The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 13, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 13, 1931
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXVII—NO. 2f>0 THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NOUTI1EA8T ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI NEWS Ulytheville. Courier, lilythcviHe Dally Nc-i-s. niythevlllc Herald, Mississippi Valley I-tadcr. KLYTIIKV11,l.K, AKKANSAS, TUKSDAY, JANUARY l:i, HUH HOME EDITION SINGLE COPIES PIVK GENT3 Tallest Skyscraper Ncars Completion " Provides Exemptions For !lu'cc Years to Encouv-1 arti 1 New Institutions. j UTTI.R ROCK, Jan. 13. IU!>> — The unprecedented soiies of b?.nV. lailures that swept Arkansas last fall diew the attention ot llic legislature today when a bill was in- | (reduced into the lower house de- | signed to make the slate banking j laws more stringent. i The bill, introduced by Representative Sam M. Lcvine. Jefferson cciuHy, if adopted, will exempt stockholders hi banks chart 1 ?.".' i I during the next three years from ! its provisions as a measiue to in- i (luce re-cstabUsltmcitt o! c'.csed in- ! stitntions. ! The bill was read anil referred i (o (lie committee on bank-;! and bulking. ! r l'7.'0 ether bills were oficrcd in ; the house during the moi:)in!i f.j;- | sio:i and bath found their way tc committees. One provided far abal- j ishmcnl of two judicial districts in , Woodruff ccunty and was introduced by Representative Walter W. Rancy. The oilier was designed \ : postpone time of real and psrsJa:: taxes without incurring peiinlty until October luth, and to mz\.i Smilh Resents Cartoon ' Circulated in Nebraska' inal Word On Bank Is Due Today i Year's Business Satisfac- ; lory Despite Depression j l.vnch Declares. **" t | The usual ten per cent dividend \ to .stockholders was announced fol- ; lowing the annual niccllng of the : board of directors of the Farmers. ! Bank ami Trust company this' ' nioinliu;. i B. A. Lynch, who has served us; I active head ot the bunk flncc 1922,' ; wns reeiected president of the in| slitutlcn and H. E. L. Wilson sr 1 ,, -was as.iin eiecled as chairman of I the boaid uf diieclors. All members of the board of directors during the year were WAKIIINGTO.N. Jun. K< lUl>)-' Alfi il K. Hn-.lh. 1'jaa u.T.sUlentltil j i:in:!lt!r.ii-. In a li'llcr maiti 1 public! by Ilii' Kyc invi'slluatlns cummll- u-d.ty a^krd an tipoinvy Irtnn | '.I'.f HniiUio.n: iia:;onnl comiulHi-e j fur tl'.i- rhi-ulalicii ol r. ironi i nirlcnn liibrled "Al Kni'tli-liabkob [ idm of lra|i|-.iiU'Mi." If, . ,. ' r<11 ' amhm-lly lu rropi'n U expected | p i r c ' 1 The carluun i-liciilalod by LuOpei'iltlOll Ol Mci'CI)finlS: lllls "('"noon, ufcnnllng lo word i iMlClOl'SCineiH Ol pClialC S •.xi-i'tillve IJIuvtuv liobi-rl II. l.m-us. | || , . i:.. _M:,...:•.. n . !"'«' l «'l >'>' U" 1 U'.urlw Nfivs fr;>m! ]? 00( \ provision n " f "' <tnr '' ' 215 to 134. A definite decision on Hie application of thi> I'lrsl National L-.inl:, ' for nmlmrlty lu rrupi'n U expected j n!«'r| in Facilitating Rt>| A, a uuie.'exmnive vice ' " | dent of Ihe who \iU.i Jci.> i Isaacs, inv.sldenl. 'I'. .1. Mahan. n member of the board, and John cashier, lias |;;TU Illusion since Uuiuhiy c.i:i- wilh banking depnilnienl eea Ark-Mo Succeeds Ark. Po\vei'-l,iglu As Possible Natural Gns Dislrihulor. member Word was received lit local Hid | snvder i Onus lie.ldciuarlers today that Hi.;. m "\Vush natiunal urbanization, which >* contributing to the relief work heir, ii'ciulres thai m.-Tch'.'r.ts!''"