Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 4, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 4, 1896
Page 8
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ANOTHER GREAT HIT AT OUR CHAMPION SALE. Our Eastern Buyer having purchased for us 500 pieces all'silk JPersian Ribbons at a price that others pay tor cotton. We will offer tomorrow this immense lot of Persian all Silk Ribbons worth from ?5c to $1 a yard, at the low price of 29 cents a yard. We being the only house in the city that could handle such an immense lot of Fancy Ribbons because of our great Out-let with our £wo stores. Hence the Low Price. FANCY DRESDEN AND PERSIAN SILKS. Also a lot of Fancy Persian and Fancy Silks sell generally from .$1,25 to $2.50 a yard, Tomorrow's price will be 39c to $1.25 a yard. Be on hand early. SHORT SESSION City Legislature Attends • Much Business: to PEDDLER ORDINANCE Amended so as to Exempt Farmers—Proceedings in Detail. Golden Rule. Why not Wear the Best. The place to get the best shoes is at Waldo's, Our Ladies 20th century Walking Shoes in both Black and Tan are strictly in it for $1.98. Our Men's dress shoes in latest style lasts are "high grade',' and up $1.48 to $2.98. Our of men's working, shoes are the best value offered for the money 98c to $1.98., E. M. Walden & Co. 315 Fourth Street. EPISCOPALIANS IN SESSION. NOT THE BALL GAME Is what we wish to coll your attention to. Most of the nobbiest and swellest hats seen In Logansport have come from our store, where the stock was never so replete with novelties as now. AH the newest styles to suit any taste arc here in profusion, find the golfers, tennis players, bicyclers, or all-round athlete can suit his fancy from the most fanciful. Our new straws are dandles. HORRIS FISHER - THE HATTER. State fleeting 1 at Indianapolis-Rev. Coolbaugh Present. Thu til'fy-ni.ntli njiiiiiiil. diocesan convention or flic Ki>i.wj.':il (.'lnu'cli 'in Indiana is in st'sion ;il: tlrace cathedra', J'n- iliiUUipoJis, There is a good roprusuntn- tion. Tliu Ki>v. F. C. Coolbangh of tills city \v;is put on the committee on Chrls- tiiiiii ednK-Mlion. There is at present no nrtJi-deaco-n (t( the.diocese, the Rev, L. V. Colo ii.-ivliig resigned. Xo one will be apiwinted ito -the position. The bishop's salary lias bwn increased I'roin $3,000 to ?3,(iOO. The report of t.Lie treasurer shows His expendittiros for Hie year were .?8.f>09. Thu iucamo -from investments Is .$3,200 and from assessments is.JjjS.tlSO. A nvo- hition was introduced lo change • tin; time for tlie election, oC vestrymen and wardens fronn Easter to Advent. TlH' resolution was referred to tlic , committee on ctm.vass. • It Is proposed to change the time of holding th-e annual convention to 'die,.third .week--in September, beginning-the church year at advent. The bishop-favors the change, A moi'l-gage of $10,000 will be placed on Knickerbacker.lmlJ,.;,which Is $0,000 lu debt. The bishop.; reponimeuilvd the sale of' the, bishop's , residence, worth $25,000. The funds so raised could bo used to complete rthe works (m hand, In- eluding the church home and orphans. It was not a Ions or very exciting session of rJie council which tliu score or more 01' outsiders sat through in llu; lobby last night. The business of the session was transacted in a very even mnniic.i- rairil the <)uust.ii)u uf granting a peliltio-iier the right to transgress a city law was reached. The manor cainn up under r.he head of new business, aud \vii.s in Clio form uf a request that Mr. Al Small, a rusidclii: of. Eel llivi-r avenucl be purnilited lo buil-d a frame addition to his residi-woe. Mr.I-JUullcy, for the coinmiitce on public improvements, -said rhat Uic. permission askud would, it' granted; 1)0 in direct opposition lo an ordinance of cue cily. and he was not' in favor of making an exception. Tin- ordinance referred 10 is flint fixing I he lire limits o,f the dnwr.