The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 14, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 14, 1939
Page 2
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MONDAY, AUGUST M, JP39 OPPORTUNITY USES THE ' ' ' CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION ' Daily rate \xx line for coirsccu- "ve Insertions: W«e lime [ler line 10 t . I'n'o (lines per line per day 08c Vlircc (lines per Hue per day...OGc *'x tl'tics p»r line per clay C3i Monti, rnlc per line C0c Cards of Thanks 50e & 76c Minimum charge 50c* Ads ordered for llircc or six 'lines and slopped before cxpmi- lon win be clinrgcd for the nuni- icr of nines Uie ndd appeared nnd uljustnicnl ol bill made. All Classified Advertising eojiy Itiumittcd by persons' rc-Mdlnti oul- Ude of the city must bo accom- frtmied by cash. Rules imiy be easily computed from above tiiblc. Advertising ordered lor Irregular insertions tnkcs Hie one llnie title. No rcsponsibil 1 ly ivill be token lor more than one incorrect Insertion ul any classified -3d. For Kent One ccol bedroom. Nicely lurnhh- ed. One unfurnished room 112D W. Ash. I'l'-ck-iB Wclclinjr' o KXPKHT ELECTING AND ACKTYLKNB WELDING •iiR Hue ' n ml heavy welding • specialty. Barksdale Mfg. Co, I'honc 10 or IU-s. 101'J W i)l ice Fishing License KIK VOl'K CONVEN'IKNC'K, WE ART. I'KKl'AlUtt) 't'O ISSUE VOUH FISHING MCliN'SE AT OlIJi STOliB SHOUSE-HENRY HAKDWAHK CO. Phone 35 Ice Cciiifortabte front bedroom Out_ side entrance. 515 Walnut. iMuine 301. lu-CrL-10 'i room furnished aparlmenl. Limits and water furnished. Garasc. Kra.sonable. 1GOI w. Ash, mck-ll I'art or nil of my furnished house in Slecie, Mo. Mrs. H. A. S|n,'iice. Elct'lc. 12-ck-lB 3 room furnished aimrliiieiit, 5lli Chickasavvba. 9-):k-)G 4 i-oom furnished house, fieaf-on- nbic. 1413 W. Main St. 8-ctQ-5 Large front room. 2 beds. Ccnveii- ient to bulb. Phone 280. 8-ck-IV 3 room furnished u|>arlmi'nf. 710 CbiclvHsaii-bfl. Mrs. Ramsey Dun- ca »- i 'a-ck-15 ICE-iCE Phone 10? JOHN BUCHANAK ICE COI.O WATERMELONS Scliool For Boys SUBIACO ACADEMY, Subiaco^Ar- kiinsas. Famous lioardinc School Calholics and Non-Calholics attend. Rates motleriile. Write U.S. Wanted Nice large bertroom opening on sleeping porch. Mvs. Emma Nolen, 310 \V. Walnut. 22-ck-tf Comfortable bedroom. 1017 Walnut Phone 102. 15-ck-tf 1 Man enpulile. of handling office for cotton gin. MUSI, make bond. Citve full details nnd references in writing Box "u" Courier News. 8/l-ck-lf Personal l''or Sale Good used Frigidaire. Reasonabl?. C03 W. Ash. Phone 903. U-ck-21 401) acres Pcraiscot Coiuil.v. Mo., fronts one mile of gravel road, liiirhiinc.s. 175 acres in cultivation. 530 per acre. >v cash, balance on easy tenna. " ' 3000 acres of cut-over land. .Smaii cash payment or livestock or second Imml car for down payment tuspeciio and balance on easy terms. 100 improved farms for snip. !/•! cash nnd 10 years on balance. See Hussell Rinlcs or H M Deck at the KIsik'K I>aiu) Co. tilcncee llnlrl ll-pk-15 SAFE. 38x18. Wcighr35iio~pomuis. TERMS. City, box 'I34. 