^'j',,1,, jhandltm: lied Cross foed ii'ciuisl-1 i[1( , sn | l | tailed statement or Invoice of the |goods dillvercd when presenting ; II for payment. I 'nils rule Is eirccllve ill OIUT, and nit reliant.'.- .ire mi;eil lo ob~crv: It lo t!ie letter In Older lo avoid dllllculty In collec'llng fur Ihe meicluinillse wiilch they deliver on ll':il Cross orders. A sain slip. ram rcrclvcd this mornimply: "Indications fnv- reeiected to the board. The board j ',1s composed of R. E. L. Wlisc.ii. i chairman: B. A. Lynch, A. M., The, gas franchise problem which I llstl "« llll? ™rlous items and the ! liu'.t. Cecil H:!anc. J. L. Cherry,: has been the prlnclp-il ls',»e be-1 l' r ' L '° uf eiieh. pinned lo (he X L. Ward aad O. C5. Hdibard. j i ore the city council for a number i*H10!i. Is sufllclenl. i Olllcers of the institution wer. : O f months and an Important one i lixccllnil co-operation on the i rteleclccl and Dixie Crawford, em- f or two years or more will prob- I""' 1 °' ntmt inrrcluiiils In fiielll- Three Men, Armed With Shotguns, Hold Up Missouri Institution, WAHIIINCITON. Jan. 13 <U!'>— Tho luisisc voted lml:ry against the, j$l!i,000,00.0 food loan lu farmers. By a 15 to 134 thr hnuse defeated a motion In Instruct Its conference committee on the pending drouth relief bill to accept the sen- iite iim:ndm.«u culling tot the fncul 'leans. . • . The direct test vole on tl'.e fotKl loan amendment followed adoption of a special rule to send. ^ Ihe. bill to confcience. House' ntf--*~ 1 ministration leaders had attempted all week to prevent a vote, on the iriiiitc anvndmenl and It had appeared rcr, if they would have their way. The 'imiso. 215 to 113, adopted a special nilc. the Democrats voic- ln;; their protrst ai! aliened i;a^ rule. In thiii \vay. The actual vole on f;cnditr; the blU to conference wti.i 3B3 to f i. Hcprcscnla- llve Gainci 1 , Texas, Hrrnccratic \ llcor leader, had led the protest to . .„. years or more, will pi ploye of the bank for a number uf i ably retain Its position al the first tiilhir: "'e Red Cross 'prusrani. Is I I years, was promoted to the position i session of the new year tonlglil. reported by the local lied CVofis ' ol assistant cashier. Officers "of the j N C W Interest has been Injected j o 111 " 1 - There have been n fi'w re- bank In addition to Mr. Lynch are: '. |, Uo the problem within the pasl I* 01 ' 1 *' however, of merchants fall- 1 ..... i •• rcpol .t I ing lo 1111 ordcit exactly as culled I (m-)'—TUn robbed inomil esllmatcd ^ at $'20.000 today. | The bill now goes lo conference with the senate v;lthout instructions. A motion ft representative La Quardln, Republican, New York, to cllmlnute reference to fanners, making the bill apply also the city dwellers, was ruled out of order by ST. CHARLES, Mo.. Jan. 13, !ul[ Jifor on the rcnuisltions. | [."^S y ?"" B ." ln " (llls ' l ™°! but"insiructcU his colleague, he was : Warren, cashier; n. L. Bannister, i Licht company that It had re- wl " Invi-sllgate Complaints m ic U]llon ! Hllcy B. Jones and Dixie Crawford, i t'red r>« >x hrr.'pcctlve distributor G n "nbcock, chalnmin of tl'.e Power I merchants Involved will receive no i:oa there remains a total of S13,- In favor of sending the bill conference. The senate convened at 10 a. :n. I and immediately went inta an e>: • ! eculive session, resuming op;n | ineethig shortly before the neon re- j cess. Its attention was devoted U • routine nratters. I , . Holds SliH'kholders Liable . T^he "backing bill provided that "the stockholders of every bank doing business in this state shall be held individually responsible, equally and ratably, and no one for an- ! othc extent of the amount of their stock therein St the par value thereof. in addition to the amount invested In such, stock, provided that \ssi- sons holding sto^r: as executors, ad- ! ,250 in the undivided profits account latter the declaration of .the dlvi- [deud announced this morning. The Farmers bank enjoyed a sat- i Moss stated, with a proposal to 'isfactory year during 1930 notwith- supply Blytlicvllle with natural ]tV.