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Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada • Page 50

Reno, Nevada
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2E Reno Gazette-Journal Wednesday, October 13, 1999 A Cuomo talc: Former New York Mayor Mario Cuomo is spinning his wisdom to a younger audience these days. He has written a children's book, "The Blue due out in bookstores next month. The story is about a tree uprooted in a windstorm and how a boy and his father try to save it. Cuomo relates the story's lesson never give up to his own life as he grew from the son of Italian immigrants into a political leader. Associated Press Uncommon jowol: Jewel will release a special benefit single in conjunction with Saturday's performance at Ne-tAid.

Due in storet, Tuesday, the single will feature a previously unreleased live version of "Life Uncommon." Hollywood Reporter THE INSIDER News k. Notes Jewel Blockbuster sequels Bad 'bots will 'be back' for Terminator 3 Haile Gebrselassie in the 1996 Olympics for Pressman's "Endurance" this year. Music Ex-Zeppelin member to hit road again Hollywood Reporter Authors No good ending for this crash Author William Least Heat-Moon, a.k.a. Will Trogdon, is in a tiff with a boat operator after he crashed while being filmed by "CBS Sunday Morning." Trogdon lost control of one boat on the Missouri River and rammed a second boat with the camera crew aboard last week. The long-in-the-works "Terminator 3" is moving a step closer to production.

After months of wrangling over the project, a Japanese company has stepped in quietly to pay for to insert." Jones and his band guitaristbassist Nick Beggs and drummer Terl Bryant will play a couple of Zeppelin songs on the tour besides the bulk of the "Zooma" album, but "not too many," he adds. "We have no singer, of course," he says. But that won't stop fans from singing along to any songs by the huge, influential band, whose work can still be heard daily on U.S. classic rock stations. "We always knew we had a good band," Jones says.

"But obviously nobody could know that 30 years after it started; people would still have whole days of it on the radio. "I heard of Led Zeppelin Month recently on the West Coast." But, Jones adds, "I don't like looking backward. The past is past, and it was great. And I'm very proud of it, but it's of no further interest, to be honest." Hartford Courant Billboard charts Estefan, 'N Sync combination a hit Since Led Zeppelin called it quits in 1980, bassist John Paul Jones has kept busy on a number of musical fronts: composing, arranging, producing. He did the strings on R.E.M.'s "Automatic for the People" and produced a number of albums.

"But of all the things I have done in the last 20 years, playing live wasn't one of them," Jones says over the phone from A Terminator robot Jones "His boat starts swinging back and forth, he hits the throttle and lurches the boat forward into the back end of my boat, running up alongside and scraping the side," said Mike Ruh, who rented both boats to CBS for the interview. Trogdon says the crash wasn't his fault. He says the other boat's wake broke the throttle and caused the boat to speed up. "I am just an actor in this scene," he said. Trogdon, who wrote "Blue Highways" has a new book due out on Oct.

19 about exploring America's waterways. He says he was accident-free throughout the voyage chronicled in "River Horse." Associated Press producers Andy Vajna and Mario Kassar to start moving ahead with the project. Sources said Toho-Towa, along with an unnamed German firm, are funding development on the film, though it is unclear whether "Terminator" franchise star Arnold Schwarzenegger will be involved. Vajna and Kassar did not return calls. As for James Cameron, who directed the first two "Terminators," he "is not involved with the project," a spokesperson said.

Hollywood Reporter Television Armstrong pedals way to TV movie London. That changed five years ago, when he went out on the road with performance artist Diamanda Galas, whose 1994 album he had produced. Touring for the first time since the death of Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham had ended that band, Jones says he "basically got the bug again." "And always in the back of my mind was to do a solo album, like every musician, I suppose," Jones says. "I thought I could put the two together and record a bunch There are a couple of reasons why Backstreet Boys won't be thrilled with this week's Billboard Hot 100, and they both involve the single that bolts from No. 41 to No.

