The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 20, 1938 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 20, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS DMT IMS IIP ID 'SHEER, Detroit Builds Homes for Improvished Families Aclion May Point Way • A Solution 01 Housing Problem By NBA Service DBTTROIT, April 18. — Into n modern six-room home here in Detroit the other day moved the Brown family—Mrs. Gladys Drown and her five children, abandoned )jy the. fnllier two years ago. Their attractive house Is equip- , ped with si bathroom, a toll base- j incut, a refrigeration milt, n gas stove, a laundry tub, a range boiler, and n coal furnace. Surrounding the home is n large yard in which the children may frolic In the summer; insulated walls will protect them from the cold in the winter. It wasn't a bank night prize or n sweepstakes ticket \vhlcli took the Browns from their squalid .quarters, in an unsavory locality to a comfortable home in a desirable neighborhood. Instead it was the novel yet simple project of tlic Detroit Council housing committee to provide low-cost housing for free tennnt welfare families. Coils Cut Engineers in the city's Department of Public Wfc:ks recently devised a scheme of bringing construction costs of the housing program down to n figure that made .it possible for the city to build homes for Its free tenants. And the plan In Its final form looked so easy that the engineers wondered why they hadn't thought, of It before. A recent street-widening project in Detroit find left n huge pile of salvage material as a civic eyesore. Within that nllc was a. lot of Rood building material — durable brick, lumber, pines nnd plumbing pacl- Kets. doorways, pillars, and norch posts. W!iv not. tlie engineers reasoned, employ Hits material In the construe.! ion ot dwellings? Oiijnklv came nn apDvoprlntion of SVj.non for n group of 10 homes, divided aa follows: S2000 for n foiir-ronm honin. f.Kao for a five- room Imme. S3000 for n six-room home. Plans for 15 experimental liouscs' were comnleled. Ten of the homes vvnre nlac»d under the pinervMon of f.lw Pu'»llc. Works Dcpnrlmr-nt.: ivivntp Imlldm-s were . permfltal tn bid n-i Min others. Of the' rinnr"i>rintpH sinji. 57000 was nseil fni- die purchn*n of lots in communities nceesslble to schools, chiirchns. parks, and playgrounds. T*w tn tax delinquency, some of Ihe .sll<v; n-ere imrchfised fir ai little as SlOO each. Pl"n More Houses - ^When 'finallv connected, each of thp. home,? will be nf a- dlfferenl. architectural dnsicn. Walls are to he rnnstrctpd of.brick, hrick veneer, or- fireproof sWine. Wallboard and • other non-warning materials will bn utilized in bathrooms nnd . kitchens. . • • ,. in ntiK.l'i The'happy Browns were the first, dcnte smut family to move into a completed house. Soon other poverty-stricken Detroiterg \ v in know tlie conveniences of a middle-class home. T>'» iirblent. has been so successful and the salvage mnlerlol is >o plentiful lliat Detroit is faii\<< ahead willi plans for ISO more homes. Tliese ore some of Ihc 'an. nitiactive homes tonsil i.e. t, M | to from salvage male-rials to liousir Detroit 1 ., poor. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 20, -1938 Tlie alwvc is typical of (lie new homes Detroit is building for its welfare cases. Mrs. Gladys Drawn and five children, right, havu reason to smile these days. They're out of Oiu tenement.^ Into a modern residence. Luxora Society — Personal Mr. and Mrs, W. R. Moore and children, of TMssellville. Ark., were visitors In the homes of Mrs. I'nli I.vneli iml Mrs. .lohn Coi-i-ran several 'lnys 'isl w"ik. Miss .Innn Vrisn. or ' "•'lir-trvi. "tin,, wis a "iip-i r>r Ml" 1 ; Nr>ra Vfl-- (liirlntr tli" T?.,c(n,- teisnn ,nne n'tev snondlng ,(hc Enstcr liolliliws nt homo. Cl. n. Driver nnrl ,]iin-<iin I'lM-in 1 "!IT Arkansas Plain .Innpsliorn st"- er wp.ek-piid district, Eudora. Mrs. Addle Cain. ofllclal lioslcxs: ninlh district, Mia. Nolle Davis, El Dorudo. MI'S, MfiU'o ^olson iv^s Jiosl^ss I" til" Luxoi't Utei-ai-v Bnnk Club i,i>r mull.. MI--:, Bartie lion;ls, of MII,-. R O. r-,H"r| [ nr n sn";slnti lip^nrn hiv- h-v\\. reports as tile TA-P alu'ifnrrl t.'i" Orient" Savs4l Milfis Gravel. 100 Mi'csOf'Dirl Roads Kx- Mlssb-slppi comity will li.-ivo -II miles ol <auvi:le-l rwiils nnd 100 miles of dirt ro-rls built tins year, II xulliclcnt funds urc obtained from expected sources, according to County J»d<je S. I,. Gladhli, H is believed, iifcordinj to .Jiidijc Olatllsh, llmi within :i sliorl time the county will i-i-«-iw> ln-tv/epii 512,0(10 inul SIS.OOO frum Lho turn- fcat'k of one-fourth of one cent KUK ta>:, and llii.s will be used fw i\vx Ki-avclod roads ami retniiiiij! of old ojii-.i. n is a | S o jiiiimiKi ( 0 'iniinii .roiicreto mlvcrls in (llfta-i-nt sen- tlnns of the. coimtj to replace the old wooiien.qne.'i. -, ' Tin; new Kroveled'i't.txiits, which are to be built, ILV^V/HA projwls. will be sc.-iUi'rc-d . lliroiiulioiit the county as conpec.ling Units Ijctwcon mads iilrrnclv <-onsli-iicl«l. It is also planned to operate the two caterpillar tractors with firaclpr:: in :liit raid construction for the entire dry season. Tlic 'unnoimcemtnt of the new roads to lie made will moke -i loud of more than 2.0CO miles of roads ;aral for bv the county, in addition to highways in Die t-ount, 1 ,-. which are not built or tnaiiUainpd by the county, it is said. It cost ajirpximately £35,000 yearly l« buil'l and maintain the county roads with new cnuinment. nn- torinls and labor inplu<lc<l in Hie .OflO annroiiriatlon made bv the connlv diioriim c-oml. P, o. C\vyri, of ri^cprilo. is ronrl .suurn-ivor. i"> of <>r<ivole>l rm»ls nnd 1.-1S" miles of (lh-1. rod-Is -i-llll •>•> milpo of •liv dm rast, vnir. Tliis docs not tors with yradm wiiich are In. has constant operation, and a bridge crew with pile driving machine with one bridge foreman and prisoners from tlic county farm niakin? up the crew. Oilier activities include the Installation of ?.K metal culverts ran-'lnx In sl/i- from lii inirhi's to 72 im-hcs in diiiinetet' :t(ul 55 tVrt Km:;. arrived lo spend several days her" with her sister. Mrs, John Tucker nn-1 other relatives. MJss vni|[ e r:<iw liftne nri^i- n visit, «,|u, 'iv*' nivl ti,"'r fajnMJpn jn nni'p T.iPe'r of .lartton Mo., ntivcs. \ m ha-! rctiimJl WS .1) hoi- brolif- / 5 Soci'cly—FWsonnl Repairs, Improvements th s entire house redecorated Work To Properties Underway o,.