5-ck-5-5 Cypress Gum Oas, /isli timber on 100 acres of woodland, 8 miles southeast. Hl.vlbevillc. n. ri. G:\r- ncr, Armorel. H-pk-9-3 Aroinr Sluggish Liver, work off (he hilo, to rid yourself, of constipation, gas pains and thai sour, uinik feeling, '"akc one box o'. KIRBV'S «OTIVK IIVEK TILLS ^Sn nt sll Klrhy stores. Dairy ?j>tt5rnctory qnallly and service In Dairy products. free of Bane's Diseasr-. In best of physical i-ondJIion^Cnll 'lire Grace Lowpw W2-J. ifor Halsell's Grfile .A Raw Milk. Cream. Country Butter, But- Milk fed fryers. Mrs. Russell. N. ly and Division. Battery raised. W. Corner Hol- 21-pk-8-21 w.rmllk. extra or holiday orders :i encouraged nnylline. ITalscD's Dairy Promised U\nd. Route 2 Slraycd or Stolen Pair of Son-cll horse mules Weight 1150 pounds. Illghllll and Doan Mule Co. B-ck-15 Phillips Leads In Used Chevrolet Specials! "35 Chev. Coupe Tlite Car a real buy lor £171 anyone ONIA' »pl«51 ion. \j|il\ i.vivu "" w $ARZ ONLY «PTlOO '38 Chev. Coupe lirauliful Bi'lue llntsli. Only i:i,lflO miles. Ixioks and like now ONI '36 Chev. Coach New upholstery, tin's like new. Motor mid h'nisli In excel- £9')g lent condition. . . ONLY tjljZo '37 Chev. Sedan BcaulKiil miiroon linisji. W, K. \V lircs, lladlo itnd hrnl. cr ONLY '38 Chev. Coach low mileage, 'fires goad. Looks like nciv. . . ONLY TRUCKS '33 Chev. HToii Dump body. Will really do the job. . . . ONLY '37 Chev. H Ton S. \V. n. Motor reconditioned. Own this truck fo i)1"'f fail lo see these unit injin.v cllicr makes ami mnili-ls :il PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Sill & Walnut I'limio 81H Lost Female l>lack and while LlowoUin Seller. Name Pat. UEWAKU. Phone 320. !)-ck-15 Minnows For Sale Washing, Ironing Expert wnshing and ironing, cbeaji. OOLDFISH MINNOWS ^arl Dainon LKjr. RHllvnatl A: Ky Ju^gc Concedes Fraud Enters Into Marriage ST. LOUfS (UP)—Circuit judge Krank C. O'Mnllcy believes every marriage is bnsed on fi-aud- -more or less. In an annulment, hcnriiij; a woman plaintiff Icstificd thnt. her husband had misre|>rracute;l liis ititcnt.Lns b^:re their murriasc and (lint he married her for her money. In taking the rase under advisement, Judge O'Malley commented: "If I granted an Annulment In every case in which there was misrepresentation before maniaije, I'd bo doing nothing else. Every mar- Rough dry and flntoli. „ rr'pn, °hri - d! 7 ^ r ™ C - WilliL> Bc " '' inEC is bilsccl morc cr )css '-" " Green, behind City Ice Pl»nt. 'fraud. A person always puts his 8-ck-9-8 best foot forward." MaJc Help Wauled j m ANCIENT COUNTRY !'"REE— Complete, valuable money making outfit, of (till size samples pcpular foods and daily home tic- csssitirs. Ilaiidfomc profits; fast repeals. literal credit. Kcsponsi- 1>le pcrsnns only. Write quick for Free Offer. E. .1. Mills. 7351 Mon- motith. Cincinnati, Ohio DOES YOUR CAR Shimmy, Wander, Weave WEAR AWAY YOUR TIRES? It's d.ingcvnus anil expensive (e. drive with S(rcring (ie,ir and front. Wlircls out of ailjiist- t»cn(. Keeping: them h, c t,i,.