The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 12, 1934
Page 2
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twarwo •LTJTiUtVlLLg, COUMtt NEWS Social Calendar ootu FRHJAfS EVENTS As Bandar school class of Krrt B*ptfct church weettog 7:30 p. ». with Mrs A. Wert, 221 W. Mrti St. ' I i • Eiecrttre board woman's missionary society of First Baptist church meeting witli Mrs. John Buchanan, Eut Cherry St., 2:80 p. m. BATDRDATS EVENTS Umw Otorge W. Barlwni, John C. McHsnej Jr., and G. H. Orear entertaining with ihovrer tea at the Barham home for Mrs. Robert . JP»ul WhJtUnglon who v*s formerly Miss VlvUn Holland. County Council Boys «nd Girls 4-H clubs meeting «t Woman's el»b. . ; HIT* Ducc at tomtrr CM. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Parr entertained IK gueits at the country club last evening with a duice in celebration of tlielr sixteenth wcd- dlnf anniversary. A ootor motif of rose and lavender ««s attractively used In the decorations and refreshments. Tn the ball room boughs of red bud *nd dogwood adorned the fire place mantel and stalnrays, and rcse snapdragons were in lavender pDt- tery vases. The. refreshment table, In the sun room, had a centerpiece of white blossoms flanked with rose tapers in silver toMcrs. Individual Ices of rose wedding bells and cate» were served during intermission. rtoctog was enjoyed from ten trntii (wo o'clock with music by a four piece local orchestra with Mrs. Bin Trotter at the piano. Included in the guests were these from out of the city: Mr. and Mrs. Mtlon Bradley 01 Caruthcrsvlllc, Mo., Miss Julia Carleton Sims of l*ke Village. Ark., with Charles Perm, Judge NelU Killough and Marcus Pv>llz. or Wynne, Ark.,. Mr. and- Mrs. Emesi Roe, Mr. and Mrs. I>arry Ltadell, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Vim, Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Turner of Mempriie and Newt Lane of SI. Louis, guests of Mr. »nd Mrs. Parr, Miss Frances Gllllani, Mr. Gllllum ana Baiter Southern, of Sieclc, Mr. and Mrs. Denver Dudley of Jonos- loro, Kith Mr. and 'Mrs. W. Leon Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Boh Higglns ana Mr. and Mrs. Frank Y. Love of Jonesboro, with Mr. and Mrs. Sanrael F. Korrls. Ftorine MeKinney (above), attractive screen star, demonstrates • n<<i«e method of mint halves of ! (mo n l c bleach elbows Bora. Mr and Mrs. Jolin Wagner ol Round Lake. Ark., ajinounce the Wrtfl Of_a doughter, born Sunday Tbe baby, who weijhs ten iind a half pounds, has been named DCS- <** Ha* GKits. Mmes. Matt Monaghan, Max D. MlUer and Baker Wilson were guests of Mrs. W. J. Wuiifcrlich wnen she was hostess to the Wcd- J^V Bri <l«« club this we;k for 1 and a bridge garac. Spring qgnrc decorated the luncheon tables arranged [or ihn two course menu. •In the bridge games Mrs. Jo^n Centrai Ward P. T. A Board lo M«t l of ' assocta- meet at the school Friday 3:W o'ciock. for an Tm- business session. Mrs. j lar Haines. president, will ,, re . mertlng of the Etude ,\fusie scheduled for tomorrow at has been | afternoon unit: when it n-ii ; -" njini n \\l\ Clark *Bt 8lnla Ha!lKS at 7n Lemon Juice Whitens the B\ ALICIA HAH1 As a matter of fact, rubbing lo „ _. ( .^ „ ni.iLlvj ui IUCI, I'Lltminc ln- ... suinnwi- dance ilrosseB nndjtion from the wrist.s on up to the hort sleeved daytime frotks won't shoulders each time you nit It 0,1 later u girl unless she has soft your Imiirts !s an exoelle t ab vhllc nrms and elbows that are to cultivate us. smooth as rose petals. Any wo- Le man who wishes to achieve arm and uid vlbow perfection .should, ilc- ote al least flitccn minutes each . .._ .. brush and plenty if soap on your arms, particularly lie elbows, when you lake your daily bath. It discolorations per- ist, resort, lo u piece to pumice for (h eclbows: Don't nib loo hard or Jong enough lo injure |l;e skin uid be sure to apply a scolhiiiH dny to them. First, use a body or hnnd lotion directly afterward, Win Prizes For AtLeiKJance At, P. T. A. Mcctini rHrent-Tenchcis