^^^ comi)letcii il1 !css clmnges. Among (liose having such work done is the residence of Mrs R. N. Hill, nt 411 West Wtvlnul itreel. ivhich is being- converted into the to two apartments. '10"Cl f Ibe Ijrimc folk. k nl- PPW. to loencl w'"> Ilicni. the Easier Ni>mbf>r nf llv ("-'iii Mrs. Mr. fo- - \s-tt, inrn. ^r-i., M,._ »,,,\ r» c"rt s on Mrs . nt r..,vi"o. nntl Mr. ,^ tjoll to >l ^>»f| frif"- M r i'id .•"-• i. E. 'T. n""lii^i-<!. MTP- and n-'s »••"•« „»**(* n f P«I,I rollins .Sunday r l •>'< e<"i- hiinl. vnll. who . was in" nt riasnell in the e»g luml and W ilkins npcl _ Walkins and rhildrcn "'"it of several dnvs Sfrs niupfcer of fricn* t-r dw diii7lit«r Jove", witu an Easter Sunday. Mr*. I,. F,. RfM ni»d jf,- c Burner u-^re ^ r j r iny n f pile 1 :*.*; nf Mrs. ^ T ? ^ m1 lj dfi'K'hler. Mrs. Alice Coats. T'ipve will be school i>i Bt fhp school lit *"o,, PrH!!V n '° hts ' Eve ryonc "is'in- ' ** '' ."^^'jn, of Prrtn^i^fifJ Tifind frpnt iJvM-iv "!->Iit with her cousin. M or " t.-«nn Bean. i Mr. and Mn:. i-)on CoaU nml | lamilv su{ . n t. Rnndav in Armorel i filb Mrs. OoaiV sister, Mrs. Rov I Dunlan. and family, ' I Marriage Licenses i There were only three counles who obtained licptses to wed from the BlvthevUle rffice ot the county coijrt clerk during the nast wepk. Names of the counte and omciai or minister performing the mar- r!a?e ceremony follow: Lonnle P. Moo^e nnd Mrs. Ohar- line Tankerslcy. both of Huffman bv .Magistrate T. L. Cossidy. James Henry Buxbaum anrt Miss Dorothy Allifne Campbell, both of Memphis bv (lie Rev. S. H. -Salmon: Curtis Hurst and Miss Leith Banks both of Blytheville, by Magistrate Cas- sldy, . Mitrn" . Ho* I'l of of one nf n. R. ucrnrv lt')>'"rti>« •"si!'; e^"'i cv the Min.i>- , f'inrlcslnn. Art., with 7v''-s. Enln Hiall. !••; rvniil." Orn'vl l/rliiror- «crond dl=lrlct.. nerryvllle. with >Irs I.ois Pliihlisi omciai hos't^s- cl«.-. "nlh district. North Mil IP' Rock, Mrs. nalma Ueagnn. ofTriril host~a- twelfth district, Pine Bluff Mrs' 'Audie Mallcy. ofTicial hostess; tenth fnilll'l n. ellvw or m; n iy.uo riiiok ilividnaf foi'lnne. '•'l ">Cll'll"|- (Hllll MlC <b nT *"!i!i'i.|Mil l-^'llll 1 : •i F-^tnr p-"T hunt jn brarln« nn lu- . and Mrs. P./ W. rii' 'lost 1 : lj> fnvlw ciioclr i:>ii(l i- fni- t. smiunr Iiridw. • Oni irT MM-.! ....r,,.^ ,,. •d '!'••!. R. R Oih"«''l. k-n o'"Oi-">. i\ir ^^ . OSC"OlH. JUV. n-Hl 'Irs. M> «•• Of Mrs. C!. ll. Wood ji- ' " At l of I1 1( > 'r. 'u'.'d tin- foi-f,,iln ( ] ,.„,)„„,. A( , .-rnrnssinns. Miss nn-l i\f f, Cooltn li scores which "ie desirable than (lie . . vitcrt b<- Mr. nn-1 Mrs. Rnilor li »n to Sl'llon's new- i,,>|,t 0 |,,|, •••her" ornnpcmpiiis Ind Ixrn made for dnncing until twelve o'clock. OAK LUMBER For Sale—100.000 ft. ot Rood hill oak lumber delivered al very low prices. See J. W. Barren Blylheville. Ark. Phone 398 ed. Tlic improvements include an indirect llfhtitig system, new linoleum and a fan for a new type cooling system. A room and nursery The house, which three bedrooms, dining doom, breakfast room, kitchen, bath and lnr(fc : hnll, is being converted into two apartments which will each i have a living room, bedroom break-' e ,"- (i ''° , ", mvn St!