The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 12, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 12, 1931
Page 6
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SIX m.y'niKviu.r..;. ,..\I;K.) COI.TJKK NKWS Arkansas Hopes for Sixth I Consecutive Title With New Combination., j FAYETTEV1LLK. Ark.. Jan. 12.-I After perfecting Iccis cojs for mor.'! than a month of exueriir-Ent'il' barnstormiiiB. Head C;.ici Clm-::r' "Chuck" Basset! nc'.v ha^ a wp:i- olled University of Arkansas ci^: machine that has settled down ic the humdrum of atleinmlnsi r grind out a sixth successive Southwest Conference title. Despjte the fact that tv;o of his brightest bolts. Wear Sc'noonowr, all-American' forward, and Hv> Prcwitl. all-Conference Kiiard. we: missing when lie slarlcd 1C iiwm- ble Ills championship machine :ir. season, liasselt said nothing. H 1 .:' his mechanical brain was tusv. He knew he had I'iree vr,-r:i';j to start wlih in Canlaln Jhn !'!;•!.•- ren at forward. Kemiv Holl al ccr.- .ter. and Milan CreiRhton al ^iu-d. His (rrealesl worry to pet a KM- | chine that would "click" would be [ to find two brlnht bolls fran lh: sophomore ranks thai would hold I the machine to^ct^cr. ' So in the fresh hcao of basket- I ball material he nimnnced. Tot J more than a month he tried Ihi" j piece and that piece. Fin.illy It-?' found two ideal CMS that we;v | needed to perfect his niitchlnr. Thev are: James "Etoc" Sexton, puard, and Tom Murnhv. a fcrmor running mate to Captain PIckrcn b-'ck In high school, at Hie offensive ' post. "All are six-footers. True. lhc-y nre not the bier-boned type of pas', i Rozorback teams but tliev are run- I ninf just as Eincothly now as am- j Arkansas caste machine ever dH." i Chuck Bnsselt said. And th? mm 1 who is Kreasinj! (Ms human nn- chine should know. The Porkers not off In a lid siart by -dividing a pair with U. o r Texas last veck. STOCKTON, Cal. lUi'l—It ficult for (lie friend!; and ns ates of O. A. Tiissinio. founder and past president of the Stork'.™ Gardeners' Society, to rr-allzs Hint lie Is a Knight. This honor was recently bestowed ujon lilm by the S'- -> Westphalia. Germany, it is „ mm- cllllllre Ing lathe ab™t 32 feet long, and' : its heavy work requires ico horse- j Indian Disorders Break ! power for the running. i . " I .: rorth Again at Bombay i „_ . . BOMBAY. Tnrila, Jnn. 12 (UP)—i Serious disorders broke out again t-dnv tor the first lime in recent weeks of the civil disobedience ' movement. Police clashed rcpcat- lertly with Independence volunteers ; arid members ol the congress who ; nitemiitcd to enforce strikes In pro'< ffKl n^alnst r?xrculion of four men i charged with the murder of u pol- | iccmnn nt Sholanur. I Abant 15Q persons wore- Injured, I nt least 25 seriously. .;. ..:•• tars to Battle Cooler "5 .ALL STARS—24 CL. FACE ... .; ,. The niytlttvllle All-Stars will j pluy their second game ot Ihc bas- ki-tl/jll rcascn tonlElil at Die Arin, cjry with the fast independent team of Ccot<-r, Mo as heir opponents. Tlie filylheville team lost its lirsi start to Holland last week but the !oc:)l team comiipsc'd cf a number ; of individual .stars hopes to shbrc ij-it:-i- t ?nm work tonight. Coach Charles Kramer of the BlylhcvjlleJ ! team has a number of stars lined ' i up for tonight's contest Including j i Coach Henry Hudson of the Bly- | i thevllle Chickasuws, who performs; 1 al the center po'st and Kcnnine-1 ham, flashy forward. ( 'y ! 'i'he Cooler Independent team | has already won a • nuinlicr'" ol games this season and comes here with a Hood reputation.. inside Slufi>-A ilaskelball llisi. 