Comfortable front bedroom. Outside entrance. 515 Walnut. Phone 351. 12-ck-IS 2 room furnished apartment. Lights and water furnished, dara^e. Reasonable, 1501 w. Ash. taick-lf Part or all of my furnished house In Steele, Mo. Mrs. H. A. Spencc. Slcdc. ia-ck 3 room furnished npartnicnl. 516 Chickasauba. 9-j;k-16 •1 room furnished fiouse. lieason- able. 1413 W. Main St. S-ct!)-5 Large front room. 2 beds. Convenient lo bath. Plionc 280. 8-ck-li Nice large bedroom opening on sleeping porch. Mrs. Emma Nolen, 310 W. Walnut. 22-ck-tt For Sale Coed uc^tl FriRidaire. Reasonable. 803 XV. Ash. Phone 093. M-ck-L'l SA^E. 38x4«:' WDi'elit 3500 poimUn: TERMS. City, box •134. 5-ck-<l-5 CyprcES Gum OaK, ASJI timber on •100 acres' of woodland. 8 miles, Blytlieviile. D. n, Oar- ner, Armorcl. 3-pk-9-3 Milk fed fryers. Bnllery raised. Mrs. Russell, N. W. Corner Holly and Division. 21-pk-fl-21 Minnows For Sale GOLDFISH MINNOWS ••'art Damon '^ur. Kallrnncl fi. K Was!iitig, Ironing K.Npcrt ivn.shjng and ironiuj,'. chca(>. Homdi dry and fniuh, 'r, (jiiillr; Sl.CO. One day service. Willie Hell Green, behind City lee Plant. 8-ck-9-8 Personal Arniur Slu^nisli t.lvcr. unrk n(T Hip liilc, ^o rid vnnrsrlf of constipation, iin.s [KiniK nnd lhal sour iinMlf [opting "''ake o'^e box o: KIRBVS AC.TIVi: MVRR I'll,I,S '""• at M Kirbv Rt.nrcs DOES YOUR CAR Wander, Weave WEAK AWAY YOUR TIRES? ll'r. (tangi-rons anil r\iirtibive lo drive ut'lh Slncriii" and Frtml M'lircfs cut of adjustment. Keeping tlirm in p(,o;l order is so simple nini inrxpL'M- sive you should never tnisl In chances. ADJUST STEERING GEAR COMPiF.TK STICKING GEAll ADJUSTMENT, ,n- c^.-.r ci,irti,i S -^,i,t S i mC H( atyb of all Ball Socket I joints — tightening * front Sprinj Clips aitcl Slwk- les. (J'.ivls EMra). FREE FRONT END INSPECTION (The above mchifics a cmnptatc INSPECTION and UKl'OK r nn condition of \Vliccl Alivmcnl and factors affcctinr lire PHILLIPS ilh & Walnut 1'hone 810 Conservation Is Extended On Washington Ranges I'UU,M/\N. Wnsli. (Ul'l — Slillo AAA Cdljllllillci'jliilll j~lu\ M. M'j- Chcjjor roppiloil moro lli.'in. 1,000,. WO HUTS ul rnnitoliiml In luislcm X\i>slilinilon me Iwliig ludmled In J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only (iniiliiiitc O|ilutMO- tiisl In lllylhcvllle. Glassrs I'llleil Correctly PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock fiiiiirnnf«t«d (tent Pric«§ the .AAA I'uii'jc c'onwvnllcm PITJ gram for the Ural time this your. A (odtl of 2,800.000 acres on u:i;{ i-niic-lios 1ms teen signed u|>, com- jmi'i'd lo 1.780,000 Reran on fils rniuiliOH lust your, McOrc^cr miM. 'I'ho AAA ruiujft proguun Is il«sinned to sliibllla! ilwskrk pro- by u mmc btilinu-t'il use of life niiKlc (3 o|x.THtor.s who euiTv It looks like ii prank of a lorniulo—but. actually, this homo wrecking Is man niiitle. While Mrs; Minnie Bchiiine nnd daughters stand by helpless, workman leavs hnlf their North Chicago house away. Reason: parl ol home stood on lot lost to Home Owners Loan Corporation on foreclosure; Welding EXPERT KI.ECTR1C AND ACETYLKNE ;ig line and hejivy welding a Barksdale Mfg. Co. Phone. 