The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 9, 1946 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 9, 1946
Page 2
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BLYTHEVILLE (AML) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, MAY 9, 1946 more practice and .»«yb« a few cluinget ," he hint«l. The next game U to be played here Sunday, probably w*h the BlythevtUe Independents, with the next conference game to be Wednesday, • M»y 15, a return engagement with Osceola. Iran Witt «* t*»te*orio» D*f»rt«i«. (UP )— Pr' m Mid todaj Out the Hus- *f»c*tied all of Irati he tociudU* -,-- Ota'ruf »Jd.,Jvan . sadchJkov. Soviet ambM*«iar> to Iran, told him the •Riattfm trere official MOdMMtion /from Mos cow l l»ority^»o Ult ewcu«uon •There hi* wu^nft direct T\PV.I regarding 4hefSo»4et5iVmcuatkm Ghavam »id In MI Intenlew wllli the DhtM "•»*• "S" 1 * •"" CQ "" \mced ttiey have withdrawn from the wlwl* pf Irn*. including Azei- baljan ' He srt&CiSehjW** 1 Nations Oi cil had doJTa fcreat deal to help Iran *»nn«^ie entiol times ol late GhBVttn iktd J&fur , Pichevar Azerbaijan leader, visited him tills morning and in the course of a long Ulk aasyjred > him that no Russians wen left It Azerbaijan •I sent inspectors to AzerV>alJn> lo reparUW. cla&hjs between the Democrats and Central Go\em ment i*oas& *. the premier con tlnued^ • > •The\ arrived in Tehran two days ako'and said they were con- ^lnced ',no, more Russian troopt! were left. •- - I •I still believed the Russlain' should annpunce something Theii> fore I asfced the Souet ani^issa dor t»iv>*lt nie. During our talk he suld tile Russian governmeia was plannlhg to issue an olficial .proclamation wuMjinc'riK the wilh- diawal from Iran short Ij "The*'aWb*s3*idor said the ; proc- lami-tion would be broadca-st .throughout the world from Mos;cow, Legion Junior Team Loses To Jonesboro Elythevlll* s American Legior Junior' < baseball teams holds a eel lai posjtkjn In this season s confei cm e games but both games ha%e been lOBt by a narrow margin At , yesterday s game with the Jonesboro Junhfrs the opposing team-noBed-eut a 6-4 victory in the 18th, mnmt, playing to breax the llf at the end of the Hinth Woiiman—ipitched most; of the State Trooper Mutt Face Second Trial Next fall PORT SMITH, Ark., May 3. (UP.)—Slate Trooper Joe Woods, whose trlnl' In Scott County Circuit Court this week resulted in a mli- trlal. will free charges of manslaughter again. Prosecuting Attorney Floyd Bar- liam said here thai the second ~\ trial probably will be held durlnn he November term of court. Woods >was tried In connectior ii'lth the death Insl November o Morris nicks, who died In a jat cell after belrig arrested by l-hc roo|)er for drunkenneas. in the trial, Ihe jury declaret tself deadlocked after more than tliree hours o( deliberation, am WHS dismissed by Circuit Judge J Sam wood. poke someone was dying and n sipre were being Injured as n ic- Ult of traffic accldenls, "This nation cannot nlforcl nn<3 will not tolerate Mils traffic wn.sle human resources," he said. The President, culled for "unl- prmlty. In rules of Ihe, road amonn states as "essential to sale and pleasant highway truvcl." The President also appealed "to every driver and pedestrian lor cooperation In making our slreeis and highways safer." Arkansas CAP Sponsors Air Show in Little Rock LITTLE ROCK, May 0. (Ul'i — The state's first post-war ulr show, booked for Ultlp Rock May 2U at Adams Field, will have as BIIVS! of Honor one of Ihu most colorful In World War II, Central men Carl Spaatz, commanding general of the U. S. Army Air Corceis, 'ihe show Is sponsored by the. Arkansas wing, Civil Air Patrol, and Ulc all-forces. High School boys are Immune to exhaustion. Two records have been made In slt-ups and o» tn have bcen broken. 