The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 12, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE EIGHT Brave Forecaster Lines U| Major Tcanis liven Tc Cellar Posilions uv u».i, N'KA Service Spoils l.'illirjr NEW VOIIK. Apul I 1 .'--!! COIIH-.S t.-.i; bju BUI-.SS: •New Yort: Was!iin»!on Detroit, St. U'lils Ck-veland N';lfiim;il St. Louis Chicago New York Pittsbnr-n Boston Clncumntl Brooklyn Haccs :n bo:h leagues t:;al promise la be the closest in yejr;; seem to be on (he program as tile baseball .s::i.'.on begins. SlilUing of players luis mnde the Insk o! s:le:i'lur the linuir-s: ex|»r!euccj in inaiii jcarji. In t.-.e American League, R-, IM< ohsen-er sses It, l!ie Ynnki«.s fesni lo have everything needri to n-in a pennant. Last year, due lo Illness nn<| injury, !h; pitchint; uoa- (.'ee! badly. Noiv. nil)] Rulf- ing In splentlldVnapc. l!:c lc-;un ii>>- pr-ars lo be a winner. I r.!ii e.\l>?cling a jrrcal .season ni.'o from l/?f(y Gomez. Washington won a pennant mst year J.-irscly t':r:ujh (be .suprrlm- inan pitching of General ,\!vin Crowd or. Another season from tlie Oi-ncrJl. who J 5 gelllny nlon? in -™ ri - 'ardly can be; cxpecteil. The fact that Clark Griffith litis b:tn s.:oppins; for a pitcher spMks'vol- ume* on the weakness of Ihe wash- Inslfln club. Jn tile National L«i B w. the Car- usnjils begin the race with strength in .every department. Lust year CVKI 1110115.1 i!ie team leil tht' league in nm-inaklnj. thcic \va<- discord under tSe manngement o' Ortby street. With Krisch in the sitld!e. and with the bcsi reserves a club could for, the Cards iv.OTL'd iviij 100 gn!i!«. Tlie St. Loui s e ntry will have n dlstmct edge on (re Giinis ii-. DLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS OTHER GREAT ROUND; GOODMANS IM HE OPEM AT OllCAC-0 t YEAR.... CHAM P!OW GEORGE 1DER PAR IN THE REC£MT NORIH-SOWH ;s LOSE TO STE[LE paniciiLar! n automobile tho lie ya-WIDIllty Hint rookie linlpli' for all t o. llm ,,, Simifcr win come (hro.*!,. shoillel yroun ' :ye the• 1'irates nle.ity of pitching. t Tennis i, ,,r.,,,h,. r ,.,-„•• ,1m i- : '^"'''i i"i' y W "°" tllr l! '«£,» i rc i a ;t ^ r T .S. u - nr - '--•• ™«; ^'& sr Iiis een jxmmiln, !hc hvclv ban o :- ,1^ ,^'to,'n *""^, ' nm \ Co1 ^ am «** >«« ""Mrs all t!,,. 01 , g ), (1 , %'„.!'^i; , ^ ' W 1 . ;">*» t to Uelermlne head mnmued. amli! tasb'-en ; n ^r^!r s *»^\«™ <-'-- r^^&\>™™ ^ - - •Blylheville Loses D u a ! Track Meet To .Missouri School, 55 to 40 Sii-cle (Mo.i high sohool <|p- f<-ai«l niyllu-villo high in a dual uifit al Stoi-lu yeslciday. The meel •u;is to hav been n triangular al- It.ii- -.Mtli Cuiullirrsvflli' us tlie tliirtl i'ii!ry hut die Pemiscol coim- LV ra]5jiiil fiugre-jHiloii failed (o ~i. .Strt-lo scurcd 55 points lo iiijis Irj]- Hlyilievlllc. '• mm was In (he nature of ;. i>.:u-t:ii- lor the two schools i'Siil ii-.ii-.l of (he- events were not inii:l or iiiciLsmcd, jilaccs only lie- in : r roj-iJrd. Tin; Chicks sii-e to to -.<} Juiii'hboro (oniorrow for a UK-'-!, with (lie Hurricane (1. nmucil ( be one of ihc t" n iiresenl Junoiboro in scv- >T:ir.s. >hi-r was high jwlnl man o! nn-i-[ at SltTle. (lie lilythville f'lur M-orin- a loial of n points. n:cliulii:ii Di'.st in the 220 yarrl rim iirid Die 4-10 yard run. 'I'lii- rc-iiilts follow: 1M> .v:irrl dash —Ilrogdon Hit first I'.iodwu-k iSi second and Earls ililrd. aw> ynrd relay-Steele ln.-i. Ulyllicvllle second; iiigi, j:::»l>. Burns <Ui firsl. Fisher <s> .