>tu!mg• the Current depresiioii;'as scon-us it becomes 'available I Mr. Lynch stated. "The bank is in I for this territory. ccmpony will cotitlmie to seek, a [more Reel Cnra rcnulslllons. butane gas franchise at Ihe meet- j Despite the efforts ot a larce Ing of the council lonlglil. Mr. 1 staff difficulty Is beltii) experienced liquid a condition at any Commit- Would Have Government' j date since organization," the prcs- i Mem of the institution declared. Stockholders of the inslitutlan in The Ar!:a!!?i'i-.MI;£Oiirl Power compaty sub:alttcd a projiosal for a butane <a form ol artificial sas) franchise at the last scfslcn of the open the vault. After locking the two employes In a washroom the bailrtllr, escaped hi a car. in handling promptly nil the applications for help which arc being i received; The magnitude • ol tlie| 'relief • program Is growing dally, j and I! Is evident thnt Initial e.ill-i mutes of the amrmnt of monry] tlmL will bu ncce.Kjary will prove' far frotn ariciiuatc. tee Meet Today to Consider Sites. meeting' declared themselves as entirely satisfied with the operation lit rnvnnfahnnc l of tne '"s'ltutlon and voiced their III LOlpOiatlOnS. sentiments liirounh the hoard - nf p • I r> •, i r r- .meeti rurnish Capital iov rarmmreiy director'^ council in Dcccmbtr. A number | A riuih call for ndilitlonal requisl- of other applicants for butane tlon blanks ivas received from Man- Speaker Longwort''!. Hoover Issues Call . WABHINGTON, 'Jan. 13 (UP) — ./I President Hoover Issued n procla-. m'ation' today appealing to the nation for a minimum of $10,000.000 for. Ihe Red Cross.'to aid sufferers , tinn In 21 states. ' lirnPi Demands upon Ihe relief organ- . Hi Mr I 1 '" 1 " 11 " lmve Increased to such an • I IL II L extent In recent weeks that In ten. j states they arc now greater than franchises have had their proposals •before the council for some time to advise with the court nanc j"j? situation now facing the I'<"" the new year. •—•"• is soitght in a bill introduced I County Judge Zal B. Harrison ministrators, guardians or tn;sle.33 an d the quorum court committed fhall not 'be personally subject tuj elected to advise with the court liability as stockholders, but t Si 5 | hi the selection of a trad of land estates and funds in Iheir hands ! for *he Mississippi county convict : °? .° enat f Jcc T . Robinson shall be liable in like manner an., ''arm were to meet in CXceola ic- ttll "; n Ins 1 ™ e ™ 1 government | to the same extent as the testator'^' "> investigate offers of land , *' Gull31 , hc Authorized to lean capital, in a state ward or person Interest- ' '""s submitted. j f » r the organization of agricultur-1 ed in such trust fund would be u : Although 'no d-Hnitc stalemenl | nl credlt corporations. j living and competenl to act, and ! was fortlicoining from Judge Kar- j Tl'.e bill follows: ; provided further lhat the stock-1 [ ismi '"is morning it is grnerally j "Be it enacted by the senate a'.::l | holders of every bank chartered ' teiicvcd that a definite agreement \ liouse of representatives of' the! during 1930, '31 and '32 be exemp; . u ' in be reached late today or to-' United States of America in con- from any liability under provision.; Imoirow on the selection of a site . g ress assembled that the secretary of tliis section." \ I0r th!s convict farm. Th'; ruonim : O f agriculture is hereby authorize.1 House employes today named up- • f our . 