The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 22, 1951 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 22, 1951
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 22, 1951 BLYTHEVTU.E, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS NTJU Water Stores Lost I nKona Earthquake HONOLULU. Aug. 22. .(API—The heaviest earthquake ever recorded on the volcano island'of Hawaii cost the Kona coast district most of its treasured water stores—with two months of normal drought ahead. Property damage was estimated officially at between' $750,000 and 1 *1.000,000, but the water loss was the most critical. The quake jarred the largest of (he Hawaiian Islands in early morning darkness yesterday. It wrecked or damaged more than 200 wooden water storage tanks—20 of them on one cattle ranch. Each of 200 families along a 30- mile stretch of the Kona coasl. en the west slope of Mauna Loa Volcano, had at least one tank for storing drinking and household water. The Kona coast Is the driest section of the islands. The tremor was centered deep below ' the undersea slope of massive Mauna Loa. The volcano rises 13.«30 feet above sea level and slants S200.000: stone walls and fences 18,000 feet under water to the ocean wrecked and damaged, $100.000; floor. 'damage to .store buildings and rnrr- N'o Eruption Expected I chandise, $100,000; damage to Hnn- were hauling emergency water supplies to Kona coast residents. The water hauling must continue daily. The Kona coast normally receives 'no rain until well In October. Kuniloino said there had been little rain through July and August. The hauled water must be boiled for drinking purposes. Coffee farmers, with their crop at harvest ripeness, rushed to lumber yards for materials to rebuild their water tanks. Beans Must Re \V:ished The coffee beans must be washed before they are dried and packed. Cattle ranchers also began to reconstruct tanks: Kunltomo save this police estimate of damages: To 200 houses and furnishings. $200,000: to highways, cracked and littered with rocks. $100.000; 200 water lanks destroyed or damaged, There was no evidence of any impending eruption by Mauua Loa, one of the world's most active volcanoes. It spilled molten lava into a little more than a year Police Sp.1. Emery Kunltomo at Kallua on the Kona coast said fire department and Hawaii county trucks from Hilo, across the island, the sea »go. aimau school. $45.000. W. Hnrold Loper. territorial superintendent of public Instruction, said it may be necessary to tear I down the tv;isled Hontumjul school' and rebuild it—at a cost of $35.000.1 Kunitomo said it was impossible to estimate the value of the .lost water or the cost of hauling daily supplies for several weeks. Reception. Given. Truman Price Law Bid WASHINGTON. Aug. 22 (£>>—A chilly reception trom. two key senators greeted a White House disclosure yesteruay that President Truman may reopen his light lor stronger price control powers. Senator May bank tD-sc> said government officials who administer the new economic controls law which, became el fee live Aug. l axe criticizing it "even before the ink: Is dry." He said it is "only fair" to give the present law a fair trial. Senator Capehart (R-Ind> said "some people" evidently favor a "Marxist philosophy, a Socialist philosophy/* and he told the Senate: "I challenge the President ot the United States to send down his ideas of (any newj legislation. Let's have this thing out, once and for all." Capehart, defended the new price control law as "a good law that will prevent runaway inflation" if pro- CIO Seeks Power * To Call Strike In Ford Plant DETROIT, Aug. 22. (A 1 )—The CIO TJriited Auto Workers leadership al big ford Rouge wants authority to call out 54,000 men on strike. Ford Local 600. attacking what It calU decentralization of operations at the Rouge plant, asked the UAW International for strike sanction yesterday. In the absence of President Walter Reuther a union spokesman said the international would require a local 600 rank and file vote before flying sanction. Local «00's board laid Ford In "stealing our jobs" by removing certain operations to Buffalo, Cleveland and Cincinnati. The company mad« no comment. perly administered. • •He is the senior Republican and Maybank is the chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, which handles economic controls legislation. Maybank said he will be will-. Ing to listen to any administration" proposals. Mr.. Truman-ha. 