••i:-und; 850 yard run—Oarrit. (S) Johnson U!i second Camu- 'Si third; discus-Harris iBi fiiM. llrcdwick 131. second; Cinnji- 'S>, third. Fendler IB) '•>>: iifoad jump—Burns (S) Sanders HD. second, German (bird; 440. yard dash—Fisher lira. Earls 'Si. second. Hnr- 'IK third; pole vault—Brog'!" first, liurns IS), second; yard dasli—Pishcr (IS) first Hmdn-ick iSi fcconcl; third- jave- "« -German. (Si first, Sanders i'. fi-ama. Hurley (B). third; "I. Inl '~ Ei " 1 - s 'Si. first. Broci- ^'C'.. iS>, sei'ontl: German i3j an:I '"' Ft '" l "'' r "" """'"• THURSDAY, APRIL 12, 1934 es \BilLBrauchef With tau lively lu!l ;':e j'Vu- has adopted for 1931, I do not regard pitching W in, [|,e same re-^p^ct tnaL hnd to be accorded lasi season. fne real threat (o the Cards' supremacy will be the Cubs. Strengthened materially in the bltidjeaiiins department, with (hn addition OL Cluck Klein in the ouifield, chica^ £o will have as hard n cttting cre« as there is ill the National League H Bush. Lon Warneke and tin rest r,f the pitching s ;ail c.i;, master (he lively ball, t.-.e Cubs will nave what they need lo b'st the Cards. The dark horses in bct'.i leagues will b= the teams I r.avu u icke~ far fourth piacc-Dctroit In the American League, and Pittsburgh In the National. Cochrana's Tigers loom uj, m pv per as ll-= bxst young team PI the younger circuit. The Mick is counting rcaviiy on Schoolboy Howe's arm t 0 round into shape—ami if It dees, tlie pitching; will be amply tatoi care of. Goose Gosli.i hai one more good yt .a r in his sj-stciii and he'll just about make that Tiser outfield o f Pete. Fax Gosiin and Gerald Walker one or the b«st wrecking crews In frc majors T.:e Piratei. ,vho bogged down last year frightfully f0r \ v . im of a iii-so c;a=3 hurler, seem t o liavc strengthened the nitchin- stiff materially in the addition'"of Red Uicas. v --o-. n they obtained from t.-e Cincinnati Herts. Lucas with Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned as Commissioner will in- ohedl-nce to a decree cntercc on the 2,th day of February. l!)34 oy Ihc Chancery court for th< Cllicsasawba District of Mis=V slppi County. Arkansas in 'cause, ni.rnhored 555.5. whorein f> L. Bradley. Receiver for the F irn' National Bank of BIytheMll" Arkansas. and A. O. Llitlo. as Trav tce. were Piaintirrs nnd u/ril S Branson and Ethel p. Hratuon «'ero defendants, on SnlurJay. April 2;th. 1M4. offer for Ml- Rl public auction at the s-ini" dcor of th; court house in ])iv- (hcvliie. Ark« to the highest Mdder. en a credit of three months the -following described pron- crlj- is situated in tin Chickasnwba District of -Mississippi County, Arkansas, "to-wil: lx)t 1-1, Block 2, Jones Addition to the City ot niylhe- The property sill be sold subject to the lien of the Five Thousand Dollar ($5,000.00) deed of trust in f a vo r of 'Union Central Life Insurance Company. the purchase price.. ThLi the 4th day of April, 1934. R. L. GAJNES, Commissioner. = . .- • , 5-12 Ibles, scinic llni!' b»c.v»-. u tile close of school. D I i) 7T TII. DUCK Kaced His I . Last l-:i. I'ASO. T'C-,:. '(UPi—Th,'.' l-'K-il 11. Fans:, „;,,,„,. M „ Ml?th _ cdist <• i lurch lieu-, is -.i-ini iVticinn slides to obtain ui;[lcr Ve\ (Ui'i—-oiri Hnrf.'o""" 1 " f '° ;n llis '-°'W.-"iion. Tlu ppl door beioved by rS'we'n'lfif f^*™* '^ ^ ™^ A-lime and sf.^nts of S, ; , Uo, the ^ ^'L^lv £> i'«i.,.i (Kin.,ii- SII1B .,„,, . hoy t . n , c , r hitfl l)|o . . College, will ui-ji strate Ills llcetness by (.njag will ™ccs with niiloaiobik's. "Old Buck 1 ' was nmtmi" !Iie music belle: 1 , 1 ' ];c sliiri.; dee,- s Turkish Taxpayers Offered Discount ISTANBUL 'Ul'i-Discounl for .'•w.i is beliif offered Turkish tax• payers as a n inducjiiient to them Rev.. lo py «l> on time. >'ive |jer cent «-ill be rebated tn , le x ,. | CM-ryoiic who pays his 1934 tn i" full this year. Those in arre .„ for last year -,..ijj receive from 25 of. to =0 per cent off if they come for- O f I w.-iid witli the cash. " ' the oilier hand, taxpayers '— '" falling i n arm . It Snappy Jimmy McClure, the new na- tlcna) ;nnlo [able tennis c.-.amplon Is a department store clerk in In-' dlanapolls ... and also a tap dancer of some ability . . . wn o hoi.