The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 23, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, September 23, 1930
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXVII—NO. 1G2 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST- ARKANSAS AND. SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOMEfDFTKW N ver. BLYTHKVILLK, ARKANSAS, TUKSDAY, SKITBMBER 2:1, 1030 SINGLE COPIES 1 •I HOLD TWO FOR KIDNAPING HAYTI GIRL II FI FOR PHUT IN MUSTS Arrests Follow Thwarting of Extortion Schemh by Wealthy Planter. ' , AUOUSTA. Ark., Sept. 23 <UP>Preliminary hearings for five men charged with, a kidnapping plot to be held here today after their first attempt tn overpower W. N. Gregory, wealthy plantation owner failed. Following the arrest of Hush Llndsey, Searcy barber, after he had attacked Gregory at his home when the farmer refused to give him $25,000. officers arrested Potcr James, Augusta, Earl Sheppard and T. L, Foreman. Searcy. and O. O. Cain of Clarksdalc. Miss. Cain, alleged ringleader of the gang, was arrested last night in Memphis when he called nt n hotel expecting to find $5,000 which lie demanded from Gregory. Instead of being greeted by Gregory in the hotel Cain nul Sheriff Smith of Augusta and Judge A. C. McGregor. Cain told officers hq was not connected with the plot but had offered to furnish Gregory information of the attempt to be. made against him for $5,000. plot to kidnap him for $25,000 ransom, and he agreed (o bring his at- l"rney, Will Duncan, to Memphis to meet Cain to team the details and the names of the conspirators. On Aug. 25, his son. Billy, 17, high school boy. evaded an alleged attempt to kidnap him in Little Rock hotel, the father said, when [he youth declined to meet him over the telephone. Lindsey's alleged confession today named Cain In Shot Dead On Porch of Farm Home IS MAHIANNA, ARK., Sept. 23. (UP)—Frank Sims, CO, farmer on the Bemls plantation, 10 miles from here, was kilted In an exchange of shots with prowleis last niglil. Sims was asleep at his home rl .. __ , , when he heard someone trying to kins next week" The first two days, id In the house. He grabbed his j Monday and Tuesday, September gun and rushed out the door!" 29th and 30th, will be taken up in leaving his wife and three children • in the house. His wife heard several shots exchanged. She ran out and stumbled Entertainment Will Start Monday; Exhibits Will Be Ready Wednesday. BY J. MKI.I, BROOKS The Mississippi County fair, be- A "Back to Work" Celebration I, placing exhibits in the tents and getting ready to throw the exhibition open to the public. Every... thing in the poultry, agriculture, over the dead body of her husband : horticulture, floral and art depart- on the front porch. ment, community exhibits, woman's department.commercial cxhibits.and olher dcparlenls other than livestock Uiould be in place bv nine o'clocl! on the morning of Wednesday October 1st. -. In the dairy and swine departments, entries should be made before nine o'clock on the morning a! Thursday. October ?nd. The dairy and hog show will be held only lhr.?e days; Thursday. Frl- p ,. „ • ildfly and Saturday of fair week. All OtrUCture Has Lreated I prospective exhibitors In these departments arc advised lhat cattle cared for at the entire expense of tlic fair management. Judging in 17 Deterioration of Physical L A brief outline of the proceedings . to date in the District 17 re-1 these two departments will be done ceivership and an analysis of th»! 0 ii Thursrtiiy and Friday,. October 3d and 4th. A social jittlge for the Hampshire Hog Show is being r.:nt to Blytlieville by Ihe Hampshire Record Association. present situation ol the district froiA toth a physical and a Rnan- iciol standpoint were given by W. j I.con Smith, attorney for the dis-. trict. in a tall: before the Lion? | A n entries are to be undo at the club today.. , rojr g rcmn( i where special arrange- Mr. Smith declared thru what- I ments will be made, to register and ever may be the outcome of thelieceipt for all articles. All tents present contest over removal of the [ will be marked with prominent rccclvrrshlp from the chancery to 1 signs showing the location of all (lie federal court, now under ap- j different departments p. parly'Who called Billy the. hotel. peal lo the United States circuit court of appeals, it would be the intention of all interested parties to give the fullest cooperation tc the receiver In an effort to work out a settlement of the district's affairs with the maximum