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Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada • Page 28
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Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada • Page 28

Reno, Nevada
Issue Date:

4D TV watch Monday, January 4, 1988 Reno Gazette-Journal Inside TV By Tom Shales I KTVN KCRL KNPB KOLO I KAMB I KREM II TV I UFCTHK ImCMMHTO CM OAKLANO CMtCAQO ATLANTA MY AV MY MY WORT 2 CBS 4 NIC 5 rat 0 AM 21 27 55 4 7 11 KTYU WG.I IVTCS! IIC0 MAX SliO ESPN DAYTIME DAYTIME 700l This Morning Today Indian Mjftl Good Morning Woodpecker I S.Gospel MMOl Music Video Falcon Crest ThunderCats 1 700 Club ThunderCats I Beaver LjjjJ Movie Out 0 Step I "All The "Cocoon" Movie Cont'd I College 730 Sesame Street America Scooby Poo J.Swaggart 7:30 Cont'd Biooic Six Transformers Andy Griffith 7j30 "Paradise. Fraggle Rock King's Men" Cont'd Movie: Basketball Dennis PTL Club JW0 Attitudes Teddy Ruxpin BraveStarr Love Boat Hawaiian Movie: Movie: Movie: "The Wings Of Getting Fit 8:30 Sesame Street Jetsons M0 Beaver Amer Baby Jem JWO Style" "Saving "The Mouse "King Kong Eagles" Basic Workout JhOO Blackout Sale 01 Cent Hollywood Sq 700 Club Richard JflO Music Video Mother's Day Little House Honeymoon I Love Lucy Geraldo JWO Perry Mason Grace" That Roared" Lives" Aerobics 9:30 Card Sharks Concentration Mister Rogers High Rollers Roberts fr-30 Baby Knows On The Prairie Doris Day Lav. 4 Shirley M0 Movie: Movie: Muscle Mag. IftOO Price Is Right Wheel Fortune French Chef Who's Boss? Bodies Jewish Voice IMP It Figures Trapper John Dobie Gillis Bewitched News IftOO Movie: "Mussolini: "In The Good Movie: "Brighton College l(h30 Win Lose Body Pulse Mr. Belvedere Jeannie Frederick K. 10:30 Wok With Yan Bach. Father Too Close 10:30 "Lafayette The Decline Old "Kismet" Beach Basketball 11:00 Young And Password Nature Ryan's Hope Donahue Price 11:00. Regis Phitan's Quincy Green Ages Day At A Time Dick Van Dyke 11:00 Escadrilte" And Fall Of II Summertime" Memoirs" Boxing 1130 The Restless Scrabble Loving Eleventh Hour 1130 Lifestyles Flying Nun Divorce Court Andy Griffith 1130 Puce" Comedy Movie: Rossi vs. 12:00 Truth Conseq. Days 01 Our Upstairs, All My Movie: IfcOO Musk Video Attitudes Andy Griffith Father Knows 2 At Noon Beaver 1E00 Tom 4 Jerry Movie: Movie: Marvin "The Thomas 1230 Bold B'lul Uves Downstairs Children "Aloha Means Mundo Latino 1230 Dick Van Dyke Hazel Ghoslbusters 1230 Flintstones "The "Promises In Hamlisch Manhattan As The World Another World Square 1 TV One Life To Goodbye" JjOO Marcus WeTby. Cannon Straight Talk Movie: BraveStarr JjOO Flintstones Tamarind The Dark" Movie: Project" AWA Champ. 130 Turns 3-2-1 Contact Live J30 MCv "Harry And Tjajtsjwmers .130 Brady Bunch Seed" "The Fifth Movie: Wrestling JM0 Guiding Light Santa Barbara Universe And I General Bewitched La Hot Del 2:00 Get In Touch Marcus Welby, Bev. Hillbillies Big Valley Walter Go To G.I. Joe 2fl Munsters Movie: Movie: Missile" "Down And Super Bowl II 230 Somebody Hospital Popeye Gane 2:30 Music Video MJ1 Junction New York" Jot J30 Lav, i Shirley "Armed And "Saint Joan" Out In Beverly Big East 3:00 Magnum, P.I. Oprah Winfrey Mister Rogers Facts Of Life Smurfs TNT 30 Zoobilee Zoo Kay O'Brien Bugs Bunny Crazy Like A Dennis Facts Of Life 3:00 Alice Dangerous" Hiils" SportsLook 330 Sesame Street 3 Company Real Ghost Espectaculo J30 B. Hills