The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 12, 1934
Page 3
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THURSDAY, APRIL 12, 1984 BLVi'HEVILLB. (ABK.V COURIER NEWS SELECT DISTRICT This ['holograph a Smashing Success Lorn pete at Joiicsboro Satin-day, April 21 Knlrams are being decided upon: for the annual senior liUdi school '• '• hicrury m?et:iv,. cl nonheiist Ar-' kansas sc'-iwls. ID I)-. )|..".| a:, jonr-s- bsra April 21. The : nl:l : .ik' uicel- will (>:• held i'-e; Sa'.nr- day hi the same city. . B3!-:-.i Douglas won ilie right to i'c-pri-S'..iH tin- sc--o:>] m composition J'.sth Mitchell jo!'ns. second, 1'nu- mi-? FoT.'tr «'~n fi:st honors in piano with Kalinyn U'a'pole. second, and Kill U. Snyder. third. T.-ohin Kcehle: 1 will IK* cl:e girls' voice con-j; t'">t I'litratil. PJT b'jys' voice ciai'll' 11; ie? win fir-i! place. liobert Fish-'' „ ]•:;. 'i2~o!irl. and Hohnil Hunt. Uiird.'iiS Tne girls' tvio will be composed of, • Ann Tomukhis. Jewell Russell nnd j •• Inric Thompson.! B. Snyder :s j I ff . the conl3s:ant in violin. Daniel i ^ Booiie «PO fir<'.. iiahiid Hunt, set-' ond, and Murray Harris, t'iril, in | '"*'" ft!l ° de[-laii)?tlo:i. in nnci'm; Jlanh.i' Ann Lynch won firu pb.ce and Ja- sa'.yn Blomeyer, sjcnnn Malhcn win ;lebme fT boys and 39 Pemiicot Youth. ! Assigned to C. C. C. Camps CARUTHERSVILI-E, Mo.-Tnlr. ly-nhie Peiulscot counly yontlis liave bcon .selected [or duty at c. C. 0. camps. They Include 33 white nnd six negro youths. The white yotitlis were M-iit to Van lliifi'ii. MU. They uiv: Steele, Sum Arnold. Uilns V. nyi's. Harvey UHI'KCI'. nnd J. Sanders; Swift, C'icirilui) lii'U mill El* I 1 ! Kulx'ilson; 1'usi'olii, Dock i Fisher. Ouortic Swui \?, Vinllii Buck, lllll Chnk. and Kl/.le Jor- i dim; Huyu'iird, Vlnivncr Minikins; I Briifii; City. ChcMer Jones tititl | _ William Harry; Waidell. Joseph' j linker nnd Cliuide llnl!i'v; llnyu. 1 i John Walker; Coltaimutitl I'olnt, | Clny Join's; Ilollitnd, WilUiivn Nininery, B. p. ijiirk, wilbnrn IWiii.Min and Bvcu-it Wnlki'r- |Ciiiiiilii.rsvllle, l> f | u . Oriiyinnti | Wwxlrow nuincU, Kdwnnl Knwll, ' Cliurli's Aydi'lou. Cliurlivs MrMur- rn.v 1R.KI3. No. •>}. i-Vunk Clnn- ini'iis. Juhn llenson. Lnnuial Ilus- cy, Mllt'ou KIIIK, J. K. i.iiu'micc f"«l Jiinics Ausllii. ' The jieuro hoys Lrnvmivo-lli. 1IEY. MAXIE1 Errn Beit MUml MEDPORD, ore. (UP>—Medford was tlw wtrmMt clly In Die United 3lntes on March 23 this year. The Iciujx'rultirt' ft'tw 72 degrees. Tlie sinne day I'ortlnnd wta HI, Loi Anseles U8. AdvrrlUe Cup Kitrn NEWPORT, R. I, ID!')— A gold nnd blue sticker bearing a picture 'jof Iwo yachts encircled with n life i I buoy Is to be Issued by Ihu Cliiiin- I.IJIT of Comnn'rce lu ndvcillw the ! America's Cup niees t<i be slaijed i ulf here late next .suiinner. Mount McKinley, the loftiest j moinunln In Noi Hi America, is Ice plnleil for 14.0CO fert below lus I wn: in Ft. Sara Jo Lilt'e .'or girls. In the girls' debate second plnce went to Kila TaKhuer and third 'to Jow- plune Johnson. Mirearet Shaver is the tnirant in lypewritln^ with EIJ.1 Taichnpr wiuninj ;^co:-,u ulucj. Veni snliba will enter the Latin contest. Ira Gray jr. will enter the stolc l!lc spotlight at a Philndclphia i/rcstllns match the other night were not the grap- |.!rr.-i in the rin;'. but Ihe principals pictured hero: Franklin D. Roosevelt. Jr., son of the President, and I3or. Corveili. Philadelphia ne'.vspaper photographer. Young Roosevelt, angered when Corvelll snnp- ieri the ringside photo of him shown r.t, left, leaped for the phologropher nnd smashed his camera. L!U Corvolll got the last laugh, as yon see. He hud slipped the plate in his pceket before being, felled by a Roosevelt flying tackle. Friday evening nt the home M.