The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 27, 1966 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 27, 1966
Page 9
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Mjfcevffle (Ark.) CeuHer N*w» - Moiy, Mejr fr ( IM «. - - • • ^g ' tt M^- ' ' '-«— ' —«. The Friday Here at Last for 66 Srs. t|HEV THOUGHT IT WOULD NEVER GET HERB. V Th'ere's something magical about Friday for school people, both ybuhg and old: At times; for them; the period between Fridays stretches out unendingly, one crisis-crammed eternity after-another. This, today, is the Friday they thought for sure would never arrive: the Friday (Key griduate frohi high ichbol. The Big Day. Just by looking, you couldn't tell ttiaH tills one wlls, any .different than the other Fritliys that have marched on afiead of it. That is; the sun cSme tip, ihe morning newspaper, was delivered, tflfc alarm 1 went off; there Was someone ahead of you in tfie bith'fooni and ihi dog down ihe street stiried his interminable barking: Friday is » point of vie*. If Monday is blue ind Suflgiy is red and Sifu'fday Is orange, what is Friday? It's the color of freedom, of despair and hope and relief and gayety and—sleep. l Today is Friday and tomorrow Is Saturijay ifijl r f'^|; Ah, sleep. Enjoy it while you can, young people). Before you know it, your back won't be what it used to be and you'll find you can't stay Between the sheets i§ long as you'd like. It's a groan to let tip and a Bigger groan to stay th'e're. For the sod*! kid, Friday is dilS nigfit. For tiie iriirSverti It's the beginning of a heartbreaking weekend because he must go two days without seeing the sweet .little package .of perfection who sits in front of him in Psychology; Next year he won't even remember her flame 1 : But .next year never gets here for young people. What is the color of Friday? In BjyiHevilii It's maroon ih8 white. Friday is school colors, gay BroWSs, tilnS ?misl8, standi up-and-holler, football and basketball, the night of the big game. They're all BIG games. Friday just has to be different in the mind of a young man named Bruce Bateman, the outstanding athlete in the Class of '66. Thii year, it seemed, every time yoli turned ar'BUKd Bruce was going off to a state tournament somewhere. First it was basketball, then track, then tennis. If BHS'd had a baseball team he would've been there, too. There was no slate lou'fni- We'Ht iH footb'al! Silt tHey k'H8W. Bruce around the state. Arkansas State College thinks ne has college football potential arid lias irivited him to play for ihe Indians arid Bruce Has said O.K: Thus, with all his wide range of talents, Bruce is about f/it Viiw from Her! anything Is nothing unless shared. The list of athletes Is long but how can you go wrong by m.entjpning fkmg Smith, .Bobby ,Emmert and Danny Lane? They've ali hid their moments of personal flory and the special satisfaction that they created moments for their teammates, fellow students; fins ind parents .to remember., There must be Immense gratification for parents to know that these gifted 1 guys are referred to simply as "nice young men," There are other long lists, too, of .cheer leaders, majorettes and inusiciin's wti6' Hive all added, to the scene with th'elr beauty, chirm, faithfulness, and multiple arts, above the normal call of high school life. * *..*,, So; her* It is last; another Friday, the final Friday, tfii Friday the kids knew would never .eve'r^ get here, The 230 graduates .assembled in tfie gym. yesterday for a d'ress fetilarsal But fSj- in'ost it didn't mean much and even tonjght fof,spme it like'Iy. wofijt niean too iriucfi, yet becausj Mil Be I long, Hot ritual ah'fl the impact might not strike ? A I-' 'if • for to become a specialist— after a Summer of American Legion ' , , He shouid make the.transfprrn'atlbn all flg'Ht. AriySne who' has had the biggest and best h'igti sch'88i players in the state keying on him' should Be able to handle and weather almost ahythih'g. fhe coIbHgs Have Mid they hate to see him go. Five rie'lil coaches have counted on him. teachefs: too. And a gports wHtef. * *,*„.. This, though, is not just a ir'ifclitfe t'6 Jf,y6_e Batemafi,It'S k salute to all seniors and especiaijjj to thd§|— since this is being written for a particular, section oHh^rjewspafilr— wlio have made the sacrifice of taking part in athletics and snaf- Itig their talents. or not. OI IIUL. , r . ,. i . . „ , ThJ iofe t«nd^f-fiiarted know what's really _ happening. 