St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri on March 7, 2006 · Page E005
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St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri · Page E005

St. Louis, Missouri
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 7, 2006
Page E005
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E05PD1EV03073STAR5EE05PD1EV0307ZALLCALL0412:17:5603/06/06B M1ST.LOUISPOST-DISPATCHTUESDAYMARCH7,2006STLTODAY.COM E5 Everyday LOW-KEYED LIFESTYLE SWF, 67, 5’2”, blonde/blue, N/S, nurse, bookworm, enjoys cooking, strolling in and around the park. Seeking WM, 60-65, spiritual, not into partying. ☎ 751830 B BLUE-EYED LADY Retired SWF,auburn hair, 5’5”, H/W- proportionate, college graduate, seeks SWM, 70-76, N/S, H/W-proportionate, who enjoys theater, movies, travel, dining out. ☎ 446954 STAGE FRIGHT SWPF,55, 5’3”, 150lbs, medium build, long blonde/green, attractive, N/S, loves hiking, biking, camping, swimming, mu- s ic, movies, the arts, and dogs.Seeking SWM, 50-68, N/S, for friendship, possible romance. ☎ 895948 ARE YOU COLD? 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Recentlyintheaters HarryPotterandtheGobletof Fire |B(PG-13;2:37):While competinginathree-waywiz- ardrycompetition,HarryPotter (theblandlylikeableDaniel Radcliffe)confrontsthedual challengesofpubertyandan eviloverlordwhowantshim dead.Theeffectsarereliably spectacular,butwithoutanele- mentofsurprise,theHarryPot- termovieshavebecomeexpen- siveparlortricksinsteadoftru- lymagicalfeats.(JoeWilliams) Howl’sMovingCastle |C(PG; 1:59):Inthelatestanimated fairytalefromHayaoMiyazaki (“SpiritedAway”),ashyshop- girlcrossespathswithamoody boywizardandisturnedintoa decrepitoldlady.Notwith- standingsomelovelyimagery, thislooseadaptationofabe- lovedbookisincomprehensible pabulum.(JW) Jarhead| B+(R;2:03):JakeGyl- lenhaalisgreatasaskeptical MarineandJamieFoxxisrock- solidashissergeantinanadap- tationofAnthonySwofford’s best-sellingDesertStormmem- oir.Toughandintelligent,ten- derandprofane,thelatestfrom SamMendes(“AmericanBeau- ty”)iscaughtinthecrossfire betweenwar-movietraditions andtheparticularweirdnessof adesertcampaign.(JW) JustFriends |C+(PG-13:1:36):A slimmed-down,smarmyrecord executive(RyanReynolds)tries toreconnectwithhishigh schoolcrush(AmySmart) whiledodgingtheworld’s dumbestandclingiestpopstar (AnnaFaris).Itcouldhavebeen aguilty-pleasureclassiclike “There’sSomethingAbout Mary,”butbecauseitdoesn’t haveeithertheheartorthehe- donism, “JustFriends” isjust fair.(JW) Prime| A-(R;1:40):UmaThur- man,MerylStreepandBryan Greenbergareterrificinthis exuberantcomedyfromwriter- directorBenYounger(Boiler Room).Thurmanishilariousas aromance-shydivorcée,and Greenbergisimpressiveasher considerablyyoungerboy- friend.ButStreep,asadiscom- bobulatedtherapist,stealsthe film.