The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 7, 1944 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 7, 1944
Page 7
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^PAGE.EIGHT DLYTH iFire Victims Ate Identified • i f i ,- Shipyard Foreman And •:TFamily Perished in Flaming' Automobile EVILL E COUHIBK NEWS fskimo«lgoos Now Boast Electric Wiring Jfa r ft m f j ne ' ' BATON ROUGE, La, Dec 7 (UP) —Capt. L O. Hood of thc state police said last night that five of six persons burned to death early yesterday. In "'an au^mobtle near Sorreiito had been' identified. They weie. Mr. and Mrs H J Ijilonde aiid.lhcir children, Lcroy, 7, andfBetty.Lou, 5, all from Opc- lousas, and a Negro truck diher froni Sunset. The truck, drlvcrC Was listed as Araiand Miller. Hood said that Lalondb had been a foreman at Delta Ship} ards., in New. Or.leapis .and had obtained a leave to drive* his wife to Opclousas for an operation, and, that he had purchased the' cflr Tuesday night It had been, believed that the car belonged to a Columbus, Ohio, [ resident. Sheriff Lester Gonzalcs of Asccn-' _ sion parish,'who'Investigated the) . disastci, said that tv>o of the vie- | Network of Air Transport Command liases extends into far reaches of thc Arctic. Cryslul Two on mosl remote and desolate. HITC Americans brought cIvUlrLiinn t it Hudson's Bay factors and uos both managed to get, „.„,.,) all right without alarm clocks, for had run out' of j>ns near Sonento, in thelr,lruck, and had relumed to Lutcher tor fuel. Gonzales , said the nian, woman aiuV;'tw(> children were In n cafe when the Negroes bought ens. A five gallon can found in the wrecked automobile was' the -same as filled aOLulcher for the Negroes He added that the only explanation IIP. could offer was that the can of gasoline had become ignited by a clgaret and exploded inside' the car. There was no evidence of a wreck and no skid .marks on. the •highway. The car was found burning on the airline highway Real Courier Newa Wint Adi.i ,. Award of the War Food Administration's "A" to a food nrocesbing plant entitles the workers in the plant to wear this nin, of which fr6nt and back views ate' shown. The "A" is given to seasonal food processing plants v>ilh outstanding production records. A green flag, bearing the design at left, is presented to the honored pi mt as a recognition 'of-.achicvcment. f!y J'ETKK ,.... NKA Staff Correspondent CRYSTAL TWO, Problsher Bay, Baffin Island. — A Ihoiisuml miles north of Goose Bay Labrador, and almost 2000 miles north of New York City is one of the most lonely and colorful of nil the far north bases of thc Army's Air Transport Command. Bhile West Eight and Bhjie East Two on Greenland arc a little farther north, but they arc thriving metropoll In thc centers of civilization when compared with the remoteness' of Crystal Two on Bntlln Island. -For all that, Crystal Two has an airport and is.n hub for an aerial supply line that distributes food and equipment to a chain of weather observation |»sts In n 300-mile radius, Supplies 'go Into Crystal Two by ship In summer and by plane all the year nrouml for warehousing and redistribution to still lonelier outposts. Crystal Two itself'started out as n weather observation station on Pugh Island. itv..Frobisher Sound hack, in [he'summer of 1042. Hut 'Pugh Island'was .so nigged that an airtoise couldn't, be built there, nil supplies having to be brought In by boat.'So late (hat summer, before the waters froze In, It was decided, !o move. Col. Elliot Roosevelt martc a few survey flights trying to find n better location but it, wns a Navy guide who finally picked the site on which the construc- tion men moved In to build thc new Crystal Two where It is today. MnJ. Angus Sandell, of El Paso, Tex., who served as commanding officer from February 1941 until a few weeks ago when he was ro-as- slgnctl as executive officer at Goose Bay is quite ; an'ahomoly in the far north. Boin in Texas, he spent his entire civilian life in. the southwest—California, New Mexico, then back to Texas. He was a CCO official working out of El Paso when, In 1033, he got a reserve commission In the Army, as an Infantry officer. Called to active duly, he went into thc Air Corps. Imagine his surprise to find himself commander of an air base, weather station .and supply base two spits and n holler below the Arctic circle, try- Ing to spenk Eskimo with a Texas ™K| i , i ' , , This business of dropping supplies to the Bather stations keeps the aerial freight line busy. Army crews have become pretty accurate ' tlon buildings so that ground crews cton;f. ; have.-to;pack It too far over and'Show; Major Sandell tells about one supply mission flight on which, a 40 pound cut of meat, frozen solid In the far north, temperature.'