2. "Music Of My Heart" (MiramaxEpic) by 'N Sync Gloria Estefan ties the peak position of "Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)" by Backstreet Boys, but if it advances one more position, 'N Sync will beat the Boys to pole position on the Hot 100. The Backstreet guys i -X I of stuff I could take on the road. He does so on the instrumental "Zooma," recently issued on Robert Fripp's Discipline Global Mobile record label. Jones begins his first solo tour next week in New England.

the tints happened yet?" the Sitcoms Carey gets Net savvy will debut a first-ever simultaneous primetime Internet Webcast to serve as a companion to a live episode of "The Drew Carey Show" on Nov. 17. The Web companion, dubbed "Drew-Cam," can be accessed from either Englishman inquires, referring to the fall foliage). TNT is mounting the dramatization of the life story of cyclist Lance Armstrong, who won this year's Tour de France just three years after being diagnosed with an advanced case of testicular cancer. Famed Olympic documentary filmmaker Bud Greenspan, an eight-time Emmy winner, will direct the two-hour movie.

It's being made with the cooperation of Armstrong. Estefan To have new music to play on tour, Jones says, the album "needed to be a rock-based album and a blues-based album as well." The resulting "Zooma," distributed by Rycodisc, features Jones on a variety of instruments, including a lap steel guitar, which he adapted to use more bass strings., Warner Bros, online or The TV episode, which will be performed live from Warner Bros, studios, will feature an Internet-inspired story line: Drew is selected to have his own Web site as a new Internet marketing'sales experiment sponsored by his employer. As a result, Drew becomes a 24-hour-a- Armstrong might begrudge their new labelmates a No.

2 hit, but no one could be upset with Estefan's triumphant return to the chart's upper echelon. In a year when Latin artists have dominated, Estefan is in the top two for the first time in over eight years. In fact, she hasn't been in the top 10 since "Coming Out Of The Dark" was a No. 1 hit in March 1991. "Music Of My Heart," the latest Diane Warren song to find a berth in the top two, makes the third-biggest advance to the runner-up spot in Hot 100 history.

Billboard "I always liked playing lap steel guitar," he says. "When Led Zeppelin was touring, I used to take a little one Armstrong's cancer spread to his lungs and brain before he was declared free of it after a year of intensive treatment. His quick recovery and Tour de France victory generated international media attention. Greenspan directed the footage of Ethiopian runner day pitchman for the department store 'a la "EDtv." Hollywood Reporter with me and play it in hotel rooms not to the sound of breaking furniture, I hasten SEEK FIND Say Wart? Misnamed county drives family FOOD GROUPS LXLGYIKJDPUE 0 0 0 DCF00DGR0UPS IEU0R0 ORHYIVKHVTUSG 0 0 VHORUHMQHEAARLEJGV GKVRTUKSWEOIKGRUCH POWEOJIEPUOLATNACE LRPBBFIKCLCBRGUUTO MBONTUCHEOBTBLGUSV RGUAOI IU LAGPI YNETP HJCRHCOLCKGFMOOAOR RQACOOAOKULGCMETRQ OHORQRHIKOMOVUTDRB CRYEDHLUWUCBUOKCAA AIESGOHELAERECXOCD ABRSRIRXMYTPURHJOV Washington wrote to the Continental Congress urging it to reward the three heroes Van Wart, John Paulding and David Williams for preventing "one of the severest strokes that could have been mediated against us." The Congress did so, striking the first U.S. medals ever awarded and providing each of the three young heroes with $200 a year for life.

New York state gave each man a farm. But in the congressional proceedings Van Wart's name was misspelled as "Van Wert." In 1820, when the Ohio state legislature was creating counties furiously as homesteaders moved into the western part of the state, it named a county "Van Wert." Why the lawmakers settled on Isaac "Van Wert," a New Yorker who apparently never visited Ohio, has been obscured by time. Soon afterward, the City of Van Wert (pop. 1 1,000) was created. Fast-forward to 1987.