1 ; denounced the present controls law as inadequate to cope with inflation under the rising pressure of vast defense spending. He met yesterday morning to discuss with-his 17-man mobilization advisory committee what Press Secretary Joseph Short called "a probable message to Congress asking for further amendments." Presumably any such message would ask revision of present restriction* on price rollbacks and a ban on meat slaughtering quotas. Mr. Truman and his economic aides have singled out those provisions for criticism. Short said that "naturally , the administration is trying, the best It can with the law »-s It now stands, but he's thinking in terms of another message to Congress. TV IN A TEEPEE — Ol' debbil TV has Invaded the pcacetul antiquity of the American Indian. Sioux Indian Chief Red Cloud has gone and had a TV set installed In his teepee—on a studio lot in Hollywood where he is playing a featured role in a movie. The chief says he's plenty sold on television but, "It would make my ancestors turn over in their graves." Horsemeat Sold As Filet Mignon NEW YOHK (JP> — The sale of about six tons of horsemeat In Bronx and Harlem restaurants and butcher shops as filet mignon and round steak was discovered with the arrest of two men. One prisoner, described a member of a ring operating in New York, Buffalo, Jersey City and Baltimore, was caught with two hindquarters of 'horsemeat in the trunk of his sedan. He was trying to sell the 300 pounds to a butcher who called the. police. The other was accused -of operating for six montlis. The horsemeat was bought out of the state for 25 cents a pound and sold In New York for 50 cent, a pound wholesale. The wholesal price fcr genuine filet mignon and Millions 'Strike' n Demands lor President Peron Buenos Aires Takes On Note of Festivity For Giant Rally BUEN'OS AIRES. Argentina. AUB. 22. Wi— Five million members of Liu government's master labor or- aan!mi.on laid down their tools today In a nationwide "strike" to demand Ihal President Juan D Pr/on and his blonde wife. Eva rule Argentina (or trie next sb years. Formers Leave Eastern Texas WINNSBORO. Tex. (ft — The farmers are moving out. ol this part of East Tons. o. J. Gipe says the number or active tanners In the WimiKuoio mea has dropped from 3.800 In 1940 to between 1,100 and 1.200. Gipe Is head of the Hopklns- Ralns-Wood and Sul|>liur-Cynre.s> Soil Conservation Districts. He blatne.s economic pressure and the temptations oi the big cities for the exodus. "The day is gone." Gipe says, "when just anybody can make a liv- iiiB on a lurm. Hit and miss farming today wctrt provide enough to Iced and clothe a family, and keep them warm throughout the winter." Taft Says Truman Shouts liar' at Proved Charges demonstration. But opposition lead- is of thous.-imls of work- m said they had given orders round cents steak has pound. been around 90 representing every major , city and hamlet began converging oil the capital three davs ago for a mammoth demonstration today, sponsored by the government-backed General Confederation of Labor the Peronista Party and Mrs. Persons Women's Peronlsta Partv. The garni rally will be staged along the 440-foot wide avenue Nueve De Julio <Ninth of July), which stretches R mile through the center of the business district. Hundreds of loudspeakers have been put up and the government-controlled radio stations will broadcast tire erait throughout the nation. Speeches Scheduled Peron and liis wife are scheduled to speak at the meeting after union leaders urge them to run for president and vice-president In the Nov. II elections. Although the city took on a fes- livc aiJv there U'as an undercurrent of tenseness as federal police declared til at a plot was afoot to frighten people with reports that trouble may be expected during the their followers to stay away from the demonstration and lo avoid disorders of any kind. I'ollce Are Alert Police are alert for any move on rlie part ot the opposition to capitalize on the rally. Special guards have been placed oil all trains bringing workers to Buenos Aires for the demonstration, others have been stationed at important public buildings, bridges and power plants. There no Indication whether the president and his wife will nn- nounce their candidacy on a "Per- on-Pcron" ticket until alter the superior council of Hie • Peronista party meets in a day or two. Peron Iws said repeatedly he docs not want a second slx-yenr term. But during recent months he has left little doubt in- the minds of his followers that he can be drafted. If Mrs. Peron agrees to run with him, she will be the first woman in Argentine history to seek election for public office. It was she who fought to get Argen- llne women their right to vote. .ROCKLAND. Me., Aug. 22. (AP) —Senator Robert A, Taft accused President Truman today of attempting to dismiss charges of Communist Influences and corruption :n Ihe administration with shouts .