The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 22, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 22, 1930
Page 6
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/' h ,- O.'K SIX m,YTHEVILLli!. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 1930 LAURA LOU BROOKMAN AUTHOP OF "RASM ROMANCE" IQ30 NEA (Continued from pue five) INC. f liEGlM HERE TODAV CELIA KOBKRS, 17. no* Just imrna (feat the father ahe bnH 1'rllrvrd la be Jettil I* nrlunlly HvlNtf, tiMd n uejallhy Nnv Viirk InuTf. '1'he revelation 1* innde \\itru JOHN M!T€lli:i,l,, Ike t.-i- iNt-r,• c.-ilfn at the humhle Mimrf- Mrail JM ll.llllmtire. ubprf 47rlln llvra, Aillk her mutlier. «ha IrllM the Efrl for the flr*t time rlinl I'rlln Jji Ihe daughter of u Hr«t 'I'hp. irr.,.4 kustatri, IIOII IIOC- KltS. knit been dead fur >rflrn. «r«. Rose™ nnil CelJn, hnve hn.l nn ineuiue hut Ihe muthiT'i, f.-irn- fnc> a« n arniiialreKN, though (lie I'.irl hna Jim aecured u _vuklllmi II.VIIM:V SHir.i.n;. 7011 KB • en«rm|Hrr pholoKr.-iphpr, l» In love tilth Cella «Hd awtum Iliey will he mqrrled aoane day. Mltch- rll tiropnhpM In 1nke Crllik lo »\Y York lo HmUe her home, offering In akoupr hrr ullh InK- urlea. 'i'he clrl refuapa, lint Inter her mother iierMtitiilea hrr tp> nroppt. Knrney SlilctJ« enlln nt (Ue aiinrlmeiit next rvrn-lng ftnil U told thut CcMn la nnt there. NOW co nx WITH TIM: STOIII CHAPTER IX B ARNEY SHIELDS looked tUsap pointed. . "You mean Cclla's away (or the evening?" tic hskcd, honing tho auswer'might lie In tl:o Mrs. Rosers noMeil. •Wes, como in, no nicy. I might at well lell yon nil Ural's 1'iip- peiied." Tho perplexed young ninn followed her ',ntt> tlic shahby lU'iiu; room. For Uio first tlmo ho won dered'if Celln's mother might .' ly lie seriously 111. Sho looked to night as though sha were nick Mrs. Rogers took a clinlr :inil liar- ney eased down on the dnvonnor 1 .. "Cclln's father is here." the wo man. said . abruptly. "She dldn'i even know he \vos living. Ynn sen I'd—well. I'd put off telling her. I He was my first huKhnnd. nml wo ' were divorced. - Colin wits Hitch u baby then. Sho grew n|t thinking Bob Rogers was her j'.vn father." ."Well—tliat must liavo been it r-hock!" Shields' laugh was forced hi:; lie was trying lo npiwar nt cnue. ''.'She's—with him now." Margaret Uogers went on explaining. "They're having dinner down town. He's h rich man, Ifcirney. .He wants to take iier to New York." '. "WiiiU? Take Cella?" Again Margaret nbrtilcil. "IIt> can give'Jicr so mucli. It wouldn't lie j ivcly. fair to keep lier here! lliirney.! rich? 1 you understand a little how U Is: .. Cc i| ft . s 1Mm | 3 a ric i, ,,,„„;• hron hoping fomo d»y slit'tl many tne. I had It sort of I'lKtirod out llial after I :jot n better job and was earnlJi^ 11:010 itiuney 1 cmild ask her lo he my wife." He Klonprd uiiruiUly. In