The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, April 12, 1934
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Served by the United Pretta riYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS — •«» THE DOMINANT NEWBPAPER OF NOiiTHEA 8T ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXXI—NO. 22 Blytheville Dally News Dljilievllle Courier Mississippi Valley Leader Hlythevilte Herald BLYTHKVIl.UC, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, APUIl, 12, SINGLR COPIES FIVE CENTS INSUL STARTS HIS HOMEWARD JOURNEY Conviclcc) Slayer Inheritance Tax Boost Is Favored WASHINGTON, Apr. 12 (UP) — Increased taxation on large in- ,lierliun«' \v:u; written Into Ihe new Freed ! lfix bi!1 h >' llic scimw lortA 5' as il •* I t-U"J j . Wife ancLMoth'T Admire Roosevelt Porlrail nenred final action Unrlcr Bontl as Appeal ( ure. 1- t . ^ ! Ad °!' lin : 1-lgl n Ihe mcas- it Opens K F. lV>lln'!. convlett-d of vol- uuliiry manslaiigliicr by a circuit. rout t ju ~v vesterday and sentcnc- nl to foi:r and a halt years in p'-ron by Jiidije Nell Killough last !iich>. wr.s free under SS.OOO bond lodiiy nwailint; an appeal to the" 1 sunrctnc court. T!i? Manila true!; driver, slayer nl I'aul Cody on the streets of Mnr.lln neeemrcr IS, had been lalleil. immediately af;cr sentence was urononnctd. The new bond ',i:is signed by bondsmen who had nirlit'r plodded themselves when )u y^ns relf-fiped on bond at a hr-l:eas ccrpnr. hearing and when inflicted. Motion for a new trinl was filed Ijv defense counsel this morning. ri«.skle.s the formal chnrges usually mr>(!e In such a motion it charged I hat tlie court erred in permitting Uir? inry to se»>arate over mght nftf" i'. had cojnmenced iLs deliberations. Juilue.; Killouuh wns ex- IK'eied lo ovrr-rnle the motion, puviiiK the way for appeal to the )ilf;!ier court. Hcverses O«n Stand S'lnrn criticism last night by "W. A.;on of Walnut Ridge, mem- hcr of defense counsel, oi separation of tl'.e .jury on the night be- the La Follette estate ;a.s schedules.Vilie senate approved a series of rates ranging from one |x>r cent on net estates not in cx- ee.'-s of $20,000 to 60 per cent upon net estates in excess of $10,000,000. It is estimated to yield 565,000,000 iii additional revenue. The vute on the la Folletlc amendments was 65 lo 14. The first $40,000 ol any estate is exempt. nun ILL Files His Pledge As Candidate for Congressional Nomination With annour,c«menl at Lltlle Rock yesterday of filing of his pledge under the corrupt practices act with the secretary ol state, E. E. Alexander, local attorney, said today that he would be a candidate for congressman in the first district opposing Congressman W. J. Driver of Osceola. Police Seek Dillinger in Southwest SHHEVEPOHT, illl') — filopphv' nil . Apr. 12 iiu'.oinobi'U'.'i FW Kcis«r Si ore With Loot After Shooting J. C n 1 r 1 T 1 "'"I block Inn lilKhwuvs in tills . DOlCS 1'JU'ly ICKUiy. ,, ITAi n0 v ln i.o»1Mmiii null oust Texas officers today soughl John OSCF.OLA, Aik., April 12.—J. C. imiliinor. csrnpvd Indiana desucr- Uotts, nliilit wiUchinmi nl Ktlser. lu |,, , m ,| lwll 'companion outlaws In ii .serious coiKlUlon from slvil wounds received ciirly nils' morning when ho apprehended rnblws lirenWnu Into the Kclser Sumily store. Muktnp. Ills Insl round at 1:50 o'clock tills niorntni!, Mr. llolrs said lie saw u man slnmllng on Iho porch of tlic store and assumed 11 lo be one of llic einuloyres opening Hie store for the day. He D'uni-lmenl of Justice officials n Niw Origins ndvlsi'd Sheriff r. R. flushes iluil three met) nniiecl. In (i V-U Ford He- Voluble Protests oi Former Utilities Czar Fall on Deaf Ears ISTANBUL, Turkey, April 12. <m>)— Protesting bltlcrly agalnsl a . . „ , fate that wns draujlusj him back lo i'i. lust nrcn yesterdav al Carlinn , .., n . irl y r< |,, m .. ln u a , united SMrs. HID. Ala., were IravelliiB In ™s Samuel Insull. miiltl-iiillllonalre fu- ''liTclloii. Tlie driver was iilmll- 1 git| V ij from Clilcngo