The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 14, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 14, 1947
Page 3
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MONDAY, APRIL U, 19-17 BLYTHEViLLK (AKK.) COURIER NEWS CIO Wins Wage Hike for 30,000 Auto Manufacturer Agrees to 15-Ccnt Increase for Workmen DETROIT, April M. (UP)-Gcil- "•AWjfors Cnrpurutioii utmouncccl i«i»ij^jpil )i:ul ix'aelicd -.111 agreement with the CIO United Elec- uic-ul Workers Union providing !5- ci'iit hourly wngc increases, elfee- "ve today, lor more than 30000 employes. The nKrccinciil i s subject, to rat- ifK'ation by the union locals. Harry W. Anderson. GM vice M'i'sidoiit, said the iucrciisc would uc i" the form of an 111-2 cent hourly br.nsl in tlie workers' :ic- Uiiil paychecks and an additional Uirec and a hull ecu Is in the form "f holiday nay ami "to cover other economic items." The annouiuemeni followed 01, the heels of a rapid .scries of weekend developments in tlie battle fje- wreii the automotive industry's "HiS Three"—GM, Ford andChiys THKEK ler—-and Iwo other unions. Other developments included: Filing bV ">e UAW of a 30-day strike notice against Chrysler corporation. Approval by the National Executive Board of the Foremen's Association of America of a 30-day suike notice against the Ford Motor Company. Anderson said Uiat under terms of the GM-UEW agreement "the union's demands for a health, welfare and retirement, program will continue as a subject for discussion and negotiations." lie said the agreement would not become effective until ratified 'oy the UBW locals Involved. Deadline for ratification wa s set at April 21. MOSCOW as Latin Amenrnn slate.-;. Turkey, etc:., were adml'ted to the conference—a proposi'l opposed by Ute other three powers. Marshall earlier this month opposed making the German government' sign the peace treaty and suggested (hat a clause ue put in the German constitution under which ttic German government would be directed to accept and End of the Road j., Hk, J From where I sit™/» JoeMarsft wf^t:^^ *^ The body of an unidentified man and wreckage ot N. Y., after being struck by a Long Island express hi station wagon lie on train. (NtvA Tclepholo.) the tracks nt Wfitburj Aivtrt'utmtr.t Andy Doesn't Stretch Hospitality Too Far If over you're in our town and visit. Andy Johnson's place, you'll find no rowdincss. Andy won't put i:p with tt. He keeps his place ,*lenn, orderly, and law abiding. W^^ooperatca with the brewer's ! -^«l' c E" 1 atioii program, by which • beer retailers maintain high standards or face the loss of their licenses. It's different in a neighboring county where local Prohibition lias not only brought back speakeasies; and bootleggers, but also has sacrificed taxes needed for schools, good roads, and charitable institutions. The legal sale of malt beverages pays over a million and a quarter dollars in taxes aiunuliy for Arkansas. Bootlegfrri duu't pay anything. Please let us know U tl«rc «u-6 any conditions surrounding tii* retail sale of beer In your co:u- inunlty which do not meet th« high standards of public sentiment and of the Arkansas brewing Industry. ratify the trealy, Marshall was real/ lo lay he- for the conference on :i take it or leave Jt basis a Unite;) States 40- year plan deslgiK'd to guarantee the disarmament and dcmiiiUirira- tion of Germany. Marshall was prepared lo tell many tried to rearm. Russia (hut whether or nut they The mini.stcr>; bcf;an accepted the American jilan. lirst proposed by James F. Itynes l:ut summer, the Uuitfd StiL'^.s was in Europe for as long ^s might be necessary. Yarbro Amateur Players vigorously opposed i<> that Idcn. Austrian Treaty Slalctmteil _ _* " . ••-/» A four-power treaty would make To Receive Uniforms possible the- early removal of 01;-' cupatlon forces and would place supervision of Germany for- -10 men who could determine if Oer- their sixth week on a speedup schedule; which' calls Tor discussion of th*: Aus-' Irian Ueaty tomorrow 0|- Wcdnes-1 clay. Tlwl will be the cru:lul test I of whether anything' concrete will A meeting of members <>f 11 Yarbio amateur baseball team will 'be held Wednesday night al tins Valley Field Gin, it was announced today. Tlie purrjosc of the Hireling, U was nimoiiiicccl. is