lib gray eyes was sitrb api:rr;l tlutt Miirga- rct lingers r,tll!cil (iio nscliiiiiallon oil bci- lips. "Oh, but—yiiu're l>oth so youug!" Jihc said gently. "Cella Is. I'm 2?,." The yutitli paused ntul UIIMI went on afr^ros:;- "Did you say she's really— I'm Hire, / /io,';Cf/ you uiiijfit /iJ^'O." Civil »i;:lii, llarncy." "(Jtiod ni^hl." Tl:c nauiKl of the yoiini; man's ol*u>i'x tin I he- «[:tl]-s died n\v:ty and sllll M:ir.';aiot Hugo™ sat where :-ii:; wi 1 .:;. :.lrii;;Kling \\ilb her /""HIJA l:nil never !'.( ^•* rouiti. She \vns &il for me, don't you—" [ Mrs, lto?ers asrced. "I believe ho "But— say, Mrs. Rogers— Is Celia : means to do u great deal for her. leaving? Why. that chniiR'es every- ! It's not all tlrilded ye!. There linvo thing! Wheil's she going? Does! been so.nnny things—" ehe^-want to go?" ' | . -noliig to livo in New York, yon. Mrs. Rogers nodded her boat! at- nnch illliiK acroiis frinn John Milrlicll M u lulilc foi Iwo In tbo r.rrat Kre'jn and botel dli'.ln^ ttiiitn anil sbc. \vna iry- Irtt^ vcr.v hartl not In sjvni sulf. fiho \vnro the rose dro::5 whlt-h w.iG'her "hc-.'t" r.nd hi'pt IIL-I - r.tniill bh;t'l: hat on IHT lioinl jn^t us lier j mother had tubl her. Cnnatlvely. M ar , arct ,, 0 ,i,led ber hentl. "Yes, she docs now. Of course for n Htne. Von see. slio'll have lo ehe was npset Inst evenlns. f didn't 'uriiw iipc-il lo' t!:e Idea of 'bavin:: ns Ihesc vclntlvra slie's never licuril realize what a shock It was to he. Oh, hut they'll he here for of Iwfoie. a '.day ' or two. Sho wouldn't ' ' H'ltriout saying good-liy to Barney. Yon'vo been yucb friends—"The young man seemed completely at a loss for words. He- was still Blaring at the ..woman. Margaret ;i sers wna moved by his helpless- 441'LL always appreciate what -*-ydu'vo done for Cella," she told htm. "She's had so few'gooJ limes i compared with other girls n'nd she's i cnjo'yed tho drives and evenings you've, spent together so much." Barney had found his voice now. His cheeks.flushed darkly. . "Mra. Rogers, i wasn't going to say anything for a whlhvhut I— •well, I think a lot ot Celia. I know (he's awfully young and I'm not neirly good enough for her, hut Just tho same I cara more for her than any girl I «r«r met, I'va I'm glad you (old me go | how you' feel about my daughter, 'you..! Ilnrney. ' 1— well, yon know 1 like Perhaps bor plaeldlly wan ills- concerlttig after tho nlKhl tiefore. Kllenco catao lictvvccn llu-tn uiull MltclK-ll said lirns'iucly: "You look like your innllicr." "Pa you think F.O? l.ols of pco- lile lell mo that. I'm Kbtd too. Don't yon think inoltiE.