The Times-Democrat from New Orleans, Louisiana on July 29, 1902 · Page 9
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The Times-Democrat from New Orleans, Louisiana · Page 9

New Orleans, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 29, 1902
Page 9
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I J 65t Oims-jQtmnfrat: Sutsfcrfl, jfiiin 29, 1902. W ffl Miller's Home Run Prevents Chattanooga's Shnt-Out Visitors Are Unable to Find French' Delivery. Dlta It aa Easy Mark and Is Bit Card and Often. Free land's Funeral Will Take Place This Morning. Haet Wordt of Ejmp&thj and Cocdol- eaoe, and ITamenrcs Floral Emblems Beat by Pi-lends. them Lea mo standii -Gsi Plnyed. Woo. Loot. Per Ct. XaacvUl.. Jiew Orleans.. L:ttaa Hock. Atlanta .. ... Memphis.. .. bur-report.. . Cha rtaaooga... BlrnUcgbmm.. .. .. 73 - 73 T 72 T5 74 - . 72 6 65 18 .773 47 SJ .o44 ss 2 .613 4o 82 .655 2 46 .JC-T IM 4 .378 7 45 .S75 24 fcd .30O Res nits Yrttrrdar. Yaw Orleeaa , Chattanooga 1. Atlanta ft, Little bark 3. Memphis , Blrmlnghsm a hsabrUla, at Bureveport; no pm; ralm. " Where Tbey Pljr To-Dar. Casttsnnoga at New Orleans. KaehvUls at bhreTeport. . Birmingham at Memphis. AUsnta, at Uttl Hock. The Chattanooga baseball playera rlTed la the citr yesterday morning. Tney played against the Petlcana jesterdny afternoon, and t rdlcans took advantage of the opportaiiltt to ewell their battluf averages. After the last Mountaineer srae pot out In the ninth In ulna: It waa found that Herbert bad made a batting record of l.two. Atz made .61 , Stafford made .8110 and French made .QUO. It waa all one-aided. The visitors were tired from their railroad trio, aud In addl- wo to that could not hit Freuch, the Texas wonder, who held the Nashvlllet dow-n . with four bite. Chattanooga did oniewhat better than Nashville, for the leadere made no runs, while the Moan, talueers made one and made six hits. The run credited to Chattanooga was made In the first, and happened because "Dint? Miller, lately from the Cincinnati Reds, found the ball In the right place and put It orer the left field fence for a walk around. "Dusty certainly hit It on the trade mark, and hit it good and hard. On the other hand, the locals tonched np Dolan for fourteen safeties, and he waa easy for them. All of the run a were aot earoetf. but five of them can honestly be placed In that class. It did look for a while as If the home team would score whenever they so desired, but the Chat taDongans have a habit of jrctting togeth er dnrtoft a pinch, and thus bold the other fellow down to a hard fight. After Gallagher struck out tn the first. Brnlth drew a free pana. and stole second. It looked like be was out. but the umpire aw htm safe. Stanley died out and staf ford hit f . scoring Smith. In the second the homers tcsde three to the rood. Ats singled safety. Yotrt attempted to sacrifice, out Dolan fumbled and then Miller dropped the ball and Xogt was safe oil second. Ats kept going to third, and Miller threw to Fp-att. who la a pitcher, but who covered thrd ye terday. It was another close decision, and when fmr're Keefe called Ati safe, Fpratt threw down bis ball and glove. The ball bounded out Into left field, and Spratt at once started after It agnln. but At was safe at home and Toct bad run to second. Then Herbert bit safe and T.t scored. Herbert went to second. when French sacrificed, snd then Herbert etnla tMrd scflrins: on the tsrow-la of la11eheTs lot. bit to centre. Three more were tallied for the I11-sans In the third Inning. Staffcrd started with a hot drlTe down the third base line. Abbott hit for two bags. Stafford coming horns from first. Ata made a pretty sacrifice and Abbott went to third. without trouble. Voet hit to Spratt. ana ai.oot.1 was esnrht between third snd home, beta final!- run down and put out. Yogt .nu utonnit dnrinir the Dlar for AMmtt, and wh'le Herbert wes t tbe bat he stole third. Herbert UK sale ana opt irorru, Herbert stole secona and scorca tpenneh K Kindle Th. loc.i. niitn another In the r.Ixth toning. Stanley hit ssfe for one sack, and avr-nred on M afford 'a double. Stafford died middle hag. In the seventh an ,h- waa tallied. Ats hitting safe. tteaiing second, going to third ou Vogt'a sacrifice and rcoring on Herbert's drive over second wise. Oa Uaciier and Voet. the two new men twrrh nlirMl eesterdar and showed un welL There is little doubt they will make good, ss they are nandr st tn Nirnt tune Vort's prtttr sacritlce In the sevt-uth In-rlng was as neat as anvttlng ev-r seen on the local diamond, whiw Oallagher made a star catch of a long hit to the left fleid fence. In tbe ninth Inning, wht-n there were three men on the bases with two men out. tlsllagher Is small, but ha certalnlv tore r.p the tnf point after that hit He "throws to the li.field with remarkable accuracy and swiftness In the reruiar Htanley style. lkth of them run Imsos like scaled ra'oblt. The S'-ore of the s-ame follows: v.- DrUana A.R. B. B.B. T O. A. K. Gal'acher. L f 0 V x v Sie1h- a. o.. .. ....o 1 A O 1 1 S.tanler. e. r (it afford. 1st b 5 1 Abbott, e 6 0 Ats. 2d b 8 2 Vogt. Sd b 2 2 Herbert, r. f 3 2 French, p S o 1 1 1 0 2 4 1 2 A s TVrtals.. .. . Chattanooga ..SS t 14 7T " A B. B. B II. P.O. A. Mnleawort h. C. t. . . . S 0 Vrera. s. s 4 MlUer. 1st b 4 1 Imrrnt. 1. f S 0 Strotitbers, r. f 4 O Gllltgac. 2d h O Kth. c 4 0 f-r-stt. M b 4 LxJan. p.. s 4 1 2 2 0 0 1 o S o . 2 1 0 Totals .S3 1 24 13 Seore tw Innings Chattanooga 1 0 0 0 Hits 1 0 j;ew Ortesns .. .1 S v Kits 1 2 4 1 0 0 0 0 O 1 0 1 0 12 2 1 O 1 2- x f X-14 snuimarr: Hnme run-Miller. Ta. base hita Abbo't. f:sffrd. Ss.