The Sun from New York, New York on February 18, 1887 · Page 1
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The Sun from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, February 18, 1887
Page 1
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ESH < l J > JWt j r l jtaaHM a jwfgw WjtytiiVfiwiRf f w l I > lj11 Ii W < MY1 fiTJ M B gfe 9 v i grTTT X rf S 1 lfJf i i fw Ty i i I ITOW l p I ru he un P t VAt LIVNO 171 NEW YORK FRIDAY FEBRUARY 18 1887 PRICE TWO CENTS I HAUNTED BY BOUTS GIIOST TTOOCK TIMES IUD fINGER SEE IT ON TUB taoai 6v ins CRIME tTwrcr TeD haw he Killed Ms Friend and of their richt Car LIA Blow with Hummer stud then Blood deemed Everywhere MI AM at Mlaerable Miserable Man v Edward linger yesterday took tho witness Und in his own behalf and told In full detail the tory of tho way ho killed his friend August Bold on tho 20th of January last and then out tho body of his victim Into pieces and hlppe It In a trunk to Baltimore to wait until called for Not Mncu the trial began a week ago has tho public Interest In tho case boon so f rat as yesterday It was understood that tho prisoner would probably testify and tho rush to net Into the court was or Break Just n during tho last two days of tho trial the girls were grouped on each side of tho prisoner who sat Immediately back of his counsel Ungorfi face looked fresh and clear and his keen eyes wore brlshtor than ever Inspector liyrnoi to whom Uncor had mado x bis confession was called by tho dofonco Lawyer Hummel rose with tho confession in his 4 hand Ho road I slowly to tho witness and tho jury I has nlratdy boon published several times and contained little or nothing which was unfamiliar anybody In tho room Then In response tn t questions Inspector Ityrnoa told the malto familiar story of how tho confession was Unger snld to mo said tho Inspector that ho supposed wo woro workltiK to hang him I told him that ho had spared us that 3 trouble as ho was hanging himself I p do not euro fordenth ho said I have faced It too many times to four it Hut I do not like to die In that way for my familys sake Ho then asked 1110 to try and do p Imolhhll for his j boy ami his two girls I and told mo to tell I them to drop his tN name and take that F of their mother Tho tears welled 4 up Into UiiRors eyes at this and thoold est daughter began c 011 niitiriM weeping Her moo tions and thoso of her father wore still more painful a the Inspector wont on to reluto how Ungor had felt especially bad on Annies account and how no feared they would los their places where they rrtlsnft nn nrn nf nf tnA tlfairrnpn And how hn him peg d that Annio might bo brought to see linger wo a trlflo paler than common as ho took ms seat In the witness chair but ho was composed and clear boned Ho has a fashion of lilting one corner of his upper Up In n snarling sort of way when ho speaks which does not 8r tend to make lila rather stern face appear any cutler Ho told tho story of his life llrst Mr Howo starting him with a general Question and koeplng him to the main channel of his narrative with a query now and then D ho proceeded ceeded Unger spoko In a low tono at first Which graudually grow louder as ho proceeded IflntuwBohl In October of lut year I adverttesd M g YH 1 In the Moats ZtUunq for a partner with some capital I thought I might get the lleence and conduct the saloon Bohl answered the advertisement it was In the day time that he came and we talked the matter over lie aid he would consider We talked about It off and on for two week I then saw he was not going to go In I then Bold out All I had t sell was a Ell rDa things of my on pictured c I got i in all from the r I then went t room at 2J lOdge fl atreet I paid tlM per month for the rom and pad the November f0 In Advance I met BoW several times after this He asked t come and live with me and agreed to pay 1 half the rent and one third of the cost of living let came about ten days before the close of November lei did not pay me any of eoe November rent i but made np for It by being good about buying the prvloD lie paidhie share foo Decem ber rent when he came to the rooms he brought six ken of sheep sausage casings with him lie offered me commission of fW cents a hundred for selling them They did not sell well they were too email This LeVered Bohl and he would cure aometlmeB about I I f curse the people who would not buy them I spoke t f him about that and my boy spoke to me about Ipt T We aold about four 1 tbesU kejrslnaJL Bohl was all tbUui Iiiwertng ttliab M a tlatintDta In the paper about going I Into business I wu f looking all the time for some place to go Into bUD With nun We Btlil had a understanding that we would t ffo Into business together If I found a good place 1 rtond a place In Vandewater street and It dkinot cult h I found another In Hit street He did not look at It He nave a man named WlUlams 35 t elect an arrangement by which he wu t go Into builneu with a woman lie did not get the business and he never cot ida lie couldnt 23 back He tried t hare Williams prosecuted but I gut disgusted with him ho wu BO vacillating He wu surly at times He would complain about the cost of the eating and then complain If i there wu not meat He could not ceO his culngs N that 1c him angry He would walk up and down the room and curse vv e were irenerally in the room together evening I Ho hnd a cold the ra three weeks and was not out often fffter dark Bowery We would 1 out once In a while and walk In the He was a stranger and I walked around with blm We would sometimes RO In and have a glees of beer t Esther somewhere and tbeu go home W e generally drank a pint of ale together at home There was a table I tn the room with bk and paler and a lamp on II We would alt and read and Hohl would work with his fvrtl butlneu re e were out together two nights At all times during hs narrative Ungor when ha had to date events with reference to the murder did so by saying boloro and after looking down as lie said it and never mention 1 Inc the erlmo itself menton On the night of the ixnh of January I came In about fire oclock Bohl came In a little after I went to cooking popper and we talked about belling the caidngs I told y him I had only old two bunches He I had IrI sold any I We waited until the boy came In before we had supper 8 The boy came In between U and 7 After supper he welt out hat by the table reading the paper Kohl wu wrltlni I read out loud t him I do not know what l > be wu writing f V I Pretty Boon ne got up and commenced walking np and Sown the room and mumbling t himself I did not pay any attention to him I kept on reading and did not pek rUy coon he Mt down on the sofa end began cursing I stopped reading then He annoyed blan rf tlahri caning that I couldnt I read He paid fain losing Inouey all the time Instead of making any I have got t tl to draw from the bank again I Isaldi AbNI Is all on account of your stupid foolishness I got up and wu raking the tire with the poker It wu a small poker with a hook on the end rTIkr I He Bat on the sofa bending over with his head on his hand cursing stilL He was lust opposite t me and so close when I was poking the fire 1 could read him Finally he IdW All I the people In New York are lfr emltIdW reached over and touched him on the bead with my hand and said anl Dont you call Oi a thieving He lumped up and hit mo on the neck lie hit me with his right hand and 0 hard that F I fell over on the floor I wan stooping over poking Ihe lye when he hit me and I fell ou my side I jumped up ud struck at him with the poker The blow never reached him He grabbed the poker with his left hand ud jerked It away from me a Ho then went over to the table and picked eW up n knife Uiigor wont on Neither of nt I poke 1 word I stood looking him to see What he would dOh Ho sprang at mo and made S 0 I lungo at me with the knife I caught mu on r he finger I cut to the bone but glanced olT I sprang toward the bedroom door where tho tOOl box twar was partly in tho door and t mil P turned away from Bolil when 1 reached I grabbed the llrst thing I got hold of It wits he hammer Bold made another 1lbh < u mo Sad lunged at mo with the knlfo 1 warded off I tile blow with the hammer rue knIfe cut tho I roollon jacket I had on but did not touch my ody odyIjrrabbodBoms right COlt sleeve with my endv al anti W1 him with tho hammer D no blow fell on his forehead 1 saw the blood C chow It I did not strike with my full force b it wore at such close nuartont I couldnt lohl was nil the time trying to gut hIs right