The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 13, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 13, 1931
Page 3
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r-Jl'.SIUY. JANUARY Kl.YTIIKVlLl.E. (AUK.) COUltlKU NEWS Renounces IIn Icrism Von Muecke, Who Com-' manclej Cruiser 'Emclen, Tuns Against Hitler. :<Kf i-'i-.vli-'- UVl-.r BERLIN. Jan. 13--Fifteen icar: "! e, Kclnvrh veil M'.:ef:r:o ••>•:»•• nationally n-.-rliilinri! K ("CMriativ'i greatest v.'av lyro-?. '!y- day l;c* finds lilnyflf .';•:":lei! in J'u/lect at fiom the political itump «!. u traitor to his and c;:stc i". n lite country. I: Is a revri-Eal :hnt could orcur o.iiy in posl-Kai::emt German 1 ,.' where the j;pab!ica;is still have to; fight bitter foc-f within their own cciinlry. who seek to car da«n the guvJrmnent. Politic;, of course, is the answer, fcr when Von Mi:c;kc csrro ;:om? fioiv, his s.c?. exploits with the p!atuUt:-. of r.U Germany rlnfjn? In his ears. :l w;s c-isy for / him to win a place In the nc«- r'resime. Several years ago he joined the forces of Adolf Hitler, «ei!:in-{ tt'iiai- secn:':d to be a great i-ansa in Hitler's principles. He even ciected to th- Suxon pirllnraent on thehl licket: Turned Against Iflllrr But uo\v, having ecru hei.l up a: TH1EE- FDR it's THUKr. 91, He Chooses Bride of: 19 New Born Buby Crammed in Buck- • Bavn Near Cootcr. j COCTEll, Mo.—A woman pr.d tv.-o men are in jail al Canithers- •,•:'.• rl: •;;?•.! v.i:h n«ir.l.'r an th: :'.:i Inriulry which Iclbw- H'OVL'iy o! ihr cf n n baby v.tinmed in a tin c. burn thr?e miles 5ou;h jun is Mrs. Mamie Kvims. .1 ;••> ,:• Hi uncthcr of Ihe d...v! eh.Id. Hit: mm ase 11. A. Rld- .11.-, :i'J. iiiid Raymond Sprucll, 35,,..., to:- v.-hcm Mrs. kept haus?. \ * J1 ' a ' tcr ""• is olll >' '9 liiuicil around -.MI \.noi- J'lv'.? F-I- bcdy was discovered in the '''">"''. Ol-.ln.. Chll War veteran, ,ws no reason niv his n-ii-lrv' wl"i turn of I. W. Girrett by William.! Bmlm Etkerl thouUln't. be n success Kroiy. u n '' ' ' '" girl nnd telephoned her where! nbouls to anxious relatives anil hundreds of police who were swelling for her. I Alice was covered with coat and her (eet were blistered when the at the Lawrence -jtij.ts. . u • ,..,.. ., C-irl of 13 Appears at Sub- ui!nui Home, Unable lo Tel! Own Name. DENVEIl. Jan. 13. lUI'l—Alice Lucille lli!iii]>liii'y-i, 1:1. hpirors, wandered Into ih.> servnnl mmi^rs in :lu- ];iti:il h'!inf of Thomas II. l..mrc-neo in MMilclnir, n Denver sirbuib. i-aily loliiy. du/i'cl and 11:1- nblo In y.iy «•:»> .she \\,is. !!•. pnru-d kldn.iprd abm.t mU- iil'-lU llu- lime BUI WRJ, drt'isrd In l.r.vicnci 1 :!u:i;c. The- KJrvants, two iiii'(,ii) women and u m:m kept her Jn Ihelr <|ii.uim mid when (he il/.iwinires awoke they Idenlllled Ihe Jwi eisa OKI Ache All Over from Colds? Thote dull , throbbing pains in head and that ache-all-over fetling that usually Kcom|uny dead colds c»n be relieved ina few minuin with Capudiae. Being liquid, Capiidiiic works in one-third tlie lime of other forms. Kajyoii the 31,001- ocli. Api>rovcd bydruBKiiloajh.irmless r.iin chaser and ([ulck comfort (o c<|| f* HICKS • Lapudmt W FOR HfAMfHf* I arrest of Mrs. Evans and the two „ ' men All thrc-e denied Ku!H. They Captain Helmuth von Muccke. here pictured In the uniform in which j were taken to Cariithersvlllc by !:: won national acclaim tor his wartime n:hfutures in lro;,! Co;'stable A'.bevl Woodard to ilx. 1 baby>; neck hi 1 .:! b^en i bi.fcrn und tj'.c borly i-rnmmed In i !a ;::>all tin bucket. It evidently had j :bc;:: -J:::l about. 