The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 7, 1944 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 7, 1944
Page 9
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, PAGE TEN •» BLYTHBVII/LE COURIER NEJWS , THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS , TEX COURIER NKWB OO. . H. W. HAINBS, PubUihw • 1 BAMUKL F. NORMS, Editor 3OO8. A. QATKNS, AdTertidaj l(u*c*r Sola National XdreftMn* RcprtwatMUret: ffcllace Wltmer < O&. < K«w Tort, Cbtcifo, Detroit, ' PubUihtd ITUT AB»nxxM Kaxpi Buncay Entered*« s^cb'nd cla« matter at ft* poet-' office at BlrtheTUle, Arkihiu, under M of Oon. real, October 9, 1817, ~, torrei by the united Pi«« ~ SUBSCRIPTION RATES By etrrter In the ctty of Bljtherule, JOc'pw week, or JSc j»r month. ' By miu. irtthin * radius of 40 milts, $4.00 p*r yeir, 12.00 for ilt months, fl.OO for tbiee months; jj nun outride 60 mile »ne $10,00 per fear ptytble In advanof. Mot the Principle; but the Money A very considerable sum of money lyvks behind all (he differences of opinion, sound Arid otherwise, which have/pVecipJtaled the Congress-Admm- istratjoii fight over freezing the present Social Security tax. The gum is approximately $1,240,000,000, which would be added .to'a , like };imount collected this year if.the present 2 per cent tax- divided ' equally between employer and employe—-were doubled. v According to the graduated tax scale contained in the original Social Security law, this increase should go into effect Jan. 1. The President and the Treasury Department favor going ahead with it. Many congressmen op' pose the increase, for various reasona. One is that the entire tax needs re- ( study ing.- Another is that the reserve ,ftmd is larger than was foreseen when the system was instituted. But, as tax experts have pointed out, the reserve fund is a fiction. It is ;iu govqnuoent bonds, not cash. To con;Yert the reserve into cash*would mean borrowing or taxation. The cash collected through Social Security taxes is used to help meet the -government 1 ;) running expenses. So if the, Social Security tax were not doubled, 'the ?1,240,000,000 would have to" be', found elsewhere, either- through additional taxes or borrowing. Probably the latter method would be used if the freeze continued, and the sum tacked "onto our astronomical national debt. For new taxes aren't popu- lar'with the taxpayers, and neither are those who create them. The Sonial Security tax is probably as nearly popular as any. It seems to, many to be,n, contribution to a careful ly sequestered nest egg. And it is likely that the present argurnenl over freezes and thaws has become confused in some minds with both parties' e'n ? dorsement of extended Social Security benefits during the recent campaigns. Actually, of course, the one has nothing to do with the other. Whether •j a peraon'pays 2 per cent or the present 1 per cent of his wages or salary after Jan. 1, the Social Security law will operate juiii the same. There will he no added benefits. The law will not coVer those now left out of the Social Security setup. It will not provide medical or hospitqliration insurance. Congress hasn't even begun to talk abput those'things yet, Wrong Script For some time now Republicans in Congress have been espousing the traditionally- Perriocratic issue of states' rights. But something happened in Congress the other day that more than 'crossed the old lines of party demur, cation. A Republican arose in the Senate and began toeing about such words as ''Wall Street"'. 'and "House of Morgan." And he tosaed them at a Democrat— in, fact, at the new Secretary of State. Of course, as every 'newspaper render knows, the, voice of Reppblican Senator Langer of North was the only one raised,, iigm'nst Mr.