8 Ttihen Wishing Want CLASSIFIED Will/ There have been some doubts expressed about ttie weight oi I3er(. Met/ger, the liny guard w'hose poundage was offlciully listed on the programs during the football season at 155 ... Pop Wurner said the young man looked like he might weigh around 158 ... Others refcrr- tr> him ns "that ISO-pDund guard who really weighs 105.". ... A showdown was held before the All-star game in Los Angeles recently . . . Mctzger jumped on the scales publicly, and tipped the beam at U9',t. . . . Hrute Jonas, the great Utah center, ate live pounds of food at a recent banquet for the snuad . . . Fifty-three players nte 53 pounds' of turkey, plus 40 pounds of pork. 1mm and sausage . . . averaging tfio pounds of meat per man . . . nnd of course there, were the trimmings. ' ;- WAR ON JAPANESE BEARS OSAKA. (UP)—Bears have be- jcome so great a post In th= Nam:- .toko and Megnro mountains on (lie I island of Shikoku t.'iat the Korcs- jtry Office at Uwajlma has offered 'a bounty of 50 yen for each of the I Cardwel! in Double Victory Over Holcomb CAHDWELI,. Mo.—The Cirdvvel! High school Rlrls and bays basket- bill teams me! and defeated Holcomb Hlnh sulioal teams Friday evcniiif,. 'I'he games were played at Cardwell Hiah school gym. The Cardwelt liirbs icre not In thslr bost form, and d|d not play up to their usual standard. The game was slow, and there were, frequent calls for time, usually on the part ' of Holcomb. in which time they would RO into a huddle to talk things over. At lost the name ended with the score being Cardwell '29. Holcomb 13. The boys game was somewhat faster, .but only at times did It show much slsns of bein^ a j last game. The score was Cardwell 25. Holcomb 13. Lineups were: Girls PCS. Holcomb F. Blaiue F. Barnes F. Dye C. Luther C. Moore C. Porterflefitd G. Bess G. Richardson G. Galloway G. White l$ovs Cardwell Gorham Higtss Iliuc.selc.v lilakcney Hicklln Arnold Norlli Collins Ollrnore Uishop Tyler's Home (o B cKetsorcd W1LLIAM3BURO, Vn. (UP) — Restoration of Bissett Hal], historical landmark here, will be undertaken -soon by the Rockefeller animals killed. Bears have damns- ] int * res!s wlllc hare restoring wiled more than 4000 cvim>« tri"* ?n 'Uamsburg.' the colonial capital ot A Breeze From the Bay The first rosier from the \>i* leagues luis just arrived. It is :i plain-looking folder, merely n slice; typed with information concsrnliv; ' the personnel of the Boston Re:! Sox .Fenway Park. 24 Jersey street, .Boston, Miss. The last shall b? | first- The roster says that John F. i Collins Is manager and R. E. HuU- 'wltt Is coach. Further It announces that the Boston Reel Sox will train '• at Pensacola, Fin., from Feb 20 to ; March 24. It Is prosaic in appearance, contrasted with the gaudily-cnlore.l rosters most of the major league clubs use, but It Is a breath of spring off the bay at ftnsacota jnst the same. • « * Brusbinf Up Geography Members of the Boston Red Sox come from all sorts of unsuspected places. Milton Gaston U from Teaneck. N. J. Jack Russell is Jrojii Paris. Tcs. Inflelder Marvin oTs6n 13 from Gayvllle, S. D. Outfielder J. Clifford McSwaln is from Uval- arl Webb is from Pleas- Whltson F. Raspberry Kllllan F. Thompson Hay F. Anderson North C. Moore Stewart G. Vines O. Mize G. Jarrelt B. Mize G.- Horner lardin G. Officials: Floyd Pierce, referee; D. C. Herrin. litnekeeper; L. T. lull, scorer. Wednesday evening the "Puzzlers." Independent team of Card- | well, was defeated by the independent team of ^foncttc. The' ;gamc j was played at Monettc. The 'score was Piii"!f rs 19, Monette '3'J. PiiZiler player were Hull g. Kinsey g, Kerren g. born f. Cnurlei News \vnnT ntl.c BRUSHING UP SPORTS to have been built by Judge liur- wcll Basssy. Jr., nephew of Martha Washington. By Limfer AW AY. ., WHEH HE SMEARED TUB lalANT — HERRPLWXCKE iM We SECOND ROUND THE wc> SU05 IACE, TriE IM HME'ir..... ME»I TO CARRH fa from Dublin, Va. A railway mail clerk certainly has to kno\y his business. The oldest man on the roster Is a newcomer. Muddy Ruel. the catcher, recently obtained from Washington. Rucl. says the roster. Is 34. Another familiar face will be back In the big leagues this year with Boston, Wilcey Moore, who won 22 and lost 10 for St. Paul last season. Moore is 