The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 22, 1949
Page 7
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! FRIDAY, APRIL 22,1949 BT/VTHRVTLT.n (ARK.) COURTCR NEWS PAGE SEVBrf e re s t Cotton Planting Moves Ahead Some Sections In County In Need Of General Rain Cotton pliiminR over much of the county moved into high gear this week ns farmers rushed to take Advantage of Hie prevailing lirnr-idi'iil pluming ivrathcr. In Ills weekly ri'imrl, County Ascnt Keitli J. Bilbrry listed pi an I- iiiK operations in most areas ns heavy but iie reported that some sections are in need of a iieni' ruin, especially in the heavier land areas. General or heavy planting got underway late last week, lie said and continued throughout this week with most all of the farmers doing some planting. Sonic farmers are witnessing a mile difficulty with cloddy land, he said, caused by heavy winter and spring rains. , Com in some sections of the county, mostly In the western part, is up to a stand, the county agent reported and the planting of soybeans in some areas is well underway. Some lute alfalfa plrmtine was reported this week by farmers who have been handicapped by weather condition*. The labor .sHuniion over N'o Mississippi County is satisfactory Mr. Bilbrey laid. Hendrix College Dean To Retire at End of Term CONWAY, Ark, April 22. vn— Dean Thomas S. staples of Hen- rtrix College's history department will retire at the end of this term. Dr. Staples, for 41 years a member of the Henrirlx history fucultv, will be succeeded as dean by Dr. W. c. Buthman, who joined the faculty In 1923. The change was announced by Matt L. Ellis, president of the Freckled Hero Skeetcr McConaghini, 11, awoke and learned he's a hero, at Oaklyn. N. J. Skeets had almost forgotten that he pulled Allen Lavin, his 22- month-old cousin from nearby Newton Creek. Oiiklyn's Mayor Malcolm Mncnnul and boroneh council hadn't (ho'.-fh. They told the boy they are making lormal application for a Ctuncsle Lllcstlving medal. (AP Wirephoto). Methodist school. Dr. Staples, who is 10, was born In Georgia. He attended Emory University and Columbia University. He Is the author of "Reconstruction In Arkansas.." "Political History or Arkansas. 1875-1.08," and co-author of "Our Land and Our People." He Is recognized as an expert on Civil War and reconstruction history. He Is 11 charter member and vice president or the Arkansas Historical Association arid a member of the Southern Historical Association. Do You Want a Premium FOR YOUR TOP HOGS? Tt pays to ship ynnr livestock fr> ___ Dixie National Stockyards in Memphis Tuesday's Market Aprill9, top price paid $18.25 Jews Take Up Farming in Peak Numbers Dining 1948, more Jewish families were settled on fauns In ihr United -States (ban In any but three of tlie previous -18 years. It was pointed out in the 40th annual report of The Jewish Agricultural Society released by Dr. Gabriel n.ivldson. the Society's Ixmitivc bead. The report deals wilh the Hoeiclv's woik to encouraco and advance, farming among Jews In the United Slates. It stresses the society's effort to establish on farms ex-service men. DP's, workers, white collar men and others who look lo farm- i»K bolli ns « means of livelihood atid a more desirable way of life. The report discloses that I he Society ba.s granted nearly $11,000,000 in loans lo Jewish fanners In -to Mate.'.' MNCC the .Society.. (otnidiiH: in 1DOO; that It has secured farm employment tor 20.266 Jewish young men since Ihc .setting up of its Far in Employment Department In 1908; Hint dnrlnff the pnsl ten years mure than 10.CIOO Individuals rep- rescn!ing families or groups soURhl its scftlement Kiiirlancc. unrl that the society was directly Instrumental in establishing on fartns 1.210 fam- ilins and indirectly many more. In 1918. 