aftoci;ilions of Blytheville mid Mississippi county »-on prizes offered nt the meeting of the fifth district of Parent- readier associations «t Marked Tree yesterday lor tlic largest dele- ;atlons. members of local tnan juice is 1111 effective arn elbow blench. II you have little time lo complete your loilet, why not an the lemon In Imhoi ami rest cnch cllruiv in one hslf while you're busily powdering or brushing your hair? Tomnto Juice bleaches imildly) and nl the same lime has a sootli- ing, suioolhing ttfeet. And buttermilk ib another home bleacl and softener tliui is crcellcnl for arms and elbows. Let. it rlvy be fore you rinse it olf. Cmiv.ilexlon Soaps. Ollwi's wlio went from here were Mines. \v. I. Osbornc, C. J. Little J. A. Saliba mid Ira Gray. Sleele Amateur Artists Will Give Play May 1 STEELE. —Tlic Steele Amntcu Artists, n young people's drnmatli -, j V .... Q t'**U|»^ 0 (.ILHIJKit club, has announced lhai ils nc 1'Iny is to be "He's Wv Pal, 1 sontc< audi subscriptions to ihe Child Wei-.!-- Bits oj News Mostly Personal —— Mrs. Ida Molt lias returned from lemphis where she spent the past lomii with her sons, Allen and 'ay, and Capl. and Mrs. Ncdarvy. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Snyder and in and daughter, Earl 13. arid May- wile, have returned from Memphis visited Mrs. Snyder's , here they mother. Dr. Harold Womeck, president of Icndrix-Hendcrson college at Cori- p ay, Ark., spent last weekend here s the guest, of his brother, the Eev. V. v. womack, and Mrs. Womack. Mrs. W. B. Willi»ms left today or Moorhead, Miss., where she will wnd several weeks with her sls- cr. Mrs. Tom Hartmus, vho ac- oinpanled her home after having con h.ere since the death of Mr. Villlams. Among those from Blytheville ho plan to go to Memphis Friday veiling to see atharine Cornell in The Barretts of Wimpolc Street" re: Mr. and Mrs. Rilcy B. Jonos nd Mrs. Jones' mother, Mr.?. Waler G. Card, of Wilson, Mr. and of Die First Christian church, and tlic Rev. Mar»h U. Call»way, pastor of the Osceola Presbyterian church, are attending the two weeks sessions of the annual Rural Church School conduced In Nash- rillc, Tenn.. by the School of Ue- llgion of Vandertili University There are 175 preachers from 1U ttalcs in the Mississippi Valley area taking the course which will IK concluded with the Saturday morning session. Stecle-Cooter Society — Personal THURSDAY, APRIL 12, 193-1 iu mis. j. u. ivioore, Mrs. " m l' et an an le ne n Kclley, and Mrs. Heleiil ln >' r 'sl't. cut th; p:elcd orange in nd son, James Auborn, la " crossways and cut into small tncA-,,. ,,,uh ».i.. „,_ . ' pieces and eat with Mrs. Charles Bates is resting well in Methodist hospital, Memphis, following four major operations, all performed last Friday, she was on ti-.e operating table two hours and forty minutes. The operations were all successful and she is showing rapid improvement. Mr. Bates and his sister, MUs Mollle Leo Bates, who were with her, returned home Sunday. Mrs. T. I. Brooks and Mrs. Gerald Brooks were hostesses at a meet- Ing of the steele Woman's club, held Friday afternoon in the former's home. Mrs. John Story led a discussion on flowers and shrubbery. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Hamra and chlklren. MUs Wadad Hamra. Mr. and Mrs. N. Koury and daughter Miss Olga, and William Khourie attended a dance at Cftrulhersvffle ttrtained 100 friend* at a lawn party at their home at cooler Wednesday night. Mrs, Helen Moore and son, James Autorn, of Willow Springs who have been visiting at Poplar Bluff arrived Sunday for a visit, with Mr' and Mrs. J. L,. Moore. Mrs. Moore is the widow of the late Auboru Moore of Steele. Mr. and Mrs. J. u Moore Mrs Max L. K.