The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 7, 1944 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 7, 1944
Page 8
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THURSDAY,'DECKMBER 7, 1944 Jackson Slaying Suspect Is Held 70-Year-Old Victim Killed Four Hours Before His Wedding JACKSON, Miss., Dec. 7. (UP)— A slaying with the bizarre qunlllics and the background of a scene from the pen of some southern novelist of the realistic school occurred Tuesday at a riverside cabin In Peart River swamp, about a mile from the state fairgrounds In Jackson, Here me the elements that make up the background and Hie characters iu the ussaull that claimed the life of Charlie Aveiy, 10-year- old Jackson newspaper street salesman. The attack, with the preceding threat of a shotgun, and employment, of a hunting knife for the final scene of murder, occurred outside and Inside the old house set among moss-hung trees and occupied by H. L. Adams, his wife, eight children anci a sfelcr-Iu-lnw. Miss Johnnie Hagaii, 38-year-old 'bride- to-be of the slain newspaper salesman. 1 The wedding was scheduled for 5 o'clock in the afternoon, four hours utter Wiley Adams, brother of H. L. Adams, appeared at the house with a threatening shotgun. The chief eye-witness, outside the family, was n 63-year-old traveling dog-trainer, H. S. Gatchell, who was asleep in ills car outside the shack, with his eight trained dogs. The man who killed Charlie Av- cry, according to a coroner's jury, was Wiley Adams, said by his brother to be subject to "spells" and to have made a habit of "starting fights." H. L. Adams, who says he is a "sick man" and tlmt he supports his family of nine on a government allotment for dependent children— was cut on the hand when lie and Gatchall attempted to prevent Wiley: Adams' final successful attack on 'Avery. GatchcII, who says he was simply an innocent bystander, was slashed on the arm. Gatchell, worried more about his dogs than about his wound, received treatment and :\ blood transfusion at a Jackson hospital, and the dogs arc being cared for by a local veterinarian. Wiley Adams has been arrested by Jackson police on a murder charge. Sf rip- Tetise Routine Tofcoo, Camp Show Tjrtitipers Warned By VERNON EDWARDS NEA Staff Cvnnrspondfnt . . NEW YORK, Dec. 7.— Whan' the curtain rises on nil .Improvised stage In one of the various theaters of war, the performer not only must mind his cues, but a book full of don'ts ami do's regarding behavior at the front. Along with his medlcii! exam and various Inoculations, the eniertalii- er bound for service overseas lienrs special lectures on conduct and slulles .the Indoctrination booklet "A Guide to the Foxhole Circuit" Decently issued, by USO-Canip Shows under auspices of the National War Fund. . . • Big-time stars who donate their time, and performers. In low Income brackets who are .paid nominal salaries, receive the same admonition: "Your work k Morale— Your weapon Is the gag-and whatever you do, keep it cleari. "A month from now you may be Playing from the back of a truck in By injecting u certain senim into eggs, chickens or various colors have been produced. Intervener? BI/YT]nW]U,R COTJK1KR In Washington's newest feud are^ Attorney General Francis Biddle, above, and his assistant, Norman M. Littell—the latter accusing his chief, of using in- fhierlce in a-Justice Department case on behalf of Thomas E. (Tommy the Corlt) Corcoran, one-lime New Deal braintruster now in pi--a!o law practice. Biddle has itinanded Littell's resignation: L;liell has refused to comply. o a or on a (hatched -roof., stage ., jungle, but whatever the con- , whet " er before " 10 men: or the stage at Radio city rouptrs are further «,ii .were ad< j ., -"i'"«s ",u Banner aa- vised : Don t gripe-wherever you . — are the gucsl of the-Army and there Is always a , B ood"reason for inconveniences,In a zone, Take hem in your stride. Don't wave the flag. The men you play'to SMS lalks - They - flghl -. . ^°"l' a ' k down to.your'audi- You Call It sentiment, If you wish, but to the dougliboy the Anierlcnn actress repcsents his sister or best glrj and i> Mlnsky routine ctoos not make him nostalgic. Use good lasle. The inftle-entertnliier