157 families out of the l.lfiO who souRhl settlement advice, were established on farms In CalH- oinia, Connecticut, Indiana. Massachusetts. Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey. New York. Ohio and Pennsylvania. According to Dr. Davidson, "the society bent its efforts to settle new Jewish farmers. In so far as possible, in or close to already established farm districts. Thus farm communities emerged in various parts of Ibe northeast, middlewest and along the Pacific coast. Such groupings make for full and rounded programs of cultural and religious life." During, 1918, the Society granted $440,222 In loans to Jewish farmers in 13 stales. Farm loans are made on smaller margins of equity Ihnn are usually accepted by lending KRenclcs, and their repayment Is spread over a term of years. To quote Ibe report again, "The society endeavors to fix repayment terms to square with the borrower's ability to pay. Vet, unforseen contingencies may develop which render strict compliance Impossible. The society's patience kept many families on their farms durinp their difficult days." Again, lit Die wma.i of the report, "Preferential treatment was accorded DP's, refugees and veterans who In the aggregate received 55'r of the amount lent llinrirg the. year." Stretching Rayon Clolh May Return ' It to Normal Sixe When no Itiltcl appears on cloth iliiiK it In be pre-slirimk. you run usually depend on somr »lintrkat;c '.n wnslilni!. uecordinu ui Home Ucmonslrutioii ABI'IH Cicurude H. iioliinan. If a rayon tiirnient shrinks In I'lenniiiB or washing, it cnit same- lines be reliirned to its original *l/e, :,he points out. by diimiirnlni;, then strctchini; and pressing j| into *bapc. Cntlun or wnol clolh Is tiard- ?r to liundle Iliaii rujwn. ImweviT *o a .shrunken Karment may return' silly partly to Us oilclnal «W Work done on .sluhikaiic by (he United aiiitcs Ui'piutmenl ol At;rl- cultuie revealed ttial collons .shrink uoro when washed ami | ( . SSj when dry cleaned, and ilun they shrink more limn IriiohwiA-e. II was also found Unit cottons .end to sin-Ink progressively In Ibi. first Kircf i-l|.aiitnr..s and no more uller (hi,|, she added. Of nil I lie materials slmjl,.,) woolens shrink the mast Mrs lioli- mnn said. They shrink most irom l»ii(i(1crlii(f )cns( froin drv cleanhiR, Greater shrlnkaite look pliice in the wurp (lonmhwisci dl- recllon. than In (he Illllni; inoss- wlsci direction, and tlu-y continued to shrink even- lime lliev were cleaned. ' I It is hard lo predict whal ravnns ! will do In eleanlBR, The s;une piece that shrlulis In one cleaning nmv stretch in another. If ravon i.ibrii's are liolng to shrink or stretch wot cleaning or laundertiiB may lificct llleili eqimlly. However, none of the four types of rayons lested shrank or stretched very nmcli hi dl v cleaning. Good and Choice 1SO-2JO Ibs. 240-270 His, 270-300 Ibs. Sows under 400 Ibs Sows over 400 Ibs S1S.OO (o $18.25 S17.50 S17.00 . ... S15.50 $13.00 DIXIE NATIONAL STOCKYARDS 1400 Warford St. — Memphis, Tenn. a rmers Green Bean Pack In Area Totals 37,800,000 Cans Vegetable tunnels In Arkansas, Missouri ami Oklahoma last year lirorliii-eil nn esUnuUed :i7,Bo6,til)(l cans of Kieen and wax bi'un.s. a family favorite which bus bi'en crowing Mendlly in popularity over I lie years. Total |nu-k for ('he nation in 191(1 was ii|i|pioKtmii(i'iy 300 million cam. Hiised on Industry reports