10 days. \ Circumtunllal evidence piesented : When Patrolman Willis I al a couii'jr's Inquest conducted by ui m wv "Dc. J. n. Vlcktry resulted in (he (roll call and explained (hat he had \ 20o"pou KINK1I GO l'OONI>S rluce his weight by i;o p=unds. Tli-y H. f. (UP) — UugBt'sli'd liymnasllcs ::iul dlrllir' lam J. Smith j If (he p.ilmlmau c.nlies out Ill- was an hour and a hall late for ] sentence h- will then weluh a mere nds. l - .a~ tenounced hi-j mem^rEhip in the cm.jait;::::!:; a^^inst, the pii:ici[:3^ the Kalinnal Scclnlist cf ii.s ieador. But. nov:, having tccn hel.l np ac ^-t 'e^. ite tr.insIeivc'J 1C the lit.i' rtl" f !/ 'Jlf*ni a prize exan:p!e of brlliiaiU yo'.uij Gciiiisn coallug \e.=s:l. the Cliois-• LL L K [jiL I I war hero relurn:d to bscom? a i»5. of 19CO Ions, after having llv- j .jj f i\ !(] f }1! leading National Soeinli'.t lie her ed in the Aycslra for <5 days and' U 1 - 1 -'' rBl-UI THEFT turned Just as firmly against th? causo he ^sponsC'.t. lie is cursed In officers' clubs and is the particular target of the Hitlerite army. For Vor, JUuecke has launched 3 Ugorciis campaign ajains; them ii! an effort lo ^how tlie Gcrnuiti people that iri r Jer cind his party v<?aily are a danger to the Fatl-.rr- IJr.d. failed 17C3 miles. In the Chcisini he sailed across ' Ihe Indian Ocean,'sneaked past ih? j British guards r.t, the entrance lo I the Hed Sea and landed fit Ho- j deita :p. .Mabia. Then there'be-i ;sn i: \voiirl:rfii! march across ;hc C;CE:I;, -.irtly en icot, partly on cnn.3], until lie reached Damascus j In tiie sining of 1915. From tlier? fallen asleep on his beat, police coniutoicnm sentenced Mm to rc- OWN YOUR™OME™ "" "™ It >nu arc luiiue S20.00 per month rtnt for the home you llvr In, nl (hr rnd of ten years, yuu will Ui ve paid out JMOO.W. mill «lll havr iinllnujf but n Ku-jc batch of rent receipts to show fur your munry, Iml If yu-.i deal with mt, at the end of lh»t lime, yuu nin bo tin- owner of the home lo which jo»'lly*. Tint's Ihr illlTprrnri-. I haic nuire than Iwrnty.dve houses in lilylhevlllo from whlth yuu make ,-i sclrt-lluu, If Intereslcd, see me. C. J. Evrard KEUB LOWS Of course, to enemies of the Na- I' 1 '- lvcll t by train with h!i men to lidiial Socialists, he is doubly u | Coi:.-:tairinople where hi- and thei cbbcr Menaced K. W. Chapman With Revolver, Farmer Reports. H Clubs and Womens Organizations Will Hold op;cial Programs. Sheriff's deputies are searching I Hoys and Girls 4-K clubs will he organized ami Women's clubs will hero now. ll took more thn.n physl- I nnvlvors reported lor duty to the • for Walter Walker, negro, who is ! n:cct for special programs concern- cal . courage, r.hcy point out. 10 | "mazed German Admiral. Nntliiit'j I allcjetl to have stclcn a quuiitiiy i lug t! ' p yeasl bread contests in make public his reversal of feeiinj like il «'as done by any officer O I meat and to have threatened K. ; iiicenmjs to be held this week bv' •-- — -- !~~~L.l -I....-,...--: ., _^n. ... _, , . . ^,-__. ,,_... „. * such bold moves. For Vcn j 9 n it was done by any either sid-> during the Muecke has turned his tack on ior ''l struggle. Killer's party with "loathing and disgust" Enlendins to reveal to the German pe-plc "whnt 2. fiar.dtilem orjanization the National Socialist party is." Th; only thin-; about it, he declares, is its name. and it has no concern for the common man. but is subsidized, by rich lndifitrlall?;s v.ho are the cr cf tabor. Von Muecke opeiKt; hin speak- ill',' cnm-jaian in Berlin's largest' . public hail, which was packed to ^tho doors. Tn pester broadsUcs lie used these vigorous words: "Off with the mask! Germany awakening rubs her eyes and sees v.'ith indignation that th2 men who pcse as moral regenerators of the German people do not slop at lies.