of Moore than one hundred feet of commercial exhibit space has been reserved and further reservations will be taken up to noon of Thursday. September 25th. A special tent has been ordered for Negro sxhibits and the negro Alma Rubens Asks Divorce From Ricardo Cortez NEW YORK. Sept. 23. (UP>Alma Rubens, former screen actress, has forwarded to Los Angeles a petition for divorce from Ricardo Cortez, leading man, charging desertion. The actress is quoted as sayinv the real reason she is seeking the decree lies in her husband's behavior just afier. she had overcome the drug habit. Cortez, she said, adopted a "hero" pose and trie;' to claim credit for curing her. Negro Baptist Academy at Arkadelphia Burns ARKADELPHIA, Ark.. Sept. 23 (UP)—The Arkansas Baptist Academy for negroes was completely destroyed by fire of unknown origin today. The loss is estimated at $40,000, half covered by insurance. " The city fire department was hampered by being unable to use hoses as no fire plugs are located in the vicinity of the college which is situated on the outskirts of the city. ; tectiosi to the rights and interests jcaunty. agent and .Smith-Hughes of band owners and taxpayers alike. | teacher are busily engaged in work- The, physical structure of-the dis- jfh g , m ,,, e exhibits (net, Mr. Smith said, has deterlor- [ Their exhibit will Thousands of workers were pouring tack Into Camdcn, N. J., factories—and here's how the city celebrated the event. This parade, heralding "the return of good limes" was singed us n feature of Camdcn's back-lo-work campaign, during which 135 local plants Increased their personnel. Leaders of Industry from many parts of the country attended the event. Announcement by Chairman Williamson Expected After Meeting Today. LITTLE ROCK, Si-pi. 23 IU1')~ First official action rei;ardlnu n charge that governor Harvey Parnell overspent the limit of expenditures In his race for' icimmlimllon and Is Ineligible to s^rvc a second term was expected to be taken today. Members of the state Deinocmlli Central committee ware to meet with Laimir Williamson of Monll- cello. chairman, hero and decide what action would be laken regarding (lie charge Hindis' by O. E. Jones. Batesville editor, In a letter lo Wllllnim.on. Williamson Is expected to Issue blatemeul Mowing his confeipnce with (he members and outlining the procedure of the committee. Dakotan $6,400 Poorer After Visit to Arkansas ated to such an extent since the 1S27 flood that it is now scarcely more than 50 per. cent efficient. 'lo fill this tent be a complete agricultural and livestock exhibit and is expected to be of exceedingly high quality. In view of the ST., [LOUIS, Sept, 23, (UP)—A traveling bag and -a ticket .to Fargo, N. D., was all that Louis Andersen, 03-year-old bachelor, had when he arrived here today and told police he had been fleeced cf $0.400 by two men in Eureka Springs, Ark. • Andersen said he was en route home to Fargo, but wanted 'to 1 look, at rogue's gallery photographs .tot. He was unable to IdenCiCy any cf the pictures as the men v--ho tipped him to a sure bet on a race horse but disappeared vitli liis money after telling him he horse lost. As the efficiency of the district fact that the drouth has made decreases. Mr. Smith (minted out, • it nearly impossible for the negroes tax collections naturally decrease to hold their comnuiunity exhibits also, as property owners will not pay taxes on lands which are unprotected against flood or which as has been the practice in the past, the Fair committee decided to fumirh the space and permit them lack adequate drainage. Failure have their county sexhibitlon on collect taxes, in turn, makes it. impossible for the district to prevent further deterioration of the levfr and drainage systems. Thus the situation Is bound to grow progressively worse unless bondholders con- the fair ground this year at the same time (he regular fair is being held. The shows and rides will arrive Sunday. September 28th and ready to begin operating on Monday sent to diversion for a few years ] nlght September 29th. More about of money Que them for use in re-! th , entertainment features will be Iiab.htation of the district. Mr. ; mcmclcd in futllre articles about Smith predicted that the bond- i t , rair which wiu be run lhls we(!k . holders would eventually recognize ' the necessity of some such agreement to protect the land which is the sole security for the money due them. Mr. Smith declared that an Immediate expenditure of $15,000 ir necessary to put the Dig Lake le- i'ee in shape to ^withstand even n ( rormal winter and spring rise, and | that without such an expenditure now it would cost several times tha' lcvee Blytlieville Schools Cost About $8.90 Per Capita^ ''!But South Bend Authorities elieve Appel Murder — j Confession False. thl ' ' Editor's Note: This is the elfhtl. of a serifs of articles prepared b; Superintendent Crawford Gr«n< dealing with the various phases oE the local school situation. • » • By CRAWFORD GREENE Superintendent of Schools Estimating the population of the Blytheville school district at 12.