'O. O "Sonny" Stires still hold', tlie crown fur his age group, '12, The lenlallves program Include*rjor his J.002 sll-ups bul 14-year exhibition by jet-propelled planes and helicopters, B-2S superfortres- ses, combat flying and aJi eihibl-, tion of aerial hospital facilities. ^ General Spantz will be accompanied to Litlle Rock by Col. Earl«. .Johnson of Washington, D. C., com- niiindcr of the Civil Air Palrol. Old Gene Shanks has gone beyond .he belief of (its physical education instructor. Bill Godwin, who wl'.- nesaeB hiB student do 1,200 slt-up:>, Gene broke the record set by Cary Miison, also 14, who did 1,029 sit-up.s recently. This Energy Could Push Lawnmower or Wield Hoe When School Term frtds No more plcnse—people are (>s- . Binning lo wonder If these junior from UiU«. caller, "ii Goat" Taxicab* lamed after Speaker of House Raps Lobbyists Royburn Says Pow«r Companies Seeking to Scuttle Public Program. WASHINGTON, May 9. (UP)— Tuxlcabs were goat, Cfll) is an abbreviation for freiicli cubrlolp, meaning, "a leap." French ci'bi'lolc, meaning ,,a leap." Cabriole conin from live Urillun caprloln. meaning "11 somersault." House Speaker Tex,, declared Sfun loday Raybur, p.. mltlee's recommendation that virtually would eliminate $23,323,UlXi earmarked for the Southwestern Power AdmlnlstraUon's 1947 i>ru- gram The suggested power aumlnlslia- lion cuts were Included in the coiu- mlttee's proposal lo slash the i"- lerlor Deparlment's Iisea( 1947 b»"- ycl from ti46.7C5.830 to $174.652.511). In recommending the huge siasn In llic Sovjlhwestovn Power islmlion'.i funds. Ihe approprlall«i'v commlltee said the total cost o- lls 1947 power piojccts would '•*-• In Ihc nc-lghlKirhood of $200,000.00'r. First Poet Laureate The first poet to assbme Ine title of poet laureate of England was Geoffrey Chaucer, who, in 1389, received a royal grant of a yearly allowance of wine as one of th'a prerequisites ot office. Read Courier News Want Ads. ; that "UlilHv j "The committee does not favot loWjists." representing private pow- i the initiation of a power cleptio.o- er comjxuUes, are attempting to j ment program in this area (Texus. scuttle the administrations publit \ Oklahoma, Arkansas and ovhai power program. [states* the cost of which woulci Rayburn traced to private pow- ' approximate such an enormoui er Interests an appropriations com- sum." Ui« committee said Men, Women! OW it 40,50,60! Get Pep FeelYearsYounger.FunofVini ' nil dru« villo. o( •B_iu HI)- TnimanOffersTip On Traffic Safety Addresses Group Seeking to Curb Highway Death Toll. WASHINGTON, May. 9. (U.P.) —President Truman has asked the nation's stnle and local autlior- llies to pick up drivers' licenses ld by "traffic Incorrlglblcs." Mr.' Truman, appearing In person before a highway safety conference, yesterday asked nationwide nsslslancc in reducing Ihe sleadilj mounting Iraffic death loll. His address featured the opening ' session of a Ihi'cc-day conference] called by Ihc Chief Executive to head off the bloodiest year In tral- flc history. He "rued 2,000 state officials and traffic experts to work out an