-rlrti-e bits French. Ata Tcgt 2. Manly. r--rws om-nr rren n. riolaa 2. Veers; by Polsn. GsUagber. Bs-s o bslls Off' French' Dnrrett. M.Jesworth. ;il I-gsn- off Dolan. Smith 2. Her-rt. tol-n haW-Herbert 2. V.t 2, Smith. Atx. Utt m laraew Orlesns 7. t hart snoops K First base o errors New OrVans 1. Chatta-nnngs 0 Time of gsmc 1 hour and 43 minutes, empire Keefe. GAME TO-DAY. Chattaaooaia aad rw Orleans Will fear Tsgrlhrr Apla This After- aooa. The Pellcsns snd the Mountaineers will again contest for the rubber this afternoon at Athletic Park. The gam- will be called st S-4 'clock. Little IHinnenower will be In the box tor tbe locals, while Bruner I. ex-peered to oppose him. The M.mntaioeers JTsltT.r tb'r will do sorrMng to-day Jnst ts show bow tbev dcleated the Nashvtiles st rUtr-'ersnnouncc. that he will bring Mt tbe same bat he had resterdsy. That bst la a wondtr. It ls aluit twice Iocs th. nnl b Ik Stafford. "TKwty" It made tia reputation is id ma- mgve. SOVTHEBS LEACIE GAMES. Raia at Shrveart. Hhrwcixirt. I.. Jnlv .-lo-oj s fmnm v tween Sashvill and Rbreveport waa stopped at the ead nf tlx swond Innine by rain. The score alood 1 to O la 1fr ot Kaabville. Atlanta S, Little Reck 2. Little Bock. July 2H.-AUeniig waa oaitea at . opportune time to-oay, ana Aiuma hi bo ttwibie in wlnulnt;. Three of Little Bock's fesr hita were aadc la the aevesth Inalnf , aal h nnlr nm for the locals. Each ot tb Dlarers wore a tni 01 monminc out w rrstifvt to tba late I'ttrbet fret-iand or .New Orleans. Attendance. 7u. it-. 11. -.. Atlanta IvVOIloo a o a v I.lrtl Hnrk OCOOOOIOW 4 4 1 Batteries WUaus aoa uuiom, uvuwi ana Msrphy. Memphis 6, Blrsalaarham B. Mempbla, July 2S. Mempkla played lucky to day, and won est In tbe seventn lonlDg. W 11-I brim was effwttre, hot tbe stick work of the lorala came la at oportune times. Attendance 70". R. H. B. Mrmubla 10010310 I 7 3 Itlrmlnptiim . . .. v w w v ' t Hatteriva oeyunis Bua aiujbiowk, tt uuriuj sua Biiw. GosslB of the Can. Baas baa been algned to play first bass for Atlanta. He has bvea playing for tbe Sidney, O.. team, and la said to be a fond Oelder and baud i- with the stick. Other Sidney players are expected to be corraled by Manager Peter. Birmingham News. KTldentlT nettber Fiank swr Kt. raio played wllk Memphis araintt Klrmlngtiam yesterdar. for it la believed Manager Wiibelm would tiara refused to oat wltb tbem. w llnelm received poattlve telegraphic orders to take no part In any same wltb tbe suspended players la tbe Uua-np. umid wotuu us ohuwui to olwv tbe orders be received. It waa a aincera trinute paiu io iaf ranorr of Late t'reetand wben tbe Little Rock and Atlanta players wore bada-ea or mourning our-liur the came at Little Rock vestertlay. Sbreveport- also evidenced ber sorrow. The plaTets llkewtae wore tbe badges ot sorrow. oe touch of aaturs makes the whole world kin IHitT sillier, fresb rrom toe wima or the North, and who has bees steoed by fhat taaoora. ts protwhly oee of tba moat valaahle me In tbe feaciie. aa be keeps tbe entire club cheered up during tbe gam. Ilia work In that Una yeaterdav - was unusual and worth something He made himself solid with the crowd, and la one of tbe popular playera sow Ion Ntroatnera, wno oaa sot ieen seen in this citv fnr some vesrs. was given a cordial greeting yesterday by old friends. He la show- Is is well, and snt two nits uc or roar tlnu. nn 11a nnllr rlara first baaa. bnt swapped with Miller yesterday became Miller bad vera doing some tall snouting soont wnai easy ) MrrsitBers ca a. lse mea are the best ot friends, and Jolly n other con tlasallv. There are few clubs la which the players get along so cleverly as they do la tbe Chattanooga bunch. There la a steady flow ot fun and tlllty among them, and practical )okes are the saual thing. They roast eack other to a Pleasant war all dtirtng the game. ben be came to tbe bat in tne iasr inning yesterday, I Ma a was compelled to remove his a a-eater, aa be waa prvpareo to leave tne park. Some tans to tba grand stand sVnted to him. snd ha shunted back, "It's luck for m to dress no early. I won eigbty-seven games that wsy last season." This wss re ceived with s sbont of suDlanse. There vers tares saes u tbe lags, and two men oat In the isat Inning for Chattanooga. and Itolaa waa at tbe bat. Wilier, Con Htrastbers, Motesworth. Roth and Myers, sll ran up to tbe coaching line, and began shout log to Ix!aa. Son we've got em." shouted Miller. Uon t ait It too bara. aamotirabea Ktrwnthers. "Here's where w win," chimed Id Myers. And so on sd llbirnm, the crowd roaring with laughter tba while. Evea the Pelieaaa ahosted at tba spectacle. It was all In fan. aa tba Mttlnongans had so tne slight est cbsDce to win out. Dolan wound no the fan by sending the ball away out. lute duep lert, uaiiagoer cstcning it. IJahtalaa- Wis Two. The Lightnings played a double-header Pan da y morning at Blts's Psrk. snd were success ful tn winning both games. Tbe first game waa against the Standards, In which tbe Light nings easily defeated ths Standards by the ot 18 to I. Tbe second game was against the Chslmette Bnda. who wets also detested bv tbe seers f 11 to 5. ' Tne IJghtalngs would Ilka to bear from the High Flyers op Toy Babies. Address ill chal lenges ts A, Douglas. 1116 Uosic street. Choctaw X, St. Rsrk Bad O. The Choctsws sdded soother victory to their list by defeating tbe ft. Boch Bods. Score 2 to 4. Tbe feature of the game was ths work of tbe Cboetaws' twlrler, Hmlth. who wss In vincible, not allowing a hit. Jonas B, Imperials 2. Ths Dandy Jobs Juniors met snd detested tbe Imperial Juniors Sunday by a. score of S to 2. The team lines up ss follows: J. Callca, c: E. Beauregard, p.: O. Frolha, 1st b. : Joe Callca. 2d e.; A. Arata.3d b.; T. Mesde, s. 8.; J. Green. C. f. : J. Bane. 1. I. COTTOX STATES LEAGUE. Greravtlle 2. Ylcksbarsr 1. Special to The Tlmea Democrat. Greenville. Miss., July 28. It was a vent able pitchers' battle at Athletic Park this afternoon, snd Sample went down In defeat for tbe first time since he Joined the Vlcksburg tea m. Tbe game waa fast, four donble plays being made, three by Greenville aad on by the visitors. Score B. H. E. Greeuetlle 0 0000200 02 ft 6 Vlcksburg 0 0000100 0-1 2 Batter!'