(" Moore and ._ spent Tuesday with Mrs. Charles Bates at Methodist hospital, Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. J. p. Bogle spent last weekend with friends in Memphis. C. A. Carlock, B. Y. P. u. state leader, wiio was In Cooler last week conducting a study course, left Saturday for ills home in St. Louis. === The Proper Thing" ==-- "Does It matter how mucii a napkin is unfo'ded at the table?" The only thing that matters is that It sliall stay on your lap onr of sight. "How do you eat an orange? With a knife or fork? 1 like to cut a hole in OIK end and put a lump.of su- gar in, nn tisuck the Juice; but ijBomar. garden; Mrs. Marllm Cas- didn't know if this was correct atlblciy, canning; Mrs. E. B. Manes a restaurant table." [foods; Mrs. Smith Brackln, clotli- L>o not suck an orange in a res-[ing; Mrs. A. b. Beavers, homo taurant, or at a table anywhere, i management, unless at a picnic. Cut it In Iislf and eat with a spoon, or cut it any way you like best. A favorite j u]:lnK5 WC re cxicnnea inose who way is to cut off Hie rind with album the kitchen and cmilixnonl Eharp knife, then, holding the fork —. ~...^»-. . . in my left hand and tile knife in A kitchen shower was planned for an early date and special were extended those who ti irs. J. A. LcKh, Mr, and Mrs. C. I Mon <l»y evening in honor of Mr. " Afflict, Mrs. O. P. Moss, »nd and Mrs - Sam Franklin Hamra, -• ' " "" "• vh o vcre married at Cairo, III., . , . . . , Ir. and Mrs. Harry Kirby, md Mrs. j. Y. Turner, Mr. Mr. and . . , . Mrs. James Hill jr.. Mr. and Mrs, K. D. carpenter, Miss Mary Emma Hood. April 1. Mrs. J. W. McCullough was hostess to eight friends from Caruth- ersviiJe and two friends from Mrs. Bernice Turner Carting of Sleel f at . " p:)t lu< * dinner ^ he Beverly Hills and San Diego, Cal.JS . lry h ° me at N4w Survey Fri who lias nollier in stricken seriously , . visiting her grand- Jonesboro, who m-as return Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Brown are »L,.«UI MUJOUSIV n- w-ui return U ' e oprents 0( " 9 -P° un <i *>". Cal- Frlday for another visit of several K!" ,^ n ' bo™ Monday afternoMi days with Mr. and Mrs. Samuel F.lf, ^ 1)0m < ! '» re - Mrs. Brown -• • ls the former Miss Ruby Sp:nccr. Morris. Mmcs. M. A. Isaacs, W. D. Chamblin jr.. Frank and H. Highrill are spmuing today in Memphis. Mrs. II. S. Hcarn lias returned Irom Scnalobla, Miss., where she visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. . Wicks. Mr. and Mrs. L. N. Henbesl and daughter. Lady Ruth, are moving lo the home or Mrs. w. B. Williams which has been converted into a duplex apartment. Mr. and Mrs. Hcnbcst will occupy the first' floor apartment which lias been remodeled. George Greb lias returned from ten days s]»nl in Sliiiwjice, Wis, and St. Paul. Minn. J. Burl Miller ol Memphis spent yesterday with his father, J. T. Col- who 1020 West Heirn s'treet. better today. " Tliu Rev. E. K. Latimer, pastor . Mrs. Dan Portls Jr. of Lepanlo. Ark., is visiting her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Jordan, and her sister Miss patty Jordan. Buddy Wagster, 8, son ot Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Wagster, broke his right arm Tuesday in a fall from a fence. He was taken to the Blytheville hospital for treatment. Mrs. w. C. Reid, who is with her slcr, Mrs. R. j, Bowden, at a Little Rock hospital, writes that her sister lias taken pnejunonia and is not expected to live. Mr. and Mrs. Floj'd Wagster and chiklren, Mrs. Q. C. Wagster and Mrs Cecil Reardon visited friends at Cape Giraidcati Sunday. Mr. mid Mrs. Paul Slatcham. whc have been at wnverly, Kans.. where Mr. Statcram -was employed with ', the Trinity[arms Construction Co., have itturncd to tlwir home near Cooler. '•Mr. and Mrs. Jess Burkett en- fork. Huffman Women Plan Shower ior Kitchen The Huffman Home Demonstration club met, Friday in the new canning kitchen. Mrs. Harmon Adams presided in tlic business meeting, attended by 30 member.;, snd Mrs. Maude C'assidy was in charge of the demonstration. Miss Cora Lee Coleman, coun- .' home demonstration ngent, explained Hie use of the steam pressure cooker and the tin can sealer. These chairmen reported: Mrs. C. L. Crabb, poultry; Mrs. Everett Biliousness Sour Stomach Gas and Headactw Only A Few Left A Beautifully .Mulched Topaz Water Set Six Glasses and Jug for 35 1 C Complete Ben Franklin Store "A lilythcvillc-Owned Store" »""-'_ J&.