-.f liar." The Ohio Republican—named by Mr. Truman us his favorite for the GOP Presidential nomination ;n 1052—told a party rally In this old fishing port: 'The fact that, the President of the United States "can so blithely dismiss the proved charges, in many cases brought out and substantiated by democratic committees. Is evidence of the low standard he accepts himself and hopes will be accepted by the people." Tall challenged the President lo follow up denunciation of "scandal mongers" by being specific. "I suggest." declared Toft, "the President point out the lies instead of shouting 'liar.' " Mind Not Made-lip Swinging down east In a political pulse-taking tour of northern New England, Taft Insisted he has not yet made up his mind about running for President—but admitted he might be "forced" to make decision early next year. Taft frankly conceded he is thinking about (he early Presidential primaries—the first in the nation being in New Hampshire In March. And a group of Portland Republicans whom Taft addressed last night wondered if he had spilled the beans about his plans. Urging hard organisational work In '52. Toft said: "If Republicans get out there Isn'l any rloubl of my election." When the applause and laughter died down, Taft added: "I mean there's no doubt In my mind we can win." To New Hanpehln The Ohio senator opened nil five- day Junket with a. swing through New Hampshire, where he met party leaders—and was told privately th«t the sentiment there has not yet crystalized. While swinging out with both fists in his denunciation ot the Truman administration's policies — «t home and abroad — Taft brushed aside attempts to feel him out on General Dwlght Eisenhower as • po- ential Presidential candidate. Shepherding Taft in his Main* travellings was Maine's Senator Owen Brewster <R>, who Is pushing :hc Ohio senator's candidacy with the slogan ''Taft or chaos." Taft predicted the Republican! would present a "united front" & 1352 and declared: "The real split In Washington ie in the Democratic Party because half of them are left-wing socialisti who dominate the executive admin- 1 istration, but can't control the Congress." Tuft described the Truman administration as "wavering and uncertain" in both Its foreign and domestic programs. Jungle Cleanup KUALA LUMPUR OP>— PWy-on« Communist terrorists, regarded 'a* key men in the Malayan jungle war against the British security lorcej, have been killed since Jan. 1. A spokesman for the British director of operations said "more and more leaders (have been 'killed because police and military patrol* are dally armed with more seem at* Information" hideouts. on terrorists' jungle To every family in Blytheville goes a STAG BEER "GET ACQUAINTED" COUPON, Deterioration Lot* High WASHINGTON (/P) — We could. re-arm on the twelve billion dol- j lari Knnual loss from deterioration | of things we use, If we could stop i the deterioration. The twelve blllfon figure le trom the Prevention of Deterioration Center ot the National Academy of Sctencee. The deterioration Includes everything from a hundred-.milllon •dollars that moths eat to five bil- linnj that rust takes. PROGRAM SCHEDULE KOSE *M On Tour Dial Thnrsday, Aug. 23, 1951 MORNING 5:15—Sign on 5:IS—Musical Round up «:00—News S:OS—Farm Pair 6:15—Musical Round up fl:30--Gospel Gems 6:45—Southern Gospel Singers 7:00—News 1:05— Yawnln in Mawnlrf 8:00—News 8:15- Blng Sings 8:30^ -KOSE Kaners 9:00- -Woman's Viewpoint 9:30--Tin Pan Alley 9:45- -Dearest Mother 10:00 -News 10:05 Modern Canccrt Hall 10:30—Meet the band l!:00- News 11:05--Farm Proiics 11:25—Cards vs. Dodgers AFTERNOON 1:30—Matinee Melodies 2:00 -News 2:05 -Hillbilly Round up 3: TO News 3:05--Heptime 4:OO -News 4:05- -Murray's Madhouse 5:00- -News 5:05- -News 6:00 KOSE Scoreboard 6:15-Publlc Service Program 6:30—News 6:35—Evening Serenade 6:45--Sign Off Only washes clothes so clean...and only Frigidaire has it! 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