!, was dropped right on the roof of thc mess • shack. , it :went through ,the roof like a bag ; of ce- AMERIOAN INFLUENCE While the Hudson's Bay Compn- ny has been dealing "with'-the' Eskimos of the Bnifin,Island area and even further north on a n-;i- tually satisfactory arrangement lor many years, things are beginning to change under the American,Influence. Eskimos .used to trade furs for .tea and salt; and such truck each thinking the other.was -n sap and Ihe loser of the bargain. To preserve this happy relationship the Americans who needed o:little more labor arranged to'- .hire the Eskimos, paying the Hudson's Bay company in cash.for the work and then letting 'the company extend tea and salt credit to the workers. This .system is beginning to break down a little now as the natives Je-Mii the vnlue of the white man's civilization and thc refinements ".'-by... the'.cragy^Americans. TOYS FOR Make Your Selections Now— USE ,OUR LAYAWAY PLAN HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. "25 Years'Continuous Service" > Only, top quality products get the job of lubricating the motors and machinery on our fighting.Navy's ships. So we're proud to tell you that Sinclair lubricants are used on many Navy ships to assure smooth operation and save wear. K< < &•'•:.• To give your car the same, sure SAVE MAR WITH protection, get Sinclair lubricants from your Sinclair Dealer. To protect your engine, for example, he offers Sinclair Opaline Motor Oil. This famous oil stands up longer and lubricates better because it is both de-waxed and de-jellied. Use Sinclair Opaline to keep your car rolling. 1.1 ALLEN & , f ^\ ;<«*^r'v'- - 1 ; Eski- Instance, till the U. S, forces e'ame In, But one Eskimo .family now has -'-•• • -•- • • • - - ' , three alarm clocks In " Its igloo, sf.ti'iorii 'KGC-PS thc right time or the same lime and the Eskimos couldn't tell If they did; But they -just like to hear 'em ring. There was another Eskimo., hired as n guide for the Air Poke's Search and Rescue Service/ who had Ills .Igloo near Crystal '• Two barracks. When the 0. S, forces Ih- slnlled electric lights, needing : all the comforts of home even if they ivere in thc far north, the -Eskimo guide was so Intrigued that he asked to have an extension nm to his Igloo. When the favor was granted he Insisted on three drop cords with three lights for Ihe one round room. ' The soldiers don't have much to do with the-Eskimos because'they smell so. But they do trade .'em ivory carvings nii ( | toy sealskin kyaks, which they varnish to kill the smell before sending them home to mom or the best, girl. INFLATION BEGINS one pack, now is are chtilii smokers and Hudson's Bay trading posts hitve kept them pretty well supplied with 'lighters and fluid, though they're hard > to find in (lie states. .'-, Scenery up around-the Crystals tis something that would make evenra Hollywood producer Jealous. They're above the timber line. The vast expanses, which everyone who goes Into thc Arctic raves about, are mil there. But in addition, on Baffin Island there- nre thc tremendous mountains rising precipitously out of the sea, and the deep and tortuous fjords, crystal Three -veterans say it's even more spectacular than Greenland. The thermometer frequently hits th c minus 40's Yet planes fly In there all the time and there's even an Air Transport Command Hotel dc Gink for visit- Ing brass hats—inspectors, paymasters ^and. such. , ' . . • , If it nil..sounds loo uncivilized lor any* good,use except -.possibly- as a place of exile for Adolf Hitler you might be interested In knoiiine about capt. Willie KnuUcn, head of Search and Rescue; work" at Goose Bay. He got to exploring around Crystal Three last summer and discovered an old Eskimo bury- Ing ground. Collecting a lot of the Appetiling! fnergiiing! Iff P AT MEAI "Good-as their none New Theater Manila's Finest What have you done lortay l|, a i some mother's son should die for jou tomorrow? —BUY BONDS— in our lobby. No waiting. We are issuing agents. Last Time Today 'SAN FERNANDO VALLEY" wilh Kny Kogcrs Fox News & Short Friday "JUNGLE WOMAN" wilh 'clyn Ankers A .1. C'arrol \ ; ,i 5 l Scrlnl ,V Sliorl Visit Us In Our NEW BUILDING Located at 121 E. Main St. T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO: r!Arls * Sc "i« ri, one 2122 F E. After 16 Years Waldens Don't Worry, Their $50 Car Never Fails When Needed With (he price of used cars running almost as much as new ones, HID J. N. Waldens could make a real profit If they sold their automobile .but they have no desire to part with "thc family bus." 1'ayiug $50 for the Iflas mode) Chrysler eight years ago, thc car has been driven 120,000 miles and sllll runs good. Cost of operation Is low, getting 20 miles to the gallon of gas, there never has been a cent spent for repair labor as Mr. Wahlen Is his own mechanic ami thc Arkansas .state license costs only $5. Tljc car purrs merrily along on all four cylinders, ami its hydraulic brakes always hold, they K uid The car will pick up mid B o quickly and H .