The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 22, 1949
Page 11
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FRIDAY, APRIL 22, 19<19 BTATHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ELEVEN PKKCKLKS & HIS MOUNDS By MKKR1LL BLO8BBB Hard to Decide? I JUST GOTTA win PRST PRIZE on- [illG a^UA^E IF I DISLOCATE BOTH LARO, Y °U ^., WOULDNt.' TEEN TALENT WINNER CHOOSE FAMILY- SIZE REFW6- ERATOR OR MAID SERVICE FORA MONTH.' 'Yes, it's n murder mystery—1 triod ovory other way knew and couldn't koon thnm nmnfi" mm$ Pressing Silimlitm koop thorn quiot! By AL VERMEER GOODNE5S, VOU'D THINK THEY'D MAKE THESE SEATS v WIDE ENOUGH FOR TWO PEOPLE/ / Hi MICIIAHL O'MALLKY and RALPH LANE j OKAV, BUGS, VOU'RE COW IN' WITH YOU GO ON AHEAD. R055UM, AND DON'T LET AHVBODV SEE US COMING OJI HERE pccble3 atld ' ""^d ihe Pond plaa.^ HO FUNNY BUSINESS ' DRIVE 8UG55 OR IMERt'Ll BE ANOTHER UNSOLVED MURDCR / ^^^L^^^^Ki •^^_~' ^/ f^^m ^^. <•'• . & THERE 5 A CAR PULLING AWAY. SIR. 00 YOU SUPPOSE THAT'S CHANNEL? II S NOT CHANNEL'S CAR.GET THE UMBER. WASH TUBUS Ry I,ESI. IE TURNER I SAW IT WITH fM OWN DV6&, EftSV... rtLT LIKE CEVIMG' A HELPLESS LITTLE 1YKE DEPENDINfi ON OUT LIKE ME FOR HIE SECUEirV I OHCE M(\ft FROM MY OWW Dftn!! HIIS IS \ LIKE THE PEI/IL! BLT WUR FIFTH \ ft\W8E 1 C^N STICK IT WIlhOUT JOUI MWTIIEK. WEEK-. ftDRKJK.OIG... / I've DON£ IT BEFORE.' HOW DOVOU I'LL MAKE IT ft* HfkPPY FOR. C6.THV I POSSIBLV CAW! AFTER THAT,..WELL I PON'T AAMT TO THINK ABOUT IT^frT HUGS BUNNY I The Old I'ixei Ky FRED HARMAN , I WON'T ) BE LON6, AN NOW YA SOT A SWELL LOOKIN'-GLAAS FER 1ER WALL ' H/VPPENED TO MV MiftR.OR.-TOP TABLE.' ER... OME TMIN6 .LED V ANOTHER. By V. T. HAML1N HOOTS AND 11KK HUDDIKS Hy EDGAR MARTIN , Of COOSVbt . VVX VWKW. .1 WMOfl voo OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople BAH.' KSO DOUBT TU6 MEDICAL OPWTHMEROSlS 1 VOO yllki THIS SILMER A^30R, FOB.THE STROWG6ST, \i FASTEST- OF TUe vJeeV,.' — Tnte MISSLVS LASSOES Voo FOR A SOB SSTTlkSG OOT RED WHILE HER. VJOBDS ARB , VOOR SPRllvG COLLAPSES AT TH& <SIGHT OF DARvWESS OF S'OOR A8YSMA.L. TOO SAD VOO LADS Peer ARE- MOT GOow WOKlDER- IfJG IF THER6 IS SUCH A Vi'ORD ^ Young Farmers Endorse Balanced Farming Event LITTLE ROCK. April 21—(,n— The executive committee o( the young farmers of Arkansas today endorsed the Arkansas Press Association's Balanced Fanning Contest. tPress Association Secretary L, J. iner explained the contest to the committee. He said about 2.500 arc expected tu enter tlris year. The committe also voted to hold the YFA convention In Little Rock next July. il H E IF L S Meet Mreifus . . . Wear Uianionrh :uiiUi:.M \i\i\ si Insurance P\>r Complete Insurance Protection Call 3545 W. J. Polland Agency Planned Protection OLENCUE HOTfcJl UU1LUINU 124 W ASH 8T -Tilt: STOIIY] Mr. B»d Mm. rrl» ink* !• proklracK aloaff wltk UiflKrrM wk^v tbr; do tkflr fuel I* rrlle*^ tk* WMrllHr keH*l«K *knrl- «i«r In CrcMf Fnll*. Moat. CkUC prolilrm !• Itujtrr, wh* |KT|I«* unexpected Bnealk 1» dlMMer MHd »nin«he« up Ike ll.ilierla* enr. IliK there nre oilier KUeal*. MMd alker XVI11 I RETURNED home one late afternoon to find an eager, husky young Air Transport Command pilol waiting to see me. He was just back in this country from flying Lend-Lease over the Hump and he hod been advised at the Field that Sonny wiis lo be transferred. (It often happened that new applicants for our rooms would corne to see us before Die present incumbents had heard they were lo be moved.) lie wanted the Vickerys' room for the bride he was about to marry. Jean h;id wanted