The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 1, 1936 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 1, 1936
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, JULY 1, 19S6 Masonic l-. Is City's Oldest' Organized Group gress Made Dilclies By i. T. COSTOX Osceob, Ark. !n 1890 the population of Mis- slsslp])] county was Il,(i35. In 1893. ns a result of the efforts of lion John-B. Driver mid Mr. Plmrr, the legislature passed an act ereatln" Ihe St. FrnncLs Levee District, which includes about nine cotintlisi in Eastsni wil'.iin three or four years a levee was built along the Mississippi r !ver. it was scarcely more than a potato r'd-e Little by little the levee lias «romi until it is no w aoo feet wide at the' base and 20 feet high. There is no longer any danger of the love 0 breaking and bringing destruclioii to fne land and people of Fasten Arkansas. Building (l, c lever pavcii th- wiv for drainage. The Ursl step in the dralna-rc of .Mississippi county was aken the, first Monday in April 1002, whpii the late R. E L- Wilson and a few others nie-l a" neti- .1011 in the county court to organize a drainage district to construct n ditoi beginning about two miles west of Osceola and extending 13 miles in a southwesterly direction to Tyronzci r ivcr. I^rel Districts Small :.) COURIER NEWS • one resisted, and then suggested to opiwslng counsel that they retire! to the rear of the court room and | discuss a date for the trial of me case In the future, This suggestion mot with approval, mid Ihe attorneys rslired to the rear of tlie court room lo discuss the date. The conference 'nad hardly started when » rumpus started up In front. One old man, frum l>-.e south civ.t of the county, mounted the platform by the side of the Judge and proceeded to unllmber himself ugnhisl the project. When ',i e "got it off ills chest," a storm of applause broke filed by Join u. Driver and oth«rs to construct a draina- canal extending from Grassy Lake In tlie north cii-l of (lie county to Tyronza These wera small projects, but ">ey did some good. Manv of the andowners ,vere opposed 'to i' aem and a lari>e percentage of them contested the collection of th " t™ on their land. In 1903. District No. 3. to drain n smi.ll area cast of Blvthevim was organize^ 1,1 1907, Pcmisco! .' 4\. ^ were all small projects,"and very lit lc attention was |nM ,„ t , > In 1DOO, a petition w .is filed hv the late n. E . Lee.Wilson and others to organize Carson Like Drainage District No. 8. containing jib-M'l 70,600 acres of land. About the -nine time, a petition was fi'ed in the county court by R. E. Lee Wilton, Chicago Mill & Lumber Company, Three States Lumber Company, Moore & MeFerrin, Col John B Driver. al «| others to create What is now known as Grassy Lake •Ss-Tyronzn Drainage District No n _C. M. Dell. H. n. urown. and H. T. Emerson \\-m-n miioir.ted commissioners n No H W B Cs! hoim. s. E. r.morrsOT. and' Wilson Birchfiel;! \rere appointed commissioners in Grassy lake & Tr .ronza Drainage District NO 9 Hon Arthur E. Morgan, now at i'i c held of the TVA, was chosen as en»l- necr in District No. 9. an<I Willis t. Ayres was chosen as cnoiiy-r in No. 8. J. T. Coston was attorney for both districts. Brings Ilo]!e for Jmlgc .Everything moveti smoothly In these two districts until ih3 assessments were filed, and t'nen the rumpus started in earnest. Pour Imndred landowners, represented by eighteen different attorneys died exceptions to the assessments The hearing O n the assessments VTIS set for Juls- G. 1903 and notice was IVV W. CHAWI'OUl) Worshipful Master, CliickasiuvlKi Xo. 131, F. anil A. .11. Ivy W. Crawford is worshipful master of Ihe Chickasawba Ledge No. 134, P. and A. M., the oldest organization in Blythevillc, being older limn the city, itself. The charter was issued in 1874 with the local ion of the lodge given as Blyllie Chapel, Mississippi Comity, Ark. Past masters as they served from llic first have been: James F. Ruddell, R. G. Hardin, R. D. Almond, J. A. Scruggs, S. M. Marks, n. Archillion, W. R. Simpson, T. A. Davis, E. L. Mitchell, O. W. Crawford, F. L. Wolvertou, P. li. Cooley. A. S. Cooper. E. M. Terry. Grover Wright; E. J. Eo'cr. G. a. C:.Vidi!"l. W. I: Cooper, p. c. Hood, P. G. Smith. R. !