Jiisllcc. was on llc-d us Hoiivr ^Vun Meter, varolcd h ^ nnw mi,, B wny b;lcSc to America tonight. nilllwrr. officers believe, wns nf the Irlo. One of the party was 50 or 1ft feet (10:11 the store, | wns W nunded, according to reports, feeline. Mr. Jackson's criticism l>1aci:d the defense in the position of nn about face from its stand of the previous nlsht when Mr. •)ac'<son had asked that the jury bf ftllowrd to separate and reas- ?r-m»le the next, morning to resume Tlin jury received the case late Tiirnlny night and deliberated r'hom an hour before It was re- llr-vr'J bv the court until Wednesday mornine. At the time defense ri'irrr>l a.sVed that the jury ne allowed to separate. The courl, v.-ilhin whose discretion ordinarily •nth mnlter.s fall, and the state. <lr«lred thnt the jurj' be kept to?other overnight, with a sheriff's I'ppsitv in charge, but because nrnwr nccommodatlons for the. imors could not be obtained at H'p lale lionr the court told them irnt Tho?e who wished to remain in town would be accommodated or (he pxccns? (if the comity and I tie others would be furnished nntisportntion home. This was done. Nerro' Is FreeU Willie Brooks, Hollnnd. Mo., nnro. wns nemiilted of a charge r'f acfinilt. with intent lo rob on nn Instructed verdict in circuit roi'rt hcrr- this morning after Denver Dudlev. prosecutor, had mtenuuled presentation of dc- f'Tse lestimonv to admit Dint he did not brlievc (he ens; was ;trrn^ erfcnnh lo co to n jury The nepro wns aceuseil as I he iTiinniaii who shol Alvln Brntton 'oral Mrcnt bus driver, in an at- lemrt^d hnldup her 0 n few weeks ri'-o. Brooks was positively identi- fc>d bv Brnllon as the guntnm •.vho shot him in the arm. The cnurt and prosecutor however, (if (er listenhi" to cnnfl^tin? tp.stt ninnv. Intimated that they believed Ihr nepro In be n vicliui of mis (?Ven ulentily. I'ollanil and Bnrlinm. locil lav firm, represented the defendant. Willie Morrison, negro charge with robbery of Fannie Postel fl^ed nc~r<\ c s. was sentenced t three years in prison bv a Jury rarly last nlsht. A rhivree of mbbery of George PO'tel). 83-venr- o!d ue^ro man. was dismissed nffr trial opened because of a technicality involving the method in which Morrison allegedly took Sin from the negro man. Ed B. Cook, local lawyer, represented Morrison. Andrew Jones was sentenced to n yenr In the state penitentiary en a charge of assault with intent to kill. He entered a plea of guilty. Jones, who lived in Ihe Manila section, allegedly fired ino n home soulh of Manila. In turn he received a shot from within that inflicted n wound In oi-.e Viar.d. He wns Indicted at lh- Isll term of criminal court. chanted the courtroom with Mr. Alexander, former senator and representative in the state legislature from Mississippi county, said he had prepared no lorm- al platform but Indicated that a statement would be forthcoming later. He declared announcement of the filing of his pledge at the state capital wns In the nature of a surprise as he had not expected i it to be mnde public at this time, i The former stnte legislator said his decision to make the race had been reached after years of waiting for the incumbent to conclude that he had enough service' in Congress. He declared it had long been his ambition to serve in the federal house. 'I cannot see why a man ran expect to stay on forever and never have anything to show for his service," Mr. Alexander said of the present congress- "It isn't smiling, yet it looks alive, and is dignified enougn to iinng in liie White House." This wns the opinion Mrs. Franklin n. Roosevelt gave of the Ellen Emmet Hand portrait of the 1'icsldcm (is slit nnd the President's mother, Mrs. James Roosevelt, placed the work on exhlUllon, us shown here, in lh(- Miiseuin of the City of New York. After hanging thr-rc'a month it is (lien to be hung In Ihe pmtiancm coHeeUon of President's portraits in Ihc While House. ivhen the man row him and open ed live on him. Holes (ell when he wns shol nnd