The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 22, 1949
Page 9
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FRIDAY, APfeTL 22, 1<M9 BLYflTEVn.LR (AfiK.) COURIER NStVS New Pro-Soviet Pledges Heard CIO Union Leader _ Says U.S. Workers * Won't Fight Reds PARIS, April 22. (/r>i—A labor leader from the United Slntes told the Communists - inspired World Peace Congress here today American workers "will refuse to lay down their lives for Wall Sired, Washington and the dollar." Donald Henderson, international president or the Tobacco. Agricultural and Allied Workers Union o( America, an affiliate of Ihe CIO, Was given an ovation by the delegates when he said: "The American working people will not be driven l n t° a war against the Soviet. Union." Henderson called for a tight against "headquarters of world imperialism" which he srtld Is locatct In Washington." Konnl zlljlnciix, ieft-w,Ing member or the British parltamcht, has told this CoiiEress that Drltisl workers will not be "dtflBRed Into fighting against the Soviet," alirt Paul Robeson, American Ncgr< singer, has told the delegates lha' American Negroes never would righ Russia. Henderson declared that (In "common people" In the Unllei States had withstood a "filthy lor ^•ent of anti-Soviet propaganda." V "They have not forgotten." h T continued, "that their homes ar Ihvlolate because the valiant, jjrca Hcd army withstood the monsle of Nazism " Charges Brltwry Henderson accused the u. S. gov *rnmertt Of using every device and trick to confuse, divide, bribe and use democratic people *s weapons against the forces of democracy in the world." Describing conditions In America. Henderson salt! tht working people had felt "som* of the terror of reaction In the Tatt-Hartley Act. which was designed to weaken and If possible smash the unions and prepare the way lor the Atlantic Pact and war designs." In three states, he added, the Communist Party nnd progressive forces have virtually been forced underground." He did not name the •tales. "Unfortunately," he .laid, "bribery Is one of the means of action In our country. Sad to relate, many top labor leaders have made commitment* to the State Department The membership of unions Is more .militant for peace than its leaders ji>nd millions have undertaken to explain the real meaning of the Marshall Plan and the Atlantic Pact," despite the tact that their leaders are under commitment to the State Department. The rightist newspaper VAurore today demanded that Frederic Jo iot-Curle be fired from his post as head of France's Atomic Energy Commission. Jollot-Curle. a Communist, was one of the speakers at the Congress. Blossom Queen Doctor Lists Reasons Why Women Make Such Messes of Their Lives Margaret Thors, daughter of Ice- and's minister to the U. S.. Thor I'hbrs, was picked lo reign as Hicen o( the '22nd animal Sheti- andoah Apple Blossom Festival u Winchester, Va., April 28 and ?9. Her borne Is Reykjavik, Iceland. State Police to Help Keep Order in Clinton Lri*rLE ROCK. April 22 M>j—An ArKansiio State Policeman has gone to Cliiiton to assist Sheriff Doyce Caslnfer oi Van Buren County keep law and order. Oasinger said he hoped Trooper L. W. Hyden would be able to re- U at Clinton until City Marshal la.ske.H SiUon, who was shot April Is able lo return to duty. Slate Police Director Herman jindsey sent Hydcn from Harrison :o Clinton at Ca.smgcr's request. ST. F-AUU Minn., April 22 (/l'j— *. Fellas, untlicr 'round! , But, Bills, you'd better not rea:l ' this btcnuse it mlghl make you 1 madder Ihun maybe you are al- renuy. i Dr. WriHer 0. Alvarez— lo gol llio wor.'t out first — snys that uunion "make a ines* of Uii'ir live? be- cauhp ihpy constantly blow Hi 110 worth of energy on a ten-mil problem." Dr Alvnre?.. hero u! Ihe day Ural he if. went on 16 declare that women a'.'/.