to sisn contracts and receive uniforms : m<.l equipment which have been purchased, Practice sessions for the team will henan as soon as weather ARKANSAS COMMITTEE, UNITED STATES BREWERS FOUNDATION _ Mft£° BOrD. STATE DIRECTOR . . .402 PYRAMID BIOG., IITTIS HOCK, AS<. Mother's Day SPECIAL! Regular $5.50 Machine Wave $3.50 ARTIE'S BEAUTY SHOP 313 North Second Phone 3302 If the Soviets accept the princl- be accomplished in this conference, .will permit It, was revealed pie of such a plan for keeping Only one Issue is holding up ' Germany disarmed aiid dcmilitar- (ujrccmcnl of dov.ens of other ized. Marshall was umlcrst'iod lo Austrian treaty points—llic qucs • be ready to propose the appoint- lion of Gorman asscU ment of special nig |M>tcntl»rlcs p to draft text for submission to the council at its next meeting—cither in London this Summer or New York next Fall. It was doubtful that muiisters would get around lo tlu four- power treaty today. i Marshall was expected to urge acceptance in principle of the treaty and Invite amendments. It HIGH I'EUCENTACit: Twcmy-sevcn of every 101) American soldiers killed imd wonld- pour pleni- to be used ns German tcimrationfe.j cil in World War 1 suffered from the actual The Soviets want ii very loose fas, according to U. .S chcmlcnl definition of such assi'l:;. Tnn] warfare other powers demand a slvh'.aeni formula under which the Soviets probably would have lo re'.um ;i great many of the assets already taken from Austria. Austrian ForeiBii Minister Karl Grubcr wants the Anglo-Ar.icri- cans to yield on the r-jp.iratluns issue for Ihe sake or itcttiiM an service reports. WALLACE Continued from P:is<' 1. would assure n Republican triumph. Mr. Truman's confidence that Wallace would campaign for the- Democrats next year was a horse- hack response to n newsman'.! was learned that the American early Austrian treaty. Grub-n-' con- delegation itself is studying a lends it is better to sacrifice, some scries of amendments. , such assets ami ye', rid of tin- The Soviet foreign minister was expensive Allied occupation of j question The President uol cnuuhL ex|jcctcd to maintain his oi>por,i-| Auslrin as soon as possible. An I thai, way last Scplembci-Then he tion because agreement on the Austrian treaty also would end told n news cotifcrcnce questioner treaty would cut the ground from lllc Soviet, occupation of Krmm"ia Hint a siiccch Wallncc was about to deliver would be a statement O f administration policy. The speech proved lo be a bare-knuckled attack on Secretary of State James P. Byrnes. The President tried l<> smooth It over but finally had lo concede he hadn't known what wii.< ollcleii an- Imperialism:, reactlon- i'y. iinll-Conimunlsl and unlalr lo 1C Kotlcl Union. As lo»(s HBO tin larch U, 1D-H, Wallace lold an hlo audlent'e thai Iheru probably onI<1 be another world war If the Hies "double crossed" Moscow. ![•-• ls<> salil then that World War II would be Inevitable if the c«m- umiM.s ainitn embraced the Idea ol oi'ld revnlnllon, .since then no', uicli lias bron heard from Wul- ice of Uus>liin world revolution it much «t the double cross. Wallace Is no.v the «pp|«>»nmn or the left wlnj. of politics whleh "O-opcrate.s closely \\lth Ihe Uom- mmlst viii'ty anil often follows Us mrly line. There l.s no iMlltlenl fu lire for such n spokesman In Wallace'* native Iowa. lie announced last February tlint he wns shlfllnt; his voMni? residence lo New York where his |»- Illlcul friends iirr more numerous Wallace ads like a niixn who wants to run for .somellitiiij, mayor, sei ator, governor or — on the lor cluiiice — iH'esdlcnt of the Unltet atntes. Kmbassy (11 Submit Ur|lorl LONDON. April M. (UPI — Ali- | Ihoi liallve sources .siiid today lhat | tile U. S. embassy will report lully to Wii.sblni: on the conversations ot Henry A. Wiilluce with Drltlsh government leaders, hu-lucUnir prlmu Minister clement ft. Attlee. 'I'liey said I Suit I here wns notlilin; irregular coneerjihiK Wallace's conversations and nothlnn thai would lend to (lie prosecution of Wallace under Koylcnn l.n«-, U. S. Ambas^adtir I e\vis Douplas \vlio was presi'iit at Ihe meeting of Wallace and Altlee wjis mulerstood to take that view. There Imve been demands in Washington for i>rosc- cutlon of Wallace under a Malute •rliiR private Individuals from discussions with forelnii officials designed to Influence the policy of a rove-Inn government toward the Unlled Slates. 