The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 13, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 13, 1931
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 13, 1081 HLYTIIKVFLl.K. (ARK.) COUR1KU NKvVS CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word lor (Irsl insertion and one cent a word lor each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement nan tor less than 50c. Cuiint thv words and send tlic PAGE FIVE A NINE AUSTIN t au(Jio i, of Tilt BUCK HIE AVENGING W " MURDER .fr ' SALE FOR SALE— Timothy or Soy Bean C:iAI >p l'E» XI. VIII | lAT wciilcl bo Impossible, Miles! i'oiir v>i{« is already ilr I-!' 1 Then. sllcncliiE tbe boarso iv. ,ii^ D| the men and the screams .11 die women, camo slow, terrible ttonls: "Tracer Arthur Miles, I nr- resi yun (or llie murder ol your o: 1 Soy Bt-ans. Hay, Ear Corn Write J. F. Cox or }-. W. Van Horn, Sikcslo:i, Mo. wlic. ki.own as Juanlta I Keliin. and lor the murder ot Dei- I ter Sprusuo And It la my duty to o reconstruct tho death rnaclilno BO that It Tould to almost exactly «3 it was when Miles finished his work lust betoro 2:30 lost Saturday—aud as It remained uutll ho had an opportunity to como back licrq find dlsmautlo It." As he spoke, ho was unscrewing tho b!g, Jewel-£tudOcd bowl ot tho bronzo lamp. Wedged, nt a ward-slanting angle, Inslilo tho Used 7% Horse Motor For Sale r'P-Klu ' "'*"'" you lhot anything you Bay may he used ayalusl you!" Traccy Miles lifted his ashen fnco .1 stared nt tlie detective blankly, he had gotio dcat Will make a good motor for 2 1 /-; to 5 horsepower load. Needs one new bearing- Will sell cheap- COURIER-NEWS titni a* blind, "All— over— Isn't It? Mtiy £ —have— a drink?" ho managed to arllciilnle at last. "1'uor ilevil! Ho need's it," Uio ten sett-hearted young dctectlvo Iniil liiinsclf, as Traccy Miles nnurcd n drink from tho almost empty whisky decanter and raised the little glass to bis lips. "1 have— iiolblnE— !o say!" tho 3 MULE'S For Sale—?cr cash. Write "H", Courier News. 13C-K11 FCR SALE--Corn. B5c bushrl—hay, S23. per ten. delivered. O. C. Hannah, Blylhcvilio, Ark. lai'-Kl'J FOR KENT , murderer gasped thickly, then fell heavily to tlio lioor. • * • IT tvas three-Quarters of an hour x nucr. Uislrlct Attorney Sander- taa. Caploiu Strawn and llundee were alune In tho house whero Nlta "Seilni" liad been murdered and where her -husband had confessed his crimes by committing suicide bowl, which wns 12 Inches IB dlanv eler, was Judeo Marshall's snub- nosed nulomallc and silencer, tho end ot tho silencer projccllui, slightly from a nolo whoso Jovve was missing. "There's a blank cartridge In the gun now, of course, but Miles, In his panic, look my words literally , . Seo tho elcctro-niaguo strapped to tho gun Lull? Ho got 1 from tho bell Spraguo hud Installs from hero lo Lydla's bedroom. Th magnet ivas connected with th electric wire In ouo ot tho tw lamp sockets, ns you lice It now nnd llio long cord of tbo lamp wa connected with tho wlro ot tho be in the dining room—BO connected that when anyone stepped on tbe two little metal plates under tho dining room rug, tho kllchcu bell would ring and the gun would be fired, simultaneously. But if you will examine-' 'the Jewel hole," he DE tho courso ot the wire. Let's ollow lit" Ho led them across tho hascmeut o a door leading Into a dank, un- nlalicj portion of the cellar. Tho vlro passed under tho top framo ol bo door, and, with a flashlight In bis hand, Dundee showed bow It continued nlong a ratter until it reached tho place where U was lolucd, by adhesive tape, to tho ,vlro Spraguo had dropped from S'lla's bedroom floor. "Miles Elmply eut tho wlro hero •.