1 ' aft wpck P'ocsd full nu- t o make advances or loans, en sue!) on recommendation o! ihe comnn'.- lllol '''-y r = r p«-c!ta?c of a faim with 'terms and conditions and subject t- I sentiments tnroush the" board of! nnti n11 nppHeatlons will be in or. | directors, which retained the en- i dcr ^ Ktmc inp _" c - :lc11 , tonight. Solution of the difficult farm n-l tire personnel of the organisation j Il! n Un ' tf< l Hit today, where crowd of liun-jry far D n t o n n any a good sized Dill Kcd Ll'OSS LxpeClS P Ir - Hoov farmers sather- ' r_., ( ;. , „ I p t 'I V ! " Thc R tee were: Journal clerk, Parker, Wichita county; Judge Harrison. : sucn regulations as he shall ' ,., .....„,,, ^,.,. IJ . assistant ^he Maxwell tract of land n:ar' 5cribei to individuals who hav Journal clerks. Hal Smith, Lw ! L ™«. ono mile from Highway Cl. r :eret ofore formed or shall here- county, and Lillian Carrigan. Gat- com ! nu ^ Jo "cclve lavor.iu.c core- aftpr form 1n , ne droulh anc , c _ land coiuitv. assistant chief cluik, : mcn '. ss , tbe probaole site fcr the storm str i ci;en areas of t! , e Onilei A. N. Sawerneld, Yell catmiy, =n;!| m . miy fnrlrl !n '" w ' r ' ci;l1 c:1 ^ s Stale.? an agricultural cr,:dll cor- "' ' l poration entitled to the benefits cf | ber of days aao the Memphis Natural Gas company officially announced a program for the new year calling for the extension of a pipe lire from Meaiphis up the ;ast side of the Mississippi to • nerve western Tennessee cities. The : story ahc announced that the line ; would be placed across t:ie Mis- j risslppi lo .^erve territory, presumably through the orers within the I In any time In the lust four months, er sr,icl. p • |p .i • . j "inc Red Cress is nieetin; the ed aiiil den.'aniicd food. Tile situa-! LOiHinued LOIHI'IUUUOIIS | demand and must continue to do ! I on 'was taken care'o! without; fr-r 1 nnl WnvlV ' [o '" lln sai<J ' " ll ls I"'! 16 ™ 11 ™ * >UIK ' | that a minimum of at least $10,- OCO.OOO' be raised lo carry the pro- . j disturbance. I Work en Osctolu Streets No quota will te assigned the i gram to conclusion. OSCEOLA ARK Jan 12 —' Chlckasawba district chapter. Am-1 "I appeal to our people to con. Twrnty men. recipient 'of Red eriean Red Cross, In the nation- tribute liberally and generously." Cro'-s Eld. were put to vmk clean- "; ltic , dr ' ve lo bc »'«Iertaken Inline- At the same time t!i= president Ing streets and deepening dilchc-J dliuel >' fo1 ' " SIO.000,000 drouth re- announced he has worked out an alone unpaged streets here yester- llcr »'»u- The local chapter, luv.v-1 F.iianp.cnicnt for closer co-opera- day m accordanrc wH'i n plan ever, will be expected to'make "de- Lion in relipf work between Ihe evolved by the local relict com- tcrml "cd efforts" to obtain local Red Cross and the drparlment of the^rilythcvilldmittee by *..tih un n. i.oyed lab- lmtis l» supplement drotlh relief j agriculture. me tiiiinciiiu | j ) iti mmr . y w i,i c i, t ) lc ]m ;| 0]ln i or3[U! i. ! Ida P. Jones. Piilas'si couiuy; b::. clerk, Mrs. Robert P. Patton, Vj county; engrossing clerk, Mrs. M.v mie Brewer, Miller county; clerks, Kicnard Duva Memphis Meeting. Arkansas Power and Light company as a uiijlribuiin;; Q^LIICV. Mayer Neill Heed staUd he has bein info:mctl lhat final approval of the extension of the pipe line actors the Mississippi has not been city limits will Legislation to cornel reduction 8' vsn - cl rotten acreage was endorsed at! a mretlnj at Memphis yesterday I ctle:idnd by representatives of j ;owpr Mto'-sippi valley and couth-1 ivc-.tern states. C. G. Smith. J. J.