Teens Popeye Fox Smurfs WKRP J30 New Beavg Movie: Young David Movie: fishing 4:00 Family Ties Hour Magazine Wil Shriner Flintstones Flor Maria JWO Defenders Family Facts Of Life Remington G.I. Joe Cheers 4:00 Andy Griffith 'The Learning Movie: Platypus Cove "Wonder SportsCenler 430IMASH 1 Square 1 TV 1 DuckTales I 1 40 1 Saber Rider I Brady Bunch I Steele DuckTales I Barney Miller l4jOSanfofdITreg TajTSafe marJM EVENING EVENING 5:00 1 Cheers I Superior Court 13-2-1 Contact I Win Lose Matt Houston Grecia I 5:00 Spiral Zone I Lady Blue Fall Guy Father Murphy Silver Spoons College JM Movie: Movie (cont'd) Movie (cont'd) Cove (cont'd) Movie: Basketball 830 News Peoples Court Business Rpt News 530 Musk Video Brewster Basketball ,5:30 The Gazebo" Jenny, When? Get Along "Playing For VllnvaatSL 8 JO CBS News NBC News Computer ABC News Knight Rider Notoero fcOO Movie: Hill Street 700 Club 3 Company Notre Dame 8:00 Movie: Movie: Movie: Keeps" John's (cont'd) 6:30 News News MacNal News Notjciero Uni. 630 Matchmaker "King's Blues Jeflersons at Lafayette J30 "Hobson's "The "Cocoon" College 7:00 Wheel Fortune Dating Game Lehrer Simon 4 Star Trek LaDamaDe JM Movie: Crossing" Family Ties Straight Talk Cheers News Movie: Choice" Cowboys" Movie: Basketball 7:30 Jeopardy! Newlyweds OWL-TV Simon Rosa 730 'The Bell Jar" S. Previews Movie: Chefs Movie: INN News 730 "The Other Fraggle Rock "The Purdue at tOO Kate Aihe ALF Making Of A MacGyver Movie: Quinceanera JWO Cover Up "Return Of A Remington "The Jeflersons 8:00 Side 01 The Movie: Movie. Movie: Manhattan Illinois 830 Frank's Place Vafs Family Continent "Mr. Billion" 830 Man Called Steele Competition" Magnum. P.I. J30 Mountain" "Howard The "True Grit" "Under Fire" Project" College M0 Newhart Movie: Movers: God Movie: La Indomable JkOO See The Musk Flamingo Road Horse" Burns Allen JW Duck" Movie: Basketball 830 D. Women "The Ann And Politics "City Heat" 130 Jack Benny Movie: J30 National "The Wings Of Kansas at JOjOO Wiseguy Jillian Story" Carson Nofoero IQfl) Musk Video Dr. Ruth Show News Groucho News "The Next 10J0 Geographic Rob Townsend Move Eagles" Washington 1030 Nile Legend Stun Gun Movie: 1030 Laurel 4 Hardy Man" 1030 Explorer "El Dorado" Movie: Skiing 11:00 News News Business Rpt News Wilton North "La Agonia De JThOO Investment WKRP 700 Club Cheers 11:00 Movie: "Twice In A Movie: SportsLook 1130 Hunter Tonight Show On Stage At Nightline Report Ser Madre" 1130 Advisory Wilton North Wilton North 1130 Movie "Armed And Lifetime" "Down And SportsCenter 12:00 Wolf Trap Movie. INN News 12j Report For Your Report INN News 1230 "Bringing Up Dangerous" Marvin Out In Beverly Tom Mann 1230 "Deadly David "01 Mice And 1230 Benny Hill Family's Sake Taxi Rhoda 12j Baby" Movie: "Wild Geese Hamlisch Hills" College Tail Encounter" ILetterman I IMen" I I I 1:001 Apple's Way Movie IStoney Success 1 Movie MW01 "48HRS." Ill" 1 Movie 1 Movie I Basketball 11:00 Missing Adventures Of Ozzle And defying categorization, features acoustic guitarist Will Ackerman, singer-songwriter Michael Hedges and the sextet Shadowfax. (R) (1 hr.) MIDNIGHT 12:00 GD Movie: "Of Micq And Men" (1981, Drama) Robert Blake, Randy Quaid. Based on John Steinbeck's novel. A slow-witted giant and a migrant worker engage in an unusual friendship that takes them from their rural Southern home to near-tragedy on a California farm. (2 30 min.) 12:30 LT) Late Night With