6ne girl his fieen walking if bund with a box 6l Kleenex under Her f6Hwo weeks: . The seniors ar'l leiviiig. Some teachers and Coaches,, too. Th'ey' ail have their missions but ,that. doesn't, keep It ff8rh Being sad' time, if you fliye to s.h'ed, a t«ar, d6 it for the '^f-^t^ •-iJji.i^i^i l£lt£ iu£ lll£U 2>&SiZt IM ££tr Aano^iftr wtiA K vjle c^rinectea witfi th? fiiih scfiool In iny capicify .._ ar^ ifflable to feel this time as a fiittefsweM milestone. „ ,J;yl beefi talfeini^fe iplSificaliy ifeout Biytfievllis iiign' But wh'at I*m really saying is ttiii: 6od' Misi you, seniors,. wflefever yoii Ire, wflefever you go. • - tiM, ORLANDO OK Juan: Tough Win By MIKE RATHET,^ Associated Press Spirts Writer .About the only tning Juan Marichal hasn't done yet this season is pitch two shu'tdUts in one day. But he's working up io it. The unbeaten S«in Priridsco right-hander was o" his, .way tfiere Thursday, pitching 14 in| rlings before recording hiis ninth victory and fourth shutout in the Giants' 1-0 triumph over the p'rHiilelphti PHiih'k "This was my toughest game of the year," Marichal admitted. "I was tired." But he added: "I think 1 could have gone a few more innings." It probably wouldn't have made much difference to the Phillies. Marichal has been virtually untouchable this season, and surrendered only six hits uprising and" Mafichil had a 9-6 record. Manny f. '*. Mota's third inning homer proved decisive for the Pirates, The victory wtlht to Steve Blass Biit he rieeded Pete Mikkelseh's relief help in the eiihffi. infiing after Jim Gentile 1 tripled. Mikkelseri was tigged for a' run-scoring double by Lee Maye but eventually. got put of i bases-loaded Jain By getting F.elix Mantilla to hit into a do- ufile play. against the Phillies while striking out 10 and walking only one. Only two other games were played in the National League, Pittsburgh edging Houston 3-2 and St. Louis defeating the Chicago Cubs 3-2. * .+ + Marichal was locked in a brilliant duel with Jim Bunning until the llth inning when the Phillies starter left for a pinch hitter after allowing only four hits. Then, in the 14th, Jim Davenport lined one to right center off reliever Darold Knowles. Johnny Callison tried for a backhand, shoestring catch but the ball got by him for a triple. Hal Lanier drew a walk — and It was Marichal's turn to bat. "I didn't want Herman (Manager Herman Franks) to let me hit and then be sorry for it," said Marichal, "so I went to him and told him. I've been hitting well but I'm not a good hitter. Franks tapped Jesus Alou to pinch hit and Knowles walked him intentionally. Pinch hitter Bob Barton then lifted a fly center field, Davenport raced home with the game's only run Cubs' starter Dick Ellsworth took a six-hitter and a 2-0 lead provided by Byron Browne' homer into the ninth inning but the Cardinals came out on top. Orlando Cepeda singled in the tying run, after an error by Ron Santo had let in the first, and Tim McCarver capped the with a bases-loaded .BOWLING Dolly Heln hud 182-477: «D(I Ch«rlott« Vale»tl»« 195 in Wednesday Early Bird League mt Strat-O- Lanes. Laflybug* rolled 704; and Unpredictable! 2047. STANDINGS W Lady BugB 14 F Troop Nervoui Wreck! Unpredictable 10 KnocX-Bm-Dowoa .:.... » Ooldflniefi .: « IIVS 10 (1 L k 10 11 14 single. By HAL BOCK Associated Press Sports Writer Manager Hank Bauer, in the market for another pitcher, placed his classified ad in the Baltimore Orioles' dugout when he posted the line-up. And Sam Bowens, perhaps sensing he was in the showcase, didn't waste his chance to impress Bauer's potential customers, the Chicago White Sox. He stroked four hits and drove in four runs in a one-man show in Baltimore's 7-1 victory Thursday. * , * * It was hardly endearing to the White Sox, but certainly impressive. The Orioles, hoping to entice an extra pitcher away from Chiago, are reportedly dangling Bowens as the bait. In two games against the White Sox he rapped six hits in nine trips. Bowens delivered a two-run single in the fourth and then drove in two more with a double in the seventh. He had two other, singles and also stole a base. It could he the While Sox will make the deal for him just keep him from hitting against them. * * * The victory moved the Orioles into a second-place tie with Detroit which suffered through a nightmarish lost 8-4 to ninth inning and American League leading Cleveland. In the only other AL game, Boston downed Minnesota 7-2. The Tigers were tied at 3-3 going into the ninth inning against Cleveland. But a walk, a fielder's choice, a wild pitch and another walk loaded the bases with none out. FAMILIAR FIGURE — Leonard DicKsoh, kegper of the Blytheville High gym, packs some chairs into the building for tonight's graduation. Lennie, a familiar and popular figure around the gym, also doubles as bus driver for some of the athletic teams. (Courier