- calumny nnd hrroches o! their word of honor...Germany sees lhat men who pose as purifiers of .the national life convicted 'of corruption, embezzlement, usury. burglary and offenses against morality." Fought in Tropic Seas This is the man whos? courage ant! adventures In 19H-15 sur- pasiiCd anything novelists Iiavc- dared to invent. July, 1914. found him a care-free joung navnl lleute- uar.t, second in command en the little Gtnnan cruiser Emrien. which was lazing along in. the hot waters of the Yellcw Sea. Early in August the commander rectiv- (d a wirclesr. ir.osKge that Germany was at war with Russia. France, England and Japan. Far as he was from, any fr:=ndiy harbor, with his small ship and his 300 men, lie was to do all he could to destroy enemy ships. Thus began the epic of the littl™ Emden..On the very first day she captured an enemy ship. -Thereafter, for months, she pursued her successful course, provisioning and coaling herself from the supplies she tonne", en various which she afterward sank. Her ^commander learned that at le:iit T10 English, nussinn. French and Japanese men-of-war were on the search for him. Notwithstanding this, ha saucily cruised in the Gulf of Bengal, appeared off Ha.;ocn and Calcutta and then one night disturbed the peace of an officers' mess In Ntadras by bomtardlns and destioyinj the oil tanks ther". Next he showed up at Colomln in Ceylon and captured a couple of UE£cls. Then the German slipped (jroat The Editor's Letter Box W. Obapman. from whose smokehouse the meat is said to have b?en Miss Co:a Lee Coleman, county home demonstration agent. H. D. stolen, with a pislol when Chap- Cariienlcr and J. E. Crltz. county man attempted to recover the meat, j at'ricuijiiral agents, i According to reports Chapman. 1 'n the 4-H clubs officers ore be| who lives northeast .of this elty, j '»S elected for 1931 and drives ; suspected Hie negro of stealing the i made lor more members. Thlsgroup 'meat end went to t'ne negro's home ; vv i" P'acc special emphasis on tho Tribute To Our Confederate s Veteran, the Jud^c C. L. JIcorB Cnce again ot!r hear Is iire'.inddmal For a fiisnti has pss^Gd away; /mother plac- ts % vacnnt, In Ihe thinning line cf Gray. Ihey are going one by one the m-m Who nobly; wore the dray. The old ranks that, battled once How'th'iri' they an: tcday; en a nearby farm yesterday. "l.lve at Home" program In this Searching the premises lie found l'? 31 "s activities. The Women's Ihe meat curled in t!:e b?.rn-lji. i clubs, in the bread contest, arc When the negro saw lhat Chp.y- 1 linvlnj i« memtfirs become ex- man had discovered tho j P"Ls In this an along with cache, he is reported to .-.ave ccv- I "sua! oUier ncttvitles which make. ii]» 'he motithly programs. The Women's club of Shady Grovi: met Monday aftsrnoon Tuesday the 4-H clubs of Manila ' and New Hope are meeting with M::s Ccleman and J. E. Critz at- e:-ed the planner with a pistsl and forced him to fl?e with a threat to kill him. • Arcli Lindssy, deputy sheriff, wefit (o ,\ remnant's all that is life of those! 10 ™ r wsevl]le, Me., last ni^h; to Who so proudly wore the Grav. I ""'jsllgatc 2 tip that the negro ,„„.,.,„ TKn „.