Is unnblc to say how many were 'n tlic crowd or I'l what mnnner ilicv made their gct-nv;ny. Officers l-rlii'V! the mnn who did Ihe shooihi't was u U>ok-ont for others wo-klng Inside the store. Boles wns shot In Die chest, face iind neck, physicians who removed No. 1 entiled shot from his wounds fnv lie Is In n serious condition, lull his chances for recovery nre good. Boles is nl hh home In Kcl- •<>r mid will not be removed to n ] hnsnilnl unless his condition becomes more grave. An Incommctc check nl the ftnre revealed n quantity of guns, shoes and watches were stolen, nlong wilh the small nincunt of cash left over rl5ht in the cash drawer. The burglars entered the store through the front door nf- ler breaking the glass panel In Ihe nnrl t'""' were expected lo contact doc lor. r IH! nine PRIM rani Tlic last chapter In the one lime utilities emiwror's dramollc and frnullc flight half way nrotmd the world cnme. when t're Turkish' an- Ihorllles, at 0:03 p.m., hustled him from prison nnd escorted him . to the steamer Adana, bound for Pan- derma, on the Sen o{ Marmora. Al Pandenna the veteran and ailing prisoner will be transferred to a rnUrond coach and be. taken to Smyrna, where the steamer Ex- llona is waiting to take him "home." Pratc&lR Unheeded The short Irlp trom Ihe prison to Liie sleamer Adarj «as without incident, although Iiisuil wfts New York .Senate Acts Following Revelation Ol uble in his protesl againsl "inhii- More Letters Mr. Alexander was one of a 5N1E EXKfiE IS GUI Report of Business Manager Shows Saving oi $96,793 (or Year LITTLE ROOK, April 12. (DPI — _.._ _. _ There was a dccrcas; ol S96.193 in leld of five candidates for the of- operating cost of Ihe slate hospital ce in 1920 when Judge Driver, for nervous diseases during the fHi- ho had been on the circuit bench, i cal yoar ending April 1. it was •on a free-for-all scramble for shown todny in the repsrl of J. H. he position left vacant by election j Parker, business manager of. the f the late T. K. Caraway to the t institution. enate. Mr. Alexander ran second The report was sent Governor o Judge Driver on that occasion. I Fulrell by John L. Peters. Hot he local attorney served 12 years . Springs, secretary of the baard. s county representative nnd four I "Waste and extravagance were ears HS senator In the state legis- eliminated in all departments," the Bill to Pay'Depositors ' Approved by Committee j I WASHINGTON, April 12. (UP)- IThe McLeod blJl to pay oil deposi-! tors In closed banks was reported favorably to the i.ouse tcday by the. banking and currency committee with amendments extending the pay-off to all banks, state and atlonal, but limiting 100 per cent aymcnt to $2.500 accounts. ature. As a result of Mr. Alexander's Iccision there will be Hire: 1 Mis- report. "Maintenance ccsl was reo.ucc< , 455.058. Other reductions listed isslppi county candidates for the. j were: rtMry expenses. S2.9'!2-. sala First Arkansas district congressional seat. Clinton Caldwcll of Manila announced his candidacy several months ago. Parking Overtime At Postoffice Costs Dollar rics. $18.009; wages to others, S2. 781; equipment and lives'.ock ex pense, $10.105. The reduction sho'.re an avcras< monthly saving of $8.066. When Governor I-litrell came t office Iho entire management oi the Contribution of .$10,000 by New Jersey Republican Brought to Light WASHINGTON. April 12. (UP) — A bitter clash between opposing counsel today at the trial of Bishop James Cannon Jr. preceded t^e rev- - -;-- 'latlon thai former Senator Joseph . ss ™" d "°? : Mob Drags Pennsylvania County Commissioners From Their Office POTTSVILLE, PH.. April 12 (UP) —A mob of more llian 1.200 property owners frcm West Mnbnnv township stormed the S:rmylkill county courthouse toriny and dragged two county commissioners from their olTice. State troopers, together with Potlsville nnd Tamnqua police, miieted the disorders. A ccminittce had been sent to the commissioners' office with n rei)iicst Iliat they