The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 1, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 1, 1936
Page 5
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, JULY i, 1D3G UiA"ll!KVll:LR; (AKK.V COUlllKU N1WS Tlic BJyllicvillc Armory ESS HEBE Loyal Service Rendered Since First ladies Aid' Was Established The efforts of women have probably meant more to the existence of niythcvillc's churches than any oilier one factor since the first place of worship was established here. First as individuals, then us members of church groups they have unselfishly fostered the cause of religion in this community for more than - 40 years, (heir work coordinating with that of ihe pastors and other church organizations. The oldest church woman's organization in Blythcville is that cf the First, Methodist church. A small group of women organized 'The Ladies Aid" in 1893, shortly niter a church building was creel- ed on. Lake St., where the Sud- hury school now stands. In 1911 Hie Woman's Missionary Society was organized by Mrs. A E HoU l"svay, wife of the pastor at that lipeter, Mrs. O. CJ. 'Ganske, Mrs. L. E. Howard, Mrs. Louis Humphrey, Mrs. W. C. Watson, Mrs. W. F Brewer. Mrs. W. I. Denton, Mrs. Wylic. * ' K ' S ' Jr ° S L ' The organization, which now has a membership of 130, has pledged $5CO on tthe church -debt and is centering jl s activities on thiu project this year in addition lo the regular missionary program. Officers Ihis year are: Mrs. Rilcy I>. Jones, president; Mrs. B. A. Lynch, vice president, Mrs. J. W. Parker, recording secretary; Mrs. W. D. McChu-kin, corresponding fccrclary; Mrs. w. A. SUckmon, local treasurer; Mrs. J. w. Ad- Kins jr.. conference treasurer- Mrs. Elton W. Kh-by. assistant conference treasurer; Mrs. C. G. Smith, superintendent of mission study; Mrs. Harry Kirby, superintendent of World Outlook; Mrs. Charles L. Wylie, superintendent of Christian social relations; Mrs. U. J. Browne, superintendent of supplies; Mrs. A. O. Hudson, sup- x''rintendent ol children's work; . ?Mrs. Don Sammons, superintend- *6j. ent of primary specials; Mrs. Har' IT W. Hainan, reporter; Mrs, T. J. ' ' Crowdcr, assistant; Mrs. W F HrewDr, Mrs. w. ' L. Hprncr, Mrs. M. G. Goodwill and '••Mrs. J. D. Barksdalc. circle chairmen. >\ . rlia n'i5t Women Organize j ; roin the dozcivf'Vcmen v-wh'o organized .the "Baptist Ladies Aid Society" in the fall^of 1803, the Woman's Missionaiy~~~TJni<m of tiie First Baptist church has grown to the present enrollment of 214, including it.s auxiliaries. The aims' of (his group have been since its beginning, prayer, Bible study, mission study, gifts, personal service and missionary education of .young, people. Officers this year are: Mrs. Leslie Moore, president; Mrs. Theodore. Logan, first vice president; MK. - Lloyd SUckmon, second vice president, Mrs. Kendall Berry, third vice president Mrs. Ivy w. Crawford, recording secretary; Mrs. Murray Smart, corresponding secretary;" Mrs. U. W. Mullins, treasurer. .Long before there was a Presbyterian church in Blythcv.ille -five women of this faith started (he movement by forming a "Ladies Aid." It was in 1904 that the group was formed with Mrs. T. J. Mahan, president; Mrs. Lucy Hyde, vice president, Mrs. Dick Webb, secretary and treasurer. Mrs. S. E. Vail and Mrs. Kate Hale'were the other members. A reorganization was perfected In 1008 when The home.of Company 'M , 153rd infantry, which has GO msmba-s. This company, organized in 1902, in now „ machine ijiin unit. II recently completed record firing in which ici) per crnt nualiftaulon was made. Wendell M. Phillips is captain, Ardon u. crcwdcr la lirsi' lieutenant, and Guy T. McHonry. second lioi-taianl. The armory i:; also used for boxing and wrestling matches, basketball games, dances and other eiilerlaininenls. the nnme of "Willing Workers" was chosen. A few more Presbyterians