-iown district, and provides that no strucLuro shall be erected within the limits which is not Approved by the cnmmiiilec on public i-ijilirovrmcnls. Ir w.'is arjrucd fIwt tlic ereciiiou of frame buildings within the (ire liinUx tends to increase the fire risk. ;uid therefore makes the rate of insurance-'greater. Mr. Iladley said that while, lie had no personal feeling in opposing the renue.-st, lie was disposed to stick tn rlie ordinance. 3Jr. IJaJtery moved an' aiinendmeut that the recuiest be granted. On a vote on the amend. ment there were Jive yens and five nays, Ihus throwing the matter into the Mayor's hands. Thar official voted against Hie amendment rind on the 07-jgJn.iiTinotIan, that the request be not granted; he cast the deciding vote with those opposed to the petition. All of the members were presesnt when Mayor MeKee called the council to order. "The dFiiiiutPS of the previous meeting were read and approved. The Finance com-niitteTe reported that they had examined the reports of the Treasurer and Clerk for the month of Martih and found them correct. The reports were approved. 'Thefollowing claims were allowed: STREET DEPARTMENT. Par Boll „ .• WERE YOU AT Harry Frank's Saturday. Nearly Everybody Was. At any rate the biggest crowd of buyers that ever collected within the Four Walls or Logansport business house, filled and packed every inch of available space in our store It was a sight never to be forgotten--About 10 employes were kept busy a? bees from 7 a. in. toll p. m. Nearly every township in the county and city sent its share of purchasers. This shows the deep interest manifested in this GIGANTIC CLOSING OUT SALE. Many families bought 5 and 6 suits. Complete Base Ball Outfits Gratis With Boys' and Children's Suits. This great Losing Sale continues until all is closed out. BespectfuIJy HARRY FRANK , 3i3DFourth Street. f. P. ; 10< TS 22.5 WHEEL TALK. 'Jhe latest Invention for the bcnefit.ot SJeyele riders Is the vulcanlzer. The •TuJcanlzer is a machine In which, 'Hirougii a certain process, worn and iterated tires that havo here-to-forp 'Jten beyond repair, can be made good a» new. This Is done by vulcanizing '.arw rubber into the defective parts. lu ilit past when bicycle tires becarne •w»ns or bursted, they had to be thrown -TriCe- and new tires substituted, necessitating one of tlie greatest expenses of £&e bicycle. This, however, Is done sway with the Invention of the vul- eanlzer. The Burgman Cycle Co. late- IjiiT9ceJ.veU such a machine and are In posltldh-to-mend any rubber goods that i»ye beett counlderud beyond repair. We vulcanize every day. Call at our aiorc ond'soe ns do It. Ju our repair shop the brazer Is u v«ry useful tool. We are so equipped tlmt we can do the very finest of work la thls-pnrttcular line. When you journey ou your wheel sarry a kodak with you. For sale only Burgman Cycle Co. Watches For Japanese Heroes. The Japanese government has placed orders for 18,000 watches, not .to cost more than $2.50 each. They are to be distributed nmongithe officers and men who distinguished themselves In the laite war, and are to take the place of the medals usually awarded at the close of national hostilities.—READ OTTO'S OFFER. lotice to the Ladies, S hiirc established my ofiicc in the St. '33tat> building and ladles who are euf-. larfng from eczema, wrinkles, freckles, •letter nnrt-excess redness of skin, .to who purchase one bottle of Ma* Sti'jnglunn's face bleach are en- Stief! to one free treatment for face for a* next two weeks. Superfluous hair sad-tbh-th marks arc treated siiccesaridiyl: All ladies and gentlemen nre In- vltec! to call and see me. lifeline Stogta. 