n?p?nr before the crowd nnd explain Ihe reason for tax increases. Meanwhile mori than 1,200 persons qnthcrfd and Ihi Members oi Roosevelt Party Have Close Call • -• '\ • i MIAMI. Fla.. Anr. 12 (UP) — Gen. Hugh S. .Johnson. Donnlrt nlchher- 1 , nnd other members of President Roosevelt's party today 1-pd n narrow escane from pos- le injury when the bus in which ev were rldln<z from Ihelr hotel Ihe Flntlon tore across the rall- nd Iracks In the face of an on- shlng train. The bus cleared with about .SO ALBANY. N. Y., A"r. VJ IUP1- The slate sennte rnrly Icdny np- urovrd n rrsoinUim mrthorMng 'he broadest sorl o[ nil investlca- llnn l"lo the political activities of utllllles comnanles. The action came soon after the federal trade commission mnd 1 ! public In Washington n new sheaf of correspnndenc; between of- flclnls of Ihe Assoclnlcd Gas and electric company and members of he legislature. . , ; . Tho new reveiaUw^--Jstrutk. Uw lanltol. ns a t>ombshell, silenclri? :ven somn of,tlie • most voluble of he lawmakers. The new Investigation will menn Ihormi7h Inquiry inlo the iitlllt- Lewis Threatens "War" in Alabama Coal Fields and-rushcd to a courtroom on th ir. F. Frelinuhuyscn (Rep., N. J.) was commissioners refuse a large contributor lo the bishop's 1928 campaign against Alfred E. Smith. ,•„ lo leave Ir.eir office Ihe crowd be came wild. | Tlie cro'.al moved to the com missloncr.v office. Refused admit Forfeitures of dollar bonds hove been ordered in four cases tralfic violation charges in mnn- j icipal court. Parking overtime at 1 the postoftice was the basis of the charges. Defendants In the cases wers: Bohn Latimer, Meyer Graber, RIB;ell Marr and J. C. Appleby. Mnyuard Styles nnd Mrs. Maylard Styles were fir.ed a dollar each for disturbing tlie peace. Frank C. Ferguson, president of were New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Apr. 12 (UP)— Depressed by disappolnllng reports on the compromise Bankhead bill, the cotton market on the local exchange developed an easier tendency today, closing steady at Masons Meet Tonight Tlie local chnpler of the Masonic lodge. No. 134 F. and A. M. will meet this evening, 7:30 o'clock, for regular communication nnd work In the E. A. decree. Visiting brothers nre welcomed. decline lasses. July Del Dec Jan March with five to seven point Chicago Wheat Mny July open Bfl 1-4 B6 1-4 high 60 1-2 K 5-3 low 85 1-8 85 1-8 close 85 1-3 85 1-4 Chicago Corn open high low 1203 1204 1195 1209 1210 1200 1223 1223 1212 1228 1228 1223 1230 1230 1230 1245 1245 12W in the South. Atty. Robert H. MeNelll. defending the Methodist Episcopal churchman on charges of conspiring to violate the corrupt pracllces net. protested becnure the criminal indictment against Cannon mcnll-ns| only (he $65.300 contribution of E J. Jameson. New York fln.iticler. general township assessment. Mayor Shane Anpoints Council Committee t to suare. Tlie whlitle of the locomotive as henrd as the vehicle, carry- about two dozen )>ersons. In- ndlne White House correspond- nts. nnprnnch r d the crossing, lind one. at top speed. man treatment." Few of his captors could understand what he waa saying and his complaints fell oh uncomprehending ears. The Adann pulled away at 7 p. m. Instill appeared without a hat. Surrounded by police, he waved farewell to his lawyers ashore and then slrolled along the deck. Tre Adana is a small 40-year-old ship without many comforts. The only bath aboard Is out of commission. . . : Will Be Slow Trip The Journey aboard the, Aiana, however, will be brief. Insull will reach - Ptno>rm» early Friday. A train will put him In Smyrna some' time Friday afternoon nnd there he will board the stenmer Exllbna for a long, slow trip to Ihe United SUles. The Exilona Vill follow. Its es situation nlonft three lines, I reguinr roule to the United States, while the Investigation that was s t opp ; ng Bt Sicily, Algiers, Casa- ipproved Immediately nftcr the blancn. Boston and New York! The rmtc commission revealed