who tiles to drag a laugh with a dlty joke Is oil -the 'wrong truck. He'll get wheezes but they aren't worth the cost." .. So with tUcse iwint.s in mind, embarkation detnlls nnnngcd, ami "A Guide to the Foxhole Circuit" Ihihls pocket, the grcnse pnlnl soldier is ready to Join the 3000 troiip- er^ who hflve foregone money and comfort to bring momentary pleasure to wariors going Into battle. Firestone Purchases Grand* Champion Steer '.CHICAGO, Dec. 7. (Up) _ The grand champion steer of the Chicago fat stock show has been sold to. the treasurer of Die- Firestone fire and Rubber Co,, Russell Firestone, r ' - the steer, "Teddy," weighs jicarly 2,000 pounds. .Firestone paid $-1.50 n pound for him, and Hint's the highest price even . a champion hus brought since'1928. 1 The steer wns raised by a 17-yenr- old boy, Benjamin .Grcve o( Urynnt, Iowa. Firestone says he will exhibit the animal at Various state universities. \SendsCaptured Nazi Helmet And Parachute : Among the imprcstlng souvenirs MIIK sent 'to lilythevilli; relatives *'ns n Qcnrinu inirnclmte HIM helmet rccclml by relatives ot 1'fc Jnmes Karl Rcngnu (ii)in I'Yiuia' ,' The pnrncluitc, designed for '"Shi use with brown niul green fOlorlitg, imd been used letou, its owner wns cnpluied. Tlio helraot nlso hnd seen much service, U wiis evident. Pi'lratc Hwgiin, 24, sent the iiurii- unite to his wife, Mrs. Enrllno '(I'lignu W ho lives nl (ho air liasi;. niicl His shier; .Ml*., Lovenn Heiignn! He wrote Hie helmet, wns a 1,011- jcnir lor his parents, Mr. and Kirs, w. c. RciiRiin, and his six broth- t'llyiiic Reagun, overseas 15 uoiuhs, was mndc a burber when he entered the Army almost, three cure to be patronized. Don't Mhder- estimate your audience. It Is criical, no matter how strdng m >need for entertainment. Don't .wear but your welcome with too many -encores ' ,ni,r t ,,l ympathlM to ° much.':' No soldier likes to be wept-, over-.In public Refrain 'from^uslng .the "°''d boys".. Battle makes .nien'-of boys. Don't argiie with fellow entertainers in. public. ,There is'no room lor temperarhent- In a war zone. Don't limit attention to'offi- cers. The 'men. will 'resent, it .and the army has its own grapevine. "ont gamble with, servicemen 'It causes trouble and Is-against Army orders. • . • •; •, "Don't_ use EBBS .that'.show'dis- crimination against race, creed', or color. Leave those things'!o Hitler. The ^soldiers and sailors' you'.''will entertain are 'not^sIssiesMiut thev (lo not want off-color materlar or double-enlendre.-.Jokes B-24 Gunner $binpletei 100th Combat Mission Staff Scrgt. Alvin'T. Marchbah'ks, armored gunner • on a B-24 has completed • his looth combat'-mts- sion with a Liberator Bomber group it lias been-announced by: the iisth Ai ray: Air Forces , base .In Jtiily ,'. During ,ths, time heMIOE se«n. a c-' tion over .Italy, Prince; 'Germany, ',Mr;;and--Mra'."-B£H. Marchbanks, he was employed by•- Warife Furniture .Company-prior: to eh£er- «ig 'the ArmY. '• •. '• ' ,• - , ; •.,••• Often Bring mm . -, '• -.-..: ';:\ '-L™i * V t: . lllle r" V oieo btmto oozifv UM ^CBmtthing.^,; '$!;' ° lt r*. i »W!«?*'J5a, ! it- ~. D v=,, t j, ^tuMa^a^tQi •ometirora tht,n thero •W..BM.W. ^jy ssasasji: - r ~r™'"» w*v«Mav > -rQeonW »!»»; ^-or.-i»ii.ina-*S! J» uod«r."tha eyw.-iir-^' 1 paioa, Ifg BWtUJBg, p »nd ditriptaf '-• • > —.-•-; : ; »*^!rTW^ «» "MU (iMt j6u, W^GSi^tt^ Kaiser Would Operate •\WASHINGTON, Dec. 7. (UP) — Henry J. .Kaiser, West Const shipbuilder, lias filed ah application with the Maritime Commission for nu- The foui.' Philippine slumps' shown, nbovc, smuggled out of' the an exchange prisoner,.show how the Jupimesc apprgprialed Philippine postage- for 'their own use, obi Mem ting oil references. Ip Die U. S./nnd In one insliiiK'c (top stamp) employing q surcharge reading: "Ccm'gratulalions—Fall ot Bn- {aa'ti mid the Par East, it, was disclosed today. The Mnrlllmc Commission has nol yet acted upon tiie application. Tiic commission is receiving numerous applications for post-wur shipping lines, It was explained, but for Uic "tK^ m a V>>" "»Y~"'ViT b """ "" lc t)elnB ls lnk| n(; no action on the war from New Orleans to any of them. Buy Your Winter Supply of WOOD and KINDLING While It Is