had moved to town ami M> the enrollment Increased. The lirst officers ol the new orsanlaUlon were: Mrs. C. J. Crane, president; Mrs. J. P. Smith, vice, president, Mrs. Hobert E. Lee King, secre- porler. lary; Mrs. Vail, treasurer.. Mrs. H. S. Motl served as president from i of 1C11 until 1910, during which a time the present auxiliary system izutions. Officers labl uu \->rc Mix Joe II. Kudu on-ideal Mrs. Paul Orccnii.ll c"ielirj Lloyd V. wise Is pit K'cnt Mi Fred rt. Child, stu.liij and •i-casurcv; Mrs. John V. Lcntl, ic- Shortly, nfle ine n i-i Kpiscopil chmlh •msd. Mi, ASJV and tlr . Clark historian. ' The auxiliary has the dislinc- tion of having had a Presbylerial president, Mrs. Gray, and two Presbyter ial secretaries, Mrs. J Weal Gesell and Mrs. Roy Wat-' ^n. Its w^ork of missions home and abroad, has been emphasized in such activities as having a mission in west Blytiicville Ic'- many years and being the first to sponsor Daily Vacation Bible first Mis Uikc v, Inch was crjjanlnccl . lale in loij n th seven members. Tin. mi mlier hip l,<as grown to <l(j with Mrs W L Green. Ihc . present If ijoi New Groups Organized ™" Church women who hove fonu- cd organizations within ' the pns; six years have accomplished •much. An new churches lisvc fecn forni- ed, (he women have;.at oncu (aken ui' their work of service. One yea:after, .the local Pilgrim Lutheran 'in church came into, existence , 1S2<) tiie Pile rim Guild was forai- school in the city. Aid Older Than Church Two years before the First jed witl1 sil < charter ''members."Mrs Christian church .was built, the '''• G - licichel is president' Mrs Ladles Aid of this congregation "---••-- • ' H. J. Klclndienst, vice presitlcnt; Mrs. L. D, Morrisett, secretary and treasurer. goal of obtaining a Jewish Synagogue for Blytl was formed hi Ihe sprlne of 1905. Money from chicken dinners and quillings went into the treasury which helped the preacher's salary, the. parsonage roof, and simi , ihc Jcv;ish £ ;ullts A y (| --"form- ar causes. Among these pioneer ed in September, 1D22 vltli thc-e Mrf T n V'M 'r " CrC "" chnrler ""****: '*'* Anna Mrs. I. O. Westbrook and Mrs " J..W. Bader. .Hie Missionary Society was organized . : in .1820 with Mrs. George; W. Barham as president. She was later made honorary president. Mrs. J. C. Ellis is the newly elected president of thus group which is now a part of the Council, organized two years ago when all societies and working groups of the church were merged into this organized Scores-of Crippled Children Assisted on Road lo Hcalili BBlMHf.. if •*"»/»' .^ir.'Ji'f {:- 3Fr &$* xffimi'W SiliS IAM1-, 11 (I.MIK UilUusinlii tluK, <ilnmis Solely for (;ri|)ji!«: Children, wliirh hi, hclpid lo rrn U>c .in to hi i|lh and mirnia ha for muiy lm\ li.d -fi I ,[ HMIiiilllc ,„,] vii' the nulh r cf Wcinberg, Mrs. B. H. Levy. M,... , o „, .„.„„,.„,. I. Rosenthal, Mrs. II. A. Klcbau,, stale convention, that caused or crippled children's work In Mississippi Mrs. .James B. Clark,: lender 111 (ho movement which 'iias made It-possible for scores 'of -.crlpplirt boys-and girls of Blytheville and vicinity.'-:lo he greatly bcncfitc;!, Allhough Ihe work is but ton vcui-i old,: tiie results ar3 RslountliiVJ a'iul I'he groundwork p;rfeclcd wili'.b'rjnj even greater results in the future. Although having no children' 61 her own. Mrs. chirk has always been interested iii them and. UK sight, of a crippled boy or Rirl lias always made a ; proround Impression. Ttie thought of how lo help them continued to occupy her mind and when the Arkansas Society for Crippled Children was formed laic in 192G, she was made director = for Mississippi county. ''• It was the society's meeting Hero in the spring of 1030, its .largest' to the meeting which was also at tended by "Daddy" Allen, president of Ilia International Society lot Crippled Children, and oilier widely known