News Photo) Girls Nervous Under the Lights In their initial exposure to night softball, Lange girls defeated Sudbury 22-9 and Fairview downed Central 184 in postponed games of the YMCA Grade School Girls League at Midget Park last night. In the opening game, Sudbury poster three runs in the first frame but saw Lange come back in the lower half with 16. Remainder of the game was about even, as r.ach team scored six additional runs. It was almost a duplicate performance in the second game as the Fairview girls racked up 13 runs in the first inning. They got one in the second and third and frosted the cake with three in the fifth. Central was never able to generate a rally, scoring one in the first, two in the second, and one in the third. After opening inning jitters, all teams played respectable softball. Qualified Drivers Get to Use Track Today INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (AP) - way from 10 a.m. EST, to 1 p.m. Drivers qualified for Monday's Golden Anniversary 500-mile auto race went back to work today for the first time since time trials ended last Sunday. They had permission to use the Indianapolis Motor speed- to check out carburetion and other adjustments. The sleek cars, costing upwards of $25,000 apiece, had been torn down to the ground and rebuilt since the 10-mile qualifying runs the last two weekends. Pott Prefers to Be in the Lead OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (AP) - Johnny Pott sees nothing wrong with being on top. The pro from Gulf Hills, Miss., fired an eight-under-par 64 to grab a four-stroke lead In the Oklahoma City Open it Quail Creek Golf and Country Club Thursday. Only once Wore thii year has i golfer led i tour tourney throughout. "K never hurto to be eheed," Pott said. "There's no psychological disadvantage or anything like that. Most of us have been playing for s long time, and I don't get too excited anymore, There Is nothing wrong with leading a tournament u ftr u 1 eu let," NOTICE Enjoy fhe Advantage of the Powerful New 2Vi H. P. Vacuum CENTRAL CLEANING SYSTEM Made by "Black and Deckir" Built Into Your Preient Home CALL: HENRY WOODS Big Weekend for Legion Club Blytheville's American Legion Barefiall seSsbii Is scfiefc lil.e'd.tb'starfwith three games this weekend.. . fhe official opener is Saturday High't at T:30 against Hillcrest of Memphis: There are two games SUnday afterttSon with Joh'esbdrb at 1:30. v , .,.•-.-. All three Scuffle's are booked fit "Light Brigade" Field in Waikir Park. . STOCKS TONIGHT Riceway = at last—is scheduled to cSndiict its stock car inaugural tonight. Eight races are booked and $1,580 is being offered in prizes. Time trials are at. 6:30, races at 8:15. The quarter-mile dirt track is located at Cottonwood Corner about 18 miles south of Blytheville on Interstate 55 at the Osceola cutoff. Red Gill,of Blytheville, a former stock and midget racer, is manager of the layout. He says it's the fastest dirt track in the south, but for awhile there, he was kidded by friends that lie had the fastest mud track in the south. * * * Rain had delayed completion of the track about a month ago, and then more rain knocked out the scheduled opening last Friday. It's an entirely new track and cars are expected from Little Rock, Memphis, Missouri, Mississippi, Illinois and Kentucky. Some of the personalities expected are Hooker Hood of Memphis, Tommy Hollis of West Memphis, Eurbie Hays of Portageville and Otto Scrape Of Blytheville. Otto has one of the most powerful Class A cars in the country. Some Blytheville C drivers are Ken Riggs, Wally Ashby, Charles Tart, Herschel Copeland, Harvey Tucker and. iiiiiiyiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiinpiiiiiiiiinniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiii Fights LOS ANGELES-Joe Frazier, 198, Philadelphia, knocked out Al Jones, 180, Memphis, Tenn. Danny Harrington. " . eotto'nwbSd ftoway Is art entirely hew track. There are" steel bleachers and a steel retiiriiiig €A\ ar'6uHa the track. There is, in ad5! : tiori; a f^ric'e; in front of trie 1 grandstaiid fo'r ftlrther safety." AiffiiissiSris are $1:80 Wr adults, with children; tinder" 12 .being admitted-. fffee, . Flagrriah is Jim Pettigre^ of Memphis. ' Officials a"re Mickey Shelton; Don Morris and -Ted J6hnst6n, ill 8f Blytheville. * * * Many of tfie drivers In t* night's lineup also face at Blytheviilp Speedway on Sunday flights. Blytheville Has a powder puff derby coming up this Sunday. YMCA to Change Its Schedule YMCA's summer schedule of gym classes is id go into effect Monday, May 30. Boy's classes are scheduled in the morning hours, starting at 9 o'clock. Preps (boys 8-11 years of