- "wear theluselves out Iry- iiiR to make over an ordinary. R<x)d, kinrt. piosalc husband Into a Chnrlr.i Boyer.' The doctor Is a seiilur consiiltiint ol tlin Division oi Medicine at Die Mayo Clinic. Rochester, Minn He IM\v the ideas above— and belo\v — lit icunsey County's (St. IMul'si first health day program yestenlay. No\v for (he ''beloiV" lijvii — Dr. Alvarez claims that women ".shop loo long and then take back whai they buy." "Many women rannot" make up then minds quickly enough"— still the il'.L'lor talking— ''ahd when tiiev do roach a decision they reopen the mailer again. Some women courl trouble for themselves by tfylng to i»;ike •> saintly little lord Frtimt- k'roy out of a norhtalty noisy and artue toy. "And " concluded Dt'. Alvarez. "women love to get Ihemseh'os all having post mortem* over old KOITO\VS, tragedies and unulrnsant- SCHOOLS Cuiulnued from Endurance Fliers Within 100 Hours Of 6-Week Goal Kll.I.KUTON. Cullf., April K. (,1'j --The last loo hours, record nonstop llti'rs mil liiurls nnd Dick Hlo- dcl suy, nrc 1 the hurdi'sl. r-'ighliug i>fl liillijtle. tin- co-pilots pnssod Mil' DOOIh hour today nnd discussed, plans to shorten their shifts ni the controls In order In slny awake until Tuesday morning. 'Hint's Ihrlr grtnl-i.»iw limns ul 1:-U ii.m.-lnit ll\ sllll four dnys w»y. They cracked the old record f T2(! hours Insl wcpk. Harris and Itlcdcl, to relievo the imnotniiy ut the DliAl dnys. pliui ( n ly lo Ran Diego to np|> rar ul Ihe '•old Cup Air Knees SnnilAy. Hiil licy Ihlenrt lo wind up line right vhpio (hey Murled six weeks ago. Mennwhllr-. ut Vumn, Arl*,. l\vo ex-i'oinbnl llirrs. rind Womll Jli. and Wnndnin- .luligwnrd. ,.„.„ >IT yesterday In an ntlempl | n |>,,|. or Ihe Hnm's-Hicdol venture. Thpj ilnn lo fly at 0,00(1 Iccl over Vimiii nul will lie refueled vln a KIOI o-iill- sy'sli'lll similar to thill i>y tht' Piillfitoh filers. Llkr Hants nnrt Ulrdel. they lyinfi mi Acronca mnnnpliine. With the Courts advice to 'the girls: "Learn o more sensibly and comfort- Ills 10 :iv ably." P. S Yes, there Were wompn in tlie audience and Dr. Alvarez mUm-mcd. Bui—a nlere male s i his. Men used windmills to Ei'ind corn and pump water in Europe as early as the 12th century. Confederate Cemetery Bill Offered WASHINGTON, April K <IT> A bill to authroii-.e the Armv lo ac cerit the Confederate Cemetery a Blythpvillc. Ark., was Introducetl yesterday by Senator Fulbright (D-Ark.)" Clreiill: J. H. Drain, inlslee for Lee Wilson anil Company vs. BlylhcutV- Molor Cninpnny. suit to obioin Iwo Chevrnlel Iruck's and one Dodne. truck, combined vnlue SS,4eo. Clco Pope VK. Ed Iluskett. dolnn business ».« nine Strenk KXIIICM. suit lo obtain damages suffered In uutolmmllc ncclcienl. Cha'les nrlnlH vs. H. n, PerkhiM and Ernesl Wilson, npppul friini Common Plons Court, suit Involvlni; dlsinilcii llfopel'ly In Section 9-14N- Sfi. efforts In Joiu'.sboro to equalize assessments and I lie minimum of results accomplished; of the board's present plans lo seek a ^4-mlll levy al the next aniniul school eteclloH In NiivrmlH'r, and oi Ihe resUlla ot voluntary conlrlbilllnn |>lnn In which the imipill-leaOlu'r ns.sot'hi- llons, ]iartli-'l|wli>d. Details o[ Ihe voluntary conlrl- lihllon pniRrain were piTsi-nled by Mr. Ooff. Tlir tdi'ii liu.nclR'il iiboiit (wo months aso MRS brought In whli-h will proiluce about a year in revenue rthd It 1ft hopr-d Unit tin' figure Ciiii be I r-rciiM'd lo pi'rhiips Sllto.iKlli a yenr lor .Iimi'lj.sorii lo permll Ihi' sriiool l>oard to launch a building program lo be itiuuHOM on K puy-ns-you- liullil basis S|IIMI|IK :ll llntitl'.v l.tlhriiron Others atlt'iidlliK fiivn J»iie.sliorn hU'ludi-d !ial|)li siouii nnd A. W. Wlnlois. mi'inbi'rs oi Ihe Joiu'.sboro Hi-hixil Imnrrt. Mr, McAdahis llls- clissrd school juobli'in-i at yi'stcj'- ilny's litiu'heon mocllng of the lilylhc-vlllo notary Club. Mr. NU'holMin (old the fortiui gron|) of iihuiit 50 clll/iMis lit his elinmriiRi'UH'nt us rt'suh nf Ihe interest being .shown here In an t'T- tort lo solve n diificiilt M-hoot proh- lem. He .snld Unit the system lu'iv lilTdcd 15 mure teachers lo bring (he schools wHliln llio rrcomiiu'iul- cd rntlo lu'lwetMi tPm'hi'l's ttlicl |)ll- |ills and Ihul I lie Innblllly In provide enough funds lo hire sutllclcnl iMichrrs wit» emluliRcrlnn Ihe si-honl's KlnniliiiK as an aucrrdllcil hlslUullnn. I He suggested that more (hall iculovui j t:ioo,noo Is ncrdoil lo ojicrulp Ihej Illylhevllle school system fiich yenr i nlirt