- Wright snd Kcblte, Kaautl sad Earle. Batoa Roaare T, Hatches 3. Special to The Tlaies-Dtaasost. Katrbes, Miss.. July 28. Blackburn pitched for Safeties to-day and lost by giving three bsscs on balls In tbe eighth Inning. Only seres hits were made off hla delivery, but they came Just at toe time that Baton Rouge wanted tbem. The grounds were wet from s nesvy rsla, which feu this morning snd sf ternonn. Wayne's work si umpire waa good. I'snllg baa been signed by patcbrs. Seore R. H. K. Baton Rouge.. ..0 00 1 1 0 4 1 0-7 T S katrbes 0 1 00 0 2 000 8 4 1 Batteries -Mitrvhr and Hunt, Blacklwrn and Harlow, impire nayne. Moorehead 0, Hasten first 4. Special to The Times-Democrat. Harlehnrst, Miss.. July 2. Moorehead took tbe first of s series of three games from the local team to-day by a score of 9 to 4. Both teams played good tie 11, considering the slow ground, caused by r1n Immediately before the game. Batteries Moorehead. D. Bnrkea and M -sshaije; llazlebtirst, Perkins aud Ar row-smith. riaqnesnlne 4. Mont a City O. Special to The Times Democrat. Plajueniine, la., July 2. The P1aropm!ne Maroons got revenge this afternoon for tbe defeat they suffered at the bands ot the Morgan City Royals yesterday by shutting tbem out by a acorr of 14 ts 0. The featnre of tbe game was the remarkable pitching of Platniemlne's young pitcher, Fmlle Lefebvre. who let the hard-hitting Royals down without evea a scratch hit. so event that has not happened to them tms season, sntl one mat has never oc curred on the local diamond. This was the second game this eeaaon ibis yonng man pitched. He ls barely eighteen years of age. and is a son of . M. lirfebrre. a prominent sugar planter of this section. He ls a student of ornell l"nlver1ty. and a most promising canniiiare as a arst ciasa pitriier. rore R. II . E. Flaouemtne. .. .00 0 3 0 2 0 0814 13 1 Morgan I'lty 0 0 o 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 U Strn-k Ont-Ifebrre 4. Mtter 2, hentell 2. Psea on balls Iefebre 2. Mtter 2. Tkre- base hlt-Sebwab. Two-nase tit Postell. Fat terles Ifelrrre snd Fngler for risqitemlno; Vltter, r-entell and Lyn-h for Morgan Cit-. t I mpire i. ivann. Coiutnerclala 9. 7.enor 4. Sperlal to The Tlmes-Demoerst. Ilwuns. I., July 2S. Tbe Commercials de- f.ated the 7n'rs of Patt-rson at Sntbnn's Park In Ilonuia yesterday by a score of 9 to 4. The star features of the game were the left -ban O cati-n ot a liner hy Terrell f the Tlsltlng team and the 1 ng. pinning carrh made liy lMilgle or the borne tesm. Ililder- brsndt struck out tea men and Conrad eight. Score: Commercials 4 0002002 x Zenors wowsioooo- Batterlcg Commerclils, Hiiderbranrlt and Ptantni: Zeaors. t onrsn sni Usutreacx. I'm. ptre Wsllia. Attendance ,. Mladea . Magaolla S. Special to The Times Dcroocrst. Mlnden. I., July 2. In aa Interesting game of ball to-day between the Magnolia, Ark. er.d Mlnden baseball teams the !attr won In a e-ore of 6 to 5. Frickcy and Arlarcs waa the battery for aiinoeu. t ivkvj atrws out Sixteen men. Thtbodaax 5. PlatteavIIle 1. Srctsl to The Times Democrat. Thihwiaux. La.. July 28. Tbe Plattenvllle rlu met defeat yesterday at Tetresn'a Park, at the bands of the champion Thinodsux Greys. Taslon pitched a beautiful game, and some 800 people saw him strike out fifteen men. Lis I support mas excellent. The I'lattentille team were not In It at all. The featnre. or tne game was tne bitting snd base-rsnnlng of Gillta sod fsdger of toe Urvvs snd the su a round wora of tbe hone tesm. The summary showa: Hits i Off Toujon 4. off Aacola t. trjck out By i Teutoa 13, by Aneola 4. Stolen bases Oibhs i 4. Fndger S. legende 1. Twin I r 2, LeBlane I. iKwible play -Talbot to Kleess. fcrrors Plattenvllle . Ththian 8. Batteries -Thlbo- daux, Tonjon and Spies; I'lattenvlUe, AiK-oin and lipse. implre v . htorvsot. Bcorer Analet. Bestssis 12. Tan City . Special to The Times IV wvcrat Yasoo City. Mian.. July 2. At s game of ball between Yasoo City sad Bentonis to-day the result was a score of 12 to 8. In favor of Beatotila. Tws Game at Opel ones s. Sped si to The TVojea Desvocrat. Opeloosss. La., Jnty 28. Tbe Opelousas Mil itary Company. Company B of the First Bat- talloa ot the Louisiana Stste Nirtosal Guard, Blade Its first sppesrsnee oa the rsce track SnndiT, and gave an Interesting drill. Following tha drill, there area m arame nf baaeban between tbe soldier tram and a picked elnb from the town. The picked team won by the score of 9 to 2. Iter, the Ope- loosaa. Jrs., and tbe Kt. Martinsville. Jra . came together In the best played game as tbe local diamond, the visitor wlnaing by the score of S to 1. Goasalew 2, Its torn Ho a are O. Special to The Times Democrat. Gonzales, July 28. A game of baseball was played here between tbe Gonzales of this place and tbe Kahn Bros, of Baton Bonge. resulting la a shut-out for tbe Batoa Rouge team. The feature of the game was tbe all-around Infield work of Conn St shortstop, and an a law .at Impassible one-hand catch. Score 1 to 0. . Iitcber . Coaveat 0. Special to The limes-te root-rot. Lntcher, Ls.. July 28. The Lntcber Grays detested tbe Convent Mamooa by tbe score of to 0 Sunday, In a well -contested game. There were 1000 persons present st Frederick's Park. Catcher Piper received a lares bououet during the same, from admirers. Tha feat urea of the game were Gandet's pitching, striking ont nine mea and allowing but two hita. aad I II . L l ' . I . a mi-ksioi wura. a aiugie atarooa reached second ' base. Piper snd Bourgeois made two base bits. The Uaroooa made ti errors. Rambaads 11. R lino a Boy IO. Tbe Bambsnd Swells defeated tbe Blmon Boys Sunday by tbe score ef 11 to 10. The Rsmbsod Swells line-up as follows: F. Penny- s. p.; A. iismantia, c. ; u. uadmer, lb.; Iiohard. 2b.: J. Mandot. a. s. : Moaner. 3b.; Wallace, r. f .; Bnares, e. f. : J. Lamsnr- ranne. 