| the Mi«is-: be given work, to do at least two.™"™ ^ "Hotting to thk coun'.y. days each week and will be paid I Thl -' i InformaUon was contained at a nominal rate In Red Cross:!! 1 a ..telegram received today by ,« : In Roy Walton, chairman of the b- A similar plan was vcstcrday c "' chapter, from William M. Bax- j '-" ; - --------- -' rations. Cotton Receipts Running Far Under This Date 1930 i\ similar plan was >caicruay -- -— •—' --put into effect In Lusora also, and pr J r " manager ot ncEOtiatlons pendlnr; whereby " rn »fh of the Red trc Mid-west Judge Harrison stated that upon , scct , OI1 202 ,„, U) of , hc ftden , I ,,, r] , „„„,., a:K ,-c nl nf / .definile dclrrmmation of he site.p,,,.,,, Loan acti ^ amended, so'.e-! F, Critz wore smor „,, 1 ,, l .:,: : of thr farm, it would be placed in., for lhe . | ™i: Grant T^^ f 3 " £ ^^ P""' j «* individuals lo subscribe ta lh= Vtarry D. 5 V.'ilsc,!, comnilaloacr ulaski cc.ui- J ' ' ! c 100 Personality Girls Souglil by CitHMtinali iloti ™ v 'J £ clr. Receipts last week of 2S3 bales at compress brought i the total for the season to 75., 105. ' Blythevllle Is third amonj Arkan. . 'Battalions pending t unemployed laborers throughout 1 -°-"s. :unty may be put to work • Thc telcgraii lous road and d'aina"c pro-1 "Oreatiy Increased demands dur- jr tlnoughout the south end '"K "'o last ten days have mad- '^ p ^ „,,.„- .. sa .. nd wl| , ™ of the couniy. with commissionrrs imperative immediate campaign •""," " : ' c ullltf ls s - cond ttlUl 73 " lof the various Improvement tlis- '°r Red Crow relief funds lo meet . „,, n . ntc ,„. .. ,,... )nc . „.„... 'tricls providing sportallon. Tl'.e emergency situation in parts of 21 : J?"?^ ,°,J"' f'°' C ]"f S c -1 plan has been apprcv,,! by 1,'cJ ««ttt in drouth sl,ick=n area. Quo- i t K^ t .^ ! -^S^-h? «™i 'Crcs-s atilhorities, it Is understood, las based on minimum S10.00-J.030 ; , r J '* I^l ,L" L U , '! f ,' hfe S " " ! provided tiie men are imployed assigned chapters throughout lla . ;« CCK ft H" ago. bate total lor the terday. took over the gavel from funds, to pay the teachers only oni- : lnB ' Lhere I s hereby authorized to! ln " farmers and the agencies sup- j Ttwse positions will include those . Former Lieutenant Governor LCJ half of their monthly salaries for: t^ appropriated, out of any mone> \ P'>i"S tlscm with production credit:,] clerks, rocrctartcs. stenographers, ccumv Cazort and presided during the 5.1 the remainder of the term and p'-> ] ln thc treasury net oihervvis? .in"- ; rather th.'.n by prohibitory la'.vr. i hat girls, ctr. ' --•• ' - : - ' I Thc disllnc: type of blndc. or j brunet, will bo given preference, i as Ihe management believes they icy ci "impartiality" in conductin.; der of the term and gives time for that the federal drouth relief ac the senate's affairs. "The state :.; formulating plans for the coming will not include provi'hn to be congratulated upon the por- year. i" sonnel o! ths seriate, and I believ: ! our session will be harmonious anj from this should emerge a greater MISTAKEN FOR RARlUT Arkansas." he said. : WHITING. Me. (UP)- Whte: ._ „„ „ ( .,, 1 , cll « 5 III(;!a . After a brief opening session, walking along a rural road, swing- to crop production. With th" c mnrked by the election of Repre- 'n? a_rabbit he had bagged. Jos- tal for such corporations turn ":• "ci !e Harry Taylor Announces His Deputies j il , a , Irin ™ 1 ^ i| ^ vl ° lh tlie surroundings Stolen ' NEW YORK. J r- der how a Joke From LCC-Coppedge Gin Charlie «n« th ito Circulation i iUP)— Ev-r ;v."it- i Ls bDrn? s. sicretn star, GUI- • .ng haDpens that : Newport I-'crt Smith Blythcville Tc.xarkana Helena Hope Eudors West MMnpjls .. . 545 ^6.55 G 501 "31,4:11 . S.13 75.1C5 . SOS 31.335 23S 33.223 22'1 30.802 1&5 33.534 173 57.77J Tno deputies \vh" have ceen ap- sentative Irving C. Neale. Sebas- eun Collins wns wounded in the. 0 .. ... t . iut ..., .„. , tian county, as speaker, the hous: l"»nd lhat held the hare. An apol-1 w ' ol |i d te no obstacle to tl'-lr swim? into an executive cession for ogetlc hunter explained that hel?a3 ] gaiiizatlon t.i ecoinpietion of lUs organization, seen the rabbit swinging and '• where they arc needed Tv.o S3iiate officers, custodian of thought It was alive. He had ncti ^ _ senate pages and supplies, and a Ecen Collins, he said. j readir.c clerk were lo be selected 1 ~ | tcciay.'omcers of Ihe upp=r housi carter, chaplain, and Miss Vera ; selected yesterday were: J. p. Christian, enrolling clerk. ! Cri;tic=:-.ivc. sergeant al arms; R. H. -The house ooeued its offlchl bus- : 1 pointed by Constable Taylor the federal government lhere' S ' T - Hardln. Clyde Fowler. Ein-i met Wilson and Jimmie Tmikns- communi:- ' e >'The new Chickafawba CDnstab.e has served as a peace officer in i this vicinity for a number ol years i and was chief deputy ur.c'?r Constable Elbert Taylor, whose term COLUMBIA, Mo., (UP) —Tlie expired, December 31st. croup Air?rican sclrols Lantern Didn't Save Negro Sweeper was forced open. Desks In the of- sprcnds umu n profession-!] l-- v.c-.-c ransacked tat nothing Jnail ^ it \ ™" o '- morous mn8Mi]lc ' taken. O!l\or Copp»d"(- reported. Course In Semitic Languages Herman Davis 4-H Club session of the state legislature. t _ Jan. 13. Tlie 181 mEintors cf the legislature iviil be guests of the All of Ihe above may have c; . ; State Game Department curred about 1890. From 1890 the story Is ret.M'l ' dl " n{lr . secretary; thc'Rev. W. Coffclt, Faulkner county. OMAHA. tUP)— John Union, ne- gro street car track swcvp:r,. thought he hid solved the "hit- i TnD Herman Dsvls Boy; and and-run" problem when he t»k I^IQI-IJ 4 .][ f -, n ^ ' O j Marilii. M wearing a red lantern on his b.ick. :ml i cs wcst 0 { |,j. rc _ )n ; ' H ,,i om - '• He thought so. at least, until a m> frs ,'cr 1931 after havins had 33. languages. CEI-EWIATIONS CLOSE f.\VTT(«.. torlst weavln ghls car back and Iast ,-car '• EgM>tian,' AUSTIN, Tex. <UP>—Texas v.r: torlst weaving his car back •>•••• WEATHER ' S Farmer Displays nig Turnip HOT SPRINGS. Ark. (UP)—This i it ARKANSAS—Somewhat colder In the norm portion tonight; Wednesday partly cloudy and somewhat colder in the east portbrs. I plotcly demolished Accordins to the official weath- !ang- capitol was closed on the eve cf to play hide and are Christmas and New Year's i>;c.n:'-' frightened Union. was ' wl (nesses cut and _. lvt . .... M ., M „..« v «... •cd lantern was com-i Mr. and Mrs. W. n. Nco'.ian and' mld measured 25 Inches in clr-uni- Mrs. J. H. Stuart, sponsors. fcrence. llip baxlmum, 6C iixhcs of rain. degrees;

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