-Stetttnius, and other senators ~,Qt . bpth; parties were quick and. zealous to. Braise and defend the new cabinet member, i But that isn't tf\e point of these observations,;- The poiat is that Mr. Langer, by a.H the canons of our bipartisan politics, , hftd picked up the wrong script. Thqae words he was toss-r ing about have p.ften been tossed about in Congress before, . but always from the pemocrntiij side 9! tb? aisle. Now nil thnt seems to be changed. And while the performance in question may not have been very pretty, the eventual effect may be all' for. the good. When our two great parties begin sharing the same accusations, ad well as : boasting • of ; the same virtues, perhaps '.we shall' .have ' added another support'to the structure ot our national unity. '••',' • ' '';• . Sensible RequirerHtent Some time ago a British flyer, who ifl also a- composer, sont a new score to. the' New York Philharmonic Symphony.'a conductor. The conductor told the 1 flyer that when he had shot down five Nazi planes, he-would get a New York performance of his work. The flyer obliged.'So did the conductor. • Offhand, we ,can think of several non-combatant singers whom we should like to see subjected to the same re- qiu'rement bpfore being permitted to perform iry. public. ' JOTHIV SAT One real -tot ot the proposed Security Council la shall be straps enough, to make the Owmnns unable even lo attempt to renmi secretly.' Do not be deceived— two or 'three years after the present war there ^iU already be very dcep-loid plots lor the preparation of new arina- nionts'lii CErmany.— President BXluord Bcncs of Czcchoslovnltln. •• '• • i • • \Ve, are not Betting, enough high-capacity nmnmnltJon^tlie kind that Is used ngalnst shore lust nilat tons, Experience hrs shown that extensive pre'luvasipn bombardment snvea American lives.— Artml. Ernest J. King, ,; ' - i • I * •. : You ciui hanf Hitler, but unless yon rc- edue4tc the Allied peop|e.s as well as the Der- ninns'-and Japanese, Hltjerism will hang on. — Dr. Y. C. James Yen, general director Chinese Mnss Education ilovemcnt. • '. , • • The whole of the Tunlslnn bntlle lasted 96 days and cost 38 mortars. It took 33 days to overrun . Sicily, where we lost 47 mortars. But ill a single month on the German .front we expended no less than 700 tnorlprs.— Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau, Jr. • • - - • - » • / Kesp children feme on school nights. These "kluiklTwacky" girjs won't get into difficulties If they are home under the parents 1 eyes. — Dr. Edyrtn K- Van Klpeck, New York State Eduoi- llon Cornnilsslgn. • • .'- • • • I am franlily t)f5lurb«l to note thai after a yea.r pf corripletc stability, the cost of living luis risen dlgtjtjy but perceptibly during the last six montjis^Tiivs must stop.— Economic Slablliza- tion DJrect'or Fred. M. Vjnson. i\ ' "I • » ' • :iri the carnpalsn on the western front more than 750,000 pounds of ammunition have been expended. Tills, was nt the average rate of 4000 to 5000 pounds ft piinule, every minute, 24 hours a doy.^Treas'ury Secretary Henry Morgen.thrui, Jr. cpnriltlorts of rain, fog, snow ami mud.niake difllcult the employment of our Air Force and the maneuver of our tanks, even of our feat, (.olcilers. But wretched weather cannot stop artillery jhelts. More than ever before we need ammunition.— General Eisenhower. THynSDAY.'.pECEMBER 7, 1944 tin. 1»44 »y MU MKVKt. me. T. m «io. u. i. PIT. OFF ("My aunt is so mystcrioup Jjbpul where my little babyfj sister came from thaiTm'.bcgip'aing to think sUe doesn r jl . •v:- : -M-^.^-:: r -..;Mci)owiv-...-^=ra==^a THIS CURIOUS WORLD — u__ Hi? F*rgUK»i HAS P*O3ED INTO THE EARTH MORE THAN IN HIS SEARCH FOR OIL, THIS IS ONLY PER CENT OF THE TOTAL. D/SfANCE JO THE CENTER OF THE iHJHAT WAS '"BUILT IN SUCH A LOGICALWA% ITR/INAHUMD^EO .'.' YE A RSTO THE DAY "/* MBgyKBPt HAS ITS HEAD'AT ONE Er5o, AND ITS 5HOlJt.pER, NECK, A\)D A\OLITN AT THE OTHER. 7fe/t6r S.FANUCCHI, SenFtsncjio. ANSWER: The one-hoss shay, ii)'Oliver Wendell Holmes' poem, "The Deacon's Masterpiece." . • '• '' • • Warming Up work. He i was nptlf(ed by a phone call that' a gasoline truck had crashed-into his garage spilling 6,800 gallons .of -gasoline which caught flre and burned both the garage and the car. . • GIFTS DISTINCTION —It's Smart ^to flhop At— The Gift Shop . Modem • ABttqpe Glfta MOSS BRYAN FARMERS We luive Btajsty ol boo * ,*; .