1. f. Tbe featnres of tbe game were the home ran tits of Pennygrsss, Dvbard aad Lamantia. ' So Gaines fa Trial. Special to The Times-Democrat. ltallaa, Tex., July 28. The Texas BasehsTl League clubs played no gsmea to-day; rata. PITCHER FREELAXD FIXER AL. Dead Ball Player To Be . This Moralag. Interred Lute Freeland's funeral will be held this morning at 10 o'clock. This announcement was snsde resterdsy afternoon by Manager Aboer Powell, after several telegrams had been received from tela tlvea of tbe deceased. One of the telegram came from Freelsod's stepfather. J. W. Hay hurst, of Independence, O. T.. tn which Mr. nayhorst instructed Powell to have the Interment take place here. Another telegram wss from James Freeland. brother of Lnts, ssytng that ir Late tail enough money to pay tbe costs, the body should be shipped to Kansas. as Lata leu no money, it was decided to follow the Instructions of Mr. Havbsrat. and tne funeral arrangements were therefore com pleted. Several letters snd telegrams ef condolence were received yesterday from friends of the young pitcher over the circuit. A telegram was received from Sam Cahn of tba Bhreve-port Club, tendering the sympathy of that club, and directing that a floral emblem ha plseed oa tbe bier. Other parties sis sent direction regarding floral emblems. During tbe Little Rock-Atlanta game, at Little Rock yesterday, all ot tbe players Wore badges of mourning ont of respect to the memory of Lpte. All the players In the kx-al tesm sgala wore the .badges, snd again the flags at tbe I park were at half-mast. The members of the Chattanooga and New Orteane bssebsll rlubs wear ths hedges of mourning a the lapela of their oosts when not oa the field. Cpon the arrival bet yesterday of tbe Chat tanooga club, severs! of the players went up to ths funeral parlors and viewed tbe body. They expressed sincere regret at the death ot Lute, and referred to him tn most cordial tones of endearment. There was quite crowd about tbe trier, "sitting with tbe dead," aa old custom bete, snd tbe players appeared to think It was wonderfully kind of these sons to thus psy attention to the stranger la their midst. They remarked particularly that every possible kindness wss being paid by the watchers, snd that many words of praise and esteem were spokes of him. Manager Powell ssid yesterday that the local dab will attend all the details of tbe funeral. The body will remain In the funeral parlor of the Johnson Company, at Julia and Msg BXIOS Bir-i UDIU IV riwia turn amruiua, when the funeral cortege will move toward the cemetery. The Interment will be had In Ms- talrte Cemetery, in tbe lamuy plot ot a rrnd sf Lute. This la soother evidence of the esteem Is which be was held. It is a sonrce of consolation to his friends to know that his grave will be attended. Members ot tbe 'oral ana inarranoogs rino will serve ss pallbearers. It Is believed there ill be a large attendance at the fnneral. a great many rooters snd fans bsvlag announced tbelr intention or paying tors last ss tribute to the dead. There wlii be religious service st the nsrlors and at the grave. Tbe Chattanooga club has sent a large floral emblem to tbe lMer, snd the local club haa ordered so emblem In tbe shape of a diamond. Tha Rooters' Club are also at work on aa emblem, aad ro-rters In general bare forwarded emblems and cut nowera. nereral ladles who attend the games regularly nave sent Sowers ana eritea toeir intention to sena floral emblema. and a number of these lsdies have slso said tbey will attend the funeral Tbe death of Lnte Freeland is the nrst time In the history of baseball In New Orleans that one ot tbe local players died here during the season, and It Is the Intention of tbe manage ment, the playera ana tne oesa roan a rnenda that hla memory aball be properly honored In the last rites, the funeral. A particularly sad featnre or tne oeatn or I.ute is tbe fact that his relatives are la straightened rlrcumstaneea. and have twit the uxmer to bring the body home. This fact waa disclosed yesterday o receipt of tbe telegrams from his brother and stepfather. It ts noftsttiie tne rxxiT win or eem uome later on, t tne expense or iocbi irrenov. nrrrnii weii- kuown bssebsll enthusiasts nave mentioned the matter, rmt no definite action haa been taken. Nothing will be done for some days Vet so far aa concerns the shipment of tbe body. COX STR OTHERS TALKS. Manager Tells What He Thinks of His Clnb aad of Other Thlaars. Coo S'rothers. who was brought from the North Carolina State League to manage the Chattanooga club, had something to say yes terday about bis club. He slso spoke of Lute Freeland. saying some nice things about tbe desd pitcher. Strothers ssld bis team Is much stronger now than It was when be took charge. U- bss sereral more new men tig ed, who will pmbeMy Join tbe tesm here. Of course, our club la not yet a strong one. I hare released Ijiogley and Horrmeister. be cause tbey would not take care of themselves. I think Ike Durett la a more valuable man than Lnrjgler. snd therefore I bare retained him. I bare enspeivied Pitcher 'Sis' Hop. kins, because be dissiiretes too much to do good work. He will probably be la shape when we get back heme. 'There Is no use talking, a msa cannot play ball and dissipate at the same time, and body knows that better than I do. for I have been managing baseball players too bug. I am not a youngster, even iuoiiku no not show my age. 1 ns.e oeen in tnis league Before this, snd will probably be here often .n.ln In the future.' .wktns of Freelsnd. Manager Srmtrters remarked that th death ef tbe young pitcher was most SSd. wsen nun moron n spesa- ing of tbe dead man. saying that Freeland wss rerr well niceu i i nanamw-ira ann nil around the circuit. Ptrotbers said he could he counted 11 poo to do all that be could possibly do. in tnt manner, ahspe or form. ftertlng to hla clnh. P'rott-rs ssld he DOW tas an organisation which, arltb the men to come will do some rismsge to the lesders before the end of the eesaoa. I hardlr expect to win tbe pennant, but I .11 w them sll know I hare a hand stretched out to reach for the pie." be remarked In doling. Omnba err.r!"J" nntonrsts on Omaha sewer work f xclosiTe'.j AUCTION SALES DT E. S. COBB. Grand Special Midsummer Sale. 20 HEAD High Class Kentucky Horses, At Hardy & Ayers' Stable, 925 Gravler Street, New Orleans, ! WEDNESDAY, Aug. 6, 1902, at II A. M. These horses are the property of W. 8. Barrtser. of Kbelbyvllle, Ky.. and consist of trotters with speed, saddle borsea of the high est possible tyne. several family carriage borsea. and more speed than was ever offered la one shipment la New Orleans. Y bare a lot of stock this time that will bear close Inspection, snd we Invite Intending purchasers ! to come examine them before the sale. These horses will be on exblbttloa st Hardy Ayers' Stable. f25 Oravter street, Thnrsday, Aug. 6. Write me for catalogue of sale. &. 