(CalvinWilson) March14 “GoodNight,andGoodLuck.” “AHistoryofViolence” “SleeperCell” “ThePrizeWinnerofDefiance,Ohio” March21 “Capote” “ChickenLittle” “TheSquidandtheWhale” SUDOKU SOLUTIONONE7 SILLA FROME1 Theydon’tcomemuchbiggerthanCousinItt store,andyou’llseemovie starsandretiredactorswalking downthestreet.They’reallover theplace.It’ssaturated.” Bycontrast,theMidwesthasn’t exactlyhadaproblemwithstar saturation. ButSillahadn’tgivenourarea anythoughtuntilaboutsix monthsago.That’swhenhewas contactedbyDougKincaid,alo- calpuppeteer,costumerandprop designerwhohaslongbeenfasci- natedwiththe“AddamsFamily” —anditslook.Kincaidhadcome acrossSillaonhisWebsite (,andSilla obligedarequestforasigned photo.Thepairthenbeganane- mailexchange.So,itwasKincaid whowelcomedandhostedSilla onhisvisit. “HangingoutwithFelixhas causedalotofmychildhood memoriestocomefloodingback,” saysKincaid,44,whosecompany willserveascreativedesignerfor theproposedconvention. AndherethetwowereinSt. Charles,takingabreakfromloca- tionscoutingtoloungeaboutin theconfinesofaprivateclubthat Kincaidnotonlyhelpedfound, butexpertlydecorated.Bynoco- incidence,theplacehasareal “AddamsFamily”feel:darkand gothicandslightlyaskew,with suitsofarmorandoldportraits thatappeartohavebeenherefor centuries. Kincaid,however,createdthe décorfromscratch.It’sanimpres- sive,theatricalspaceandworks perfectlyasaSillabackdrop— eveniftheactorsportsaWestern shirtratherthanahairsuit. That’sbecauseSilla’slifeitself couldbesomethingfromamovie orTVscript.BorninanItalian village,hecametothiscountryat 16withnoEnglishskills.Hesoon hookedupwiththeRinglingBros. circus,workingfirstintheside- show,thengraduatingtoclown- ingandbarebackriding. “Itwasgood,”heremembers. “Ittaughtmehowtodoalotof thingsthatIcoulduseinmylife.” In1963,hedecidedtoputdown stakesinLosAngelesandlookfor filmandTVwork.Hisfirstgig: stuntactingin“ATicklishAffair.” Otherjobsfollowed,andthen camethesteadypaycheckon “TheAddamsFamily.” “Itwasreallylikeafamily,”he says,addingthatJohnAstinwas perhapshisfavoriteactortowork withovertheyears.“Backin thosedays,everybodyonaset justgotalong.” Sillawouldspendhiscareer hoppingbackandforthfrombig screentosmall.Hewasayoung simianin“PlanetoftheApes” andaman-eatingplanton“The JonathanWintersShow.”One jobmighthavehimplayinga trolloragoblin(hedidbothon “Bewitched”),whileanother mighthavehimperformingdan- gerousstuntsforStevenSpiel- berg. “On‘TempleofDoom,’Ial- mostgotkilled;Ialmost drowned,”Sillasaysofbeing sweptawaybyrapidwater, clingingtoaraft,franticallypull- ingthecordofadefectivelife jacket—andbarelyescaping withhislife.Hebreaksintoa smile. “Spielbergfoundout,”Silla said.“Andhesaid,‘Don’tlethim gointothewateranymore.We needhimtofinishthisfilm.’” Askedtonamehisfavorite projects,Sillacitesseveral,in- cludinganepisodeof“Bonanza” titled“HossandtheLepre- chauns.” “Theystillshowthatevery yeararoundSt.Patrick’sDay,”he says. Healsomentionshisroleas thediabolicalLitvakin“The BlackBird,”a1975comedyre- makeof“TheMalteseFalcon.” Andthenthere’sthehauntingly creepy“Don’tBeAfraidofthe Dark”(1973),inwhichSillaplays oneofthecreaturesthatterror- izeacoupleintheirnewhome. Hethennamesanotherfavor- iteproject:theonethatgotaway. “Iwasonthe‘Templeof Doom’setinLondononemorn- ingwithSpielberg,”Sillarecalls. “Weweretalking,andhesaysto me:‘YouknowFelix,ifyouwere thismuchshorter—Sillaholds histhumbandindexfinger barelyapart—Icouldhaveused youasE.T.’” Sillaletsgowithabigsmile, hisattitudemuchmoreattuned toamusementthanbitterness. Thenagain,itprobably wouldn’tmakesenseforSillato gettooupset.Brandodidn’tget thatrole,either.Andthesame goesforOlivierandFonda.|314-340-8399

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