-:•:;• ADD LIPB TO YOU? TIBE8 MODINGER-POE1ZIIRE CO. for FHA Terms a desired, E.C.Robinson Lumber Go. : Bird-size^ butieifliM in New Guinea. In Hollywood DARNELL FOE "AMBER 1 ;, LINDA DARNELL— Even though pene .'Tierney, has been announced BY ERSKINE JOHNSON NEA Staff Correspondent Dear Santa Clans: It's that time of year ngnln for your Hollywood' f or 'the. role, please Santa give Lin- spy lo let you know what tho boys ; da the part of Amber in the movie and girls of movieland should find in their stockings on Christmas morning. Before ye tip you off on wh'at the babes in Hollywood niixi, though, here's some advice for you, Sanla. Belter bring along your own clgarels. Since the shortage, you will not find any on living room coffee tables. The transportation problem is still acute — don't let anyone talk you put of,your reindeer. Watch out again for P-38's and Black Widows and don't bring anybody any more than they got last year. Here's the list: John Hall—A football nose giwrd just in case he's again Invited lo step out on someone's balcony. Tommy Dorseyr-A set oT soft jWork shoe re- iairs are made here ifith tbe liame metlcn- *ious care used for mo^FTeiperisive shoes. Our leathers »r£" tong wearinif ana the b«t.»v»Uable for this char- aeter wjHi.' II you want wear ana comfort tiy BS. Crosby's blood. Qlla rt of Bing • Our Boarding House with Ma). Hgople Out Our Way ByJ, R. Williams OH,A. FELLOW NNV\EO BAecow vftM BLUB , SHOUTED "HORSE iKi THE B^^HRQo^A!" we DUB .' * MWJRlED A SQUIRREL* ' ' - viiFE, SILLV GIRL—60 H| 6HPV1SP HERT^E PLUG, W THE TOB' - ' " " " P\\tS 6EKT HIM OPf WITH US IN VENICE, IF (T BE DEMIED, 'TWILL MUCH IMPEACH THE JUSTICE OF STATE ; SINCE"— SW, IT'LL DO VOU A LOT MORE GOOD WHEW "OJ'RE GROWS] TO SIT UP AMP LISTEM TO THIS THAN . To BE SPRAWLED THERE WISH- WG V^'KA^ ^^?- / HMF AhS HOUR wwit^s FOR. A SNTH.'AMD LISTEMl^G To THW MICROPHONE MOUNTE- version of "Forever Amber." : yVill Hays—A pound of headache tablets and a copy of "Forever Amber." ;';Me'rle Oberon—A big bouquet of rejl roses for her performance in Columbia's new flicker, "A Song to ^epnember." •Dorothy Lamoiir—A big- hatpin and five minutes alone in the same roorii with the gentleman who produced that picture "Rainbow Island." Pvt. Red Skclton—Five minutes alone in the same room with the studio executive who changed 'he illle of his last pjcture from "Mr. CorEd" to "Bathing Beauty." Lana Turner — A package of cleaners (or (hat pipe she is now smoking. And a big screen to sU behind when she smokes it so we won't look at her. . Erroj Flynn—A report card with all A's. He's been a very good boy lately. ' : ' ' Bob Hope—A twin brother so he carj make those Army camp appearances and. keep Paramount happy by working in a movie at the same time.. Ingricl Bergman — A nice shiny Oscar. Taliulah Bankhead — A leading who will kiss HER. Virginia Bruce—A good role in another picture, quick gydney Grcenstreet—The fatman of the movies Is on a diet of toysl and lea. Please, Santa, bring him a priority on a girdle. farcer Garspn—A script In which, fp once, she doesn't wind up in tho last reel as a gray-haired old lady, "HOW TO WIN VOTES—" NEDDIE BRACKIN—A great big pewey button and nnd n copy of "How to Win Votes and Influence People." Darryl Zqnuck—A special Academy award for "Wilson.' Bud Abbott and Ixra Costcllo — Another special Academy award for keeping the nation laughing and being regular fellows. Qol. Jimmy Stewart rrr Anything he wants, for being the greatest all around guy of an actor yre know. loses Car and Garage ' LIND, Wash. (UP)-Mayor Joe Roller of Lind left his car in its garnge near the highway "to savo i gas" and patriotically walked to COLD WEATHER SERVICE —Vft instil APTO GtASS; new FLOOR MATS and F. B. JOYNER Corner Second i Ash Sts., ... SERVICE STATION Phone 2611 NOTICE TO PRQPlilfr OWNERS Termites may b« ruMug yoiir, property. C»H n checkup without cost or pbHgjUon. JUfD BOACH CONTKOt WORK f«K H. C. BLANKENSHIP M* C. Keatackr . • -". ..' : .'' PQN EDWARDS •T** Typewriter Man" eMrm, CORONA; AMI) REMINOTON ' (fi»ery Transaction Moif Be Satisfactory) PORTABLE ' ' ' I PHONE aaaa . , : NEA Snrlce, Ime. XXXIII I carrie in Mickey put her arms around me and held me: tight as if she was never going to )et go. I closed my eyes and rubbed my cheek against hers. For a wM? w & didn't say any- tln'ng, and then she broke the silence. "Something really bad hapr pened, didn't it?" "Yes." "You don't have to tell me about it right away unless you want to." "It's ojtay) Mickey, I'll soon be myself." ''Had anything to eat?" "No," "Shall I get you something?" "No, thanks.' 