8. COBB. Auctioneer, Office S23 Gravler atreet. Jr?! El aul 2 3 4 D 6 3IE)1THIS IS DOOMED KATIOAL BOARD REMOVES PRO- TECTTOX FROM THAT CU B. Fraalc'a Only Hop) Is to Obey Board' Rail an Injunction Issued Prevtsti la terf ere-ae with Bahh aad Evaas. Chattanooga, Tnn., July 28. President John B. Klcklln sf tbe Souther League iat night received the following self-explsnatory tele gram from tbs National Board of the National Assocttttloo of Professions! Bssebsll Clubs: Niagara Falls. K. Y., July 27.-J. B. Nick- 11. President, Chattanooga. Tean After reviewing the evidence la the Prank tnsnbor- dlnstlo snd the Bt. Train esses, the Nsttooal Association officers In session bera to-day re-sfflrms its derision In escb esse snd Instructs our secretary la tbe event of failure of the Memphis club to respect our orders, to with draw protection from the Memphis Association st a date to be set by the Southern League, aad recommend early actios. "8. H. T. POWERS. President. J. H. KARRELL, Secretary. M. H. SEJtTiJN. Chairman. "National Board." Boms weeks ago the National Board fined the Memphis club 1100 and suspended Manager Frank lor ten day a, tor playing nt. rain, who waa awarded to the Tacotna club, and oa fhe failure of Manager Frank to obey tbe order, made the suspension of Manager Frank Indefinite. He has continued to disregard the ruling ot the National Board, sad this last actloa la not aurorlslug. Aa yet no meeting vt tne ooatnero Lcsgus has been called. THE IVJCXCTIOS HEARING. Tbe hearing oa the smended bill occurs be fore Chancellor T. M. McConnell to-morrow morning at 10 o'rlork. The injunction ' granted last week, with permission to tbe league t file aa amended answer, which wss done oa s pies ss to jurisdiction. Ths Memphis club filed sn smended bill to day, praying for sn Injunction restraining President Ntcklla from vlntvrferlng with the playing of Babb snd Evsbs in ths Memphl team. Chancellor McCoonell granted tem porary Injunction aa prayed for. Memphis Ask Aasther Injanetloa Memphis, Ten., July 29. Tbe Memphis Baseball Asooclstlo hss applied for a not ber Injunction.. To-night a petltioa waa forwarded to I hattanuoa-a asking i nanceiior met onocii to en loin Hecretsrv tarrell and other officers of the National Association of Minor Leagues froSl Interfering in sny manner with tbe Mem phis club and tha Sou t Bern xlaseoau Lsragu. BIRMINGHAM'S POSITION. Iajnnrtlons AVII1 Apparently Har Little Efleet When Pnt 1st Force. Tbe Arkansas Gatiette of Little Roe, prop erly sums op tbs situation as follows: The art Km of Atlanta st Memphis Frlrtay waa watched with Interest. If Mr. Peters had stood by tbe action taken at last Snnday a meeting be wonld base renised te play snouid 8t. Train or Frank play. Aa tbe injunction Is la force the trmplre wonld bars to gire the ganae te Memphla on a forfeit, bot this would not compel the papers srouna toe cimrn 10 coant It aa s game won by Memphis, snd it Is safe to say that outside of Memphis and Nashrtlle none wonld do so. If Mr. Peters had refused to play Friday be wonld also refuse to plar Satnnisy and Sunday. Bnt be plared. Mooda'y Blrmtiighara plays there. Manager Wllhelm while here receireo a letter rrom toe officers of bis sssoclatioo at Birmingham, telling falra under no circumstances to piay with Memphis with St. Vrsln or Frsnk In the game. 1 inteon to kmiow out iiww? snirra. ssld Manager Wllhelm last night, "and yon may stste tnst jtirmingnam pwitiTeiy not play a rams with Memphis with tboee mea In the game." After Birmingham comes 1 Darranonga, ana what tbey will do time will show. Then Mem phla goes to New Orleans snd of course roweii '111 BOt Play wit n mem, so mere jun ii'. Whenever be baa s date with NashTllte Trank eaa get la a aeries' of three games. AMERICAN LEACtE. Results Yesterday. Baltimore 15. Clevelsad 6. Boston . Detniit 1. St. louia 9. Pbilsdvlphls 4. Wsshlngtoa 12. Chicago 2. Where Tbey Play To-Day. Cleveland at Baltimore. Chicago at Washington. Detroit at Boston. Bt. Louis st Philadelphia. Washlngrtoa 12, Chlrnaro 2. Wsshlnrtou. July 28. Washington found Callaban's benders to their liking to-dsy. snd with some loose fielding by Chicago and seven hits woo the game as tbey pressed. Attend a nee 3264. IB- R. H. B. Mhi.rtia .1 0 a in 1 o o s i 1.1 v Chlea.o loel0-2U 8 Batteries-Lee snd Clark; lauaDao ana Farlaod. Baltimore IB, Clevelaad 5. Raltlmore. July. 2. -Tbe reconstructed Bat tlmore team bad aa easy time with Cleveland this afternoon, and won na tuiru raiKiii game. LaJole waa put off the grounds by Um pire jonnetone ioc uniiuuu, -leudance 1S4. to . I, tv- II . BalUmore 8 8 0 0 2 6 0 M-li li i o0018l(IOJ-5 14 Battertes Wlltse snd Yeager. Bernhardt and Bemls. Boston H, Detroit 1. B.t.m. July 28.-Lng bits by Lachance and Ferris srltb men on bases accounted for most of Boston s run to-day. Yeager's left band was nil he a bated ball In tbe eichtb. Attend LI " R. H. E. l0J4Hl- 14 1 RstterlesTouDg sod Criger; Tesger, Mulles snd Buelow. t St. Loo is . Philadelphia 4. Phllsdelphls. July 2S.-St. Louis won to-day's gam from tbe borne team by good batting With the eiceptiou of the seventh Inning, when four runs were made on a single, don We and two home runs, the Phlls Vlvhians eot!4 a m, h with Powell's pitching. Attend TTJ- r. n. , Inls 1 0040220 0-8 17 1 . 0 0 0 it l 0 4 0-4 II Raiterles Powell and Kahoe; Hustlug. Wll son, Powers snd rVhnH-k. NATIONAL LEAGUE. Kew York 3. Brooklyn O.- sjew Tort. July IS -The last game of the Be- This fltnatora la em arwry Ixw of tlxa rsaaisa Laxative Bromo-QuimneTabie i rsjavedj that csurna a eold torn aajr. AUCTION SALES BV. E. CrRTIS. "DR. COX" (Spared and Beauty). 1 Bay Combination Horse, 12 General Purpose Horses, 5 Mules. OLE 13 ! 1 R. T. Runabout, 1 9-Passenger Trap, 1 Double-Team Truck (COST $400). 4 Fine Spring Wagons, 1 Stylish Surrey and Other Vehicles, and High-Grade Harness, AT CURTIS' STABLES, 1120 Tula tie Avenue (.Near the Cearthssie), Tuesday, july 29, at ti a. m. TERMS-CASH. E. CCRT1S. J27 3t Auctioneer. GO ROLLS SEW MATTIXG, IO ROLLS XEW LANCASTER LI- OLEIM, LARGE LOT Fl'RITTRE. 