lo get married before Hollo went overseas, bul her parents insisted upon their waiting until she was 21. She had (hat birthday the same day he flew his 45th mission — his age plus hers. "Gel it?" he said. It seemed to him like an omen o( good luck, and now as soon as he cleared at the Field, he'd get leave .and they'd be .married. I looked at his war-weary uniform. wings over the pocket, two rows of campaign ribbons heavily dotted with stars and oak leaf clusters, the brilliant red, white, and blue shield on his sleeve; at his thatch of blond hair, the premature lines around his eyes; the lense, nervous way he used his lips; and I thought -there wasn't much sacrifice a civilian could 'make that such a boy hadn't earned and didn't deserve. 1 briefed him on what I should expect of him and his wife. (V.liy 1 wasted breath on such futility 1 don't know for I never anticipated what a' new guest would do and what did happen was never in the pattern of what had happened.) LODGER COmiGHT IT GtKHtlftC: PUK.IfHU MiTIIIUTEB IY NEA U1VKI. MC Roger came home as Rollo and were finishing out arrangements, le hung around until "the Little Birdtnun," as he referred to Rollo, ell; and then he advised me 1 vas making a great mistake, thai he fellow wasn't of "our class." I didn't lei! itoger lhal Hollo -,vas about to be married and would nol undermine him and his hold on us; I listened inslead to (he click of his nose as it went out of oint, and walched the brown of lis eyes Lurn to green. "One thing 1 hope for your sake." ."ie concluded, "is lhal you'll keep him in his place. After all, he's only a roomer. A fellow wilh his check would lie the first one lo take advantage of your hospitality." He couldn't he the first one, bul I lei lhal pass. Instead. I sel the l.nhle for three and hoped one pound of hamburger would do: rUiijer was exceedingly fond of Swedish meat balls. • • • J^OGEH'S prediction was righl, hut for tlie wrong reasons. Cheek and class had nothing to do with it; it was an airmail special delivery letter that stirred Hollo's life with a spoon and ours with it. Rollo had watched for lhat letter for a week and when il arrived, he wished he'd never seen it. lie brought the letter to Ihe kitchen to read. Rollo began hy giving of! half- finished excerpls as his eyes raced hungrily over the pages looking for Ihe date he wanted to lell nie. As what Jean had really written bore in on his consciousness, his voice faltered. Quickly he turned the pages looking for what was not there. Jean wrote that il was all a mistake and how lucky they were lo have found it oul before it w.n loo lale. Theirs was a boy-and- girl affair—puppy love, she called it. She'd met the most wonderful man, a colonel in Ihe Marines, and it wns a case of love al first sight This was a mature passion (Hit colonel's fine Italian hand—he was 42—showed rletii'ly nil Ihe way '•rouRli Ihe leller). "Now do he a good buy, dear," "lie wrutc, "and foriiivc me. It's Koint! lo seem awfully strange Keeping wilh anolhur nmn ind using all of Ihe Ihinijs we collecled fur our hoiiie, bul 1 know you'd tt-anl mo lo be sensible nml lol throw tlicm away jnsl because of a lillle change in plans. I'll al- vays love you. dear," she wrote. 'U isn'l lhal 1 lo\-c you; only lial I love Herbert more." Slic ended wilh: "How torlurmlc we ire lo have fouud out before il was loo late." DOI.LO read Ihe Icllor llirec limes before he crushed it in lis trembling hands. He walked >:iok and forlh across Ihe kikhcn loor a few linns. Then he dropped imiily onto n chair. "I think it wouldn't hurl so much," he sniri, rubbing his throat, "it 1 could cry." Roger stuck his head in Ihe door .0 ask if he could—no, lo lell me ie would—slay home for dinner. Since tie had been commissioned, ie ate a good many meals al Ihe Officers' Club. "Nol tonight, Roger," I said. 