'I'he \ValH\ee-Atllee conversations were described l>v u source who was present us "without political S!R- nldeaiice." Wallace made no attempt lo U'ln Atllee over lo his views on tor- eliiil policy, it wa.s said. The .mime (iiiarter dismissed as unimportant Wallace's discussion:; of I!nssl,i with }jon\ Pnekeliam, underscciclary of state for war. This conversation was described as "all in f-oad nntuvcd full." IlrlLlsh j^nvernmenl i| u a r t e i-s maintained an embarrassed silence today over the Wallace aflalr. The foreign office spokesman Said he was unable to comment at ill on WiiUuco's nrlllsh WH'cches. Asked about Wallace's proposal to ntcmallonallzc the .Sue/, Canal, tliu spokesman raid thai was pruimr- ly it mallei- inlerestllig the Hi;y'i>- lan governnienl. Cabinet ministers must decide Alielhcf tlicy will aUcnd Wallaces "prlvule" appenrance foelore a Hireling of all Mouse of Commons members Wednesday. Members from all parties have been iiivlxi. 'I'he private speech will be tlu> Icr- iner vice pn.'.sldent'.s last appearance In llrliiiln. Me ilnlslii'd his public .Kpccclie.s last nljiht mid will i;o to Sweden Thurscliiy. .. Bassinettes Just iri^ $5.95 THE TOT SHOP 10!> S. 2nd. Phone 2308 Greatest Selection of • PEN and PENCIL SETS': under many Soviet arguments OJI |IIIK & Hungary, where troops maiii- specific dt'inililnr- dcnaztficAtion of such issues as ization and Germany. As proposed originally .niori> than a year ayo by former Secretary ot Slate Jaine.-: p. Byrnes, Ihe treaty would pledge the four powers to keep an eye on Germany. At the first si&jn that the German-; were violating the demilitarization rules, the powers would move to stop the rearming. Byrnes discussed the treaty wil.'.i Generalissimo Stalin and he received a fa Molotov has denied Stalin agreed lo the treaty principle and has consistently opposed it, There is a difference of opinion within the American delegation as to how far the United States should f;o in amending the cli&tt. One email put influential crmiji wants to put in general eco-.iom-.c controls as well as military and armament controls. Poh'.ical of cers of the State Department are l«in .sti|i|)ly lines in Austria. As yet the Americans ire unyielding in their opposition to the Soviet position. This is true pecially amomv those ii ican delegation who are CF!- t!:e ftrncr- inore c'on- inatic nygrcssion immediate futnr halting Soviet dipl-j- '" Wallace's speech. He fired Wnl- than with of AusU'iu. the Too Late to Classify For Sale n ano -.iiniiyn'r.' *»*••%» ivorable reply.' n..iv,,n, t ,,,,k M..V... T hiumr mill,- tint , however, that! ' '••': C,I|,I-.MIV :,.,. I M , X: liirKnn lace from the Commerce Dcpart- mcntto keep Byrnes from resinn- ing. Spokesman for l,ofl Winders Por some time Wallace had liecn complaining Hint administration * WE BUY * WE SELL USED FURNITURE JIMMIE EDWARDS FURNITURE CO. 313 D. Main I'llllllo ?.1H7 at DREIFUS ••••••* PARKER "51" SET $1.25 A WEEK 17.50 writes dry will) wet Inkl r EVERSHARP SET il.25 A Will 5.9.S Mulched sots . . . choice of colors. SHAEFFER SET URMS 6.50 Beautiful styling for perfect writing. ••••*•• JDREIFUS 31li Wi:iiT MAIN ST. ;ir Iliiiniiiniis AMO Of 1AMU** Como To: U-DO-IT LAUNDRY With Those Dirty .Clothes Open 7 n. in. Close fi-.M p. in. Tiirsday niul '1'liui K(|:IV Ninhtn Open Till 9 o'CIock 323 North 2nd St. Davis Brothers Service Station & Garage FUANK1.1N ItOhlilXS, Mechanic l,ion I'nuliitls Blnnilii, Arkiinsits General'Tires Aiilo 1'iirls & Ai'C' For Kent .nlv. nujnii 1.1 l-nk-17 ism Services Blytheville's Best Equipped! Blytheville's Largest! Blytheville's Most Efficient... AUTO REPAIR SHOP? * Ask Our Customers ' They don't come too large or too small, we handle any (Ii ing Uiiil rolls the highway and give expert mechanical rnpaiirf, alignment, body straightening, painting or .anything you need (o keep your vehicle rolling . . . .we do our work well and stand behind it. You can use our easy pay budget plan if you wish! We Handle Any Car or Truck! TRAILERS, TOO! j-'isk Tires Wrecker Service P. T. 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