Hint only one-third o[ Ihe money coini's from wllhln the dls- ll'icl IhroiiKh rcgtllnr lux channels, lie cxplnlncd lhal proceeds from n vuluiUnry lax nillci-led Insl yenl' dinbled the di.slilct to mnke liomr niuch-nrcded liuprnveiniiiilK Wllli'h noiild not have bi'cn financed olher- tMy Rienler 111 (his rtlSlllfl thnh for the while teachers, Hurruwjiic I'owrk 4 l.lh\lled iluKlnR the dlscuftsloii down lo the plnns for erei!lln| * hew hlnh .M-liool It was bnUiglit, out tlmt Ihe niiixImiiDi Hiiio'init the district cun liorrow Is 1457,000 and keep within llinlliillons sel by (he stale IcKlsla- till'e, Districts cunnot l">rrow more thrtn 15 per rent of the lolnl HS- ses.seil vuhiallons witliln the district. The niylhevillr district How has A l:i;l!S,uo6 dcbl. H woilid lake. It «ns t'sllmiilcd, A neven-mlll biilld- in« Ink lo I Mir* Ah additional S-IS7.- 000 IxilHI iskuf, If Ihe lx>nds wero IssuCIl lo ho retired In ;)0 yenrs. Mr. Iniinson, arct)lleeh for the hrmi'd, Mild tlmt phins me being mude for a hint) school lo uccom- modnte 1.000 pupils. Such a building would cost belvveen |80l).(ll)0 nnd SDOO.OOO lie said. Plnns cull for construction on a unit busts so lhat \VheH tilhdk »le BVDlliible to eoln- lilete Hie strhcluK! riel- hull will lit inln tile Renenil plitn which now IS holnR ^l'c]Vi\Vr'it. Mali tl. lii'UI, iittDI'he.y anil president of the Illylhevlllq sehiml bourd, wiU hi 1'ilinl lit Johrsbnio loiiuv nnil unithle lo nllund the forum The bimrd \vns represented by W. P I'r.vnr mid Rosen Ornllnh, Ciinlnllltee to ItriMirl Mr. rvmllel- nnuorilUTd loiluy tlml u Mib-i'iHhiillitee of Ulf c. of C. ediu'iilion coinmllleu had been to picpm« * report on yesterday's discussions >nd other activities of tile coliimltlee for submission to the chamber of com- hu'ix'e. Hclecled lo serve on ihls tub'bont' Inlllcs were! jamej 'fel-fy, chnlr- inaii! il. E. I'orlCT and lurry Le- Vltiill wllh Mr. Held lo serve *llh Iheiii In fth ndvlsoiy cn|mclty. The report, If r.doplcd by ilia chninbel' of commerce will In lull! be submitted us reconnncndmioiis Of Ihe ei'Otlp to ttii «4h»dl board The cohlmlltee IS fehMUied to m«H at li'.ao p.tji. next Thursd«» to iS- celve the VepiwU 4% HOME Klberl S, Johnson Th« Krjuitaljte Life Assurance Phone «•«* nie The crrvck willow fi-pn l ipntlv to n height of 100 tee.l. U \vns broughl mil Ihftt snlnrlps o' bolh the while ami Ncftro tench- Ms iii-e bnsf-d on IhMr tiUaliricilllons niid thai the mmibrt of Negroes WUtrt You BIAUTIFY YOUR HOME Cull D. C. FREEMAN .'tz Yi'Mi'x Kxpti'lpnc* • Dtil'ont I'uinl* • 1nt|lerlnl \Vnll|)iii)cc I'hone .|2tM • - FURNITURE REBUILDING I'lin Huiut of L'li»im can n-ully nmkc your IIIL.WIII lur- nllulr like miw u»:ilnl \\< e O f- ^ei truly %ii|u:r|iir wilrkinnn. still), n weiillli of Mili'i'llnn In u;iboHlri\ falniex At rvr'r} III Id- Irvpl. ami 10 day service. Crtll for A frte rsllnliite. House Of Charm llmmlc Urn) Kemp WhUciiliunt •iU'il \\rM MHlh I'hiVllflit 4IW1 or H0» ftettronlc ':'. PIANO TUNING Have your piano luned the pel-reel wuy. Radio Repair Evurv Slit-"?! Music — Ituvonis — Kvci'.vtrilrljt lit Mllsltf BROOKS MUSIC STORE 107 E. 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A/io cvailobfi in M«dium-0ufx Made! 3807 — 137 - fnch wheefboH, tAoxinwm G.V.W. 4700 fc Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chickasawbo SWIFT'S PREMIUM g BRANDED BEEF We Specialize in Fancy Meats and Groceries We Deliver Phone 2043 Plirnl.v ot Parking Space MODERNE BEAUTY SHOP formerly Innr;'* llpauty Shop nilUlrcit Vincent Mitrtc Ilmlcrj I'LI y mine WufTicr IMKT-DUTY CAKRTAll WtUtHAH Hvrltl 1114 —116 inch ,,S»«.F«,M Mo<imum G.V.W. 4600 Ib. fOKWAKD-CONTROL CHASJIS MoM 3742— l2J'/«.n>Ji wtntlban, Ma.rimM G.V.W. 7000 Ib. Mtaamilatilt In Modtl 1941137 -incA wlicWbaK, Maximum G.V.W. 10,000 Ib. Fodio?* D*li»«r)- Ij'pa Bodf«i jvilobl* lor mounl- l*ig on tf]n Forvmrd-ConlroJ Chanii ar* by many itpvtobl* manuhxtvftn. America's Biggest Sellers... Greatest Servers You'll share the record-high regard that America holds for these Advance-Design Chevrolet trucks. You'll share it the instant you drive them. 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