accident prevention program which can save lives In community throughout Ihe country. Aside from the formation of a coordinated national program, the President told the assembled delegates that "Ihe main share 01 public responsibility", for the re- duclion of Iraffic accidents "rests with the state and local auencle:. of government."'States and cities," he said, "are responsible for enactment of laws governing the use of motor vehicles on public thoroughfares, aim for the enforcement of those laws game lor the local team, Unng I" It Is squarely up lo them to the eahth lnmng v atanberrj ako rtenl with that small group of tral- an able ball-handler, bubstltiitctl | fi c incifrrleibles who cause so Poster was catcher. . Pitching for , much trouble to so many. After the visiting team was Cooper whose ' ui the license to drive on the, catcher was tmWe I prbllc highways Is a privilege thnt Manager Marshall ajack-aid s»«i ctm be denied if .it, ,1s abused." he vtas pleased with the team »ork The President, opeiily disturbed the Juniors showed and the way nt the rising accident death toll they placed 'With just a little told the conference that while he • Buy SIX PAIRS and get the Guarantee Certificate. ; ,- ' ** v>' • 6 months' *ear or six new pain , , free. ..'- , • " " I • Knit proportioned to fit small, average and large size man. % Laundry tested and approved. *- -~ --"V- . JO Sit* Shot Ht SUGAR 5 Ibs. 35c 10 Ibs. 69 LARGE SIZE BOX MAYFAIR DILL JERKINS VEGETABLES Washing powder 23c Pickles Pint Jor 25c CRISPY HEADS LETTUCE .. each lOc Our, Oxydol, Ivory Flakes, 1 to a Customer SCOTT CO TENDERLEAF or LIPTON'S STALK CELERY each \U Hominy No. 21/j Can 15c TEA VA. Lb. Pk 9 . 27c RED RIPE TOMATOES Ib. PURE 1 Lb. JAR Preserves ALL WHITE SILVER CREST Pineapple Peach Strawberry 49c 39c 25 Lb. Bag $119 SCOTT CO. WHITE CREAM STYLE 432 SIZE LEMONS Doz. 19c GOOD FOR JUICE ORANGE doi.39c CORN MILK -No. 2 can 15? Pet Pevely Armour LARGE CAN 9c SMALL CAN - - - 5c COUNTRY STYLE WELL FILLED CORN EA! - 6 ears lor 250 PORK SASAGE - - Ib. 35c Vienna Sausage - 4 oz. can 15l MAYROSE CHOICE CARROT Bunch 80 COTTAGE CHEESE - Ib. DEGERMINATED—BEST CREAM : '"' ' ' ^2 Lbls: - - - - ---•15e.' 5 Lbs. 33c 25 Lbs. $1.25 MEAt FREEH AND GREEN CA66AG lb.4c Bordens CHEESE - 5 oz. jar 180 Vanilla Wafers- 8 oz. pkg. 190 STRINGLESS — VALENTINE FAT BACK lb.210 DRIED FRUIT PRUNES,Lb.---16e PEACHES, Lb. - 37c GREEN Bl SMOKED JOWL - - lb.250 KRAUT - - No.2Han150 FRESH ENGLISH Ib. 12k ALL MEAT WEINERS Ib. SCOTT CO. FRESH Kidney Beans-12oz.Can 100 BLACKEYED PEAS - lb. 150 HAM HOCKS lb. 210 SLICING QUALITY CUCUMBERS -lb.150 CENTER CUT PORK CHOPS - - - lb.380 CALIFORNIA BELL PEPPERS - - - lb.30< RED TRIUMPH POTATOES - - - 10lb$.39( YELLOW OR WHITE SOUASH - Ib. 15c SEEDLESS 64 SIZE GRAPEFRUIT 2 lor 19c NICE FIRM AVACADOS PEARS- each 15< CHUCK ROAST - - Ib. 290 BIRDSEYE AA GRADE LAMB LEG, Lb. - 42c SHOULDER, Lb. - 36c Oysters - 1 ib pkg 98c ALL MEAT GROUND BEEF - - Ib. 28c BIRDSEYE \ STAR BRAND BLUE CHEESE - - - Ib. 280 VITALOX-BULON B.V. - - - 41 oz. bottle 350 Chicken a la king lb.69t BIRDSEYE Peaches lib pkg 31c 223 Wmt Moin St. FLOUR All White Shibley's Best Plain Only 25 IB. Bag $1.15 FRUIT JARS Ball Mason Pints dox. 59c Quarts - - - dox. 69c Vaf motive SOAP Bath Size 2 for 19c R«au!ar Size 3bars20c LIBERTY CASH GROCERY Blytheville's Fclod Headquarters Phone 2763 | 501 W«t Main Strot

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