-hero It enters another holo throiijjli Lydla's bedroom wall, qnd attached tho new wire," Dundee explained. "Tho connection between the dining room hell and tho electro-magnet In the lamp up- slairs was then complete." "But what n chanco Miles look n Iho bullet's not hitting her in a fatal spot!" Sanderson menlcd In an awed voice. "No. lie would only lire tho gun It Nlta was Ecatcil before her dressing table.' As an experienced marksman he could calculate tho path of the bullet to a nicety. Ot course tlie machine had to bo ufcd thiu very day. As yon know, Nlta herself navo him his chance. Miles, standing at the sideboard, listened until the lirst faint notes of JuauUa IN DELL-FOR RENT—3 room notice. 57.00; 4 room house 1 , $11. L. fowler, Phone 8fi8 or 450-J. 18C-TF FOR RENT—Four room apartment, 810 West Ash. Call 510. 5C-TF The morgue amUnlauco had come and gone. ... "I should have known." Dundee FOR RENT — Bcclrcom in sicam heated house. Men preferred. Phone No. 1. Mrs. J. G. Sudbury. 7I>-KH FOR KENT — Nicely furnished apartment, with garage, modern, HEW house, so cheap that you cannot, aftorct to own your furniture. Phone OD1-J, Mrs. Wert at 224 Uoucan. 12P-K15 WANTED POULTRY WASTED—Market prices, any quantity. Marilyn Hatchery, 210 S. FUurth St. OC-TF WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and Ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, 704 S. Lake -St. 17CK-TP WANTED "—:-To buy poultry, any •••am.ount;--market" prices. -J. Ei Fisher at O. L. -Bennett Co. Feed Store, 210 N. R. R. 6C-K.:0 j admit led ruefully, as the three men entered Nlta'3 bedroom, "that so Ingenious R criminal ns Tracey .Miles would not have tailed lo pro- ride against tlie posslblllly ot discovery. Me must have snatched on opportunity lo spill cyanide ot potassium into the decanter when my eyes wero off him for a mouieut— and ur.on l.ols Dunlap." "I'm glad he did," Sanderson said •iiirlly. "Out it was ghaslly tliat poor Lois had to know that it was she. in ell innocence, wlio llred the gun." "It was." Dundee sl&licrt. "But 1 hellovcd tiiat Iho only way t could make Miles confess." "Caplain Strau-n and I are still In the dark as to exactly how Miles managed his wile's murder." San dcison reminded him. "This morn- ins you -chose to tell us nothing more than that a Hamilton man liad married Nila Leigh In New Vork In January, ISIS, and tha eight years ago, when he saw tier picture In The Evening Situ, i with the story Hint 'Anita l.ce' bad committed suicide, he had felt fre to marry again. . . .' You said then you .knew who tbe man wa? hut you would not even tell us bow you suggested, as ho removed the gnu. "you will ECO that Miles had to enlarge It considerably, using n reamer, which I found In the tool chest In tho basement, along with all the apparatus which Spragnc had bought for Installing NUa's alarm bell. 1 could ECO no reason for Spragne's having needed a reamer, however, and this morning I was lucky enough to get proof that Miles himself had purchased (old him that Nlta was powdering her face, aud ho c.ou!d uo sure she was sitting down to tho task," • • • HAT It NHa had not asked the cocktails or had not gone to powder her face?" Slrawn askeil, "WHAT It Nil; ^* l:lm to mix It. at day." <.'