-f. J. W. Panelu. Mrs. Vivian Dison presided of thai or.e can't get as much as : she is expecting lor so little. Mo-: in thcr'.s answer to that was, that'., thu business session during which; the mony little drops oi water 1 n?w membr-r. Miss Ivy O'Neal, • made (he ocean. t . -...etry contest with Vera SaHlm was enrolled. It was decided to w'iiinin.,' seco.'jjl ni>.d Ti-elma 'fate, hare n.s the immediate objective t.nrd. in tlii"i. ijarimic Coulter will the tnndscapins of the new com- f|K!l, with Constance Smith b'iiii'j inunily club grounds. Seeds and awarded second place. Mitchell plants were distributed nnd each Johns -.von first lionors and Emma number wilt be responsible for the a! least six Kflx Car Honeymoon Cottage BOZEMAN, Mont. (UP1 — Shucks, a box car's all right for a honeymoon—if you're really in lthoilKli loUacco is sively in nearly every the world, it yields clothlnij. fhelter, ur M-d exten- rnuulry In no loml. drink, A new Jcvs'lsh UK!> IliK'Lit frcim Ti'Mis tu Illilkl! (In- Kiilli Miivl,. J[ HID illvlM.m. Ili^ IA ;ihciV(>. V\IHI lilts a n.i-o kmirkimis in V, ili:lil». win-lilin 1,111 la .\v«. jui'sent ai,J v.\l>t'i:to lu » ('•j^'jiililiiiini too* tciiic.h fur I'liuiniilfjti ut llyinlo I.Hcr. n.i-onl «,f 27 llu K miserable Spring Colds HEAD TH(M OFF . . . with this aniazinji aid in preventing colds ... VlCKS NoseSTtiroat PROPS CLEARS "STUFFY" HEADS 13.CJ9 Wads of C.uni HARTFORD, conn. IUP> — Ed- •Jo Hess. sjconU. :i; ihe nl»!'br.i i;'nv,'tti of c-'J:ni«:ition. T:.e high school or- the yard. c!;c-.;;ru. directed bv Everett Mo Do'.vcl!. M-I!I enter tha: contest. much gum could lie found in a flowers in' typical school." They found 13.- i &2 1 J V,IH!S pasted on desks, seals The president appointed these! and other convenient places; an committees: Pioijrani—Mrs. Doline. average of three on ench drinking Several results are yet :i:u!ec:a?;l. Oiniter and Mre. Addle nrlttlnn; fountain, and in all, if niehed. In shorthand. E)!a fasi'!:n^r. Ann Eiitertninment — Miss Alma Brit-1 atout four gallons. '.love." With ihiiL expliumtlon, Earl Jwnddcll nnd his brine of seven months returned here recently to te how they hop|>ed a freight and cur en route to Eugene, Ore., where Waddell had been promised n ji-b. SPORT SHOES Tompkins ard Mi'dreii .larr:-u are lian. fris O'Neal and Mis-s {. Emma ,io Ho^. lirunc!;'.- "«th Burks; Relicshmenl.s—Mrs. id.Vy ;uid 'r.'ieJm.i rate ar-' i:i J - w - Faiiihi, Jjls.s Ivy O'Neal and history preliminary. T:.e hoys' :vM ' ilS Louise O. Payne, i^lei has not yot been sclecled. Sandwiche.s and icrd tea were •.cried in the socinl hour. The Kelt canal joins the North ;nd Baltic .'.ens. Captain Alccck and Lieutenant Brown, with two black cats, were the first .human beings to spun the Atlantic by air. in 1919. is Lone Oa!c Community Kitchen Is Dedicated Thr Lone Oak canning kitehin •.'.'!i.s appropriately dedicated with :i nwrial meeting Monday. Visitors •'.r-re Mrs. Pink Webb. Mrs. Maud liiitlcn. M:s. f.ucille Ba<;;;i-u. Miss Lou; Fields. Mrs. Howard P.-oclor r.nrl W. n. Stovall. Olnncr. prepared in the new kitchen, was served, and a brief Program WB.s"L'ivrn which' included :••'.! nl wrlcome bv In CHURCH KXCU6ES IN MOIORIAM memory of my darling boy,, f-fcroy Richard Wood, who passed o«ay OIK year ago. April 16. 1933. 'Darling U'roy how I mfss you, I Since from me yon passed aivay; [ And my heart is sad and lonely, ' As I think of you today. | •Darlinu you died so yniing and brave I cry in anguish, Why? never [Oh! You, for whom life was so short, • Why did you have to die? Mother fays she intends t:> even .'so much os mention baptism ttf Jos until she feels that lie is in" such tr.'enta] condition ,..,,.