Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada on March 27, 1991 · Page 3
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Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada · Page 3

Reno, Nevada
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Wednesday, March 27, 1991
Page 3
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World Wednesday, March 27, 1991 Reno Gazette-Journal 3A MALI Military ousts dictator, promises democracy BAMAKO, Mali (AP) Soldiers overthrew Mali's military dictator Tuesday after days of rioting and promised to replace Gen. Moussa Traore's "bloodthirsty and corrupt regime" with a multiparty democracy. At least 59 people were reported killed in violence after the overnight coup, including two top Traore supporters who were burned to death. "The army will no longer meddle in politics," coup leader Lt. Col. Amadou Toumani Toure pledged in a radio broadcast. "The army will return to its barracks" after establishing "social justice and total democracy." Traore's whereabouts were not known, though state radio said he was under arrest. Military sources said Traore was imprisoned with his family. Residents of Bamako, the Mali capital, at first cheered and set off firecrackers to celebrate the news of the ouster of Traore. Later, medical officials speaking on condition of anonymity said 59 people had been killed and about 200 injured in post-coup violence. Looters continued to plunder shops and offices Tuesday, despite appeals from pro-democracy leaders and the new ruling National Reconciliation Council of 17 soldiers. The new government, in a communique read on official radio, announced the disbanding of MEXICO Moussa Traore had ruled Mali, a landlocked West African nation of 8 million people, for 23 years. Traore's government and his People's Democratic Union, which was the sole legal political party. Coup leaders met with pro-democracy leaders and promised to work with their Committee of Pro-Democracy Associations, an umbrella group. Its chairman, human rights activist and lawyer Demba Diallo, praised "this group of patriotic officers," saying the new leadership had solicited the opposition for advice. "Their intention is not to take power," Diallo told state Radio Mali. They would "ensure that the uniform no longer usurps the people's power." "I am putting myself back in God's hands," Diallo quoted Traore as saying upon his arrest. He told the radio that was Traore's only response when his captors told him, "We have come to get you for your own security." Unconfirmed reports said the president had been caught at the airport as he tried to flee the country. The military closed Mali's borders and international airport and imposed a dusk-to-dawn curfew, the radio said. J t 200 miles MAURITANIA 1 S. I Pre.ldent I MALI overthrown Timbuktu 1 if i Mopti J j0r 1 f J V. NIGER L.A O' BURKINA ?) ivory) Sf? COAST GHALL People Most of the country's 8 million people live in villages. Ethnic groups 50 Mande, 17 Peul, 12 Voltaic, 6 Songhai, 5 Tuareg and Moor Language French (official) and Bambara Religion 90 Muslim Topography Landlocked grassy plain between the coastal rain forest and the desert Economy Mali's per capita income of $1 90 places it among the world's 10 poorest countries. Agriculture employs 73 of the work force. History France controlled Mali from about 1880 until 1960. A single-party state based on socialist policies followed until a 1968 coup ended the regime and installed Moussa Traore as president AP Report Violence, corruption fill prisons MEXICO CITY Overcrowding, deteriorating facilities and poorly trained guards make Mexican prisons ripe for violence, according to a report released Tuesday by the Americas Watch human rights organization. Prisoners already have been killed in riots at three prisons, including La Mesa in Tijuana, Baja California, during the past three years. "Many other prisons are powder kegs ready to explode," the report said. "As the prison population continues to rise and poor-quality prison conditions and inmate idleness are ignored, Mexican prisons are becoming more and more dangerous," Americas Watch said. La Mesa, for example, houses six times as many prisoners as it was designed to hold. "The prison resembled a squatter settlement," the report stated. "La Mesa is a disaster area," said Ellen Lutz, California director of Human Rights Watch, who edited the report and participated in prison visits. Prisoners who have $25,000 to spend can stay in apartments with Japan's oldest person marks 113th birthday TOKYO (AP) Japan's oldest person celebrated her 1 13th birthday Tuesday, and the mayor dropped by with flowers and a $1,400 present. Waka Shirahama's secret of long life is "hard work and moderation in eating," said her fourth daughter, Maki, who is 79. Maki said her mother used to pull a bicycle cart through the streets to make a living selling vegetables. For the past 16 years, Mrs. Shirahama, who lives on a southern island, has eaten a bowl of soft rice and a cup of sugared soybean soup both for breakfast and dinner, and for lunch a cup of honeyed milk and fruit. , Tatsuya Iwahashi, mayor of Miyakonojo on Japan's southernmost main