3ERMATOLOOIST.* , DEATH OF rtR&" SMITH:« Occurred at Her "Home in Pittsburg--Deceased Known Here.-' ; Mrs. Elijah Booth received a telegram' yesterday announcing the ^leaith '.of lier sister, Mrs. Anna/.Norton Sroifh, wltich'. occurred at her home iVii.Pittsburg, 1 Pa:, yesterday inorning'-fi-oui''dancer, the result of a fall from a- carriage 'some two years ago. Mrs.. Sniifli: was the oldest- child of tlic'liitu ReV;.L:..R. Norton, formerly pastor of tho^Ciiristian church of this city. She'had often-visited her father din-lug his residence here, and had a 'number of frleiifls'fwho will be paiiued -to hear of her death. She leaves a -husband and two young daughters. Mrs. Booth ,left this -morning to attend the funeral, which.will',take phice Friday afternoon from • i tlie : family residence in Pittsbnrg. .. . ' . A M Prttebctt bimlderliiR gutters 1 »0 \ H HoTxjn 'Id cement corner c 7 10 John r.ut remft-1 corner..: is 02 ChHft.'Mii'lioH eem«"t corn«r 21 72 >'morn [JhipBin-nt corner 2i 7!) Milffl N'nvln' bi'iild'-rlMK i;:i.tor J7 SI GUI rgeBnrups.'1'inmt cirnor 8 CS FIRE DEPARTMENT. 'Elton Brown ffii 1 -)nir B 65 Lizzie Kr.i|l'W.1«hlli|; 260 M rry UoffPr'wa's'.iliiK : 2 0:1 City TrOHHiirrT free" 22 05 ELECTRIC LIGHT DEPARTMENT. Payroll...:. 8( 40 .J.J. H IdebMixit supplies " 062 niiiiEolid Klect <!•' up;>i|i-s 297 liO Knierfon'Rinct Mfc Co suuiii'les 40 In C-1U8 Woodri'lt.* Co BUpplles G2 50 uhloKubtMT Co '. 7 31 LFif /»J-cr..... I 07 G« erul l,l»ctrlc Co 179 50 DKoand Leather Belting osupplies...... 137 1)7 Austin S-purntor Co supplies -ti 00 >;i»ctrlc AppllsncaCoiiu-itilleS 1S7 07 Cliy .Treasurer June piiyment, Stinuard '•lectrlcCo • 10S5 On city Trea.'siiro'-, freigtit Hto 12 57 SEWER DEPARTMENT, Fresh Water Yeast! Hakes the purest and sweetest Bread- The Bread Recipe on separate Slip is PERFECT. THE BUCKEYE YEA5T CO., ASHLEY, OHIO. 2917 1 00 SOCIAL ODD FELLOWS. Celebrate the Birthday of Qeo. B. Warner in Jplly style. This Watch and Chain FREE with Men's Boys' and Children's Suits and Shoes or . . . The WATCH With Suit. The CHAIN With Shoes. Otto Kraus "Of Course" B. IVanier o£, Brluglnirst street .was made the victim of a complete surprise perpetrated ..upon him Tuesday iiiirht liy his,wife and a number of the members of Canton Logansport No. 33, I. O. .0, F., Ihe occasion being- the thirty-fourth anniversary of Tils 'birth. . The members, : '0f the lodjrc presented Mr. TV'arrier wlttli a handsome badge witli tliO' puibleiB o-f the order upon It. His son, Master Ed Warner, presented Mm 'wJHi an easy chair. Refreshments were served to the forty or more ffU'ests, and a general good time is reported. Excursion to St. Louis. On Account of the -CYCLONE- The Wabash K: K. Co. will sell excursion tickets to St. Louis and're- turn, at the rate of 3.50 For the Round Trip. Tickets will be (jood.Roing only on train leaving Loganspo t on Saturday Jnne Oth at 10:24 p. m. and on train leaving St. Loulg on Sunday at 7 p. in. I. Q-. NEWELL, Agent. A HAPPY SEQUEL. Mr. and Hrs. August Burgman • are Alive and Well. '! William Baker of .this-city returned from St. Louis Tuesday night nnd'says that tlie report that Ms brother. Charley had beou killed in-tlie St. Louis cyclone was false, as is also the rumor twit 'Mr. and • Mrs, August Burgman wore victims of -.the. storm. He says that he ate supper;with. Mr.,and Mrs. Burgraan Monday .evening. The stilt of George' Latham 'agatost ,thc Supreme lodge Knights of Pythias, fcrp'thfe. i : nsuirance' : -held by Dan .Watts, h'as been brought, to thii's. 'county .from on a'change of. venue. . :•' Subscribe for'Tne Journal. .1 P Martin sewer plpo ............................. He^rj Vnjs repuiriiiR sewer at Mt Hope.... ELECTION" EXPEXSES. Clirlut Sctmel>r, {isun-'£t> to room .............. ' 2 1:5 C.tias BroJ-; tJiiullni; b otu« ....... : .................. 