The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 1, 1936 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 1, 1936
Page 10
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(Continued Froiii Page 1) »ntmnls through' tji{ streets at n speed In excess of '"six mUes per hour." One: of u lc first O f the license Hvyiug ordinances, No. 16 of the recorded enoctmcnts, provided H- cesise fees for "menageries, side shows, Sleight of Hand Performances, Pine "Art Exhibitions, concerts, Panoramic 'Views , . ." and In another secfjon 'or " . Itinerant corn doctors, Quack doctors, Root doctors, Teeth Ex- iractors and Medfclne Vendors." Ice cream parlors were Just Ijc- glnning to lure tlje young Woods and the councllmen, alert as ever In possible sources of revenue, recognized life advent of the parlor though th«s v 'didn't give It - that name. They t«rmcd It "Ice cream saloon" in including it in a license ordlnince. "Drain shops" were licensed and legulatcd, appHTcntly In about l9Ca, althoueh ho dates «it eon- tnined in the early written records and a imtnVjcr st ordlnMiccs passed frotn time to .tjme later controlling whisky shops, prohibiting loitering about such .places, soles to minors (without written orders) and providing for heavy fines for persons appearing In an Intoxicated condition at public gatherings indicated that the town's officials >eie having trouble with John Barleycorn. Or »t least khowlng a disposition- on the: part of tho citizens not to put up with loose conditions. 5 Ba« PUMnj; Outlawed Among other laws the town's officials saw fit tq enact during the active period of law making Jrom abtfut 1000 to 1807 was au ordinance passed on July 11, 1005 to pievent "ball playing on Main stieet 01 on any street, alley or vacant lot within 409 reel of Main -street" and pimldlng penalties for iiolatlon of the measure. Another of about the same year mnde It unlawful to "ride Uncles on the sulcualks or on railroads" in the town A comparatively old ordinance Which probably hnd some interesting incident back of it, likely a cold day spent by some official In a building that Wouldn't slay *«arm and had no Hue for a stove was passed in about 1907. It, stat- cd that "all owners or operators of furnace heated buildings are required to maintain a temperature of not less than 70 degrees between 8 o'clock in the morning alid 6 o'clock at Tilght. ^.,?, n ,, 1905 . lllc , counc| l foibade the ^jurther burying of dead bodies of humans within the. city limits, referring spec^ly, .to the old cemetery of the Methodist Episcopal church - (Blythe's Chapel) between Walnut street and Chlck- asawba avenue. The cemetery has ^V°?V 0r , many S^s and is now kept by city employes Bfc»me City In 1907 M VllSe 5" sc " rde <l the official tion of a to*n m 1907 and bx*me a city of the second clai Records of the city fall to show the exact date but It was probably August 6, since on | hat day a session of the council *„« slylid Git'v "lil" 10 " Colmc11 ot «* CUy of Blytheville" for the flrat ?>r,,m, G -. Litue •« -^ -t " mee " n B of Ve council In The Changing Scene Jn BJyllicviJle S.- (AUK.)