anil metal conlnlnn requirements, a review of ilu> Ix-un park UKUIC.S by iln. Ami'ilc'iin Ciin CiMMiiiiiiy slmws 11 continuing, ihougli llucliialing Iliinvlll in green and wax bean can- lltni! over the years. Krum a tolal puck u( ab.iut oii million cans In l!Wii, (| 1( . volume rose lo more tluiti JOO nnlh,, n cans in m;ia. Hcronl year for I'umied Rieen iiml wnx ijwins, (]„. cnn-makliiK llrni pointed out. wns isil! when, aided by Inuniier crops. Die imllon's f, Jm t piieki'rs tinned out a lolnl o( m,,r ( . than 525 mmiimuinsur ibis product I'lii- Ullli canned hean proiluelli.ii lor the eoiiniry was csllinnled to ',',','";' 1(i I"' 1 '"' 11 ' Inrser limn il.<> 1!M7 volume. me this •> I day of April, HIM. KllZltlX'tll Alnm>||, tSKAIi) Nolnry Public My Commission excites; H-^H-r>0. Wusp egRs, laid liy ihe rpn'i'n. linti'h lit about flu lit days. Grain fiilinex Iradlnt; was coii- diirii'd even In tlie Middle ARCS. There arc hundreds of spfcles of "solilmy" wasps which do not Uv» In communities. WAKXINO ORDER Th« defendant, Leon McOarrity Is hereby warned to appear in the Court of Common Pleas for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County. Arkansas, within thirty davs and answer the complaint of plantiffs, LeRoy Huddle.ston, Allen C. Huddlc.ston. Jr., and Mrs. A. C. Hudd]e.ston Sr. dba Huridleston and Comjinny. filed apainst him In said court. Case. No. 2831, and upon his failure so lo do, said complaint will be taken a= confessed. my hand n.s clerk of said court and the seal thereof this 6tli day ol April. 1949, HARVEY MORRIS. Clerk By Brtty Ball. D.G. Reid and Roy, Attorneys for Plalntltfs. Oscar Fcndler, Attorney ad litem. 4,8-15-22-29 Sweet News for Some BOSTON, April 22. M'.-.If you've COL n sweet tooth, hero's cnocl'ni-»-.v Ihe nickel candy bar Is vellum iBKr-r. ' *• " Several makers of |>orm]iir-r»rlfe burs ,ire IncrraslilR Ihe flw-eent confections irom scven-i-l R lith s t ,i an ounce to a full omirc. in (be cases of bars with m-iimy centers an incrcnse In welcht [loin in ounces to Pi ounces Ims taken place, The clinnge Is the result, ol R declining price of cotcia. N0T1CK Notice Is hereby sivrn Mini. I|, P linrtrrslBiied has tiled wllh Ihc Commissioner of Revenues ot Ihe SI nil: Of Arkansas for penult to sell mid dispense beer at retail on the pve- mlse.s described as 501 Main SI Blythcville, Mississippi Cminly. The undersigned stales Hint he i Is H citi/en of Arkniisns, of pnail | moral clnraolrr. lhal he has never been convicted ol a felony or other crime Involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer by the NOTICE Nollco Is hereby K lveji I hut (he iimli'r.Muicrt lias [lied wil|, (In- commissioner of Revenues o[ the Stale of Arka».,ns for permit to sell nnd dlsixMisc ticrr nt rclntl on tlie premises di'M-rlbed ,,s N. llwy ni HlvlllPVillc. MKsKslpul Ciiiniiy. The undersigned slates that lie Is a e'tizen of Arkansas, ol K<ind moral character, that h c has never been convicted of a felony or other '•rime Involving moral 'invnllmle- lhat no license lo sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within fh-c. years last, past; and (Kill the undersigned bus never breu convicted of violating thu laws ol tills slate, or any other stale, relative lo the sale ol alcoholic llo,imr.s Application li lor ,icrnill lo tic Issued for operation beginning on tin 1 day or July. lIKS.