David Letterman: Scheduled: Peter Ustinov, Marv Albert, comic Bob Sarlatte. in stereo. (1 hr.) 12:40 GD Movie: "Deadly Encounter" (1982, Adventure) Larry Hagman, Susan Anspach. A helicopter pilot helps a former girlfriend retrieve a black book filled with information that could send many people to jail. (R) (1 8:00 2 Kate Allle: An executive hires Kate and Allie to cater a "romantic anniversary celebration" and then refuses to pay them the fee. CS ALF: ALF befriends the Ochmoneks' belligerent nephew. In stereo. GD Making Of A Continent: A geological history of the Grand Canyon, Zion and Bryce Canyons, and Monument Valley, revealing the North American continent's internal structure and evolution. (R) (1 hr.) QD MacGyver: MacGyver encounters a brilliant scientist whose latest project could either benefit mankind or destroy the human race. In stereo. (1 hr.) (2D Movie: "Mr. Billion" (1977, Adventure) Terence Hill, Valerie Perrine. An Italian auto mechanic inherits a fortune but must weather a series of perilous escapades before he can collect. (2 hrs.) The 10 Broadcasts of the Year, 1987 On MTV, the rock group M. is singing a perfect farewell to 1987: "It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine." Was this a year, or a cartoon? On television, it's sometimes hard to tell the difference. When Jim and Tammy and Fawn and Ollie and Gary and Donna are starring on the news shows, it presents a real challenge to those who produce the fantasy escapist stuff. No wonder "Dynasty" looked tame, "Dallas" mundane and even "ALF" a trifle prosaic. Yes it all seems a blur, looking back now. But it all seemed a blur while it was happening, too. There seemed to be a lot of blurcasting. Anyway you pour it, 1987 was no year ordinaire. The trick will be in getting it back into the bottle. We choose here to recall and celebrate the high points the low points being too numerous to mention right now and submit for your approval a list of 10 Broadcasts of the Year, 1987. 1. The signing of the INF treaty at the White House. Though some in TV news played it like a sports event dueling charismas with Reagan and Gorbachev the Soviet leader's visit and the momentous treaty signing on live TV were certifiable historic thrillers. 2. "Eyes on the Prize" (PBS), a straightforward but enormously emotional eyewitness account of America's civil-rights struggle, was told by fighters from both sides. It was the documentary of the year, and a sequel, covering the civil-rights years from 1970 to the present, is now in production. 3. "Amerika" (ABC). Yes it was groaning, droning, ponderous and pontifical, but no other fictional program prompted as much passionate, and sometimes thoughtful, discussion as this hopelessly overextended ABC miniseries about a Soviet occupation of the United States. The year's most successful flop. 4. Hearings Double-Header: Iran-contra and Robert Bork (CNN, PBS and others). Fate obligingly planned a dramatic, authentic demonstration of constitutional process for that lovely document's 200th birthday, and TV was there. A fabulous cast of characters and a tantalizing mess of plot twists made the Senate's Iran-contra hearings and the interrogation of Supreme Court nominee Bork riveting to watch. 