and loose and trying to poku me with h nile With hU lit l hand ho wn trying to Wi trikomo He Ifhll mo o backed back Into tbo mum I I olt my grip on liU arm looscnlnc I knew If T ie got t to knife loose ho would MUmo I then I 1 truck him again and with all my force with Lhe hammer I felt the hammer sink Into his lead The blood spurted It suumcd to In un if all direction over mo and I the wall every where a trI wal Bohl fell buck on tlte sofa nd I fell with him As Bohl fell tile right arm slamicd nualust the back of the fjofa and tr I knife llmvoiitof It 1 It fell near the door Bohl did not mov auulii 1 Ixoollt to twitch his arms Wi < neither 11111 r poke during the Htriigglo except Whel 10 cut b hand I IX cried 011 S3 Ho was us irooil us dead when ho foil to the Ill 1n The body Coin fltiiituI Mlpplni rl tu t tliu I door I pulled I up Then I know what I hud lone I thought of my boy romlm home I t pulled tho cot out Ill across the corner of thin itS ooiii I put tho body behind it Then I pullud 114 Johls trunk up by the cot and I thtewbed jt Olothes over the rot rSlp My boy came in Ho asked for Bold I told r him Bohl had gone out with 1 friend and was p i ffolnK to Chicago I may Iowa aid ho is I no t gonu tons I only wanted to uut thu boy tu IOdO Bj i I I went could not to both with him He went to I hay tltio awake in tho dark 0ncii I i iV Iloro II uirn im n i 1 thought Bohl was ciantilng over tue I MIn ul I tlIP and wH UtIU in tho othiir and 1ranA W Iltfmt tu body WItS still there I I then wont 11M WIS II tlero i AjPwn stairs 111 J out tloors unit got a wel I > 1 z Wfri111 hack and wee t to bci1 I jay ttlori1 I uli1 I VtfHiilltlulilltlltI I I Y III111 thlil r 111 Hohl htlinillliK nvrr VI me I MimiuiiiiiiKaln Nothing vvm liniii 1 Isi wont again out ill I ho otlmrioom h Thnlcnl on IOUI thOllh11 onT boy Wil Ihpip I Tlun 1 vu > nl jni > d IIKIIII Hohl dud agaIn ires nalt Jlul netiuoU to lu I htnmlliiK over < sea me und I Welt uunlu iud law WIJUI body oily WU thereIn res the moping I got my boy hind IiTelIkfilat t hurried Ww W work 1 went to i Llljanns j J < 1 4 i t burgh I wanted to got the air nnd I thought to tel Slgol about I I could not BOO BIII thollht went back I am miserable miserable man ungor thon told tho story of the cutting up of the body and putting It Into tho trunk as ho had told It boforo In his cohfoneion tnlk to Do toctlvo Allanco During all tho time ho was on tho Bland his two daughters wore out of tho room having boon taken away by ono of tho t court officers as soon ns no wan summoned to testify As ho concluded IbIs testimony his voice broke tears came to his eyes anti ho fully looked what ho hut described himself ns being n miserable man During his description of tho deadly htrugglo with Dolil his voice rose clear and sharp and ho gesticulated with strong dramatic matic effect At the close of his story court adjourned for the midday recess cOlr When court reassembled In tho afternoon linger again took tho stand for crossexamina tion and Ids two girls wore again led away lon Rnt wor nlaln They had taken lunch with him as usual in the little prisoners pan in tho corner of tho court room By Mr NleollWliera was theknlte when Bohl pIckM U on t AIt was on the table I had spread the table Cee IIM for breakfast f I usually I did at II reitr knife we used to rut bread with It was a knife with a long blade knl wih 10Dlblad I do not know when ills now It ought to be here I do not know what became of It b V About what time of day waalt when von threw the head overboard Alt was about non from a Wllllamsburgh ferryboat I stool lust forward of the wheel house In front of the genUemena cabin I had the head wrapped In paper with I pieces tW Iron In the paper to make It pink It was In a basket I which I car clod on my arm I lifted the cover of the basket and Jiill III the head roll nlt The trouieri I took from Hohla body and tile shirt I ate made Into a parcel 1 and dropped in erboard from a ferryboat that waa the Car after I dropped the head over 1 Br II t Ig lrt g Onw llohl ever show you his bank boOk An never did I saw It once when he took I oat of his pocket while he wan looking toi a lead pencil I sup posed he had about f wi QUd you cut up the body with the knife that wa shown J In court Vb UP That was no good I cut up the body with the bread knife the one Hohl tried to stub me with with I used It after that t cut kindling and wood withTho Tho jury abandoned Its plan of going to see tho rooms at 22 Itldgo street and both prosecu tion and defence rested Tho summing up will begin this morning at 1 oclock and UIHvl lh will go to tho jury today In all probability The general Impression created by lingers statement was that ho was trying to tell the exact truth and tow believe that ho will bo found guilty of a crime higher than manslaugh ter In the second degree maDlauh WOXDERFUt FAITH CURE A Girl Baited From an Invalids Bed and I Restored to laU PrrrsBTjimn Feb 17A remarkable faith cur was reported from Banksvlllo n mining town two miles southwest of this city today For several years Haggle Headline the six teenyear old daughter of a coal minor has been bedridden Frequently of lato she has laid lUl trance or comatose state for days and when sho would return to consciousness she would toll her friends that she had been to heaven In proof of this sho told tho names and described tho appearance of relatives who died before sho was born and of othors whom she know when they wore alive In October and November last she lay In n comatose state for several weeks during which time she partook only of a small quantity of liquid food administered to her by attendants When sho revived sho said she had received dlino i communication to tho effect that at 2 P SI on Fob 1 ella would bo raised from an invalids bod and entirely restored to health This afternoon her fathers house was fled with friends nnd neighbors who waited in silence and awe for tile predicted manifestation The girls face wore an expression of joy and seemed to grow in beauty as the hour drew near Exactly at tho stroke of 2 she arose from her chair with horcrutches In her hands and flinging them aside walked about tho room ngng the overwhelming astonishment of those present The euro seemed complete and she jumped about like n child The news was noised about and almost the entire population of Banksvlllo Dlnksvllo turned out to Bee her Her parents wept with joy and tho greatest excitement prevailed Miss Boadllng was soon by several reporters and she pronounced herself well I Is the be lid among neighbors that tho young lady was sincere in her claim of affliction and her recovery i regarded D I miracle r BUG ar uysEEir HAS KesMrkable Manifestation at the Deatk e a Young Lady tat WaihlnaTton WASHINGTON Feb 17ho death of Miss A L Duffy daughter of Capt 0 E Duffy the patent attorney which occurred yesterday morning at 201 D street Northwest seems to havo been accompanied by a remarkable manifestation In tho dining room of the house are six bells which connect with various parts of the house by moans of wires but apparently those bells with ono exception are useless and cannot bo rung as the wires aro broken and disconnected lilies Duffy had been sick for about eight months and for tho last few days her death was momentarily expected momontarly Yesterday she told her father that she expected to die during tho day Capt Duffy went Dulywent to his ofllco but was hastily called home whore ho arrived In time to receive her last words Tho entire family had gathered around her bedside awaiting the end which camo almost before they expected Hardly had tho expctd Harly ISov Father Thomas pronounced life extinct than a servant opened the door and Inquired I they had rung for him On being answered in the negative ho said that a few moments bo fore and just at tho moment of Miss Duffys death all six of the bells In the dining room had rung violently No dlnlnA rom given for this remarkable coincidence and the family who urn Catholics Incline to tho belief that it was caused by somo supernatural agency supernnum TO SHIELD HIS WIFE WE I A Convict Says he Went to Prison BUr thun Accuse hla Wife I ST PAUL Feb 17The Senate State Prison Committee visited Ktlllwator today and received a peculiar written confession addressed to Ignatius Donnelly by Convict Michael Kelly an aged Irishman sentenced for life twelve writes years ago for killing Barney IQ Kelly Unfortunate Barney Iamb was my near neighbor We became invOlved in a quarrel and light lleforene H vId Jnl aa caav rJI