-nml lo expire on the 30 day of June isisfl J. L. iUonluie, Applirurt Subscribed atul sworn lo belorc thatmeans SPI/O/fff. Turn out neat, well-packed, sliced bales 'aster . . . easier ... and at lower cost— iepend on a John Deere Automatic Baler. It's a compact, automatic baler lhat hustles through the field . . . malcing well-tied bales, wire-tied with no clipped ends to fall on tha ground to find Iheir way into the stomachs of your slock. £ASI£R... MORI £FFICIINT BALING The John Deere is comparatively light . . . compact and sturdy in conslruction ... low in power requirements . . . big in capacity— handling three to four tons ol hay per hour. Be sure to give this new baler a complete going over . . . feature by feature.,You'll be convinced—the John Deere is the baler for you. See u» soon for complete details. 'JOHN DEERE ~ MISSCO IMPLEMENT CO. South Highway 61 Phone 4434 iiiiilcislgnrt Ims been revoked within tlvp venrs In.sL )insl; nnd Hint the iiiulri'slfiiicil 1ms never l>ecn ronvicled ot vloliilln B Uie laws n[ ; !bi,s »tKtc, or miy older slnic, iTln- ! live lo the sale nf nlrolmltr liquors I A|ipll<:ntl<in Is tiir licmilt to be I Issuc'ri for upcnihuii licKlnniiiK on jtlic 1st day of July. 1310. iiml to expire on Ihc 30 tiny of Jnnp .inso. E. U. I'll liner, Aiipllcnnt, Siilisrrllipd anil mvoi n lo lioforn t me tills 'J2 dny nt ADI II, mid. Kll/.abetli Muson, lf >F'-AH Nolnry Piilillc. My C'lHHiiis.son expires: 4-aa-SO. On Only 2 Ibs. ,' PURINA STARTENA Sea what you can do wilh just 2 pounds of Purina Ohick btar.ona. You can iniso a big. fully-fealliorDrl crude around 5 weeks olci. Whal a slarf if gives thorn toward becoming big, early-loyiny pullots! And many o| jur good cuslomers who feed Slartona arc saving from 95 »o 97 out of every 100 storied. Thai's why it pays lo f led Purina Slortena-America's Favorilc Remember, you buy only 2 pounds per chick-100 pounds for each £0 you slazi. Watch '£m Grow Right in Our Store To prove who* Slartena will do, we'r* raising chicks on . Com* in a nil set. 4493— Telephone—4493 L. K. Ashcraft COMPANY N Blot* |,«MI FOR SALE PEDIGREE COTTONSEED Slum-vine 21! FIRST YEAR FROM PEDIGREE Umpire Slunevillt; ^li • • » SOYBEANS No. 2 Riilsny HYBRID SEED CORN All Socrts Hnvc YARBRO Cooperative Ass'n Tut nicrlv ''.. It. MiiltliewH din CM. Phono Til GET READY NOW FOR HIGH SPEED CULTIVATION WITH INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER CULTIVATOR SWEEPS Modern ciiliivnitan Ij hifili-s]wcd ciiliivmian-wiih luitfi-a >]iccdi up lo five mile-! hour. IiUcrnM;>n.l llirv«l«r culd- vntor iwccpi me tonsil, slurp, dcpciuUlilc. * SAVE WORKING TIMI * CUT OPERATING COSTS A CONTROL WEEDS AND ORASS * INCREASE FARM PROFITS NVliclhcr you use ill iwetpn, or • comhin«t!on of iwccju and thuveli, come In inii l« ui fill your culdvuiinjs rc<|ulreinenti. He tody for btlttr cull!- viuion, hclitc crops, w i(h Hi Cultivmlor Swwpt. na INTERNATIONAL'HARVESTEP 3/2 SOUTH 2ZP ST. CULTIVATOR SWEEPS A SIZE AND TYPE VOt IVIRY NIID • Lowvri Plowing Costs • Giv«i You Highvr YUld, JUL ..:! J. I iTtiirin iriiiiiiiiiiiiuniiiil U) Fl. Plow 34 Fl. Plow . 1 10 14 Flit in TH£ PLOW THAT SAVES THI SOIL! T v CHIStL TH£ SOIL AND KNITE WEEDS IN ONLY ONE OPERATION Wilk IK. E.cluliv.. P«l.r,t«^ GtaV.m T Corr>bin«lion Child .nd Knit. Allach' mini. Fully sdivitlible to «>i r d»ptl,. V Kniv*i ov«rl«p «nough to cul all v«q». T All /o, fKf E FOtO£« onrf OfUONSrCi «d by THE GRAHAM HOEME PLOW COMPANY, IHC. f. O. Bo, 2050 • Phoo. l.»J7l . Amjnllo, SEE A FREE DEMONSTRATION! Src for yoiirsHf whal Iliis plow cm doi We can either lake the plow nul (o your farm, or lo save Ifnic. we show you the lilim In artinn In a Hrlil l,y. All you have to do is itrlve out In our place i>n .North Hlglm.iv Cl. 61 IMPLEMENT CO. No. Highway 61 Blythcvill*

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