- COO, the average per capita cost fo- the local public schools last year was $8.90 for all expenditures. Excluding the cost for bonds and interest, the average drops to approximately S7 per person, Why does the comparatively small bill which the public pay; for the education of children at- tr.ict so much attention while much larger bills paid for pri vately purchased Items attract ro little attention? The return from money expend cd for education is delayed, accord- in? to J. VV. Crabtree. secretary of the National Education • association. He continues, "It's effect may not be fully evident for a generation or more. The return from money expended for an automobile Is immediate. It secures a shins new machine s,t once, often before it is paid for. Luxuries Cost More "Tiie school bill is collected under the mor.t unfavorable clreum stances. It comes in one lump sum Even though quarterly payment, arc permitted the toial Is Imprcj slve. Tax-payment time Is played ip by certain newspapers as a time of awful anguish. Hoiv different-arc the conditions surrounding one's private expenditures. Billons are automobiles and from saf-tv ra- | SOUTH BEND. Ind., Sept. 23. i (UP) — Authorities questionin i George Sherman Myers, 40. expressed doubt today of a confes- | aion which they said he made to the slaying of 8-year-old Marver- Ine Appel on August 27. Myers, they said, confessed after long questioning that he had kidnapped and attacked the girl, then choked her to death of wire; that he left alley whei -lifton H. Scott Discusses Situation With Chancery Court Receiver. Local Compress Handling More Cotton Thau Any Other Point in Arkansas . Cotton compress receipts at Bly- thcville ore continuing to run fur nhcad of any "other point' in Arkansas, it Is shown by the repar'. of the Arkansas Cotton Trade association for last week. The Blytheville c'omprc.w received 6.313 tales last week, bringing the total since August 1 to 12,017, .in unusually high figure for this dale. At the same time receipts for (lie stale as a whole arc running far behind the normal figure, the season's total of S0.804 bales being little more than a third of last year's total nt this date of 158,'!04. Receipts ior the entire siale last week were .12.424 ns against 61,358 the same week a year ago. While receipts at most points arc light they are running subbstan- tially ahead ol shipments. Las! week showed a net increase in | stocks on hand ol over 21,000 balsj Clifton II. Scott of Little- Rock. r ° r a 6Ule totnt ° r Piirnell was alleged to have violated (he corrupt practice act ivher he spent more than S5.000 In his campaign which Jones claims i: Ihe limit for a gubenialorial can didalc. No official nnoiiiiceiiirat has been made from any since Jones tmule public his lellei lo Williamson. Republican leaders were cagcrl> watching what sleps will hj lakci In Democratic circles lo dctermini If its standard bearer might be bar red from another term. Jone warned Williamson Unit lo let Hi matter go unnoticed would allo\ (he Republican parly, lo gain an advantage and uossibl. the governor's chair if action wa taken after the Novemb.?/ clectioi by the minority party nnd Panic! .was declared Ineligible. Thought Expenditure l<c£al •No move 1ms bee.ii made by th governor nor Ills supporters. The! only ccmment hns btcn that I their opinion a candidate for gov ernor was allowed to expend $0,OOC rather than 15,000. In event th.2 central commute takes no action it was learned other Democratic groups would lake seme steps Their action, it was said, would be as a preventive to stop any possible chance for the Republican candidate to assume the office through default of Parnell. Trio Who Took Savings of Aged limner Arrested HATK8VII.LE, Ark., Sept. 23 UP)--Operations of hill racketeers .'lu> alli'Krtily victimized old pcr- ons who were nIraki to use banks ur the deposit of their money •'ere believed to have been put to n end locliiy. Three