re commenced to right 1 had my cavalry sword with me which I gato to my wire to t k to the house but shn 10 t did not and when lamb hud me by the hair and held my ulago opposite Ids waist my wife supposing he ogl UI would do rld pr I f me bodily harm cried to him to let go ut the came time shoving him from me and that Ie was lh time tho fatal wound was given with the so ord Hut the sword was not In my ln I did not divulge this fact at the trial for 1 had no fear of being riinvfrivd as I knew lr I did r11 kill Lamb and f f was moved by a more powerful Incentive most sacred to me next to im fiod She 1 lext t 1 wa my wife mother of din wa my dron und 1 loved her wl 1 chl recoiIjy served In tho lato war His prison record It good prion Obituary Dr Joseph Cushman formerly n Deputy Coroner died in the Bloomlngdale Asylum on Tuesday Ho had been Insane three years Dr Cushman washers In llustla In 113 Ills name was not Cusliman but some polysyllabic patronymic which nobody but a Russian could pronounce and he changed It lie will be burled Anl It I In the JewlMh cemetery day wl bud illisun T llulsD of the wholesale furniture house of Van Dttrer A littler of Mlddletov n N furnllr of apoplexy hOI I yentorday agidHyears lie woe for fifteen years vious to lPi Irlncipal I of Iublic hchool No H yearpre of Jersey Im He waa n member of the Hoard of Kducatlon of Rloealon MiddletoHii Ills life was Insured for fAUKJ with the Legion of Honor Or W S Little the eminent Ihlladelphla oculist died at Alken S I yesterday after a II long IBm Cut leorge 1 Redford a widely known breeder of short born Iock died at 1arla Ky yesterday aged 70 year Abolishing the Color Line In Ohio COLUMBUS Ohio Feb 17The word white has now been stricken from the Constitution und laws of Ohio and by the passage of the Mulct bill today black and whiles may Intermarry Kchoolsforcolored children hare ben abolished and v hlle und colored children must attend thu unite public schools the Peuiorrats of the Legislature opixurd the meanure and fought It bitterly anl I ci > ii > lully lit part rtuiltng to thu schools There are aiHUit JPOMI negro colors In tub Mate und I the Uepubll < 1 filly mut have thee votes or the Democrats will lme ir > i < i inijorily I at Mate elections There tl wi time during the war and after when the Itepubllcuua rould curry Uhlo I by Irom 4nix to uii > Oh i majority but now IIr Jvssinegro voters t added I since the adoption of lilt rifieenth I Amendment the grand old parly ran f 11 1n hardly I win ut all last year majority 1 being only IUlisi i A petition 1 remonstrating against the paivage of the bill and lKnu b > more than Jim 1 colored citizens of Spring held was unwilled to the LiirlHluture riIJ A f 1OOOO llrneOt for In Hullo Institute I Isnt often that theatre coors havo achauce to elLis art good things In single d nriny 104 thlnl u 1111 day aa were prciented In the Aradtiny of Muslo jesterda afternoon mid 1 runlng All diii longaitorsund acirefucs kept flier rliiirnt going I ie Hi singe und crov iled audit need begirt fo lrt ill uppiudvd i them I Ihe I cnteruiiurunt was cite I r tUe fmrlktoi oiuplitn the < i hangtHln the mar llrl Iliilitiile building uhiill ltiiil tr ruiiun Kdly lire 11 ii 11 i Hhu thiUtl mliruthirfcof the Lit MIl InsUtiiie Iiiiir Ktilv rat In a iirofruiiuin box In tht i uning 1 i itri > liiiii 1 i wiisrnlwl la I lulltotlrehrlly 1 sill prciniii llhlt the money to his Christian lirotlurtf loduy I you prefer u pure soap use tturlM I B Ulfgini Uttnuu Laundry ap p l J t f I The lru > rrurthr Itluuteoiie Avalleth mut h but ti i lie silt ring djiiitrpil I the Seven ttarls i In u irli i lci boon Tricu M r iLlS per bottle I at nil drugIotoJr Economy I In favor of Ihe U of Sounded for the tet I requIres only two OUI top ala toA t < d t1 low Wo Make Trailc Ieople try Icarllno I like and ilw iys Leo il45t Volhllitf IIKc II There U no other vuch ruinpenilluui of news or mirror otionteiuporary hhitoryas IH box H hltry > fl tc a year Distress after eating dyspepsia Ac relieved by Car I atr etlnJ dpep 00 ren4 Ca tWs LUUe LlTM 1W iiojiltt H wo r v IarfUiJ t The exhibition the Water Color Society Is the most I toWMtiuj an ereut ot the you doc mot I I I TOM GOULD SAYS GOODBY IT zs BELIKYXD rOAr its MADE A nUN OF IT VOlt CANADA Xt Out on Ball In IToboken nl Oclock In the MorntncCun the Doctor Who C lined Him Sick be Got ntt Tom Gould is missing and for tho first time In many months his unlicensed San BoucI saloon in Wool ThirtyOrel street was closed last evening Early in tho evening bo foro tho placo began to got Into full swine Capt Williams sent Officer Nelson In uniform to stand on tho floor of tho hall and look after things generally Nelson Is I sturdy man and tho managers of tho place found they couldnt induce him to leave Ho didnt do anything In particular but tho Bight of a police officer wandering around tho sacred precincts of the Bans BoucI with a fullgrown night stick 1 his hand had such I discouraging effect on tho frequenters of tho placo that they dropped out after a very short stay and at 9 > i oclock tho place locked ocok plao was lokod up How Tom Gould will take tho closing of tho place of which ho Is only manager I no ono knows and no ono Booms to know where t telegraph the news to hm Tho general opinion Is that ho has gone to Canada Inspector Byrnes accompanied by Chief of Fnllco Dono rotoe Doro van of Jersey City arrested him In Uuxchs Hotel In Hudson Btrootllobokenabout 8 oclock on Wednesday evening upon n bench warrant issued by Uecordqr Smyth on tho ground that ho baa forfeited his ball on live Indictments Tho arrest was I bluff on tIle Inspectors part and did not catch Gould who r fused to return to this city to bo tried for man Ired Dan ibid violations of the Theatre law Then tho two officers took him to tho Police Headquarters in Hobokon and locked him up D a suspicious character Inspector Byrnes returned to this city to prepare for Goulds surrender the Now York authorities Meanwhile tho men with whom Gould had been drinking when ho was arrested were scouring tho town to find a way of getting him out on bull About I oclock they managed to come across Recorder McUonough the Police Justice of Hoboken Mr McUonoueh was por i sundod to go to Police Headquarters to tot I bull for Gould When he hud road tim papers however ho refused to commit Gould or to touch the case lu any way Buying It was n Now York case and that there was no reason In tho papers for tho mans detention rl Now York bench warrant being Invalid in Now Jersey When the Recorder had gone Goulds friends hurried around again and finally roused up GuHtnv Strong at his house 6 Park avenue Hoboken Mr Strong Is a Justice the Pence Although it was then nearly 1 oclock Mr Strong dressed and went to tho Headquarters There ho committed Gould for examination oxamlllon and hold him in 500 ball The boll had been procured I was offered by Common Councilman Thomas Miller who keeps an upholstery store in Sixth avenue in this city and lives In Hobokon As soon as tho bond was signed and tho examination set down for this morning at 9 oclock Gould and his wife and all his friends went down to Donovans saloon on the corner of Newark and Hudson streets It Is kept by a brother of Chief of Police Donovan Them wIn was drunk by tho wholo party Gould Is said to hao exhibited SIR with tho remark that it was every cent ho had in the world but when his friends offered him money frolis ho Bald ho did not need it Shortly before 2 oclock ho sent for his valise from Buschs Hotel and when I camo made an excuse to his friends and with tho valise in his hand and his wife on his arm stepped out of tho saloon When Gould and his wife left Donovans they are said to have taken a close carriage and to have boon driven almost Wcelmwkon The traIns on the WCRt Ihor Ialrad when they pass through the long tunnel stop to tlke on coal at Now lurhlm anti It Is to that sin ton that Gould is said to have gono A train bound Suspension Bridge stops there at 335 in the moraine and Gould wan In plenty of time to catch II I ho took it ho might havo reached Suspension Bridge at 10J last evening or by changing to Hudson flyer train at Albany could have reached Montreal about tho same time tme District Attorney Marino did not Boom to havo much hope yesterday that Gould would YOsterRY be returned to tho jurisdiction of this State If Tom does turn ur > before Justice Strong this morning the District Attorney will be on hand to look after hIm In tho opinion of Recorder Smith and Mr Davis Gould can bo extradited