-r'n' eyes are lj(-::iillfnl? Mine tn'c the vaino cot- or bin Ibey tiri-n't as blK." Itnincdlaiely sliu i:i:e',v slm fltouliln't have said tbau Mlti:tinll looked ncross Hie rnutn. lib reply, If ho mado ooe, v:as hiaudlblQ. Cella hit her lip. Slit could not i:in!e:slap.i! \vliy hut she knew from thai moment that sho must uevcr make remarks about her inolbcr to John Mllebell. It frlghteheil her r.nil then alter n nniinetit Hie fflKht Uirncil to slow nnfier. Sbo could nut yet lliink of Mllrhell ns hr-r fallior. He wna nn tiucr!oiii>r with whom, for her mother's sake, she niiiKl be patient. When ihe waiter had cleared I away tbc dishes .Mlteltf.-ll reached | inlo a pucket of his vc-sl. anil tlrow I'orlh a Kinall wlilie i»ack'. p i. Colin lifted Blarlled ey=s. "Open It," .Mitchell rc-ncalcd. "It's—it's something I liopcd you mlglit like." "Oil—lion 1 lieaiillfnl:" pill-; Ittllo cry iva« Involuntary. Cushioned un whilo satin with- n tbo box lay a white Bold circlet with n liny watch face nn one Bide. HnrronndliiK Ibo vvnlcb vas an elaborate setting o( diamondH ati'1 rubles. The gems were o^unlsllo. Try It on'." Mll.'liell suggested. "If Ihc sl7.c isn't ilt^lit we'll liavj it iillcrcil." "It's lovely! Celia said softly. Tvfi never seen anylliing so iiroll> In my whole life. "Kite gaxcd' at Ihe jsv.'nls, I'ai-clnaleil. - ' "I'ut it on!" Hie man itrxcd. 'I'hc girl r!][r,(.'il hrr lu^ul. "Von mean — U's fur me?" "Ot contce." "Hut I roiililiu lake II—" "Nujrinoiipp. ()f i-oursc yon can take It. ' It's yoiitn. Kvery gir nc;'ds ii watr'h. I \vnat yon lo have il so Ibat yon won't rni:::t lhal tralu Satnnlay," It was EL heavy fffnrt at liuinor bin for John, Miteliell U was at liniire.'iKh'u one. Will Ct'lla.sbooli her head. "N'n." . i ihc'sald. "I cnn'l take II.' "l!nt wtiy nol'.' 1 bought "It lo Colia fo: mother had tubl her. >'""• ' ia !" >' ou ln wt!:lr ll - c ,, ,. . —ranldii t ynn do that much All of Ihe ulhcr timers appeared \ V(n]r r^Mi..,.''" i'li>K.vit I" i.Vllil. Khe voailerod .. btiv, 1 they cnnld Keem so f.'asi::il In A nulieltcnis tlarl'.T.kinncd \vaHer nffereil her a sliver liny of rnlis. Cciia hrljied hcrsnir In a nnllb:i. roitsl? Tcndei 1 ?" yon very nincli. Ot conrao I hadn't I'hell tlrcamed .you such serious thought:;. ^.1 yon say, CcUa's. a child. 1 think It's best for both ot yon to put marriage out ot your intnds for EOlnc time. Yon have to ninny years ahead of you!" llaincy smiled sardonically. "If she gcu'3 off to meet a lot of rich'folks 1 g.iess she'll put me out ol her mind nil right." "But my dear yoniiR man—" Shields Interrupted. "1 know, Mrs. Hogera. 1 shouldn't have paid 1 that. Only yon see Ibis Ihine/s a shock for mo'loo. I'd heller be going. I suppose you have Ints ot things to do. Packing and everything. Tell Celia, will you, that I'll stop In tomorrow evening—Ihat Is, If she can see mo." "I'll tell her." Mrs. Rogers agreed. , "She'll want lo ECO you "llou'ti Uio lli'hcll asked. "Oli, yes. It's very nice." "That's isnoil. Mine isn't! l-'»r nu Instanl llteir eyes me* lieu, with conlll£tiL]£ emotions | t.'t'liii liflcil Ihe wrist wali-b from | ttie hnx and slipp'il il over be .is she fab j i:b-r.