island of Kyushu, brought her a bouquet and 200,000 yen, equal to $ 1,400, as a gift of congratulations from the city. Mrs. Shirahama was born March 26, 1878, in the Kyushu town of Kagoshima, and bore nine children. Her husband, Shutaro, died in 1939. "Many ... prisons are powder kegs ready to explode. " Americas Watch report comfortable bedrooms, full kitchens, baths and patios, then can resell them to new inmates at the end of their term, the prison monitors said in the report. Those with less money sleep on the floors of the gymnasium or outdoors and must buy space to store their bedding during the day. Prisoners with money enjoy large living areas, which intensifies the overcrowding for fellow inmates without funds, the report said. Such corruption penetrated all 15 prisons, included in the report, Americas Watch said. In many cases corruption went further. For example, the directors of one Mexico City prison ran a prostitution ring, sending female prisoners to the men's section for pay. Lutz said that many Mexican prison officials shared the investigators' indignation over conditions as they toured the prisons. The report also acknowledged the cooperation of the government and praised the National Human Rights Commission, a government agency, for its investigations of abuses at La Mesa and a prison in Tampico, Tamaulipas, in northeastern Mexico. "They are doing serious work and calling conditions as they see them," Lutz said. "I just hope someone will listen to them." The Americas Watch report follows the release last Friday of recommendations for prison reform by the commission. A spokesman for the commission, which has been studying human rights in Mexican prisons, refused to comment on the Americas Watch report. "The commission will stay on the sidelines because it was not created (to offer opinions)," he said. "The commission only reacts with written opinions about complaints it receives." Los Angeles Times SIERRA NEUROSURGERY GROUP William N. Dawson, Jr., M.D. John S. Davis, M.D. Joseph R. Walker, M.D. Ritchie P. Gillespie, M.D. Dante F. Vacca, M.D. is pleased to announce the association of HILARI L. FLEMING, M.D. In The Practice Of Neurosurgery Effective April 1, 1991 85 Kirman, Suite 401 (702) 323-2080 Reno, Nevada 89502 By appointment '!: IF mi ffl iltl. '.'.III "'.It vul i mr-nr , m'r I a QUIT mum SHOPPING 3? DISCOUNT! Get Quality & Service at the same prices flooring furniture windows mill sales - Featuring library of 300 manufacturers 451 Roberts 747-7715 PAGHETT4XlHnrn?.Ei with meal sauce I SPcCIALl VBASKET J flu-? sn STREET US Reno-vation! We've been improving the downtown district. But, the present Sierra Street construction hasn't been great for business. So here's the prescription. For a limited time, everything at Jay's Jewelers is priced at 20 below our everyday low prices. Select from a dazzling collection of watches, rings, and earrings. Necklaces, bracelets, and pendants. Artfully designed for those who have a passion for fine jewelry. And, as always, enjoy free validated parking at 1st and Sierra. Then, an easy stroll to remarkable savings! Come in today. It's just what the doctor ordered ... for Sierra Street Blues. Jay's Jewelers Serving Reno For Over 35 Years. 31 North Sierra Street. Downtown Reno at the river. 323-1862 Validated Parking - 1st & Sierra credit cards accepted, financing available custom work & repairs NORTHERN IRELAND Talks OK'd with Ulster parties Political breakthrough: Leaders hail the agreement as a key step toward ending the bloodshed in the troubled province. LONDON Britain's top official in Northern Ireland announced to Parliament Tuesday that the British and Irish governments have agreed to talks with Ulster's main political parties to establish stability in the trouble-racked province. In describing what some called the biggest political breakthrough on British-ruled Ulster in 15 years, Northern Ireland Secretary Peter Brooke told the members of Parliament, "We are setting out to achieve a new beginning for relations within Northern Ireland." Kevin McNamara, the opposition Labor Party's spokesman on Ulster, congratulated Brooke and said: "We are at a historic moment. There is now a window of opportunity where possibilities for political settlement are open in a way which has not been possible for decades." While politicians hailed the agreement to begin talks, they acknowledged the difficulty of reaching a satisfactory settlement in Northern Ireland, where 3,000 people have been killed in endemic violence since 1 969. The basic argument has been between Northern Ireland's 500,000 republicans, mainly Roman Catholics, who wish to unite with the Republic of Ireland, and the 1 million unionists, mainly Protestants, who prefer British rule. The key success in Brooke's arduous diplomatic efforts was to get the unionist parties of Ulster to sit down with the Catholics and with representatives of the Irish government. At the outset, the talks will include the three Protestant unionist parties, the non-sectarian Alliance Party and the Social Democratic and Labor Party, which commands about two-thirds of the Catholic vote in the province. Ulster's Sinn Fein party, the