•;. Perry, o. C. Barnes, II. L. Porter. Irvln L. Hnmi>. Horace T Gulp, Wilbur Wahl, R. E Bitty- lock. Present officers, besides Mr. Crawford arc: Rnleijh Sylvester, senior warden; Raphael SnliUa, junior warden; R. E. Bhylocl:. secretary; W. J. Pollard, treasurer; Hairy Wiedman. senior deacon; Jack. Marsh, junior deacon; Jack' Finley Robinson and E. J. He.iton, masters of ceremonies; Archie Brown, tyler; A. O. Hudson, chaplain. day, tlie landowners were in Osceola with blood in their eyes. The crowd was estimated at from 35C j to 150. Feeling ran high, and I threats of ^violence were openly made against the judge, Mr. wil-i son, the attorney, and oth?r.s. The I landowners held a nu-ctlng, al which a resolution was offered to' bang the judge if he "passed that durncd ditch," and one landownei actually had a rope. The attorneys for tlie landowners •held a meeting with the attorney for the district that morning and it was agreed thai Hie hearing be postponed lo a future date, s o as to S've the landowners time to «et their bearings. Pursuant to t!ii« understanding between the attorneys, fhe court op-ned at 1:30 pm Tne court room of the old courthouse was packed. That tlie drainage movement had very fe* friend" could easily b: seen. " loose In the court room. At Mils juncture a landowner from (he I north end of Ihe county mounted | the platform by the side of ttu> Judge a n d proceeded lo re-1 llcve himself of a philippic against; "these here divcnage districts i dreimuge commissioners, dreenage engineers, mid dreenage lawyers.' When lie was through, anolhci storm ot applause broke loose with more evidence In lhc demonstration of n tendency lo resort to violence. Al this palm w. li, Cillhoim and the late j. j. cownn miide theli • »'»y up to (he Ju;lgc and told 'him that the situation was getting se- rlons nnd lie should adjourn court l"e Judge urose with hLs htit In ills linnd and announced that • county court Is mljomned iinlll tomorrow morning at ni i k . oVt( K'k " Ihe opixmcnls of dralnave bellrvctl tlmt was the end of Ihe drainage movement. liciionts Soon Hi-allml 'I'he two dnilnnge cnses were set over from lime to time for several months, in i|, e meantime, i| 0) , G W, Armstrong. Ihe newly clcck'd county Judne, had taken t'.ic oath of ollice, and in M, ly , 1909 ( | lwl suadciily. Hon. A L, altidlsh wti^ unpointed by Clov. iXditHjluu. to s«cce«l him, uiui the two big dnilu- »ne projects, one embracing iiboul 70,000 acres of luiul inul the other 193,000 IICITS of land, became n reality. He it said to the credit of the landowners wiio resisted the orgun- Ufttlon of the dralniigc districts that they soon uocinne conrerts nnd earnest advocates urn! supporters of drainage. Other ilrnlmiuf dlstrlcls OTre or- KiMilml ,,1,111 every inch of Innd west of the lovcu In Mississippi 1 GOOD FOOD Perfectly Prepared REGULAR DINNER 5GY. PLATE LUNCH 35c Whether its a deli-; 0i is steak, a complete mealjjr a sandwich you want joii'II find tlio best food a\, all times at the Palace. ) m . prices are reasonable ! ind our service good . . . yi n . not drop in for dinner? PALACE CAFE county was covered by one or more drainage dislrlds. Building the levee Bud constructing Ihe drainage canuls paved Hie way for good roads, and we now Slave approximately one hundred mltcs of luird roads and severnl Imndred miles of good gravel roads forming a network all over the county. •Whnt has nil this been worth lo Mississippi County? ui llic llBiircs tell. According lo the census, fne number of furms In Mh- .slsslppl county lncren«<l from IU20 lo 1030 from approxhiuitely <j,OQC to approximately 10,000. During the . same period the population of the county Increased 47 per cent according | 0 the census of 1930 j n fact, over 22 per cent of the jn- eretisc in population In 11,0 ,, n ti rc sate from 1920 to 1930 was In Mississippi county, in 19H, the county produced 05,000 bales o! cotton, nnd in 1031 It produced 215,000 bales' of cotton. 'Mint's what levees, drainage, and good roiul'r *'ve done for Mississippi county. They hnvu converted the smimns Into a para- Jrtkc. I like to live here; don t you? 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