(ler li,.;iily lu,,l; her l Mil- Ki'iiinhlcd. "Miyht have known It wtiuld be tnngh. CEIU'I uiidcrsland wbal's 'nappeiiiiiK m all the hold coolis. All mvr the c;uin- try they gel worso every year!" - "lint cious." ' "(llatl yon can ent It." They had finished their frnll r.nd were In tho midst of Ihc meal ioi; Celia was lx?ginnlng lo feel a little less embarr::sscd. Mitchell nf i at tin' i,l fnrM' Cnrrrct Drier.!'(Ion nf ]«ml* Neme of P«T- lon, Firm or nr{.orallon lait inyin? IIXPI rirtt K ^aine U S«lm> II San,.' AdJHion to Dtll TIJ« Ilil-lr' K. I., T s. H. H. li. r«i, TUP T»!i T«l. Huark'i Addition to Dtll S 1: fj. W. I. II. II. llrunn W. II. Hall :<. W, Svlmir>- li. W. Sirlnney I}. W. .Swinl.r.y II. W. li. W. i:. w. fi. W. f:. w. li. W. u. w. rij-il, TI, SB-Inn,.) Kn-lniif-y ••lied I he clasp. "U Ills perfectly." firavely Mile:. ell ln<;prcted the arm she e^lelll[^Hl. lie lin^etcd tliu cln^p lo hi: sure it was light enough. "Sure it's all rlgbl?" "Oh. it's beautiful! I think It's lovely— am! I dont know how to 1 think tbo food is doll- ; ti m ,,ii yoll for it! " "ll'm! Never nil::d. I bope it v.'lll keep time all right." Mil- eheirs voice was careless again. Cella eunlti not keep her eyes from the gleaming bracelet. Diamonds r.nd rubles! They sparkleil seemed really tho one fur ivhoin | a]u i ,| ; i, 1( . c d. caitKlit icflcctcd rays the dinner was nn onlenl. lie spoke j f rnm one another, saining doubled In short FCntenccs and remained b r i<.|iinp.;s stlfily formal, hut. If Ibc i:irl bnd been skillful cnougb she eoitbl liave Iniimlsivcly the girl raised her . an:i anil laid tho hrncclet cnreis- seen that formality was a musk (or. |,,,,|y ]>snn5 t her e|icek. diffidence. m" lc i, can ] Milcbell speaking In "You—li'm—thinl; you'll be vcnily a strnined voice, to leave Saturday?" | "Cella." he said slowly, "there's "Yes. Mother said 1 then." 1 <_i>iu, n, . ., somelhlng I want to ask yon lo Ac.'' ' (Tu Ilo Continued) Dramatic Action at the Home Plate Town of Lcachvllle 13 III l:l 14 1C. 1', 1.1 Sanii K.I, II Sam. Sam. Sami Ft:,,, Smith (Jri. (Jri, Iti-llllnrk A. D. Iturlnn '. A. Tliun '. A. Tlnmiian ""I'.'n'kj'iwu l.'.ikn'iun I'llklSOIVIl Unl,,,!v.n Njnicy_ Kniiflit l.'nkno.ui I'llll:.,,'.,, Ram* £nnt> Flmo S«m> Rsmr Pane W. \V. W. \V. . Unknown Unknown R. K. fljbdlvillon of Loll 4-6-B-7 cf Srr.ltli Addition KI-2 'J I'l II II II r: Town of I 1 Addition— Samo Sa no- Miclli San f!l:|. I.. F. Nolly I,. I'. Noll) [.. 1'. Nollj. W. M. firoui.,U W M. Crnuinls f!. W. .M>-a.l.,uK J. W. Mnilin M.K. Man,lioi.i.-)-pr .In... W. l.iunn .1. K. .Mi-.\!ait.-/s Ar,n!i. .Innfs Ami!.. J .M. S. WU.