„„ , . „, Wh;n the Souihland he loved *>\^^^ »„. «««««, emp- j ^ ^acar L^Wom „. Thefts. of cattle and hojs fro.-n barn-lots .'and fields nnd meat from urifies LUCKIES are always kind to your throat smokehouses have been reported in Increasing .numbers In the past two weeks and officers in many townships In this district, have fcesr busy attempting to trace stolen meat and gather evidence against the thieves. Heard war's dread alarm, . He was quick to answer "Ready' To the stirring coll to. Arr'S. Never once did Ills couraga :aitei Soldier like he stood the test. Till ha crossed the silent .-ivsr. The Great Commander calls them home. l.-lkc soldiers they obey. One by ore they go to seek '.:i5t dreamer's rest. Thcii chieftain's brave have pa^ed U'.vay. | Beyond the mystic scf.. I The gallant, raniis that met (he fot>' Havr crumbled into dust: ' Aye. one by one. the Southland's] sons Who wore an honored name Go down into that silent camp. Forever linked to tiune. 'Ihcy are passing away those deal- old friends: Life a leaf on the stirring tide i \Vif.i never a break In the rapid! flow. ' That there was less d:sej;e in We wnlch them as one by one 1 :vlissis sii>pi comity in Dsremh:r they co " | llla " in nn >' month o' the past Tor unto us is left th? keeping j - vear is shown In the- monthly re- Of tieditions they held jur.t. i port of lhc county .health unit, into Ihe l>:ati!iful :iast lh"se heroic i A low ' nf 25 communicable cii-' Souls r.rc passinj and glory guanis • sca;c5 wns reported compared to them a)!. : C2 ca? "s in the two preceding Soon the last will answer the toll • m °nths. 187 in January, February call on the other shor?, : and March of "29 and 125 in The cause they served will ever live \ Aprl! - Mn >' nntl Ju:le - wjile tim? Tllc "Inrsses included cl)Icka:i Hears battles bugle, calls. 1 I 10 ,*' 2 - 'vphoid lever. 7; diphih- , n .c, o. Scnr i ct (ever 3 . tni^^-.n le ' r00 "' „ S. D. Carpenter and Miss Col2- man will go to Hlg.itower- and Bur- deite Thursday for 4-H meetlnjs t-j be followed with a Woim-n's club at llie : .home of Mra.'.H. L. Autry. ci feurdette, Thursday/afternoon. Tiie;Boynton and Pawheen *-H cluba a;re meeting Friday with Miss Colenun and J. E. Crltz i Li'tie County, Health Unit's Report Reveals. For' them the remnants of the I brave Glory writes upon the scroll they I made. Ere long Ihe last ol'.l veteran giv;r j Will rest beneath Ihe stars. j ^^ May we in tbrlr pathway strew I Ecross to Penang in Malaysia In- i Words of love and flowers sneet I tered the harbor, and destroyed a [To show they are remembered tco.j Russian cruiser and a French dc- — T1 '- c Elliott Fletcher clmpler of | Yours Suffering By .New Medicine—Stomach Trouble And Constipation Disappear, Too. slroyer. -.Finally he set fcrlh for lhc Keeling Islands in the Indian Ocean, iifre Ihe British had z cable and wireless station, constituting the last link between Ensl-mrt nnd Australia. The commander decided to land a party to drslroy the cable. Von Muecke was chosen for the Job. He took with him two officers, six non-commissioned of- llcers and 41 men. Their Ship Destroyed On Nov. 9, 1914. while they were at work, they heard he.-vy the Emden bein the United Confederacy. Daughters of 3: sn?allpox, 1; meningitis, 1; whooping cough, 1; pellagra, 1. Immunization, sanitation and educational activities continue to! be the chief work of lii; iini'.. I The 14 lectures Given were attended by 1255 persons. Gf the 71 school children examined. 