5. "Donahue 20th Anniversary Special" (syndicated). Talkshow host Phil, the man with the 16-ton conscience, whizzed through two decades of explosive discourse and sexual barnstorming. The all-star, all-issue clip parade proved a fascinating microcosmic marathon race. 6. The Bakkers on "Nightline" (ABC). Those embattled evangelists, Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, grinned through more than an hour of questions from Ted Koppel on the night of May 27, and it was impossible to pry oneself away from the screen. It was part of a bizarre serialized epic about man, woman, God and money. 7. "Robin Williams, Live at the Met" (HBO). Alone on the prairie-sized stage of the Metropolitan Opera House, the stupefying Robin Williams split the comedy atom, kissed the comedy blarney stone and hit one out of the comedy ballpark with his sweaty, staggering tour de force. 8. "Escape from Sobibor" (CBS), starred Alan Arkin as the leader of the only successful armed uprising at a Nazi concentration camp. The film was a rousing and moving drama that nevertheless kept the horror of the Holocaust the concept as well as the fact of it in focus. 9. "Elvis '56" (Cinemax). Alan and Susan Raymond's devotional memoir about Elvis Presley poised for stardom found a new angle for an old topic. By investigating the origins of a myth, it helped one appreciate that myth's stubborn durability. 10) "Echoes in the Darkness" (CBS), written by Joseph Wambaugh, was the best miniseries of the year to re-create a real-life murder case and too many did. Tied for 11th: "Buster Keaton: A Hard Act to Follow," part of the "American Masters" series on PBS; "Celebrating Gershwin," the two-part PBS tribute to George and Ira and their era; and "LBJ: The Early Years." PERMANENT WEIGHT LOSS EASY AS 1-2-3 0 New RevolutionaryW. 1 Nutrition Program. jJ Supplies all daily -fr nutrients I More energy vitality V. uie niiiDiMTPr Kx DPSIII TS 15 Highlights Here is selected program information. The movie ratings are supplied by TV Data: -outstanding; '-excellent; -very good; Vi-good; -not bad; V'2-fair; -poor. A.M. 6:00 IT) Morning Stretch NBC News ABC News Morning Agriculture Report 700 Club Father Knows Best 5) Music Video 6:05 (WTBS) Little House On The Prairie 6:30 GD CBS News News W) Dinosaucers HI Hazel (TBN) Joy 6:45 IT) A.M. Weather 7:00 S3 Today: Scheduled: Dom DeLuise; Ann Jillian. In stereo. (2 hrs.) (X) Good Morning America: Scheduled: report on "scene stealers" with actress Elaine Stritch; Boston Mayor Raymond Flynn; photographer-author William Wegman. t) (2 hrs.) 7:05 (WTBS) Movie: "Paradise, Hawaiian Style" (1966, Musical) Elvis Presley, Suzanna Leigh. A pair of pilots start a charter helicopter service in Hawaii. (2 hrs.) 9:00 2J Blackout: (Premiere) Celebrity teams compete to decipher puns containing missing words. Host: Bob Goen. 10:05 (WTBS) Movie: "Lafayette Escadrille" (1958, Adventure) Tab Hunter, Etchika Choureau. American volunteers serve in a flight squadron in France during World War I. (2 hrs.) 11:00 TJ Donahue: Scheduled: how breast size affects a woman's life. (R) (1 hr.) NOON 12:00 Movie: "Aloha Means Goodbye" (1974, Drama) Sally Struthers, James Franci-scus. When a physician's son becomes ill, a young girl with a rare blood type is sought as a heart donor. (2 hrs.) 2:00 HI) Getting In Touch: Scheduled: a mother-son conflict; getting over a broken romance. 