2 ELEGANT OVAL MIRRORS, At CURTIS' EXCHANGE, 629 COMMON ST., Vcdnesday, July 30, AT 11 A. TERMS CASH. ABSOLCTELT NO LIMIT. Jy27 E. CCRTia. Auctioneer. BY MACOt at KERWAGHAX. FINE BUILDING LOTS ON PICTURESQUE GENT1LLY ROAD WITHIN One Square off Car Lines. BT MACON A KERN iG II AN. Aactlooeera. Oftire 188 Carondelet Street. THURSDAY. JILT 81. at 12 o'rlork m.. at the Ueal Kstate Exehanee. No. 811 Barons atreet. will be sold st Duulle suction THE FINE BOLDINi. LOTS o Oentilly Road, 'Between Fort In street end upper side of Fair Orosnds. 84 feet front by 149 feet oa one slle ssd 162 feet oa the other. A nice. aulet residence location. Terms ne-trlrd or Bore essn. Da la nee l and S rears' credit. 8 per cent Interest, asual clause snd aarchaser pays 1903 taiea; lu per cent rasa time or sal, act or sale beroee f. 8. Benedict, Esq., notary public, eipense of purchaser. Jyl3 20 27 td HY FITZ PATRICK BREXSAM CO, LTD. Tuesday, July 29, 1902 3VX.. 840 CQUMOH STREET. PIANO, PARLOR SET. BEDROOM SETS. DIVING ROOM SETS. I. BEDS. CHAIRS. TABLES. MATTING. CARPETS. BOOK CASES AND CONTENTS OF LARGE RESI DENCE, REMOVED FOR CONVENIENCE. TERMS CASH. NO LIMIT. FITZPATRICK ft BHENNAN CO., LTD.. ALUTIUMUlKS. t27 28 39 Office MO Common street. Oonteuta olT TWO-STORY RESIDENCE. 623 SHORT STREET, Nrar St. Charlsa Rrt., Wednesday, July 30, at 1 1 a. m. PARLOR SET. O -Dl ARMOIB B. R. FET. OTHER B. K. 8ETS, DIMNO ROOM SET. KIT'HEN Ot'TFIT. CHAIRS. TAPIES. MATTING, CARPETS. PUTIRES, ORNAMENTS. SPRINGS. MATTRESSES. BATH TLB. LOT PLANT!. ETC. TERMS-CASH. NO LIMIT. FITZPATRICK BRENNAN CO.. LTD.. All i", H27 28 39 30 Offtre MO Commoa street. BY SAXCIIO at Dl'PONT. Xxxi.iooirtca.xxt Sale if the Large aad Well-Known Grocery and Saloon or. Magazine and Constantinople Sts., On Wednesday, July 30, 1902, AT It O'CLOCK A. M SELECT STOCK OF CANNED AND BOT. TLK OUUDS. wines snd liquors. Staple goods, such ss lsrd. rice, coffee, sugar, flour, etc.. slso I Nstloosl Cash Register. 1 Falrbanka floor scale. 1 costly, made-to-order butter box and refrigerator; counter, showcases, oil tank. fancy crockery, etc.; one aorse. wsgoa snd harness. TERMS CASH. tv2T 4t E. F. SANmn, A art tone -r. BY HENRY STERN A CO. Bis Anction Sals of Sloss TO-DAY AT 12 M. HY. STERN AV CO Anet loneers. 122 Chart res St, Near Caaal. Heiskell's Ointment HeaJs the Skin. Ptovs it on s stubborn ease ef pimples, sesetns tettor. erystpelaa, alcera, or any eruption. Tha care is parmaaeni. so oents a bos, st druggiats or nr mail, postpaid. Baca up its sood i work wits HeisaeU a Alodicatad Boap. St centa. JOICSTON. HOLLOW AT A CO.. SI Ceaaaaerce Sb, Phlladslpkla. " Four OrnOsvcnf it tha brtl I rr wars' or (As inn. If yor nxtf at good, I wmu it." Bathe Battle, evrn, Tuat. rles of live between the New Y'ork snd Brooklyn rlubs wss won to-day by tbe New Turks oa tbe polo grounds by a score of 3 to 0. Tne game was called oa account ot a heavy thunderstorm in the latter half of the ffth Inning, whea New York hsd only two mea out. Landers hit to tbe left field la tbe fifth, brought In two runs awl won tbe game for the locals. Attendance &1UO. S'-ore R. H. E. New York 0 0 0 0 22 4 2 Brooklvn 0O0OO-O 2 2 Batteries Matbewson and Bowerman, Evans and Farrell. CINCINNATI FRANCHISE. Reported That Local Persons Will Obtain Control. Cincinnati. 0-. Jnly 2S.-Tbe Times Star snys there ts every Indication tbat the control ot the Cincinnati club will, within forty-eight Ivors uses Into tbe hauils of Clnclnna'lana. among whom are August Hermann and Mayor Flelschmsnn. Ens;!lah Tennis Playera Win Hai dlly. lonrwood. Mass.. July 2.. Tbe ease with which tbe two English players. H. L. and R. F. Doherty, won their three matches In tbs opening rounds of tbs Loogwood tennis tonrns- aieot proved not only tbe feature of tbe day's aoort. but In tbe minds of many eiperts pe- riouslv Jeomardlses the safety of the Dan Intersntional cup. to lift which ts the spet-a mission of these two visitors, awl IT. Pin. who is eipeeted Ibis week. The.el'ler of th brothers. H. I Doherty. played two matches ra-m' well trained Americans, meeting II II Kackett of New Tork In the morning, and R. c. Seaver in the afternoon. In each the Englishman allowed bis opponent the frst set. and then having taken the American s mesa urea, cempleted the nest three without appa tent etrort. Cisco. Csl.. Greek railroad laborers 6trnck for $1 SO per day. AUCTION SALES BT MACOX ak KERSAGnA. JUDICIAL ADVERTISEMENT. 3F A TITITIOX SALE ON EASY AND LIBERAL TERMS OF Magnificent Commercial Property IN A MOST PROMINENT LOCATION, The Grand Four Story Brick S Nos. 201 to 209 ROYAL 715 CUST0A.H0USE STREET, Forming the Rort&wfist Corner .of Occupied b tbe Great Firm Messrs. A. M. & THE FAMOUS RESTAURATEURS, Messrs. Fabacher Bros., And Office Tenants. With All the Offices Rented. It YielJs Over $6000 Per Annum, Splendid Factory or FRONTING THE WATER AND TCHQUP1T0ULAS, BET. Yielding Per Annum $1296, And ttie Elegant Residence and Spacious Grounds . No. 20I5 ST. CHARLES AVENUE, IN A SUPERIOR Furnisnlni either Investments or MRS. MARY M. GROTE VS. Na 67,587, Civil District Court for the Parish of Orleans, THURSDAY, JULY 31, 19G2. BT MACON A KERNAGHAN, W. A. KEK- i NAUHAN, Auctlonerr. OtlJcs 133 carouur... Street . , THURSDAY. JCLT SI. 1902. 1V C'T a., st the Real rotate fcxchase. N . " Baronne atrsei. wlU be aolj at puoiic by Tlrtue ot an ocar datrJ Jnn; . of a JuJs-ni"nt rncj.-red June 1. I signed Jnne 24. ln-tt. by the Hon Joha M. Paul. 1'Klge of arortia la the ahore eafltll matter, aad ny n aa order dated April 2. 12. Irom the lion. W. B. 8omDwrille. JuCse or arer-. WtIhIoo D- In tbe snreessioo of Mrs. A. Molsrt. No 1.7M ef tbe d-Set ot said ort. the following desrrlhe.1 Pr?Rrt'v..;MUPRCIAL 1. TUB MAtiNIl'ICKNT niMMRRCIAL PRnPEKTT. M"sr r?.,i-'.V;-il, "Jmiv. CATED. COMPRISING llit 1 ns"- o. ulDLl CONSTRlClliu A.f .-V:.,r 1 Of R AND 7I1KI.E8IVK1 -f '-7.5 OFFICE BUILDING ANU ' " -" - BINED. N. aul. Z. f'J 7,1 iii atreet. and Nos. 10s, (uo, :. " and T15 Cnatorubon. street, and llnfh northwest corner ot Royal streets, one of the best sod moat farorabij known In the tlty. M . fc., The ground on wnicn tne m" "ZL Sr." eeVIoVr .