The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 12, 1947
Page 6
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i»AGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY,- APRIL- 1R,-19-17 •k''i« '"!*""•• ' i • ti/ if* • | services wm- conducted by Hie Kcv. Polio : Patients in Warm Springs > »• c - wiko " E»-°»" U <"' Pay Tribute to Famous Friend ' : '•< ; - , '••• :' who often Mr. Hnosc- WARM SPRSNpSi Ga;,"April 12. lioldlng memorial services in U>e (UP) — PoJltf'paflentstajid other;JIHle cliajiel ot tile Warm Springs residents of this 1 tiny community'foundation. marked the second annlver Sa rv,to-1 A choir made up of '"'"'""J^; „,„., Wflnn B , lr , l1lss t o s!l nna «,st ""nKYlcpreside,* "r." 1 "while. lie W «s Hrra-vcry tired. If , islcr of roley, Ma., I preached here during veil's frequent visits. Basil O'Connor, president of the foundation, paid tribute to Hie wartime president. ••TMII years na<>." he mid. "our . ! dearest friend came here to Geor- ;Social Workers' .Conference Ends WithElcctioKS , day'ol the death- of their.-fnmed Mei)d, Franklin D. RooscVelt, liy ralysLs hymns of rlithlly said that CopyricM by Gwcri Dovcnpert; Distributed by NEA SERVICE, INC. . I THHE train, which had labored • • north from Boston under a clear spring sky, v,'-is threc-qunr- 'ters of an hour late in arriving at .the little 'station 01 Goose Neck, on" the Mnfne-coast. | At last its wliiftlo could be •heird at Goose River bridge. I The slalionmastcr came out ot jhis office. The postmaster wheeled jhi$ sacks of. mail to the head of Ihf platform. A Jew loiterers iuhiccl their attention toward the (tracks. A tall, elderly man, hawk- jnosed and bowler-hailed, who {looked very much like an English Ibujler in a play, advanced in the {direction of the approaching train 'from the bench where he had jbejn waiting in the shade, t This was Sir Charles Madden, ;Come to meet his employer. Pass- ling the stationmasler, he paused, ;befit his head and said, as if announcing royally, "She is come! | He did not mean the train, but iralher Ihe distinguished passenger ;he; was awaiting, j .So short was the station plat- iform that although the engineer ipulled -his cab well beyond the 'front end, the, chair cars in the rear were left : standing forlornlj out in the cinders. [ Sir Charles knew belter than to 'seek Madame van Eyck and her •party in the inferior, if temporarily 'more luxurious, regions iclose behind the panting engine lie- began picking his way down the] cinder path under the hfler- esfed eyes of the passengers whosi business was taking them on beyond Goose Neck. As he r.earec th£ Pullman section, Ihe people he: had come to meet—there were 1'di3"thc" lawns, • Ihe glimpses of \ ocean beyond them and the gravel Jdrives curving back to the big ! frame houses. ! Sophie could slill people Ooose ,'Neok, in her imagination, with the ! remote beings in striped blazers r and; white flannels, or in starched [muslin skirts like pink and blue jand'creamy Canterbury bells, who vhaoVinhabited this forbidden world ' i where the daughter of a local larr • meo did not belong. '.z i Now she was being driven 'through their sacrosanct territory ito .& house farther out on the Ipoinit than any of these. Thc passing of the train had left the four of them marooned. It was, for Mailanlc van Kyck, an ignominiiins return tn her hlrfli- place, an entrance scarcely inori! notable than the manner in which she had left Goose Neck a lifetime aco. ?\ refugees \vas Sophie van Kyck. War had made basking in the sun immoral—even for very old ladies —as well as impracticable. Madame's return from Europe reminded people of what most of them had forgotten or had never known: v«n Eyck was an American. In all her travels, throughout the great career that began obscurely enough in the Odeon the Hungarian cook I,uka, curtsying until her skirt touched the floor. « "Ah, Madame—!" Luka cried. What a pleasure it will be to ccl and I will have to make several trips." The passing of the train had lef ! the four of them marooned, unconnected will] tile platform am the handcart which the postmaster was wheeling back uguinst the station wall. It was, for Madame van Eyck, an ignominious return to her birthplace, an cnO-:»"ce sc^rc^U' van Eyck's butler, "that I have' ever inc-L a butler in my life. Ex- cuso me." And he pushed pust the taxi driver into the house. . urn.E ROCK, Ark., April 12. UP)—Welfare and social workers f Arkansas returned home yestcr- ny following their final business c.ssiou. The Arkansas Association of Sola! Work vo'cd to arouse the pu'j- ;• to the "need for more welfare 1o:::irtmcnl funds" and "Inadc- unto assistance standards." The resolution followed a waning !)