Jeff Van Wart was an Army corporal at Fort Devens in Massachusetts. He met a colonel who mentioned he was from Van Wert, Ohio. 1 hat launched Van Wart and his father, Robert, who died two years ago, on their personal crusade. Van Wart said he has written hundreds of letters to officials, from U.S. senators to the most obscure local bureaucrats, beseeching them to do honor to Isaac Van Wart by spelling his name correctly all to no avail.

Sometimes he has been brushed off, as in the two-paragraph letter from Ohio State Sen. Lynn R. Wachtmann last month saying it was up to local "political subdivisions" to change their names. Sometimes he has received no response, as with Ohio's two U.S. senators, Mike DeWine (R) and George V.

Voinovich (R), he said. He contacted Ohio Gov. Bob Taft (R) in August, but has not gotten a response. In 1987, Van Wart's father exchanged correspondence with Van Wert Mayor Stan Agner, who suggested the Van Wart family travel to the city. "He (Robert Van Wart) said when they change the name, we'll come.

It's just very hard for me to believe CHICAGO For more than a decade, Jeffrey Van Wart has tirelessly waged a quixotic but so far fruitless campaign to correct a trivial spelling error transcribed into a declaration by Gen. George Washington over 200 years ago. Little wonder it has been an uphill battle, since his effort would change the name of a fair-sized city in Ohio and plunge it into bureaucratic confusion. Van Wart, 31, a geriatric nurse in Cottonwood, says that for most of his life he didn't even know there was a jurisdiction in Ohio named after his ancestor, Isaac Van Wart. Isaac was a Minuteman in General Washington's Continental Armv.

On Sept. 23, 1780 Isaac Van Wart and two fellow foot soldiers captured British Major John Andre near Tarrytown, N.Y., and uncovered what Washington later called "the villainous perfidy" of Benedict Arnold's treasonous plot to surrender the strategic Hudson River fort at West Point. Andre was hanged as a spy, Arnold escaped to loyalist lines, and that heroes of this caliber are forgotten and misrepresented," the younger Van Wart said. He said it was "comical" that when the local museum put Isaac Van Wart's musket on display in April, a newspaper headline read: "Van Wart's Musket Displayed in Van Wert Museum." The current mayor, Eugene Bagley, did not return repeated telephone calls after his secretary was informed of the nature of the inquiry. But Ava Good, one of three Van Wert County commissioners, said it would be "quite a financial burden" to change the name, even though she thinks Jeff Van Wart is a "great guy" with a legitimate grievance.

"We're all aware how this happened and that Isaac Van Wart captured Major Andre," said Good, who also is vice regent of the Isaac Van Wart Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. "But every birth record, every map, every sign, every property transfer record and part of almost every public record would have to be changed." Washington Post HDOEN WORDS USTH) taOW RUN FORWARD, BACKWARD, UP, DOWN AND DIAGONALLY. FIND EACH WORD. BOX fT M. Cantaloupe Cauliflower Chick Peas Cranberry Collards Carrots Cereal Cabbage Cress Catfish Chicory Coconut Corn Chard a 10iVM Cucumber Tomorrow: Natty BURRES CHIROPRACTIC ii7fttriTOlufifiTi in 'Ecefknce in Chiropractic MY lift SO FAR 7:15 -ENDS MUCIN, LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL frSli MUMFORO 9:05 njj STIR OF ECHOES 9:15 BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB 5:00 IM1S 1HUI THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR 7:0 3D Auto Accidents We are providers or accept llrrW.

VIRMIKT THREE KINGS Beginning bridge Lessons Date: Saturday October 1 6 Time: -11 Bring a partner or come alone Reno Bridge Center 2850 Wrondel Way Call Irene at 849-0432 "A flat-out masterpiece, surely the best picture of the vear." AMERICAN NOW SHOWING NOPASSFS COUPONS OH DISCOUNTS NOW SHOWING NO PASSES COUPONS DISCOUNTS Personal Injury Most accidents have no oul-of-pocket expense. One call -that's all. If you choose to have an attorney, we will help you select one. Headaches Low Back Pain Pinched Nerve Workers Conip. Carpal Tunnel (Wrist Pain) BEAUTY (11:551:20 2:20 3:45 (11:40 12:50 2:30 4:00 A tli c.on 7.