-es to strut his stufr in front of (he footlights one of (hese days. Right shells are expected to take pan in (his year's Poughkeepslc re- gaua, June IB ... Navy, Columbia, Peiin. Cornell, Wa-sliington California, Syracuse and Marietta - . . and Just in c ass your geography Is not so hot. Marietta College is at Marietta, o. . . and Ihe beys are apt to spring a sur- l^prise for Die scoffers. Siciefen 'Slonishts I^s S(oe(en's victory over Wll- mer Allison in the Rlvc'r Oaks tournament at Houston, Tex., klnda fives the Idea taat the bi» blend should be No. 1 ranking player In the United States . . a nd not Frank Shields. . . Le., hai i,e en inopp!n s u pthe courts in grand slyle durln gthe winter, defeatin" everyone in sight . . . aim he's sure to go as a singles contestant :n Davis Cup competition. Bo:n:e Bierman's excuse for a lack of yood sprlmers at Minnesota is t>at the cold winter '.veather hinders the boys from faking spsed trials . . . "but Isn't Kalph Metcaife. the great negro ace, from Mnrquettc. and isn't Marinette In Mil.Vaukee, where the weather gets mighty cold in f-e '.vinter, too? * * • Oene Venzkc and Glenn Cunningham will meet in [«o more races -during (he runnln» of the Kansas and Penn Relays but why can't they get that DID Bonthron guy liima up, too? Seems as if someone is always' ed»- '"g out of tr.ose things. The jo out iftfr Colonel Br&dley'» third «ucc«slve D*rty win . . , Huey t^ng is welcome to the tip. • • • Speaking of F1for« Sonj» Henie, ti.e world'* flpjre skating cKampIon, is an expert In another line of athletic endeavor; too. ... she ranks third among the women tennis players In Norway . . . and expects (o b« in the United States this summer as a member of a team that will Challenge the greatest stars of America. Katherlne Rawls. the Florida swimmer who held two outdoor and two indoor swim records at 111? age of 15. is now 1C arjd rapidly developing into one of the major aquattlc stars of the country. S/c comes from a family (hat boasts five paddlers—the other fcur are Evelyn, 14 years old. stale title holder; Dorothy, 12. and also owner of state lilies; Sonny, a jr«« old, a veteran exhibition performer, and Peggy, a tot of e who lias taken e)fi)lb!tlon events. Ravens Peck Lambs MIDLAND, Texas I UP) — Sheep raisers In this area complain thai ravens nr;> pecking out'(tie tics ol new-born lambs W. W. Euimon, who owns a lanch 50 mlbs :omli of here, snld .si-vcni] cf lil.s .lietp wi-ix- tllnded by uttack'>. />«« 7 /'' Caudill's Agency General Insurance ('hone 7!l7 , . Die good o.'d col. E. R. Bradley is ">.a to be secreting something! up his sleeve for the Kentucky Der- ny • - . and thai something j s probably Baker's Dozen . . . who'l We Buy Government Loan COTTON Also will give cash settlement in full at time of sale-Let us see your samples before you sell 0.0. Hardaway & Cc. S. Second St. Head COIII-IIT News Waul Ails. icor Ueginiilng Jfoiiday of nexl ivcrk •"ere will be 11 more extensive or- |iin!2.i|ion. There will be four dl- isions Instead of two a s at ures- •m. These divisions will consist >f a junior and senior loop for both joys and girls. E,ch of the four' liyMons will consist of four teams, i I-is reorgnnizailcn will iiHre i •«h Mudent in the school on a earn jmrtjillmi- equn! competition XOTICI-: bi- r s7\i.K "or KKAI t'STATB Noilcc is hereby given that thte muliTj i^iicd as Commissioner will n owdirnci' to a decree entered 111 Ihe 27th day of February. h VM\ lh ° CIla " c ">' Court for >(• Chicl<aFn«ba District of ,Mis- ••L-islpiil County. Arkansas iu n jniiw. Ntiinbei- 5SW. wherein A O h ,,""' , as Trustee for the F i rf | \nlional Ii,,,ik or Blythcvillc Ar- vamns ar.rt R. i,. nracllcy. Receiver 'i "id bank were Plaintiffs, and i'- h. Lemons, executor of the wtatr of^ Addie M. Mason, de- _ea?od. \v. s. Mason, Paul Victor „; " J"'' 1 ' ""rothy Jean Mason "tre Uefrndanls, on Saturdnv 2Sth. 103-1. oltcr for sale! ""lie auction, at, the south' of the court house in niy- !e to tin- highest bidder on ing described properly which' situated in Ihc Chickasawba i of .