people inloresltd In Hi! work. Mrs. Clark wus t'ncii secretary of Ihe Arkansas Slat:; Commission for Crippled Children, liiivlur been appointed to (his board bj the governor. . I.oeLil Unit Orraili/.ed Mrs. Carrie Stcrnucrg. Mrs. Dave Dinkclspiel.'Mrs. Sain Joseph, Mri | Joe Meyers, Mrs. Sigmund Len, ' Mrs. Ike Cohen. Mrs. Mrs - Bcllc Max nnd Mrs. Waller Hoscnlhal. Mrs. Weinberg was the first president with Mrs. Roscnthnl, the second leader. Donating to nil worthy causes, when solicited, has been a <.oti» n .,i .. , "•" -"•• l 'hief activity of the group in ud- cational outlook for both home dition to its aim of having the and foreign Christian work. The I Synagogue, which it readied in Guild, winch is composed oi 11D24 .. young married women and busi- The 3-1 members of ness women, was organized Ihe same year with Mrs. J. Cecil Lowe . . as chairman. Mrs. I. O. Wcst- bvcok jr., is the present chairman. Mrs. C. A. Taut, the newly elected president of the Council, was formerly Miss Gladys Barham. The St. Peters Altar Society was Ihe Woman's Missionary Society of Ihc First Church of the Nav arene are -: In I!l35.-after the second nallonal birthday parly for .the iivcsidenl the CriU'kasa'wba unit of the Syi-i? ly for Crippled Children was form ed willi Mrs. Clark as chairman Zal B. Harrison as vice chairman. Mrs. Lloyd v. wise as sscrctary W. J. Wundcrllch as treasurer, and C. A. Cunningham, Cecil Shane anc Marcus Kvrard, incmbcrs of Ih; advisory board. ;. Tills - group, alonj with physicians and ^iospllah, 111! H£sislcd Mrs. Clark. This unit I; afniiatod with tha slate group of which Col, T. H. Barton, of El Uq- rado, is now president.'" ' " "."''. 'I'nc results of this activity arc many. Four ciiiiic.s have been held in the county, under Mrs. clark'i I supervision and 177 children have recently formed after a similar been examined by cxpsrt ortho. ore and more interest to be arous- c <i »' this section. 'At-tliat time. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, was then governor of New- York, sent hi is personal .physician nl mid lung ailment who would have died had she not received this treatment. A lltllc boy, seven years old, Is now able (o walk for tiie first lime. Anol'ncr child, horribly burned, after many weeks of suffering and seemingly no chance of recovery. Is now almost normal iignln after a whole y.-ar of I rent- I went. There are many oilier similar cases among both whites and leg roes. Mrs. chvk's work hns lon^ been !i'ogiilittti over a wide lerrltory. In !>3U (lie Nutlonal Delphian Soclely uvardcd hur the pin of merit, one of the leu e \ven \ n i] 1Q united Stales, for her meritorious work imong cvl|>pU\t rtifldrcn. Seek taiiintlloiiiii Opiwrlunlly Out' of her prcseiil alms Is to ohlain for Dlytlu'VlIU' a ulncv vftmv •l|ipl«l children, who are unable i atk'iid school, may iwclve bwl- slite Instrucllon, .so that (heir lives nay bo made brighter and more iselul by tho ndvunlagcs education oilers. The preienl social Security •rogram offers iiuich lo the erlp- eil children of tills county In isuil cares Iw cripples from blrlh lo I years of age. •In discussing 1 crippled children ii's. Clurk says she hopes lo carry ^it llie object of i)i t . orgaiilzullQU rtitch Is lo give service lo Ihc elill- Ireu of tilts county, wllliout ills- Inction ns to nice, color, or creed, o Improvo conditions nmonu clill- li'cn who are physically, socially or iicntully liaiidii'a]>)wl by some crlii- 'liiig condllloii, to .feck out crlp- )led children mid tr, (jlvi! aid lo the greatest number at the:least [losslblc px]>cnst r .' 