| order is so simple nnd sive you slisnlil never Inisi to ehanccs, ADJUST STEERING GEAR COMPfETK STEEKIXK GKAR ADJUSTBIKNT, 111- chuJing—a^.;tisfni^!i( nf all Brill Soc'lwt J!)i(il.<> — lighleiniiff front Spring* Clips mid Sli.;ck- irs. (I'arts Kxtra). FREE FRONT END INSPECTION (TJir above includes a cnmplcte IN'SrtXTJON and REPORT on condition of \Vhfct Ali^tMnciit and factors afTcctinjr tire \| PHILLIPS MOTOR GO. Mb & Walnut Phone 81(1 HOKIZONTAL I Pictured European ' country. 7 Its capital. 11 Mover's truck. 12 Things bought j 15 Ever. 16 fnlerdiclion. 17 Married. : lfl Stalk. 20 About. • 22 Small child. , 23 As if. M Chrislmn::. SGTo siutler. j 29 Root edge. 32 100 square ! inelcrs. 33 Soul. 35 Pertaining I fo lore. 37 Supper. 38 Places of I business. •10 Land right. •H Surveys ! carefully. 4G Mohammedan judge. 49 Boundary. 50 Afternoon meals. 5^ Sound of sorrow. 55 1 am {contraclion). R6 Mama. S7Solilary. 58 It touches the Sea. 5(1 lis new seaport . lo Previous Puzzle M To spread hay 16 Slaves. 10 This country possesses greal wealth. 21 Acrobat, 25 Meadow. 27 To jog. 28 Pertaining lo air. 30 Imitated. ' 31 Vein. 3GPainlor. 37 Expensive. 3 Tardy, 39 Cct}e °' law3 4 One tliat is ' lz Energy, anonymous, 43, Type measure. 5 Wafer barrier, 44 Brink. 6 Convulsive tic 45 Adult mate 1 To espouse. " deer. 8 To rcoccupy. 46 Taxi. 47 Room recess. 48 Split pea. 51 Eternity. 52 Cuckoo. COURIKK NKW3 (ANTAFFORDTOMISS 'PAGE FIVE Elu'des Marshals With" Summons Britain No Longer Posls Air Force Information LONDON (tl|>) ... iX'liills of IJrl- lulii'ti ulv slmiKlh nre now hidden "<»<> 11,,' ,nos. ,-f roivlitu se w |, wivkv imi'iit.s. Uiuil iwcnlly. tli,. Air Knn List, ^Claimed by tlic defense to bo (he "mainspiinr;" of (ho movement lo dr-ixnt Harry Urid|jos, Stanley Morion "Larry" Doyle, above, of Minneaiiolis, eluded U. S. marshals trying to serve him ivilli summons to tc-slify hi deportation rase. Counsel for Bridges may seek aid of Attorney c;cner;il Frank Murpliy in bringing him to San Ft Hudson. Minneapolis marshals said llu-y couldn'l locale Doyle, but nowsr r):ipcmicn found him M AIIILT)- ean Legion convention Ibcre nnd sent plclurcs lo move II. J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only Crinlrmlc 0|>(i>mo- IrKt In lilyllievllh-. (ilnsscs Mllcd Correctly ) PESCRIPTIOHS Freshest Stock im run leer] H 00 t l> r ic«* printed monthly, revealed Information which in any other jjuro- penn eounliy would he n clrsely- liuurdi-d .srerel. Agents, ill a brief Blnnoe, could learn -with drsc ac- ninicy the Btrniath and delalls of the home nnd ovnsenn air amis. Hut In Ihi! future, , w || 1( . list shows, lhe,M> fads ivlli l«. otiill- li-il. 'Jliry will be I K .