'Hollo's in trouble. 1 want him lo stay." "What's up?" "His girl is marrying someone else." "She loves me," Rollo said. hanRing onto thai comfort. "Yeah, 1 know." Itojicr laughed. "Like a sister." Hollo looked as though he'd had his face slapped. He boiled upstairs lo his room and 1 ran after him. "Rollo! Hollo!" I called. "Rollo, don't aive up yel. Maybe she isn't married after all. Maybe her parents wouldn't lei her. H she'll just wail a lillle while, she'll see how foolish il is lo give up a man. she knows for one who has had only time lo fascinate her. He's loo old for her. Call her. Call her long dislance, now. Talk to her. Make her promise lo wait a while. If she'll wait, you tly home lonighl." Rollo put in his call, bul it was Jean's molhcr who talked to him. Tearfully she told him lhal Jean had eloped Ihe clay before. (To Be Cuntinued) Can You Top Tiiis? $10,000 Life Insurance only $5 A MONTH* fr (10 year term ago 20—for 20 year term S6.28 mo n t h Ly) Maximum Written §200,000 CONTINENTAL SSURANCE COMPANY . U. Myers, General Agent Box 504 Phone 1604 Sikcslon, Mo. Agents ck Brokers Wanted 4-2J-ck-23 Business Opportunity Filling Station. Buy my stock. Doing pood buslnr.s3. 1>. G. Bornh. Phone ayyg or afiTO. • -3 21-lJk-24 Private Rooms Clpan cool room, shower bath. Rer- rences exchanged. 101 West Cherry. Uedroom. Kitchen privileges Convenient to bath. No children Ph 2423 4 M-pk-5|H Comfortable bedroom Phone 2675. «;i5-pk-29 Bedroom, convenient to bath 611 W Main, Fhone 3325 3j3l-plt-4;3y Nice furnished room Adjoining bath. KHcncn privileges If desired. Ph. 6306. 4,21-pk-24 Bed-room prlvnte bath. Ph, 464:1. 4.21-pk-5;2l For Kent, Houses BIX room house, newly papered SCO. il!6 Lnmerate. Ph 33S7. 4,21-pk-23 3 room furnished house and bath Phone -1J.I6. 4J3-CK-22 3-room unfurnished house, with ;hower. so. Highway 61 Ph. 764 Read Courier News Want Ads Constant growlli or our business has matte it necessary to increase our telephone facilities. This necessitated changing our number. Our telephone number is 812 ^* • Mm An Apple ^* • Mm one too! EFFECTIVE APKII, 12, 1!)I9 UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY "The Friendly Insurance Service" First & Main — Ingram Building We Insure Everything U/C' W t Mak. All Typ. lAAUC L U A W 3 COTTON FARMERS Chemically deliiited cotton seed germinate tiulclitr, plant and plow the same week. Reduce chnppine expense and prodace more cotton per acre. STATE CKRlIflt!) VARIETIES AVAH.AHI.K * i o.ou 10.00 10.011 10.00 101)11 10,1)0 IO.IIU D. * P. L. No. 11, per 50 Lb. Baf U. * P. L. No. 15, Per 54 Lb. Baf Stoneville i R, Per 50 Lb. BH SUmeville 2 C. Per 50 Lb. B*( Rowrtrn 41-B. Per !>» Lb. Bag Hall & Unit Illibred). Per 5« l.b. Kit I (Joker's 100 Wilt Resistant, Per 54 Lb. Ba;.., Paula. Per 50 l.b. Bajf 10.00 Empire, Per 50 Lb. BJJ 10.00 Come in anil nfaf four order or get ynnr supply toiluv BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Phone 856 BblheTillc. Ark. 1'hime 8.'i7 Branches: I>achvil1e, Ark., llnrnrr&villc. Mo. and Scnath, Mn BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 .STUDEBAKER, CARS and TRUCKS You'll Be Proud to Own 1947 Studebaker hand Cruiser . . . beautiful blue, an ideal family car. 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