„ ,. , , - ,, - A ' rs> Mhrit he can uidcr.iUnd and ap- C,ia Hrxlvr- r.nd tats by Miss' ia(( , hc ,. vlms _ she sare , hat Cr,a !,:» toleman and Mrs. Proc- i! hc [!co , , lot lm(J , r ,, ta , 1( , !lo , v Jo e. 'with the inielliaenc? he displayed. It's what the soul has seen, ' X-7'T' 0 " I 1 "' 1 " WrC i:1 s?;cctin ? »'= r ° r hi5 wlff «ntl|And what the life has meant. ,'*.. ', " snotter 0!1 ' eht as his mother-in-law can I .»!>rn ^.l. At lhat time i a ji to see Ulat ner cnurc ], js \l -. "i, 3 , Holl?<: ! lound tu be risht not only on . , uaus "ill anausje :,| ]e baptismal question but on all church questions, that after all fh'J ... , .„ aruinnent.s s!:e has put up he scji! mrin will prepare refresh-;.. ;cks to i; lhal * uch \.. Mr is i nec:SKir>. She says Joe is intel- ,,,... n r, 7, • i 'igcnl rnniigh but just stubborn tVill Beautiiy Grounds !••« »ii his kind ?<?em to to. And f r, •• fl I,' Joc ' fa ' s Mo'hcr is hke a Int cf Will wither and decay; Oi CornmunHy LlUU people, wants a whole lot for I But my love for you wh ; 'i: e t n little, and that when the beneath, lime comes for the final settle- Will never fade away." ment she is going to find out! A broken hearted The famous old Applan Way 460 miles in length. WASTOUT 15 MILES OF KIDNEY TUBES j Win Back Pep . . .Vigor .. .ViUlltj ' M«,:cil authorities agree that jour kid • npya contnin 16 MILKS of tiny tube* oi filt^ri vrhifli h*lp to purify the b!ooi anj • keti> yo'j htiUhy. They thould pour ou| I thru the bUililer 3 pints at flu ft] a da) :whieh contain* 4 pour.d* of i.-aste n»Uer. ' If you hive trouble wllh tno frenueiil i tUdder pastures with ictnty amount ratis- i ins buniini; and discomfort the J5 MILE. 1 } ; of kidney tule< nted w«sl" PAflE THREE • i . i » Ton can keep a good shirt r. DOWN! HANES shirt-uih know their place . . . and keep ill You" have BO much length tucked into your shorts that It can't sneak up and bunch at the belt! •'•"" There's just as much comfort across your chest, toot IlANES Shirts arc elastic-knit. They stretch out smooth and trim .. :' "• snuggle up to your skin without.. adrooporsagl But don't think;. r ._ you'll be choked or held in..... check. No matter which way -"' you move, HANES goes right along with yonl .'".," Get into a pair of HAHF.S-- • Shorts, and put them through the paces. Bend, stretch, twist, and reach. Here's freedom of the dress—nothing cuts or pulls I Colors guaranteed last. Gentle'-' men, that is Wonderwearl SeS'.',T.' your HANKS dealer today.. P. H. Hanes Knitting Company,-.?.'. Winston-Salem, N. C. 'Cut its not the length of the life ~v» lj,. p f »HK Dili-mill: anu o;icom T , , , , of kidney twlea r.ted washitiBout. This tlai Its not the years that are spent, ter alsnal m»y be tkc btciunlr.g of nin K inu backache, ieir pair.j, toss of pep and vitality. up nlsMs. lumbago, swollen Snl and ankles, rheumatic cams and dittiiwsi. If kidneys don't traply 3 pints every daj — •* (t-t rid of 4 pounils of visit matu-r. a program and Mrs. Lydia Fiekl. Mia. William Po.vell and Mrs. Hcr- "And memory of you will al be A fragrant and lovely thing; Like a row that was pluckid withered, An eternal breath of spring. -jvc ajs your body willt.kt up that l.oj«ons«ujin Mrioui trouble. It n-.ay knock you out and ' "The flowers grave The home demonstration club of New Liberty and Shady Lane met I place ut>on your ifho sic lay you up for many nion'.hs. 