||| travel nt the rale as 65 miles per hour now, but they never drive over 40 miles per hour because they prefer that rate of While other people, impatiently awall production O f new models Mr. and Mrs. Wiildca aren't In. any hurry to buy a n ew car for they are confident theirs Is good for another 10 years. Mr. and Mrs. Watden purchased he car from .Miss Jessie Sriie after selling their Chevrolet for $30 eight years ago when used car prices were much lower than today. Club Women Back Plan For Governor's Mansion LITTLE ROCK, Dec. 7 (UP) — A group of 40 prominent Arkansas club women have endorsed n resolution adopted by the Arkansas Federation of Women's Clubs recommending ihe building or purchase of u governor's mansion. Tile club women are divided in (heir opinion as to whether the Chief Executive's home should he built or a residence purchased Two of the women suggested' that the home be built on the .site of the former Arkansas Blind School, And others mentioned-, residences already built. Use of the old slate capltol at Little Rock wn,<j also suggested. Mrs. Jack "Cafncs of Cmndcn Democratic,., National Committeewoman,, was'hostess at the lunch">" held at'Little Rock yesterday. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 7, 1944 Servicemen's Wives A Little More Consideration By RUTH iMIIXETT "Nothing's too good for the serviceman"—but anything | s .< good enough for his wife. At least that is the way many wives of men overseas feel—and with good reason For Instance, In n small mid- western railroad station the other clay a woman waited her turn in a long line at the ticket window Wlicn her turn finally came to be served lj y the man making reservations he (old her, "You'll have to get in another line, I'm going to close this window." -r Just as she turned to leave, however, the railroad employee beckoned to the man who had stood behind lier all the while and said, "What can I do for you, Lieuten- jiiil?* '-. ; The lieutenant, obviously embarrassed at taking a woman's place made his reservations and then stepped over l,o the woman who was landing patiently . at the end of another line and said, "I'm afraid I took your place." v She answered, "That's all right" —which was Hie correct answer to _thc .serviceman who was not at j fault. But then she made a mis- | take. She didn't walk up to the I man at the window and say, "Look here, mister, the only reason 1 am (standing in lj;i e making reservations on a train for myself and my children l.s because my husband Is- n t here to do It for me. lie's overseas." ClilVAI.KY OUTDATED ' Most persons agree that servicemen In this country deserve special consideration and even special pviv- ivory carvings and siftings from diggings in the area, he had them worked over by archaeologists'who said they probably dated back to 1,000 A. D. Five hundred years before Columbus discovered America, there was human life on Baffin Island. lQGGEti • Feel stuffy? .2 drops in "*cacti.nostril, help j-bu lirratho freer. iCaution.- UEoonlyagdirected. Get PEHETRO NOSE DROPS Hcgcs—when there is a reason for It. But is It right to coddle them at the expense of war wives who are taking care of details of )lvimj which their men would be doing for them if they weren't over-sens? And what is the effect going to be on the manners of a country— not even to mention the out-dated word chivalry—when it is considered all right to shove a woman out of a line to give her place to a man for no other reason than that hs is wearing a uniform? Servicemen themselves — as evidenced by the lieutenant's ernbar- rnssmcnU-probably don't want special service at that price. If for no other reason than that most r , havc wlvra somewhere i,I!! C i lsbcstos napkins used In an- by how - MARGARET'S BEAUTY SHOP 101 S. FIRST Phone 2532 Bring Us Your Beauty Problems MODERN EQIJIP MENT EXPERT BEAUTICIANS . SENTIMENTS, EXPRESSED WITH FLOWERS F> * JV ? errtc<> W» Deliver Anywher, Mn. J. M. (Stoc) WlllUm* owner Gtencw BUf. Waiters Hdw. Co.^ Inc. .;•' home of c<£. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINT DE LAVAL MILKERS and SEPARATORS GOULD'S ELECTRIC WATER PUMPS U.S. BELTING and PACKING CANDLEWICK CRYSTALWARE COMPLETE LINES 9F HARDWARE Phone 515, Blytheville, Ark. Housewives! Storekeepers! WASTE PAPER URGENTLY NEEDED Clip this and paste it in your window! i U.S. Victory WASTE PAPER Campaign Farm Bureau Officers Will Be Installed Officers of the Mississippi county Farm Bureau will be Installed nt tiie next meeting early in j all . uary, It has been announced by the retiring president, Grover Snydcr of Manila. New officers will be: John E Craln of Wilson, president; H c Knnppenbcrger of Blythevllle, sce- vetary and treasurer; Eddie Hasan, of Huffman, Leroy Carter of Leachville niul P. N. Brbt of Frenchman's Bayou, vice president^ RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEEK-DAT NIGHTS Box Office Opens 7:15-Show Starts at 7:30. . 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Last Time Today Double Feature "BLONDIE FOR VICTORY" with the Btimstcails and 'NO PLACE FOR A LADY* with 7 Mar e ;tr ' :1 Uiulscy & William Gargan Friday and Saturday 'PARDON MY GUN" with : Charles Slarrctt and "LUCKY LEGS" '•*• with ' Jinx Falkcnbcrg Preview & First Chapter of "The BATMAX" • ',', ...'Comedy , .

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