|(| l/i bo otllelLi! Dru^ Stores Wert Optometrist "HIC MARKS 'KM SKK" Oifr Joe UiuuV Sliire I'honc 511) — PRESCRIPTIONS Safe - . Aet'urnlc Vmir Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. Main & Hist I'honc 111 RECTAL DISORDERS CllJilnil (ibM'ivulldiiK dls- rtixse Mini rod ul dlsorder.s me iTsjionslblo for innro wrecked neivmis Kvslruiii limn imy oilier |mlhoUi K ic«l con- dllliin. Many cases of oen- I'liil HC1VOUSHO.S.S. hnaclnehes, Inw-bai-k Holies, ley-aelim, «mir.(!pn(toii , m( | |i, sonm iu «ro duo lo irclal pndioldny. Our nindmi office inelhoils have ninny ndvniilaiies nnd nPlillcHlilo lo iibinit w,, of all CIIKI-S. 'I'lu' cM-eiilioiiK ijc- IHM nincrr and lulinciilai 1 llsllilu. Very little dLscoin- f«rt mid lueoiuTnlraiH' Is e\- iwrleiii'i'd while belli): (real- I'd. Hi'niilur work may be i.'Oiilbineil. Nil ImsiillnlliiiUloit, "o jjciii-rnl iinejilliellc. A very safe and sure Imilineiil. Drs. Nies & Nies IHjlbcvlllr, Arli. 'fd. u» fill Main Ki. ssemts, Hcfore, Ilic lists ijtivc the slroniilU nml stations of all nulls, the names of officer* In cotiuimiKl and the exact number- of pilots attached lo The Unlltti {jlHtejj Is (ho Itii'jjosl pruiliicrf of rmv fin* In Hie -world. In (spite if HIP fuel lli;il llltlc wild country Is left, J'alcliwrrk Suit Vfi'w'i WOIU-AND, Wyo. (UP) _ Pete I'nlotf. Worland tailor, proudly dis,- lilays one of .the siMiigcsl suits ever seen in Wyoming. The par- mi'irts, valued at $U5p,'are made of 2.500 separate piects ct elotli. PC- loir, who started lite. gull, when he MIS employed by a Denver firm suld Its coinplellin required 18 flldiilhs. ' l?y Clyde Lewis • Now l.unitcil at 101 North Sei'iiiirt ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU ItON KHWAItllS, I'TOiirldor All makes nf It.'ln.lll Tyinnvrltcrs, A ililln r Miu'libips »,,rt Onlciilnlors-UeiiiilrliiR—l'arls— ItlWiinis "We've (IcoiiU-.l we ( lt)n'| Wiinl !<; he c<:.s<:ii(«l--wc > .vc jusl '"""-I Hit lulesl news Imxidcitsl IVom I lie oiilsklc world!" ; ilAKMAN 0 Caterpillar liair. ICrt^d of !war. 13 To provide food. 53 Ocean. Ret) RYDER'S or A5 AM OUT^.^^^r n l &> OME MEE.L10N TX3LLAR.S GOUTJ--- 1NUE- HELP To GET EET.SENOR.. ATTRACTE.D YAOUI BANDIT'S REC?UEST. THE •SE.CRET HACIEMOA. l\\ V. T,.HAML» BROHSOM/ REMEM6EG IT \\IAS THAT I>( HGLME1 BY CSUJ.1, TI-\EV CAM 1 T EO.THIS T'ME.'.'J1L , WHOEVER , 7HEY ARE wow, HW1K1G SMOCKED 1W6 AM ARA\ORED we FIND HIM "COMIWGTO'IKJ APARli PL'WGEOkJ WASH TUIUIS Thai's Telling Him THE VJAV MI6lirV SUSPICIOUS, BfUEVE'w.^ =E OH.KOTWH6,HQWEV W(i KtJOW \V|f U, IF WU (IAD THE BSAIWS OT ^ GO AT WHAT I nm? \IWUP STIR UP A ME«(JF WEEDS,CAU|T THEV READIER 1 IHE 6EAUTV SECEET AHO «L1 n IWHWNfiHOWSTRMKit n IS TllW CAPTMU PAttD EASYANO ME.TUBBS / »«««'/ ARE -JO IHTERESTEO DAMES, RIUL1, BLOHSBlf / SOME DAY I'LL 4 LEARN -fo, K ' BIS f/OUTfl „ SHUT./ •'Vrrf^^ ' WHY SHOULD MOBBIN HAVE 70 LEAVE THE LAK6? . OUGHT 16 16U. HIM HIS NEEDS HIM ON THE FABM OR. SOMETHINQ / ITS WOR.7H A TRY .' sur HOW COULD WE GET NUBBIN HO LEAVE ? WUBOlfJ ' L6Fr, WOULD SM1CK CSIVE US BACK .OUR. RNO OUT 1 WK4.TCROP IS IN SEASOW AND "TtlX MlU fT NfSEOS TO 65 PICKED, DUO, cur oa; ., SHUCKED/ ' . ^ HE ISN'T HUKTINS ANYONE/ \Y

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