- COtJRffift name, "W. T. The corner of Main am! Second strode, looking west, In I90:i, A familiar Hardware," npponrs on one of (lie Mi;m at the Iclf, Some of the brick biilMln B s"oii the - title of the street arc still funding but ihelr old wooilcn awnings have been removed'.' Jmnd I1UMU This picture, also showing the comer of Main and Second streets, was taken a number of years -after the one at the top. The two slory brick bnlldUm at the extreme lefl Is lhe one now occupied bv the Main en-Rale Drug store. The sign on lhe front, of the building on the southwest corner read. "Bcrllg-Smyth Co., General Merchandise." Beyond (ho Frisco tracks. In Ilie background, there are few buildings. ' - hH le own fRln had ordered a tensus taken in cn " the city as recorder, or city clerk, Ross Beavers and Sidney Craig I Scruers J r- e ^i among them several who have nre others who have «erv«l as aionel J P • bury> been prominently identlfled with 1 clerk or recorder. MteRuS lucf k, A Welm™ 1°* city affairs in one way or another lilylhc is now clerk. I dux Jo in M v,T"' n°r«iZT lr , y ^ rs - *?' A ' Ly " chl Pd01 ' to 1905 records ral1 lo dis- Icy/S C oosloM sV piesident of the Farmei.i ftai>i- rin«> >h n „„.,„,„ „» .1.1 ,. _. •&! _n'iJ .„_"' s - E. sought in n petition of citizens filed, with the city council July 11, 10)1 and the council approved the formation of the district and appointed assessors and commls- ,„. „„„ sloncrs. With nsscmcnti made, B.! president of the Farmers .ttofa^Tc"'^!.^ 15 , 1 ^ 00 '-!!"" 1 Tr " 5t C0 " lpa ">'< ™* once! flctals. iceior and A. o. Langc, treasurer. | town recorder and so was C M dEV SvwJL^iiT Sa ' ' s -^"^ r " ^t^up'rodnt cillltere^EllHrSr " formed later, lhe municipal hos-; C . S. Mitchell's tenure S Dial was purchased and the new 7,cph O'Brien is another « My hall erecUd, .1627-28, through i ed as recorder an, mayor WEDNESDAY, iJjJLV L. p Bank close the names of aldcrmanic of- Fairfield W E "-'-'- Since then many of lhe Martin, ' ' R W. D. Hen- ; A. B 'i-; Dr. s. P :ra. T. j „.-.,. u ..ii,<, vi*vn Jiiitiijf ui !• 11C Jtllll LJIJ, y tj . Wnlln prominent men of (he community Nance, J, L Paiiml ,, , • J hare served as aldermen. i cliff, Ollben'Staccy E A ' R-lt * A fairly accurate list of aider-J B - "• Levy, Ed Hnrdln and A ,!' men durin Hie ra fr furrentlne • L *»i t ijr aik-uiniu ii.ii/ ui tVtllUI ~ ( *' * J »- 1 J i men during the era from 1905 to furrentine, '•1920 Includes the following: I. o.' to be form,, opened; pal park, Friday. ( Mayors serving Blylhevllle from) Mitchell's term of office until the present time In approximately the order of their terms were: W. o.' Armstrong, J. A, Scruggs A G ' Little, Wlls Davis, John J. Led-! belter, ll. U. Orayam, A. IS. Fair- flcld (pro tern, not elected), T. J. Mahan, L. L. Ward, C. A. Caldwell. P. C. Douglas, H. H. Brown, Nclll K<?«1 nutl Cecil Slumc, present mayor A numlicr of men have served LAZY-BONES One of the New Summer SPORT OXFORDS l °" B: • - - — — Wcslbrook, J. w. iiader, B. F.< Oi, t of 1000 male morons n, V ,''' Bl ' ogdon - J ' u - Edwards, E. M. will be 705 survivors aUh?', 5 ° ? ct ' Bu »' s ' w - ^ Smith, W. n. Ora- . 10 years, according to Dr N C « °' • Hdalivcly modern is this Mc nc. .ooking east on Mll ,n street from the corner of Broadway. The picture ; was taken during !m Armistice U W celebration 12 or 15 years ago. «n us statin 1 ; f ° r «>«»«mento he on »\ * CltJ of lhe r ' r ^ das-. : n • of class O nce Discussed y 0[ gating a m , Street ra "w»y sj-i- iSitot ^ was - discusscd » on s,lh aCUon wa = cver 'ate" on such a proposal In 1908 began the series of enactments, discussions, proposals pMau ihat & »nt instruction of a J« to pass an ordiLnce, oTpe titlon of a number of cltiierj and " 11 " 8 ' Or «^ d - 1 for men District No. * Ior ""> Purpose of putting In a S±" ° f W * ter Works ^ op- M B l Bme " The ordinance %all- W for