>• Stale Sen. G W. Looktuloo if Arkartelphla that the state's velfiirt! money is going to other ',r.vcrtunpntal .liienclcs. 1/ir.kadoo assailed Clov. Ben La- tcy as beins "unsympathetic" witli hi- aged, tinforliinntn and poor lass of ijeovlc. Lookndoo's charge •n:np afier Lancy vetoed a bill vhti'li would have appropriated an idtlltionai Sl.COO.COO annually for vcllarc 1 criuils in Ihe slnto. A. lj. Bell, welfare department •rcial service director, wa.s re- elrrtcd president of tile associa- . Named to the executive com- nitti><' were Jiulce R. P. Strozier of Fort Smith, Mrs. Mattie Cal Maxtcd of Fayoltcvlllr, P. N. Powell of Hr;)e, Mrs. W. P. McDer- nolt of Little VMfk and Mrs. Pr:u:ees Havens of Mnrianna. Of the nooo kinds of liznrds in the \vorld, only two. Hie Gila mons- rr and the Mexican beaded lizard, are poisonous. one man carried the weight of the world on his shoulders. Franklin D. Roosevelt had been doing just that." He recalled the president's wnrmth of spirit, his human understanding. "It was his earnest belief Hint peunancnt world peace is possible —that there Ls a place in this world for all men to live In dbnitv and peace ami freedom from fear. "Ruth, cournse. understAndlne. With these three. Franklin D. Roosevelt faced n changing world, and found it a good world. In spile of thp handicaps under which IIP labored, ho discovered that inward peace which is the only accurate measure of human happiness. Ut us pray Hint all men. in all parts of the world, may recapture some of that spirit." Tn the little chapel which the President often visited were several of Ihe polio victims who wore here two years ago when Mr. Roosevelt's death stunned the world. FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H, Webb Hwy 01 at State lane Phone Blythcvillc 714 W. J. Pollard INSURANCE G/encoe Hotel Bldg. Phone 3545 slowed, shifting into second. They were at a cross< C ', roads \yhere, a dozen mailboxes stoofi if^strow*' He took the clay road leading-.back through open lielrfs and blueberry meadows 'to |the;shore. .Thc~ Pcabody house, 'Gray Shingles, was a good quarter of. a mile from the highway. Just before the sen came into view there was a dense spruce woods, and where the driveway emerged from its needle-carpeted jsha&e, there against the sky stood ^the^no'use, old-fnshioned and tur- Ireted, with many windows and jwide verandas swept by ocean ;breezes. i "Oh, it's nice!" Vicky cried, getting out of the car almost be- .forc Clarence had stopped it. The walls of the house wore of cook for someone who understands another artist!" This reminded Sophie that she had an audience again. In the presence of Victoria.alone she had allowed herself to yield to the fatigues of the journey. Shaking off- her granddaughter's hand, she acknowledged the greetings of the servants, bowing and smiling, sweeping before them into the hall. Sophie walked across the Turkish carpet laid clown in the hall and paused in Ihe door of the drawing room. Although everything was not quite in the place she might have chosen for it, still Sir Charles had done very well; His own favorite armchair, she noticed, was next to the fireplace —but there was Marcel's masterpiece, herself as Juliet, already looking at homo over the mantel; and here were her crimson velvet sofas, her little gilt Dircctoirc chairs. Crow-ding the smiflhoxos and bibelots off the tables \vere her framed and signed photographs of Ihe great, including those of several crowned heads. Sophie clasped her hands and closed her eyes, breathing deeply of a familiar fragrance. Dear, wonderful duller, vJtierc each ash TTPSTAIRS there were half a dozen airy bedrooms. Sir Charles had placed himself in Ihe good front room that gave onto tho driveway and the spruce woods. Madanic's things awaited her ir. the big bedroom over the dining room that faced the sea. There \vas a small bedroom ill a win.^ for Victoria, and in the chamber over the library the downstairs bay was repeated, floor-lenlh windows and all, to make Marcel an excellent studio. They all made a tour, inspecting and approving, planning" rearrangements, and ended in this big, light room, where the artist's canvases were already stacked against the wall, portrait after portrait of Sophie. 