--,, i ..i'.W 'llHiV.ii Main and Hroadway "THESE DRAMA—ROMANCE—THRILLS—FUN A talking motion picture presented by the Ford Motor Company. You'll enjoy every moment o£ it and talk r,bout it for a Ions? time to come ROXY THEATRE TUESDAY. APRIL 17tli Matinee and Night ALSO 2 KEEL COMEDY AND ROAD KACB Complimentary Tickets ;il Phillips Motor Co. Authorized Dealer 'arc magazine In the business session, presided over by Mrs. T. E. Tale of Ar- morcl. president, Wynne was n> lected (or next year's meeting. Dr. U. V. Lenvoll, profcsaor ot elementary education at Peabody college at Nashville. Tenn., Ed club'pliuis to give n" sl-rort I one-act play for the Steele Missionary society in (he nellr (ll . tiire, and is ready to provide cn- tcrtuinmcnt for other orsjanlzu- lions. The president, Robert Frame, ha's announced tmt the club is now '• club. Mediation, of UK slate depart- '. °i' e " f °r members. Apphcii- mcnt of education, HIM! Miss win- l ' OI!S tor nismbcrshlps must be nie Virgil Turner, of this city, were '" r " le '"rough a member of the the speakers with Mrs. H" Scott' " ! " 1- Wood of Hot Springs, president o[ the Arkansas Congress of p.T.A.'s R3 the guest o( honor. At the luncheon meeting, also • nt tended by members of the Alaik- • cd Tree Lions mid Rotary clubo i Dr. Lcavcll s|»kc. ; Mrs. Tale welcomed Hie nicn>-' bras and musical numbers Inter- Holland Hews Notes . marriaje of Miss Ova Kilcr . James Ttnkasley of Blythc- v S»turday aft* the Rev. N . H . Rlxxies of tr. c Assembh- of God church in Blytheville -' rT * nkerslcy ' d >«5ht sr of Mr . J. A. Kifer. o!d residents ' nv:nlber °f <»<• lass D( ner- the addresses. Included in these were selections by the lUolh- cr's chorus of Blylhcville made u|> of Mrs. r. I!. Joyncr. accompanist, Mines. Znl u. Harrison, Paul L Tipton, C. S. Stevens. E. M. Tory, J. S. Winford. A. M. Wash- , , burn. Harvey Morris, Morrison and 1 1 Stvimies. and Misses Mary Eimna Hood nnd Winnie Virgil Turner. Permanents That Please • frock of blue - aeooortes were white sl^- of hU .education Her and Kjber and Chirlfs D a i fcy » Bartwell, K y.. Monday on W. Richard en- :ance Saturday the completicn „, replacing one On. Quests from Luxora. wa^MjrUevilt, were among m> - —•- ——J Farmers' STATC COLLBOE, pa Pnwajlvanla ^ State ' College's an- JUlfc 0 * "JWa ye*. Plans al- n*4f **t »od*r way lor the event A CMMrtttet of H Berbers of the »i «Uff hc*4M by T. I UnOtr. »f eonwporxlence te »trtc«R«r» and home », Kk elMM et tbe HOW WOMEN CAN WIN MEN AND MEN WIN The Favor of Other Men sllv(> from Jour l. •ilnilr l^lpri'^jS $£$$ &S£;°!HJ SS^iH^S? f..^.«,»«'«}r^>ti' *>r monlhs months you've nhtain c your pcrniaix;! licrc j«u pleased uilli * u f I, nalur. WAIT. Only talented trained operators em plnved. Beauty I'hunc lot GRADE A Raw Milk Pfcooe 14 Craig^s Dairy REWARD -My father. Maitns Evrarrt. *111 Bivc n reward for Ihe return o[ my pet dog. "Cricket", who left liomc yesterday. H= is a black and white fox terrier, with no tall. Master Joe Evrard. ROUNDand FIRM and LLY PACKED s are to your throat Luckies are always in all-ways kind lo your throat. For every Lucky is made of the choicest of ripe, mellow Turkish and domestic tobaccos—and only the clean center leaves—they taste better. Then, "It's toasted"—for throat protection. And every "It's toasted" Y Luckies arc all-ways kind to your throat Lucky i; marjo so round, so firm, so Fully packed—no loose ends. That's why Luckies "keep in condition"—do not have that objectionable tendency to dry out, an important /,oinl to cmy smoker. Luckies are always in ojl-v ays kind to your throat. ,«^ c lop Icavri—I/KJ-'IC *i:*r. l<.,\,l—liny arc liaiskl n Only the Center Leaves-these are the Mildest Leaves fe^/S^ They taste better ... l ^^m&2^ ^ NOT (lie tiotlnm l«.ov^. it,.*'— I-A 10 holiom \t*\r.t—itttf're Itferhr in quality—merit and ianJs\

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