from Jersey Goulds Jersey counsel however Garrettson and Stuhr say ho cannot be When asked if tho physicians who certified that Oould I sick when ho was escaping to Jersey could not bo pun ished for deceiving tho Court Recorder Smyth said they could be proceeded against for con tempt of court He added that ho did not at the time know what he should do In tho matter Joseph ODonnoll who was ono of Goulds bondsmen on tho forfeited bonds wont down to tho District Attorneys office yesterday morning and gave him a certified check on the Second National Dank for 1500 the amount of the bal 15 to I Is said not on good authority that a despatch Gould lost dated night Montreal was received from nnnxo PLACES UNDER THE BRIDGE The Old Surer House Cellar Made a Place or Deposit Cor Stolen Good The arches of the Brooklyn brIdge between William and Rose streets rest partly on tho site of the old sugar house On both sides of the arches some of tho old collars of tho Revolutionary prison are still open Board fences in Wilfiam and Rose streets shut off tho yards from thou fttrnnf Six dozen pair of heeltaps wore stolen last week from tile storo of Aekcrman ic Son 5 North William street Tho police arrested on Monday 18yoarold Benjamin Sclilllcn who lives at 29 Vandewntcr street and who hud been discharged by Mr Ackerman because ho was suspected of stealing I memorandum of the safe combination opening tbo safe and carrying off the contents of tho money box His confession led to the arrest of 14yearold Arthur Horuman of 22 Hose street anti llJyoar old Jeremiah OConnor of 5 Batavia street Tile police say that Hculflen stole tho heeltaps Rtrot and passed them tollorsmnnwho pansed them over tho fence to OConnor who hid them In one of the old sugar house vaults IUlar Is When tho young burglars went down Into tho vaults the next night to got the booty they found that another faction of tho fraternity of young thieves who haunt tho collars had boon there ahead of them and carried It off The three prisoners wore arraigned In tho Tombs Court yesterday and hold for trial John Porsoy used 10 of 4 anl holl street and John wildey of 36 Cherry street who woro ar orderly rested on conduct suspicion wore llucd 10 for die Tho vaults are bridge property and do not come under regular police supervision Bad boys of 1rankfort and Now Chambers streets hide In the vaults when they see > a policeman coining her wale tho fonco Capt 1 Webb Bays like cats and dive out of Bight down the vaults like rats The policeman dont follow them It is suspected that the collars hlo served often as a placu of temporary deposit of stolon goods I A Trustee Accnted ofKmbexzlemtat BOSTON Fob 17W T Brigham n trustee under the will of the late James Rogers wu arrested today at the instance of J Rogers Rch one of hli bondsmen upon the charge of embezzling 170 < O The ben eflclarlei are laid to be aged ladies who nelarf AO el though not entirely dependent the trim fund for support would nevertheless be somewhat straightened In tueaiii should the loss be A hoOd one Mr Rich says that thli was a most painful l step to take Mr lirlgham he 1 said was ft most Intimate friend a man of brilliant 1 i attainments a fine lawyer and an exceptionally I brilliant conversation n a1 rll allot He had no personal vice ii tI aa known but his trouble hull triune on account tit visionary business enter prisesiuu the South Mr Unchain would only nay that the cow was the outgrowth of malice He win held ti Ithiint I > hearing In JOH for his 1 appearance ia lue Uuulclpal Criminal Court on Feb S3 tI Gen Drugs Dispose or Ha Enemy WASHINGTON Fob 17Gon Bragg has achieved another victory over Delaney who woe United States DUtrlct Attorney In Wisconsin but It I not now Hen llutlera method In disposing of troublesome persons In his district wait to ask that a coniitlatu might be given them In a hot place lien llragg him adopted Cli Ilvel po lie policy and asked that 1 JI am lent enemy be tent to a cold place At all eventa Delaney wee to day nom Inatrd lobe Collector of Custom In Masks The emulu ments of the olllre are not great and I It I a long dliunce from ien llragi1 district Itl is supposed alonl the ban Uhment lrl IHUiiry It I one of the f fI or the com promise between liraKtr and YOU Old lieu ut Work at ElUnbcthport Twentylive Imndiod tons of union coal was dumped Into union boat In eight hour esterday by the old hunds on tho Ilitladelphla and Reading docks at Lllxdbelhport ul about olio hull the riot of moving coal with scab Inbor ulthoutfli the nun say that there Is n aiiMtlnii I that they uro to yet X > tints per hour for SECRETARY inAmmtas SUCCESSOR The President Kooktnc for tie Right Man Politically M Well D Financially WASinNOTON Feb 17The President has reached no decision as to Secretary Mannings successor His first Inclination was to appoint 8ocrotaryFairchiilduiiid ho do Assistant Secretary Falrhldallt may yet so but ho will give Ute subject thought before ho decides Bore of his strongest party friends have sought to Impress upon his mind the Importance of tho appointment in its political aspect especially with regard t Now York next year and have represented that well fitted as Mr Fairchild may bo for an oxocuttvo officer ho would not 0 the right sort of n man politically for tho emergency Doubtless tho idea of thoso who desire to s < x > n strong political loader in tho Cabinet would best bo mot by the transfer of Mocretary Whitney coy to tho Treasury or tho appointment of such I man ns Smith M Wood But Mr Whit fey does not wish to bo transferred and cannot welt be spared from his present place and Mr Wood does not want any office On tho other hand some of tho Western Democrats think the President should now bo content to lot Now York bo represented by only ono man In tho Cabinet and look to tho West for lan Mannings successor I Is In this spirit that Mr Carlisle and Minister 1omlloton and oxSenator McDonald hit boon miggpot cd hor iA little probability t that Ilpllco will b offered to either ot the two Ilst named contlomon bind us little proramiity unit Mr CarlHo would take It I offered Another name that ho boon suggested is thit of tho lon Frank Jones of New Hampshire a man of high rank in tho business world I may bo said in short that tho President is studying a problem the solution of which ho has Jot reached Ho has to consider tho financial policy of the Administration tho question of locality anti tho effect of tho appointment on the party Tho man for tho place and time Is hard to And I Assistant Secretary Fairchild It Is expected will retire from tho office he now holds in tho event of tho accession of I now Secretary of tho Treasury I has been sURKOdtcd that ho may become a member of the interState Commerce Commission a much bettor placo as regards salary than th ono ho now holds Solicitor McCuo Is I mentioned ns hlsprobablo successor as Assistant Secretary Tho local newspapers continue to talk of Wilson S Blssell of Buffalo for Secretary of tho Treasury or InterState Commerce Commissioner hit Mr lllssoll when hero 1 few days ago said Ills law business demanded all his attention and ho had never thought of taking any ollieo WILTShIRE PAYXES REJECTION The Her Dr Derrick Say that Colored Men r Treated Wont In the White Churches Tim Rev William B Derrick pastor of tho Bethel M E Church In Sullivan street ono of tho most populous and popular churches for colored people in tho citydenounces tho action of tho Christian Association in refusing admittance to Wiltshire Payne as decidedly unchristian But ho says ho is not surprised at I Indeed ho would have been surprised bad Payne been admitted Ho contends that tho association but reflects tho prevalent sentiment of the churches to which its members severally belong They preach tho universal brotherhood of man and then turn their backs and lock their doors against tho brother whoso blood Is in the slightest degree mixed with African They are more prejudiced against the colored man than are tho Southerners nnd carry their exclusiveness far beyond tho poli ticians or tho overyday people botond world Why continued Mr Derrick ourchildren may attend the public schools amid mix wlh tIm white children with perfect freedom Our young people aro admitted to most any of the private schools of the city without question Tho saloons nnd billiard rooms welcome tho young men They are sought for and made much of at election times In fact they are treated as equals everywhere bit In tho white Christian churches andt Young Mens Christian Association