3:00 (U Oprah Winfrey: Scheduled: "rags to riches" stories. (1 hr.) 3:35 (WTBS) New Leave It To Beaver: Eddie moves in with June and the Beaver after his wife throws him out. 4:00 3) Hour Magazine: Actress Ann Jillian; sexuality author Shere Hite and her husband, Friedrich Horicke; choosing a safe airline. (1 fjj Wil Shriner: Pat Harrington Day at a actress Dee Wallace Stone; chef Jeff Smith Frugal humorists Peggy Jones and Pam Young. (1 hr.) ID Remington Steele: Laura and Steele investigate their own murders while everyone mourns their deaths. (1 hr.) 5:05 (WTBS) Movie: "The Gazebo" (1960, Comedy) Glenn Ford, Debbie Reynolds. A TV writer bungles the murder of a blackmailer who possesses suggestive photos of his wife. Colorized version. (2 hrs.) 6:00 (SI Knight Rider: KITT and Michael risk their lives as they pursue dangerous crooks and blackmailers. (1 hr.) 7:00 (5 Movie: "The Bell Jar" (1979, Drama) Marilyn Hassett, Julie Harris. Based on Sylvia Plath's autobiographical novel. A troubled young woman tries to cope with the tensions and anxieties building up within her as she progresses from adolescence to adulthood. (2 hrs.) (USA) Airwolf: Hawke and Santini find themselves in danger when they photograph an area of desert land for the owner of an air charter service. (1 hr.) 7:05 (WTBS) Movie: The Other Side Of The Mountain" (1975, Drama) Marilyn Hassett, Beau Bridges. Champion skier Jill Kinmont suffers a tragic accident that forces her to come to terms with life as a quadriplegic in this adaptation of a true story. (2 15 mini 7:30 (3D OWL-TV: Bats; Dr. Zed explains how a camera sees; disabled children ride horses; buildina a bird cafe. Movie: "Return Of A Man Called Horse" (1976, Adventure) Richard Harris, Gale Sondergaard. An English lord returns to America when he learns that the Indians who initiated him into their tribe have lost their modest preserve to trappers. (2 30 mm.) Harriet 11:30 Movie: "Home In Indiana" (1944, Adven ture) Lon McCallister, Walter Brennan. (1 43 min.) 1:30 a.m. Movie: "My Side Of The Mountain (1969, Adventure) Ted Eccles, Theodore Bikel. (1 hr 40 min.) 3:30 Movie: "State Fair" (1945, Musical) Jeanne Crain, Dana Andrews. (1 40 mm.) Nickelodeon 6:00 a.m. Pinwheel 8:00 Sharon, Lois 81 Bram's Elephant Show 8:30 Maple Town 9:00 Pinwheel 10:00 Belle 81 Sebastian 10:30 World Of David The Gnome 11:00 Today's Special 11:30 Mysterious Cities Of Gold 12:00 p.m. Lassie 12:30 inspector Gadget 1:00 You Can't Do That On Television 1:30 Bad News Bears 2:00 Monkees 2:30 NICK Rocks: Video To Go 3:00 Finders Keepers 3:30 Dennis The Menace 4:00 You Can't Do That On Television 4:30 Double Dare 5:00 Car 54, Where Are You? 5:30 Mister Ed 6:00 My Three Sons 6:30 Donna Reed 7:00 Laugh In 7:30 Monkees 8:00 Susie 8:30 I Spy 9:30 Car 54, Where Are You? 10:00 Mister Ed 10:30 Donna Reed MTV 9:00 a.m. Remote Control 2:00 p.m. MTV Rock Blocks 2:30 Club MTV 3:00 Dial MTV 4:00 Remote Control 4:30 Monty Python's Flying Circus 5:00 New Video Hour 8:00 Club MTV 8:30 Monty Python's Flying Circus 9:00 Closet Classics Capsule 10:00 New Video Hour USA 6:00 a.m. Search For Beauty 6:30 Keys To Success 7:00 Cartoons 10:00 Movie: "Tenspeed And Brown Shoe" (1980, Adventure) Ben Vereen, Jeff Goldb-lum. (2 hrs.) 12:00 p.m. Girl With Something Extra 12:30 Anything For Money 1:00 Let's Make A Deal 1:30 Play The Percentages 2:00 Hot Potato 2:30 Press Your Luck 3:00 Tic Tac Dough 3:30 Jackpot 4:00 Chain Reaction 4:30 Bumper Stumpers 5:00 Dance Party USA 6:00 Cartoons 7:00 Airwolf 8:00 Riptide 9:00 WWF Prime Time Wrestling 11:00 Airwolf 12:00 