10 or lies. 1013 Noti ICC Fishing License FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE, WE MtK l-RUPAREn TO ISSUE VOUK FISHING LICENSE AT OU1! STORE SHQUSE-HENRY : HAUDWARK CO. J'hone 35 Dairy JatWe.ctory quality nnd service In Dairy products. Cuttle free ol Bang's Disease, In best of physical condition. Cnll ivirs Grace Lowerv. 802-J, for Hiilsril's Orfdc A Raw Milk. Crenm, Country Butler, But- tuinillk, extra or holiday orders Inspection encouraged anytime. HulscH's Dairy Promised Land, Route 2 Letter Shows Service Motto Of Paul Revere weighed l!77 pounds, now rests in the museum, wlih the letter nml « hill for 5100 beside it. The, Ijell was smashed when It fell duriin; . Iho academy lire Nov. la, 1SDI). There arc ahcul UD.rjlM women in llie cui]il:y of Hie U, S. goveru- Drug Stores Wert Optometrist :i!'; MAKHS 'KM HKK" Over JDC Isaaes' Store Phono fviO PRESCRIPTIONS— Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggist ' Fowler Drug Co. ain * First I'lioiie 111 out approved prne'tlce.'i, imltiral re-stedln« by clcicrrud Branlng, nitiilclnl vc-seedinij, ro. dent and puisouous plunl 'crndlca, ti:n and Ihroiiuh dcvelopiucn't cf JOIICOK, tiiiilfi nnd wiiterliiB hole^i. Jiipnn lends nil ollu-r countries In production of raw silk, Clilrm and IIuly are next, In tlio order Don/lies Oil Job , Wash (UP) — When Gia>«)j Price, a CJiioj, Cat:, uUocnijy .seiit, .'.some, partct lo be served adilressca lo "Constable' IlumiiUUIps, , Wash.," Uc did not know.timt, Itumptut|p», Wa,sh, did not have- a ornslable. 'However; Postmistress Mrs. N, p. hootnls served t!>e pajwrs and sviit Price n bill of $2.50 for service. RECTAL DISORDERS Clinical observations disclose thnl rectal disorders lire responsible for more wrecked iii'i-wjiis systems than any other p:illiolO);lcid con- dfllon, Muny cuscs of KI'II- cral nervonstie;«, hi'adiieheti, low-back uclies. let'-uelies, constitution and Insotmiln mo due lo rcclnl Our modern olllvo methods Imvo ninny iidvuntaijcs and ii|>|ilfcnble (o about i)r>% of nil KIM'S, The exceptions bc- tnij ninccr mid lubrrvulnr llslula. Very little dlscom- toil mill liieimvi'nleiKo is ox- perlenced while belnn trcat- i'd, HoRiiliiv work may be continued. No Im.xjiltnlli'.nlton, no ijiMieriil nne.stlielic. A very siilu niul sure Ivcntnu'iii, Drs. Nies & Mies Hlc, Ark. Tel. OK 511 Mala St. EVERYTHING'-.BY a y d Now l.oeiilcd ul 101 Kuril. Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON I'lMVAKlW, i-miirlclor All iHakrs of , Mi n)ll 'r,.