. a hardware store on Tues "The whole parly illno and dance at i^an going to tho Country OUR BOARDING HOUSE I SAUl 'THAT ,Vou BIG Moose* VOU "DUMPED KIM6, VOL) ALSO,MOWED <SP VQUR BY SLIPIMG IT UP A SQUARE WlTto VOUR CUFF ! —TrlAT How " " GAMES' -SUST" A BIG GVP WrN, I WOULDWT PADDLE A CAUo'E VJ L Votl , BECAUSE VOL BE . LJ5IMG CALLS TOR PISTOLS AT . DAWM TfP UEX.T Bid WILL BE MRS, COMIMG that Blnnd lu the iropiiy 10 twceii Iho two window:). . . WV/K11Y slnnilc! Whe A BIGGER NUMB-SKULL! • SPuTT-r- whlcti was just nt (he Into the bottom or (lie clr.iv.ri It gripped tlie gun trigger ami fnstencd eomchiiw Iho unucrsldoof Iho drawer, pn thai vrlicn S|irai;iic pulled (he orcti (ho string was dmwn and tbe trlfyer pulled, the same mechanism Iiy wliifh lit tried to murder me Club. Miles would have escorted her home, LS he had done on Mun day night, and .would (hen hnvo made his opportunity. Uut I rnu tell you thai on Saturday morning according to tho telephone operator In Miles' olT.ce, Nlla rang him to room,Eay she must see him ns soon as possible, her unexpressed Inientloi: OW did he connect the lamp cord with the dining bell?" Strawu puzzled. You forget Sprague's wiring tor j being lo tell him that she was no the nlnrm bell from here to Lydia's | soins lo bother him again. He loll room!" ' 1 her he would lie right out. but NiU He threw back tho rug. Near 'p-ilil slie and Lydla wero going Inl NUa's bed (hero was a hole In the I HatiiiUon and would not bo b:ic! floor, and out ot It came a short ' until 2;SO— tho time the bride length of electric wire, ending lagans was scheduled to begin, lint two small metal plates. Hut at-! Miles came on out, having prc- ot llio cmi leiked (he drawer sum All Miles bad lo do when he wi,. prcicndliiR to look fur KpiaKiii' lo lurn off Iho tropliy r, by a billion In tho hall " "Then lie had (he rcM u Iglit lo remove llie gunV "Yes. Riiinetlincduihi;; UK' flcr Flora was aMrep wlih a ivc, ho removed the KUII :unl ihc Ise. but ho could nut ri'iiuivc llie lotes tho sc.'evs had nimle. lit* next concern was to make thn niur ler jllie ci)ni|ileU'ly will Strawn's (lieory i>[ a iad trailed his inuury n> ihr Mlli-i- lomo and shut him throucli tlir whitlow. Tho window wns open, but the screen must be i too, and Sprasuti'B fmgct prims li:ul to IID on (he tilclicl call lies iiy which tbo curtain screen or lo"wcred. Of course KPKIHUO hail not touched tho screen. "'.Miles simply removed llio curlnlti screen and carried n lo wlicro Spraguc's rlglit h:iml lay. palm uiiward, on llie Ilimv nut.' pressed iho thumb iiud r»ri<- litigci 1 agalust HIP ulclicl vainivs Hut lliu iingcrprlnts tl'ns m.-n;,' were rercrscd—as 1 dlsn,u>fi-ii when 1 examined the prints In Carraw-ay's odice lodny." "Veil—" Kandeuon drew a dci'p lircalh. "lie was a r-lt-voii'i- mail than any of us suspected." Uclicil also to llie wlro was the conl trom the bronze lamp. "The plug of the lamp cord vloiisly stolen the gun. nnil silencer and having studied the house—" "How did lie get In?" Sanderson BOOTS AJND HER BUDDIES ITS KASHA' EXPLAINED By Martiu "T.IKI.1.0! What ore 'II nearly out of tho baseboard outlet ! svo:itc-il to know. behind the bookcase. Just as .Miles'' "Judge .Marshall had lent him a lett it, Co that there Is no contact j key in February, when Miles with electricity there. And the rug wanted to show llie houso to an WANTED — To owner. Apply roari. k house frcm South rail- 10P-KIS "fkcause I hail very lldlc actual lyoof (hen." Ilunrlec answered. "As to rclio he <vas. Hie salient clue hail been staring nie in (ho Face the whole ihui!. uut It was not until I hid the Joining ot the two wires, j youiiK man in bis offices, An unexplained wrapping of adlic-laml Miles never returned It. sive tape both on the lamp cortl and ! \Vcll, when Miles arrived he fnnml on the wlro of NUa's clariu hell I llair-b Hammond here, and had to here gave mo the clue, fn installing ] leave, wailins at a safe distance the alarm boll, Sprague copied 111? 