'Don't wait. Ask jo\ir dmztlil for DOAN'S PILLS j . . . a Doctor's preicription . . . which KRI I leen used iuccesiliillyby millions of tidcei j lufftccrs for over 10 yens. They (rive quEeV I reltef «r.d will hdp to wash out tie 15 ; JULES of kidney lubes. - But don't UVe cr.ances with strone <lruai or so-called "Iciuney cures" ttat claim to fix . joa up in 15 mlnutei. Your common lenst will tell sea that this i« impossible. Trot- mentl of this nature may icrioutly Injure P 5 *°A imlate delicate limits. IniUt on I DOAN'S PIM,5 ... lie old reli.bte reliff | lhat contain no "doDe" or liablt-forminii j dru«. Be mre you ad DOAN'S FILU1 mother. ! at your drLiciat. Q-&H, Fgsttr.Millrain Co. You'll want ne\v Sport Shoes for the first warm evening so why not stop in today and make your selection while the show- is most complete For drew-up oc- ? :i s Ions you'll v. lint n pair of White Shoes. We have them In many stylt'.i. WHITE - - - • BLACK AND WHITE TAN AND WHITE TAN ON TAN BLACK PERFORATED TAN PERFORATED WHITE PERFORATED INTER WO VFJN TO HARMONIZE HOSF- ----- 35c - 50c ANKLETS - - - 35c - 50c NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO. SAMSONBAK (Sinioiltid) Unlon-Suili Others, J5c WONDERWEAR WM.R. MOORE'S "Thr Smith's l-trncst Wlmlrsaln Ilousr" MEMPHIS ( n A N K s WIIOLKSAl.K DISTKIIUrrORS LRABER'( Dresses Lead in the Style Parade ami here nrf prices that will lead you to (his Silk Dresses Kxpfci-iciicc has liiuglil us tliat whon ;i woman Iniys a dress, she likes to choose from a large selection, and we attribute our success lu the fact Unit we give larger selections than other stoics offer. In this particular offering, you will find hundreds of dresses, including rough crepes, cheers, and other favored materials, in solids, hijrh shalles, polkas, prints, and print combinations, in one and 2- pkco. rapelcl dresses, and other attractive styles for misses and in sizes from 14 to 48. Tlie most thrilling variety of ;tyles you have ever examined, and US \VHRN WE SAY THRY ARE ACTUAI, No Charge for Alterations. § One Woman Tells Another ami thus the Fame of Graber's Shoes Spread* Women nre prortl of the smartly ttylctl shoes tliey btiy here. But even more pleased nre they with the values we jive. That's why iltcy nil aijree that H | ays lo buy all their shoes al GKABEHS'—Where ;he latest styles are shown first -Anti always at the low- i si prices. In this group are shoos exactly like those being sold ninny plares at S2.50 nnd S'2 93 and co n- pariso:: will show this to oc true! T-Strap* Tie* in 6.98 and 7,98 Values White Navy Black All Styles AA to C (IRARER'jB ^^^^ nTTJT CSTAT>I?C3 ^B^^ Blvlhevillc DEPT. STORES "It's Smart To Be Thriftv" Ark. Spring House Cleaning Calls for Now CURTAINS And, As Usual CHAUHHS' Show Ihc Largest Selections Prisciihi (ui tains TliM; attvactiv.' curtains, ready to hang, come In clipped dots and nmrqni.scllcs, in ruffled styles with woven designs. Dnxcn.s nf I'nltents in All Favored .Maleri.ils S-1'IECE RUFFI,E1) CUIITA1NS We challenge yon to fqual the vnluc in these ;ets. made from high quality niarqutselUs nnci cliirod doLs in colorful combinations. Our slock of pari?! curtains. Including Boston ].•. '. 11- .-^ _. Panels, and Rayon Mesh P.m.;.; t^«?7l|^ 5-l'icce Maniuiscllc Cuilain.s 25c CURTAIN i-CKIMS We call particular altcntion to a complete selection oi ngular We Curtain icrhns. the n. 1 • — fa and popular clipped dot drcljiis which T K fi we feature at •• *•* ** W> Invite your c-i.-imination nt our larjc stcrk (il Brocaded Drapery Materials, is well as Kast Color Crdonnts an* Reversible Terry Cloth Drapery

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