a.m. Dragnet 12:30 Edge Of Night 1 :00 Search For Tomorrow 1 :30 Discover 2:00 Mind Power 2:30 Weight Loss Made Easy 3:00 Keys To Success 3:30 Consumer Challenge: Btublocker 4:00 Smoke Free 4:30 Discover Explanations Max: Cinemax; Sho: Showtime; TMC: The Movie Channel. Channels in white boxes are local; those in black boxes are via TCI of Nevada-Reno. Superstation WGN and KTVU are not carried by TCI of Nevada-Reno, but are carried by other cable systems in northern Nevada and the eastern Sierra. captioned for the hearing impaired. (R) means repeat. Call 322 2337 for further information and rates. 20 mm.) 1:00 Movie: "A Killing Affair" (1977, Mystery) Elizabeth Montgomery, O.J. Simpson. While hunting for a vicious killer, a woman detective falls in love with her male oartner. (2 hrs.) 2:30 Movie: "The Over-The-Hill Gang Rides Again (1970, Comedy) Walter Bren-nan, Fred Astaire. A trio of retired Texas Rangers rescue a former colleague and, eventually, they become the sheriff and deouties of Waco, (2 hrr .) 3:00 Movie: "Salty O'Rourke" (1945, Drama) Alan Ladd, Gail Russell. A con artist tries to use a famed jockey as his ticket to a financial windfall. (2 30 min.) Cable Arts Entertainment 6:00 a.m. Driving Ambition 7:00 Movie: "A Run For Your Money (laia, Comedy) Alec Guinness, Donald Houston. (2 hrs.) 9:00 Breaking Away 10:00 Golden Age ut television 10:30 Touch A Child's Life 11:00 Montreux Rock 11:30 Buffalo Bill 12:00 o.m. Movie: "Bulldog Drummond" (1929, Mystery) Ronald Colman, Joan Bennett. (2 hrs.) 2:00 Loveiaw 3:00 Golden Age Of Television 3:30 Associates 4:00 Journey To Adventure 4:30 World Of Survival 5:00 Australia 6:00 Movie: "Rain" (1932, Drama) Joan Crawford, Walter Huston. (2 hrs.) 8:00 Evening At The Improv 9:00 Australia 10:00 Movie: "Rain" (1932, Drama) Joan Craw ford, Walter Huston. (2 hrs.) 12:00 a.m. Evening At The Improv 1:00 Benjamin Franklin 2:30 Chaplin Lost And Found 3:00 Baltimore Funny Pages 3:30 A4E Preview 4:00 Italians 4:30 Golden Age Of Television Disney 6:00 a.m. Mickey Mouse Club 6:30 Mousercise 7:00 Good Morning Mlckeyl 7:30 Welcome To Pooh Corner 8:00 Donald Duck Presents 8:30 Dumbo's Circus 9:00 You And Me, Kid 9:30 Movie: "Return Of The Antelope" (1986, Fantasy) Gail Harrison, John Branwell. (1 50 min.) 1 1 :30 Walt Disney Presents 12:30 p.m. Missing Adventures Of Ozzie And Harriet 1:00 Movie: "My Side Of The Mountain" (1969, Adventure) Ted Eccles, Theodore Bikel. (1 40 min.) 2:45 DTV 3:00 Dumbo's Circus 3:30 Welcome To Pooh Corner 4:00 Mickey Mouse Club 4:30 Donald Duck Presents 5:00 Rock In The New Year 6:00 Don't Eat The Pictures: Sesame Street At The Metropolitan Museum Of Art 7:00 Paddle To The Sea 7:30 Mouseterpiece Theater 8:00 Wilderness Bound 9:00 Movie: "State Fair" (1945, Musical) Jeanne Crain, Dana Andrews. (1 hr 40 min.) ID Remington Steele: Laura must guard an art collection, as well as Remington, when an "old friend" of his hires the aaencv. (1 hr.) 8:30 GD Frank' Place: Frank becomes angry when a bum living in the restaurant alley drives business away. (Postponed from an earlier date.) (T) Valerie's Family: Sandy remembers why she divorced her husband when he comes for a visit. (Postponed from an earlier date.) In stereo, 9:00 GO Newhart: Dick and Joanna are stunned when Larry and his brothers announce plans to adopt a child. New! 