iiorsons were under arrest •hurled with preying on isolated oiks of the hills, many of whom vcrc attacked and robbed of their livings utter Mug tortured Into i-veallm; the hldlni; places of their ionrdlni;s. Those nrrcsled are L. M. Carter, Mounds. Okla.. W. P. Lloyd -4, and J. S. Sturch, '11, of Semi- Kile. Okla. J. P. Swain, elderly farmer llv ng near Ualesvllle, Identified the irlu us persons who, he alleged juinod him with hot irons utull ic revealed win-re he hrul hidden $2,000 In cnshler'n checks. Ills auto- nobile also ' taken. EDUBILOBEI Owners Asked to Contribute School Texts as a Drouth Relief Measure. Jewel Haney, 18-Year-Olcl School Girl, Disappeared With Strangers Sunday. HAYTI, Mo.—Roy Manlfer and Edward Saiidnl, believed to b-s resl- lents of St. Louis, Mo., were taken nlo custody by officers at Jackson, 1'cnn., lust night charged with the kidnapping of Jev/el Haney, 18- year-old school girl of Haytl, Mo. Constabl.1 R, W. Brooks of Hayti and his deputies were to leave Haytl :hln afternoon for Jackson to're- turn the men and the girl Iq-Mts* sourl. The men are also alleged'to nnvc been driving n car stolen at St. Louis when they were arrested. Miss Haney,'according to . tlw Haytl constable, was kidnapped Sundny 'ulglit while on the way from a movie theater to her home i llaytl. The Missouri officer did not know If Miss Haney entered the car with the strangers of her own accord or It she was abducted forcibly by the men. According to the Haytl officer- he had not bcon Informed of' Miss llaney's story, about the affair when he planned to go to-Jackson this afternoon. •• appointed receiver of Drainage DIs trict 17 last Friday by Federal Judge John E. Mnrtineau, to discuss pffairs of the district, with C. M. Buck, receiver under the chancery court, and to make formal application to Chancellor Futrell for an order directing Mr. Buck to turn over the assets of the district. to 111 in. The chancellor, as he had Indicated yes'.erday, held that the whole matter had been taken from his hands by Judge Maftlneaii's order of last Friday, and Mr. Scott's next more, therefore, will be to make his application to Judge Martincau. This will be a mere formality, and the affairs of the district in the hands of ths federal receivership within a day or two. Following are receipts last week and for the season at leading Arkansas points: Last For the Week Season Blythevllle G.313 12.017 2,ti9G 4,343 2,5-11 3,932 2,132 5.98(1 2,108 Pine Bind Weal Memphis Eudora Fort Smith .. Little Rock 1.6SG Marked Tree 1.595 Helena 1,272 Forrest City 1.2C6 Lcachvllle 1,227 Hope 1,188 Texarknnn 1.174 McGehee 1,022 Marlanna 986 Joncsboro 934 4.2D7 2.741 2.207 2.41.1 2.214 2.077 1.8GG 2.1 H 2.43!) 1,563 1,360 Men Who Fled With $10,831 Believed Trapped by Posse Nenv El Dorado. wns fomld tw<v<in >' s for su cles? Many a man pays more for he is demented," who questioned the suspect. McLeod Fined $50 on Pistol Toting Charge Damon McLeod. West End merchant and former alderman, paid the heaviest fine meted out by Judge W. D. Oravettc in police court this morning. McLcsd was tobacco than tottorAurXi™*] "* don ' 1 ™^' f 'he confession fined $50 on a charge of carrying Ss rWld en R t he m« iTlS- wl " 3tand ""' ™ fac! * do " ot a plsU "' He B!U '° " otice o[ fl W ea1 ' bireo him in HrihM H L '' correspond with Ihe evidence we Traffic law violations were res- taws he U*rt HI. lu.omnMV I liave ' P rntobl 5' he « ot his "ifor- Unslble for lh,« fines as^ed by bin"may be several Umes hh "cho't mtttlou !mn 'X™ 5 ™™'' hs c0 "- thc c ' urt - B - w - Fltelmmons was uiu iii.ij ue mitral lime* ins scnoni (i ,....j n ,..j _„. j_>i_, f ,, r -..n-,. ._ „„ (axes, but he buys tho machine on ; tinned. Myers admitted readily, Thnmp- Civil War Prisoner Whom Lincoln Pardoned Dies FChooline In terms of-the obsolete Institution he attended a rjenera- (lon ago, His understanding of the school is too often based on the reports of children or the misrepresentation of felt-seeking politic. ' BERRYVILLE, ARK.. Sept. 23.