Nobody takes exceptions to sitting beside them in tho theatre bit in the house of God they are considered an offence nr oronco My congregation is t celebrate tho Emancipation of the slaves in tho West Indies next week and I intend nt that time t start a movement for their emancipation hero In Now York nnd from the ostracism they rpcolto from thoChris tan churches and Christian people of this city Tho pastor of ono of tho most prominent white churches in tim city was called upon yes terday nnd at llrst declined to ho interviewed on tbo subject Finally on condition that his name should not be used ho consented to express his opinions Ho said as ho understood the Payne caso the Christian Association had certainly put itself In n false position Their Secretary and several of their manner stoutly I proclaim their willingness to accept colored member but when one applies nt the Institute alplos InRluto ho is politely rejected but told that ho will llnd the doors of tho association wide open wilnd ho applies at tho association ho Is told with mock rogrotfulncss that tho classes are full and there is no room for him This is manifest subterfuge manlcst Sulllvuna Arm Nearly Well John L Sullivan Is In town again and looks strong and healthy lie called on Dr Sayre jeMrrday and had his arm examined II Is getting along nicely I can move my fingers now quite easily the champion pnfd I bal a pain at the spot u here the break 10 and when I told Dr Son about It he removed > ore of the planter I feel real comfortable now and expect to bo entirely recoi end lu twenty days I am going hack to Hoftton In the 40i train Chile afternoon us my mother In sick and I wnnt tube with lr I expect to be b irk again next week with 1 r i Miecdy my manager Him will present mo with a gold I cull diamond studded I tnt I emblematic of the heavyweight championship given we by friends I shall defend it DO ray hal Ietnd I against all comer h I want to meet Iatsey Cardiff mom of all so nn to Ue chits wlin it Lbs belt man MK UIIHA inntil on tn Sf10 II n been expressed on the subject I will try and leite an exhibition hero In some large building before I xtart on my U intorn trip us 1 xhall go from here toward the Wee and fulfil all my broken trio engngemcntA I will probably go through the rouitry and before 1 return will lsit tsstralia England COLt land I I irelund itermany I and Franco I 1 expect to bo gone two or three years BullUau sajs rl ho has glen up drinking i for good Champion Amateur Ford Resigns To the surprise of his friends Malcolm W Ford of the Sew York Athletic Club amateur champion all around athlete of America lias resigned his membership In the club and given up his projects for winning championship medals thin I season rIot reason given Is Hint I Mini father promise to buy him a itiii > Interest in n llrookljn manufacturing biislnesa If he will drop athletic 1 sports A committee I of the National I ABHD elation of Aimiteur I Athletes I In now lnehlliitlngctiargf I I s that he romnoted under a fnlsw name for money iirles nt Nprlninleld llewijithut the charge h1 nothing to IJ h null do with fill resignation ni The NlKnnl Llghti Amended By tho terms of tho agreement for tho ocean yacht race between the Dauntless and Coronet assigned on Wednesday the Dauntless was to burn blue lights as signals on the voyage and the Coronet red signals Tinno llzhu are already In me b > arlous linen as dls I tlnctlte signals und the yacht nwneratunc determined to supplement them with the New York Yacht Club sit l Cilb nal which Is I green red green > iu rockets will bo burned ut the llnlsh In Cork harbor n rockets there couiullcaUons would have a local elgnliicance that would give miss tu cOmICutonEperr Emperor William Getting Better BEBLW Fob ITKmporor Williams hoarse nesi Is abating and his general strength Is I Improving Today he rcctlted Count Ierponcher Col lirauchltach and then Albedyll nnd afterward net Albdyl nteld gave along audience to Count Herbert Bismarck alooJ On the Kmperor s birthday hIs youngest greatgrand sot will be christened and tho betrothal of Irlnce Tlenry of 1rusala to frlnceu Irene of lles e will bo protlulnu The Pope1 Word to Our Cardinal ROME Fob 17In his audience with Cardinal Gibbons the Iope said You are Indeed happy The American Catholic Church tnjojs tho greeted chic freedom Her Illshops hate no other work than to lire like shepherds guiding I and tending their flocks In hla I Interview with la fardlnal t Tiuchmuu the hope wile itoh ellusite atiout luguind and her colonlrn mid n dwell upon Uiesuccewof Ugr AgllardlsuilesiouiuIndia District 1 Muube District 4O During the recent strike of coal handlers and longshoremen It was Intimated lInt the car driven and conductorslnNew Yorklertey City and Ilrookh n would beorderedonstrlke auiilii ruot hilt they suitilId strike was In fact neni by 4 in to IHtrlct it a whuh controls ilu < orgaimed horn car drivers und conductors The lien crab Hoard of 75 at Its meeting jeNterday at mi trOut 1Zi Hrooklyn unanlmousl nmiroted the I action of the Executive Committee In refusing to rail out ut drivers and conductors at the reijurrl of til Dlaque will lEave to Ifiina George I Dlsquo who was convicted n year alO In Jero > tliy of tho bonier or bl wit In 10bk And was Otltee1 10 h biaiuteit appealed 10 the Iourt or lror alll lIititlC that 1Ir alrmd the d le Ilon biais to lt hang the bower uourl eeterdJl cud IIu sill A DEFEAT FOR MR PAUNELL IRISH ORIErAJfCES TAKE A RACK SEAT I THE HOUSE OF COJlUOYS The Tories Nprlnir Motion to Atop Dehnte on the AddrcB Pnrncll Sturdy lrO testIll Motion Ileaten bJ 818 to lOT LONDON Feb 17ln the house of Commons today W H Smith moved that tho discussion of tho rules of procedure have precedence over nil orders of tho day Ho srilU that tho prolonged debate on tho address showed tho need of putting somo limit to tho speaking I vas now tho sixteenth day of tho debate and restraint was needful to save Parliament from selfdestruction Sir William Vernon Hareourt said the opposition sition did not desire to plnco obstacles In the way of tho progress of business Ho hoped tho matter of procedure would not bo mldQ a party question Queston Mr Labouchoro objected to giving n blank chock of this sort to tho Government thereby permitting them to monopolize every day with tho discussion of procedure rules Ho did not think tho Government was able to effect good legislation The session ought therefore In thordorel his opinion to bo miulo nn educational soflon The best thing tho Liberals could do was to occupy tho time with siMoehus Laughter ILIIullel1 Jlr Henry Itlchard a Liberal moved un amendment that n tiny bo granted for debating debatng the Welsh Disestablishment bill Carried Mr 1urnull asked the Uovornmont to con coclo Limo to discuss his proposal for admitting Irish leaseholders to the bnnolUs of tho Land net of IH81 Under Mr Smiths motion ho said I would bit Ue weeks before any Irish question would have a chanco to bo hoard Ho therefore moved that tho rules of procedure bo not considered before the Government discloses the nature of their proposed legislation for Ireland Cheers Continuing hn said ho was lot disposed to surrender tho Interests of Ireland In order to give thin Government precedence for their procedure proposals Tho motion had been sprung on tho Houso suddenly In defiance of the fact tlmt there were no precedents for Mich nn Interruption of tho debate on the address Irelands affairs woro in too critical a condition to bo thus put aside Tho Wostport Board of Guardians had just received notice of intended evictions of 1000 persons while Lord Cork was asking for pollco to assist In further evictions Was It nt such n time as this that Irish membera were debarred I from bringing forward grievances Mr Smith said ho thought thin proceedings of the last threo weeks wore HUfllclent to show how useless I was to go further Into the Irish question scttlod until tho rules of procedure were lotlld A division was taken on Mrrnrnolls motion and I was rejected by I vote of 242 against 107 The announcement of tho result was received with cheers by tho Conservatives Mr Smith announced that thin Government would begin Monday giving precedence to tho rules of procedure on After nnothornttempt had been made to continue tho dobalo on the address tho Speaker said I won evidently tho cerise of thin House that tile subject hud been sufficiently discussed Mr Smith moved that tho question bo now put Tho motion was carried and tho address was adopted by a vote of 283 to 70 amId