'But this is perfect, Marcel!" Sophie exclaimed. "The very place for you 1 ." He shook his head, huddling sadly under his oversized greenish-black cape. "Here I cannot do my best work. New England seashore is not the Cote 'd'Av.ur. Here the sun gives no light." Sophie hastened to reassure him. "As soon as we can get the labor and materials," she promised, "you shall have n studio in the garden, For Limited Time 4% LOANS ON FARM LANDS On medium si/e and large tracts. No extras. Full repaymenl privilege. SKK US FOK QUICK SERVICE OX FHA LOANS Fur Kiiiklitig or Ilep:iirm£. Also Aulo Truck and Tractor Loans. UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY "Oh, it's the s?.ms o'<i story! Washington vtorii do a thing about the riaing bsauty shop prices until women start looking pariectly frowzy!" Lawnmowers ... Expertly sharpened and repaired. We pick up and deliver. Immediate service and all work guaranteed. Phone 2192 215 N. 2nd F. L. Wicker Machine Shop Yes, We Hove New Cars Arriving Every Week-— 0 Pontiacs ® Fords • Chevrolets * Plymouths and others I'lucc your order Now for Immediate Delivery We Pay Top Dollar for Clean Late Model Cars BUD WILSON AUTO SALES Phone 2037 Cor. Franklin and Main SI. WHEN A BOARD UP, HE. S.AW5. GEO. N. UECHTi', L/neo/n, CERTIFIED p! s ae tT- Grade'A'D.&P.LNo.M Cleiined • Trented New Sacks Purify 99.5 Germination 85% LIMITED ClQfl PER SUPPLY ^IOU TON Also Ogden and Royal Soy Beans $4.50 EARL MAGERS Dell, Arkansas .shingles weathered to a gentle 'gray. She could sec clustered on its place ithe", veranda near the front door memory! jthe. familiar furniture from the |terra-ce at Ant ibes—fa nb a eked i chairs cushioned in pastels, and tile-toppe.5 tables whose colors were faded by the Mediterranean sun. "Isrr°t it wonderful, Granny," she saidi"'jtb have our own things again?".:;_f^,".^ * * .COPHiE got out of the car slowly. "^ She '."yfitZ'tttore tired than she ought tccbe^after the journey, a weariness-she excused to herself by thinking it had been a journey tn time as well as in space. She, too, noticed, .\vfth, pleasure the first of her -own furniture which Sir Charles:had brought up from storage. ' ' Victoria paid Clarence and helped her grandmother up the steps. (As they^ ncnred the front door it -was opeiK'! by the cook and the trny had n history, c.ich footstool I Marcel looked at her just as you did at Antibes." in her room and her alarm sharpening his little dark eyes. "Will \vc not be returning, OIR CHARLES and Marcel drew _ up at the door with the luggage. ^Clarence was waiting to help carry it into the house, having been inspired to offer his assistance as a means of gaining entrance. *'You any kin to Madame van Eyck?" he asked Sir Charles, speaking through lips which he barely troubled to part, while his cars were opened wide for the other's reply. "I am her butler," replied the Englishman. "That right?" Clarence picked up an easel and a carpetbag. Without having given any indication that he wished to be friendly, he now evinced an interest in starting a conversation. "Say—you Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople Out Our Way ROOM? ITS 60 MV BA.CX MARKED LIKE Avs'AfFL NEXT: Black lirowu bears anil brown blnchs. /AND I WOULDW'T SVftSTE TRSING TO BREMC DOWN) \ TH\S HEWS OWc DOOE.'. y/tfcsV! ALIEN! VOUHEMU'.E? SOMEONE'S U3CKED WE IM rAH MOVE OUT fvNO IT WILL AND IF VOU VAI.U& voue, WECK.PFJTIFEE THW'S (SUITE C, DB.OP OUT THE \MIWDOVV TO Over Gliiiril's .Icvvplry Store Ulyllicvlllc, Ark. Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY RED RYDER PA HOPE BUT IF REP R1DE.R G5.T TROUBLE,HNA KSEED-IW\ME." S \E 8iTT£R V-OOK-tJ ROUND, f\AXe-Uf\ SURE PRtTtt GIRL-' 5HE PO-UCM& ,THIS !?CCK 5EE,-\5 To BE CED.' ArtD IT J-MGHT SES-SAV-5 AT THAT.' TriAT WOULD EXPUVS! SAVO IT rAOVE." K^s^reafc for Complete Protection Cnptiim .s Orders VEH...WE KNOW--) /VVE...I HOPE TRIPOLITAN J TO AVOID 'EM. PIKATES... r BUT IF THEY JUMP US,I'LL FIGHT.' SORRV, BUT SOME OF MV CREW JUMPED SHIP AT GIBRALTAR...CAIVTT SAILTHESC WATER SHORT-HANDED... DANGEROU AN 1 IF VOUW SOULS BURN WITH ANGER,SftVE IT JUS SURE I'M AN AMERICAN SMITH, MASTER OF THE BUKLV [1CLLE... BOUND FOK By J.R.Williams CH, 1 SEE WHY VOO \ GOT SUCH TERRIFIC \ SPEED-' AS TH' BALL I PARSES YOU GIVE IT I A BCQST WITH VOUR / ^/ STUFF 15 OUT IP j BOOTS AND Hr^R RTFDT>IK'i (AW3.VJOOO, V iH (AU"iT 00 THE POWER PLASH" „ now the \vnr is past, to my beloved France?" Sophie laid a liniul on his arm. "I tfon't think so, tlenr," she said kindly, condemning him to eternal exile in a voice like a benediction, P<?or Mured, she thought, who had given her everything he had to give! Marcel, \vhotn she had loved nt 20, who had put her through the Conservatoire, uho, having painted her when sho was n graceless girl and he at the threshold of his career, had sworn never thereafter as long as ho lived to paint another woman! "Co3Tie on, Granny,*' Victoria suggested- "I think you should rest Ifcforc dinner." "Dinner at seven/' said Sir Charles. (To I5c Continued)

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