33. The Red Sox last year, while a good fielding club, demonstrated marked aversion to batting. The average was .264 with only two .300 hitters on the team, Earl Webb, whose mark was .323 and Bill Sweeney, who hit. 309. Tom Oliver came close, with .203. The impressive batting mark of .367 was registered last year b,' Eugene Rye, new member' of the Red Sox, but that was nt Waco. John Lucas, another new outfielder, hit .347 last year, but that was at McCook. Neb. Inflelder A. U Marquardt lilt .324 last year, at Nashville. Al Van Camp hit .341 at Des Molnes. and John Wliuclt hi; 300 at Mobile. It's No Puzzle ff these recruits come through with soir.e of the punch that Baston needs, things may be tellrr for Bob Qninn's team nexl season As It Is boston has only one bailer amonc the first 40 in the ieasue Earl Webb. Tho problem that "Shono" Col- Ins faces In his first year as manager of Use Red SDX Is not a mys- y. "Shono" has to find a couple of people with abusive designs toward the old apple. Unless he does t will be just too bad again for he Red Sox. Cm-lous to know what transpires inside a huddle of basketball players, a photograph:!- strap"":! Ills camera to the back of an am iind dispatched that industrious little individual into their m:d>t. The result is pictured above. This is the West Aliis (Wis.) high .school quintet receiving n t.vo- fmgered signal, which means "yen lip the ball to mu and I'll shoot," or some other such strategic inov?. Cupid Wins This Game Tl:e first baseball league formed in N'cw York in 1857. Wilson c, Mickey f, Ses RITZ THEATRE Last Time Today JUST FOLKSl They might ho the people hexi door! Orlliose just aro laid the corner! It's ihe life, the love, Hie troubles of people like, you — or yon! DFATH HATE STILL BLANK ATLANTIC, la., (UP) — In a cemetery hero is a handsome' gran- lie shaft under which John Klern»n requested he should be burled. Twenty years ago he erected the tribute to htmsdf, leaving a space lynUc . R 0ce nt news dispatches indicate thai Ihc former Mfcr>'»an death ^aiVa'cVit^rUn *"-Wri* football star and Miss Immerman will ,-ed ,his spring, filled, lor Kicrnaii went, away on; Fried 'ron captained the Now York Giants professional elev;n '.his past senson. The couple met last summer Those bullet-like forward passes Benny Friedman threw professionally tWs past football season . appjar to have registered a touchdown In the heart of Miss Shirley Iir>.nermaii. pretty Brook- a trip to Florida Euid never returned Read Carrier News Want Ad* Japan has 16 floating canneries for handling crab meat. The average person needs aboul 2600 gallons of clean air daily. BASKETBALL Cooter, Mo. Independents vs. Admission lf> and 25c BIytheville All-Stars ARMORY Tonigrit at 7:30 I'relimirmry Game— li. H. S. Girls Teams Ladies Free HOME THJ-ATKI- Last Time Today The daringly different drama for which X: w Y'/rkcrs stood in line to pay §2 a seat! En?htcen ni3n recently moved an ei?ht-stt>T>' building welglilnit 22000.000 jwunds n distance of 50 feet .n one direction In Indianapolis. Vrorkers in the blinding were not! interruptod while the n-.ovinz w-as done. • One of the U. S. warships the 13iS-ton E'sex. has been In service since 1816 Fashi-iwd of straw, a larjc c'.cck cons;n;c;ed by n German! is said to keep accurate lime. The maker devoted his spare time ovrr n period of 15 years to the task Kentucky Small Kentucky Lunip Mont aval lo Gen nine BIytheville r\lso Short Subjects. Alatine:—2 and -1 O'clock Night—2 Complete Shows. Admission—10 and 25c. With' Louise Dvc.-srr ami Sharon Lynn Also Short Subjects. Matinee—2 and •! O'clock Night—2 Compete Show.;. Admission—15 and '!0c. Tuesday, Wednesday a n <l Thursday, "HELL'S ANGKI/ — Coming— Coming — Tuesday, \Vednes-! "WHOOPEE", with EcV.i clay & Thursday—"WHAT A Cantor WIDOW", with Gloria Swan- 'TAJD" with Joan Crr.v. son - I ford. A;VW:*.-^ '&?*- •-•»-; r

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