Conservative cheers Tho Governments victory tonight was partly duo to the continued disorganization of tho Liberals Thin Conservative whips being aware that Mr Smith would declare urgency for tho giving of precedence to the discuoMon of the procedure rules over other buHimss kept a full complement of members ready toot Tho Liberals hud issued no call for tho uttendancoof members nml woro taken by Bur prlho their benches bolng nlnioHt empty The brunt of tho dubnlo l fell upon the Iare ten and before the division on Mrlarnrirsnnicmlniont tho bulk of the Liberals had left tho House After tho division tho 1nrnollltes held n hurried conference and decided to tr obstructive tactics in order to prolong tho dobato Mr Hmith will counteract this mOo by insisting that precedence bo given to the discussion of the procedure rules Ien Monday whether the debate on tho address bo concluded or not Many Uladstonluns share In the almost gen oral feeling of tho IIoupo that the length of tim Parliament debate has become 0 matter of opprobrium t Iarlamenl coAT azucrED ir BISMARCK He Hay EnemIes of tie Empire r Lylnr About the Government Purpoeea BEKLnJ Fob 17The North German Gal publishes a letter from Barcelona confirming the report that largo purchases of horses for thu French Government are being made in Spain Tho sumo paper asserts that sheep dealers of tho Palatinate and of AlsaceLor mine who supply Franco largely with mutton nro at present buying nil the sheep obtainable In tho vicinity of SchwolufurtonthoMaln in Bavaria Thin iVortA German Gazette referring to the statements contained in the election placards Issued by the opposition assorting that the Government Intends the event of securing a majority in the now Reichstag to introduce monopoly hills measures extending military bOb Iio to toven jours an act to suspend universal MilTiagc and oven a hill to suspend tho Constitution wiyMlmt llKmarck commenting I theioon I has declined that tho political well poisoning which the enemies of the empire wage Is premeditated and sjslomatlc and all statements except that it is the Governments intention to prolong tbo I Antlrjoclallnt law are bonselessinventions Blmimrck udds If the electors are ready to believe that the Govern tneiit hat such evil designs then they cannot bo protected from unscrupulous tharnors The Jiortli lennan Garth says The Liberal press continues to circulate the falsehood that limopo lives in a condition of most pro found peace and that contrary statements are only nmiijcuvies to intimidate tho poor doc tore and iiillueneu them in favor of tile sopton nutn In support > of this assertion reference Is inude to the declaration of Gen von bichelluii dorfvvhcnho introduced thin Army bill in tIle Reichstag Tho political horizon was totally dlllurent then It has since become clouded solely In consequence of tho attitude of the opposition whose unpatriotic conduct causes tile conviction lu Franco that Germany is weakened by interim divisions and that the moment to attack Germany has arrived Gen von Schollendorfs words when uttered were quite appiuprlato to the situation but ho would scarcely repeat them today thin opposition having conjured up a dancer of war which will only disappear when trunco sees that Germany does not allow unpatriotic politicians to load her that is when a majority is returned to thin Itolchstag determined to protect tho iin ill ro against enemies rile Catholic Bishop of Metz in a pastoral declares that thin dogma of Pupal primacy Imposes upon believers thin duty of docility and obedience to tho head of tho Church anti that Catholics must conform to his directions and act In all things according to his teachings A popular Catholic priest named Krauss In a letter to thin Jlmsgauer Zeitutio declaiosin luvor of tho soptommte and appeals to Catho lies to vote for candidates who favor the sep tonnatp llghlSocialists who were arrested atUagda burg have been discharged Among them Is Candidate lluinu who will probably receive 1000 more votes as a result of his arrest Trying DIllon and hi FrIends DUBLIN Tub 17In the case of the Government against John Ulllon et nl the prosecution today applied for an order compelling the defendant to be prevent during tlie trial The Court refused the appll cation Archbishop Walsh of Dublin has subscribed f0 to the defence fund In behalf of Messrs iJlllun and others Ihe l Archbishop in liii letter sajs he scud the contri bution as u protest agatiutt the insult to many members fif his riock by the packing of the jury and the exclusion therefrom of miineroiui members of his diocese solely because of their rtllglon It Is expected that the conspiracy trial will last several weeks The defcudauts counsel propose to call luu witnesses loM > t > Ken 11in the House of Commons tonight VIr Lewis I bihilwyit l > Liberal mined to adjourn the de bate on the addrrfii In reply to the Jueens rpeech for the purpose nf dintuVfttnglrregularlllisin the rnnapiriu trial at Iuhlln i by which tho inicirstu of certain mem tiers of lie lloiiKO I were prejudiced The hptukur de dined lo put the motion or lo permit Inflate on the sub Inthe House nf Commons tontght Mr Plllon attempted to crlflclno lie jury panel whin the speaker ruled him out of ordir Mr Illlon wild he had hardly expected that he would not lit ehiiwi uirriVrlo Ids being tried by a Jury that had been deliberately and mallcldXuly packed by his eucuiliv Benched his Hlenmshlp LONPON Tub 17Thun French steamer Btlr gundla whllo leaving Naples for New York with Ku < puuengers on board was strut amldthlp by the spur of the man of war Italia and was KII bellS damaged thai tie IiIltlilIt bruihid l her to preicnitiuklug The main soil after holds are full of water Austria mill the Czar ST PETBRHWIMJ IVh 17 It Is somlofll chilly announced list tho ri ii I il liiO between Austria and KiiMlian HI nan h uni it It U no longer eli ttii lliii Au irli Ii ii tisoiifl occupation of luli < irU u lahut bdli Trnnjaoua Illness LONDON Fob 17Lord Tennyson Is recover ing from his attack of broacblUi UowiUttwt for tit Wrier on Tuesday BUI DIED UNDER JA > ICrUKVT Rheumatism Carries Off EiPresident Fo ahny of the Seventh Avenue Hand James W Foshay tim IntllcUxl ox1rcsl dent of the Broadway and Seventh Avenue Hall road died nt 4 oclock yesterday morning nt hk homo 60 West Fiftieth street Two months ago Jlr Foshay sprained his ankle and rheumatism sot In and struck to his heart Mr 1oshay was 03 years old Ho was born In this city and was the son of Jesse roslmy ts Ho was Interested in i tho old Wall street 1 line of stages and in 1SG3when the Ilivnd way and Seventh Avenue Hull road was built and the lino of c singes wits sold out to tho railroad comP < WYi Jr roslmy ought nn lullrest in Sands 1 rout S American Circus which was iifturwnnl consolidated with I t A5Pq W rt nv Hoth Ii HOWOH circus In 1870 when Mr Kerr President of thu Broadway road eliot Mr Foslmy gao uiithu I circus business anil bcciimo Prcxldeiit of tho Broadway road Klnro thIn Phlliulelpliwtis bought tlioroadhohml hud business 1 rands Wnrron known as Pop Whlttakor wire hiith on lost Saturday at GreenvIlle N J was flown In Foslmys circus Mr FiiRlmy loaves a widow Ho novor had n child The burial will probably bo In the Now hone Cemetery HtuUMi Island Mr Foshay was hid Otuti with Kcrr lllchmonil anti Sharp for nlvlug bribes to Aldermen Ho pleaded not guilty and gave 50000 ball FOSTER DEWKVS HASTILY STAVE WILT Two Nenteneei Written on n Sheet of Blur Xote Paper 1 oat Before he Died Tim vlll of S Foster Downy was llled for probate yesterday It Is dated on last Thursday the day of his death and consists of two sentences written on a sheet of ruled blue notepaper in a bold hand lengthwise of the page it rends I will and bequeath my entire estate In lIve equal parta to my mother und my four brother 1 appoint my brothers tv Illiam c Dewey and John S Dewey my executors without security 8 Fojiin Diwxr The witnesses are Alfred do Cordova 205 West Fortythird street and Joseph A Men heiuior 65 East Seventythird street The will was wrItten half nn hour before his death and while hu was awaiting the arrival of a lawyer FEARS THAT STJtIKERS WAYLAID 1II3I The XonfJnlon Captain of a Conl Boat Mlislnc A Sober Churchgoing MUD Moses n Hoof of 188 Twelfth street Brooklyn Is the owner of the canal boats Constitution and Flagship and Is well known In this city and In Hrooklyn Since the strike began he has been making money by carrying coal to the vessels of the White Star and Morgan steamship companies At 5 oclock