the laying of a.'Raterisys- tcm m (he flrst a nd second wards an engineer, employed by the SUbm ,'^ >" ' ««»•»* « " l?ie C05t ot the en«re . system. " 0 ^ a ^ to n of lhe problcmtat almost ev- council stesloft ."bul despite Main street in IMC, loofcins east, from''the west cn<l of the business section. to the company plicallon for a franchise instead, icccmmenrtaiion "ctal"'lo^accenl hfSh 5 ^' By August, 1900 the mailer of a Thompson's nroi'msil Tim Jl nni 5 ' ' — ' franchise application hart been December 21 1910' The coiinr r ™,i, i jf lllc(1 . ccrlflln mneiwl- discussed to the extent . thai it , ; ,e, from t neo time am™ ns the <-i i" 1>revlmis "Si'cemenL. was •frequently mentioned in lhe April ••? in volprt tn *i™ M , 1>10 S rKiScd - Fi » ;llu ' minutes of. the. council and later j Thorn,™ " ex Usive nnch»' M T"", • ri ' CrCd ll ' c It was propoml to extend such for 30 sears CXCl " SUc Irallc1 "^ plclcd within a system to lhe coriwratc limits of lhe city in the event such n' A """Wealed t.ibie trnnchSse was Branted. ''"" "'"- 1 ' 1 - '- ' " The council voted to ndverllcn of rates was provided [ or m the franchise The Blylhcville Water company Thompson's franchise " . _. •"•••-••••"• "<•-•• U»NS»CU iiiomnsons franchise "" 3 ""«i«eiea ann accepted by ° 5l " D ',"? le r and Iieht bclorr Thompson had cver '»« council in A, W ist. 1913. H is - specified time, declaring Hint upon failure ;to' do so it would hold • the 1 contract nml franchise "mitt 1 and votrt." Then, the system' , was completed and accepted by of tht loctjejit ^to the crea thr M°^' h" U1 Y, r05l ~ U '?'? le r <1IK ' " eht bclorr Thompson had ever " lc Council in August. 1913. H is! the Memphis Commercial Appeal; llnlshcil his Installation or gone' inlcrestinc to hole that B bill 1 for franchke applications. Two, far with It and rates were again I pr<*«ntrd to lhe council, about : a.' ?S i T S r, WC ' e ^ f ?', h , Ule . rrati J lls 'e<l i» an ordinance an-1 1110 " 11 ' « r two after ncccfclunce of nil n Jl n H r n, ' ° " l pl ' ovl " g a " cw ro »tract wilh thel' lic w »t" company's installation lrl/rt hi T °" n° W " C re " B1 J'" lcvlile Water company in Nov-!'»re «« "oi.alion. Blytheville W«- ecfed by the council on Dec. 3, ember, 1911. Finally a minimum'ter company, by F. O. Pront, re- ra <e of " cents » month was' cciver. Lalcr it beeamc the Con- Later two more applications, n S>'ccd. upon. j sinners Water company and Mr. were filed, one by J. E. Thompson of Nashville and another ty Alex Wafer Woiks Completed It appeared In early 1913 Prom was a central' figure In Its operation tor _ —.,.„_ ,....* »iiuiii v ^ \jy »XH;A JLL a^jucaicQ in cflrly 1913 thst "*•*•*"'•*"" *•"» itian^ jcaii, Berger of Jonesboro. After em- the system mtgM not be complet- The flrst sewer district - was EXPERT FOOT EXAMINATION F While Elk (as illustrated) Flexible Shank KEWP1E TWINS Scientific HEALTH SHOES ior children Rollins Lace Tops Our hosiery department is growing more popular every day since we introduced Rollins Lace Tops. It must be the beautiful ringless silk, Llie Runstop, Inner Heel and Toe for'extra wear plus the courteous service we render. Special Showing 3-TIIKEAI) CKKl'E, REVEKSEn KNIT 2-TIIREAD EXTRA SHEER THE NEW KNEE LENGTH AND Sl'ORT SOCKS f WII¥IE' A. i « V TO O/ P)ONT delay! It costs - ^ you nothing to have our expert trained by Wizard Headquarters examine your stockinged leec — icli you ligw^ to set instant, lasting Jay! i . . 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