3 00 Jos Keurney labor .................................... 1 25 Wl son Humphrojrt * Co suppllflu .............. 202 75 WATER WORKS DEPARTMENT. Purroll..; ............................................... 6-'i 75 lllscellancoiis claims ............................. 46 2J .POLICE DEPARTMENT. p.-irro'i.... ..... '.-.'•. .................................. -IOT'OS Conn-ill Ui ton Tel On tmeohoiie ................ 1 00 MISCELLANEOUS CLAIMS, Ifo! Bnbee a.sat Civil Engineer ................... is 00 Win Mckeo ............................................. 13 .M KlvurslJaJEnrl: pa/ roll ................ ; ........ 29 61 Cbn» Kendull labor »t ep-ncer pork. ...... 1500 Cli.y Trimmirer lntnre>t rofiinrtlnK buii'is... -i«71 15 City Tretsurtr llbnirj tunil for school hoard: .......... : .................................. loon 00 City Treasurer Postiigo Ms busiticjs ......... 5 09 Tlie Committee on Revision of Ordinances reported that they hud examined the Peddler ordinance and recommended that It- be amended .in part, so that farmers sliall be exempted from its provisions. The ainoudod ordinance was read ;in.d 'laid over until the next regular meeting. • A "resolution from the Street committee, that property owners on Toledo street, from Thirteenth to Seventeenth .streets, be re-notified to construct all unfinished portions of said street at once, was adopted. A '.'(.solution from the same committee was adopter! requiring the Sewer committee to put in a sewer on Erie avenue. from Thirteenth street to Fourteenth street. ' • The-Electrlc Light committee reported tho appointment of Wysor Ayres as ass-itiiut engineer at the electric light station, which appointment was- confirmed. A resolution was adopted providing that in case tlie .Teuuy Electric Light company fails to remove its poles, lines «nd fixtures within, the time allowed by the council, the electric light committee and' the city electrician are ordered to tear down such" poles, lines and wires. The reports of the chiefs of the various station were, presented and died. .The report of the Mayor for tlie third quarter of the current year, showing the collection of $30 in fines, was pre-, stutcd-ana'flled. ' 1 'Ihe plat and description of Andrew .T. IIurdock's Second Addition to thy dry of Logansport was presented and approved. A petition of property owners on the li-e of Spear street, from Eleventh street to Thirteenth streets, asking that those property owners who had not complied with the order of the council by building cement sidewalks, be compelled to construct the same, was ro- Cerred to the Street committee and the Civil Engineer, with orders to report at Hie next meeting. The Civil Engineer submitted a report and. partial estimate on the Erie avenue improvement, from Sixteenth street to Seventeenth street, recommending that tlic contractor be allowed :?2S on the work, which was concurred In. The matter of tlie election of a school trustee was brought up and Mr. Ring- iebeu nominated James B. -McXitt, who was unanimously elected a member oC tlie IjoiirJ of school trustees. j A resolution was introduced by Sir. Boycr requiring property owners whose, property abuts on the North and South ,'illey between. Eleventh street and Twelfth street. North of Erie avenue, to tin tlie .same to the true grade. The resolution w;is adopted unanimously. A resolution was introduced by Mr, Kinney notifying property owners on Twentieth street from George street to Jefferson street, to make flic improvement heretofore ordered by the council, or the same will be relct under the provisions of the Barrett. law. The matter of repairing a plank crossing; at