for the trl[ ; Qt( u n arlly requires about a first time correspondence between month. A doctor will be aboard. In- ihc utilities company and Senator sull wil , ^ ln custcdy 0[ Burton W. T. Tlm'W would have inquired v. Berry, third secretary of the only Into the nullienllclly of Hie American embassy al Istanbul. Insull lost his last chance to avoid extradition to tile United Slates todny when the supreme court of appeals at Esklshlr ruled Iliat ids sin;«al against extradition could not be considered. WASHINGTON. Apr. 12 (UP) — ~l»litlii!! John L. Lewis shot a ulohurous Ihreal of "civil war" pday nt southern conl operalors vho defied Gen. Hugh Johnson o make them give Iheir workers seven-hour day and a higher vatic scale. Fears were widesnretid thnt the hronis might te the forerunner of nnclbnr tnmiilliioiis chanter In he bloodr history of the bltumln. ous coal industry. "If Ih" Alabama operntors want .o -declare war on the Unltcr Slntra." shouted the black browed T.x?wls. "the United J>51nc Workers tire rendy wlihin 15 days to fur- vlsh the president wilh twentv nv divisions lo force them to comply wllli the law." Independent Air Lines Sought Cancellation WASHINGTON. April 12. <UP)- Senalor Warren R. Anslin (Hep. Dangerous Rescue Task of Soviet Fivers Is Nearly Completed MOSCOW, Apr. 12 (UP)—The frozen Arctic sens were chealcd lodnv of 22 more of Ihe refugees of the sunken ice breaker Chel- liiskln, who had been tranpcd for two months on the noes off norlh- wc'tern Siberia. Valiant Soviet airmen, who have been [nkin? off the refugees in small proiips In ret>e<H"d dangerous {i|ohts from Cape Vanknr- em. brought back the 22, leaving onlv six still on the Ice. Thev were expected to bo rescued soon. Thus the entire tand of 101 will have been saved. thus wrllinR n new page in the glamorous hLstorv of the far norm. The Soviet flyer Slepnov. who has played a heroic part In the (Dr. J. R. McDaniel Cleared in Killing CARUTHERSV1L.LE, Mo. Vl.i told trc United Press today Committees of the city council to hal the testimony before the sen Cutten Charged Future Act Violation WASHINGTON, Apr. 12 (UP)— Arthur W. Cutten, whose whisper hns ceen enough to sot the wheat pits boiling from Liverpool to Winnipeg, today was Ihe ccnler cf n new bntlle in lib lon^ time fight ogaiast government Interference In the grnln trade. The millionaire Chicago opara- lor wns under citation by Secretary of Ajricnlture Wallace to ap- 1'ear at n Chicago hearing May 14 and. answer to charges of violating the grain futures act., The right of the tmobstruslve CO-year-old trader to deal on Hie American grain exchanges is at stake in the hearing. Of much greater .'j";nlflcancc to grain circles, however, wns the fact that the government had challenged him directly on the issue for which he has so lou^ campaigned. Cutten was charged by Secretary Wnllnce with not filing report^ of short sales and making false re- rrsciics ' new toward Norn? and I ports to the Grain Futures Ad-• • ••••- "•—' ministration lo manipulate grain prices. . direct various activities for the next p year were nnincd Tuesday night by Mayor Cecil Shane. Committees named follow: fln- nnce. Ro=s Hughes and Harold Stcrnberg; streets and alleys, E. R. •At R Br&! Jackson and close 1196 : 1201 1213 1224 122Rb 1238b Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK. April 12, (UP) — A down or so preferred issues rose nc a r i n g" before"Justice C. _. _._,. two to seven points on the stock, Dr j R McDanlel of stee | C W3S r ., mfn - H and Harold Stern- exchnn ? e. loday wline the main rdensetl , Dr , McDsmId „„ amst . *£ Uimfo^ ^ "^f««, Marion Wllllimsi er. J. E. nmsford Sternberg; ordinance. ist turned Irregularly lower In llgnt ltalln?s. A. T. and T 120 1-2 Anaconda Copper 17 1-4 Belhlehem Sleel Spots closed steady at 1210. Mny •nrty open 48 7-8 it M high 49 M 1-2 low 47 49 3-4 close 47 1-4 50 1-8 New York Cotton NEW YORK. April 12 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. May July Oct Dec Jnn March open high low close 1199 1200 1191 1191 1210 1211 1202 1203 1222 1222 1213 1215 1233 1233 1224 1225 1233 1238 1232 1232 1247 1247 1241 1243 closed steady al 1210. ofT 5 ed sometime ago on relallves of Jesse Dildine, w - Jackson: purchasing. Tom W. J. E. The board of health as named Is General Electric General Motors Inlcrnallonal Harvester Montgomery Ward New York Central Packard Phillips Petroleum *' 'after he had been threatened nnd 2 1-8 ! " ta( : ltc ? by , D "'J! nC ; A V h VT composed of Dr. t. R. Johnson, city 41 1-4 ? nCT V n< !»