|,oivril<'r*, ,t<Mln K Mnclilnr. iinrt "N;nv, lluil liotitid vvoii'l Ixillicr Vni .' . . (hem's our own' nils, .list lei ii stnnifiu ml i:oine »roitiuMicrc nnd ace • . . wliid" HAHMAN Ice SCE-sCE Phone 1C? ICE COLD WATEUMEI.ONS . School For Boys SUBIACO ACADEMY, Snbi.icf) Ar- knnsns. Famous Roardins School. Calholics and Non-Cntholics attend. Rates moderate, write Us. 0-pk-lG WESTFIELD, Mass. (UP) — All. early expuneiil. of ".satisfy the customer" was I'aul Revere, whose mklnight ride to warn the Minute Men of the approach of the British, in mii was Immortalized in poem by Henry Watlsworth Lony- felloiv. • ^ The Boston crnftsinan's aim lo pleiise hi.s client,'; was disclosed in n letter to Samuel Fowler of Wesl- ficld In 1801. He apparently believed that people ol Weslficld we! hard lo please. The .letter, now in llie Ethvhv! Smilh Museum on loan from Miss Lucy U. Gillett, read: "Yours of the 22 Dcccni. this moment comes to hand. I am extremely sorry the sound clots not | please, it is the first, bell, great or j small, that we have cast, that dill not give satisfaction, wu' arc \eir\ j willing to take it back, and cast one that shall please and will endeavor to cast it in Hint way that shall be agreeable lo you. i am, sir, with every sentiment (,'f Esteem Your llujji. servt. Paul Revere." His Idler referred to a bell ordered for Wcstfield Academy. A piece of the snbstilule bell, which MODERN PRINCE HORIZONTAL 1. 0 Crown — of Norway. 9 fcpilepsy symptom. lOMiilhcmotical icrm. 12 To spill liquid 13 Dainty foods. M Doctrine. Hi Tree. 11) Shnggy. '<M .Sea monsters. 25 In.strumenial compositions. 30 To retreat. 31 Stalely old dance. 32 Aperients. 3-1 Mined product. 35 To alluro. 37 Decree. 41 Bronze.' 42 GVuls. •16 dessert. 47 Bed laths. 40 Youth. 50 Opposed lo odd. 51 Biuc. 52 Greek goj of war. 51 His wife is Princess —— of Sweden. 55 His [other wns elected to the . VERTICAL 1 Time gone by. 2 Law. . 3 GoU club. •1 Back of neck. 5 Age. C Land rights. 7 DycsliifT. 8 Chopping tool. 11 Maple shrubs. 15 Al that place. 17 Renters. 10 Sluggish. 20 Theme of a Inlk. 21 Unft of currency in his land. 23 Corded fabric. 23 Gnawed. 2-1 Kinsfolk. 26 Farewell! 27 Viscous fluid. 280f cacli an equal quantity 2D Bnriers 33 Not fresh. 34 Long poire. 35 Erccls. ' oBPrima donna. 39 Cake /rosier. 40 Penny. •13 Axillary. 4't Roolstock. 45 Paradise.,/ •17 Mineral spring. '!STo harden. 50 Type measure S3 Soulhcasl. ' BUT 1 we EL FR6.E I'DUR l.ltTL£ FR.IP.ND 1 Kf -ft>U GE6VIE YA(OUI ( TOUR WORD ID HELP .M.SO-..1 WUEU RETORM FE6P1Y T'OUSAND / E6t 6ES Bllt WHAT 1 VOL) CR1N6OS CAl.U .••ApipFLE" cofAPAR6.o TO nvie VJB \-J£Eu GET The Open Door RY.'V. T. I1AMUJS SOMETHIW& AlUSTHAS'E GCUE WCOM6_) f y E H I ooc^^l^^^^'^,, /^^^ moP FL ATo, •££££) SS^ E ^ WE AC-'^™^- W ^^ WHERE IM THE / EARLV DICKEWSABE WE,AM' HCW'D WE GIT MERE? HOOTS AND HHR Now He Knows WASH TUHIJS t, isv Kno\\s it Thipjf nr Two 1SY ROY CRANK cone MONO t i;w SOMF IPOIS ^^^o TO THESE mPpA-ittiift .. IT'S PART OF WEIR BY MERRILL I'KECKLKS ANJ) HIS IT V^AS PlfJMEO OfJ MY PN-LOW WHSfl Ax,?PT^ lM JoMienr.' IT'S FROM NUBBIN AND I IE-RES WHAT IT S 1 WAS — %v J RFCKTlU , FRECKLES , ' 1 GUESS H6 ^ WANT T£> TALK ^ rAB • I HAD A HARD TlMtT SEEING HIM •' BUF JC. FWAU.Y GOT IM^ Pfe- sV-— f'^s.r -r THEN ME HA.R-A HARD TIME SEGINQ ME , AND WHBNJ ^toU L AT WHAT i DOME TO BOTH HIS eves, YOU'U. KNOW WHY/"

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