The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 21, 1938 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 21, 1938
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUJ11BH NEWS Continent's Northern Rail Terminues THURSDAY, AI'IUL 21, 1038 Wateiways Forges Steadily Ahead While tious-Neighbor Dozes i' ,. By NEA Service WATERWAYS, Alberta, April 20. —ihis town, which came into oxls- £«nce oulj' a few 5cars ago because jhf dlizens of another Urtfti Ilircc miles farther nojth had too many ideas about getting rich 'quick, is experiencing a real boom ,ln Us role as Uy: )wUhernn\05l ndlro&d tchnl- :>iiis on the North American continent And as boats and airplanes pick lip .cargoes • of mining equipment and head north for live gold ami radium strikes.'around the Great Bear and Great Slave lake country, old-timers Jii tlie rival town of Fort McMurray curse tlic fates which caused them to lose tlie Northern Alberta and I'eacc River Hallway. Profit Motives It MS only a feu venrs ago, when nevv fiokl a'ld indium strikes north cf here were bringing many people to this countu, ,t1ial the railroad decided to extend its mils uorili- Y>ard from Edmonton. Tlie surveyors cime as for as For I McMurray and e\cryonc decided tlint the town would be the northern terminus So the citizemy got promotlon- minded and Logan bus, ing u\> lnii<l to. sell at a : nice profit when the lailroad officials cimc lo buy flg'ht- of-\vay. The \illageis bought ui> all the land, outside of town .for .Wo miles and then sat back to awoll the .profits they were sure would come when the railroad built .through to the .docks on- tlic Atlmbaska river. That was where the good citizens made , their big mistake. Denouement The railway bigwigs got wise. They brought (he railroad 'through barren northern Alberta, wondering . nearly 300 miles across Hie muskegs from Edmonton to a liend on the river three miles above I^ort McMurray. There the Northern Alberta and Peace: River Hallway built its station tint! nailed up a sign which carried the one word "Waterway" There the railroad built hew docks and todaj tint is ^here the ri\ei boats' load up their cargoes brought ^northward on lails For the tv,o or three montlis that navigation is possible .''during vnirt- i>Uitirner, rlvier boats liaul heavy equipment,and fuel oil stores. The res^of thb'ieai trnnspdrln<i6n north of the rail terminus is confined to airplanes which use sklls in winter, pontoons in summer. Lonfc Hauls Tyjiichl distances from Wnter- \\ajs to the mining camps nic. Goldfields. 300 miles; YeiloVknlfe, 615 miles; Eldorado radium mine, lone source ot radium on the North • America!! continent, 860 miles. Increased activity in ,the mining areas is creating something of mild stampede through Watenvays •And -Fort McMurray, ancient fur outpost and long the accepted objective of the go\e'riiincht-spon- sored railway, drowses just three miles away, comparatively forgotten Waterways, Northernmost Railroad Point {'nee, Qualify, QiimHilv at (lie City'* Fort-most Food Store Green r'irni Head, LI). Fort McIVkirray ( alifoniia Large JJmich 'lexas Seedless Kach I'Im ida Vali'iicias 17(1 Size, Fresh, Loose, Down llp?al Canadian Ail' Vorca 1'Jiotp. The photo above shows Vort McMnnri.v in tlie forcBronml and Waterways, end of steel, in the uppei •ight, cornei', At Waterways tans pick up railroad cnrisoci; and slrclm down rH'cr past Fort McMiirruy and on nortliu-iird to the (raid liehis. Educator Calls America Citadc! of Soothsayers TORT WAYNE. Iiul, (Ul')-Praf. Ollo'ivmr Krurgcr, president of ConccKlia College here, believes: "No oilier nation patronizes so many so-culled miracle men. such ' an innumerable host of soatlisnyhrs, lorUmo tellers, spiritualists, crj'.s- tnl yam's, as the American niUlon. "No other country is so overrun -.vlth diameters jnirportinir lo l)iini; additional revelations from'' licavcu. more tli-Mnlte knowledge' iiomt! Grown *H c 'luintl W2 Pure Cane Cloth Bag 25 Lbs." rcncmimg clcrnily. than our o U. S. A. Nowhere else arc such vast slims cf mnitcy spent foolish},-.' i each year to help fill the colters of. clMiats. diarlalans and inountc-; brinks as here." . • Amerirati :! l-'o Above—Unloiirtiiis nl the railway stalicn at WiUenvtiys. northcmmool rail point on (lie continent. Left —Map locating FortFM :Murrny im:l I Waterways In rcluMon lo Die wiw gold strikes in the.Great Slave and Great. Bear Lake region. Tlic water voule ncrlhward Is by wny of the Mackenzie river system. The onk npple Is n (jnll oil srawtlt around the ogij of a tiny iiiMTt, The egg halchi-r, into a iirub and, in due course, eats its way mil of the gall; before it has done so, no! hole is to lie seen. Wilson Society—Personal , Miss Ruby Grain, senior at Gull Park College, Gulfport. Miss., who is Mere to spend the Easter holidays with . her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. ft. Grain, has as her house- guests, Aflss Thalia Ebby of Indianapolis, liid., who is also a senior at'Gulf Park College, and Mr. Eddie Duimihgton .of iiidianapolis. Ind., .who arrived Thursday by piano 'to : spend the Easter holidays. They, will icjivc by plane Tuesday.! Mr. and Mrs. Thos. .Laney and EC-II,- Jimmy, spent the Easter week- ,cnd, with Mrs. Laney's parents In Earle, Ark. Miss Nellroye Thompson, student at Dodds College, Shre\-eiwrt, La., Is here to spend the Easier holidays wilh.lier parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. B. Thompson. Mrs. Eva Kerlin visited relatives a.lid friericis ta I"ortageville, Mo.. Sunday and .Monday. Mr. and .Mrs. "6. 'F. Rossi ot Memphis, spent Sunday in l!ic liome of Mr. and Mrs. Mel: Mil- licah. Misses Thelraa and ftul\\ Orr. Mr Whitler Orr and Altrcd Williams of Osccola, drove to Trenton. Tchn., Sunday lo visil relatives. Mr. Winston Hoover, student ai Mississippi Stale College, Slark>l)le, Mi's, returned to school Monday after spending the holidays with his parents, Mr. mid Mrs. C. W. Hoover. Miss Miriam llulcn and Miss Mary Cornelia Cnrtei' spent the Easter week end with their parents In. Cdnway, Ark. Miss Louise Phillips spent tlic Easier week end with her mother in Little nock. Arkansas. Miss Rachel Berry spent the Easter week end with relatives In Warren, Arkansas. Miss Eva Lois Gates visited her parents in MorriUon. Ark., over the week end. Qucntin Jerome, student, ot Stale Teachers College, Memphis, TennJ nnd his guest. Earl Dully of Memphis, spent, the holidays with Dr.! and Mrs. J. N. Jerome. i Mrs. Lindsey Smith and chniRli- lers. Mr. Ralph Vic of Caruthcrs- ville. Mo.. Mrs. Calvin May and daughters of Stecle, Mo., Mr. and Mrs. Albert Jones of