>lrS is bcillB re - • - ' dccuralnl and the floors refinish- cd. .formerly, had >c ^e added tobrTp. A? Rob- Inson's home at 1031 West Walnut street. The two rooms tire, beini; built pn the first flooi 1 , niul Miss Alice MinhlP his linen scrl- onslv ill i'l tl'" honin of her aunt. Mi- 1 --. A. !>. Ai)"i'naflw. where- ilit' nuikPs- h''r ],-voi' 'ffl' illness ;vii", n,ni-,p<l )w t)l» hl'(> Of A ivI'lO'V f;»l(ter T-VlrViv lli"l!t '-.•in n verv liWi I'Tii'i'-i'niiir'p ai'-l si ill l-adlv S-.-PII..II. Ho','.<v.'t-r. she h. Mrs. C. R .\iilt»r •i.-,pi,(, the littpf "•n-t Of III" «'<•'•!( in Ofi'ie Oiv:,! 1 - d'"ni with r'-lalivos "nil friends. Mr. nn 11 M,,; Ai w. .loi-dnu m . rf Vr-,. nov Smith. «ho for --cvi'i-ia i'.i >-li;inplilK last w<vk ,'r_n,r [ti'cal-( I yfuiflt" Ci:in : :'i"l hh.s \vhifyM! lio-iin fi-rim I hi. Blytheville liosfJiaV! ai"l Is inmrovpd. • '?'(•;' Mr. <ni<| Mix A. I, McRricio -md '•ons. l.lo (1 nml Dannv, rinil ?,iW, i. ('.. Soi-Hoi'r s,jpnt, .Sunday ^l)i .iiliipr. Ai-i-.. with MI-. an-! Jii-s. C M. .^'iiniifi-s ami o"ier rnlutwes Mr. and Mrs. R. T.. C:i!lejis,-fof ?!>vnnn:ili. Tenn.. have been visiting relatives. herp. Pnutt. Maxwell of PorlnRcvlHellns bfifii violin-! fricniis here. : Mrs. Ed Ashcraft of Obi, Ark.; ; .- Mf« >'••'< K"Hv "lid famllvf Mr onrl M,.; [yi PoHK \r.. nild M-'htcr. P-itlv Tliminlfri nf [j,. .ln «,-(.|i|. c.iivliv h"rc will) Mr rl Mr;: A. W. Jo-ilnn. « Wili-flull .-.,„„( o,, n( |.,,, !,„,-« ft .j Ul Vr. ;."•! MI-« w-n niddlcit mid M'":. Minnie- McCluiy>. Mr and Mi 11 --. P-U-'i Banwtt, inovrd fn ihi> r:li"i-i[ c j onos nirm iicur Coutor Monday. ir, . Kiahwav fil. P. tl, port of dio nmintv. fust nook, kitchen, bath and real- screened porch large enough for a sleeping porch. Separate front and rear entrances nre being made, pnrtitlons are —^ "•< j"it uiiiiwii.i iin.- jmccoifiiHig ('hiingcd. costs added and : other repairs. TJie rosltfencc of Ur. and Mrs. P. D. Smith, at 808 West Walnut street, is being Improved by the redecorating of the kitchen nntl Tlic arc maintained by the ,^0., ;„ !,,„ nr ,,.| p i, ovll ,„„(.. .,,„, hl |, 10 o,, n I T itlle n!v«". Afv r-.. ""IS " lot"l Of 4:)3 rlllvei'ls crt w-hi/-!, l.nri flfuxtod away i; Insl. suriiw's flood. rmd work includes three ] motor patrols, two caterpillar tnic- Peaberry Always Fresh Buy a Package Today HOT WBATHER AHEAD BE SAFE COOLING CLKANEl) & NOW. Uainj; special new equipment wu offer the best cooling : system service in (he city. \ SPECIAL OFFER Inchulinfj reverse flushing and cooling . system cleanser (as illustrated) $2.50 Complete Phone (i3,'J TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. TRAVEL LITERATURE awalt y°" on me ot lhese «»"l> ells e 'our to I.ondon, Tho Hague, L " kes - 'u™rro"> steamers, 31 «Sy3 R. visit Cuba, Catml Zoni. EHllsh - from $117.50. Special tour to erranny. Hollaufl. Belgium. Knjjlaml. Scot- 11 and " teraluro AMERICAN OVERSEAS TRAVEL AGENCY Cvtlon for All Sloamslitp l.lnej \clia.,go nlilg., Memphi«. Tenn. 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