-inan Will C«rl»-rlk-l.l liill.i; >:,iiih .In,,. II Dri '-'« Nff SW S'W SW K SW W SW .oia 1 A ! F.r : 1.01 Lot l.ota l.ol 1.01 l.ol l.ol 10 10 10 10 10 W. W. ' W. W. W. AH.'n Wool Woo,! Wo o,t We o,t T»p. 10 XK 1 .NW I SK 11.0.1 ru.un 1.49 14 X. R Sar.n Lumlitr Co 11 K . !!. Saino h'»mi- M. A. M. .1. T. An Si.iilh Smith MrnnK R. I,. Ifayts 1 Addition— Ltitivlllp. 1 SniiH- II- I), (iuyi, 1! Sam,. -rnkiiriwn 2 Si:,-^ I. II. Iliilmn 2 Ssir.i- l.'iiknmvn 'A Samp ' Samo Kim, Kami Karl,- llattlPt Unknown Unknown C. Millitin Unknown I.. Tiiuon Unknown I'liknn .i (i lira. \V. J. 120 I.'.I 1 l.'.r, i I I 171 IT, 17r, It'2 21(1 21'i 21:1 i 1:14 I.',:: i- I. .T.Mlk.T ill, i lit Ttyin.>llr 11 1-2 1:1 II A. Sm lili ui'ln- (.'••. (J. M. Jackson's Addition—L A Saiiu. Milllnws' AdJHion— Liacl Sill,,,. S:llll.' Sum- Sanir l.miilj- ,le Uotr.oB-r. 11. 0. Clioalo S. ,1. Matlli..»« C. A. Tlmnnan (1. W. trail S. .1. MauN..*i Alton C-l::r« Alton Cbr Mailings' Second AdJitlon— LtjcUrilla y K.MII.^ S. .1. Mnlctiptv a .Sann, S. .1. .Malilipu VI-2 S n Sniun • <.'. H. (latin , a Snine llyr.l i- Clnul 4 Samp llyr.l A- t' Sr.ino U. .1. lliv Addition— L.JChT Ilk Kl-2 4 > Kl-2 I Kelton'i ritst Xl-5 .M-^ SI-2 :. A Sauip Sl-i :• • • » S»IIIP II Sninr C Smn., K Snmi- Kelson's Second Addition—I H H.tnip H Sniiip 1 Samt. I Same rlrks lIulT HuBT IS Da 101 102 KJ1 104 inr, 107 Ii7-12* 139 Ml 241 ion lo in 17 17 17 IS 7 A SA SA 8A 11A I I A I I A UA S.IIIK Sani I). T . W. T. .1. I'ric.- Will -Inl.nin,, llr.rr) i!,r.,,l n. \V. <'n«an It. W. Cniilil It. \V. CUUKII II. W. Cn«an K. K. l(ni»n iil.l T«»i:>ilF 1'c, ,r,lla Slavr I'.,. Kiln 11,,11,-ti K. S. Kuil Huck Clip C.. H. (iar uoril-. k X«-l* l.-ill.rr H \V. rrx-inttn .Inn. I..IIIIT (I. A. Hnr.r) fnknown llriiry (?owln y Poivu y Co^a, . . Sluvei 11. I!. Wilil Tottniitc Co. M. A. Stnitli M. A. Smilli M. A. Smith TnwusltB Co. Tiwiullp Co. Tiiwnjilr <*o. A. 11. IL'I! .). Hurk&tiay .1. llnckaloj O. II. Bavis II. W. Cowan I). A. Sruilh M. A. Smith SK SK M: xw SJ-:i XW XK si: SK XK XK SW xw sw SK S*V SW SW W. -I.T1 «. I'tl. Kl-2 XK. \.u: ..( it xw nf It. II. \W XK .-> SI--2 xt: XK -'2 M-'J si: XK SW XK XK XK ,NW XK si: XK SW XK XK XW .SW XW S K X W SW XW SK-- SW SW SW T»JI. . Tup. IJ X. I! II V. Milrlu-r«r,i, .F. 'l^. <'oti, m II. i- J. (,'. Vullmi p J. C. (••illni, X. II K K f J. A. .AiOnlirannrr X. I! 0 K ,. .1 M. Million .. li. K. IllPkx X. K 10 K p llr..i A Illlliiif' Hrrir.-n * tlillin)!- K Mn.r, fi!-..i. W. (l.i.o. -1 W. W W an 30 :tO I.i.l 2 XW XK a I..,I 7 SK XK It! Kl-2 SW XK 10 Wl-2 SW XK l-i I...I a XW XW H! l.dt 12 SW XW 10 l.m in SK XW 10 XK XW •>:', SK XW '.'I! SW \W -If. XK SK :l.l XW SK :i:". SK si: :is SE XK si: :-K .Ml. 71 10 •27.14 4.Oil Sai,..Sal,:.- :inr- S. Kan .1. S. I .I N. U \2 K .no.- rl>r : - M.I.- 1:1,1: nil.. Clin' •in.- K. M: llr K-l il>' KM nriv.r Drlvir Driv.-r l)ri\.-r Driv.r 1)| iv. r Drivir IJrivn- Yi rry T.