\flssi5si ( )pi County, Ar- ' The East Half < E ',» of Lol ' tight '81 and nil of Lot Nine I <9' in Block Five (5) Davis | -I'.nd Addition to the City of I Blythcvl'.le. Arkansas I One note dated Jan. 22. 1930 whrroby Charles Sanders for value promised to pay C S Lemora. Agent for w. S. and' Addic Mason nt N'ov. 15. 1030 on; tl-.o,,sand dnl!c,rs with ln- •trrn at 81 „„,. n ,,,,, Jm fl . 0:n <l|it<-. the balance of the prin- fiml of which is $180411 Olio note dated April 26th', 1030 * Hereby diaries Sanders for value promised lo pay to C. S. Lei-iimit ,\ mi i fcr v 'v. s. and ' ' r Mr.JOn at November stii. 1930 the sum of SHI.GO with 'menwt al c!?ln percent iS'^i from date. One note dntcti Jan 18 1D30 wh.reby w. n. Ka.sley for value pn-mL-cd to pay Charles Sanders 12 montlis after date thereof the sum of $225.00 with l»- lerea at eight per tent 18': i wr annum from dale: said note having teen endorsed to the order of c. S. Lemons Agent by Charles Sanders and In blank by c. s. Lemons agent the balance of principal due being $17.40. Buyer will fc<? required to give solvent, bond, and in addition a lien will fce retained to secure the purchase price. This trm «th day of April, 1934. R. L. GAINES, Commissioner. 5-12 PONTIAC "Its an E (hose failing to pay ,,p their . . •••-: taxes, will have them aii^ment- [rd by 10 iier coin. A PC»IT»AC 8 For Only A Few Dollars More Than The Average Six Get ;1 PONTIAC! Pontiac is;> new car ... an HGHT . . . and a U1SAUTY . . . with everything you want in a Ciir-nnd more: 1'ontiac is the on/y car at wny\vhcrc near its pru-c that gives you oil the latest features you have a right to expect. 8 CYLINDERS AT THEIR SMOOTHEST Kminent engineers ajirce that the Ponliac l-.iftlH engine iSMicoft\\csinoothcst,quietest fifth is in the industry . . . S4 h.p. . . S5 nulc-s jicr hour. . . . And owners report 56 to I.S miles to the gallon of gasoline. Remcirk- al'lff econitiny along with extraordinary freedom from repair costs! LOOK AT THESE PONTIAC FEATURES! Only I'ontiac in the low-price fii'UI offers (hem all: l-.conomy Xtrtiitfit Ki^t Knrtj nc . liilly enclaseti Knee-Action front spHnfts! • usher IJodies; Hcmlix Perfection Steel Cable lirnkes; Crnfs-flow Kadiation- niy.-inch \\ lieelbase; ,Uefcrc</-r/oti'Liil)rication • 1-asv -Starting, True-Course Steering-anil 'extra weight, extra stzc and strength in vital parts. COME IN ... YOU'LL NEVER KNOW HOW PONTIAC OWNSSS MFOKT BIO PONnAC IIOHr IS AMAZINOIT ICON OM 1C All WHAT POMTIAC INGINIKS IOKG AGO . KSIWTHI niUK IS NOW MNOINO OUT! FINE list frit-nil !SM. \r,m t l»c. i»rl*l I IT IS UNTIL YOU TRY IT I $ • Sedan. :, Mich.. a Pontiac Eight for Your Money! 715 AND tip LEE-COPPBDGE MOTOR Ark. For a Longer JJoneymoon NO ONE expects honeymoon days to go on forever. For you—or him—to get all-of-a-twitter every time you see each other would be asking just a little too much. , But—beware the stodginess of growing too matter-of-fact—of always wearing "practical" clothes, of always doing the practical thing. A new and delicionsly feminine negligee, a new dress bought just for of it, can set your own heart singing and get a word of appreciation from that serious fellow who pays,the bills. rr i So here's an end to Humdrum! Turn now to the advertisements and let them take you on an adventure of shopping, and revived romance. Advertising is one of the reasons why so many women today are so charming. They .teach the secrets of the great beauty specialists. They give hints on health of inestimable .value. They take you into the confidence of the famous dress authorities of New York and Paris. \\&

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