1 We went into the living room and suddenly it started spinning around me. She steadied me and led me to the sofa. "You must have something, Leo. A sandwich? Coffee?" "I couldn't." All I wanted was for her to continue holding me. SomeTdecp instinct must have told her that. She made mo lie down and then look nie in her arms as if I were a child" Soon the spinning began to subside but I was still trembling. She gently stroked my head. "My Leo ..." There was sucii tenderness in her voice that it almost hurt. I didn't want her to see my face right then, so t turned to bury i against her breast. Here was warmth and protection, and after a while a sort pf peace camo over me. • t v • T ATER I told her what had hap •^ pened, I tried to play it down but all the same, it gave her a terrific Jolt. Not only'was she con corned on my account but she vvai also afraid for Don, ... ."H*'« (feUin* entirely, put .0 arid. We quarrel all the time ana ,e's even talking about moving way from here." She shook her ead unhappily. That was a complication I'd almost forgotten. God, what a mess! "Look, Mickey," I said, "the rouble with him is that he doesn't fct realize what kind ot a man Boggio is." For several minutes we poth at there in gloomy silence, and hen Mickey spoke. I've been wondering about omething, Leo. What you wanted o do \vas back out, ruri away "Yes?" " ' "It didn't work. You're so deeply entangled that Boggio won't let you go." "Right." "He's ruthless.' Tonight he's proved he won't stop at anything.' I looked at her. "What are you- driving at?" "Just this: Has it occurred to you that jn all these years there's one thing you never tried?" "And wliat is it?" "Fighting back." You could have knocked me down with a feather. Leo Kaba- ;cck, the legal genius, the prcin (rust, had been beating his brains out and had overlooked the mbs obvious move of all. » * » JUMPED to niy feet. "You're right, Mickey! If there's anyone who knows Boggio it's me. A this very minute he must bu gloating over his triumph. Fine! him think that every thing's undei control again. He'll become corifi dent. Overconfident I Then I'll "slo in and start feeding him the rope with which to hang himself." Her face fell. "That's not quit what I meant, Leo. Can't you bring everything out in the open right now? Surely you can get a! the evidence you need?" "I can't darling. Not right away To sfart with, most of my wor consisted in cover inc. un tracks of . hirn, The : way fhe, : outfit's rganize'd, with strawmen and Ipoges, it's, hard to pin anything n Boggio personally. Further:pre, vfith all (he graft that he's een handing out, \vilh all the big iiots'he's bought, it's possible he light not be convicted under the resent set-up. You can see the got I'd be in if I were to denounce ijrn and he got away with it." '"I see." "And then there's something Ise ..." I hesitated. ,. "Yes?" " "Let's 'suppose that some time n the future I'm in a position to urn Boggio in. That means I'll be urning rnyself in, too. After all, ' knew what was going on while worked for him." She didn't answer. After a mo- aent I continued. "You understand, Mickey? Even t I turned state's evidence it's possible that they might convict me later." Still no answer. "Well, Mickey?" She'd been concentrating on the carpet! When she finally spoke her 'pice was very low. "That's something I've ottcn hought about, Leo. And maybe— t would be for the best." Noticing the expression on my ace.^he quickly continued. "Don't •pu see, Leo? You want to start )Ut with a clean slate. Let the : uturc be built on a decent, honest )asis. Not on lies. Not on the' remembrance of a past that has debts left unpaid. You have a big debt to pay. I think you should do it." She'd put into words a vague ( . jnformulated desire that I'd never lad the courage to consider by myself. Somehow it seemed so easy no\v. "And what would you do, IWickey?" "I'd stand by you, Leo. And \vhatcyer sentence they imposed, {'d wait for you. 1 * I took her in my arms and kissed tier. It'was our first kiss, and all tjie kisses of the, past became meaningless. " Maybe it was then that the last, Leo Kabateck came jnto rjeing. . L. iCTo]

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