-n-y 'IV rry 40 10 40 170 12A Snrai- Towr.sil C. D. Ashibrannar Addition—Manila Cn. I!. H. K. .Iw S. n. Maynar.l A. A. .MayrtarJ A. A. Mayniril Tnm Konnrily H. Cunningham Hllrlslon of Lot -I. Block A Uachilllt Sinie K. .Io 5 c|,li Park Addition— ^.chtllli II Simp .1. T. Koitrrlrk- II Same B. W. Sandpra Smllli's Addition—tMchvlte A A A A A A A A A A A n 11 n I! 1) n Sanu- Samo Sunn- Sal,,,. Sninr Snmr Sa'mr Same Sacr.p Rsme Same Sjiur- Sam,' Samo Samp Sam,Sam,. Untnow ITiik-nrnr Ijnltiow ITnkr.ouD ^..rpr.pp Uipli^r,lioo s! V. Hassdslp Urt. il. A. .loiifs M«. II. A. Jonps W. M. !lho>!« W. M. W. il. W. M. Tom W. .M. Samp Saiikp . S. IIU.ItMIl S. Mn.lsnn Allison i .lark Kpy II. Conra.l Unknown K. M. C ...... at-i- K. 11. Co|,|.. K i. K. M. C.,j,i,a«» K. M. CaujiKit? llf,t. Vpa,0i Hot. Vrtfli {! O. Slpwarl ' XK SW : N\v sw : SK SW : K. i.f li. 11. S\V SW ! K. of R. 11. SK SK .XK SK SK SK l.ol a XW. Frl. !Ti-2 SW Lot 4 Sl-2 XW l.nt 7 M-1 SW SK XW Lot 10 .M. TI-I :. (.liai.n KaiBP 11, I.. San.lrr-i S«u» Martin Tr»y<vi,V Saw.' H. [.. Sunili-rs Tw|i. li X. II 13 K .R9 Samp Amanda JonP^ Sain- (i'mrij.. 'l!nrkr.i-r Tn'l". If. X. K * K 1'.%[.. 1,1 X. It 1 J K Sanu> J»c Tv.- r .. 1(1 X. ft 10 K in, 1 Iti X. R Saiiie lli X. H Sam,Sam,- • W. SI. 11 K •rom T,,iii 12 i: Unft'titari llnlTman U. A. AsftKbrinim Addition — Manila. VnVr.o*-n Rhoilta llhoJw Hhc>.l(> o)iplaR,l llhoilpa Samp Sa, . K. Aahabrinncr Addition — Manlli S:iin.- .In,, Slin Jfio. Skinnpr 0 F. llardnpr 0 K fljr.lnpr O K (laranpr A. Vounu H. AiLaUau- r.Pr. pi Al TV|, Samp S«I:IP U N. Samp i hllli.v-"' 11. I! Slir l;'i X. It 11 K i.l Unknown Unknown UnVr.own Ifnknnwn A. S. Sfntt A. S. Stnlt A. S. Seoll A. S. Sroll Unknown Ul.Vr.mrn. .T. W. llillard .1. W. HillarJ A. A. Maynar,! A. A. SlEynanl A. A. Maynar.l A. A. M.jnanl Tl-.omas Copftaml IIHlp llplte The most remarkable action picture of the basebnll season Is reproduced r.bove. It shows Spaiky AOani-. ot u,c carrtinnls trying to steal home during, the ten-inning battle between the Robins and cards In Flntbiish. which the Curds wen. 1-0. Vance's pitch slruck Huffy, ilic umpire ruled the ball dead and Adams had to go bnck lo third. The bjll is Mown just above Catcher Manciivo's glove. SAVES HIS BROTHER JACKSON,' Mlnri., (UP)—Lower ed Into a gas filled well to rescue hi* brother who was overcome by the polioaomT' lumes, Lawrence Bayer m»n»ged to take a fatt grip workmen and was quickly ovcs • I IXKS IN BOXXKTT Km\ \1T1NG IS I-I.OrEMENT AUGUSTA. On.. (UP)-,Tiisti,-. ? . | VALPARAISO. Hid, (UP)-All ..standinE guard over Ihe Riclunc.nd iilioiuirs declare thai what appear- SNOW KEMOVA1, (JOSTI.V ;cosi!itv courtlinuse. has b«J, in her're! u lw tit; kidnapping of Belly LANSINO, Mich.. lUPi — Snow bonr.ett according lo the building's Mane Foster. 10, farmer's daughter removal on trunk lines In « cciin- | custodian, who recently nsked per- .i,y cinurt Dilhier. 