Ilyhalin, Miss.. Mr. and Mrs. Albeit Vick of Memphis, Mr. nnd Mra. Jack Trammel and Mr. and Mrs. Dean Vick ot Wilson, enjoyed a family reunion on Easter Siindny at the home nl Mrs. J. F. Uoviglas. near Wilson. MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES Thit Old Treatment Often Bring. Hsppy Relief Mo»V MiKccoia relievo n:ipi;iiif; tticknciia JJ«' l <jl>l> f .onrotli(}'iliM l )i-crtlial Ihnioal cnuso lie liilncya era fotiirc'n chii-l'i'y'ot (aliiiR llio riccNi tirnli nncl wnsto nut ol Iho Ijloixl. .Mosl pnipfc )>.t,'.i iilioul ;i piiitfl n J K j. or ii|,oVit iTCiniciiL nr 6i-.iiily p.Tssnsca (villi Binarlinc nun LUTning Kliows there nn\v ho Eoinctlinii: uroiiB uith your liclnrys or hlaiKlcr Au rur.-B cf ncids or poisons in your blo«l vvlicn duo lo fvintliolul Lclnpy diswilcra mW SiS°lc" U ' <: i 0 l n " CR '"? ' racli » cl ", rhcuini,l!'o Jyra KHEvkr'Ff'''' 1 ^"' 1 "'''''^'' 1 ''''' ..l^^'t ^^itt ,\.«k yciir (Injpcwt for'. Tills, uscj »ucfr, by milKra for over "o 1 tats "I \,n- fn; |, a ,,,,y rc ) itt ,, n ,j )vi)1 , ]f , , 1» in i [rx of ludnrv tutjrs lliL^H out poisuiiuiis WK ARK NOW SHOWING OLIH NEW l!)!!S AUTO New -Styles ^ 1'aUevns New Low I'rices at No ISxtra Cost A COMIM.KTK STOCK On ALL iVAKK CARS COME TO ieadqiprters !''i>r Auto Seal Covers iicfore Yon liny. CHEVROLET CO. 3U \V. Walnut SI. rh. (;: i'n'do of iMfs. 1 LI). I'kff. i\liss Liberty I Lli. i'Uii. :RHIKS, u«i I-HUMI, 2 C;in Golf vvns prohibited in Scollaw) in the liflccntli cenliiry. SAVE AS MUCH AS ON 10 GAL. OF Hi-TEST NO NOX GASOLINE 1'ciiiisylvaiiia Oil. Scalcil Conlaiiu'r.s 'Kir. SAVEON GAS •1 JJtkV, No. of Stale Line If. HOLLAND, MO. NOW...A READY-TO-EAT CEREAL . FOR ALL THE FAMILY For (he lighles.l cake you ever lasted HuMKo he Dainty Fat Don't miss eating this new whole wheat cereal millions praise. Try it for tomorrow's breakfast. II Ciinnva or M:ix. llo., } l,b Tomato Paste, 2 cans for 5c Potted Meat, 2 cans for 5c Miss. Co. Peas, No. 2 can 5c Kidney Beans, No. 300 can 5c Hominy, Jumbo can 5c Light Globes, Each 5c Lye, Samson, can 5c Spices, 1 Oc seller for 5c Clothes Line, S&sial 1. 5c OK Soap, 2 bars for 5c Celluloid Starch, box , 5c Vanilla Extract, 14 oz , bot. 5c Vinegar, Pt, bottle 5c Royal or Jello, pkg 5c Sour or Dill Vz Gal. Quart Jiox !'or Hosednls, 1'/, Can 11 rtT Halihit • !'z Gallon /./.H.'ic ,2'Vi Can . :\. J8c.. Tomato ,!;:it'c ftc .20 Oz. Can Liliby's Queen QTv. 22 h. Jar LI 24 Lh. Liuly IJctfy Cucumber No. 2 Can (2 Limil) lOc Great Northern, Lb. 4 j /2 Navy, Lb. 4c Small Limt, Lb. 5c Red Kidney, Lb. ....'.... 6c |SOE Black Eyed Peas Lb 4% (iUiiiO Rice, Fancy, Lb. 3c ";>;l ( , 10 1 fiPPLE BOTTEBo, 13 No. 2 Can & CARROTS No. i! flc Can „ CHUCK Lb. He THICK RIB Lb. 20c SHLDR. CLOD Lb. 22c f^ « ffm'J Li.. C;in^kfk Drift 52e99c Medium Lb. 13c fra i THICK RIB ..... Lb. 16c SHLDR. CLOD Lb. 18c HAM Lb. 19c SHOULDER, Lb. 15c CHOPS Lb. 18c CHOPS Lb. SIDE Lb. 18c HACK UONJCS Pound 5'- Kl'AKK IU13S Potittd BOILED HAM Pound FREE $92,348 II PR12ES Sfi.lilO (.'.•i.'li_|.?m: H'ofting-linnsc. Dp l.uxr V.iciiuin Clranrrs P.T. S7l.ns-r> v.rrl-.iy rnnrsts—Ask us for rnlry hlanks. lam mci /. 2t< L17 e 25 HAM. Half or Whole «JRc 1'ound HACON, Fancy Sliced. Llj. ..'. SALT AlACKEUEL 1'OUIHl BACON, Uiack Hawk, Pound .

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