age) are scheduled at 9-10:30 oh Tuesdays and Fridays. JUn- 6r boys (12-14 years) meet at 9:00-10:30 oh Mondays and Thursdays, white Higti School age boys have the 10:30-11:30 period on Mondays, Wednesdays ind Fridays. Businessmen's gym is to con- inue at the present noon hour on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Swimming classes for members are at Coalter Clearpool ibout July l, at which time hey have the opportunity to participate in the YMCA Pro- ;ressive Program. Biysox Hove Saturday Meeting Ollie McAdoo has called • Saturday night mwtinj for all young men interested IK playing baseball for the Independent Blytheville Red Sox thii slimmer'. The meeting is to b* ci>ndlicted in the Light Brigade Field grandstand at 7 o'clock; prlof Jo (He Dud Casoh's' American Legipn game yv;ith l ,ajeani from the Memphis area. McAdoo asks that all players who have Reti Sox uniforms bring them to the meeting so they can be counted, collected, cleaneSI ahd sewed if necessary._ Belongs to Rams, Says QB OAKLAND, Calif. (AJ>) Quarterback Roman Gabriel states He belongs to the Los Angelas films 8f ilie National Fobtbaii League "for many years to come." fiut tiie Oakland Raiders of the American Football League contend he belongs t8 thgrri starting jti life?. The. Rajns announced Thursday they hifl signed their four- year veteran to a contract through 1967, with an option' for 68. , Hour's later; Rafters' General Manager Sco'tty SllriinJ an- flounced he'd signed Gabriel Monday in Oakland to * three; year contract, starting in 1967; .vith an additional oni-ye'ar option. . * *.,*..'',- Oabfjel Was ,not in Jhis South jr'ii,California home. But he jeft i statement witja his wifej Suz- zanej which said: . ,"j ,,hav,e signed a, contract «ih the Los Angf les Ram?; But i furhed down a far more lucr,a- ive financial offer frbm the AFL. ..The, Rams are my team ind I'm Ibokirig forward to a vihriing season^ and I plan to je with the Rams for many years to come:" . , ,The twin annSiineemeiits fur<her stoked the hot war between he two leagues: there hive >een recini .reports that AF.L teams were trying to raid NFIi ;lubs in retaliation for thfcsigfr ng of kicker Pete Gogolak by He-^FL New .York Giants after ie piay_ed_,oiit his^ pption with $, AFL Buffalo Bills. If,(fie Raiders, get dabriei- andjhey hint they'll go jo cgurj o_do so^ie will be the first fc stir to be wooed away in the current depute by the;'; ybunger league, The battle for.';; college stars already has costi both leagues millions. ';' "We negotiated the a'gree-" . merit in gdb'd faith ahd consider.- jit binding," said Stirling, who-; did not comment on why the-, Raiders waited three days to • anfioiiric* the signing. Game Tonight , KENPJETT -. Pepsi-Goia of Biythevilje has a 7 o'clock •' game fconigHt in me Kenriett ', Softball League. Opponent - i«Pigg<Stt.. . " tfil BlyiHe'vllle flieftj tied " for the league leidj have " fieatet P'iigott once tha ; leasbnV :, Vaulted Signs CAMDENj Ark;, (AP)= Pete ;enox of. Cwfldenj. who holds he state fijgh school poi.e vault mark, of 14-8; Has decided to Attend , Northeast Louisiana State; he said Thursday; iSiti: fevjfcfft> Richard Silniore _ RpeKiis!,.^ ItoeR^fsi '« Sir, ,1 have a rocket p th«t wUl fit yoBr ««d terifli todir. ' OLDS CMC TRUCKS SAM BUCK Motor Company ••' lif S; Main •, Ph. PO 2-2056 m AUCTION- HOTEL NOBLE Blytheville, Arkansas Tuesday, May 31- 10 A.M. Entire Contents of Hotel Noble AND Restaurant to be Sold to Highest Bidders! 97 Rooms of Ftifniture 1 Safe . 50 Room Air Conditioners 1 Larg* Lot of Banquet 40 Ceiling Pans 2 S^TPon Air Conditioners lice Maker, 1 Cpke Box ! Beer Dispenser 2 Caih Rasters l L arg e Drink Cooler 25 Dining Tables and 1 20' Bar Chairs All Kitchen and Restaur- Typewriter ant Equipment Adding Machine Lobby Furniture Also Hundreds of Items Ton Would Normally Find In A Hotel This Size AUCTION CONDUCTED BY: PAUL ROBBINS AUCTION CO. Ph. 561-3143 — 561-3138 Manila, Ark. Tables and Chairs Rfefng ' Congratulations to Edward Saliba General Agent for Universal American Life and newly elected President of the Blytheville Association of Life Underwriters. Since joining UAL, Mr. Saliba has qualified for his company's V.I.P. and Key Man Clubs. In addition to this he was recently •warded the "44th All-Star Honor Roll" certificate, a national award which only three insurance men in Arkansas received. PRESIDENT BLYTHEVILLE ASSOCIATION OF LIFE UNDERWRITERS Eddie Saliba 215 W. Walnut Blytheville Phone PO 3-8728 UNIVERSAL AMERICAN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY • 70S WIIT MARKHAM • LITTLE HOCK. MKANIAI-71101

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