Tuesday mornIng he left hho house telling his wife that he was going to the foot of West Seventeenth street where his boats were moored and would be homo for dinner In the evening A friend met him on an elevated train going up tow nan hour later and he said that he nan going tu the foot of Seventeenth street to look after lila bouts Ills em ployoes waited for him until late on Tuesday night amid then Bent word to virs Hoof that Capt Root had not been near his boats that day Hoof did not go home that night and his wife could nail ho trace of Him on vv od needay Mrs itoof says that her husband docs not drink and Is I n regular attendant at church She fears that he has been maltreated by strikers lie In l M year old > M feet tall and has a heavy brown moustache streaked with fatriek ORourkcn canal boat Erie with a cargo nf 2W ton of coal consigned to Charles Codlngtonof lSt i Ferry street sprung aleak as he t was making fast to the pIer > at the foot of West Eleventh street yesterday and sank District Messenger Boy on Strike Forty messengers of thin Mutual District Telegraph Company In the office In the Astor building 10 Wall street went on strike yesterday The manager posted a notice on Wednesday that any messenger who came In later than U I oclock In the morning would be beI fined Borne fines were Imposed yesterday and then the I boyS left the office They returned to work late lu the I afternoon The Executive Committee of District Aa sembly 410 denies that the boys are icing organlred Into Knights of Labor but they admit thut the parentH of many of the boya are Knights of Labor and have railed the committees attention to the fact that Drowning King a Co clothiers of Kroome street against Imin the General Executive Board issued a boycott last Uo cember inakis tie uniforms for the boys On hue other hand the boys Bay that they are being organized an fast as possible To become a Knight of Labor the applicant must be IH or over Morris Oalvln aged IS was fined ft at the Tombs on charges of assault and Inciting a strike among the messenger boys at the Murray Street otlice Cold Water on the Temperance Tract A blaze broke out of a window on the top floor of the five story building 58 and 00 head street at 8J < oclock last night The tire was In the ftoro of Edward Itlcrewdt dealer In Linotype It was through the roof In n very few minutes The firemen confined It to the upper floor and the stairway of the floor below also occupied by Illcnitndt The National Temperance Micietya publication olllce on the third floor got u dose of cold water The lire patrol got their Urpaullm over Alden aiup on A tuna oilcloths on tho ground nnd second floors before thin wuter coated through Thief hca estimated Hierstndts loss at ChiOWut Tho building was damaged about atc Thomua Jodfred of 1 Truck cut his right hand with his axe ThePennsjlTanlalSullroad Calling Pusses PITTSBUHOH Fob 17 General PasenBor Agent Ford of the heniioylvanla Railroad hint peuitout no tlce that owing to the InterState Commerce bill that Is to go Into effect on April 4 the annual free pass will expire on March 31 Mr William Show Ice 1resldent of the company sold that all passes Insued by the company worn only made good to March 31 or April 1 While ho believed that the Inter Mate law prohibits the Issue of pauses except to employees and oillcers of other roads In dlmlnct language he In I not pmlth and di sin s to be ready to hear what the toimniiidoners have to say on the subject After they bays ruled on the subject the company n 111 act accordingly A Headless Body Found PHILADELPHIA Fob 17The trunk of a human body minus head legs and arms was found In Manna Iond near IMdington Sucks county on the ilrlstol and rhiladelbhlt turnpike this morning The human trunk was it rapped In a piece of heavy paperbound by a stout cord u w as supuoktd to be that nf a young nrgro of three quarter blood or poHlhly that of i verydurk IfolUnor Portuguese I though two physicians who examined It Inclined to the billet that It wee that of a negro The physicians wed satisfied that the murder had been committed within tw enty four hours irultlesa search was matte for the mltttiig head mid limbs Boodlcra In Quebec QUEBEC Fob 17Thio Jcroiity newspaper to night charges Charles Langller a prominent advocate and a brother MaorLangeller with having recelrep fjlSOfu from II J Heerticr a contractor of Montreal for having secured for him a contract wIth the city waterworks The article gives the name of thirteen persons among whom the boodle wart divided The Major Is charged with having received iMio and Adtocaltt Lungilteri share IH said to have been tiVt < iio The shares of roun eiilire iud others are Bald to have ranged from fluo tou Killed On their Way Home From a Bull NEWTON N J Fob 17George Van Tussell of Newton and Miss Nellie Marrlon of Stanhope who were walkIng along the Morris and Essex Itallroud truck last night on their way home from an evenings enter talnmint were struck by the west bound express mid killed They had stepped from the elit l bound track i to avoid an approaching freight train and did not bee or hear the west bound train Miss ImteraoUa Bad Full The injuries to Miss Ida IiiBersoll niece of Col Dob IngerbOll who fell down the fctep of her bioth ers illto A few daysiigui arc greater than was at Urn supposed and Ills said that I site will be a cripple for life MlHHlngrrNillU I7jfirsof ogt ciii t try pretty Miewus umlng dow n the strii from a visit tii her lirotfu r ofllce when sho blillied clot fractured one leg in twoplaiis SlARKH lJtOM THE TELMiHAlll The steamsHp Great Eastern was sold at auction In Lit erliiol yesteriliy fur lYJtOl1 The llrliiih authorlilis have discarded the ice llurton rifle lately adopted for use Iti thu llrltlsli army The tobacco factory of Devil unlop I itt Ietersburg Va was biirnedou Wednesday night fanulvm 1rltne Alexander of Hattrnberg Is I In badhealih and will not go to lg > pt lie Is returning In Darmstadt lloston Iorbett lie slayer of John W likes Hooth was declared local in Toptka today and Sent 10 lii Insane Asjlum I The lynchbnrg Virginian one of the oldest papers In I I Virginia eftublUhcd In IHIIH uunoumud the suspciisloa of lu publication VAsirnlay I The first allowance under the act pensioning survlrors and ii blow of the vievltau war ciiio maduivtirda tu iHiiutorJolm H Mlllam of hentucky Ilout Wefiiter holy liftS been found by the Naval lie I llniitf I Hoard ptoslcall dUouallllid for ncllu send e ftudwill be rccbiumendid fur retiriinint by thu lreei l I dull William P I hheati who nibelMlfi jmt from his em piiir lt II I I hltiA Iu iiiy gun u firm ut liotton umi llrd tn Canada und who wan IntUgUi Into Virnnml liy t it driictivu und arriAtid Mterda pleadid guilty in tl u Criminal Court in Hostou uud was held In ttUi ball for euttrnce next week I HAPPY KITTYSHOLY KISSES atns irtnitrxnTox onricrKn AND Till COVHT WAS WITH 1iIR She Keeps her Chllilron Though NeTernt Muuters or the Pullh turti 3o r cl Tatter niittr IVfllfy nn her lluatiunila HrhillT Joseph HarrliiKton n memlxr of the Roy 4 A hi 1 HlmpsonH Faith Cure Gospel Tabernacle at MndNnn avenue and Fortyfifth stroot suotl tilt wlrn with whom ho docn not llo to got linscestlon of their three children nnd several members of thin church backed him up In tile proceedings In Jndgn Honolulu court yostor tIny but ho didnt got the children Tho wife it is said Is n Catholic Harrington formerly belonged lo thin Salvation Army Ho allege that shin stajs out lato nights and drinks beer Ho testified hlm clf yesterday In Judgo Dono huon court that ho Bpemlsall hih own evenings nt church Bomotlines ho comes homo at 10 or 11 oclock rarely all oclock and cry rarely at 2 oclock lu the morning Qflo you know A ladv named Kitty Cramer other wine llnppy I Klttyt AI do 1ito you rcmcmher going with her to hire certain premicent AI I went to look nt them toil retuntuiber saying whin looking at one of those rooms thit tILe room would make n nice room for tit A No sir o Purlng six months you were there nearly every evening AYea sir qrilt Happy Kitty accompany you to the gate anti did she embrace you when you parted Aio sir Qto you rememlior walking about the backyard with Itnppj Kitty looking nt the flowers She was Ins Motlur llubbnrd dress tNo ulr 1 Q DOJOII remember hating n illnry that your wlfei got luecenohihi of I AiiuL sir I hid an rapt rleiuc hienk 01b In that experience lHok > you hid u memorandum of w hero you hail been I Avo iir gle It a fact that you Mont tn the country with llnppy Kitty and wire