-.tolied Is the trlrt of this rlty. In the square botimled I t y and Bienville R-irsl. Bonrbon. enstomnouse streets, aiessnrtng tosetner, more or less, is feet a Iwhes and u front on nvoysi atreet. 75 fee. In w .tb on tbe rear 127 feet 11 Inches In depth and front tombouse street, aad 1W ,' '"t la dei'tb on tbe otber slds line toward Bienville atreet. Tbe round is described spcl- i'-lLY-AERTAIN PIECE OR PO-ri..v .is- iircit:I. situated la tbe aforesaid district and square, measuring, acr...., -... i a. D Ilemecourt. deputy city surveyor, dated Feb. i. 1S73. rA. P"iriTHtJ SS V -mm j n T. Sonlat. notary public. Msrcn . f.-et front oa Royal atreet oy . In depth and front oa Costomnouae street, sna between parallel lines. SECONDLT-A CEBTIl.t " ' GROUND, sltnsted In the same oisin- u .J .rfw.inlnar tbe above firstly de- scribed" piece or portion of ground, measuring 24 feet B inches snd 6 lines front on Royal atreet by 60 feet B Incnea in o.-,.iu- eminiT-l f V BT A I V PI ECU OR FOR' Tins lis" t;RiiUND. situated lo tbe same dis trict and square, and adjoining tbs rear the above nra'ly and secondly described piece or portion of ground snd Wit at ground, designated by tbe le-ter G on s sketch by Lsrd. Pille. assistant city surveyor, dated .May i. ISSfl aaseird to as act of sale before John Bendernsgel. lste notary. June 3. 18o5. according to which, aald piece or portion of ground . in M T inches front on Customhouse street tbe same width la tbe rear, by a depth r t t.t hetween narslU-1 lines; aald meas urements being sll mors or less. This property Is within one square of Canal Street and outside of Cenal ls the most prominent corner In tbe city. Fortunes have been n-A. n..t In lta vicinity, but in the r,r.,nertT bv so Hi- of our moat uoted mer chants, giving a fixity to v sloes scend to none Tbe improvementa Just completed sad contemplated la t neighborhood show bow ir.1,1. BmoertT there ia for Investment. The Commercial Hotel fronting It on Royal street, and the Hotel Fabacher fronting It list OIB house street, anu e-raWn,B . uwn. Of tbe property. see eismpiea ui well property in toe looked oa by capitalists, Tbe location of sncU bouses ss Messrs. Fabacher A to Solart. o- ,1 Tk.nii M.mteleoae. Mrlnery. Fink aou others lnsnres'thst stsWlify whl. h is one of bs most oesiratjts esocuuuia ia .... Investment. . .,on tv,. merchant will find S steady and growing trade, tbe result Of the Immense trsinc eurgina u. orij "- , '-' day. ontslde of s few squares on Cassl ;reej. there la aot another upon which the traffic Is so great For Investuieot th capitalist will and safety, enhancement and productiveness. Leaving nothing to se isvuw j r'""r merchant or capitalist. It is especially commended to those who aesl.e a lucrative business stsnd or as Investment psr eacellence. Tbe above described pro,.rtrrcats sow by tb. month st the rate of :iSO per annum. Possession ess be bsd Sept 30 1"2. If desired by punbaser. Tbe said reit is the rolslmmn. as tbe property can be made to yield eousiueniuiy orr v" . - sum. , 2 yiVE CERTAIN aiuuni iajib vr this city, in tne suriore """";""': toulas (or Leveel. wster. aorspnra aim r mi srreJu. mes.urlng together U7 feot 10 ire-be. sad 1H line. ; "-Lv-V" and 13" feet a incoew auu . . ..-r. Water erect oy e nvi. o-Km nd front on twspum "c. - inches and 4 4-a lines ueum vm t v i .to nearest First street, giving s a.tpemcisi area of over 11 feet. Ssld Ists sre deacrtned .necVrV-slly ss follows: Two of aald lota are asuared by tbe Nos. 5 lor 12). 6 (or U oa a sketch msrked , aoneied to a procea-rertl of auctioneer: ope of ssid lots Is deslcnated by the No. 5 on a plas by M. OeSlgltS" - lOC.I mA , i t anrreror. ijiit . . -' . " " i " it the besb of this city, and two of said 1 .. - natsnsTS DV loe . VLB draws by nim., ' i, m i.w AiOToMlteo in tne oiocv oi a n. afaiiy, i : - . . ,. L late notary, ana oy m- " - '--" dlvlsloB of lota Nos. 1. 2. S and 4 by M. Ilar-ir.-ror. June 27. 1831. d. Mtted la the effl'-e sf L. 1- Kenny. late notary. ' i..t. measure aa follows, to wit: t. Voa. 5 lor 12) snd S or lor 13) ...I, ft feet 2 Inches front on T. houpttoniss street. Lot No. 8 (or 12i mess-nres 11 feet 7 Inches front on Water street by ..f SS fe-t 3 Inches and lines oa aide line aesrest First street, dividing it fr ni 5 (or 11). b feet 1 Inch and 7 llnea tn dvo'fli on tbe line dividing It from ljt No. 0(o7Pl". which said lot No. (or 13) ba. . front of SI feet 6 Inches and T lines so u-.,. atreet b s depth and front on o atreet of V feet. all or less Ssld lot No. (or IS) forms ths comer of Water. Horn pars and Tchooplfoulse streets. Lots N. 6 (or 111 asd So. 4 measure each MHit'24 feet front ea Water Btret. 23 feet front on Tchmpltcmlas street by tbe following iWths- Lot No. & (or lit St feet Inches snd a i, no the line nearest Sorapuru street, dividing It from lot No. (or 12. and 7 f t 7 inch.-s an-1 -o lines ou iw onier mu" una ai.i4n it from lot No. 4.. which said lot No. 4 has s dep'h on the Ills line nearest First street, diverting It from lot No. S. Of AS fee tt tnehea and 5 4-5 lines. Lot No. mea 25 feet & 2-3 Inches (roat oa Water street, 23 AUCTION SALES and Three- tores, STREET, and Nos. 703 to Royal and Customhouse Streets, cf Grocers and Importers, J. SOLARI, LTD.; ani Yields Now $5880 Per Annom. Warehouse Sites, RIVER-ON FIRST AND SECOND STREETS, J LOCATION, Residence of the First Class. A. JOHN SOLARI ET ALS., feet 6 Inches and 1 1-3 line front m IVSoitJ. tuulaa street, by s depth of fett feet 11 laches ami 5 4 ft lines, on tbe line dividing It from . .o. a, oy a oeptn or M reet a Inches sod 4 4- lines on the ouoer aide line nearest rtrsr street. Be tbe same all more or less. 8. THREE PKRTHV inmitivii tvrt OF GRuLND, situated In the Fourth District of this citr. la tha sonars honiulixt hy Tcbounltotilua r I-reel V1r.r . i Jorspurs streets, meaauiing together 71 fret 7 Inches aud 21 lines front oa Water street. 