21, was In reality ties cost the ;,tate of Michigan' on,. his briXhtr before ^fecumbing to the fumes h An self and both boys w«ie s»wd. Robert,. 8, had been 1929-30, B C. Tinty. maintenance Icidcd that Ihc lady might as w • sent down into, the narrow well to jci\gin«r 'of the state hijlway do- ; havc b-cs in vlrre 'lier brains are ns«rt»ln If'a dynimlte charge he jpartment, has announced. This I supposed lo bo as to be blind, and llovlllrs 1l!lvc had placed there had exploded, but figure represents an increase cf • storing of honey will continue for slipped o.ff » hook h»ndled by |21.8 per cent over the 1929-28 figure, i the present. . 11 mission lo have them removed, an i-lopcmcnt It is "aid the girl 5886,617.84 during thq winter of. .Tlio powers that be, however, dc- has Ihe mentality of 11 vars In were s»T»d, Robert,. 8, had been 1929-30, B C. Tiney, maintcnancs I cidcd that Ihc lady .might as well , lnmk bclonginB , 0 rjiilner.'nu- found n packet cr SO \n\f letters urillr-n to him by the pirl. ir. 19 is 17 20 31 II 13 1) 1) K E E K K. K K K E K F. K K K K E K E E K K K E K. F (I II (i I) O n n n c, D n H n H H 11 II II 11 11 H II 11 II M II 11 H H 11 It H H H 11 1 1 I 1 I 1 Fa-iip San-.,' Samp S.i m.' Samo Samp Samp Sump S.MII.- S,imp Same Sau-.p Sam.- Samp Samr Sajn.' Samp Same Satac J. Same Sam.' Samo San'.p Samp San: p. Samp Samp Sarn,' Ssmc Ssmp Samp Sllv.f psiu, v Samp Samp Same Samp M.yna Unknown Unknown Unkcown A LP rr.a It, y.t Ho we n AbprnalhyX-Rowpn in Kslale in Vjtatp CliaaJl Clijr.Jl XI -2 ;i XI-2 41 42 41 44 4fl CO 90 94 9.'. 90 160 181 1 Sa . Key Skinnpr it dm. Key X of I!. SK r, 7l'.ilri Saw., 1.. W. Cosii,-ri XK SK K J'l S:un.. I.. W. ('.l .NW SK « ^ SA:MP 1.. \V. tFf.-i.i-ll K. of i). SW SK 8 LOS f-'amo 1-: W. (l..m.-ll NW SW •!•!. 4t) Sasnp ilrown & llillini;!. All ],prsnns \\1.., 1.111 ^pt n[i rsny riplit to Ihp bn.l.^ 10 forfpilpd :ind aold, in ronAfqnpar. 1 of any iolonil- ality or any irr.^nlarily ronnpfli-iT witli ll,e snl,- ,,i -yii-l In tin, Slau- of Arknosa^ l.y iv.-isr.ii nf .sai.l forfpiltirp. are hpr.-ljy warni-a U. nplipar in III,' Mi.L;ni|,|.i Chanrrry Cnurt. ChiPkaowtia District, nl llw first I.TIII aflPr Ihp put.liratlon of tlii< nolirp.t ,- «lt. on IK* 2 day '.f February. 1911. an.l show paii>p. if any llit-rP IIP. wLy tli* s^'r r>s nnil.- In ilip M^ • shcj'iM not l,o ponfirmpil ftnil tin- litlp to fiai.l .1." >rrilip,l lanils ar.,1 eafh anil evt-ry tra.-l tl,..|,,.i. sho-jlil nul lie <[iii,-!P.I in tlip. Sl&l,' of Arkum-a*. {Jis,-n und,-r mi- flint oh'ifial ^PJ! us I lerk ,f thp Misri.»l|ilM Cluiii-.-ry C.inrt on tliii '2'1 Jay of Jnlv. ]0ao. \V. W. 1101,1.11'KTF.K. (!|ptk ol Mii'isii|,l,i n.anrpty 1'iiarl. l-liipka>a<s-li> lliTrirl. . 