'fills group proposed the rstab- llslimcnl of a central bureau tii initiate, coordlmdc and dhect the seeming and compiling of Information concerning ihe c arc, euro •in;! education of the crippled di!l- iren. it desires lo make -surveys if conditions exlslhi s and I 0 assist with the development of ude- iiuatc liaspUallziilkm and convalescent fncllillcE,- .lo ironiPio special clawcs iiml spools for crlpptct enlldrcn and to otherwise assist In the promotion of measures thai seek economic Independence, o! ci'ipplcd children: . Mrs. Clark, who receives no monetary compensation for her work says .she. is happy to liavo cripple* ism upon her day or nls'.it as ho: creed Is "he climbs hlghe-sl, \vlu: ntts another up." S|nln(cr ('iiplures Deer HONOLULU. (UP) -Albert Y Inaba, school principal on the Island ,of Molokal, GO miles am , Ul . west of here, mads a bid for the American Olympic irack «,iuui. Wlnle faculty members watched inabn chased a wild deer from the stnoDl yard and caught it aflcr a quarter ,.inil= sprint. •,BiMain's |X)]iu!atlon is expected o : reach ils highest point this year. croup of (his church dis- 1 pcdic surgeons. 'Many oilier chit- led by Mrs . A. Din l™i S C nre. B president. They organized chief purpose to provide for (he iprcading of the Gospel in for- •-.-^.iin.-j, jfcoruing secrctarv - _.„.„ -..n.i vjv» »> no ] JULLII.I inisbiuuary souic'v Ol 19' ("Vr-il fvm-*, ' "*•"/> formed in 1910 by women of the members with Mrs. Ophelia Me- r™L. V^' . cor ™l.'oniling Catholic church. Later when the Gregory at Ihc head. present cliurch was built and the name changed to The Church of The Church of Christ congregation has an organization of its the Imnnculate Conception, the j women members who meet each women's organization also look', Wednesday afternoon for a study mat name. Its first aim was to of the Bible. Tiicre are no ofli- mcct the expenses of the sanctu- \ cere. ary. Later, due to the small j The newest croup is Ihc Wo- congregation, it assumed ohliga- j man's- Missionary -Ohio:! ol the " ons and duties of other organ- Second Baptist church which \va.i landed. Tiie members'; 1 !) has In- drcn, who were unnbb to attcu' ci-cnsed from n to 'M in (wo liicsc clinics, have been -examined, months. The group has already More than CO boys nnd girls have ugankcd a Sunbeam Band, Royal' received treatment and many oth- Amuassadors ^roup. Girls Aux'ili-j crs have been given aid. Lids Jiy. ana a Young Women's Aux-1 crippled since birth, now run an: inary m ;u!dition lo carrying out play, lovely little yirls nnd boys a .stiKiy pi-ogram. Officers are:; with clubbed feet since birth, now «is. Earl walker, presklcnl; ^.fr5. walk normally, hairlipix:;! bal)ici have been made almost normal 'ay, second vico lungs 'have been healed, legs Mrs.^ j. E. cowsert, straightened. •The birthday party money ha! been wisely spent and many have .been given aid wiio otherwise would iden president, third vice president, rotary; Mrs. j Ho]t ' not have been helper!. Now there Eanitariutn recovering from fv sjitn- GIFTS From till corner.-, of the glob2 come (hcse attractive gifts... (jet your bridge prises from our complete showing. DIAMONDS A largo stock of clear bluc- \vhitc diamonds iti all sizes... you can depend on the quality of Guard Diamonds. WATCHES Ladics'l and Men's models in r.ucli »tn known mates as Wal- Iham, Jorucn, Biilova, Illinois nnd Elfin. Stiver ware Table anin hollow-ware in a great apartment of both sterling and Iplatcd ware. GMRD'S MODERN OPTICAL We've a large, fully equipped optical ric- parlmenl . . . large enough to satisfy your every optical need . . . yel small enough to permit careful, detailed personal examination. A complete stock of latest model frames. FREE Examination By Doctor J. I,. 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We arc boosters for a Greater Arkansas, a Greater Mississippi County, and a Greater Btyilicville. •MID-SUMMER SHEER AND TUB SILK FROCKS A Complete Showing At Large Shipment Just Arrived t < *0 t Eiscnbcrg and Nelly Don Dresses I'anily Fair Lingerie -- Hosiery Gossard'Corsets Miss WHitsitf s

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