3 0 until (lie crnpt was clear about otiu LOST AND FOUND was fonling ivttli a set of anagrams last night, idling spelling out the names of all the men who mluht WANTED—To buy chickens, any amount. Fisher's Place, ai3 South First St. 23C-TF LOST- Ladies ste'.r hide purfe con- 'ahiing roinpact. Reward. Call 785-J. or 120 Dollgsn. 12C-K15 IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE UNITED STATES OP THE EASTERN DISTRICT OP ARKANSAS, FOR THE JONES- RORO DIVISION IN' THE MATTER OF ; Frank Homer. Bankrupt ' No. 1535. Notice is hereby given that i titioti for discharge of the bankrupt i has been filed, and same will be, heard in the United States Court Rcoms. at Little Hock. Arkansas,! on the 13th day of February, A. D. - arrangement under tbe dining table, of course. And Miles simiily had to drop a bit, fastened to the o'clock." "How was Spraguo killed?" San dcrsun interrupted impatiently. augur Sprague had lionght, down' Dandce reached Into the tool the four inches which separate the : chest and brought out n narroiv. dining room lloor from the base- i deep drawer. "First 1 must tell yon ment, and bore a hole through thejiliat Miles gol the gun out ot tin- have married her aud then niur-| ceiling. It was that hole 1 could tot : hinp Saturday night, sneaking In dered her, that I saw it—" * • • "CAW what?" Slrmvn demanded ° irrilably. "That Selim is simply Jlllcs spelled backward." Dundee explained. "Even the first name. 'Mat.' by which she knew him, was only his initials reversed." "Simple—but clever," Sanderson commented. "Just as all of Miles' schemes were after NHo, egged OD by Sprague. turned up in Hamilton to demand 'back alimony' as the price understand, aud which Hatph Ham mond assured mo was not tiicre: the i while 1 was talking with Lydia In basenienL A little later be dolin; back here?" Dundee c\ clulmcd In surprise when, mir.ii re- luming lo the living rn<::n. llie iiree men found Penny l.'niln. "Dad wants a piirnlu w<m1 will] on," Penny explained, lirr hrown yes Blowing wlih happiness "llm 311 the front poicli. . . . Aiid you uglit tf> see Mother! ybe lonki ike n 20-yearnld bride!" When Dundee joined blm on tbe Kirch, lloger Crahra handsome l.ico llufhcd palntully. luit there n-is .lapplness in his hrown eyes. loo. "Serena Hart asked me to think >-ou for glvlny her Petiny's nii'it- sagc to pass on lo me. I'm iurc you've glased a lot. lint what ymi probably don't ktiow is thut Serena used Iho securities i had scul le her for safe keeping, to piny Hie market with, touch a pcini of her silence. show you how ho killed his wife." lie strode to Iho big bronre lamp. ".It took tu« ICSA than .-in hour today Balm-day morning. Miles joined n'came back r.olsily enough lo offer piece of electric wire to the dining j Lydin n job ng nurse In his homo Witliout question he nssnrett him .self Hint she knew nothing, or she would have gone the way ot NiUi and Sprague. Kov; 33 to room bell wires, and pushed them (town through tho hole he hr.d bored Into (he basement ceiling Now If you'll come do^n to tbe basement—" When the three stood staring or-' Sprague attempted lo carry 0:1 tin ward at the basement coiling. Dan- blackmail scheme, rcrliapa f.lllc: dee continued: ' put him off for a day or two, bu "Sco this long wire running''on Wednesday afternoon ho mad' along the ceiling from the hole he- .,n appointment with Sprague, tell iSprague. Despite my warnings neath the dining room bell? ins him that. It he would como I Siio wouldn't 'lei m-i ot tho money until she had ininc-d ll into cniiugh in clear up ali my deliln In llnmllifni. . '['hen," aii'l he sighed sligtuly. "she senl me home. Nut that 1931, at 0:30 A. M. SID B. REDDING. Clerk. By Bess Miilhcs. D. C. ! Orleans Cotton WARJiiSG OltnKR Jan CHANCERY COURT, OHICKA- Mar SAWBA DISTRICT. MISS1SSIP- I i!ay PI COUNTY. ARKANSAS ! Jul Equitable Building & Lflan Associa- : Oct NEW ORLEANS. Jan. 13 (UPI— ! Ccltcn cl-i-rl F'.cn-!y. Cnc-r. High tow C'r'-; Jan ... 