political arm of the terrorist Irish Re publican Army, will not participate in the talks. Britain's leadership has long refused to talk to Sinn Fein as long as the IRA uses violence in its campaign to unite Northern Ireland with the Irish Republic. Dublin gave a warm welcome to Brooke's announcement, with the Irish Cabinet saying, "We pay tribute to the personal qualities of Mr. Brooke and also to the combination of realism and vision displayed by the political leaders in Northern Ireland." The talks, which are expected to begin in several weeks, will consist of three phases. Phase 1 would involve the Ulster parties, Phase 2 would add on the Irish government and the final phase would consist of talks between London and Dublin. Brooke said that the British and Irish governments would be prepared to consider a compromise structure involving Northern Ireland if the Ulster parties themselves could agree on a new power-sharing arrangement. "I am confident that all the potential participants are committed to a forward-looking and constructive approach," the Northern Ireland secretary said. Los Angeles Times kW a m mm mmmm u a mmm mm m a a aaa ft mm WtWAIMI I U LUWtK AU I U INSURANCE RATES BY 20 BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP! OPEN LETTER TO NEVADA MOTORISTS AND LEGISLATORS PROPOSING "MICHIGAN STYLE" NO-FAULT INSURANCE (Senate Bill - SB255) f riMiirjq;tKiiiii;iUHcifA'7ii;Ktiiaitja;fiiiiciii?ii'iiti;iCTii Dear Friends and Neighbors; We're tired of skyrocketing auto insurance rates, consumer dissatisfaction, uninsured motorists and a perpetual battle between insurance companies and lawyers resulting in no relief for consumers. Our Nevada proposal has a proven 17 year track record of lower premium rates with immediate economic benefits for consumers. It's important to enact a proven plan that works. Nevada ns are not "laboratory rats." This svstem Drovides all accident victims (exceDt uninsured motorists with immediate economic benefits for venicle damaqe, medical bills and wage loss, regardless of fault of an accident and "choice" of optional benefits including collision coverage for vehicle repairs, with no deductible if the other guy is at fault. Current minimum liability insurance includes $15,000 per person (limit of $30,000 per acccident) for bodily injury to others and $10,000 for property damage to others. Current minimums provide no meoicai. wage loss or oiner nrst parry economic oenems, Every insured accident victim has minimum benefits: (a) $10,000 of mediccal coverage (100 payment) with "choice" to purchase up to $50,000. (b) wage loss benefits of 70 of tost income, up to $1,000 monthly for 12 months with "choice" to purchase up to $3,000 monthly. (c) replacement services up to $20 daily to pay for household chores you can't perform rf disabled by an auto accident. (d) $15,000 per person, $30,000 per accident for bodily injury to others to pay damages not paid by limitation of no-fault benefits and for pain and suffering for serious injuries. (e) $1 0,000 for damage to fixed property. (f) same liability insurance as current law for out of state travel. "Pain and suffering" lawsuits are elimnated for "whiplash" and minor injuries. You retain the right to sue, in addition to the no-fault benefits you collect, for death, disfigurement or serious and permanent injuries. Currently, Nevadans have ten times the number of "neck sprains" than folks in Michigan and New York! Do we Nevadans really have weak necks? Because fender benders are handled without lenghthy investigations to determine fault, without attorneys and because invisible "neck sprains" vanish, more benefits are paid to seriously injured victims, faster, at lower premium rates. Our proposal also has medical cost containment. Trial lawyers will lobby heavily against no-fault because it sharply reduces your premium dollars paid to lawyers. Today's working people don't have time or facilities to "hassle" with other guy's insurer or with uninsured motorists, particularly in a touristtransient state. Under the new law, claims for vehicle repair, medical bills and wage loss are handled by your own insurer. You select an insurer who serves you well! As predicted in past legislatures, with skyrocketing healthcare cost, increasing traffic, increasing repair cost and our "fast buck" atmosphere, liability rates will soar until we enact good no-fault laws. 5BEBT7 Most legislators are anxious to correct our auto insurance problem. Legislators will hit the campaign trail to solicit your vote again in 14 montns. Mane sure tney earn it! PLEASE CALL LEGISLATORS TOLL FREE 687-4848 OR 1-800-992-0973 LEAVE YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS WITH A MESSAGE "FOR ALL LEGISLATORS" TO SUPPORT OUR "MICHIGAN STYLE" NO-FAULT INSURANCE PROPOSAL THIS AO PAID FOR BY THE EMPLOYEES OF AUT0 INSURANCE CENTERS Bob Feldman, President an employee owned corporation serving Nevada for 18 year. We are insurance agents, not lawyers or insurance companies We hear your gripes lace to face" daily about high pnees and consumer dissatisfaction. We're out to overhaul the system but we need your help.

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