- Inns. He siifters no -uch mlsunder- j (UP)—Funeral services for A. August Consumption of standing of his private purchase?. Shaver, 81. cousin of President .. _ „ r fined one dollar for parking In an alley. W. J. Tidwell was fined five dollars for speeding and John Stringer was fined five dollars for a similar offeree. John Farrel was fined $25 for disturbing the peace. One man paid r. fine of Sis on a charge ot public drunkenness. When he thinks of a car he thinks [Lincoln, who was pardoned by of a 1930, nit a 1810 model. He!Lincoln while a prisoner of war, c'rlves It himself. He docs not have (will be held here tomorrow. his child drive It and accent nn Immature verdict as to how It runs." "Is Education Too E\n«nsive7 There has been much oubllcltv in recent years concerning the 'Continued on page three) Shaver died hero yesterday as the result of a fall. During the Civil War Shaver served In the Confederate armv. He was captured and served six months in a federal prison until pardoned by his cousi'.i. U. S. Cotton Is Low Among the four Missouri compresses Hayti reiiorled receipts las' week of 2.002 for a season's total of 2.833, Caruthersville 1.531 last week and 2.4C8 for (he season, and Maiden 680 last week and 928 foi the season. No report was made by Hie Steete compress. PAKMERVILLE. La.. Sept. 23. (UP)—A posse of officers and citizens from two states today was searching near El Dorado, Ark., north of here, for three men who yesterday robbed (he Sta'e bank here. The men. all immasted and well •dressed, entered the bank while only W. VV. I'ortcr, casl'.Ier, was in. They obtained 810,831. Porter said The men escaped In a brown Fern bearing a Louisiana, license and headed toward the Arkansas line where it was reported early today a posse had surrounded them. The license on the motor car lat er was traced as one stole an automobile nt El Dorado Sat urday. Pursuant lo n request from head quarters of the state drouth relle committee nt Little Rock, Counts Judge George Uarham, clmlnnai of the county drouth relief com inlttee, has asked tjie coopcratloi of residents of Mississippi coui.i In providing school' text books tot county school children whose parents ar: unable to. purchase them While Crawford Greene, superintendent of the city schools, an'' Miss Willie Lawson; county superintendent, have received ".ho widespread call. for__boplu, ,t!»y, beljeve that foilnfl'.'Wt "n. ConV sidcrnblo number, and have pledged their ^aoperatlon In seeing thai books that, may be contributed reach pupils who need them. Parents of school children whn lave no further use for text.books low In iisi in the schools are nsk- ud to deliver them to their local schools. If there is no need foi .hem there they will be distributee among schools elsewhere ir. the county where a need may exist. It not contemplated that book will be sent to schools outside the county. Pupils already in school, with verj feiv exceptions, suppllct with the necessary books, but it is believed that there are some no; now attending school who would enroll if their parents could be relieved of the expense of buyint books. The same books are used througl the eighth grade tor six yenrs, bi-t high school text books arc adoptee by various dlstrlcls. The standarj books for the elementary grade? and Junior high rchcol arc: Firs* grade, .Child's World Prlmei Child's First Reader; Second grade Child's Second reader, the Test nno Studies Spelling book; Third grade Child's Third reader, Phillips and Anderson Arithmetic beck 1. sann speller; the Pathway reader;, arre supplementary books for thefi three grr.des. In ll-e fourth grade the lanv arithmetic, is used, the same spel! er Is used, Child's Fourth readci Emerson and Belt's Hygiene an< Smith's Human geography; Flit gr.ide. Child's Fifth reader. Phi 1 Confident Young Hoover Will Conquer Tuberculosis WASHINGTON, Sept, 23. (UP) — An inheritance'Of the-vigor that 1ms served his father so well thru- ut s strenuous life Is expected to . Id Herbert Hoover, jr., ' in hU ghl against tuberculosis. • •'• K,•-'' This is the opinion of pf.'J'ott ' T. Boone, Whit* House physicuin; . who yesterday : «nrniunced'the : reS -. ult of his; diagnosis ; of'the Jf- ear-old ridlb''englneer.',x ; - : •"•'.•'. : Jfoung Hgover'sJ-fqtbfct'^'^ .tA'.':'^ ;enerationt bAQkrpi:'b*6thi^tdes.of ''^ he family have been -people/of^ - . 