«l following the shoot- , ,^ chairman, Marloi al-lKS- ^V^ C ^ nlC i,^.r^±i W,,l,ams°Rc.s Hughes, Dr. C. C and ate's special airmail commitee proves beyond any question" that ndependent air lines organized a 'society" tnsl year lo seek caiicel- allon of domestic airmail contracts. "The testimony shows." he salrt. tbol cancellation wfls the sole objective of OTOC Inder-endents whi had no contract's and that post- office dcimltnent official were pressed to inkc some ncllon lo give them ccntracis." Fairbanks, Alaska, wllli Olto cbmldt. lender of the Chellusltln xuntltloii. It WOP planned to put Irlimldt In the hospital nt Fnlr- anks. He wns ill with fever and t wns fenred pneumonia might :cve!op. Marine Officer Lost in Plane Crash at Sea hearing. 36 l-< ft 5-R 20 1-2 Orpmlst 38 Years Ijck of Crime Caused Recess BUFFALO. N. V. (UP)— For the first time in 40 years, ?.n Rrip coun- , . POnTSMOUTH. N. II. (UPl— ly grand Jury had lo recess because Radio Corp ............. 8 1-8 Miss Mar}' Emily Brewster Miller, of the lack of criminal cases T'le Simmons Beds St. Louis-San Francisco Standard of N. J ....... Tcxns Co .............. U. B. Steel ............. 21 1-4 93. was organist In the churches day the April grand Jury wa3 sworn 4 1-8 of the city for more than 38 years, in a week's recess was ordered when 40 She also is a portrait pslnlcr nnd District Attorney Walter Newcomb 27 U has three religious paintings hang- dlsclased thnl only Ihree cases were 52 1-8 ing In the Christ Church here. | on the calendar. WASHINGTON, Apr. 12 (UP) — First Lt. D.ivld L. Cloud, marine corps, wns rejx>rted missing by 111 navy department today when hi plane crashed Into a target belli towed at sea off Virginia Bead: Vn. Sampling 3,072 Kinds oi Wine Strenuous Job PARIS (UP)—Eliht hours n day ompllng over 3.072 different kinds o! •sine is a strenuous occupation, •ven for a Frenchman, according to those who have tried it at the Agricultural Fair here at Ihe Ports Plane Crashes Through Roof, Bursts in Flames ST. PAUU Apr. 12 (UP)—An nlrplane crashed Into the roof cf n cafe In th? residential section of the city and burst into flames this afternoon, according to a police report. Police squad cars were rushed to the -scene. de Versailles. There nre 100 more wines on FLORENCE, Ore. (UP) — First rhododendron blooms In the coast range mountains were reported display at the Fair this year than last year. The Olronda Department, better known ss the Bordeaux reslon. is reoresenlcd most widely. There are 43a samples of Bordeaux. Lolr-et-Cher comes second with 337, and the Cote-d'Or. ol Burgundy, third wilh 278. The dealers' lask Is nothing compared with that of the jury Man, R6, Oldest Active Cowboy SYDNEY, Mont. (UP)—William Hanger, 80, has been acclaimed as Montana's oldest cowboy. His friends doubt If there Is any other active cowboy as oM as Hauger In the nation. WEATHER ARKANSAS — Fair tonight and Frldny. Warmer Friday. Memphis and Vicinity—Fair tonight, probably frost. Friday fair. The maximum tjmporalure here which rr.ust select the best of each yesterdsy w«a 13, minimum 56. p*rt- ranKe inuumoma nv»e 1VIAJHCIA !*ini.u U.UOK ^t.vtv n._ ~*~* ~- -.. — -,.- ,. - o M ™,,li B this year March 23. Normally the variety for the annual award of ly ctoudy "cording to Samuel P. blooms first appear about Mty 15. medals. I Morris, official wnther oo*nrer,

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