on insurance from: Healthcare -Fortis-CAPPCare Universal Health Humana Aetna Prudential John Alden Ins.PPO DPA Healthcare Plan United Health Care Farmers State Farm Silver StatePrime Health Blue CrossBlue Shield Allstate Affordable and many others 2304 Oddie Blvd. Sparks, NV t'ltroer of Kl Rancho Oddic In the hagles Shopping Cement 358-3590 nun 5:35) 7:00 8:35 10:00 yarn. Plumb Ui 3m ll-m DIGITAL (11:3012:20 2:20 3:30 :00 3:00 4:00 Dr. Jeff Burres Palmer Graduate. Former Board Member of Nevada Stale Chiropractic Association j-cn 7--3C a-in m-on Mfl liooi 1250 rtctorwn Ave I 6:00) 7:10 I 353-7469 1250 ctxun Ave.

9:00 10:00 stGrr. TjIEfS BfUWtfrtD IT NtUHVOK KTOrJilQI LLC lJ OIlClfnHUMMCLLC da Otkto -h CENTURY THEATRES CENTURY THEATRES CENTURY PARK LANE 16 CENTURY SPARKS 14 iW LoneS. Virginia 8213333 1 250 Victorian km 353-7469 CHKK HKCTMIB Ot CAU TWATK KXI SHOWIUtfS S0HY, NO PASSES ACCiPTED fOt THIS ENGAGtMENT BOS' mssm SUPERSTAR PG-13) 1 12 00-2 0M OS 00) 8 00-10 00 BGITU. AMERICAN BEAUTY (R 11 40-2 20-5 05 7 45-1C2S DOTAL "Wow! What a great movie experience" 1r flN0O HEARTS ail 11 7,5 1 7flW 35-1013C DOTAL SUPERSTARiPG-13j(122S-24W40700-9TO DOTAL AMERICAN BEAUTY 'R) 1 12 00-2 40-5 20i 6 00-10 DIGITAL HVSTERY. ALASKA Hi Ml AS-2 30-5 10 7 45-10 25 DIGITAL RANDOM tARTS 'Wfr- 003 It OM 7 iMOO-IKt DOTAL am DRIVE ME CRAZY PG-13! 1 1220-2 35-4 45, 7 00-S 15 DOTAL MSTERY ALASKA 11 452 30-5 10) 7 45-1025 DOTAL THE ADVENES OF EJK II BI0UCHIAW i 3WJK718 DIGITAL DRIVE ME CRAZY PG-13) 1 12 15-2 455 10) 7 40-9 55 DOTAL THREE WIGS 5G 6Z-'2W4W5C DOTAL THREE GS si-jzepstacies World's Largest Selling Brand of Chain Saws a TtifVlVSFH, AT THE NEW BLUESTREAKIPG-13II12 35-310-540I805-1030 DOTAL FOR LOVE OF THE GAME PG-13' 12 3 45.

705-10 10 DOTAL Regal Cikemas ffijr tDOlAEJEOMHH' "3C- H2H3WrAl JAKOBTHEUAR'PG-l3iH210PM DIGITAL STIGMATA 'Rt 900 DIGITAL BUE STREAK PG-'3 50 55-2554 i 1A I DIGITAL FOR LOVE OF THE GAME PG-13-' 1 004 X. 7 05-10 '5 DOTAL 8CrFlGER(OfaU'TOD PG-13it 12204 15 DIGITAL THE SIXTH SEHSE STOMATA R( 1 12 15-2 50-5 15, if Free Popcorn! Free Soda! Free Video Games! THE SuTTH SENSE 11 4O23K 05, 745-102CDOTAL RUNAWAY BfllOE IPG; 7 35-10 '5 Closed tor Season Swap Meet open Fri. Sat 4 Sun Vie the Movie of jour choice 'n current release before the theatre opens to the public! See Friday, Saturday and Sunday editions of the Reno Gazette-Journal for details and entry blank. 635 E. 4th St Reno, NV (775) 322-9481.

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