52 were found to have ED defects. Consul-! | lotions with pai'fi'-ts were held! ! and home vlsils mad; in addition! "HcurUis caused me Icrriblc suf- ' to the 55 talks to cbsscs In hy-1 fcring fcr ten years", said Mr."-.. MRS. C. T. WEBB eicne. The 302 sanitary inspections made i Included private- and public premises, dairies and other food handl- j ing place?. New fewer connections was I also radically improved ten places. firing and saw me r-mut-ii uems j W!ls j, 56 a C0 n cc i c(t | n the past pounded to pieces byjhc Austral- j momh ii-9 Books Daily Average From BIytheville Library IS In the month there 1214 books read from the Blythe-! Typhoid vncclrie was given to ville library. This daily average of' 834 persons: 229 were innoculflted 49 was distribute:! among all ages i for diphtheria and 968 vaccinated with 790 children's books and 42< | for smallpox. adult's books issued, in the 731 editions. C5 were taken school students. There 0 ian cruiser Sydney, tcr tailed away. Undismayed. Von Then the lat- Muetke rigged up the Ayesha. a 97-ton sailing vessel inlendcd lo hold on? officer r.nd five tiv.-n. Into this he crowded eight times thr.t number, plus water and provisions, and sailed flway He entered the Dutch hcr- ol Pandr.'.is In Sumatra. Th? • ! -:ilch wanted lo interne him, bu. ' t fought it cut ntid got away. Oi:t . Two new books have b;en placed I on th eshelves according to Mrs. |H. A. Smith, librarian. They are: Temple Bailey's new novel "Wild Wind" and "Mantrap". Sineiair Lewis' late-t novel. of the free te.xt books furnished to public schools. Arithmetic suffered worst. Children tore the multiplication tables from 100,000 copies in a school year. C. T. Webb. Route No. 2, Buck- ncr, near Independence. "My neck was stiff ru:d the pains around my heart v.ere lerrible. I suffered day nnd night r.nd could not si.'cp. Constipation and an add stomach added to my misery. "Konjola was the only medicine lo bring relief lo me. Aflcr only four bottles neuritis disappeared.! ccnstipallon vanished, and my| The advice of your fhjjician is: Keep out of doon, in the open air, breathe deeply; take plenty of exercise in themellow sunshine, and hate a periodic check-up on the health of your body. " " ,™ », I Is n doctor's Tex., Jan (UP)— Negro i /-, «« i children loke better care of school I L01QS 311(1 books than white b:ys and girls,! IT IS TIIK , the Texas State Board of Educa- 1 lion discovered in a survey made 1 GGO MOST SPEEDY ItEJSEDV KNOWN. ALSO IX TAHI.ETS. stomach Is grefttly relieved. I eat r.:id sleep hetter than I have In! ten years. I can't praise Koujoia: too strongly." | This Is not, by any means, an unusual case. There are thousands Just like it on flic In the Kon- jo!a record. But find out for yourself what Konjola Is and whntj It will do. Begin nrt clsht weeks: treatment now—today. | Konjola Is Mid in BlyUievllle.' Arkansas at Kirby Drug Stores. end by all the best druggist! In nil to»ivs throughout . this enlir: section. ; Everyone knows that sunshine mellows-that's why the "TOASTING" process includesthe use of the Ultra Violet Rays. LUCKY STRIKE-the finest cigarette you ever smoked/ made of the finest tobaccos—the Cream of the Crop—THEN TOASTED/ 1 Everyone knows that heat purifies and so "TOASTING"-that extra/ secret process—removes harmful irritants that cause throat irritation end coughing. ft Your Throafr Protection — against irritation — against cough ®mi,Th« Anttlon Totuceo Co., Mfrv

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