guiLe several diy wIth her I A No sir Qllaie you got that book 7 A No sir Iinlmnd lout of my drawer louis montha ago with a number oc other books Hiippy Kitty was railed nnd dtmled that tlioro had been anything wrong In their I nilit tlons 141 itt hud called I upon Mrs Ii ltbl ihigi nil and all ti rut llarrlngtun I conipliiliied of was that I hi rhiihbiiitd wont to church oer > liight SIlO said she hitd tiothltmiiuiilnst me Qluii Mr Ilarrlngton come to your plicn almost every vetlhidO that nn llcd In Iwrnty tlghth mrrrtt s AVo sir lie did bofon meeting nnd itfter met ting tlu ould hu stay u lutu us 1 1 oclock T Abouuie 1J tilties Sometimes n late as 12 I AI I dont think he ever stju cd fti bile s tlmt flit meetings teen netcr oter until after lit oclock V Io you rein mbcr liU embracing and klMing you on leaving A V > sir j Do yoit saner that lie actor did that A Hedld but not v > lieu It heft V When was It then AOlico when wo moved away QAnit what other occasions ASeveriul other times In a friendly manner qu ere you etrn member of the SaUatlon Armyf AAluit threo earn ngo qu ii It there jou mot Mr Harrington AVie sir Do you know what his rt liulimx faith wan at that time I A NCI fir I think ho had nn fiillli lit nM V He wai Kuppoxed to be u Catholic ut that lllnot ANit tomv knowledge Q ou ore lie m jim of converting him 7 A No sir My plRttr In law ii as the tietIii 4 qi Hid he Fiilmim fitly Join the salvation Army t A lie I did for tw n or Ore inonthn Qbtiil you ever accf > initui lilmon the strenie when t he exhorted I A Yeim sir v o had untrcct ijiteLilIg every etcnlng Several witnesses among them Frances Nixon a mcnihei I cif f the I elnirch tust hind that I Mrs Harrington mglcctod her IIOIID and her children E 1 Duncan KnllTon and nthnr mum hers of the church testified that Jlr Hnrring ton uai onto of good moral character Otto K Kramer a brother of Happy Kitty paid 4 After Mr Harrington professed to have been converted I took him nit a boMim friend to me I Invited him to my hmc Sly sister lived with me 1 gate him the rightlo come whenever ho tittuped cIll you ever during this lime sec any Impropriety between your sletir and Mr Harrington Aot what 1 would call Impropriety It has hi tn said that Mr Harrington kU cd my children 1 admit It I wa present myself He kiKscd my wife my eider and no self anti my fin and tin whole family They stirs holy klues and 1 didn Und any fault with it Lllllo Arbettor who lInt mot Jlr Harrington and Happy Kitty when they were looking for t rooms in Twentyeighth street tostllled that when they wore looking nt n room tIle young woman remarked I think this would bo iv nice room for us She BIW Happy Kitty kiss him once A number of friends of Mrs Harrington tog tilled hint Silo WH not In I lie habit of drlnklne Intoxicating liiinnrs but that site workod linn and kept her children clean and drcwd them as well an shin could ulTord Jlnrgarat IlBrrint ton tile wife toMitlcd that silo provided for Uio children as well ns she could For over a your her husband did not eat a meal In the lioine He would gotb church In tho ovenlngandcoma homo sometimes nt 1 or 2 oclock In tho morn Inc Since last September ho hud contributed nothing toward her support and when shin asked him for money ho told her to go ami earn it One owning chic mot him ou llghth avenue arm In arm with JIIcs Kramer for whom she saw him lilly It hug of fruit while bho did not huo enouuh money to buy her supper That night ho told her that I from that tune ho would never treat her ns a wife and that sIlo would never get a cent of his money Him denied that nlm liver drank to oxcosi Occasionally at meal time hhe took it glass of beer y MidKn Dunolmo decided to lcao the children with their mother Larry Ollrleua Itemnlne Brought Tome The body of Larry Oltrlon who died nt Nassau N P on Feb 0 arrived hero early fsterday morning Mm Ollrlen accompanied the remains which were taken to Mr Oltrlcnn late rent lence JV1 W > st Twent Kicond street UK flint ral will take plarti at lt > 0 oclock to inorrnw morning from ht MeiihenM Church Kant Twtntyeiyhth xtrett Tholuttrmeiit will tin hi tjil s vary 1cnnler The pull twisTer will he Sat loudwln I I 0 Robert II NiHiney nd Mallulmn Id ernon Thomaa hired William 1adian AM rumn ii burrs lriieut sIn Slpw James vionalian tharliH Mitlloj VuUiaiu lloyeu oha Mcoowau uud John McMicrry Vlrtuoioa nnd Alrairna Under the title of The Virtuoso and the Virago Dr Wallace Wood last evening delivered In the Academy of Deflgn an llluKtratcd lecttirn ou the Italian RcnalipAnrc Ylrtuonon and Viragos were thn terms Used to difecribft the moKt iifioiiiplUhed nun und woimit of the time und tlinlr piilunn uikili from old book photographs of lullun mural tvilntlngn rare wood cute and etchings und colonel sindi s cou red the four walUuf lii ieiI tire room It wan u wonderful collection and utter tho lecture tho uudltnco rcuiuluid lout to Bludy it Mla Wolfe Much Better At the residence of MlfH Catherine L Wolfe ISMadUon avenue It was muted last night that Mia Wolfes condition was greatly Improved and that shn was out of danger Muco last Muiiduy U Vas uld SILO 4 has been able to walk about Ihe huuno I Signal Office Prediction IB Local rains rtonthorly wlmln HhlfllngtowoflU erl l > Uglier follotwa by tower teuliperutuce m JOTTIStiS AJIOUf roir P T Barnuin ii I nt tho Murray Hill Hotel JndffO Jonohuo 1ms ratilul ft llialUtt divorce to Julia IcTiHul fruiu Jduanl O JVrcivui Harry H Voting inaiiufacLurer of rarer I > OXPH nt MJ Ami Ml M nlb rry street iliad au Jtruuieut yesterday tu flioijiurt If ouutf tire irieitterii 2skichcckc and tnofuro tablri were Hfitil l ft Inpt ilefultoii ti ii police at HJ I ourtii ate < hUt near riitrttiittli StrIct lust l t nltflit I Munr 11 on It t IIUH btin foiiitf tbout lilt IIOURA on crutctiftt br tliH lad t two iii 5 hut Mm not ben out iif door hit exlecis tu bo able tu go the Mayor Ollico next week ituehi snjro settled yc itenlay by crnwntlnjr to A Jndv mint ci I ulgtiltit tutu it milt liriiiitrlit hi3 Jaccili ll < V Vukroft grits ilig Jilt ut blink truu > > actiuu tliruugU Saiuecbioiuer The local steitoboet Jn ptctorn have receUed a auto > Iwrutroinii iieUt ctifulei ra t iubout tarrying toomu < li eietllii and 1 iriiuriu IIUJHIUUUIU 01 tugboat giiio uuaunkrtd tUril i > Mrs Mary Diuon UH Injured In IHftl bjr bring struck by u tiiuiii k nt I tilL I lit I It ii frill a TliirU atimi il is Miiitl rillroitl atliii Kitrilay ujurj gave tiertrltxo auiiiuKf MiuufekriJ forviliJ The Iollce ruiniu < t > ioTifr tlirctril Hujirrintenitent Murray Jtnrilaj u iirtpuru n retort ii lf tiguisuhig ilia out tIer locadiMi sIll fliiraiirr of mile cc Hhuro ujuilt4l or ihtatrUdt tiiicruuiiiuiitii ut tcitn HIP Captain of the ruaiuhlj > Krhinpin juit In f rum Lltrii4ioJ t rcjiiirtu that Jaint MtitrmH murhiiinit if J iiiKH iifurflulit u t Juiupeti uvtibotrd ainl Mu drown 4 4 ii 1 in niUl uiLni Jin H HH it Ktciruif 1atnrnrtr tiiti Hi SJitrnooil tiHir cfii i xlmmn nrnne niiir I > < l of ialJi iMjirijtuu rTi < ii Uluiitfiiitf to 11 lr Mirih t JirjHittirtt 7nluinirl 1 it iai hue a ilieitt Mua liiM Or II tel tirilii un t it ii UiirM if larrtii Juilifo 1 FrlfilmHii nftiwiA I t iiiutnltiniu the I Uxclsa Hour4 tu lucite uiiraJ i nii dUhii Kt kill liininr at 13 Ntu rhiimt > irnIieei I If I Uif b Hoinl UrfUrenhul I turn aru tiluuiii tiiuurfh lu tho uiiifliborliOuU hu miw lUat tttle > Hi Solonnu Mimilci got n jiidirincnt for tEl against thd Aiiiiriciii Djitru i iiiiisui In Hie tourdi hid net Court 1 fur fist trs itujijuitil tu I in > io tuiiifr I lie Uruicu C o 5 lliiil ilii I I C iiiiui lit ilul nut know JuUnrur not the cuc > tuintr iMil ftfiuU ihu nattier Johii Mel < ati brutlicrofJuiiu Macpler itue Second J aynnip nnrjuoinaii Wit v an kIlled In her Hurtabout JiniiiUH hue by tibet to ii ihiliil to iho I Mirritfaif ytiv lerla for letter if diiiini irituu in liUNUter estate valued 4it iii I lie murUtreuurt yet ci large I Lonirnhortjiifiit Unluii NoJ i filet last uiyht In fit IcIer a Uuul hMlllu Manlay street uml viteii l to In ereau ill inlili4il lie Inn r m fin u HUM ao tiiij ti allow Hn mtintiiri lu work situ lion niiiuu Deli Hit I Uirtuii lint nun eu lInt tuuut bat tu 111 1 ic rebuilt Cieuuit r iii of I itciburut if tile siv iie1 ford hue iu ii Lit hit tier tier at the hilt if Markite Street kat lilt Lr B > lmrtl > slier I o clock ye tcr lay ufiemooiL bumfilatraiiiii the itouievcltM fiurrttiiiat M on Una whIch WM CtXtIILg tog lirucklpu htiihvo vm4 noel OftinBiffili p u

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