'Igor, free from luWjcular/infe^-" . ion, he pointed out. Dr. .Boo'rie will prescribe a diet, not .of raw -eggs and milk, but of well • balanced, meals including 'a' wide variety of 'nod values. ' • •' • - Sues for Permission to Gather Cotton Crop W. R. Overtoil had filed suit in j dollars anrt'wTlile Browning, ten chancery ciurt against Al Ingram seeking court permission to harv- Hughes and Browning Fined in Local Court Reginald Hughes was fined five est a cotton and bean crop, which tho plainllff alleges the defendant, lias refused to gather. • Overton claims that Ingram Is heavily indcbicd to him for the crop and asks that he be allowed to protect his interests by having the crop harvested. Cecil Shane Is attorney for Ihe plaintiff. NEW YORK, Sept. 23. <UP)World consumption of American cotton in August totaled only about 863,000 bales against 1,180,000 bales August last, the cotton service bureau reported today. Average August consumption In the past flvr years has been 1,175,000 bales. French Kicky Sweets Fail to Reach Destination ST. LOUIS. <UP>—Whsn boxes of eandy, sent by tourists In France arrived here In unusual quantity the cusioms office decided to open several. Instead of mil and fruit centers n good grad? of al- chol and brandy was fo'.md. St. Louisiana to whom lhc packages were addressed, were informed of the seizures, and the candy was destroyed. dollars, by Justice Oscar Alexander today when Ihe pair entered pleas of' guilty to charges of disturbing (he peace. The arrest of the two followed a disturbance at Robinson's Store at Huffman Sunday night, In which the. two were alleged to have used abusive language and one cf the pair was said (o have .'truck Mrs. J. W. Robinson. Browning sustained ft flesh wound when Adron Robinson, schoolboy. I fired at the pair. A technical lips and Anderson Completed nrllh car lat- ri ietic, same speller book 2, sam n from ,, C ography. hygiene and Mac Petric history: Sixth grade, sam aiithmelic. Literary World Sixt reader, same speller, same geogra nhy book 2. same hygiene book 2 Mason-Tanner "The Story of Ol Europe and Young America"; Sev cnth grade. Wheeler's Llterar reader. Phillips and Ar.derso Completed Arithmetic, sam; spell er. same grammar, same geopra phy, same hygiene. Macc-Petrie Aerlcan school history. Davis' Pro iuctUe Farming Agriculture Elgh'h grade, same text books ar. Schcrling-Clark Modern Algebin Aldme's renders are used for s;;p plemcutary reading in these fiv grades. Little Rock Puppy Has Extra Legs, Hear LITTLE ROCK, Ark. ItlP)- chnrse against the b:iy has been j Mickey, mother of six new pap; dismissed. Motor Boat Endurance believes in doing things In a bt way. I One of the pups was born wll jslx legs, three In front and thre In the rear, and two hearts. Racers. PaSS 310th Hour n was named "Slamess." HOT SPRINGS. Ark. Sept. 23. (UP)—Continuing their motorboat letueling endurance contest, Ernir Hill and Clifford Hamp had been going 310 hours at noon today In their world's record attempt. William Beebe, in his metal div in? ilove, descended recently to th world's record depth of 1426 fee below the surface of the ocean. A this depth the water pressure Is CS2 pounds to the spuare inch, jraighead Dairy Co-op Will Take Over Creamery JONESBORO, Arlc.—A deal Ints leen arranged by which the Craig- I.ead Couuly Co-operative Dairy association, will take over / the Jonesboro Creamery. S. Vanderveen I bo retained as manager, Changes in other personnel of tin: plant will likely be made, it isfaid. A few more details are to be worked out but the deal has been practically clCoCd. according to officials. It Is planned to add a cheese manufactory to the plant in the r.ext few months. The Cralghead County Co-operative Dairy association was organized several months 'ago with the object of providing its members with a ready market for milk. It hr.s more than 50 dairymen ' as members. Frritik Barton Is president and W. C. Beck secretary. • Burning Cotton to Boost Price Declared Illegal LITTLE ROCK. Sept. 23 (UP)— Burning of cotton to "improve the prlc2" as Inaugurated by R. V. Powell. Decbe merchant. Is not expected lo get very far, especially after what assistant state fire marshal! John L Carler has to cay about it. Carter today said to bum bales of cotton is a violation of the law and deliberate destruction is a felony. Powell opened his campaign by buying a bale for $50, then burning it in the public square. Carter has called upon officials of tho first judicial district to investigate the burning of the bale. Declines to Tell Nature of New Cannon Charge* BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Sept. 23. (OPi—Bishop William N. Ainsworth. president of the college of bishops of the Methodist Episcop»l church South will not reveal the nature of the charges filed with him 'against Bishop James Cannon Jr. "The communication Is official and will not be given' to the public by rne," he sold. Bishop Ainsworth Is considering the charges which are said to allege violation of the church code. ' WEATHER ARKANSAS. — Mostly : cloudy, probable showers In east portion tonight and Wjdnesdny,

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