Usher and Seventeenth streets was referred to tlie Street committee. The resolution of Mr. Graft that the 'clerk be ordered to advertise Tor bids for the cxMistruetion of a cement walk In front of the property owned by D. P. Baldwin, which improvement has heretofore been ordered by the council, w;is referred to the street committee and city .attorney. The matter of siagnent water standing in Toledo street near Eleventh, was .referred to the board' of health for action. Council adjourned :it 9 o'clock. THE REASON WHY. Some Merchants Are Said to be High- Priced With Their Merchandise While Others Are Called Cheap. . You ofttirnes hear this remark made of some of our store-keepers: "Well, Messrs. & Co. charge good stiff prices for their goods, but somehow their goods always give so much better satisfaction than do the cheaper goods. I believe it pays to trade with Messrs. ~& Co. You have to pay a good price but everything you buy; Is In keeping with- the price."Good shoe's of all tilings are' important. A . well dressed foot speaks well for its owner; either a lady or gentleman may put on nice clothing, and unless their feet are properly clad they arc not well dressed, and it. is very noticeable. Now abont the style and quality of shoes to wear. It is only reasonable that a good fitting," well-shaped shoe must be made by experienced workmen, conse-. qnently this shoe costs more than does the same grade stock made by inexperienced cheap workmen. Cheap shoes haven't the workmanship, and as a result they do not fit, soon lose their shape and wear out. Liuc Pilling, the up-to-date shoenwn, makes a specialty of good high grade footwear, and his prices are about the same as others charge for ordinary goods. Try Line's . shoes once and you will wear no other. VOTE OF INDIANA HEHBERS. How the Congressmen Stood on the Veto. The dispatches from Washington tell ho-\v the Indiana members of Congress •voted on the passage of tlie Kivers aud Harbors biJl over the President's velo. Messrs. -Lel.ghty and Tracewell, of IH- dl;ma voted "uo.V- Messrs. Steele and Overstrcot wore- paired with members who would have voted/ "aye," while Johnson. Koysc and Watson wore absent. All other Indiaua- Representatives voted lu faveor of passing the bill over the President's veto Major Steele of this district is fit West Point military academy, lie being one of Hie visiting board. To The Ladies This <s the season of the year when the unpleasant but necessary work of house-cleaning claims the attention of the housekeeper and not a little d»> pends on the appearance of your lace curtains as poorly donc-upcurtain*spoil the effect of a well-furnished home. quicker than anything else. We have experienced help in this class of wort who do nothing else and we know we can give you perfect satisfaction. We are also making a specialty this year of laundering shirt waists, being the only firm In the city using machinery exclusively for the purpose. We will appreciate your patronage. Campbell Bros. 429 Market St. KINDERGARTEN WORK- OPERA HOUSE CLUB ROOM. We have opened up a first-class club room .where all devotees of pool can spend a pleasant time. Tobacco, cigars and confections. Soft drinks of all kinds. Entertainment at First Presbyterian Church Friday. Friday .afternoon -at 3 o'clock, at tlie First Pr6sbyterian church a free 1 entertainment will be given, by the Logansport Kindergarten and everyone is invited. The entertainment will be interesting to mothers, especially, and wUl •. give ,in idea as'to the work being done In the school of tho children, and what: it is-accomplishing, in the city. The enterprise is receiving the encouragement it deserves. • ' . Subscribe for The JonnMJ. ,J

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