938 '"I ?!>« O0.--'j; 1CC4 K13 1C33 lC! r . 1C54 1C =3 1CH 107J . Jiut let me tacks he used to secure It were also ; his home that evening, and manage relumed to the lool chest, [nil lie to Ic-avo the bridge game white he could not get rid of cither «iie '•.•»." dummy, he wonlil find llie augur hole or the tiny holes show j tuocey ID a drawer of the cabinet FRKCKf.KS AND rHH KHiKNDS HEV, SLIM/ WHERE VA ^ I COIN'? AND CAM I J CO TO THE GO ALONG WITH ._/CRCCECy I'm sorry. I'm going to try to m;ik« Margaret and Penny hnppy—'' Thinush?" I'enny called from tnc doorway, nnd her red lips utro so admahly rounitod over the word that IJonnio Dunilec forgut Tracoy Miles and his Ingenious schemes. There was rcotn for nnllilng In Ills mind lint nn Ingenious Ecbcmc n! his own—a plan to get h^r alone so that he could kiss that soft, provocative mouth. , . . <Tlio End)' titm, Plaintiff, No. 4883 vs. Reginald Scars, et a!.. Defendant. :~.K The dcfcndanlF. ncginalcl Sears. 1 and Oreilo Scars ore warned to j appear within thirty days in Iho court named in tin, caption hereof anii answer the complaint of the plaintiff. Equitable Building *: Loan Association. Dated Jan. 13. 1331. R. L. OAINES. Clerk, By Harvey Morris, D. C. Ncill Reed. Ally. Ad Lilcm 13-20-27-3 st'.iriy New York Cotton, NEW YCCvK. Jan. 13 ,:i clcscd steady. Open Hilli L-.'.v Cl:-.-> 9J7 Jan me»> Jan told i Loral and long distance hauling. Special rales on carload lots. Team for Inral hauling. V. U. WASHAM TKANSFER UOO Cliickasawki Phone 851 Ocl Dec 084 10CO 1C07 1052 1C65 100-1 1015 103!) 10p9 1073 1089 LKAUNEI) TIIBIR LESSON A SWCLL IDEA/ W/AN.'JA WAL([ EITHER... At.WAVS' By BIossw clcscd steady at 1C03, up 5. \Vc can Save you money on Aulo Glitss JACKSON AUTO PARTS 2020 Stain Phone GG MEMPHIS. lUI'i— M.r.-c than 3.- OCO c.i^es of communicable were reported in 1030 in Memphis with chlckenpox leading i'.is list with 063 cares. Second In prevalence was scarlet lever win cares and then malaria with 451. There were 31 cases of measles. Ucti Hall Hiirlier Shop 318 W. Main Williams & Damon, Prop. Felix Kyle. Ficcl Hovel t. U;iy Rogers. Vii-gi! Wi'.li L'arl Dainon. HAY O'.ii 1 hale cr a Irain load. EAH CORN, shuck on. 88c bu. Shuck off. 8o'c per bu., in car lots. Collon Slitcs Sate Co., Inc. Blythcvillc. Avk. Phone 174 or LD 1605. 1, i i Cash Paul Foi Late Model Used Cars W. T. 15ARNKTT 117-119 East Main St. 1 Phone 888 or S87 COS"H/ HE PASSED US RIGHT UP/. I'LL BET ir WAS BfCMISE My MOM TOiO we MEi/ce ro BUI/I TOO Ffll? TO WA.LK..TEU VA WHAT... LETS BUM RlDP IM SURE GLAD YOU 1HOUCHT OF THIS/ .. MUTMIN 1 LIKE BEfTEC 7KAN RIDIM 1 IN AUTOS/ HERE CO.VJES OWE NOW... VWATCH ME /;-< NINE BLOCKS ' DOWM THE STREET- IDEAS', FRECKLES FROM MOTOf?(STSJ HAHI)-HOI!,KI) H£ PRESIDENT, VcPW CW.IS 'oOO.'O on,\vo\ soo "\ OOULOMT STcNL\ IT, so SOURE. O 6Uf 1 \T, EH? / WELL, \va COST sou MJ Trtt MOM6Y. 1 100,000,000 TIME, sou fU\KE Ti\E MISTAKE O IRNlNb TO SEU.IT TO THE REV'OLUTiCH ISTS IE.T 'EM RUM RAGGED. OP TO IT'S Ci\SH! FALL FER.THET BUMk. ' FRIENOS, i T)0 HOT •5'HELP ME, ILL BLOW N'OUR 01MCT, WO-8Y-FOUR,

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