1 feet 1 Inch and 1 1-8 line front oa Tchoupt-toulas afreet by 5 feet 7 Inches and 3 2 5 lines la depth on tbe Side line n,t Ho. nil m a'reet, and 87 feet T Inch.. . i n. In depth on tbe aide line nearest Flrit Street. Slvllis a anoerSVI.l t feet. Tbe aforesaid Lot. ea Am- a-rtbed speciflally aa follows: One ot said u J"f.-",nated by the No. 1 on a plan by .i' .rrl,w,n- surveyor, June 27. ISM. and by the Nu. s on the map of thia city, aud two af said -ots are dealguated by the Nos. 1 and 2 p . ,,r B- Bulssua. surveyor, March 10. lh2. and aa lots Nos. 6 and 7 oa the man of this city lots measure aa followa. to wit iMt No. 1 (or 8) meaeurea 25 feet 5 .""l1 23 ,,n frout on Water afreet. Jchoupltonlaa street, hi feet T Inches sad 2 2 S lines on tbe side line nearest Mor. ?- k ' . . " n w front en Tihoupitoolas street, by tbe following depths: Lot .No. 1 (or til bss .1 feet S laches and 4 ,.T..on .,b' Un Bsrest Sorapsm atreet. dlvuimg It from lot No. 1 (or Si, tn feet aad i Inchea on the dividing line of lot No 2 (or 7). which aald lot No 2 (or 7) baa 7 feet T er'rst .tU't n th UP4r ,ld Uo "' t"E,'TA,'LOT OF GROUND, sltusted thirdly deacrlhed property designated by the J10' on paj a by C. A. HtKiln, surveyor. a,t4 lecemtier, lh. and by tbe sume number ou tbe map of fhe city, and measures Sa feet 11 Inches and 6 lines oa Water street. 2S feet 1 -S . n,11.0". ?" TrboPlfoulaa street, by a depth of 103 feet 10 lncbe, and line, the line nearest Sorapara atreet. and loT feet 4 lnchep and 1-2 line oa upper slds nearest Flrit all rTt. No better factory or warehouse sites can be round. The railroad tracks are not 20 feet from the property, awl the river not more than k ti?' . ',,Ptlsl facilities for tbe handling of merchandise, which caa be taken la or out of the property rignt tmm tbe car a or ateamer. The earing thereby In transport., tlon Is enorrooua. Thl. U also one of ths few remaining sites on the river available for commercial purposes. It will not be long before property f tula character, will bs so extremely valuable that prices will range at tbe blah, est mark. It la being taken op so rapidly thst even st tbe highest prices there will not be any to be had. Now la tbe time; the future by PthT wirs'lde11 ' t0 bright to Unf-r Tbe above secondly, thirdly snd fourthly desfril-d property is sold subject to leas expiring Sept. 30. lfsis. at the rat, of 12P per aaniitn. copy of which caa be sees st the orfli-e of the auctioneers. 5. THE EIJCGANT TWO-STOBT AND ATTIC FRAME RESIDENCE. WIT II SPACIul S GRorxi.S. No. .SJ13 st. Charlea avenue. It Is 1IUUI eiuewaiK, under a rich iron liKlosnre, containing wide central ball, arched parlors, reception room, library, dining too, laralory. china closet, butler s pantry kltrnl en. .1 iireroom. rrnnt a 0.1 re.. . . 1 , first floor: hall, nln- lsrge. airy sloping apartments, aeveral of which have sfMnn. --. on imiroom. uuen closet. cedar-Hoed room and front and rear raliorlea on m-nnH n. t. attic is roomy snd contains three lare.' rooms, trankruoms. etc In tbe rear ia a one. atory frame building, containing two rooms foe servanta. In the rear, on tbe side removed rrom tne rwudence. la tbe stable ,nd carriage house There are threo large clsterna and one biter for river water. The rooms sre besnft-fully papered and finished In oil woods tn benrtha, ruart.le and cabinet mantels and ara fitted 1th chandeliers snd gas fixtures The ground oa which these buildings and Imtrrove. meets are erected comprises two certain lots altuated in fhe Fourth District of this city la tbe aouare bounded by St. Charles avenue Ca- i 11: Aanw Josephln- .treats, bsid lots being d-slmsted t.. t h. v . 8. on s plan drawn by I. R-ljensTelo. April lt referenes In tb- office of P. C. Uivlllkr. late aotary. It No. a mess. urea 03 ieer ironr on M. t hariea avenue. 1T3 feet la depth between parallel lines Lot No 3 measures 33 fet front on St. Charles avenne" 17.1 reet in depth on tbe line which separated It from lot No. 2 and a first dent a JT -,. . . on tbs opposite side line toward! Josenhln street; thence widening IT feet 4 lncbe. ,nd nut, 11 sas a mnner or Second depth of CS feet, and measures uO feet 4 Inches and 1 line on tbe rear llo. ss.uw ana Ths two lots measure together M fee, fm. on ot Charles avenue. 1T3 feet in depth on aide Use nesrest St. Andrew ttnt I depth of 12t) feet oa tbe other slds line near-est Josephine street, thence widens 17 fat 4 aches and 1 line, thence a second depth of 83 f-et (or 1U feet total depth) to ttie line, which hss s width of 3 feet 4 Inches sod 1 line. The grounds are laid out In waika, garden, lawn, fruit and shade trees. On tke apuer side is tbe can-lag entrance. This property as a whole Is In good order and needs little or no repairs. Tbe rooms sre Urge, comfortable and well ventilated. The location la s snperior 00s oa tba Iwer Avenue Anyone desiring s com fort a hie. convenient and finely finished borne, will do well to Inspect this property. It ts one of tbe beat la tbat portion of the city. The keya will be found at the office of tbe auctioneers. Tsrms-One-fourth or more essb, at tbe option of the purchaser, tbe balance on a eredt of one, two a a. I three years, in notes of tbe purchasers, specially secured by mortgage and vendor's lien, bearing 6 per cent per annum Interest from dste of adjudication until final payment. 6 per cent attorneya' fees in s-reot of suit to enforce "ollertlon of notes. Improvements to he k-pt Insured ani pollriep transferred to tbe boWer or boi lers of the note and the acts ot sale to coo's In all otber usual security clauses. Toe porrbsscra to assures the taxes due snd eligible in 1&"2. over snd above the price of adjudication, and slso ths Internal revenue tramps, if any. Tea per cent in cash of purchase price will be required from tbe purchasers at time of sale. Acta of sale before N. B. Trtst, Notary Public, at the rrpense of the purchaser. DART A KFKNAN. Attorneys for PlslntitTs FENNER. HENDERSON A FENNER. At turners fr Defes'isnts MeTLnSKEY A BENEDICT, Attorneys. 1 Je2 j 13 20 27 td . - .... 4. ,u. e anu imes on the upper skis W i'7rj, T' dlim it fVom lot 'v . Son- 1 ior "na 2 or It v.. CTu.r m. a leei I inin r.An. n -at

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