'The Ann Jillian Story'-starring the woman who lived it! CD Movie: "The Ann Jillian Story" (Premiere, Drama) Ann Jillian, Tony Lo Bianco. A fact-based account of the entertainer's triumph over breast cancer and her relationship with the Chicago police officer who would become her husband. In stereo. (2 hrs.) (T) Moyers: God And Politics: (Premiere) The first episode of this three-part series, examining how religious beliefs are influencing political events, explores disagreements between fundamentalists and mainstream Christians arising from the Central American conflicts. (1 30 min.) GD Movie: "City Heat" (1984, Adventure) Clint Eastwood, Burt Reynolds. Towards the end of Prohibition, a cop whose partner is murdered teams up with his one-time friend, a private detective, and orchestrates some fancy footwork to track down the killers. (2 hrs.) 9:20 (WTBS) National Geographic Explorer: Two research dolphins are reieasea into tne wild; African elephants in their natural habitat; the S.S. President Coolidge, a shipwreck in the Pacific Ocean; the nature of clouds. (2 hrs.) 9:30 QD Designing Women: Anthony is reminded of his prison past when a convicted murderer is released and offers him a business partnership. 10:00 WISEGUYNew Night! New Time! New Enemies Starring KEN WAHL GO Wiseguy: Vinnie's assignment to check out a contract killer leads him into an international contraband syndicate run by a brother and sister. (Part 1 of 2) (1 hr.) 10:30 (3D Legend Of The Nile: This documentary exploring Egypt visits the tomb of Ramses II, the Great Pyramid of Cheops, and the Temples of Abue Simbel and Karnak. (23 Movie: "La Agonia De Ser Madre" (No Date) Arturo de Cordoba, Marga Lopez. (2 hrsj 11:00 (20 Wilton North Report: In stereo. (1 hr.) 11:20 (WTBS) Movie: "Bringing Up Baby" (1938, Comedy) Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant. Howard Hawks directed this screwball classic about a paleontologist whose search for a missing dinosaur bone involves him with a madcap heiress and her pet leopard. (2 hrsj 1 1 :30 GO Hunter: Hunter and McCall track down a man they believe to be a small-time killer but who is actually a highly skilled international assassin. (R) (1 10 min.) () Tonight Show: Guest host: Jay Leno. Scheduled: actresses Rita Moreno and Mary Frann, cowboy poet Baxter Black. In stereo. (1 hr.) fjDOn Stage At Wolf Trap: This performance by Windham Hill recording artists, fuses classical, folk, rock and jazz into a style DANTE'S VILLA ROMA Only Plata VmI atmmhm BMfood arr7( DINNER SPECIAL VEAL SCALLOPINE or VEAL PICATA V-J berved with aoup or salad and garlic bread MAVf T0US PMTY WITH US EXPIRES 1588 MNQUE! AKA SfAIS OPEN Mon. thru Sat. 126 N. Ediaon an. oto-i HOURS: MF 11am 10pm SAT 4pm 10pm JaCO'OOOl Iiiu-restxl ill riMx-Ung others with yoiirponcruuit for (muling, yoiir affuctioiis for ooUnelioria or your yon for yam? TTion you should Ix; advertming in our new I lobbingAim Crafts caU'goiy in ll: Reno GazettR-Jounial'u ckusHififxl s.lion. Wlnjther you'd like lo buy or wil handmade creations, take art lessons or give cinfl classes, our HobbitsArLs Ci-afts is the jicifoet place for you to odveiiise your specialLii and hobbies Classifitxl advertising is cany, effective and inexjiensive. And with more Ulan daily readers, you're bound to be hobnobbing with other hobbyists in no tune at all! Hobnob with other hobbyists. in 1CWI 353-5951 iiiMintiiinmitntnnTtimmmiii i I

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