Available. PLANTATION OWNERS'SPECIAL PRICE ON 100 RANK LOTS! BARKSDALE MFG. CO. ! Phone 2911 i DUO-THERM AUTOMATIC ; FUEL OIL WATER HEATER • Plenty of hot walor when you need it • — at b-i-g monthly savings! Gives you rnodern automatic convenience for only a few pennies D day, '< Comervei fuel — because it hcatj water faster, more efficiently. No go or electric connections required. ' Built to the same exacting specifications that have made Duo-Therm the biggett name in fuel oil appliances. Now available for essential civilian needs. See uj for detaili. lAWAY APPLIANCE CO. Phone ZD11 Ford Planning ,' Postwar Mode I ' To Sell Cheaper one j,, 0 - NI3W Y011K, Doc. 7 Kord Motor poniiwny, »«o or the counnys. ges j,, 0 - •luccrs .of uonrbliiB.Klnncs. will nol imiko nir|ili\ii(.,.s, after the >vnr i«. Mend, the rainininy will return lo iiuunifaclnrlnif iuiloinob'llc.i These ure the coiiipniiy's plniw ns nmiomiccu 1 by ileiiry l''ord If (jrandsbn o( the coliipahy's fouiKl- Tlio M-yeav-old.Kord 'says the rostmii- Ilijlit Ford , ll(x | tf i wn , sMl from IS lo 20 per cent umtcr tlio lowest priced pre-war incxlclK DC- sides the r-ioril, he says, the com- ininy will maimfaullirc two Lin- coins and a redesigned : Mercury. Oourlw N Visits Western front - ' 0. 9. 'nmiD'AfUIY'llEADQUAR- TEn3, Fnihco, Doc. 7. Upl—Rcnre- scnlatlvc Olnr'c IJoolhe Luce, heading, a Idelegotldli of n Junketing congressmen, swnt tlto dnj> VisitlnK Ihe' Third 'Army front. The party limchcd with tlio Third Army comnmiWcT, Lieutenant General George Pattou. Then, It toured W'™ "BO. . Ho now'ts with (he Here Arc A Few MORE HARI^TO-CET ITEMS This .Merchandise Will Be On Sale Saturday No. 0 Steel Traps, Doz. ... 2.95 No. 1 Steel Traps; Doz: .. }• 3.75 6-Inch. •Electr'icql'Pliers ,•:..-:• 1.25 Large Enamel Roasters ... 1.75 .22 Long Rifle CARTRIDGES Per Box fxfro Heavy TRASH BURNERS 3.50 Curtain Stretchers ....:.. 4.50 Electric Brooders 22.50 Kitchen Shears $1 Tractor Funnels 95c PLAHTERS HARDWARE (0. 126 W. Main .. PAGE: 1111 evacuation'bospital '* ' <?' Woundea OI's basked In Of psi fumed nlr (eft, by trrevnepuwi ilcmi cbiiErcs5wo.»ian from Connect llCUt t ' One oi asked,,"Do tl\ men smell that good?" Cotton fibers, impregnated to" make them durable,' are now used to manufacture house sorcery,. •; w»m\»d» " GUARANTEED TIRE RECAPPING! 24 Hour Service Atao—VukanizlriK and Ttrr Rtfmlr WADE COAL co. N. CdfLlNG I'RICES Phone 22»1 Christmas and, the Home Go Together in Our Thoughts We celebrate Christmas AT HOME. We want our Children to remember Christmas in connection with thc,r homo. Homo gifts are,^therefore, the most appropriate for those we lore. Here you will find a vast assortment of the right kind of furniture gift,} all at reasonable prices. Every Home Needs More Tables Choose from our inclusive selections.•.'p^'liijiip'. tkhics,' coffee tables, end tiihle.s, tier taWcX "'livinjf' .room tables, etc., . . . We have them iir ' price range's. em iintH'.sixus. and all > - •'. '•' "'•''• ' So They Need A Desk! Why Not Give Them One of These? You couldn't find more atlraclivc ones at any, price. Any man or woman would be immensely pleased with such a fine gift, Framed Mirrors-- •' • " • )'.. •' : . -V ', ' : Ml Wanted slie» unil shjiiwd In' evti-y iirlc'c rahjc. 1'racll- cillly every ' horte .'liis a'jilatc for otic. Asfgifis llie.v'r« MIIC •''•''•' ! • . fire Wts. Good Looking Smokers^ /> ('.in be handily placed a ohulr nr kept out of the Wi>. Largo .mil »roall tlies ln\v- wunled fihapy All price A' Hu^e-C9>i)ee|ioii;Je»f;; : *•' Fldor'ahd 'Td , .,.., ;v .. Here are. RiHs for every' hp'nie; Ihcy'rc. orname>ital !a-j .;*eU 'ai useful.. 1 Choose '.from 'our com- plete shoeing.' •'.'• t~l •••;'•>':-• '••• A Gift of Comfort! An easy chair will Merry, Christmas cverj day, tor years to come. Take ypu'r choice of rockers, platform rockers and an onusua! selection of occasional chairs. ;•. . Also We Suggest ; | HASSOCKS (the widest selection you'll see anywhere!) ... SEWING BASKETS and CXBINETS. . . .Pieces or Suites for the living room, dining room or bedroom, etc. . ' ELECTRIC RADIOS SHOP EARLY! We've Just A Few. HUBBARD CO. B/y»Aer///e, Arkansas

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