1 Sninu t'nlnnwn 1 Sanip X. H. Asliiljrannar 1 Sajnp X. H. Ashabrannar Cirithtr's AddltUn— Maalli 1 Pam^ A. C. MfHpnry 1 pain, 1 .Inn. Caraprs Park \'liw Addition -MaoiU 2 Samp John Vlnson 1 Sam,, John Vinson :t Same I'rjknown :t Samp Unknown ^ Samp Unknoirn a Unknown :! - Sanu. Unknown 3 Samp Unknown :l Samp Unknown :' Ham,- Unknown :t Samp , I'nknnw 4 Sainc Unknown 4 Sai:if •> Samp Sirs. I.. 1,. Counce T> Sarnp C,. Jl. Demon it Samp tl. M. Upnton A Ram,- Unknown D. A. Smlth'a Addition— Manlll Y OU— . V. . l\ . P. Ctandkr . 1'. Cban J. M. llo J. M. I>unlK|i Unk Lint Unknown IToLnown W. llakpr W. llaV>T W. Hakfr W. lllk.T Unknoivn K. Solly V. Solly K. Xolly W. Hoi;fm \Y. liottrj Ur.VnovTn Tctty -Tohn 1'pny .Tokn 1 S IMly John W. \Y. Cox I.onnle l>ari»h Lonaio T&ri»h l.onnip I'ATlsh \V. W. Coi W. W. C»x ,1. W. Ijifavpr J. W. l^favtr O. SherwooO 0. Khprwooil Slyrllp Sliprtvoo.l MyrllP Shprwood Mrt. S.D.Kaicli.lale Mr. .. A. A. Mayoanl A. A. Mayoa' Mtllip. .\Yalkrr Manic Walker 15 IS s.v UA Sa Samp Samp Sam* Samp Samp Pamp S.imi- Samp Same Samp Same Same So nip Simp Samp Addition l.aion Jalia navis J. U WithMn J. K To* mite Co. D. II. 4 D. H. Smith Manila Tovinitp To 0. A. Smith n. A. Smith 1>. A. Smith I). A. Smith .1. K. UrSlastprJ I.. Kauor T. 1,. Milfnpll T. I.. MitPhplI Alar Myer 11. H. CooV 11. it. Cook- Manila Stave Co. Manila Stave Co. K.lwanli ,t XpUon A. R. llpll Manila Tonnsin Co S ft All PH. of KIT. S Lot 2 X\V 18 N l-21.«t 3 XW 1.1 9 Samp ,T. W. Slpphena 9 Same J. W. Slpphena 9 Same .1. W. StpruVna 9 Sam .1. W. SlcliliPns 9 Samp J. \V. StcpliPni 9 Samp .U W. StcphPna U Samp J, W. SlppaPns 9 Sar.ip J. W. SlepWris 9 Smnc J. W. Slpplifns 9 Same J. W. Su-plipns a Samp .1. W. Stpphpns 9 Samp J. W. Slenlipr.n 9 Same .1. W. Stppliflis 9 Samp .1. W. StrphPos 10 Same .1. W. Stephens 10 Same .1. W. Stpphens 10 Same ,1. W. Stephens 10 Samp .1, W. Stephens 10 Same J, W. Slrpnpns 10 Samp .1. W. S|pphpn< 10 Same J, W. Stephens d k Garrison's Addition—Ktnllt 2 Samp llKltlp May Grinis 1 Samp Hatlie May Orims •• Sam» W. H. I'iton a Samp .1. W. Davi.l f 4C Samp Ashaliranpr Town of Taibro 2 .<:>»• M. A. Tortis 2 Same Pnnea HTOS 3 Same C. Huffman KM. BLTTKEV1U.E DISTRICT Tup. 14 X. R 8 F. APIPS Sair TV,,. P. W. I.liliprlnh . 1*. W. l.ntlprloSi X. K 3 K MM III. Mtllip •Malllp .Waller IValkpt Same Samp Sim« Same Simp Stmp Hame .1. W. t.atavpr J. W. .l.afavtr W. \V. COT W. J. Wooil W. J. Wood S E XK SK NW S. nf K, R. XI-2 Si: W. J. \Voo4 K. ot t,. \V. ,1. W<JOi\ NB SK .1. W. »l?ador J. W. Mttilor 11 23 27 25 10 <0 40 40 40 40 40 5 17.83 Samp Sin-.p Pame Same T»p. 14 X. D. S. n. s n. s. D. s. n. s. Shonyo Shonyo W. M. U P. R 15 K W. C. Farrar Farrar Karrar Earrar Vanar t Gil) * Oil) Danltll Wood -Want to Buy --Want to Sell --Want Work --Want Help -•Lost Something -Found Something No mailer what you want you will gel quick action hy using Courier News WANT ADS

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